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8ATURDA Y, MARCH 30, 1912, j
spring "nm.
i : h i. b 1 t -m
Our Clothing Dept.
J. Vivian Jr. & Go.
u .: Sorictit, -Uranb (Hiatus
VV V V V 4J V ""
Number of MNpto) -h In and
ttltout tht mine. KM.IT5.
Meagher rtUlrf. inside. Mf);
outside. M, Total. 601.
Number t.f collieries. -(J
handling coal from 751 mines.
Production, 83, ti!, 954 tons
Kxploslvia used in industry
in IW, S?,7fJttMI pounds.
Number of railroads haiidllne,
pro Auction, s.
"Preparations For the Present Trou
V ble Began Last Fall When De
mands Were Formulated - Op
: I erators Refused to Grant Con
cessions Because it Would Re
sult in Raising Price of Coal
Philadelphia. March .'(. -Tht sua-
penaeoa of coal mining in tin anthra
die PtfCloM '1 i't i'iisv h ania, MomUy.
April 1. will lt ttit fourth Kf nt-ru I lu
))or tllstui-ltant in that Industry In the
last twelve -aiH. In lou the mine i s
hliiiik six wi'iks; In ItM they were
out lle and a half months and In liH'G
tht again suspended work for si
weaka. In thf Ittt hii'I ItM Strikes
which has been referred most of th
iic ur.ces that haw arisen since tht
commission's awards wore made.
Tht- i mniiilralun estimated thf losses
. o cantoned toy that strike us follows:
Decrease in coal production, 24,04.
III tons.
lic.reaso !n receipts oC coal com-J
rmlTT M'. kki.ooo.
w.ik.s losi by in n $:.".,ot'.(Hiii.
Miners- relief fund, I .Mio.'K'u.
Increase in coul freight rate, $:',-
Theso Sgureo Show a loss of more
than ltt, ooo, ooti. Beet dee this their
wore losses sustained ly thf rallroud
work rs ami employees in other Indu: -
ti lt s and there wan a Koiicrul wai.il is
P ninis lvanla. w York and
New MM), tC.l'o per cent.
New KiiKl ind Siatis. II.:: I ft i
Western States', 11 14 per cent.
Southern States, :!.!s percent.
fncillc States. .01 per cent.
Dominion of Canad.i. .!2 per
Koreixn ports, ou per oant,
I,enns lvanla nilnea tin- most
hard coal ot any of :he :Uats
thf toal 4lffrM4 'I'.rouh lAC I nil. d! in business In a pTosperoUi section r
Mint Workers of America and under , the state.
i thf Itadftliip of J"lin Mit licll, won Thf award of the Strik.
oi .miici u a aiHo nieni niai,
thf ainount if io.il iiiincii itliin tin-
ounti.N lias pratica!l dou-ll'l with
in a decade rcai hlnv :.oi,.!K,: ,S ions in
fod YfSuMr: mpn
C'cpjTight 1012, Alfred Decker & Coha
There aif ,Oli,6t3 ('atltolics in tht
I mled Slates according; to the 1!M :
edition ot l lie OfBcial L'attoulic Direct
ory, DUbllphed ly P, J. Kene.ly - Sons
o.' BarolAv strcft. New York. Tlie (1k-
UlcS Riven ill the 1!UJ Voltllllf includt
otil continental TnttOj States and dl
not embrace the numbtr of t'atliollcs
In any ot our possessions.
Comporthy tht fttfurM of the ion
und l U 12 issinvt a large ain Is seen
in the nuniibfr of t'atho'.ies, for the
iMroctofy of I'M I phowi an Iuci'mm
i MJ0l souls for th year. Tho liu
ure l."..oi V iC't IttoWdOO all t'atliollcs
and docs not deduct 1 PT cent fol
chlMron and Infants ns was done by
the iovrhmnt la lis census f iium;-
l. It is of interest at this time. al.-.
to look back ten years and discover
lint wains hae poefi made, OteROing
thiouKh the itM Qpthollc Dtrootory
imbllslied l the Wiltzius company In
Milwaukee It is seen that tin GfcthoilC
Doiiulali.di at that time was lO.'lTf..
and compared with the present total of r, MM
1S.01 ;.,&. a K-aiti of 4.o:iS.Si: is record-I ht)
i,l for the decade.
