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Pounded 1880
Published By Tho
M. W. Youngs.
W. M. Lyon.
Bus. M9r.
iter! i ttao Post Offlco st Calumet.
Michigan, aa Second Claw
Moil Manor.
Publication at tbo Printing Offloe. 104
fifth Street, Calumet.
Suineee ernce
Editorial rooms
Elko' Tomplo.
y Mail or Carrier.
For year (not In a dvanco) It - v
For roar Cn advance) 15. c
Far month
fftngie lou
Old eubecrlhers wishing to change
their addresses must furnish old as
wed aa now addresses In each Instance.
Now eubocrtptlone may bo ordered
by telephone, mail or carrier, or In
parson at the company's office.
Complaints or irregularity In dalfr
ory will receive prompt and tnorona
The governor aays he is going back
to the wood, but he Is going of hla
own -u ..r.i.
Now that Gov. Oaborn la out of the
race, Pai Kelley looks like the one best
gubernatorial bet.
u' hnm th v.lonei vm be brought
to realize that a poor loser is the mol -
lycddlest kind of mollycoddla
Vp to date nobody haa come out for
the vice presidency, but there will not
be any active side stepping when the
time comes.
Some real, mean person appropriat
ed a suit case full of Gov. Wilson's
private corresipondcnce from a Chicago
hotel. A "noun' dawg" Democrat no
('. ubt.
Every man who oppoaed the colonel
may be an undesirable citizen, but the
club has acquired so manv distinguish
ed members that fw men are asham-d
to Join.
The leaders of the woman suffr.;.
movement are laying the plans for a
statewide campaign that will be start
ed within a few weeks and that will
cntinue throiarhout the summer. They
plan to bring in many wcllicnown suf-
Iragettes from other stAtes b towt
them carry Michigan. anl they plan
many meeting in all art of the stat-.
together with a liberal use of litera
ture. The women have a lot of work
cut out for them in the tipier i r
inxula. There haa so far been little
activity ami OOtR U I HtUtt witrr
ast In their BBBBt OHi ran of tt"'
state. One of the greatest sufferers from
auffraglst pernecutlon to Mm Aatiuith.
Her extraordinary exjo-rletices threaten
to affec t her health. Some women th'
other day actually tried to throw
themselvea iwfore her automobile, and
she haa rei . ivej dozena of letters
threatening M iH.is,n her and her chil
dren. These days she never know
when she may tlml her home in a
staa-e ,,f BgK Like her husband she
must alwas go under police
prr.te. tion. wh.le the younger chlhlrcn
'annot e-ive the houM- exc.pt under
guard. Lottta. wonder is oBpNBBai
that ahe intereatlng herself in the
proposal to make the suffrage unions
financially NBJaajBJB for the a tlonx
of their members.
f With the gtaaoM BoTthteti th.it I'.it-
rl. k H. Kelly will toj a stididate for
eovernor. rather than for rongiess-man-at-large.
u hao formerly been
hla BBBrWosed Intenlicn. the pi-stlon
now arisen as to Who will be. the Re
publican candidate lor congriKsman -at-larve,
gKd for two yearn .nly and
for which a prinian camiNiiKn ,tn u. .:
aa an election campaign all over the
state miiNt be made. lie. ;nJf,,. ,,f ((,,.
expenso fw- desire to enter the game
and it r inlt hkeif if .my one stronK
man placs himself it, n,,. jield for the
nomination h w ill have no opposition.
This was the intention IT Kelly went
after it. Now the name of Gerrlt J.
