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The calumet news
Founded 1880.
Published By The
W. Young,
Ed. tor.
W. M. Lyon,
But. Mgr.
Publication at tho Printing omce, 104
Fifth Hlttet. Calumet,
Entered at the Post Office Ht Calumet,
Michigan, aii Second Class
Mull Matter.
Butinaea office 209
Editorial rooms 4
Elks Temple.
Phone 312
Phona 199
The state deui tineiit did even thing
In II po w to prevnt tho ex.- uti.-n
which in ita opinion was in violation
of tho rults of war In ull civilize!
eounlrc A tele-gram from AmrU;
Ooncul Lrftcher at t'hlhualiua, .Let.-.!
April s. much ele-lave.1 In trans
mission. said that the consul hail pre.
testcel to the- tv'.el i hii t's against ih.
t-Mvution of Fountain, not only at Chi
huahu.i. but at Piirrul, hi hud Just
heard throuKh tho local newspaper
Hini oo bclleve-d to Ih accurate, that
IVuiitniu h:ul boon trlod ami e-xeoute-el
In the opinion of tho. state dUBjUft
niont. the execution was a d ln. rat
murder. In his pfOttaUaUltuii, Prual
dent Fait warned Allien, an ,,-aitist
purtiiip.it i ng in tJie revolution, indi
call tig plainly that they would do so
at their own rusk. This, however, 0o
not preclude the American ifmni
ineni rrom I akin.; measure t s- uii
re-pal atioil.
By Mail or Carrier.
Per year (in advance) 15.00
Ter year (not In a dvanee) $.0'i
Per month 59
single Issue OS
Old subscribers w ishing' to change J
their addresses must furnish old as
well as new addresses In each instance
New subscriptions may be ordered
by telephone, mail or carrier, or in
person at the company's office.
Complaints or Irregularity In deliv
ery will receive prompt and thorough
The statement recently issued by the
i'iPi'.'r Producers' association was
very satisfactory to the larger produc
ing interests. The production was tliej
largest reported for any month since
May 1911, when the output wus about
IdBMtf pounds larger than in the
i ninth just ended. The deliveries for
home consumption were the exception
of that one month, they were the larg
est reported since October, 1910 The
exports In March were smaller, as
was to have been expected In view of
Um record exports in January, and tho
high average maintained Bat WWHl
months past. The stocks carried by
the producers on the first of Apiy
were but 6'J, 3. '7, ;').' 7 pounds, the small
r.st amount reported since the Pro
ducers' association was formed.
The. stocks of copper are as low as it
is advisable to have them and. in 1 1 i
opinion of niuny of the larger pn
ducers, they are below the safety line
There is nothing in the statistics to
Indicate what die future course of tin
metal is to lie except in the most gen
eral way. It is clear that there ha-''
heen a steady gain in the consump
tion abroad during the last two rUBM
nad the gain lias tiecn he ld Imiu e-nough
to Indicate that it represents a per-
tr.iaMlt increase in the une of the I e-d
r.ietal. Th amount will naturally he
subject to fluctuations in accordance
with liusiness conditions hut Hie aver,
age will undoubtedly remain abovi
that of previous years.
me cotiaumptic.il of the metal in
this country depends on the condi
Hons of busnews. The output of steel
product is now the. larg'-s-t in the his
tory of Um Halted Kt.it. and it is
only natural to assume that the same
conditions, which have UTUdBAad
that situation in steel. ill huM to an
lief in the onsumptlon of fopper.
It Is alse fair to assume that a revival
In lusinr9H generally will hring a larx
demand for the metal. It In i fact
that tho leaders in our financial and
ominenlal lit., are looking for good
times In the UBMai State and such
revival f investment ronfidi-nce that
... Hiie to nuance im
provements and extensions to god ad-
Vf.ntage. If this view of the outlook
proves reliable there will no doubt be
a large demand for copper for the elec
trtflcatlon of railways, the extension of
electric power and light pi fj and for
other new enterprises.
By a majority of more than H.Utt
out of 25,000 votes cast, thv lOCOIlH)
the e-rvgim-era on fifty railroads g
hie-ago ami nortJi of the Norfolk A
Western hae authorized their officials
to call n strike, should further negotia
Hons with the railroads for increased
pay mil. The general managers haw
tailed meeting to he held at X.
