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Hancock Department
aaSBSBBBBBSSI wmmmmtt mm mmm'mmMmmmiimmwmmmammaa
..teen Entries for Local Declama
tions and Orations.
The uIk-s f"' oratorical and1
lamatorj preliminary to take
place neai Tiisii.- morning ami uf
ternoOfl were HMHMd '' rla al
,,, by aulas! pa I n. i:. Johnson,
I . , as lollowa:
.. ruing oiliest Rev. W. K. Mai -
via. aire, ' a. IsRdsja ami M law Mar
:,i Ben! Ion. Afternoon contest, L.
ihase, Miss Margaret 1 1 . i ami
v; Ii " i 'orn w II.
Tin-re art- eighteen en t rics and fof
..in i ill pan a will be divided into s-c-
. , (i( nine each. one section In !
i ard In morning ami one in th
rnoon-i and from these mil be so
, ((! those who are to pan iclpat
tii- loeel Unal seat FHday evening.
The judges lor the hitter conteil have
,,,,t yet been sajsouaced,
Tin BUbJl-etS for the illations anil
,: . larnathMs air as follows:
I icclainat ions
More i i-(' t Union" (G. W. Cur
i . Bennett O'Sfstj and Leosusrd
AuohUhSa 0 War" (8kammer4 mi
sin Ople.
The cui i Arms-' (Patrick Henry)
Kenneth Ma Lean.
"Th Ohio ami Hag i it-ay" (II. i
: .- ) 'ai l Mchkem,
The Nen Bottth" (G-rsslj Ed rard
I I ration!
i ii.' fail tn Arms" (Patrick Henryj
Kenneth Mcl.ain ami Arnold Sibil-
aeeti at Marviaburg a! a Recep
i in ia thr Capitol" James O'Neill.
I he Minute Man t( i. W. 'in i s)
i . i roth) Mii.wvmii'.
The ar W itli Am i- a " U 'h it
ham) Vol. null- 151 wood,
vV aster's Rett!) fJ Hayim" r"lon
"The cha meter of Wash Inajton "
i v.'i bati r Etna Petreaalt.
"The National Ping" (Deecher)
Helen Funkey.
"The Murder "f Love joy" (Wendell
riiiuipa) 3h ne mm I'unki'v.
i in- University aa a Training
Camp" MJrutlv ) Catherine Fisher.
i . hev's Moral Aft pact : tli
American War" Gertrude Kalley ami
Mattel Strong.
A Vision ot War" (Robert Q. Tn -poll
t Lilliah Truscott.
Sooialists Arrange For Pleasant Evar
mg. Final Lecture NcKt Week.
Ladicn Day entertainment ili be
.en tomorrow evening at the new
Kanaankotl hall dtt TeScuoo atreel
' pan will consist of s msx.
i" iiatlonH, and several addresses In
i innlah and 1-lnKllsh. and the estjd
part will BS a pie) in Finnish BjhrSfl b)
ii talent ooanpoacd ol membera of
thr dramatic ciub nl the local sooalisi
i r,anlssUoaj .
The Attn ;.ni list of the parlss of
i . lectures otl Socialism under the
ea 8f tlM National Socialist ly-
wiii. ill take place on Wcdnesda.s
m t. i 'ehruary at the K in
.'ankoti isall The speaker will be
Calph Kora'.old, a prominent new ' pa -;
u r ,:nd magazine writer and a let -r
oi note ami ability, who w ill
: pi al on "Socialist:' at Worl.."
" he iiiemhers of the Hancock Finn-
!i olea phab hit thla afternoon for
it. rouftt) where they will sjlve
oapl of concert! and sing at the
idlcatioa of tin- nev Kaleva hall at
N'ipeniing tomorrow. Those in the
' lub are: Klrst tenore, John nnha
lahv Victor Tcrvo and .M itt M ittmm.
tnd lenors, Q J. Volonen, John dU
lson, and John Koski; tlist huiiaes.
William lla;;eit. J. l'artancii. I'red
Mikkthi; second bass. . J-aekoio.