Diekema. former congressman from
the Fifth, la most frequently heard ani
Mr. In. k. n a , i. ' he would not turn
aside the crown. If Is therefor more
than likely LHekema will enter the
President Taft probubly will sign
within a few days the bill muting a
children's bureau In the department of
commerce and labor and finally cn
vert Into law a proposition which has
tieen urged upon congress for fhe years
or mora
The object of tho bill ia the colloc-
tlon and dissemination of data relating
to all phase nnd conditiitfi of child
life. The new bureau will be especially
chiirtird with inteHtigatin infant mor
tality. MM birth rata orphanage. Ju
venile courta desertions. tangeroja oc
cupations, atvtdento and diseases of
children. employment and legislation
affecting hildren in the several sUtMt.
imlH) Nagel, under whose wuier
vleion the new bureau will perform it
taaa, la enthusiastic er the ouhjet t
of Child Uplllt. The bureau IN'
u greut ..rk t easJegfts and it AN
tunate it will be in the hand .f man
who fully appreciates ita ggg
and pasBBSeiHtfOft,
The announcement by Governor
born that tie will not be a ,.n.!ida:
for u second term is in keeping with
his tie !ar.tlon :ti ! . n.-M-r. !' ' That
ha would retire at the .-nd "f two years
service. It iv known that tin
I pleased with t(.- ;.vt:..ti . .
;.t the tv... .;.. .ai s.-s -i. :- ui.l t?-V
ha to now content to step aside, with
the hope that the Republicans will se
leot an 'able and fe;trlef man a
(hair candidate. Mr. OeV.rn's retire
rnent will be regretted by many of hU
old aa well as new friends, hut
or. the other hand hailed with sat
isfaction by thoae who have opposed
him and who will see in his with
drawal an opportunity to restore har-nu-ny
In the ranks of the BBftV Bl
Michigan. The gubernatorial field is
nw left to Messrs. Kelley. Mussel
man. Mart nda! .nd 1rnp..-n. . .f
theae men Kelley and Mussulman un
doubtedly will be in greater favor In
the upper peninsula, with Kelky proh.
jably getting the large end of the vote
The genial -Pat" la better known north
I of the straits and has a large f
1 lowing. He has managed, too. to be
inrnuii nun mil iiiii! 111 wir ,ai i .
which will weigh heavily in his favor
It is said that .Mrs. I ni;w ortfe, oldest
daughter ' ' '"L R"''Kev,t. .-mb-avon-.
to persuade her father not to enter th
field ;ih a candidate for resident, and
tliaf sh ha not . .-ascd to regret anJ
deplore that he allowed the use of hla
name to the enemies of President Taft
The ground of her objet tlon Is no
stated, but there are so many gr .t.ndt
to support such an objection that It 1
f nu eons. iuenee which one sjftgggeji
tshe nutsht. have urged that he had
already held, the office and had won aj
the fame that the position afforded an
had nothing t' gain and much to fiar
by n-entering the White House; that
be was deeply Interested aa hi
daughter in protecting and prescrv
!ng the fame he already achieved and
could not consent to any u't whl
might imperil it
She might very projieriy have cgdjojt
his attention also to the peVge he ha
given the public not to accept ft nomi
nation for a third term, and the nc?-
s.varv e!(.. ( u,,.,ri i,. standing an
reputation of violating that pledge.
She could ttardlv fall to remind him
that tt..- i. ..... had he.-ii h .;iIo t
think thai two terms in the Whit.
House was all any one is entitled tc
and that the sentiment on thin sub
jet was too strong to be overcome
that it. w.r, base.) on the example o
Washington and the great mass of the
MoDft thought the precedent should
not be disregarded; that his adinors
who ilinmin'Mi this sentiment as I
silly ireju,ii,-..-mt.n like I'ltuhoi
.'iininy ijarfield and former BsMM M
Uevertdge were oftice seekers who had
fe.- mniiMK'u in Tne march of events
and not suf.- arxl disinterested OBBB
If the . olonel has not by thin tlm
renllr.) that he made the mistake of
his life when he overruled his daugh
t. r's olij.s tions he is more obtuse than
iM generally supposed. Many years ag
Solomon wr. i. 'Metier is ;, poor and
wise child than an old and foolish king
v.ho will no more he admonished." and
Solomon has been generally a. . pted
as a wise man.
looming up on the horizon, a men
ace to the dd time stage and its peo
ple, i hero appears the so-culled "Utlk-
:ng pi'ture," ft synchronlxat ion of tin
inernatograph md the phonograph, in
whh h elc tri nl e i n e plays an 1m -
I'ortant pan Alr.-ad. in London and
I'aris the Uilking ftMftFftl are ft . raz.
