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M.ir- familiarity with nk and
n g. m ral impiovt muiit . ' "-
, the hockey tent. I BtltH
the Twin Sooa to defeat the Patriae
1 ..iU. s. v. n ut tho Amphldiomo lust
. ..mil;; by the score of I M 1
ettonOaac was slightly batter thun
that at UM llrst Kama of the two game
series. Am Portage Lake won tin op
ening g"". hy two goals, the result
of last Mlll'l game left tin- NWM
t.c.l. both 111 gullies won and total
s. A thM name will. I mMOMM'
aft M. v. rs hator hut an the So..
It am was unable " niain In the cop
per country. It COttW ROt be anaiiK.-.l.
The visiting pluycrs left for home this
The loo team started with n rush,
showing murli better combinations
than In the first game. The contest
was slightly rougher, however, espec
lally In the second half.
Klght minutes alter play be-all Ho
gau took the puck down the Ice but
lost it before the So., goal. He rc
OOVT4 it Imme.liately after and shot
the lirst goal. M.Namaru made the
first for the S n a pass Mi'-h-
aels, but a minute later, and Murray
fh..t mOthf from a MMH ungle.
giving the Soo the lead. Mc.Vamnra
uls.. made ..al three f,.r the visitors,
lifting the puck down the lee. Near
the close Of the half Clcotte received
the pu.k tram VtfmT and scored
Houghton's second and last goal.
Hill registered the Son's fourth gonl
after the second half had been in pro
gress about twenty-four minutes. The
play in this half was very Interesting,
and the visitors seemed to have a
slik-ht advantage In combination.
M. Namaru and Michael seemed to
he the stars for the visitors lost even
ing and Talli..n also played a K I
pame. For the portage loikes Clcotte,
Homm and Hang ' Maf
Following are the line-ups
Portape Lake:
S. m . :
goal. . .
... Talllon
Ml amara
.. Michael
. . .point. . .
cov. point
. cent.
ro r
Pryor .
Kxley riKlit wing Hit!
Mahun left wing -....Murray
Ref.r.e ley Shields.
Ontonagon Made Support of Entry by
Collector of Customs.
Collector of CWMMM ByTM "f Ml,r
quette has desipnated Ontonagon a
subport of entry, and has appointed
James Corrlgan a deputy collector
'here. This action was taken for the
m it.r convenience of the captains
,.f v. s.ls in the lumber trade, that
xlslt ontonapon. During the MMM
of navigation many vessels, both of
Canadian and American n -gl.-ter. call
there f..r lumber. Ben tofore these
vessels have either ' I
Hotiphton. a subpott
ance Dapers. or the cap'
to make special trips
to stop at
heir clenr-
have had
pet them.
k Conformed Statement
Evidence Calumet Resders Will Ap
preciate. DoanW Kidney Pills have done
.plcndid n..rk m this ltcality.
Have merited the unstinted prais.
they have received.
Here s e . . ne or their value that
none can doubt
It's testimony from this lornllty
t Aii e-tld and well .otilirnied
Such endorsements are unique In
the annals of MMMMft
Should convince the most skeptical
Calumet rea.br.
Mr .1. Yelp. :'55 South St.. llough
ton. Mich., says. '1 willingly verify
the statement I gave in favor of
!.,:, n Kidney Fills in 1U. I can
recommend this reined Just as
strongly as ever as I Ml MM WMt
ly l..-netittei by its use. I keep D ili -
Kidney Pills In the house all the time
and whenever in need of a kidney and
backache remedy, 1 take them with
p .o.i results I always find them to
be Just a represented. You ma ...ti
t'tnie using my endorsement of DWMf
Kidney Pills In view of what thev have
ione for me."
For sale by all dealers. Price &o
MMK Foster-Milburn 'o., Huffalo.
Ne'A h Sol, agellts f..r the I l.lt.-l
Remetiil.tr the name Doan's and
take no olio r.
Harper-Thomas Co,
Phone 14 Ho'msn Bldg, Calumet. M'ah
All calls attended to e.thr day m
night. We also handle frh out fMer
4.. for inv ooeaet.
W. W. McNsir, PreaideM
focnted In Lake fu perl or dis
trict Mine and rallla aeeaMlbl
for college work. FV Tar Bok
and Record of Graduate aiy t
President or Bcrar
Considerable extra expense has, there
fere. I., eli i'UUse.1 in the course !' a
season. There have been many re-
Ms l!i., I ( .titi.li.lg. il -le.uld be made
a subpoit. und Collector Myrns decided
that conditions Justified the step.
