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Hancock Department
ai t 1 - regular monthly meeting or
the Hancock board of education last
evening. Stint LaRowe ol the public
.schools wan (ranted .i leave of absence
to attend the convention of the. super
intendents' departinni ..i the Nation
al Educational association to he held
ai st. Louie Fab. 7-If,
The National Educational assocla
lion, in a letter Just lasaicd. announces
(hat no special rates will be granted
for the convention by the railroads.
The letter in regard to the rates, says.
"Although we had received and had
announced official guarantees of a rate
id one and one-hall late for the round
trip on tho certificate plan from the
linen pf the Central 1'atineivger Asso-
clatlsn and their Eastern SuMnoctluU,
this rate has been withdrawn and can
. i lied without statement of any definite
reasons for such unprecedented action,
as shown in the enclosed Special An
nouncement. This is a matter ol deep
l egret."
Other School Matters.
No further action regarding the pro
posed new high school in Hancock will
he taken by the hoard until the legis
lature meets again, which means noth
ing will be done this year. It will be
ssai to have a special a. t pa I
by the legislature authorizing the issu
ance of bonds to pay for the building
Had the legislature been called in spe.
11 session i the governor this year
action would have been taken l.y the
HanCOOk board to have the act pa ad
at that time, but It is now practically
certain M special session ail be held.
The attendance in the primary
grades of the Hancock schools has
been eul down to about MM -halt dur
ing the past few days on account of
the .storm, mans t the chlhlreii being
unable to lea e their homes.
Council This Afternoon Select Placet
for the Purpoee.
The Hancock city council meets In
.-pedal session th.s alternoon to desig.
'ate the places tor enrollment ur tin
spring primaries. January l'7 Is en
rollment day and all persons are. re
;uired to make a new enrollment ac
cording to th( ir patty affiliations, in
order to he able tn vote at the primar
MWCaM to be held on the first Wed
ncaday In March. At the prim
ary election In March Candida tea will
l'e nominated for all the municipal of
fflcee in Hancock, including mayoi,
elerk. treasurer, supervisors, just ha s.
aldermen ami constables.
This being the tlrst time that nomi
nations will bo made by primury eh .
lion instead of the convention system
m Hancock, much Interest attache
to its probable effect on bringing out
candidates for office. As yet no an
nouncementa have been made by an
would be office holders, all apimrcntlN
playing a waiting game and "placing
tnemselves in tho hands of theh
Only those enrolled on January
1. Ill I 1 .:. . .
mm essxaass io vote ror party can
Mu.iifs ai me Mann primaries, but
the enrollment is not to be TTtmfUggf
with tho regular registration of vol
ior oung on election day, wind.
tails on Monday. April 1.
i ne organization ot th- enrollment
boards will be the same as the hoardt-
ol registration before election, consist
tmm oi wie aiuermeu ot the several
Enrollment Places Named.
The Hancock city council, at it
meeting this afternoon, desiifnat.il th.
following as the places lor the prima
ry enrollment:
Ward 1 (tram's drug store.
Ward Ct- hall.
Ward 3 I Horan's store, cornei ,,i
Summit and Qulncy atresia.
Ward 4 A. J. Drouin's store, Rail
toad avenue.
The students in the English depart
ment of the Junior class of the Lak
Linden high school have arranged to
present a play during the latter part
of April. The presentation will be un
der the direction of .Miss Sarah Bouth
ciland and will be a part of the regu
lar w .rk of this department. The cast
of characters will be carefully selecte.i
and It is expected that the event will
ho n very successful one.
The Sunday school of the Boston M.
I I hllieh has elected officers for the
year as follows:
Superintendent T. O. Tonkin.
Assistant superintendent J. Hoop
er. uganist Rita Jaehnlg.
Assistant organist Itessie Saund
Treasurer -William Symons.
S.. ivtary K. Honey.
Assistant aecretary M. E. Rest.
Ubrarlan William Ronds.
The following teachers were nam
ed: Adults Rev. W. H. Collycott and
F. Beat.
Intermedial! Professor Q, Liberty,
Rita Jaehnlg. Kva Saunders, Mrs. M.
K Vincent and Mrs. J. Honey.