So promising have jM en these repro
ductions of plays and operaH, says th
Ameri-.in Review of Reviews, tli il two
of our mfstt prominent producers.
Cftftrtftl I'rohman and Henry W. Sav-
ag-, compettd for the American rights
III Vadis" has lnen "photo ployed.'
with the striken parts taken ftf tin
rdion.rraph, while Tlftftllilft, -The
Mikado" and the 'Chimes of Xormar
dy" have also been produced on the
BMW n. their tuneful strains pr... end
ing from the "canned orchestra."
A more amfbitioun and promising
scheme, however, seems to be that
undertaken by the N-w York Phil
harmonic society, with the collabora
tion of President J. Stuart iiluckton
It Is Unwise
to Force
of Child
SON of Now York
AJI uot i- lav. r ol rt forming the preftent school ajstem. I I
tUnl it . light t- bt lbdttftbd It is funthiint-ntally wrong.
V. BHBi 0f Uil.lrcn to school at the age of six. We
RF I W KLVK. Three-quarters of the time they spend in school
Utut-cn tlie ages of six anl twelve is absolutely vnsteI.
ot K H
T at
Tallin- babr taTk to a stx - months
talk any earlier, and there is nothing tlio mother can do to mako
her child walk before his legs are strong enough to carry him. It il
The brain dtftlofi the enme as the body. IT CANNOT SAFE
LY BE FORCED. Instead then of subjecting our children to six
rears of irksome attendan- c at school before they reach the age of
twelve, those six years might far better be employed in allowing the
child to develop, mentally as well as physically, under the INFLU
ENCE OF THE HOME. It can learn mora there than it can from
ho ill prepared young teacher.
In these early years frith air and hoaknv physical exercise are far
more valuable than all the schooling. THE BRAIN WILL GROW,
Even the child of the tenement is better off out of school than in
school. If any home can be more unhygienic than the average over
crowded schoolroom, with its foul air and cramping desks, there is at
least the street for the child to play and grow in, and, with all its dan
I the vltacraph company. Thl will
e no les than the production of th
'airious operas, the actions .mil :..'i-m
RlgftftftrUftj In moving pictures, uhi.i
tba classic music of th oBospoaera la
render.-. hy r.khI orchestras.
Tftia v. ill be tried out .n ..mo of th.
!nrjr. ".ties first, and If successful.
may w.l lead to Um ftapodftTtftfttiOl
of th- i,..,t works of the master."., and
the k' ei il enjoj menl of li;ii is now
lor many ihoiiainlM .in iin.il lainalde
Thomas Alva Edison has alsrt IftinM
!..s ! r. . nt i .- e,.ri,is i ih, direction
of a mechanical Ihftfttca. The ' NV. u.i
bl Manlo rurk" has nnnt.iinc.il th.
completion of tho "Bdlaon opeskiui
pictures. - H.H-ently, too, Mr. Bdlaoa tit-
tend the prophecy that within .. short
time tic- uorkiiiKmen will abli hy
laying BOWft his dime at the WOdam
theater of .inematoirrapliy, to enjoy
i;rartd apart -md dramatic BfQiftt thill,
with Hound, dialoKue. color and ftbtloft,
all sclentitl. ally jiromiced a C iplaU
coniUest, ppir 111, ly ftOOBBOa of the
art of ftraalcft and dramatic entertain
' hr.-e candidates ate In the field for
the Democratic n mlnation for gover
nor of Jeorfl;i this year.