The funeral of the late Henrv Syl
Mate, whoa remains arrived at
Houghton Monday from Uipcer. was
h. I.I tins morning from St. Ignatius
. hur. h, end Interment took place In
Forest Hill cenieter
The body of the late A. W Ander
son arrived yt rdny at H-.nl.ton
(MOB CMMM where. Mr. Anderson
.H d on Monday last. The funeral will
be held omorrow altein.ioii with serv
Ue eon. In. ted by Rev. 11. Shaw,
punter of 1 1 race M. K. church, und in
ter nt will be In Forest Hill ceme
tery. The remain of ("buries Juntimii.
W hich were shipped here Horn Hutte for
burial, are expected to arrive lure to
day or t..m-rr..w und funeral services
will be held at Falnesdale on Sunday,
under the auspices of the Kniphts of
Kaleva. The deceased was killed in a
mine accident at Hutte. and the Im..I
is being uccompanied east b a brother.
Houghton May Be Represented at
Meeting in Ann Arbor Jan. 30.
dark Little of the Portape town
ship MMi yesterday received com
munication from the Secretary of the
state board of health Inviting the board
p. sen I a r. pi. seiitatlve to a general
convention of state health officers
l. held at Ann Arbor on Januarv M
and H
When the township board: hold' its
meetinp Friday afternoon it is lik.lv
that Dr W. P. Scott, health oilier of
Portage township will M uppointed
as representative to attend the con
vention. The program will Include
papers dealing with methods of re
rtrlctin ; . ..mmunicable diseases, the
subject of school sanitation, pnrbape
and sewage disposal, the pure milk
proposition, etc.. and the general dis
cussions will give an opportunity fo"
. oiislderation of the many questions
frOM various standpoints.
The temperature at the local weath
er bureau at 7 o clock this morning
was seven deirrees below y..r... with
pn.sp.vts Of a continuation of the cold
snap ami more snow uumc... . vt-,
Cowdrlck has compiled a bulletin
showing high sM low MTOpermturM,
wind . ... iti. s. laionieter readings.
and other data that ate of value for
llllnp away tor reference. Motor biat
men should And them aiuubl- in
showing the times when hiph winds
ind storms niipht he looked for. using
the tables as Indicating whut condi
tions prevail. h1 d iiing certain months
ami particular MlMg durinp the var
ious months. This is the tlrst time
that a report or bulletin covering the
entire Near has Ml issued at the lo
cal weather station.
The .lection of directors of the Cit-
IteM National bank of Houghton was
held late yesterdaj afternoon and re
sulted in the ,1. ittei of the follow ing:
James R. l.e. w. It Thompson. C. V
S.eb.r. A. M. S. hnlte. It. Skiff Shel-
d. n. . W. Il. i.lkanip. J. H. Jasberp.
J. D. Cuddihv. Norman V. Hair.- aid
C H stMs.
MWM of the stoits of South Imng.
have entered Into an earty closing
.mie.mciit with tile lecelltlv MMMMnI
rierks' StK-iul club and lad evening
for the tlrst time this season closed
their .loots at C u lo. k. It ! expected
thai the other MM will fall in Uw
anil that the eurlv elosiip.; will s...,i
he general.
The hearing of I'barles Hilberg ai d
I . tor Winsji. w lm are held in . ust d
in BMMMJm with the drowning oi
liernhardt Matela of Jacobsville. was
thi-i morninp adj..uri; .1 until .I .nuaiy
IS at 10 ft) III.. In the oAO. f Justice
l.ittl.. of Houghton.
IiiKot division. No. 4f.ti, Order I
Ruilway Conductors, will hold it
eightn annual skating imrty at th
Amphidrome the evetiiiitf of U'edn.s
da y. Feb. 7.
The annual meeting of the atock-
hetdari .r the cnnorution of pilgrim
lodge. I 11. O. p.. will be held on 1YI
dav evening, at whi. h time directors
will ie ataoieda
The township board will convene
on Friday, to designate places In the
various voting pr.-cinots where enroll -
UK lit llia he made at the general ell-
1 Mment for the primaries.
Captain Fri Itog.-is and Kni
Joseph (ireenlenf, memtMTs of th
Hoagnton wen ,r tae u T. p. a., will
have on Sun. las for Toledo to attend
the national convention of the organ
l.itlon as deb g.it. s.