Number of Churcht Larger.
th; "nu'Hr osoul:, but then has also, f..r boys than there an in th.
l , tner..;.se 111 thf milliner ill
. ,u i,. ,.r! Oiv of th
1 at llollC eiei men, in ...
churches, schools, academies and . har-
itahle institutions durlOat the past year
and by roforrlOf U) The Official Cath
olic Directory for IMI M is fwud thol
tlu re are 17.41U Catholic priests In the
Cnited States. Of these 1,9!t6 are
ieculor clci-jfynifii and 4,49f are nieni
boN of religious orders. This IIkutc
allow a a Rain of 407 prlesta.
Tour hundred and seventy-e lht ad
dltVonal churches an rooonlod in thf
Kenedy publii atioii, and the MtVl
suiiimaiy shows that at the bOafllMtm
of this year tlit-re wt-r.- IS.VM Catholic
ehurcher In Amorteo. of these 13,938
nearly 10,000 have resident pMtora or,
t, i.e exact, !.J.ti churches have real'
h nt priests, ItM OthT 4,s:i hetnf mis
sion ulumihaa. that is, attaadad from
aaUhborim partahaa,
There are at pr.-st nt luMTtaaa arch
hishopi in the CnittKl Statea, each of
the fourteen ai ehepiscopal aeee belnK
o, inpicd. Three are cardinal an li -Biahopa.
in addition to these there
:,r.. iw. titular archhishops In tin'
I'nlted States, both belnjf retired or
dinaries. It Is a remarkable fact, and
oeserv s special attention, that BOaord
injf to the tllreetory there, la only one
v ac. in y in the bishoprics of this coun
try. The Vicariate of I,Vownsville.
Yfx., is mourning the loss of Its blsh
r p. All told, there are nlnetv -aeven
btBhBa in continental I'nilfd Slates,
anme tt these, of course, betlaf coadju
tor and aiiNiliaiy l.isliops. Ifl 'i'li-
lloa there arc two erckajbQti ami flf-
tffii a'ohots.
Eighty-three Seminaries.
Kkhty-thrff aenilnarlea are discover,-.
I in various par! of the country antl
students are preparing for im
priesthood la these aamtaarlea
' l.wn.s .1 OVK aim I "
Academies for sirls. hlthoUKh there
an- mare students m the IM eodafM
ol acail -
victories by caininic an iiureiis. in
wases and a r adjuslnit nt of Main
ui rkhag coctdtUoava in neither atra -
however, did the or .ani.atl.ui .!.
tatn v hat it has in some ol the bitu
minous lb-ids -htralKhioiit reaagBitlofl
of the union, although the afAaaTf Of
the union have tarried on i.i-K'ot iat ions
aa ''repreientatlvea of the nun."
remained in fore for three scars until
I IOC. ejfcen it waa renewed for another
period of three .eais after the miners
had suspended, woi k for about six
weeka, When1 thia a moment expired
on March U, IMfi u new pyaaMtal .i
the mtnera1 union, T, U Lewie, touk up
tin- neiotlatlona for the men. This
time the miners AM not stop after tin
Blghtr-CWO per cent of the hulf bil
lion tuns mined in run. th. report
i hiiv..-, was bituminous tool. 'f hii-
hradte coal then- trert wiped bi Itlt,
S4.48D,-3li tons by lO'.M'.iT worktrs.
Woikcrs in bituiiinuus minis lium-
eaaMailealoB ihered &S5.SII. Tin- total value .f the
Absolutely Pure
Used and praised by the most
competent and careful pas
try cooks the world over
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of
Tartar made from grapes
'compact had expired, but aiuce.i t.
ITIor to the Urst hi-.: hieak in r."" ( enlinu- op. iations p. ii-Iiiik in.- ni-V'.
there eere eporadao etrtkea, bul they Million of a wortcin arraiiKt ment.
did not urow to any proportion bet aust After coiifcrrlnjf until tweiity-nin.
tin- nan ween not well ofgaaNed. on
of the most s rloiiH of these strikes was
in 1M1 at LattlmeT in the lahiKh ie
i sion. w 'nere !n one clash betwoen dep
uty harfffe and mine wofhani more
than tWOnt) strikers Were slu.t and
In the M4 strike tin union bad
about T.noo enthracH men upon its.