Max S. Ha.-s editor of a Cleveland
paper, may t the Socialist candidate
for President of the I'nited Ht;it.s
Man poUtlofaHM ptftiHUl that Itepre
tentative William SjI.t will he the
next Democratic nomine;- fin rovcrnor
of N.-w York.
Iowa. S.s-ialist.s h.m. decided upon
a -omplete State ticket for the coming
elei-tlon. headd bv I. S M;rilliH of
I . s Moine.4 for governor.
'cn Willie Junes of Columbia has
dockSad to retire from the ehalrman-.-lilp
of the Democratic state committee
Ol South CftMllllft, n post which he hus
held for -0 years.
The de.iit. K-.it lare from Virginia
to the Democratic national convention
at Baltimore will he seUcl.Hl by a State
COnventkM to he fteM in Norfolk on
May 23.
loawph T. Itoinson. who ha r ived
I ha i loino.-nu U- n minatlon tor gover
nor of ArkiinieiH. has reri-xentHi the
Sixth Arkansas district In Congrexs for
ten .Mtra.
Thomas It. Catron, one. of the n
senators from New Mexico, served In
the Confederate armv as a captain and
In hlx earlv days In N u Mexico wig n
law partner of the late Senator Sic
phen H. KLklns.
Many close followcrx of the lemo-
cratic preshlenti.il race ar- of the opin
ion that the real strength of tiov-
ernor Harmon is not. likely to he dis-
los.-d until after the flrsl BMBai In the
alilmore eon flit ion
'olonel Th-olorc Itoosevelt s now
i. puled to le ii wealthy man. H haa
never had evtrarnant tastes. He Is
said to !. toda worth over ll.ooo.ona,
which represents his ftftrnaSW from the
offices he him held and the royalties on
his hooka.
It will bo a lore; time before the sen
- old infant won't make the chil.l
ate tni-inhend;ip lncr.-ds.-d, fur at'
territory hi the I nlted Srtates proper
ia now included within State lines.
The poawfbilttooa for additions to the
mnnb-r of St:iu-s are Alasi.a. HftWBll,
Porta HI. .and the PhlMpplrleS, tottl It U
prodHctaol that it .nil he a long nine
before any one of them Will he admitt
ed to Statehood
Th. Ilepuhlienn and DemOGTftUc Bft
I Ions I .onventiniif; are ea-h to have
l.7l dehates. A Keputdlcan candi
date is nominated by a ma jority of the
lelexat.M. therefore tho tlollliliee WlU
only ne.ii r:iH vot. s. Tlu Pool tocffttlt
n.it i. mil OOMVOOHlon nominates a pr. si -di
i.t ftf a Mro-thlrdo .otc, tlu-n li.tc
the winner in th, Unltimorc convcntinn
next June must aeoura "If. voles.
William Heiuv Ka r I'lftOft w:is the
..Id.-Ht President at inatiKiirat ion f,s
-ear.-; Itoosevelt v. as t he otiitK.-sl I.
years. Crnnt. CW dand. l icn e and
Polk jiassed their iiftieth birthday in
office. Ja. ksoti reUaod within 11 Oftyi
and ItiichaiKin within r.o days of 70
y.ars. John Mama, who died in hla
ninet -lirsL eat-, w.is the oldest ex
president. Covernor Hooper ..f Tonnessee re
cently appointed a . ..nunisslon or law
ersfri,in RftBuMtoftl and independent
Democi.itH- rftafcft ii. inrorm him what
authority and power he had in Bftfora
lllg the prohihit um kaWft The verdict
was the governor w. s without author
ity. He could not p- move derclh t nf
ticials. nor could he hI out the mili tia
exc.pt When requested by a county
Kate Jtorke, who A:ifi Charles Wynd-
iiamn icpuirw iiuiy twenty-live years
ago. ia playltiK in the newest Drury
Lane m loilrama.
One at Night Makes tha Next Day
Bright; No Chargo of It Doesn't.