The settlor . la-s of ,. Mo'lRhtoii
high achool w ill entertain with a danc
at the Masonic ball Friday ev.nlim
the oc anion being the last lo he iv
cf, by the students previous to Lent.
Kliugkammer's orchestra will furnish
the music and lunch will In- served.
The record amount of sunshine for
London in August Is .';i; hour", whbl1
was attain..! in ss:. while the lens
",iiir..l tht ars pr,- ioii.-l , Whan
only 73 hours were rewiatered.
A ir. full prtnpatliy with thoso who arc at war with present
J am Ml one of thotfl who bolievo that onr pVMtBt insti
tutions are not vulnerable to the samo MOpiftf and destructive
llflimriw whieli have undennined and destroyed otlier ftpoblkt. But
1 la lieve Wt are yet TOO YOUNG TO DIE and ought to be
There are thousands and thousands of people, with the number
dailv incrca-imr, who would like to feel safe in their persons, safe in
their workshops and homes, who would like to feel that JLSTICE
THE POOB and that u MTC not one oovernment for tho honest
lliwlnfla man trvinc; to be right and another for thoso who aro ruth
lt -ly preying upon the rights of others and of tho public.
Good Progress Being Made With Con
struction Work On Continent.
The DaUtBCM Kolonlalblatt. lulnted
;.rniaii. publishes Ut informa
tion that tin- ("entrul African ruilway,
starting from fur or ftollam n the
west coast, has now reached the sta
tion of Tula and is only clKhty-three
iiiil.-H from TalM.ra.
Tile company Is said tn be now lay-
Utm down m line at the rate ot six
teen miles u month. BO that ft would
lei.h Taboia in the spring of next
ar, ..f nearly two yeara earlier than
expect! When the .scheme came
before the Reichstag in 1904. At that
tlin. It inuv be remembered, the eon-
ession was approved as far us Mr..-
and the Mt.e tlrst reached thlsjd.
pla. . in itutolx-r. !!:. It was thm
decided t prolong it for another 4
in.,. I to Tabora.
The llrst part of the n w sc. ti..:i
was difficult, and at the beginning of
l'Jlu the work had only got as far as
Kidetcn, a Hurt more than eighty
inil.s. From her.- onward, however.
a vast tableland stretches almost to
Lake Tanganyika, and the .Tioth mile
is now under construction.
Tli. n is little doubt that when Ta
Ixira : Ma iled the line will be further
prateaged to oujuu, on the lake, as
Boon as the reichstag has ai,ii.od
the et. KSIoll. Although the line has
a ..it. i,n eominer.lal value, its prin
cipal objeel is politi.al and it must be
looked at iu conjuiH tion with the great
bchi tne i i the late king of Ihe tk IgauM
tor a tian.- Africun line which he
pla. . d I.. I. t. the tleographical I 'ong-
Bi laeele la isth. it lay dormant
lor faan) ..ars, but has late!) been
taken up again serlousl.
At present the i;d;..un-'ongo rali
WOJ runs from .Mat.uli to !. .poldville
and from th. r. a steamer s. i ice moM
up the fmahara iier. 1.1:4 kitia from
the A I lit 11 1 if , . a.M ; . I.uss.i 1 ... There
I. 111. litis a little mete than Ml mile
bet we. 11 Luss'imho , id Like Tainran-
ika. A Belgian cqmyooa Ityted the
ompany of tie Upper eng.. and Af-
1 i.-an likes
ha: a I read) commenced I
..rations b sin eying for a line
fn Ui Lukugu to the lake at I'abalo,
ind is applying i..r a new concession
to join Vabalo and Mutotnbo. Ihus
oiupl. ting the 1:. iKian-Cerman 1 hain
: railwa.. and steamer services across
the continent.
it is ealenlnted in peigium that the
line from Cnbaio t,. af utombe 1 i...
hatehed in lit. which Is about the
t ia C t in. in line should 1. a. b
Onpldl. That this is no wildcaf
Biheme is proved by a recent an
nouncement In the Kolnischc Zeitung
thai the . apiftl of the above named
on. j,. any was to be raised from tl',-
oee.iMMi to l I, j ,,:,. t(l ,rK
the terminus at Tanganyika opposite
ti" Qeriimn oae. it is mom than prob
able tli.it in the negotiations now pro
ceeding at Merlin this trans-African
railway project of C. rtiimiy will be
tukeii into consideration. London
I nla St jiular.l.
