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MONDAY, JULY 1, 1912,
Founded 1830.
Published By The
M. W. Young
W. M. Lyon,
Bus. Mgr.
Publication at the Printing office, 104
fifth Street, Calumet.
-nturnl et the Poet Office at Calmi i
M., ,ian. an Second
Mall Muttri
dwemee office
Edrtortel roomt
Elks Temple.
By Mail or Carrier.
Fer year ( n nhtrx o) MLM
per year r.t la a ivana $.on
Per rooms 5C
....... 05
0d r.:bi"-ribT winning M si P
their adUreaaee must furnish old
n-h InMan
mm v ' ir1ri if
farrier, or In
naili. hi latt
.,n' h. r.- . "''
MONDAY. JULY 1. 1912.
Olork'j rirnlnstlcn would nlm a'
tr- of th ("iradlans to com
I iwwW and vote arairnt him
ColOMl Bran doesn't seem ta kMW
v. tl:er he'n gniriK or comln. Tut it
i off he appears to be on th-
:h f( m"ny Btickbata ilyinff
ncl. the innrveru lyManlT is :rc
hi before the end rf the j.res-
:'n?llsh 8iiffrac,istt
nearly staived themslve to
1.1..1 r priaon. This sort of fanut
.i im.i may be easy to lau-.ii at for a
at long ranire, but It is a mightv
fccrlnuB thing: to deal rItJg nne the
if the coaveationi within tha last
two weeks mean anytlilna. they mean
that reforms are to omv by evoluilorr
and nut by revolution, :-u Henry
Clews. Polltual leuderx re..nlzed
that imiHirtant changes are coining
.hanKex that will basssAl the nun
.n.l . .r;i-.'.iuni!v th. nation. And t )
must also aacognUte that ih.-s. . han
should l.r ni.i.le grd.uall; that a
Kuddn or violent disruption of 'Sta
llshed Institutions nnd methods wwud
ihr. a ur ; in! u .'ti ial .y.Me'.n "i in i-n.uv:
to the Ir lury nf all aftd the benefit cf
none. Happily tin- two i or.ventl"iis
have matrrlnlly . l.-.ir.'d the political
MSMM pin-re Vhii'- tin- a uial results .f
the election cannot ct lie foretold
with icrti.inty. the enc ur.iinn fa:
remains that extreme iv.li. ilism has
received a conpliMiis cfcocH in both
rarties and that the aaber sc-tond
t I tin American people is
averse to whnt would appear to be rev
olutionary proposals. An important
. has th js been removed froi.i
l.usin. - itlons. Those at the
head of industrial and c unmerMal af-
:airs w Ul be able to formulate plans
lor the futrre with relieved Mas,
daftea, al 1 as a rcaajM era may expect
a steady improvement in l.iis'ne
from now on, unless there should be
an une.vpeitel d saster to the cri.ua.
ley to Charley Towne.
' Personality Is a contributing asset
but it is not a foundation. Men nec
essarily come and go. tlreat parties
arc not so fleeting as to rise and fall
in renMnsc to any such limited meas
ure of existence and power.
Ureat prill. -iples are the lliea.Milv
nf unat parties; and uniform testi
mony credits the Chicago pliitrorm of
the Re ll. lioan pal tv of today with
ill Ji lit ial of siipn.ol vitliu allil
richest wisdom."
State Politics
Attorney -iciicr.il Ftar.x C. Kuhn.
if Mt. Clemens, is said to be prepar
ing to toss his hfulgoar into the rln
as an indication that he is a candidate
for governor.
It is not ileliiuti lv km.wti wti. ih
tt he thinks ot running for the Hi -publican
nomination or of joining the
proposed new Roosevelt party move
ment. It Is Known, iiowever. that laat
Tuesd.iN ati.l V'. .lii s !a . w hile atlend
lng a r. 'inlor: of the !:( liierarv class
of the Universltv of Michigan. Mr.
Kuhn told cine of h's college friends
that ho might run tor fUliVMI tills
Mr. Kuhn was appointed attorney -i:.
1 1 i . I b) OOV. tmi M Warner,
iliortly lwf.ire the latter ieiir-d tn.m
office. The followinu fall h w at Ran
PERSONALITY IN POLITICS. th(s l,,u,.:in st,t(. ,
N.i pU9 w as ever yet founded oil i t(on to succeed himself and he wa:
uninentlv n MrtiO frn tbc tin.ni i ii
v wiint h- built mai iarga imilo
mcs isKArkanasa Texas. Oklahoma and
other part-- yf thj Southwest and ulso
. ..net ructod several railroad: In tin
k me sectistj of' the country. In
he ;t Mh ted g. verin r Arkansiis
n the Democratic ticket mi. I two years
I !, i was re- d In t: spring of
his year C...trn r Dooaghe) was de-i.-ated
In a corteat 't.r renoininatlon
i. i'.QaYvsup.Ui JoH'pit T. Hobinaon.