BojcftuM of its .-Mremely gentle and
effective action, k. x.,t i rrderllea have
become the moat popular Remedy for
I onstlpatlon.
v- are so ponltlve that Itexall Cr-
eruee nriu aa all timt is claimed for
rhem that we positively guarantee to
hand hack tin- money you paid ua for
,ii.-..i upon your mere request. If you
are not entirely satlsilcd.
Bee di orderlies arc eaten like enn
dy. ar. ver pleasant to the taste, do
not gripe, ontw nausea, or any other
annoyance usually cvperlcncod when
ordinary cathartics are used.
It.-xall orderlies have a positive reg
ulative effect upon the bowels and
t nd to provide permanent relief from
'onstlpatlon and the myriad of an
so late ailments. Itcsidcs, they help
to overcome the necessity of the coal
Mant use of laxatives to keep the bow
ls In normal condition.
We honestly believe there is no sim
ilar meiliHne so good as Rexall order
lies, especially for children, ared. or
fetlftfttft peflptft, Th. v nr.- prefHire, In
ctn. nient ta.llet form tn three sixes of
peerages. Prices, I0c 2rrc and ..0c.
Why not try them at our rll on our
Itcniemher. TteTnll TtemedP s an he
obtain. -.1 In this community only at
our store The Rexall Store. Vnst-
binder &
DUTY Of G. 0. P.
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alive Institutions ar a failure, and
thill the must b swept aside to IIlia.-
v.ay for a direct denes ru In par
ticular, It app.ars that the fttOftl cluir
u t.-riatk- M.d henefU-ent of American
I lltllllnne t'c independent Jell larj
harmed witn the Interpretation of the
law . lid 'a . I. th.- a'.'ctruui d ux ol ton
tlttttlonftl limitations, la now regard. tl
aa a harmful ch.s k upon the P--, plo'g
will and as n obstacle to then !ri--and
pr..yreseie s.m iul ftnd political de
elopmeut. "If this vehement deliutu ia t i. ll "I
our government and of our OOOrtl la
nt -half true, then the R iuolh nn
iwrty should ei down on its knn .-
: nd apologize to the people of this
coutitrv f..r ha inv three times defe.it
ed so far-sight. d u man as Mr. Itr;.an
f..r the Prcsideruy of the rnit.d Si n. ft
What th. se revolutionary element.0
ftf the -. ulatlon most dislike is the
rule of law. Their conception of gov
ernment is a set t of BtfttiAed lynch
inn beiore which the achievetnaftM ftt
Sprinirth ld. 111., or at itcsville, pa.
would fad.- into hisifrnilicani e. An
Judicial oflicer who, in obedience to his
iath. ventures to declare the aw to ftf
I something w hich is hh of agreement
with their present-da prepossessions.
prejudices, emotions or desires, be-
i omes a tyrant who should h dftfthed
from his place on the ben -h b the
i r..fouii.Li stched hbstnuneittfttlt of
the recall of judges.
"It bi forgot t.-n ftBftftreatl) ihat a
udge lb- lures the law, but does not
make it, and that in diclurinn th.- law
he is executing the p.-ople's nivhest ai d
moat mature will. In so doing he 1
not imssine aiiMhlng upon the peopll
save what the. hftVa hftfpoaed upon
themselves as the ftaoaaftftVy and wci!
.'ustirtei restraints uan app.-iit.- and
I ass ion. The man who would destro
the itnlei en. lent jiul i-ia r' bacftltfte i:.
dislikes Of differs Iron some specific
.udtcial fiuditiK is as mud as a man
who would set .his house on lire in or
der to improve Its ventilation.
Not Straight Jacket.
"With all this the Republican part)
must be everlastingly nt war. We an
nul yet readv to substitute government
by men of presumably good intentions
for government by law. This contest
w-'hin the party and this presidential
Icctiim, may decide whether our gov
ttnmcut la to be republican or i'..s
sack, put. it is said, the Constitution was
mad. in tho Ofejhtemth ceirtiit.N b) me. i
who li.d under- conditions lotin .sin-
passe, awa. Therefore, the Constitu
tion is outworn ft must be udjUHtcd,
the phrase now runs, to human rlghlr:.