A writer in the Dietetic and Hygi.
ni' ;... tt,- (,.w York) 1 1 lib laea
what he calls "the strenuous effort to
belittle the nomenclature of our an
, stors." and argues that what Is call-
i id Is logie.illy named, notultll-
-t. indiug the fa. t that it is a c Illion
produced by germs.
Ccrms an about nt all seasons of
lh . ar, being mist abundant In
warm v eat her. but colds are most fre-
Uient In winter. Why? For the slm-
ple reason that when the system is In
perfect working order tt has power to
resist these Invaders. Cold cause
chills, and chills reduce the 'tone of
I In system, low. ting the power of re -
slsli and giving the deleterious
bacteria hihI microbes opportunity to
do on , hlef. The , old." therefore. Is
rightly named, because cold is Ita pri-
4 4
t a r AHtiTfir
Is the
Most Lawless
i Among Civilized
) I l rt-("M4
By Senator WILLIAM
BORAH of Idaho
,.!. J. 4..
uiury - ause. and germs only secondary.
HT la an extract from the article In
the Cassette long enough to reveal Its
qaaitty i
('..Id Is and always has been the
gToafal enemy to life. Life swarms
in the tropics, but leads a sorry exis
tence at the poles: ami this reminds us
of the chief argument of the all-bacteria
etioloKlsta for colds. They will
say immediately that Arctic explorers
do not vaster from colds until they re
turn to civilization, when "they all
com down with colds." It may be
that the abbrs und abettors of cold
in its prodmtlon of dis.-is. are IMNM
OT in abeyance In the Arctic regions,
hut men who go Into those regions
bCOt!M M exhausted faring their pro
longed exposure that they are ren-
i. d upon their return to warmer re
i - . -
ub.ns nr. easv prey to the bacteria.
Been Ihe Indians know enough to keep
themselves warm, and especially to
guard aguinat refrigeration of the ex
uremlttea a hunter in the Canadian
w oods w ho, notw ithstam'lng his ab
ajajoo from civilization, took a severe
cold, asked his BBlfl i mpunion. an Tn-
.tlan guide, how to keep from taking
1 ..d. He re tved tlic laconic reply,
'keep your feet dry."
n,.i this esaiivlst es not u" into all
the phases of the -object, lie empha
sizes the iindoubtcl fact that a chill
to the hvstem rdu I vitality, but lays
little stress on other things that have
the same effect. Impure air has tli
same effect, and bo has insufliclent
exercise, and so has lack of nourish
ment. People who 1 at wholesome food
..nil exert themselv. s in the open air
can stand without discomfort a low
,.,,. 1 n..t v . .nl.l be .b ath to
th .se who are not wii nourished aad
. r a customed to bugging the stov
or living in the overheated and under -
ventilated interiors of modern cities
Tn view of the recent talk about lim
iting the size of libraries it Is interest
ing to remember that Napoleon once
t. ...1 to milk. I. ,11 of all the hooks
n the world Which were worth pr.
. n ing.
He believed when he sat down t
bis task that a thousand volumes
would suftice. but the list grew under
bis hands, and ultimately included ::mmi
volumes. ICveti so however, there wen
. missions Of Which Lord Hoaebery and
Mr. Kdmund (loss.- as well us the gen
eml reader, would have been likely t
...i, .plain. Wh. ti the F.mpetor . am. t
look over his tlrst Mst he found that
he had unaccountably left out the HI
Me. In h's second list he forgot I
mention not only Virgil and Shake
spun re but, very eitrii.usly. Mo Mere.
It was proposed to nrint a sincial
dilode. Imo edition of the books on tht
Cmperor's list. and estimates w en
..ill.d for. The edition was to havt
been expurgated by the omission o
"all useless parts." Including "all pass
awes in Oreeh t LathtT That 0
course was a 1:1.0. addition to the est
..r production. and it was compute.
that the undertaking would lnvolv
the labor of 1:.". cmpoaltora. twenty
five literary men and a director for six
years, and that the outlay for an cdl
tion of l on eop. s would be not less
than Cllt.atO, XV. stmlnstt r Oaxette.