Primary Mr w. .1. BamA, Mrs
William Tre.lrea and Mrs. William
John Kausic left Hancock Mondai
for Austria where he will be married
scon after his arrival to Miss Marl.
i.assicn, me sweetheart of his hoy
11111111 nays. i he two were engaged
twenty-five years ago, but Kausic had
no money, they a. led to wait. He
came to America, and that he has
prospered while working In the mines
of th. rapper country Is shown by the
fact tMt he has a bank account of
. veral thousand dollars and plans to
l et ire after his marriage.
The seend battalion of the Michi
gan Naval brigade will elect a com
manding officer this evening, to suc
ceed ("apt. H. S. (Joodell. It has been
intimated In advices from Escannha
that officers of the s nd battalion of
that place ma n..t attend the elec
tion, on account of the action of the
state board In declaring the last elec
tion, at which Lieutenant Stephenson
was chosen. Irregular owing to the
pa-.ticipation of officers who were In
eligible to vote.
The luneral of the late Mrs. J. J.
M odoiiald of Hubbell waa held thla
morning with services at the St. Cece
lia's church and Interment at Mount
Calvary. D. h. McKellar of Superior
who camo to Hubbell with Duncan
Macdonald, son of the decedent, and
who Is himself n son-in-law. had Just
returned from Alvlnson, Ont., whert
ne was called because of the serious
illness of his brother-in-law. when he
ie(.i... word of the death of Mra.
doubt Mote thin white blousea are
sold than fur the last four years, be
cause they have returned to favor
w ith morning stills pro nled the an
ouite plain and very sheer. The only
trimming allowed la a narrow band of
Irish in.-.rtiaV 00498. tin ..nt and at
tho collar, and an edge of Irish plcot on
the frllla over tho hand and down
tho front.
oil I.
Rev. Frederic Magna 1. the new pas
tor of the 1.ake Linden and Hubbell
Congregational churches will arrive
this week and assume his new duties
Sunday. The trustee of the I.ake Lin
den church bave sent a letter to the
members and friends of the church
calling attention to the fact that af
ter a lapse of about one year services
will be resumed regularly and asking
that the congregation unite in sup
porting the new pastor to the fulles
possible extent.
Embossed ribbons
Sometimes In a bow
iilten lhe app.ar In q natal
Small hats show ttat plagues.
They are round, square or oblong
Tho turquoise blues and green under
gold arabesques are striking.
oddly shaped plagues worked up In
many tinted wools are also prominent.
Solitary antique buckles of gold or
silver figure on some hats.
i on or ncn nice otten adds the right
touch to a toque.
Brown Bottle
r ii r n
iujj, line Mavor v.
W hen the sweater has been care
fully washed in warm suds and rinsed
thoroughly, to dry successfully fol
low t'hese Instructions:
Take a large roasting pan and line
it with a towel, to prevent possible
rust. Place the sweater in the pan
and put it In a warm oven.
Turn and shake the garment fre
quent l. When dry it will appear light
and Huffy.
A sweater treated in this manner
ill never loss ibs shape.
An knitted garment may be dried
in the oven, and the result will be
much more satisfactory than if dried
in the air.
ie iTWtlo.r,
careful sterilizati
The funeral of the late Mrs Charles
LeSage. Sr.. will be held on Kridav
f ternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lewis of Hub-
lull am the parents of a son which
arrived today.
AboMt 2. of the friends of John
!ardnr surprised him at his home one
venlng this week on the occasion of
his eighteenth birthday anniversary
The event proved a very pleasant one
officers of the Printing Pressmen's
and Assistants' union of Hancock were
choaen recently as follows:
Presid.nl Charles Rnlconl.
Vice president Robert Wuoplo.
Secretary treasurer W. J. Walla.
fit ror fling aecretary Ferdinand
Sergant at arm Isaac Eskurl.
Executive committee-(, M, Ralconi.
Christopher Clemence Jr., Robert
W uoplo, Alex Alio and Isaac Eskurl.
NuliHng committee Ernest Wle
'! nhofer, vRobeirt Wuoplo and Alex
A ho.