John Kivi la and t". T. Wahlsirom.
v mi id Mustonen ui the director.
Tmal I iters 'h clastic Basset Ball and
Hockey Matches.
rids aftarnooti the Ranoeck hiii
' ' hockey ami bSSta I I all teams
in. ii aaal matebes ! the later
hoiaatic avhedule. t'he hocke) team
meeta Ik Dollar P.a I al the AmpkJ
limine beiWeSfl i and I .. . lock, and if
Hie I.,,. ils win the) will stand third
Itly roared, women will find In
I the seasons of their lives, as maid
ami mothers, that the one
simple, wholesome laxative t im d;. .
a ar-:;; ;( nily and pleasantly and
balurally and which may be IsJatl at
i itne, when the system needs a
itlva, with perfect safety and real
b n. ricial effects, is Syrup of Figt
i xlr of Senna.
It has that true delicacy of flavor
which If fo refreshing to the taste,
that warming and grateful toning to
itosaaejl which resr-onds so favor
ably to its action and th I laxative ef
feci which is so beneficial to the ays
tn when, occasionally, Its gentlo
f'ennslng Is required.
Tbft genuine, always benring the
naroc of tho California Fi,T Syrup Co..
may be purchased from all lead!;.;,
oruirgiatg in original packages of one
3ls only, prlct fifty v..nta per botlle.
In tic- legUe. The Ha.- gp thin ali. i
noon cunsiM.H ,,i auieapl csptsla and
lover, Kotil. npic; point. Llaln i ,..
ball ov-r. MeliTynn; center, Axelson,
rlRht win. 'Neill; loii wing, E
The Han k soya ami girls' basket
ball teanm play the Lake Linden bas
ket bell quintette, a rioter) for the
girl given thorn the championship .:
the county, ami a deleat will llr ihen,
ami nee east tata another aasM,
At the I- i i hi .Methoilim IktUeOpaM
phureh Kundav aervtcea win be held to
aaerrosi as (nUpirs:
' lass meeting.
10:30. Public woihl. Topic
II' nO and the 'owanl '
12 M.. Hur.ilnv school.
I;4li The fajnlor Laaafue Chut
Senior ICpwnrth I.eaKiie
I In
tlonal Meeting.
7:wi. Publk worthip, JTha Men am;
Religlap; MovemeaL"
W'eekdaj s r i.
fhuradaj 7:M P. m.. Oaneral pray
I rlday A : (Hi p. M . Junior LliaTll
s: hoill.
sVaaator W. Prank Janus leaves thU
afternoon r,M- UassdaM to attoad th
i xtra aaapion Of the state lexislatun
palled b Qovernor Oaobrn and arhleh
hosins on Monday next. The prlnel
pal interest in the Heaaion i in full
Unction with the question of presided
tiai prefenntial primaries, arhieh s.-n
tor James iins declared bla Inteatloi
i pupportlnaTi and the matter ;
rorklagtnes'a pomp on as t ton pin, whirl
is alno favored by (kf senator froii
this district.
Peur larue wolves are said to liav.
pursued llenlN l.ielier, of AieadkMi o
I rida looi ii.njj u Idle passing ihroimi
a Held . n the Juhnson farm. Mr. Lie
ber sfSs os his way home Front th
New i tai t ic-. when he was chased by th.
animals, which he distanced, beltUJ d
skis, ami kopt in the lead until reach
ing home, whet) the animals cesSsi
th.ir chRsc Mi. I.iehtr took a gtti.
and went to look for the wolves bin
they had disappeared.
I. a ; i Ight'a meeting of the Kan COS It
lodge of the Knights of Pythias was
i ne of the largest in months, resulting
from the Interest that is being create.'
mi the attendance contest. Several
m inhere of Colaaabla ledjra of HouKh
ton ware present, including Chancel
lor Palcow and vice Chancellor Hart
The TK'ots b ad by a very small tnar
Bjlfl uml both teama are AatttlOjl hari
lo win ilio honor of being bamnicted a1
the close of the contest on April 19.