Qov, Mann of V irginia, who peM
i s a line sto, k ..t Civil war stories,
told the fatJowiae recently at a dinner
of the New Jcis. v Society In the Un
ion league: "When the Union army
' , 1 , bar. ling Petersburg a num-
i.ki ol c.s.l h. tided citizens Wi fe watch
lug an auction sab- thut was going on
at the cormr .a two streets. Among
the object a for sale was an ntd-faoh-
leead ajdroae, Mde for whi. h had
i..i.lie, the sum of SMS. That may
seem like tin ox t ra v !ii! pri. e to you,
but you must r 111. miter that this oc
. unci during the war. whin prices
wwre h!h. I know on . ne ucn.slon 1
.ld $iMU for breakfast. Well, t- con
tinue with my storv . the auctioneer.
iecelvln no hl.her bid for the urd
ii bc. crb.l -NMne hundred ami nine
ty -nine, once; 999. twice; and wua
about to knock down the furniture
fur that sum, when suddenly a Yan
kee shell crushed diw I. on the old
wardrobe, sniashliiK; It n smlthereei s
'ijoii.:' veiled the auctioneer. 'Uniie to
den. Crant for $1.0f0." ' -I'lilladelphia
The man wlio noes Into court
merely to obtain satisfaction ia about
as foollBh as the ono who exhausts
himself In trying to go through the
world on a bluff.
Dec. :7; Jan. 3. in, 17.
1 1 . i i ..:.atf court for tho County of
At a session of said coui't, Weld at
the pr. rfiate oflice In the village of
l.oughton in said county, on the
Nth day of December A. D. l'Jll.
I'.esent. Hon. (loorge C. Heiitley
lude of J'rohute.
In the matter of the estate of James
KosemcrHcy, deceased.
Jamea T. A. Ros. m. rR.-y IiuvIjik HI-,
ed In Fuid court his petition praying
that a certain Instrument In writing.
purportlnK to be the last will and t.s
tSMMM oi said deceased, now on fllo In
sahl court he admitted to probate, and
that the administration of said estate
be granted to James T. A. TtosemerBey
or to some other suitable person.
It is Ordered, That the ?2nd day of
January A. D. I'.M:'. at ten o'clock in
the forenoon, at wild probate office, l.
an.) Is hereby appointed for hearing:
said petition:
It is I'urtlicr i in b red. That public
Otto, thereof be given by publication
of a copy of this order, onca in each
week for three auccesslve weeks
previous to said day of henrliiK
ID the Calumet News, n newspaper
printed and circulated in s aid county.
(Seal) i;K(l KNTLKY,
A true c..pv. Judge of Probate
r.in., :. Mitchell,
Register of Probate.
Dec. 20, 27: Jan. n. 10
17. 24.
Circuit court for the County
Houghton, In 'ban. ry.
iAriMa Heikkimn, Complainant va.
John HelkMnen. Defendant.
8tat of Michigan. County of Hough
ton, ss.
Tn this case It appearing that the
defendant, John Helkklnen, is not a
esldent of the State of Michigan, and
It forth) r appearing that bis where-
ibout arc unknown to the complain
ant In this case, therefore, on motion
of fjalhratth afoGormaek, aolteltora
for complainant, It Is ordered that the
said defendant enter his appearance
in said cause on or before five months
from the date of this order and that
within twenty daya the complainant
cause this order to be published in the
Calumet News, a newspaper published
pnd circulated In the County of
Hought. n and State of Michigan, snid
publication to be continued once In
each wick for six successive weeks
Hate I this 20th day of December, A.
H. 1011.
C. Albert Mats, h.
Circuit Court Commissi, met
Calhrnlth & McCorma. k.
Solicitors for Complainant.
Fusan ss address:
Calumet. Michigan.
Oct. 17-J4-31 Nov. 7-M-21-II l'C. -aa
10-L'fi Jan. 3-10.
Default having been made In the
conditions of u certain mortgage made
by Frederick H. Trathen and Kli.abcth
A. Trathen. his wife, of Calumet town
ship, Hoaghtea county. Michigan, par-
1 lei .1 Hi. Brel part, and John Hoffman
I tlic same place, party of the second
part, bearing date June IS, 1907, and
recorded In the office ,.1 the Register of
Heeds for the county of Houghton.