.ork April 17 to consider the result ot
the vote. The engineers' officers will
n main in New York "a reasonable
time" to await a counter-proposition
of the railroads. The original demand
of the engineers for increases in pav
aggregating 10 er cent recently werr
rejected by the railroads.
Two years ago a similar situation
was ended by a grant to the engineers
ot between 10 and 11 per vent increase'
In wages, i nher increases of the kind
added no ks Umn $39.41S,SOj' to the
annual e-xjwnscs sf the different roads
which more than overbalanced the gain
in net earnings. So the railroad man
agers say today, as If they meant it:
"This headlong movement toward 11
m.ncial disaster cannot proceed un
What makes this situation different
from that existing in the coal fields
Is this: That the public cannot be
taxed if this railroad trouble should
result in the usual concession to th
imgineers- Brotherhood. The lntr
stale Commerce Commission prevents
The engineers want. In round num
bers, ITMMM more money per annum
than they are now getting: but. as the
public cannot be mad to supply their
wants. It is doubtful whether th-- will
The opening i the Can. una ('anal
will e lice l the following .saving of dis-
tames. BUfopu to un iYamimi UK
mile s, and to alianusi, J. lot) Miles;
l-Jriglai.d lo New Zealenel. 1 oto
to Australia M"1 miles: New Vork to
Miaiighd l.epnj miles Montreal to
svelno, UtaUUlia. miles; New
Vork to Austral. ii.u. ports an RVSJ
age of .'.400 miles
a colleotluu of Ksiulmau luveoUona
f'oW on exnibilieii at the A Hill a tt .! oil-
leges S in 1'iain i o substnTit net- s tl I
claim thai the Ksepilinun is the most
able inventor and skdle-el eii-iincer
HlllOllg uncivilized people In support
of this Hi - colleitioll llli ludes tin til St
foin, of the oil oealer and e-oek Me.
water-tight Lout arch used for build
up purKiyes. and vatcr-proof ,-vei
oats, as well as the ,nt ne-rfccl type
ei developed ot the tlsh spear, speat
ihiower and hsri n The vmokiliK
pipes form a link with Asia and the,;
arvmjjs with prohtetolii BbrOfsl.
Ir. Ituth Hume, the llli JlSJITJ siui
orted b the Welbvle- siudenls at
rn,edn.igar, India, lias returned lo
this connti J lor a I ear s i acatlon. Dr.
Mume MnU BVMMted at W.lleley in
the i lass of 1X9", .:ltei which she stud
ied in Philadelphia, ami then toeB I
medicai course in the Nee. Kntinnd
Hospttgi for Women. Kir the Igefl
i'ht e-ars she has been Work In lo
the hospital for women ;".! children
i inodnagar. to whbli she- will re
turn at the end of her year's vacntlOA,
It. K. Stephenson who was gradmeud
from Wellelev ill the class of 1893. il
onnected with the MUM ho.pital in
At any rate il the detectives gUei
It lon ei,ruuh they u,,l g,t (hose
Aliens of Virginia when they tejCSMM
'.eakiiied b senility.
old Jud Harmon remarks that the
len,o. ratio party is biKger than any
one nmn. .Jud always enjnyes a wallop
at BUI Bryan.
rin-re is a consplracj to iVat him
according to Col. B.8 VtH. um Uryan
has been the U tim of seveml such
conspiracies. i
U not w.nry; three sniaie
meals a day: sac vour trnv..u- i...
oun.s.UM to your CTOdllUtm keep MMf
ligestlon (OOd, JNCVteo, go alow and
go ens- . Alayae there are other things
UsM our sn- ia I ease rejulres to make
you happv ut. ,ny friend, the-wi I
ree-aon -will dva MMI a l.,h,.I nrt
Nt'iuham Lincoln.
Ir. II. L. 'orfman is Mtcurtlll
mate on the cost of installing a .4.i i,
of wireless UlQfHtph fUltlOM that i.rc
over the upper roa thtm n the rjgg.
hilla (le'kert. The
lish ai least tlx,, stations and It Is
robable ihat before the siimme, -a
on Is on the circuit wiM bo Ir. ojn ra
tion. HhtpOflmnUi nuoh n Win less
telet-r-aphy o er the desert sant!s are
said to ha" been highly successful inil
Is believed no trojble H ill be ex-
perieiHau in joining the several sta
tions by means of light batteries.