memherahip roll, ti linee In the
VVyaeeiac. or northern coal heM, shut
down ATM and the strike rapidlx
.'plead southward until the tmtir. an
ihracite t..untr was mvotrad, ahaal
143,000 men hetnJJ MM, This .-trike
came in a ear when a Presidential
.lection was held and was Hittled in i
favor of the nu n aft. r much pressure
had been brou-ht to beat upon th - OOOl
.p.ratois M S nator Mark Hanna. ol
ohlo. who was then inanaxinK 1'iesi-,
lent McKtaMy'i rempaJaa for a eeoand
term, a 10 per cent, aovanc m i1 s
was mantel to all (lasses of mine I
You may have tasted Beers of
many names, but one sip
of our sparkling
with its rich creamy foam,
will convince you of its
Sold in Pints and Quarts
Telephones in All Copper
Country Towns
most interest inn features
..r th.. .lirectorv s table arc the statls-
lau f.f . . 1 . hlal schools According
... '.I,,, atrmatan there are Mil paT-
am ,ei,iei. have ichooM attached,
r i :?:!?.. Tttfi. over
run aa a i . 'x'1
,,, .,.,, ,. ika parochial schools r.
X9 orphan asylums, in which 4..-
... miOum nre taken care of. Coont-
Im the chttdren m parochial aotooea
(h .amber of vouik hhHea and rwan
, , aeademKm and wdleaea. and
i,im,r the oridiaiis and children In
iMatittttlnne. it is
other cnai oiioe-
,, ani thai at affaaant there are ondet
C&thollc car.- In the Drttad States I.
I0,4i young people, special atten
tloe iiis ben Kivf.. to the dlrectorj
..n.i as the reports w.rc re
. .a. ...1 In.ni the clialc erv 0fOO of eV-
,.rv. ateceae la the country, the ibrur.-s
mual be takfn ..a correct. Ttoy an
, midal l.ecause they r,. lumlshod b5
,he authorities of tho varloua dio
ceses. Figures are Interesting.
Tin Otoctal fatlH.lie Directory xtve.
,n interest inxan-ay of tbfur. s and par
.w... ,.,t inteii stlnx are thos.
. i' . . i in ,r the Catholic population of thf
I the UnlOP. The ai
vanot." " .V" . ,.. nnmhor of
. . i t nil nunn
CathollCf In the twenty-five
. i .1, . I.irue st number:
i ww York
j Pennsylvania ..
a illlntd
4 Masaa' husctts .
5 Ohio
6 Louisiana.
ft MIchMaa
Xew Jeraey . ..
o Ittaaourl
.lays after the ;wrrci in nt t nteied int.
in I90ti had expired the commlaslon
award waa attain, put Into effect fol
another three yaare with the eddltloi
of live stipulations a(justin m itterf
that had Dome up during the life of tht
w aid.
The anthracite miner:, beaau to pi -
pare for the prepatot trouble laal fall
when the) held a Convention at Potta
Villa, Pa., and fbrmulutcd these dv
maiuls .
l. a ana-year agreement.
I. Eight hours a day for all claeect
of men.
3. Reconnltion of the union In ne-
otlatlnfl wage ggreementa i tht
riiilii to provide a method of collccl-
un reveaae for the oraautxatiee).
4. A more convanlcnl and unlfoTn
system of adjustinx grlerancoi wlthii
.. reaonnahli "me limit.
. A 10 per cea Increase In wages
6. a minimum of M.54) da) foj
all miners ami J.7i for laborers foi
anthracite coal mined In llll is eetl-.
!. ated at HM.47MII! ol tin- bitumUl
cua, Mtf.ttt.7tt. Of the nr. n: n.
tons of bituminous coal mined W Itlt
i Muo. Indiana, Illinois and Pennayl"
ania eoafrtbutcd 0 per cent, or 4!t.
i'JO.1' H tons.
Tht total membership of the United
Mine Workers of Aineri. a, as published
i its ..tib ial report of its proceed! nai
an- last Janiiarv. is J"a:..'.'.';. The re
port nlves th" total number ol ; due
.Mil kers
throughout th-
unit I
A (arse proportion of the ldtumin
iis coal is mixed ie. machlaaa, ol
Ahich thors an in ale, aocordtng p.
he latest available li:urcs. ISpPTOXt'
nateiy H.iioo. The toatsjape thus tamed
n till was t94,Ml,ttl tonajb
There were tlui in the mr MM fa
attthm in mint's throughonl the oeoa
iy. mnerMng la the report, of laeae,
oi aaaapred w the snthracHs mm.-s
r rsnaeylvsnli and Ml in the Mta-
Iflanaa mines of that stale. West
.'IrHlnla was SOCOnl in tht list With
:t.'ti. Colorado third, with and A!-.i- ' :.: per it nt. while p.t;'toes in-r. .s. .1.
i amu fourth, with Ml. The death salt j ti per cent, xahj atrawisarrtai If eat
per thousand persons einplov t-d in coal ,-nt. In .N'ewmsil.- a sui plur bl M
n ines, ecaepared with the rate in orlper oeal was ohtalnsd etth sfaai i
. ; mi t ountries, follows: I ree I Rain ol JO.r. per c nt. with pfi;.