Michigan, on the twenty-fourth day of
lune A. D. IM7, in Liber "gg ot
Mortgages on page on which said
mortgage there Is claimed to be due
tt the date of this notice the aum ol
me thousand fifty-seven and 16-100
( 10.r.7.1'i) dollars, and no suit or pro
ceedings at hivv or in equity having
been instituted to recover the money
.cured by said morn-age or any part
V THJSRDPORE, by virtue of the
power of sale contained tn aald mort
gage and the statute In auch cases
Mde and provided, notice la hereby
ulven that on the eleventh day of
January, a. d.. 1912, at 10 aratocb in
the forenoon there will be sold at pub.
lie auction to the highest bidder nt the
front door of the court bouse in the
village of Houghton, in the county of
Houghton. Michigan, (tnnt being the
place where the Circuit Court for the
said county of Houghton Is hidden)
the premlsea described In aald mort
gage or bo much thereof aa muy he
necessary to nuy the amount due on
said Mortgage with seven per cent In
terest and all legal costs as provided
for In aald mortgage and an attor
ney fee of thirty-five dollars as also
pi " ide.l f..r in sa id mortgage
The pr. uiises (i. scribed in said mort
gage were all that certain piece or par
eel of land situated and being in the
townsbip of Calumet, county of Hough
ton and state of Michigan and des-
serlhcd as follows: Lot numbered
twenty-two :) in Bfoeh numbered
twenty c.'O) of the Third Addition to
the Village of Calumet, according to
the recorded plat thereof on file in the
ofHee "f the Register of Deeds for said
county of Houghton, together with the
tenements, hereditaments and appur
tenan.es thereunto now or hereafter
belonging or In any wise appertaining
or thereupon situated.
Dated this sixteenth day of October,
A. D.. 1911.
John Hoffman, Mortgagee,
v 1 ' Patel in inn.
Attornej far Mortgagee,
Baataeae address,
CeteMQt, Michigan.
Science Versus I
A Vast Fortune Was Saved by
Recently Diicoverd Stien
tiflc Treatment
Copyright by American Press Asso
ciation. 1UL
maid passed into the hands of the girl who
HMUhlMT Hf ft mtan mlq JJJJJJ ,,,, .,.,, H ,.:iS(. of hli survival
eu lady named Hlnehelwood, the la i hity)Ul u rt?gj for ,1m. property than
of her line, tlhtl on Uit .state in nioveinetit iu and about tho
the en irons of London. The property j j,,,,,, WH eugerly watched from
was put M Ihe) MBflWl Uft Mt, and. .u.n,ss ,. street Dr. Searle wrote to
in, e the MHgpborhMd wtm Kfi iHtte the phyilcUn In ehtrlM of Mr. Baxter
cmtiC one in which a few old lami"': iQfffMtlUf thai person representing
had for many vears MMdod, it Wi the llaNMer interest be admitted to tho
d.etned undesirable by Ihe other land I Ogllsby rMldMMO, vice versa.
Older in the vu initv that the Hindi These persons were to be called In to
eiwood estate shouui pom Into Ibo I oartlfy to the dMtu ond tha hour, mut
ianda of a parroau or N bolH upon Btf and aacond of tha death of the men
for hnallMM or monnfactnrlni pur n whose lives depended an luimeuse
.Kioca Twenty ecntkH&ea dabbed to fortune. This tha BacUfth doctor
petber, each pottlni In C000, nnd agreed to, ind the representatives
bousht the property. Then they pal ware eppetnted aad ad Matted
tt into e tract, each aonalaatiaf haby I Ukm HlnchelaMoi coatlnaai to be
boy or gtrl less than one vear old. who ifrme( of the tin t that the heirs M
was to inherit hli .nletest. The last i t In posit.- side Of HM street wel e
0M Of these children to remain alive, bttehfofi all Undo of devices to couceul
was t,. he deeded tha property by the the exad time of Mr, MtsteTi deutb
UUatttM ! :i"l tliat Uflag person woind M phM
Tha tupiflhml did not loaf delaf i mi la hia bed if necessary to reprenaal
trade from entering the neiuhboriiooii
Ihe trainers, of the treat gradually MOT"
bag away or tying, and at ttM begin
ulng of the present century the Hindi
ehweiod estate, inrronaded as it was
by baataeae property, nraa rained nl
CI ,000,000. Two of the nominees were
llrlna. Ntehalaa Baxter, aged ninety
two years, and TlMOthy OglHtby, aged,
ninet v twe yean aad etx month.