Palm ftprinns (Col.) Dispatch.
.Miss Julia Dttlon, associate director
of the girls' afternoon classes of the
t?outh Ila t'nioii BJOrtoBi is orvaniz
Int I Junior Muni, ijial league for that
city. The membership of this new or-
mwianOB is to be limited to mrls
OStWton the ages of to 1., the initia
tion fee is five cents and the oh.e t
Il to ke..i the City clean .Miss Duiol
Is a resident of Utfl South Knd Settle.
lilelit ilon.se and a graduate ol the
Normal school Of New York city. Oth
ers interested in the Junior league arc
Dean II. hi ., v James LoWOfL Berborl
'.ytnan. AI Ida .Mason .Miv mi.tte
Rogers. Mrs. T. J. ltowker. pr MfWl of
the Woman's Munlcial league of i os
tein. Piorpont Btmckpole tad MIm i-
lor ;. Itarrows.
w ..sliingtoii. April 13 -Siatlsti
hue lust been compiui l r. John
S. Pulton, se ii tai general of ilu- flf
tcinth international itRgrfM on n
gleiii' and IVunogi-.eph , showing that
the Ihrea of NBjBN children wort sav
e-el ill the- I'liited Slates alone within
the ten eais betwen ItM and
by the use of diphtheria antitoxin
How many tots were -pared from
(bath .roll! the s.illlc disease ill the
different counties of Uurope within
the MUOIO dci-aile can onl Be ptOOMd
but it is know n the nuinU i reached
veil into the lam . I reels of thousands.
The statistic- were prepared ill an
swer to the question whether the I'nit-
vl Stales has derived al henellt from
past International congresses on hy
giene and demography, and as an ln-
Ito, ruction to the' Fifteenth Interna
lional congress, which will be held In
this city, under auspice of the govern
ment of the. t nit"el States. Sept. 1'3-
28. Prof. Von Hehring disooverod his
e)1dithria antitoxin In 1MM, and at
the tenth iniei natloiuil congi'e-ss in
ltudajH st in 1KH4 the value of his dis
covery was continued. Three Vineri-
can delegatef. tame home with the
news. The ne xt year a very little an
titoxin, very expensiv e, came over from
German, and I'rance. The- .Massachu
setts board of health and the health
department of New York city soon
began to make1 antitoxin for use by lo
cal physicians, the census mort
190t showed that diphtheria liioitalit.v
of the registration area had fallen
olati is to "l ili. ' ,Ion' lo P r i"'J "o" oeiwe-en
IXft, :,nd in0. Th census ienrt foi
l!o showed a further decline of 21
per I oo.oiio persons living.
A review of other earlier congresses
or. hv.;ieiie and demouraphv vhow
that the history of municipal hygien
in Italv dates from the fourth vein
gross at Turin, the fifty congress. U
in va lxj. bal to the- foundation of tin
federal bureau of health of Svvltser
land: the tirst chapter in colonial hy
iene ,i - w i it ten a fter the sixth con
btcss In The Hague; V ienna e ventual
lv was vvhedlv transformed as a result
of hjrf ion refeirnis greoving out of th
seventh congress; the ninth e'euigre-a
in Iineleiii, Ix'.il, o pem eel the . ra of leg
Islatlon for the health ef wage'-eann-rs
In which Kngland still hole's lead
I'resblent Madero ,,l Mexcei is arm
In, his navy as -well as his army with
munitions of war pure-hase-d in the-
United Stat, s unde-r IWMpltOM to th
American proclamation forbidding th'
exportation of war mate n.,! to Me xico
I're-rslde-nt Taft r ntly autheirized the
Mexican gov -crmm-nt to e xH.n from
this country- a large flx.x of miscella
neous fittings jor the guns of its ships
The president also permit t eel the ex
portation of L'.'orf) Im.xcs of ilvnamlte
lor in lust rial encerns.
In v H w of the- e oiirse fhe re-beds are-
pursuing. Mr. Taft's decision to indi
rrvtly aid Made-ro is rertain to met
it h approeal In this country. The-Mi-xle-nn
re-bel don't like us. The- are
el pe.se l to Amerie ans and no citixen of
the- T'. H is safe- in re-bel territory.