,..... "J- '.
: i
" '!sII' !r"II I!'!I',!IJt,ta3
.'haiies S. Mason is at St. Paul on
a business trip, ami will be home prob
ably tomorrow or .Monday.
Mrs. . It. Kinjf ami son RoweIl
of Duluth are visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. John A If CO rath.
Mamger William Deegan of thr
Scott Hotel left yeterday afternoon
for ChtCafO in response to I message
announcing the illness of his fa Over.
The two eleven-months-. .id children
of Mr. ami Mrs. Pi ink VOSS, a boy &Td
a girl, are both seriously ill at On
home of tin Ir parents in Honnhton.
H. ' Dickson, traveling passenger
agent of the Delaware, Laekaanutaasd
Western road, was in Hancock and
Houghton yesterday on biismes:-.
Rngolberl Hennas left yesti rday foi
Detroit ti take treatment tor an ail
iianl reeulttns from a fal from a root
last winter.
The school children of the Ham , l
public schools yesterday made theli
annual (faring to the Hood Will farm
envelope!: for the purpose being dis
tributed. The Knights and Ladies ol Kaiev
united In a eoctal session al the Kauth
hall on Thursday evening, paasiiiK B
.ouple of hours vei pleasantly with
music and speeches.
Mrs. S. U Suinney left vest
to return to her home at Kankakee, 111.,
after two months visit al the hbssa ol
her daughter. Mrs. GeergS L, Price.
A son arrived on Thursday at thi
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ilenrv l.aPelle
The little fellow will celebrate both hit
own birthday and thai Of OeOrft
Washington on the same day in I'CSHN
to I'ninp,
Nlghtwatcbman Asvtd Naaska acted
nfi chief of police today in the abseina
dj Chief Tibor who went to Manplette
In his capacity Of deputy sheriff to
eat Otl Matt Hendrlckson t prison
P, N. Redlnget arrived yesterda
from IHg Rapids to take the position
..f inatrilclor of Ov Hancock tilth
school Commercial department, suc
reediflg Prod Prlbble, who has left fst
Reno, N'. v
Murk Interest in Basket Ball in the
Torch Lake Towns.
The Lake Linden basket hall team
b ft this afternoon for Ontonagon
here it will meet the Ontonagon team
lids evening. Following Is the lin
.... ,r i he learn: Forwards. Ttrls'on
land Rate eenter. Rennetts. guards
A abtfl and Wb 'cnnner.
The boys and glrlg leama of W
i I. im ok hixh school will be in Lake
Linden this cvenlnjc to int. I ilie LslM
.lluleii hinh i hool le im The Han-
o.'k teams won both xames last week,
but the locals will endeavor t" turn
the tables this wei k.
The xirls' team of the Marquette
Normal will be In Iuke Linden next
Wednesday evening, to meet the local
team. Miss Kstlu-r DllBfttene, a mem
ber of last year s Iake Linden team la
playing with the Normals.
Rev l i cleric MaKtiall will preach
at tin- Rnbbell Congregational cnurch
ti morrow morning and at the ljike
Linden church in the SVSOUlgi his sub
,. i t for the latter erinoti being, "Old
Vge," the last of a special series.
At the Uike Linden M. R, church
CUt H. H. Mallinson will preach to
il, orro.v morning on. "The Christian
Chureh .and the Man (nitsid. " This Is
the second of a series of special ser
mons tiring delivered by Rev Mallin
Rep. Pred Kappler left today for
rsnalng to attend the special session
-ailed by Governor ostium.
Poraner State Senator Charles Smith
.f Llnwood gave an address on
"Washington" at the Lake Linden high
I'chool yesterday afternoon.
Work of the Heart.