Delegates trades and labor council
W. .1. Walls. C. M. Ralconi and Isaac
Alternate Frank Hates.
concert will be given on Satur-
eiiing next, January It, 14 tin
Pew able Methodist Episcopal church
under the auspices of Samuel Mice's
' lass of girls. Th- entertainment will
he provide! by the Calumet quartette
"inpised of Miss Mildred Romsdahl
M' - Thomas and Messrs. Ilennett and
"he Wr. men's Civic Club of Portage
1 .tlie. which exercises supervision over
tls Recreation Club, held a meet
big on Monday afternoon at the dub
I ns in the North Star ball to elect
offloara. The names of those chosen
v ill not be given out until It has
'"en ascertained whether the ladles
d are willing to serve.
The city of Hio Janeiro cannot bonst
'f ' single modern bakery
Tell. How Cura Are Made With An
Internal Medicine.
Do roej know the cause of piles"
I It Inward or external?
1 U a skm disease?
W'lll Halves or cutting cure for good?
Ho you know how Hr J. s I..n-
'"rdt found the long-sought Internal
Thong questions fully answered In a
' kl'-t mailed free by Dr. Leonhardt
(V. station, H. Huffalo, N. Y., or by
J-ingle Pharmacy, t!alumet. Mbh..
Iurlum Pharmacy. Laurlttm, Midi..
ho aella HEM-ROID. the succeaaful
r. medy nt ft per large bottle, under
g' arantee. At all drug atOff.
Dr. R. If. Ranks of Kacanaba Is visit
ing for a few days in RajKOCk.
Miss Vim Sott returned yesterday
from a visit with relatives at Mellen
Dr. K. '. Arminen has returned
from a business visit to Duluth and
SuM-rior Lodge. Modern Rrot herhoo.l
ol America Is planning to hold a hup
. .mi party, at the Rouleau hall on Bat
Ujrdn) eeiilng. January JT.
Th. men Of the Hancock naval rr-
serves are arranging for a dancing
pnrt to be given sometime In Feb
ruary date not selected.
P ter (Vagnon was seriously injured
yeetorday morning by failing trorn
scaffold In the new Tyomlei building
landing in the cellar, and receiving
painful hut not dangerous b nil see and
All the old offiers of the Superior
National bank were elected by the
board of dire, tors yesterday afternoon
as follows; 1 'resident, Jacob Haer
Ice president, Ceorge Kuppe anU C
i. iaw ton; cashier, John Jen res : as
sistant cashier, Walfrl.l S. Hendrld.
Absinthe May Still Be Imported. Order
Has Been Extended.
Dr. Pernard H. Smith chief of th-
United States pure food bureau In
Roston announced yesterday thnt th"
order to stop the importation of ab
sinthe Into this country, which waa or
iginally set for Jan. 1, has been ex
tended until June 1.
The chief has Just returned from
Washington, where he has been In con
sultation with his superiors there, and
explained that there Is strong feeling
against the importation of this liqueur
Recent!) the pure food officials in
Washington handed down a tentative
decision pronouncing absinthe a a nig
nnous cordial and Injurious to health.
In this decision it waa recommended
that the liqueur be barred from Im
portation into this country.
This decision was mailed to Import-
era and others dealing In the cordial.
and each was asked for an opinion on
the decision. Dr. Smith said it is not
Improbable that the final decision of
the department will be againat the Im
portation of abalnthe Into the I'nlted
If. as alleged, the main business of
life la making money, it Is ama-.inv
the number of people who fail at It.
Mefore beginning to embroider the
Iges of towels outline the edge of
the scallops with a small stitch done
on the sewing machine. The button
holing (overs the stltchlmr nerfeetlv
and gives a very firm edge that Is un
obtainable In any other way. When
padding scalloped edges for toweling
use tiny rolls of raw cotton. This
Hk sewed in place with line thread. It
make a satisfactory and thick pad
ding. The seams of a garment require
careful pressing, as on this dermis
it-: appearance and, to a certain ex
tent, the fit. For a thick material
like doth coating the seams irtiould
be spread out on an uncovered round
wooden surface, opened with the Iron
or the finger and then covered with
a cloth wrung out of cold water and
iron.d over thla until dry. In thla
pressing process the Iron should not
be too hot. but great strength and
weight should be put upon It. Lighter
weight materials should be pressed
over a soft doth laid over the press
ing hoard and the opened seams
should be dampened by dipping the
finger tips In water when nevessarv.