The indtgnatieen f state dtari me-nt
e.nte lals ov r the e . . utlon e.f Thomas
I "iintain. an Amen, an gunne-r wttO was
a. p tu reel bv (Jo- re-be ls ,tt Parral. is lve -
Men-eel to ! e e-rtain to twejudlce any
attempt on the- part of the Mexican
tebels to secure any recognition of
belligerent righs, so necessary to a
Ittl .ban de Iai'.intaine', the meat
writer ,,f tMMoO, dtod ui Talis. BOTH
Jul X. IfJJL
1 7 4:i Thomas Je fferson, thirel pie si
"'' Um U S.. i..,rn In Albe-mari,
'ouiil. a. Ii,.d at Memtlcell.,. Va..
July 4. ItM,
1 Mfr Thomas D Arey Me-iee?, Cana
ouin stssteOsMB and orator. lorn In
'arllngford. Ireland. AssasslnaieiJ a;
'ttawa, Apnl 7, 1868.
1 -;-- Ilritish Parliame nt M.sse-,l the
Iw.iiiHii e'atholi.- Ite-lief BOL
IMS fly rOMtttUOB JngTeSS te nder-
el the congratulations ot the people e.f
tie Cnite-d Slates to the French Booptf
oi becoming a republic.
I s Pennsylvania State Agrlenl
turat CoHOste organizeel.
U61 Keirt Sumte r surre-nde-re . ,y
Major Anderson.
Ki RV, H rman J. Ab iding. RoMI
t atholle bishop e.f Kort Wayne, was
born In If purport, Ky., April IS, If4l
'o rman pare-ntsge. He Attended an
aeaeie-my m Vlncennes, Ind.. and com
pleted his e-i e'leslastlcal studies at Ht.
Thomas. Ky.. and at Ht. Memrod's Ab-i-ev,
in Snree-r t'pnnty, Indiana. At
the- age e.f 23 he was ordained a prb-sr
at St Me.inrad's. For a time he acted
as an Instructor In the seminary and
!at.-r filled pulpits in se veral itle-s an. I
towns of Indiana. lf was raised to
the hishoprb- of Port WissVlM early In
1!'00 an.l was eonsee late-rl w lth edabo-
irt'e rereiiionv on Nov.mi a. ,,r ihat
A Former Pittsburgh Woman in Toucn
With Royalty.
So. la aniLltioii beats stn ugly n the
'ore,,-- ,.f Mis. (Suest. the wite of the-
Hon I'r.uerlck K. Cuest, son of Lord
ami Lady wlmborne. Boforv her mar-
i ik. Mry. (Jnent was Miss Amy phippsj
f 1'ittsburgh.
She cause-d he-r husband t. resb;n his
;,''" Parliament re e-i.tly iii orde-r to
become treasurer to the BOB hold of
King ;e-e,rg-. so that siie' might b Ui
iBAIl tOUCh with r..v.it. Now gM IH
BOfotUting to bes-e.ni,, the tenant ef
the- late Ink.- e.f I'lle's btJgA .'e- r f .r-
t in InverncflBhlre. This domain -
talii6 .etately man.'b.u that lut she i
teieil u its time many kings of BoOt-
land, and in later doyi anoon Victoria
and Pun.e- Mb-rt enJoTsd ttuptrtoa
There- is much iporulatlon as lo how
Mrs. Qutet will ..t em with be-r s,-(1i-
llfh in ighl.ors. because her bre.int rs
little escapaele- a ve ar e.r twe age., v. lie u
ihn e-mployed their guns rather li.dls
' riiiimaie lv to i h- eliscoml ture- of an
alb-ged poacher, has left some- Mule
PtAjOdJeOt behind and the S oLti.sh
people are somew hat slow In foivp tting
lacMorrti of this kind.