Here was tsBOQiOOO dipeedopl upon
two lives that were sure soon to go out. j
it was to i"' expected thai thoao wha
were heirs to these persons should iake ,
u marked interest in their longevity. ,
if Baxter outlived rjarltabf the estate
would go to a git-at great -graudnbfe
living Ut America If (igiNby llv. l
the longer he had willed the whole
propeny to a gniuunepnew living 1:1
I.,,, nl, ui The American candidal,' w a
Miss tiladys Hlnehelwood. ajjed twen
ty. a daacendanl Of the family who had
originally owned Ihe property, when
parents had emigrated to the new hem
(sphere befare bar birth. Both Hie
aged men lived m London in houses
situated on the Btachelwood mgataaad
mross the street from eadi other,
One rooming Miss
' 1 , .' .. .0,
Hieill.ll lll-ra ..o .1 ' .-....
Wlltard Bee rte, one of the etaff. Dr.
dearie was at the time aOfbetltntlni Q
new liver taken from I subject whose
death had o, otirred but a few minutes
before for a diseased liver in an Other
aloe healths' wan As soon its the p
Oration had been completed be went
to the reception room, whore he met
Miss Hindu ! wood. Since Dr. Senrle
was a l. a, 'cior of little more man
thirty. call from young lady who
possessed a remarkably intelligent if"
not beautiful face was not displeasing
to him. The voting lady aiiuounced
the object of her call by giving an ac
count of the formation of the Rlnchel
fpaod t fist and her present interest iu
It. Then she continued:
"Many of our vast American es: 1 tea
have pawed into the binds of Itrit -ish
men by their marriage with our
belreaeee. Here is n property which
hangB in the balance between an Bag
llshtnan tad an American girl, my
self. Mr. Baxter and Mr. Qgllabf are
111 in London, If my gfaal great
grandancte, Mr. Ogtleby, lives tha
longer I shall inherit 6,(XX)lOOQl if
Mr. Baxter aarrlrM him i shall gat
nothing. "
Dr. Searle's interest was excited.
"Now, I have reed," continued Misn ! sign for the life of the patient. Final
Ilinehelwood. "In magazines and other ly matters quieted dowu, nud Dr.
places of the w onderful work you are Searle, believing that llnxter was deud,
doing here in this institute. I under
stand that you are studying the very
si mi , i- of life. I have come to you to
ask If you know of any met hod of pro
longing a life that must soon pass
from 1 be body.1
Dr. Searle leaned back in his chair,
looked tit the ceiling, then at the
npeaher. end said:
"Well, go on."
' These two old men are likely to
die within a few days, hours, minutes
or even BOOOadi Of eO' b other. Who
ever survives the other owns the es
tete. which he may transmit to Ills
heirs or, rather, has nlready willed, j other. Hut there was no reliable evl
One in my Interest. in London has in j deuce which bed died llrst. When tho
farmed me thai unfair means win be 1 Baxter repreeeatattta was called into
Used to keep Mr. lbixtet's death a se ! the si. k chamber, or. rather, the deatli
cret in ease he dies before Mr Ogils- chamber, Mr. Ogllsby had expired fur
by. I desire to meet these unfair ty minutes before. .lust before be eu-
methods by scientific metboda i mean
by this I would prolong Mr Ogilsby's
Dr. Senrle arose from his chair,
paced the floor meditatively for sever
ui minutes, than aaal
"Of course I should have to go to
"That you know better than 1 '
"I have been thinking of taking a
rest '
"You would get that on the o, can "
In one week I'rom that day Miss
Ilinehelwood. .;-, ompanied by her
mother, met Dr Siarle in London, and
the three drove t the residence of Mr
Ogllsby. Be was ia the cure of a wo-
00 ..,, u.s nousceeper ,or
uiiiuv vears. ins wue nnving Oleo some
forty years before, and he had ticvef
Li 'ottoll ,11, v cbll.lr.... M .... n.wl Ml....'
... . . ... . us-,
.1 Vi 1 T' T",UM CtWrW
of the old man mti his phvs.