"What about the MMtMpUCftttOB
table'.' What about the Rule of Three
Wtiat fthOtM the law of gravitation !
Some of tbefte come down to us troin
hoary anthpiity. Surely they cannot
bft allow.Ml to pass unamended in the
lace of such changed conditions at
now surround vis! Whv should tin
dead hand of the QtWOOtO and -f the
.Malis and of Sir Isaac Newton control
our life and thought'' Pel us be fiec
and Independent and adjust our nus.i
Of counting and ol computation to the
rn-w .-'oni.iiiic needs that surround as:
Perhaps those who Invented the mtilti-
plication table and the Rjaia of Tune
near beatd of a corporftttoft wilh a
thousand millions of pftpltftl) HOW
could the multiplication tahlc and tl r
Rule of Three I x pec ted to d-ai with
a COftdltloil such as that.'
"The fa.-t is that in the history of
mankind sor.te t bines, after long toll
feftd tribulation, are Battled OBCt toi all.
They neither invite nor petinil amend
ment and improvement. These achieve
ments, taken together, are proftTcao;
they constitute progiass; they are ihe
evidences ftf progress; they are vvhat
the word pn gress means. To ftHartt.
to undermine, or to oxetturn them i."
not progress, hut reai tion.
"The fundamental principles which
underlie the Constitution of the United
Stat.-s are no straight-Jacket Into
w hich a grow ing people is forced to its
distress and harm. They are ralh.r a
chart by Whkh ihe ship of state may
feftlj safely out on new and untried
peas, certain that the danger spots are
clearly marked and the heavens ac
. urately Indicated. These principles
enn never grow old; they are ever
lastingly young and new and true.
Patent Medicine Politics.
We am toda -Infested with political
patent medicine men. Ignorant of i -dinary
laws of indltical and feoclal
Riowth. or rtofjlfojj them, they picas
upon us the dd anl curious nostrums
Of their own making which are to , u:
our evils, to abolish poverty, to ;.i
away with injustice, and to bring about
that happy ami (blissful Ptopia, ol
which certain i vpe of men with noth
Ing useful to o habitually dream.
Pious and oracular aphorisms are
the stock In trad., of the political i .
ent medicine man loVftM ptirsult f a
higher ofttce Is so compelling that hf
cannot find time to attend to the duties
of the oftice which he alread l.ohjs
The plain dlwharge of pres. nt dut)
does not Kcctn likely to commend hln;
Mitti. i. iitly to a IfttpjftV and mote im
portant .onstitm ncy. Neither tin a.-n-ate
of the Pnlted States nor the gov
ernorship of a sovereign state offel I
adeouate sh op., for his activities and
his genius. He must hurry off. while
public, business waits, In order that h
ma. sound his own praises and PftSttl
hi-- n phnaee t the oxm-mouthisi
thousands who assemble to greet so
ftfCftl a man.
"It ma perhaps he said that, how
ever misleading these political patent
nosllclr.e nen may he howi ver iztior-
ant and however selfish the popular
demagogues of the day. yet they have
must listen in them and buy their poli
tical patent niedl. Ilie i,r else We shad
fall to carry the presidential ele- ti,.,,.
Biliousness is Bad Enough
in itself with its headaches, sour stomach, unpleasant breath
ami nervous depression Put BOfTOU tiess brings a bad train
of worse ills if it is not soon corrected. But if you will clear
jour system of poisonous bile you will be rid of present
troubles and be secure again t others which may be worse.
act quickly and surely they regulate the bowtds, stimulate
the liver and kidneys tone the stomach. Thru jour
blood will be purer and richer and your nerves won't bother
you. Tlie whole world over Becchum's I'ills are known as a
most efTu icnt family r iik dy, harmless but sure in action. For
all disorders of the digestive organs they are regarded as the
Best Preventive and Corrective
The direction wilh every bos are valuable - eepocieUjr for womes
Sold everywhere. In bosca 10c., 25c.