It will, however, be- Interesting to
toi the: daughter of tim pittehurgtt
uiillioinlre dispensing hoi.pltalitv m
Mnct formerly controlled by the
dougtiter of th- lute tnoouffil with
UMsUOU niansie.n, tl(. ufUdllUU d the
late- Albert Itelt of Afrhai- dlaim.nel
tame, and this historb- uBsOU In Se ,,i
land. It is Mis. OuOIi'U aim t. breemc
the leading ha HIM of th.- tutor. Her
And ev e-n gr.-ater ri'sults are utitl
clpat.-d from the- tlfteentli ceingress, in
Connection with which It Is expected to
stanelardize )lgiel1L, BrocodUTU In all
i f the- state-s e.f the I'nltod States. an
to bring the entire country within th
registration area so jhat the all-impe.i
taut vital statistics may everywhere
be preaerveel.
tow n h .use has nlreudy bueomc an ob
Joel of sttei.tb.ii on account of lb
brllUanii- of tin- uniform-of tin- Hunk
ie-s sfho uusM Its portal. Thoro win
be iie-sh oiM'ortunit ies lor attendant
elorles If the Inve-riiess devil is COM
plete d.
i in- i.-uesi iignt n ; e ..nouctor is a
braid of fffio copper tvlruo. It is said
to bo more .Hi. e nl than the older
I 1 1 L t I It L
but not
Cheap Furniture
No. 3, ons 6 ft. quartsr oak Dining
table m A1 condition.
Anson Phelps St'kes. Jr. "the mil
lionaire min-ster of the geel. ' 3
yers e.l, te.day.
I 'i Daniel e. s lyiwetl noted Hos-
ouoceasful conduct of their campaign j ton educator, ftl vears old today.
i quarter sav
buffet, a real
No. 4, one quarter sawaa, quars
bvsld glass buffet, a real snap at
New and Second Hand
House Furnishings
431 fifth Streit Phone 7991
We deliver gecds bought Kr.
Tues., April 16
Packed Houses Everywhere
ws Parquet
Parepiett,., lft
Italinre Purquet circle ami 1st
re.wH Mal. .,nv $1.00
Calane-e Ft.i I. .,i, j$
iiaicony Circle?
Kiox 8ents
Rest sale at Koister's ButUtUU
13th. at S:0( a vi
-A i i
. .50
. Ap-
Tlie' character of the speculation the past tew days, ha"
been somuAvliat more dhersllled and mixed in .piuMy and
... 'cumulation of stocks by the active commission houses
has been procedlng to a dogrve indicating freed uin of sap
ply from souives inillutlve hi estalillshliqf tlie advance.
Tlue various news items coming along have been gene-rally
accepted us only in-gative- in character UltttOMCU
differing i otistruv tions lime been plat ed on the steel or
ders' state mi-ill. also the topper statement and the poll
tie al and labor developments. J'or ourseUes, we see- in
none of these matters cause- f.a anything but rutUUT k.ii
seivutlve judgment.
In traele, however, there continues the feeding of en-
largtnl optlinisln .ie-v e-Uped se.in.- vv e e-ks ago, lint much
oeuaplulnl nuvurtlwluui oonUattM buurd and as in stee-i
that proAt making margins are- UOt as tliey were in the
d.i vs vvlii-n tin' American manufacturer was the- spoiled
CUtti of fortune.
OU tliis litter irgry BnportUUt peaint, It is a grave BjUUU
in n ahetlier the genci-ally existing e ..noinle- condition of
lldiigs h. ie. and the matter of the- eer invreasing World's
gold upplij joknit lit Uiritf pnddems, will not ope-rate to
I-re-v.n! rejiltitlons of the- abnormal profits made 1n the
past, nnd thus particularly be reflected in earnings and
prices of our industrial corporations.
.Market wise, however, tln spee ulatiou has rea lied n
point wh.-re it must absorb anil digest the m att. r. d bull
position orjUUud. We are somewhat .r tlie- opinion that
this present sltu.'itlon Is exposed to attax, from the still
exIUtlng, if somewhat hast.netl. hear party for the- ie-a-
son that the so called public jK-irticipation riipriHllU m-itli-
er the monetary reouirements nor the hroad
needful both to hold the ie-c. nt high level and e ondu t it to
a higher basis hy Its own lorce and power.
We thus 't.gn:ert the taking of -profits and tUUtporlttUel
attitude there-alter, while the risk of some Julie ions sellin
for bear no ount might be worth w hlle adopting.