B4r Kobei t Hi'U. ltd nt Hi .tlsb as
tronomer, 't ; furs old t iday.
J Ii nyh V (Iran lotmci Illinois rep
tesentaUve In Congre, M years old
i harlew Man il. for tnitiy fegurs
speaker of the Dominion House :
i iimn uis, ears old today.
Cc.rrge T. Nu b. .Is. .ii. Mce president
of the Atchison. T -ka and Santa I'e
i. a. tmn old t.Mia-.
I personality," says the Grand Rapida
Herald, reviewing the present politi
cal situation and the movement for a
new party. Croat as was Hem;.
Clay," says the Herald, "there was
never a Clay party. Great as was
Lincoln, the necessary agency for his
immortal usefulness was the Republl-
looted at the November election
Since t'hase S. Oslmrn has been
iroveri.or Mr. Kuhn has ! n his most
loyal support ' acBuns the state offi
cials elected by the H-opl.
In addition to his btJag talked of
r.M a jH.sslble candidal, lor governor,
reports have ba n -ir. ubUSsJ from time
to time that Mr. Krbn might be ap
pointed to the state sutJreine oour
can party. Tremendous as was the bem h, ir, (.aso nf a va. ancy. and thai
magnetism of the name and the per
srnality of Grant, there never was
and never could have been a Grant
party and the 306 delegates who vot
ed on every roll call to give him a
third term nomination, recognizid
this axiom in their acceptance of the
..tiention mamlite. With all his
popular influence extending into ev
ery nook and corner of a happy re
public McKinley could never have
formed a McKinley party. Great men
brilliant, fore. fni. popular have
found Independent party movements to
be fleeting hopes from Horace Gree-
bft might enter the contest for ap
pointment b Prcsidcr.t Taft as United
S'.:'t s circuit judge for the eastern
distrb t of Michigan to since, d Judge
Angeli learlgiisd.
Genrge W. Honaghey, iln present
governor of Arkansas, was boZT In
Union Parish, Louisiana, July 1. lr.i.
His aduoalloB was racelvad in the com
mon .schools and at the University of
Arkat.sas. After leaving the univ. sit
he began his career as a cabinet mak
er and later cmhnrkd in business as a
furniture dealer and hardware mer
chant. Then he took up the busin. s
..f ' Batml contracting, in wbicn he was
news forecast of
the present week. 4)
. f
ohn.'s RopiibK-an State convention,
which idi.uriied early in June aftei
awanlin. President Taft the six 4b -Katev-:.
i - lage t.. the national olix.n
tion. will reconvene Tueadaj t nom
inate a Sfate to ket. In Pi nns l ..ma
the K. stone part. made ui at the
so-ca'led reform element o; th two
leading parties, will meet in convention
In Ham. burg to declue whether to
put a Keysntoa ticket in the field or
Indorse th. candidate--- of the ohfer par
ties. In Sottta Dakota, where the nom
inati .il ar made b primary. State
conventions will be I . id for promul
gating p'alforms and namitii; camli
lates for presidential eloctors
Exports and Imports Reach Aggregate of Six Bil
lion in the Year of 1912
Tin- t'oreiKn commerce of the United
States- made a MM and i ciiiarkabie
record in the fiscal year Just . no-.1.
I he toial value of the meichandls.
entering and leaving the country m
ts trade with foreign lands anil iu
. wn island possessions in the liscal
year I91J was 4 Pillion dollars, no
value of manufactures exported was
more MsaH l b llion dollars: and the
value Of non-din i.il.le net . handise en
tering thi. ooaatrt wan i MOraa Joi
iars. f this I billion !ollars orth o(
sjOl ftsHlahle merchandise eirterin flu
...iintrv during the y.ar ending Juno
3(, about !KMI million dollar'
vvorth was from foreign coiiirtrles and
;nn million dollius' worth fffOW Hawaii
and PartO MOO) Of Met m rchaiuiisc
...inniK from foreign countries only
tand not including that from Ha frail
and Paste RJCO, 11.84 entered ! IH
dutv. a mi i ust 44.3 . during the entire
period of the lblgle law. M$ Ulliier
tin- Wilson law, and l under tha
.d. Kinlev law when (he admission of
sugal t. .f dutv made the percelilagi
of ilutv-free import.- uniiMiallv large,
but not so high as that of lb' vai juf
Shows Rapid Growth.