I deny absolutely. den that tin It'',
tuiblican party and Ms principles ar
'or sale. deny that ft political party
I Msts out) to win lections at any
cost. It it sells Ms principles, it is ftp
Jonstcr a poi.iic .i party, bal only an
aiwukmi ftffpeiite,
'Why should we hesitate to follow
lireclael the ftWnto course m t42 that
BerVOeJ Bft SO well ft i S'lli f l.et us stand
up b of ate all the people of the P silted
Htaieo ami pftt that we propose to po
forward with poliVleft uf true not lals. ,
proejreftft; that we propooe to ppopsci
aftd care for humae rlghta, ii. iii r oj
person or of propafly, without prtvllcf
ami wlihout monopoly: but thai
propoftO t do this ninler the funda
mental yuan ntera of atin conaittattoii
1 eov i-nraci.. and In ftccord wilh
iis repreoentatl , rorrasa. Lei ua males
the malntcna nee of out reptibllcaii
form of kivi i iim( nt tin- leftdinej am.
cofttrolllnf politicn ejfteetlon.
Suggests Platform.
o far : s one D atftbrr of tin
na make his nice heard. I
. h
declare nnsclf fdi brief, simple, direct,
and unequivocal declftratiofu on the
chief mat leva inh ftre ftftw awaitbu
solution as natii nal queatlono. n those
1 naine thCoMS Which an- of most im
portance. "Public opinion is asi.h.g- that xr.-at-r
protect i. .u he given to tile lilt- ami
health of the community: that wdrk
IftfRien's ecinncns.it ion leftialotton be
enacted; and thai tln-n bft iarCCI and
more protfpt recounltlon of the social
problem in its many phas. s In so i
'tlio rtlftBTi I ii Ii i.i lull, ill..: i ,
ihe Uipiiblican p-it: shot. Id 'hd
Ms.-ir to use thin rfi'lhorltv to ihe ui -
moal in order thai these bonoftcilent
ends mav be promoted in the blub -
est public Inter, si and without Indulge
Inw In i conomlo 01 ries.
"LegiabUlon shouM spoedl) be tn.
acted, suhstciM i..ll ,,.s i .'nun li'! - I
by the National Alonctaiy Comml sioil,
to provide tin- people of tin United
States with an fidcqufttc, fane in and
scientific banking;, BJ stein.
"J he just M tali on of in
th.it the duties Impoai d on
impoi ia
should bo r. vised and redured ought t.i
be mat v ithout di la . Th i.. ,r.. i!i
ways of v.iUii. rat.s of dutj ..a Im
ported men :i 't.i . . Theio rates J
duty r.vay an Used, !M ! '. -,110111 .,,
kftwwl trfpra . t bnmufnetiirbis and cotr"
IIM-rclal 1 j, s uhalSeeMI. j 1,
is not a go -.1 ihin- i.i,. 1 hewe ra'.-s
Of dut ntft 1" ! W 1. sc. ond, on tin-
tftole of statement ! bl fntercated
pcis, ,ns onljr, -. :- th-r imuortera, nun.
ut'acturcrs, ..r wtftge -earners. This la
not a good thin to do. Th. . 1.1b
of duty may he ii x it, IhU 1. rig th.
1 aria of htforraatloa ca to m inufat cr
bag ggaj Hade onovlPtors ohtnlnod b)
n govornmonl b-iti-.i or comHitaabm
ci ting solely in the puMi interest and
v.Mh 11 vh-w to loin: .mi -.- t. mar.n.
faeturer, wage-earn t. Importer, and
b people ai 11 who!-. Ibo last is tin
i nly way in whl -a lh Republican par.
ty .-an affond to undertake the n elaion
and rednctl.iti of tin- tariff.