N. J. Miller of Miller & Co.
The UUUOU of ooppur it- entirely one of general busl
ness, and this ia best Indicated by the fact that foreigi
buyers are now laying in the metal for June and Jul
aiound 16 Mi cents a pound. As usual they foresee the com
ing condition ahead of our domestic consumers and bus
t. n to take advantage of It.
American stocks of copper are still at the famine point
CM course, manufacturers here have some running supplies
-ui aearceiy one- or UH in is stock ahea 1. Tho.-C who
boUCM ooppur on thu low prices of last Autumn and Sum
mer hastened to convert their paper profits into cash
v-nat tney nun solel they have m-ver he-en able to re
place-. .Meantime here- is trade with insistent demand for
,- ods.
I trass business in the Connecticut Valley, the great index
of mine Industry Is uxcellunt, UHMOlulhr for small sham
no i -arts, and tli. re- stocks ef metal are at the lowest ebb
ITU. Th. y at.- simply i-unnlng from hnnd to mouth
UUd insulators and drawers are in the same ease. Pro
ducers' Mgures we re bett-r than any one had right to ex
Vm- .0...-I no. ., .... r .
v i e.iemi ii.m new pro-tucers litre
easily taken and CUWUUd not a liputa CutMUIMPtlUB wa
wninj iriM-noiniiiai. ma long as the metal kees at its
present strenglh. re a lions sliould be used to buy stocks
My optnluU is that the main elange-r (kf DUpBOV RBMul lies
ill hch level ..f priees lathe-r than any til-Mil ffMHM the
1 9 cunt line.
7. II C'ely of MBur et OB
ft aiu W m
' "-"'"'.1 wcwiise oi soit g-re.unel to UbandoM
-No. II A hole at OM Cedony. No. H hole has Wn starte,-.
IM is now well under way. No K, hole wilt also h in nn
ration Klw.rtle v... ........ ,
,,an naMiig amuiged to use two
drills in ugploratory w.,rlc N,j. 15 hole is ale,it ?oo f,
west of No. 14 hole, tho latter b.-.n about Hi fee t f,,.,,,
MuyBowtfa No, II hot it U utpuetud that N u ,,.
there will be Interesting n. v elopments an.und 800 to 90(.
le-e t.
itoriowur mm urUJ Mptutu IBj pmapm wttB two ut.
mond elrills. the Beseond ,,hihi i,i . . .
" i"'1 "oo vommiK.sion
BUM fruuk. No. IK hole is UruH under way and sh-.M ruuct
um nrst UC the important veins in uBOUt IWO WUUkm Kf-
- rls are being made to complete the campaign ot tfhusUu
frilling- this spring m, that early in the ...i,,,,,, KUmmr .
site may be selected fUT new shaft and Wort
resident Kay continu.-s to be at the head of the,
BTutfB, no e-hange as y having been made in th,.
i Is BUits Ukuhr that none will be made, for MavMowe,'
as well as Old Colony are fortunate In bavin m
IttUHBuJ to n.,.,e the development., of these ,.rooW,les
It is rather unfortunate for both Mayflower and nu ....
lony that they should be Slbeeted to so nme.i, man.pula
lion as has been witnessed dnrtiw .
- ioi- lew wi-,ks
he stocks w.e active and higher earlier in the. sr
Profit taking appeared later and top prfcu. w, r,, .,f ip,
The- annnut m.r.ti,,.. ..r t
"l '""I" Nl.aie.,t.rg will he
month in CuBtUBBloJ! output, for the OMBBBJiy is Nhipfeing
veiv close to l"0 tons of FOCB daily to tho itUmpntlll, and
il is also :;.iiin:; - l-.itir ie ovorv than lor some tune
AUaOttg the Lake Bupetrtor iioii-elivide-nd puybsB !S UUP,
e . titeiiiii.il appeals as an issue- of great potenllalitu s, and loj
(MM Who Ifl patie nt it wi'l uruloubteHlly give large' returns.
Jn liui, Ceatenniul obtained a rucuyurj of If.tl puunuu
of rtflned copper per ton of rock stamped Tin- improve
in. nt iioled this ye-iir will undoubtedly make CPBtujUUlui'l
recovery erj close to 18 pounds.