In fact, tin- vali.e of duty-free mr
chandise entering from fondgn coun
tries in I'll J not only ex i eds oy far
thaf of any earlier year, but also
forms a tarcer share of the total im
ports thon in anv pi-ev ions vars OOOl I
IviJ and l!M. the openiiiK and clos
iiiK I ears of the oiieratlons of th
McKinley law. when tha imports . sn-
i.'iir ire.- of dutv were abaorasatly large.
Imports Of dutv -free merchandise n
af r- a hi d kg much iis 14)4 BlMMoil d-.l
ganlzatlop i..r increases in pa
trninHrnj o tMjH9,W annuar.v.
The I H-pa rt men I of Agriculture's es
timate of the acreage planted to cut
ton ill the United States will ho Issued
at noon Wednesday, with the month
i report showing the condition of cot
ton OU June If,
greas of the I ' m i ver.-it Ics of the Km-
pire, and tin- mratlsaj in Cltloafft ol
tin- tlf'tieth annual convention of tin
Natiomil BdUCatton Association.
President Tafl bus accepted an In
vitation to visit Philadelphia Mondnv
t.. attend ihe annual laengerfeat of the
NotthijiM. in Saengcr! und.
Sonic t hundred of the fettai ip !
cities of the United States, according
to reports, have decided to auopt th.
safe an.i sane" plan for flu1 celebra
tion of the national Independence da
next Thursday. The substitution of
musical festivals, hisb rieal pageants'
and outdoor wjKirts for the danm-rous
Hrearachar and lay pistol is axpaeted
to result in a msftetial redintion ;!
the number of casualiies that has
marJted the catohtatkm of tin Pbwrti
In BfVhMU vears.
The lonference committee of mana
gers of fifty Kas'torn r.tilroadx will
meet in New YorU M uda ith repn
simtatlVtsj ol the lit tln rho.Kl of Lo
COmotVve I'uemen and I'.iiuiik nn'n ti
discims the reeeni demands of that or-
'I'he wedding; Of Mrs ellie Grant
Sartorix. onl daughter of Gun. U. S.
t'.nint. and I rjii II. .lone.-, former As
sistant I'ost master General, is to take
place Thursday at the .summer home
of the bride-eleci in Cobiirg, n'.
The memorial to tha late litghl Hon.
COOJ ithodes, locelltlv completed on
the side of Table Mountain, near Capi
I ..wn, will be dedicated by Karl Grey
ON I'riday. which will be the ainiivei
at of (hi iato Mr. KIuhIcs' birth.
FT Ma) is the oav fixed for (he dedi
cation of th.- I'hantplain BiemOftaJ at,
CroWM Point, and on tin- follow Inn da;. .
a stmtlar aaaawetal to the great (rrattoUj
eXilorer ia to be dedicalcd at 1'latta- I
OtiMf int.-i ing events of (P.
week will include the beginning ol the
Olympic gamoa at stiKkhoim, tha an
nual ceh biaiioi, (f Dominion I 'a
throughout Canada, the Royal Rente
Uogatta, which is to be attended foi
(he irst time b the King ami 'Juo i,
the assembling .n I.oi.don of the Con- i
Tin- United states datives practical
ly aii ..f us fMt,ttf pqaitda of chlole
aimuiillv imported (fi r chew uiR gunu
fiom Mexico and i intral Ann-lira.
U i leatiy ttopkaJ South America
would also afford a largo supply. , miy
oat business man in LfeM appeal's t
(I. at in chicle num. He staled that lie
alw iv.s had abOUl Mi muiiIs, OeOtt
or less, in stock. His selling price is
I. Mi soles $'.ivi, per arroha. jr.
pounds,) or it soles, ir.'.'T) pat quiataJ
Of Iff iiounds.
His supplj cnies (ram tita Aopart
moai "f Plata In northern paru, whata
large ipiantities are siild to be nio
duccd. He w;is imublo to Kbe exact
Bajaraa as to tha amount n-f prodm -
lion, hut stated that he knew of ship
ments of af quintal Iota having iei n
made from I'iura, ;inl that he believe.-,
that tin- supply i still abundant.