More Traic Ljs.t.-n.
'Dtrlns the past twelve. ei.s ihe
I'aincd so largl a foil.. winy that we
freaning and ftppitcntioii r (be eo-cgU.
ed Sher.aat, An'i 'run Law have been
defined and clarified by ounv foMa far
leaching doclftloni ' the pnlted Btatre
.Supreme Court That law .should nut,
and need not, be amended or weakened.
What is now needed is supplement..'
legh'lutlon, conceived in, Ihe same
...I and st.iteMiianllkn spirit that the
;nuguate ol the Slirnoon Aflti-Truet
Law it'll' i. veals, wliichwlll fttahe
il,l adn nisi rathe control, with
out preliniinar Judicial process, of In
iliviuttals ami carporat ioJja ehotage. i.i
En t tsiate commerce, so lar as this muy
bi eaary to pr irenl monopoly hud
unfair praeihes. This vviTl rojllftvs
buanreaft both and little, from tlie
ur, ertaint) and Iftdeoialon thai now
hold it In check.
The International p. li.-i.-s which
have drgnlfled and mode mcmopajBle the
administration of Proatdoni t. t-
ahiHlld be I oiHimied ml extended un
til we tut . convinced not oni the
wlnic civili."d world, btli ntrselc
as well, ih.it We arc committed to a
POliC) Of I M a re, !;... d w ill, and the
judicial s-ettlenu nt of Intel na; ional dia-
"The appftlllotj eXtr.lt ail.ce of r;nv-
artunenl should be dteckedL and the
P.. publican party should pledge it.-.-M
to check i'. It may wall be asked
j whether, in instiuuin r a sauoh wooded
I Inquiry into the hiuh est of Hvind.
I We should lot begin with an Inqulrj
into the high cost of being governed.
'I'ln.se natures' reaofiroea of tie
Icoufttrj that etlU remfttn sun-i af the
I uihli domain, whether nrnfttft. mineral
i 'amis cr water power, should he so
i"l developed as p. ginr'a the
" :,"ots of iw in rship to t he people as a
i '!"!'' w,'ile affording rmortMmt to
'no undertaJte lh. task of di
, '""i'""'''1 sain a tatr reward icr
ia ir labor and their m eg I aa-nt.
'Tint the courts, both fcdeinl and
late, nmj bear the beoyjt bud;oa laid
o..n them to the eggephfte Mitiafactiop
1 public opinion etgpa phOgM ftecdlly
e tattin to avoid the 1mm delays, ar.d
:he te.inm.s and costly qppesjjp whioh
I aow so often nmouau tu a tienLsi of
.uiHilee in civil cases and to a ffttlure
J to prate, t th,. public at large in trim-
rial cases."
J'l-i!! I'llke ,, M HI, ', hI.t ,,f
"'" rebelMon agalnoi Times H. bom.
Died .inly is, icsr,.
1 i W Plsher Ann s, orator and
slatcsiuae. born in I i.-cli.iln. M.i,.;-: ., i
1 here. .July -. itw
I Mi.'- Otore than ta lives lost by the
oiirning .r the ateftrrthosri ' Mr:ind
ftifto" near M.-niphi.'-.
ltt Oonera Lee surrenddrod t.
Osneral Qrant at Appomattox Court
House, Va.
s7 American Ami Shivery Boeirt)
olvi d, after an exister.ee of .;;
tlgf- Dnnte Qshriel Rossettl, buftons
Poet and artls. died. Bom in tK.
1M.3 And:-, w 1;. Ma.icrath. a leader
Mi the secession movement g South
Carolina, died. Born l". b I, 1 lis.
184 iA numb. r of llv s lost in the
''""one f Hie )avi Is,,,, Theater In
al ilwaukee.
It'll ,1-ire In Tokio. Japan destrove.l
IN POTSDAM " a t '
DA yapr?LT2. AT
-SSt. JH". U - s.,TI.lPi

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