L'alted stat.-s 3.!i j while the gam of potatoes, "hi fraaj i
t.r.at Britain It IrsMnd MS to 30 per cent. In I'.'Ol he tbtalned a
j.-runce l.l'jyieh' lueTsaaaj eV LU par cant, with
Austria IN ttnxahaii'tea, bl 12.3 i. r cant, ertth
I'l iissla l.'.co ..ai I. . b tlM 1" r OaSt. with spgaf
ifeiKium Ifjheeta, ami by :io p. r cent with beaap.
There ,ue jipproxiniatt l It.iHK) l- i Wmle tlu-se lltrure dmonatmte im
. ai uipraalaatlon of mlaers In the twen- Increased Quantity, ths improved uuai-
i-l:e districts of the Cnited States it was also df nmnstruted by thexe
and Onruula. accoiilinn t- the. report. J ests. Electrified" beets contain fr.-m
Of tlieaor approximate!) Mf aja to We- t.. par eant mors sasar that
trlfta l. " and 7. the three districts ;h beet?, raised ustder eVdmsrj -
xwactap the aathraclte Holds. The 1 dltlmts. Btectrtcall) (rrwn rye tMaj
nf the organisation, accord Inrfurs) had s oroteUi ponfol ol II
Inp to the treasurer's reporL totaled In
1 1 tl 18.180.331.
in I Mi Prinjpshetm, Oenaan setoa
tkat, showed m Kr .-. I. tii... it, aept
.rcsaiti. in it U) tin- . ' ' ... .
, . . , . ... ., ,. , (i ,,f'the eoh.r "i the leaves verj dark,
electric currents to the sou tne iew m
per cent, t- ;.ii inHrogap M.I par easjl
and albumen I4L! pr cent Bnrtoy
and oats improved . .rrespon iiivjly.
w iih t -Ui. t o, a rich grawth sad s
per tent inciease of the permlnatl
power ol IhC setsi.-, waa observed, 'j tv
in becauae exceedingly strong ami
I is-
rain and stalkr IncrNSSOd, with bartaj . I kar Mtgaf, M C.uwler-a M:v?.irc!ne
I "
iiimi m i eaasasaaasasessssaasa i m1 si " sm M i'm
r;,.. MLtwiai iar tiinnil I he antiir i -
ite regions much disturbed b) bvbor consideration work,
1,1. wi.o.. .h..r,. vh.k no L!,n,ra inii im vi.-o. ..n
uioveinelit. Itl separate strikes wire
i ord d dm ii g the i tar.
The ItM strike, the greatest in the
storv or the rooatry, srae hard fought
It was remarkable for the completcmas
,1 thf tie-up and the losses incurred
wen- enormous. The union asked for a
.a pei cent. Increase in wanes, i. if-
button In hours ffeea M W I a 004',
oai to ie weighed wherever practs -
able Instead of mnasun-d by the car.
und recognition of the union. The
sink" lasted from May 1J t' OCU
Neurit. 147,000 mine workers were
idle and thousands ot renroau una
..ther workers were thrown out af sa4
ployment The entire National Ouard
of Pan iisplnnla about io.ooo ntea
were called Into service before the
striiKule can.e to an end.
PiwahMal Itassavst waa iastrwmca
fki in brtnsnai the two siii.-s togethei
and la aKi-eeitm la Htt sppolntlng af
the Anthracite Coal strik.- Conunm
tlon to arbitrate the illfferencea. Th"
Commission visited many mines and
examined Mi witnesses between Unto
her, HiOJ. and Kebruary, l!M:i. It
RWiirded " Pr cen increase in
uhci-h to miners and reduced the hours
Of men who were paid l tht day n.-ni
in io ti a day. and mad.- numerous
nacoti mendatlont tending to better tin-
pbrfclng conditions of the nu n. It al-o
treated th" board ol con. I i I i 1 1-n. t"
Auttralisn Gymnasts, presenting an
original grotesque comedy set
"The PrnfR.nr and the PliDi!" '---'
. ;.:.4.:t
. 502,000
. M74M
. 412.97a
. :t!iy.'.oo
. itni'.Ki"
. Mlffti
" 1 ' ' " ' tfl,
;;:::::'.nht,:e ,55
ill Mlnnesot 1
13 Connecticut
U California .