The average human heart Is n suc
lon ami ton e pump of remarkable ca
pacity and durability. Bach of Its two
hambciH contains on an merge seventy-five
BUbtC centimeters, or 4jtl't cubic
inches. The total contents of Its) eeu
Imeters. or ,18 etiblc liK'hes. being
discharged eighty -one times a rclnute
orn'spoiiding to a delivery of t?.l.0
ublc centimeters (13tl llterst. or 741
ttbic Inches per minute. 7'Jl) liters, or
.'..": cubic feet per hour. Kxpressed
a the Lulled States gallons, the aver
ige butiiHU heart pumps through It
each hour K&f) gallons; each day.
l,t;'J.4 gallons; each year. 1.087,170
callous, and in the adult life time of
a man living to the age sung by the
psalmist. MJBaXSIJO gallons. The pres
;ure ugainst which this Html Is pumped
is equivalent to that of a water eol
UJiin two and n half meters, or, say.
$ feet 2.42 Inches hie.h: otherwise ex
pressed, about 0 242 atmosphere or 3.f5
pounds avoirdupois per square Inch.
Schlentiuc American.
Gomus at Table.
It would appear that the man of
genius usually requires n large supply
of substantial food. Intellectual work
demands full nutrition to repair the
waste of brain tissue. Scott was wont
to attribute his extraordinary capacity
for continuous work to his good diges
tion ami the wholesome restraints of
his appetite In his youth. "I hnve as
keen nn appetite now as any man."
he said, "but I know when to fctop."
Mirabeau is stated to have "been an
enormous feeder, eating as much at u
meal as would sulllce three ordinary
men. Talleyrand was also a noted
eater. Goethe and Napoleon ate large
quantities of food, but eared little for
the quality, iiisiunrck was noted for
his appetite, which was insatiable, but
his food was of the simplest.
Many stories are told of the gross
delight In eating evinced by the two
Dumases father and son. one of wbidi
Is that the younger, being overtaken
by a storm, took refuge In a hotel near
Paris. Twenty-four turkeys were hang
ing upon the spit.
"And nil for a single traveler," ex
claimed the host.
"Cost MM pere!" exclaimed! Alex
andre, lie was right.
Averting a Defeat.
A certain political boss always con
trolled his delegations to the convea
Hons, ami the delegates voted the way
ho told thorn to and not until he did
tell him.
At one convention n iataffgta pre
sented a resolution that the boss fa
vored, but had not heard about soon
enough to post his delegates as to how
they should vote on it.
The chairman of the convention put
the question. "All In favor of this res
olutiou say aye."
There were a few nyes, ami the boss'
delegates looked at him inquiringly.
Seeing that he would not have time to
pass tho word nnd wanting the resolu
tion passed, he dashed down the aisle
toward the chairman, waving hi'
hands nnd shouting:
"Don't put the BSfgtUve! DesYl Jg4
the negative! 1 did that once and got
In a of a fix." Saturday Kvenlng
An Expensive Slip.
A well dresser mnn was hurraing
along the Rue :o Pnssy. Paris, when
ho slipped and. falling forward, dash
ed his elbow through the window of a
wine shop. The proprietor rushed out
to clnlm the price of his window, nnd
a large crowd gathered to see fair
play. The man who bid broken the
window protested that ho had no mon
ey. "Search him!" shouted some one
in the crowd. There were no police
men about, so the wine shop keeor
and a few friends took the Inw Into
their own hands, searched the man's
pockets nnd found n NX) franc note.
The crowd advised the wine shop
keeper to pay himself well for hi
broken window. He took "l frnncsto
pay for his broken class, and the uu
popular mnn who had broken it wenl
away with a lorn coat and 4."tO frnncs
cliauge. Tho 5K) franc note wa a
Honey Bread.
In I'tirope. where the food value of
honey seems to be much lietler under
stood than In the l ulled States, enor
mous quantities are used. Of Into
years we seem to be waking to n re
nllzatloii of the value of honey as a
me and deMeboja, arUcTe of
food and a ted oa to us preservative
qualities. lakes ami sweet breads
made with sugar soon be nine dry mid
crumbly ami to get the ood of them
inuM be eaten when fresh. Rut vheie
they are made up u Hi hone.v the.v
seem to retain their umNi fr shne-s.f
imletliiltely. In I'rum e honey bread a
year or eighteen months old is prefer
red to that Just made They say. "It
has ripened." It Is the preservative
or, rather, the unchanging quality of
hone.v that makes It so popular with
the lest confectioners.- christian Her
ald. Dances In Sardinia.