Centennial has been gradually increasing its force, at
UUih tin- No. 1 .m l No. .' shalts. l.ate-ral work has been
ve-iy extensive- and as drifts approached the Wolve rine- ana
Ue-ars.irge boundary luie-.s. there h;is bOUU UOOktUs un
proVunMat la BtlUUrulhatlon which is now iH'ing nianifi si
eei in milling OpufUtlOM, No. 2 shaft la bele.w the- ;i:,tu
level tnd in good ground. lVom the 30th t.i :;:,tlt
U-v. ls, s.ime- ve-iy long .stT. tcliw of exce-lle nt sloping
ground have- bUBM ope-nel up
A phM he-re-by CUUtOUjnfcVl U RMj 'be- hg&pppl thiniil,
No. 1 K.ar-aig. shaft, UTttittB is only 100 fet't eilHtant fTOln
the l e-ntennlal line-, may ht arrange-d. It i. pOJUfJMu thut
the- Ke a marge shaft may be sunk below Its present iupth
. - IVtPJ feet into Ont- nnial territory, and will be eiporutod
for the btnrtM Uf the- latter conpany. This woubl prove
ve-iy dUUlraBIU fOf CUUtUUUll as It WOM not BUUUUBttUlU
lengthy training and m OtBUT wavs woulel preve very
er-onomle al. It is also possible that the- oae-e..;t looju may
be oporutud on CuntunuluJ propurty thre.ugh No. is shaft
of the Cuhnnut ."C- ll.-cla. The drifts from this sliaft are
ne w up to the Ce ntennial line, and OOttld Bu BjBltO easily e-x-tendeel
Into fnBtUBlsl te-rritory.
The drifts from N'u. shafts as the y approach tin Wol-
verlnu boundary are ve-iy rleh. A utBhstta .r MM Ibbi ItuU
available to Vntennial on the Hoars urge kKle has been
made and Indicates that the company has So ai-res on this
lode nfore than were available- to South li'i iluglgB. aiul al
most as RlOd) ground as Wolverine had e.n the- BJUBB loele.
We- utrouBly uuVIm Um ibm1iuu ot Cuntunaiu on any
weak spots, and while the- litigation surrounding the- e',,1-unie-t
i Huokl subsidiaries may UppPunl any UhUIUj move
ivnt in tin- lUUUU, for a It ng time InTUMtBlHUl this slo. k
e ffe-rs the- giratest of possibilities.
in a wuuB Orunhy Udvuneud about $1". per share-, tho
buying being IttUptred largely by the- UT 1 1 Up lull of th.- unrip
ie sumption e.f dtvidend payments by this tOUUpUMp, ('.ran.
b; has mitstandlng at the i ruuuM time tts.tn;, shares, ami
with OOPpur selling at fifteen cents .-, pound, .-at ping- are
a trifle bUttUr tlian ptT share-. When ulvMuPjtl are re
sumed. It is posalbte that the first payment will ! .,, i,-at
l a share and mo: .- likely Ji.r.p.
Orunby has had rather te inpestuems market rar.-or. It
ppd above $K.O a si are and last year as low an $2 a fhurO.
The decline was dm- to the lad that the old. mine, bnd buUU
practically exhausted and the company uas eompelleel to
lock about for a not property. Tiu- Hidden r,.,.k -..y,,
of claims was pur. based and has proved to be a., excellent
investment, this property opening felly ,. to egpectnUons.
Ixist year the Canadian ,,,.,1 strike Interfered seriously
ith operations by Uranb, and f.- almost Uh months UCU
o'uetion Cuuuud,
The company has a buttery ,.f eight furnaces cutauM. of
treating 3.500 tons of ore uaily. The prudttoCMn for lit
v ill probably be M,0B,A0g p.. inn's ,,
..uoui ion ee-nus per ik. uml. Th..
as an encetleiH one,
' Upper at a scout of
ompany has no iBatits
making the early rUMIUUptluu of UlVtuUMU run Ukuli The
uranmy manageme-nt is rUBUrdud
KovBhtoa Copper a. the etuae ul iull had . mdu ..r
liabilities amounting to H7.4M. That the cmoanv r .....
early financing s v.,y evident from tBU report, and i, ,,
understood the m, ,.rs are now. V((rki,lJr n .