Very delicate materials, like crepe de
chine, mousseline and satin do not
require dampening at all. Velvet and
plush may be pressed by placing the
material, with the open seam sllglitly
dampened bj the fingers, over th.
bristles of an ordinary clothes brush
or by setting a hot iron on end and
drawing over the face of It the damp
ened seam on tho wrong side of the
Tie a paper mir oer the mincer
when grinding stale bread. It will
prevenl the crumb from scattering.
An unused paint brush will be found
of great assistance when dusting a
room In which there is much carved
furniture or Intricate moldings. I
ull bring the dust out of cracks and
corners better and more quickly than
a cloth will.
When denning an especially promi
nent piece of white enameled wood
work try using milk and ammonia, two
tahlespoonfuls of the latter to a quart,
of milk. This mixture will not turn
the enamel yellow, as some kinds of
soap are likely to do.
Rubbers of the new patter are apt
to atrctch If they are hung up by the
strap at the back. To obviate this a
good plan is to have a wallbag made
and fitted with pockets in which to
slip the overshoe after wearing.
Paint your tin wash basins on the
inside with a good White enamel paint.
if you would prolong their usefulness.
Wipe all dust from your windows
and nib them with cloth dipped In
vinegar, if you like a high polish on th
After finishing a Job of painting and
not desiring to have a can of oil
standing around the house." says h
contributor to Popular Mechanics, 1
filled the bristles of the brush with
a good supply of paint, carefully wrap
ped it In paper, tied it securely with
a string and placed, the brush on a
shelf. A short timo ago I wished to
use the brush and upon unwrapping
it I was surprised to find the bristles
ns soft aa when put away, the
oil In the paint having soaked the In
ner wrappings of the paper, thus pre
serving the brush in first -dues shape
for two years.
It seems essential to wear some
touch of black at the neck of a white
blouse these day, and the fashion will
be followed out ill Am
Coloring Done by a Machine That Pro
tects Pipe.
"The secret of coloring a meer
schaum pipe Is in not allowing the bowl
to get too hot. All meerschaum pipes
ar i. oil.', i in wax, which penetrates th
clay for that's all meerschaum is and
which carries the tobacco oil to all
nana of the aurfaca, preventing its
exuding. The nature of heat la to
drive any liquid away, and If the pipe (
smoked too fast the heut general, d will
drive the wax to t M- extremes. That Is
why most n .-. is haums show color tlrst
In those places. Just as soon as the
wax Is oil driven out there is an end
to the hope of coloring the pipe unless
It is reholled.
Io prevent this burning. smoke
slowly, with long, steady puffs. If th
bowl gets hot lay the pipe aside at once
Also, let the pipe be thormighlv cold
before refilling if after smoking. Noth
Irvg will ruin ur pipe sooner than
keeping it gteadily in use.
"If iu ate Inclined to he careless It
is good to get a talse bowl, to tit inside
the pipe. In this caee It Is well t
uck the bowl with cotton fllMt. Thla
will tend to cool the smoke and dis
tribute it and th.- oil. With su h pre.
cautions, and then Just ordlnar. ..ne
you can keep the bowl cool and the
Itioe ulll 1,.. . , ' ,T oil (WiM-lv II-. .in til..
The most effective and harmless w .... .,. ,,, ;h(. to th.. en.i ml thm
to cure the Orlppe or break a aevere s(Pm
eld. either in tho head, chest, back. ' -Another way la to get a button f
stomach or limbs, i. doae of Rape'. ,he bottom of the plpg bowl. This haa
told minimum! every two hours un- ,,. v .., i,ei.,, .
til three eonaecutive doses are taken. fr,hin w.v nn,i it ..r.vni. Ml. niaa
You will distinctly feel the cold Loin- too bnlki but the mmmm. mn.l
breaking and all grippe symptoma K-.- grantor ... not ... averhejal the
Ing after the very first dose. It ,,c In thl. case do m,t nil th,
promptly relieves the most miserable , ,,. , ,lf lh. .h,tWi
headache, dullneaa. head and nose "Meerschaum ,s one of the most dell.