Sardinian iaVMtag OUllkft any oili
er. It is a kind of shuttling with the
feet as the dancers, holding bauds,
move to und fro, the women on one
side of the dancing groaad and the
men on the other, till they have work
ed round to the opposite sides, white
the las lauueddas is played by a man
who walks up and down between the
dancers. As a rule, the men and worn
en do not mix. whether dancing or not.
but keep each to their own side. The
dances take dace on Sundays or feast
days lu some plaza of the village, but
hurdly ever in the big town.
Friendly Warning.
Rural Justice I'll have to fine ya
$2." fer exeeedln th' speed limit. Mo
torlst (wildly) What: It's a con
detuned outrage! Why. I'll swear 1
wasn't going more than e uht miles an
hour. Rural Justice isoleumly) You
do an' it'll cost ye $.V more fer perju
ry, b'gosli, right now Pu"k.
It Really Does.
"The rain falls alike on the Just and
the unjust."
"A good arrangement.''
"Why so?"
"Seems to afford considerable satis
f net ion to both classes." Chicago
"When I was a tiny boy with rtSg
lets." said the man with little hair,
"they used to call me Archie."
"I suppose now they call you Arch
At twenty love is l rosy dream, at
thirty It is a thrilling reality, at forty
It is a calm contentim-m. and at ofty
it Is a reminiscence.
A theater manager of Tcmesar,
Hungary, sells his tickets according
to the stature of the purchasers, Thus
short and medium-seize,! persons are
seated In front of the taller mendiM!
of the audience
If figures pubHaaSd bv the Crop Re-
I porter ,lsaui A b)' tho I'nitcd States De-
I part men I of Agriculture, are correct.
this countr) consumes more than dou
ble the quantity of idkii per capita
which Is consumed In Kur.'pc. Hen are
th.- figures showing the average eon-
No. :u.j7.
the first National bank Ol Calumet,
at Calumet in the State of Michigan,
at the close of business, February
:0th. I si.'.
Loans ami discounts
Overdrafts, secured
,2,M7,075 :.:i
V. S. bonds to secure cir
culation 200.000 00
V. H. onds to secure U.
S. Deposits
C S. bonds on hand
Premiums on P. S. Ronds
Loruls, securities, etc ....
Ranking house, tnrnlture,
and llxtures
DUe from National banks.
(not reserve agents) ..
I haa from state and private
hanks and bankers, trust
companies, and Savings
Due from approved reserve
checks ami other Cash
N'ot.s of Other National
banks , ...
Fractional paper currenoy
nlekela and cents
Lawful atonej Reserve m
bank, viz.:
Specie l261Jjli 60
Legal -tender
notes S0.000 (0
Redemption fund with If,
J-;, treasurer (5 per cent
l.ooo oo
6.640 mi
1,000 00
30.t;7l II
IS, 111
2LSir. II
J.IC7 8 I
144.088 77
1.390 4:'
40,r.oo oo
797 11
Ml.tM ,;0
10,000 00
Total 3.;.39.1NO 10
Capital stock paid In $ 2O0.000 00
Surplus fund 300,000 oo
Undivided profits, lees ex
penses and taxes paid..
National beak notes out
standing Due to ether National
Individual deposits subject
to check
7,771 8.
192.(i:0 00
&Mt,4l8 18
T iBIISJaTnl certificates of de-
,,.!, "i90.747 3fi
10.747 3
I mted Slates deposits
i sea N
i ounty of RoughtoBn as.
t. Joseph W Selden.
ih above-named bank.
.$3.r.39.1RO 20
cashier of
do solemnly
wer that the above stntement Is true
to the beet of my knowledge and be
fjg shier.
tubserlbe.1 and sworn to before in"
Ibis 21th day of February. 1915.
m Irene Foley.