Ihra 1 ,,;',t,,r,r":",,7
foreign land, thns revealing any aclen-
Urtc met hods he miglif use, be brought
with him one of the younger member
of the staff of the Institute.
The American found the situation
' about as it had been described. UotU
won were on their "lust legs " When
the party drove up to Ihe Ogllsby real-
1 deuce it was evident that a commotion
bad been mused lu the BfcXtM bousu
opposite by the heads that appeared at
the windows. The heir In case Ras
ter survived Ogilsby was a Colouel
Drumuiond of tlw BrtUati army, an oUI
man. W would soon turn the pMJMj
u j,h, ril. d over to a host of Klund
nephews uii.l nieces, Mho had descend
ed upon the home like vulture on n
1 lug horse
I No sooner bad Mr. Ogllsby'a oaao
llim. i p,m this Dr. eurn nqwiuaa
with the phjrelclaa la charge ,,r tha
Baxter interims that UN representa
tives should not Oat see the putietit.
but hear him speak.
The case had resolved itself to one
between rascality and science. Dr.
eerie fall that if he coahf cause his
patJigd 10 remain alive a little longer
than Mr. Baxter be would be fniiy
jmtUkA in meeting fjeaaf bj tids
As soon as Dr. Henfla took charge af
,lis 1)i(fi( plde I careful eaniina
tl)(I1 ,,r t. (Hffeteut parts of his body
to determine their coadltteB. lie found
h(. Mjnj Qiaead to an alarming
,.X,,,ll , ,,a blO exiierience in the
baatttatei be substituted new kid-
The patient having suddenly be
come afllloted with bronchitis, tha doc
tor put in a new throat. These two
Improvements made a marked change
in the patient's condition, though it
was feured for a time after each op
era 1 ion thut the patient would suc
, cumb. In older to give him Strength
... 1....... mm iiUm. tin. ,ai... , of tin.
. 1 '. " ,
se ono operation :uiss iiiu ih-iooi
gave him a pint of her blood, which
was transfused from her to him by Dr.
A fortnight after these operations
those watching the patient opposite
were a la l ined to see Mr. Ogllsby drive
out under the care of his nurse and
Mrs. Hinohclvvood. Miss BlttChel
wood had not vet regained the blood
she had lost.
It must be confessed that thin patch-
Mg up an old man with new kidneys
aial new windpipe did not make a
new one of him. BoOMOe, the opera
tions could not have been performed
successfully without tha adminteter-
inc , stimulants. Dr. Searle did not
aspect to prolong Mr. Ogilsby's life
fat any great length of time. He sim
ply expected to tide liitn nlong until
fteV his rival in the race for life bud
died. He wtis therefore not surprised
otic mornlni when his patient collapsed
mid life could not be expected to re
main in bis patched ami stimulated
body for more than half u duy at
However, it was evident from mani
festations opposite that Mr. Huxter
U'.w lo tin. wn.l.u c, ,11,1 1 1 Toll llvv.'eo
tanks were seen being carried Into the
! bouse, ami this was lu Itself I bud
stat ted one of the servants out Into
the street with u report thut Mr. Ogils
bj had died early in the morning. The
announcement was Immediately tnude
that .Mr lbixter bad just bteuthed Ills
lust, and the Ogllsby representative
was admitted to tho room where bo
lay, (lading him stiff and stark.
Ag soon as Dr. Searle knew that
Baxter bad passed away he summoned
the representative in the llnxter inter
ests into the room where Ogllsby luy.
Now, the deaths of the two men,
though Dr. Searle did not know it,
occurred within half an hour of eoch
tered the loom Dr. Searle made uu iu
clslon over the dead man's heart. In
serted bis hand and cluaped the organ.
Then he begun lo squeeze It gently at
intervals, representing the hcartbeatt.
at hist tOBM twenty, then thirty, then
sixty to the uiluute. I 'resent ly color
began to come iu tho cheeks, and tho
eyes opened.
Withdrawing his band and covering
the body M the chin, the doctor direct
ed that Ihe Maxtor representative bo
'Speak to me." said Searle. "Aro
j you still living?"
I "I tun dying," was the response.
The doctor held up bis watch to till
pn.M.;,t ., ,,.,, ,,Hm ,o
When if was known to the Maxtor
. .
ueirs that there were witnesses to the
N"' (HIbv was alive two
( 1
3S. w!d wit,,
tU H ,,' ( w d e I te "

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