stufTed up. feverishness. snee.lng. aore cate of eUya and Is most eenaUlve M
throat, running of the noae, aoreneaa, , hanges of temperature Hence It la
Stiffness and rheumatic aching. unwise to smoke it outdo., in winter
Take thla harmleas Compound as Lr laave it In a drauBht A sudden
directed, with the knowledge thai change in temperature mav suae It to
there la no other medicine made any- srurn In ole.es or cr.ok lv n,o t,n-
where else In the world, which wfiiU. ,he bowl or even touch It. esi.e. lal-
cure your cold or end Orlppe misery hy w hen It fs warm aa It will cause the
as promptly and without any other as- .,owl to become mottled and dlrtv. At
sistance or bad after-effects aa a 2.,. the same time do n. t cover It with
cent package of Pape'a Cold Com- bamole. which skin will absorb the
pound, which any drugglat In the wax and leave the bow I si.otted.
I f"n "UPPIV. I "If after a time the top of the
,..-. i.ir.T u-nri. reearcTi we nave bowl gets bhukened or scratched. COW
conclusively demonstrated tthat nl-r It with melted beexwax. Then the
nine Is not effective in the treatment j scratches will disappear and the black
of colds or grippe. Lee will spread itself over the eur-
germ Bhowa L M
L:r c rm
wi r feaa
..asgavraggggp.ggaw' mm avavaiBBBV(swwnnaga aflaw w
Brown Boitlts htt a
r which !rni2V to vou
the tasU ol the barley wdA the Ik)s.
It lias the sparkle and life due to
a perfect .
oes not cause biliousness or for.
ment in your stomach, as it is lrofcrly
aged beioTQ Leaving the brewery.
TL n o ,i
jlixki urown oottie insures
absolute protection against the
damaging" effects o f light.
n.onc-.J :"r,h S3 , iamot
1 " m South MO Hancn. k
Jos. Sell lit z Ijrevvino; Co.
8io Tine St., Calumet
i&r tluit craven
or cork is branded
The Beer
That Made Milwaukee Famous
face evenly. bec.mlnf a dark brown, tlful crepe clothes that the parents .u-'koR SALE St-room house, summer
i roicssnmai pipe eolorers. o t,. ; grandparents can afford are us.kI, on -
Senk. now use a machine to which sliding .f a set f thr.e; the out. r
any numtxr ..l pipes may le attach-
el. All are tatmm led by tubes to the
bellows, which draws the smoke stead
ily and very slowly, just em nix h to
keep the tobacco liirht.-d. After one
set ..f pipes is 'amoked' Ottt, they are
leg away Io cool and another set I
attached. In this way the pipes ma.
be colored In a few days without the
slightest risk. -Interview with a
smoker 1n New York Times.
Speaking of the recent fatal explo
sion on the FYcnch hattleship ibeftajj
the Purls correspondent of bondagl
Truth writes;
On the morrow of the last great ex
plosion in the Itoads of Toulon a gueaJ
was hazarded as to the poggdbtHty of
climatic causes, and notabh of ultra
violet rays, having had much to do In
causing the catastrophe. M. Daniel
Fterthelot, taking this guess for his
starting p(dnf. has. as he thinks, estab
lished to a certainty thnt the differ
ent explosions on battleships are dm
t" ultra-violet rays. They decompose
tapldly white and other kinds of p.-w
ler Juat as th" deeomwvse the tlasues
of II ring-organisms, and make it apt to
explede spontaneously or otherwise
The blowing up of fl rCSaWl laden with
while powder Is all the more terrible
frm the greater for. .- Of tint expl. -
alve. Hut. according- to M Merthelot
the powder invented b his lite Illus
trious father and M. Vlcllc is not eaaler
to decompose than any other, If care
fully made He promises to enrch for
a meana of protecting- men-of-war from
the attscka of ultra-violet rays on
powder In their mair.ir.ines. Kxpt rien. e
has taught the fellaheen women In
BtTVt th:M the best pr. I CCtlre as th
labor In the Melds is a oil of some
Un. k black stuff woolen or cottitn. A
stuff White outside and LI o k with'n
would he ideal for a veil In a tropical
one being market! with the family
crest and gay with silk linings.
Except In drees, no difference la
made in the first year or two of
male or female Infant s life. While Is j FOR RENT One
used for children. Scarlet is the baby's 43-'5 Acorn m.
color, but after the first year the
boy's clothes are of blue or brown
and black striped materials, while th.