Notary Public.
Iffl I
commission expires April 13.
Coned -Attest:
Dire "era
Continued from page two
the sum.- ilane, a dividend oi thirty cents u share vus an-J Uy reason of
m am .-.1 oh the oiitstan.il
Calumet ,M Arizona hi th ihk cOnald
entn its present dividend r..iiii. n
Ing ut 14 cents u pound or bet: .ml witii an i it in u formation usuully follow d by schist. Th. oUlIOOl for
exeeraiof M.sOO.ooo pdonda per ar.i.um, the net returns to J getting commercial on- in this hole la considered very
the company .ire lose to t1' a shore. If copper maintains j promising
lis present price for iinj tlaarabls length of time, sal ,t refjaeffaf that mpfasfhaf HaRiiBHatifl the pur-
inereuse In thn quarterly dlsburs ment Is not at all Improb-j cnMa f a property In the Porcupine camp of doubtful
able. Consideration should 1 ulv. n. however, to the fact Lj ,.,,,.!,,,, Kar,,. uU. the atatement very eni-
that the eompuny has obligated ItftSM for the construction ,t
a new smelting plant, which when ..nip!, t-d will r p -sent
an outlay of OtPsa to t'.'.oOa.ooo. ('iilutin t & Arizona
has in Its treasury a MiflicKnt Icilann- to easily prOTlda
'or Oils const i m i ion work'.
The tlnal distribution of Rutte Coalition's assets will be
aln March 12th. In order to effect thl dtstrlbutioa, the
company's books will . lose gfarek lat
Each shareholder of Putt.- Coalition win receive a: resf-
mately $441 and IS shares of Anaemia for P" sltarSS of
itutte Coalition, a nacond i fertiAoatea aril) t.e b iisd to
Itutte Coalition sharehoki n of record
ii will he well lot all stockholders of
to see that c. rtllb ates nr.- Issued In their own nam. s.
Tonnpalr Relmont contlnm d to he I atraoggh lids paiM
week, selling above $10. Tulk of an lacrosse lei -
largely responsible for the present movement.
Tha company's earnings as a result of the advance in
silver showed a considerable -m r a- -. fot M 14 lasatsd
that on nn annual output of 4,'' i.ti
Tonopah Relmont is now producing,
cents an ounce In silver alone in. leasd t Im conipanv . arn-
ings $240,000. Construction on the new mill la bt ksl
Tonopah ReHwont Is now paying dividends at the rate
of ivvetity-fr.c o. t.ts qiiart- rlv. It has a Mibstuntlnl balaaee
in its treasury sufficient to it. ore than meet its efShstruction
requirements, so that the Increased dividend is BS1 '"
Improbable. Tin- dividend if inrreas. d will probably be
fixed at least at forty cents a hare, and possibly fifty
cents quarterly.
The annual meeting or L OTIel snar
w . r,,
March Kth.
Superior Copper lg shipping on an
500 tons of rock dally to the Atlantic
During the month of January. Chief
In excess of $13,000
vary dose to thla figure.
aampdon of meal fo
in Varioaa roantrtea,
Crop Reporter:
United states .,
Oeeal RrRain
I ialy
Net lierla mis
taken from
120(1 185
10SR il ".
Iftfj 117
741 SO
. ..
. . "
. . 'i
M. Quad, Dean of
aM "JBjI ' i firaic-
V,'. i ' g. xtv' "v:VS
' '' '''
tiVvrisoL 8M8. by Anierlcaii Press Ass....;
This photograph . f C. R Iwis. the veteran humorist, whose stories under the pen name of M. Quad have been
read by millions of eop during the past forty years, was taken on his seventieth birthday. Mr. lwls waa pre
sented with handsome album bound in leather and motmted with gold containing tributes from the country'
leading authors, poets and cartoonists, Including George Ade. Irving Racheller, Walt Mason, Tom Maason. Wallace
li wlu. Samuel ti Rlytbc, U V Outcault. Wult McDougail. K W. Kemble. ".im and mauy others
or Superior & I Ml ver Ton'oaa'a earnings have bicreaaedl ui the rata ef
ItM.OOO per annum on its output of 4,oo,0(M) ounces of all
kx U r than ver.