ing toward thl, en,l. of ,;- lw,,m s,,.ir,.s r whtfh
- .any ts ,-ap.tali.d. ,;(.oe, ;tre unissued. The stts-k that
" lM"d iH mMrK- ?' I" An assess. -
M"eo or the truuuury -took uteunud ef -
of the dlroetom but i. uppeun ruout itkeM ,,
Will he- in id.- (.. se se.nie of eh.. .
s,,n" w th.. truuiniry utoeB to pro
vide the uunuBury run4a wUB utfeisn
bPpjUMttlBB v p during t, ppu) vrr, .
hJl Jr., gives tlM rutMwhUJ uiform.un.n
'"""" PBBI vear th.- pHmokmi ,,,,,,
."r shaft at thetiOand M foot levels, re. v,-,v the
eletails with ri-gaid to
wMch win be found kj the dun.
era! Man.iin.r'. ...... . . . .
" uateei Januaiv JO. If ....i,..
with. "',c"
About UM first of Kebruary ,h, ammm ,.r,
bM fcett through th.- lode out In our m. , .'
uperutlona and ruferreas t. - -
'ci.ri.,1 to in . UlM annuH) rtiii( (
".u., .., lurtlie-r .-xi.lorati,..,
held ne-xt Monday, and Wt
W ftiVun to understand the re-
ort whie-h -will 1,.
"' "' ""'u 10 steckhold,.rf- tit 1. ..... .
l,"-. than generally expoe-tcd. Karnlngs vlll be nboot
,ua. to vnose , 1310. and shemld approxinv..,- abo, t7,n
Jt should
period rjult
-"""-i mat mis retort will cover a
IIiI.ImMI , .1.. i . .
r . e.FM,..r mining and when th
cipiH-r was only alKiut 1J-, ,-ents a pound
......o.s a. present are e-tual to about $4 a share m-r an
num. so that a further ln.-r..a - - ... ..
... pre ot .ppr is maintained Is qttlU natural to
It was reported early this UJUU that North Hot,.. hH
- m pjaea UMT lode on the J.00 len-el. This Is i.ew,
e..v.y aeniea. The company did cut the Kdith May lode
on II,. i . . i i. . ... , . t. .. .
"Xing . ,.p,.r an0
for six fee-t In width.
The company Is doing practically no work on .h. I
nnel .',S00 b-vedu l.,.emw ,.r .v.. . .
... . curenieiy poor ventilation
crosscut from the High Ore .haft uf Anaee.nd- hB.
aiM.ui iuu feet to go to hole- fhrouifh (forth Hum
and when this work
e's lat.-ml.
is ace eimpllshed. ventilation w ill t...
very SHtisfactorv mleln. ,....oa ,u.
, B ln,. ie-sumption of
tati.-ns In the low est len els.
We bellevs North Butte should be boUsjM
on all wewk
tnufaaead pldUU4ieB should be note-d during the
I'll lo U.r,.!, 1-1 ...
foot ..f dMftlia. I , r ' " "l
Of WMll.h u . I'hJi-. marly all
' wh,h"'n ground carrying ,,.
ing ujnuntltMn The- bImm 7
bv this m, Z , , 0hMHit of this (de as nhOwn
... ehort rtf, a,, ... tll , ,. r
n ... v ;; rv" s,is!"" - u-
l , TIT S ' -any hi
'arivmg on mJnintr oii.-ratiHti.s -
n tne ofUauuul b. ing driven to
lure this week broke into
reae'h No n
a vein fai i .
' -"f-- the wmth or u l nUW,S Mn"
t, "tt8 not yet lieen deter.
v em in ue a...... .
" ' "..ic.n e-i e-tl
is atout ttfi feet frenn
111" Kill I ...
r. VMM "Zl ' " " """ -
-.Tx. s
much earlier ,h,n ",r,"tl it has fl,e,-n en.'ounter.d
MnCeTtuK fr'" 11 '
to uiamond drill ,,ir," No ' ? lnh
-Chee, tat a month n "U h b
J - t last month. 1
been niaJe in (h,8 rA"ld having
tot drimnp in lho M, 'T
aus., of the large, amount of mass
The drill, w ere Bhi! tTtT 2? '
e bed,, - nu:iW9d." Th(. l "
oh the announcement that rich cul Zl. l
ot until the vein bj rroM-cutted win , "V
v will the man.ig.-me nt do- 1
( utinned on pe Ven
' "iilifilidliiltflll

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