Idnioiio of the I tttaa xirl is much
brtgdUcr, with large imtterns of birds,
flowers and h aves, with a profusion of
crimson and pink, which diminishes
with age. t'hildh ! in Japan is . r-
tulnly a very happy time. It never has
been lUM'esaary to form a so. iety for
the 1'revtntioii of Cruelty to Children,
and proverbs sin h as this show h.w
tenderly they are cared for, nnd how
fully their lmiortance la recognized in
the household. 'K.xlakara.-- or Chil
dren are treasures." The Christian
kitchen, cor" sfted, barn room for 3
horses, etc. A ply 160 Hecla aL HeO-
The great day In the Japanese diild s
life Is the Mlysmairi, or the temple
visit, which may be said to ..-r.
pond roughly with the weatern ehrlat-
nlnx. The Infant, if a box on the
thirty -flrat day. and If a girl, on the
thirty-third, is carried to the temple
and is placed under the aruardlanship
f n special delt chosen h the Mr
ente. For this occasion the most beau-
Jn 1KS0 we expxirted less than 4ft,
ftfto pairs of boots and shoes, in lv."i
fiti.'Miu pairs: in 1or., ."..Oon.i pairs,
in 110. over T.ooo.oofl paira; and in
Un calendar yeara 1911 the number rx-
ei-'ds s .Mie.i pa i i s I . v I . i t . I
the million pair going to P.uto Rico
and Hawaii.
It Is reported that in some sections
last Bummer the robins n st. .1 n the
grouml In order to reduce th st f
high living.
FOR SALdk 11 -room house. Apply 250
Rockland a X
furnished roena.
I'"1 'It HI V i Roi ma. 3JCI Hhlge 8L
FOR SAJvi Five-room house, 862 Al
bion. s
FOR SALE 6 -room cottage, at a
bargain. J614 Liberty street. Raym-
FOH SALh 12-room fjoue, livt Uu-
rium at. x
FOR SALE 4 -room houw No. 4aT
behind Calumet dam. Inquire within.
FiU SALE room bouse, 4U2 Elm
t-tR MALM UM Hoia su
v').: SALI-: -roorn hou.se with rocx
foundation. 726 Waterworke s.
FOR SALE Houee Na mil Tunnel
L Awadetoem.
FOR SALK Houee. No. 4U82 Elm 8L.
Telkw Jacket.
FOR RENT t furnished rooms. Mod
ern conveniences. 8979 Scott St.
Calumet& HeclaMn'g Co
Whe wish to aell their house or buy
houses en Co. Land; whe have rooms
to rent or who wish to rent rooms, are
invited to advertiea in thie column
without mny expense.
FOR sale 9 -room twusa. mntleni
conveniences, eteom hat. xd foun
dation nnd plumbing. Apply 860 Cam
bria at.. CaJumet
FiH SALE- 8129 Tinnet s;.
FOR SALE 7-room house. 4017 Cne
FOR MA LtdHouse. 151 HeoJa st.
FOR SALE 9 - room nousa. 710 Water
work st x
FOR SALIC Four-room cottage, 8801
MMitg st.. Calumet.
FOR 8AUB -roorn bouse, No. 8014
8wedetr,wn road. Apply on premises.
FOR s..i- i.,.t i betel maesxiwej
SL, Florida, Apply at Mra. Chap-
man'a boarding house, 128 Kearsarge
at., south.
FOR KALK Secen-mom liouse. 819
Caledonia at.. CaluraeL Mich.
mu gjaliiM l-rween nouse. No. 87s?, ou
Caledonia at. Particulars at Wlck-
stnm A Co.'s atora, Pine L
FOR SA LEHoVaeNo7 447 CeJeoon t
at.. Albion.
ae. No. $iU Oak su.
Tellow Jacket.
FOR SALE I -room bouse and barn.
AjplT at 883 Caledonia a.. s
. SALE 6 -room house chean, 846
csledieia at.
iK SALE St z - room
Laurium at.
II! FiHor, A good hovse In
a desirable Lcatlon. Apply on pram
's es.
I'M. SALE room Itotisa at very
reasonable figure. r20 4th SL, Bias
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FOR SALE Firs-room house No. J4ftS i FOR SAIJC 7 room house and bam
B etreet Apply Jan. Bamatta. X I 2807 D SL

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