14 Texas
. . . low a
is Indiana
19 Kentucky ....
,n New Mexico ..
I Nebraska
New Hanmnhtt
23 Main?
2i Kansas
Introducing Double Monzoni-.
and Burlesque Boxing
j AhyaslfWa uses .Mnerl- n
1 ackei k
Monday, April 8
- AND -
By Prof. Henry P. Eames
under auspices
Knights ol Columbus
All Feature . r::
Thiirrh of Kne..im! "
All rcaiuik
Lower Floor $1.00
Balcony 75c
Seat sale at Forster's News Stand
Fnday, April 5, st 9 o elock A. M.
ira t minor has mora than one worfclo
plaee In the mine or employe won
than two laborers shall be abollali
8. That the rlnht of check w IbIi
men and check dot Ulnn boaSCS liH-ll lx
recotnlsed and that they shall not b
Interfered with in the performance ol
their work,
3, That all coal IH mined and pain
for by the ton of 2,24l pounds wnerevei
DtirhPf the winter efforts Were niadt
I to itrensjthen the union, which mat
i with eoaalderahle esjpoesej, snd thn.(
caajpj the neKotiationa, The operators
ollinilllf. nose oci noiioei .-,.. ......
about the name as in all the formei
nexotlntlons. found' another no man
loadUsf the miners, Johh P. White.
Three meetings betwaan the nixra
torn and a rommlttat tf tic unloi
miners Sere held in New York. At tin
urst the miners presented the-ii o
manda; at the second eesfercnce tiw
demands were refueod and al ihe thlrt
ssaalon the miners lasntt n reply re
srettlng the action of the coal com
pxulsa The operators In refusing th
wane Increase declared that the roflti
would not admit an advance without
nn increase in the prion of coal. Tlu
propositi another r. newnl ol the Strik.
Commission award for three years, de
claring thai it had Worked satis
factor!! and had brought peace ano
proept i it t. the region.
tine feature about a suai i -: thli
.ear Is that it would come for the sec
..ml tiui" in a year when a pn nl-ntlai
election is to be hold. This ma) havi
BOtle Influence In a Mttlemeni if th
tie-up should continue tor an) i- nutl
of lime,
The snthraclte mine nMvkcrs In thai!
.strikes have, been aided l) " law
the staiui books Of I'ennsyh nls pr-.-
Idlng thai mine workers before the)
an become miners, that Is men wht
actualh at or blast coal, must liav,
miners' i i i tilicat. s. In order to oi'
taln these ihey most have, under th
a XN ,t ii ii two M'ura' exjierlence In,
mi 'amin e Ite mine. Th. law wai
anactcd primarily to safeguard lf xnd
propert . and in times of atnkcs it .-)
tratts r. uai nst the ImporUtlon of min
ers from other tleklg who have not
worked in the hard coal Rcida
v. iih i Bxcoptlon f small quaatl
ip In Colorado and New Mexico, whic.
vleids less than Itf.Mt tone a year,
the on! ileposll of true anthracilo coal
in the I'nited Btatea, If nm the world
is in th northeaatern part ..f Pennayl.
van la. it is found In onl tan counties
UtO a nflned srlthM an area of 4X4
tquan milts. II the event of all tht
athra le miners, golnx on strike it
WOUld ' . dlhVult 111 the face Of thf
n , . rtlAcate law, t Dad "nM
ettnl number of men outside the an-
thraclte rtions M break the strme.
r.,HianHi.lls. March 30.--tHxtJ -tiv
0t nil the coal - anthracite snd
. i minMi in the United
Ol l II II I ur -
vi.llt,,u e.mies from Pennsv Ivania. OfJtl
Indians and niirsds. Ike four tutee.
embnice.l within the o-cailti ernrw
.....iliHf rlelda inolM'.l in tne n
Mllatlons between the imncs an I
...r.iiir. at Cleveland. Tin repon
the atalistlciaii of tip I'niiei' Mm
A Well
lighted Store
is an advertisement that impresses the buying
public more than any expression of words.
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