Vi'l'a copper sill-
e n of
! are very nriaht.
March 1st, so that
Butte C
i slock ' argumi -nls In On-
s of silver vvliicl.
the advance of el;'" Plans for
Phare hSSjbeen
- n..mcis .v 1
dividend of I
average of glose tojthe company states that no such aottori was contemplated.
mill. ' h" 9 tsl .bllahed at
Consolidated earned! a higher price than present quota ti tis need any change
February earnings will probably betln tne rat n expecten. i ne icjuia: ...v.ueou oi u cn
I saaa tlanlamd yesterday.
Switzerland .
An nulla ...
V ri;enl ina
Tin low rati
many, France
ot conMimpt km In 1 !er
H. laHum. the Methi r-
tt.ii.tsv. S pi in. Italy and Russia is re
markable. The huge consumption U
-ir, ilia ami Arcentina ai DOaraa hi
10 eaplalned by the fact tha tn.-. are
7" laifcc nn .it prisiiicinir countries, w here
Itjauch food Is relatively . heap.
M The New Yot-k Journal of Comni.-rcc
19 remarks that two inclusions an- tir.-
t 1 avoidable fn.m these flgun s: First.
American Humorists, Who Has
Passed the Threescore and Ten Mark.
the advance i.f six cent In the price ef
RaaHSiweatern Miami is down, 770 feet In
Wyandot is diiftlriK "ii No S lode, which v ill be turned
ard the (eat wall. Drifting will ulso be rea 'i aoun
OH No. .: h.de where it is raid the pruspe.cts for the future
Qreene cananea continues to be without any market In-t'K-sl.
'o that the dividend adion is a ihirig of tho
past, titers la utile to command the attention ef thj
speculating public In this issue.
Putt.- liallakjava irtiurm y have filed an uppli atlon to
the suit against Mm Anaconuu Copper company truns
fafred li on the diatrh t to the Pulled Stules Courts. The
case will he heard March 4.
It Is rumored that Isle Ro.vale may purchase the Miehi
t 1 1 1 i I ' m 1 11 which is only partially completed. Isle Roy
al. p.- ds additional milling facilities, and It is doubtful
al ether any additions can Le made to its present plant.
The an weal meeting of Drnn Arizona and Shattuck Ari
zona .-hart hold, is Ics heen postponed until March lath.
N.. anouncerhenl aas made for tins action, bwj directors f
ii.th companies continue to he extremely reticent concern -
the future.
Rights to subscribe to the bond iss.,- of Inspiration Con-
sdi iat-d expire Man h 1. Holders of stoi k in Oils com
penj I boo Id give these rights consideration several duys
prior to the expiration date that the wan-ants may be for
warded to the transfer oftVes.
Adventure Is commanding some market attention becavftgt
i.r the likelihood of Iglsreatfiig aVaratapaasftda on No. vein
hi the crosscut being drlv i to inl r.-ept the v eins cut two
y.ars ago in diamond drillmr,. It was reported yesterday
thai nam- eppc-r had he. n disclose. in the crosscut but
hot th v.in itself hail not yt been reached.
some taPc of an Increa a In the quarterly
director of
rhai the Aanertcan Eatsjaar should get
busy" tirid produce mrc live stock;
aot tnd, thai the ft in t irtltaai consumer
can safely get along with very much
less nit it than In- is now uslnir. The
former deduction is more obvious than
the latter. It woul.rrml be IKagdCfsl to
aaaati thai thai aaaat oharleus teaching
Of these statistic is that people crave,
a meat diet and indulge the craving
vvh.-n ilv east, and that Oils Is th
rag ii wheio th. re is the largest con
sumpiion af ineut per capita In thoee
countries where in. t, i i.. cmaiieHt.

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