The gum is used here and in tip.;
department of I'iura by makers o."
straw hits fof giving I OOtWtiM OOeM
and shine to the straw. It is also
is a varnish of an attiaelb ' v elh.-.v
. i. aui . ..lor for renewing w.: -called
1'anami hats. - 'oiisuiiir and Tiafa
It s lucky for some that RsOtOf
niv strike thah taaot.
lara prior tu IW8. They ton hd the
loo miliiop doRat line in ltKn, the 100
mllll k.llar line in lift, Urn 100 mil
lion line in lf-'. the " million dollar
line in l0!i, the 60 millioi, dolla. , n
in U07, Ho ;nn million rhlhti Him in
lia. and in llS approxlnialeil f4J mil
Hon dollars: and the addition of I fie
uierchamllse ObtnRsf from our own in
lands brings the grand total of n n
dutiable merchandise In live llaeaj v
1912 up to a riiin.l I billion tioHars.
Duty Free Merchandise.
The principal articles foitiilm: th.
billion ilollars' worth of dm ly -free m r.
chandia" oat rime .ml Incnial Rati ad
States durinv the fiscal .vear fl an.
according to the latest retiortK f tin
Korean of Statistics of the Department
of Commerce and Labor, food stufl
and maaufaotureta1 mateetsda. The foqd
stuffs entering without p i.vm i.t of du
ty Included about I "'1 million doiVarc'
worth of coffee, approximat al) '. mil
lion dollai-' worth of Mi ami .ioa.
over 14 million dollars' wo.ih of Irulfs
and IsUta, ' million dollars' w.oih ol
spices, ivad about no million dollar
worth of sugnr from Port Rleo, H iwajl
and the PMIItpplnea The m.-mufac
lUPera' materials entering ftao of &Ut
included gpprillmf)lal Iff million dol
lars' worth of bides and skins: ovat MO
million dollars' worth of India i ubb. r
ind aubatltutea tharaCaf i sdmul H mh1
lion doll us' worth of raw .-Ilk. SC mil
lion dollars' worth of tin in hart. Mock
atiti pies; Ui million doZhua worth oi
copper In ore and pigs. If million ilol
lars' worth of libers. Including henn .
lute and sisal and about :'u million
dollars' wo. ih i I raw coiion.
Manufactures Exported.
f lb" m ire than I billion d .li.u
worth of manufactacto aaportaa iur-
mg the year, those of iron and sic 1
amrrogated about minion doHara in
viilue: Copper onSl mineVal olet, Oacll
mora thin Iff million: lumber and
other manufai ti res of wood, nearly Iff
million; leaUu r and manufactures
tlo r. .. t. about ! million; ard cotton
manufactures, aiuuit SO million. Manu
factures exported In the month of M!
amounted to lus million dnttaro or the
single month and formed ti.v, ..t ih.
total lomcatlr exports of that month.
Kor the full fiscal year manufactures
foamed about 4H?; of the total doaa i tit
exports. During 'he If faatstht in Whtcli
ihe prttjvni tiiriiv law haa been in op
eration, mam, fact ures exported a.-e
aged JS million dollars per month and
futasad of the total export. Dm
lllg file entile existen. e it the Diliglev
law tha) 'averaged tt. million dollars
per month and forme. 1 ".7'; of tha total
sports; during- the entire op. 'rations
of the Wllsoi. law exports of maniil
tares nvaraari million dollata par
nioiilh and I. imnl of the-lotal e-
pOttf and datfbaj th" exist'-nce af tit"
.McKlnlo law thev averageil Iti mil
lion dojllars per month and foUpJad
-U. Of the total exports.
Superior In Their Superlative Excellence
Mazcppa Greater United Shows
Worlds, Highest Class Attractions
not an old feature nor an attraction that has ever
been seen in the Copper Country before.
4 Sensational Free Acts 4
"Cregg's Automobiles
rassing in Mid Air
The World's Greatest Lady Singer tt&KZ
Anna Woodward, 5 seasons the big feature with Sousa Band
Loop the Loop with a Bicycle,
The Most hazardous of
cyclonic daredevils
"Big Lill
55 the world's largest elephant will pull
Mrccicartrowaea vvitn peopiethrouh
the streets of Laurium every afternoon
Frfifi JatfPPt PSrailP wlH take P,ace Monday 5:30 p. m.
NCC Oil CGI TdldUB watch papersfor line of parade.
The Maeppa United Shows absolutely give the finest
street parade ever given any Carnival.
The Fourth of July in Laurium will be bigger and better
than ever before. The Celebration will last thf who le twenty
four hours a nd the fun will be for all. wy
Big Street Parade, thousands in line, Base Ball Game
Copper and Iron League. wame'
Fire Works, $900.00 worth ffl
s-s-s! 1111 f 1 1.. 1 1 yy
Pony Contest and Other Attractions-All first class
M 3dT afsa r n sfm aa W J- M - - - a- w . ar a
wxcuiiiiuci ia&i jruurin of uuiy m Laurium and
is Better

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