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MONDAY, JULY 1, 1912. ' 'f
'IMIHIIInL emadeaf
ittn v jJH
I ' W'"
v Webster's family Salve
It ll a scientific fusion of grandmother s old rellahJe healing
agents combined with cooling, drying ingredient gad a powerful
Have a Jar In the house on the "4th." Protect the children
It Ih also fine for cuts, burns. Insect bites and manv skin troubles
Two sisea. 2f.r and ftOc The Webster Insurance Hollev guar
ontoed tbe return of your money if you are not satisfied Wit
Thri-f ia it Wrlmlrr ltiaritnrl Oemed; for nnrli
every I'uninion III thnl ilna not rnpilrr a lntnr tl lajti- I
g-ra'lr tIM article alao.
Your druaslat has thni or run t ihm for you.
Webster Chemical Company
St. Paul, Minnesota
T'l ere will he a onfen n of all
MS Ill'M KIMI1IIUT lit (rt iH',1. Kwll-
nerlund, to discuss ngP;t sth.ns lot an
inter. latlmiul perpetual rnlender.
i ih.u ttfM Lcrov S. Ilo.vd will prc
his calendar, which lias : months
i.l" js davs Much, making a total at I4M
il,i ill the vcar. The :pj..tlvda is;
not included in .iiiv month, bui will
tl de the first :la' of Januarv and
vill he calh'd N' v Year's da.v. A
similar arrangement Is nuuhj for loop
.... Tlir . t i i da) is nt counted
in any month, but follows the luat
da "i September and .s culled BMP
Year duy.
The addltJonal month IncoUerJI Solaris
m i i .men between .inn.- ond July. Ig
.in illustration, ibi' year lull, i' ns.'d.
i.. .n.s, ai i i iiini to tin praam! ai
endair, the Aral div of MM yen .'ill
)egin n Sat nfdo) , which would bt -come
Ne,n year's day, Sunday, be
known as Jan I. I'ftfti Kvery in.. nth
would have tin- some numl it of days
and (Pvcry month and ererY weak afoula
begjhl on Sniidav and etti M ShIui -day.
That w.dd nmkf l le- same iUit
in asirh month fail on the aama dA) of
the week.
sn ii 1 1 pei untunl calendar nonld
i.iaki- ii unncoessar.v t have a printed
i alendnr for eer month, hevausc the.
davs it' t acb month arc bit nti al will,
t lii'M- of the lirst month one of tm
benefits expected to result from a per
petual calendar is that tl will ladll
late lnsinei-s call illations. t'ndei the
new svstcrn a month will mean ex
aetlv II day and not. So or :il daw
as at present.
Lodiee l-inen Antomobth
J. Vivian Jr. i Cod
Duati i
It pays to advertise.
We Got
a Trio
harmony .- nc. r.omedy in 3 colors.
4000 Feet of New
Film Today
Tl-Jt: 4TDL' adW
Special Feature Attraction
Don't Miss It
Fire-crackers Fire
worksBurned Fingers
too often ro together. There t Jut
enough danger of serious result io pay you
to take precaution. Instant relief, rapid
healing and freedom from possible L "n
are assured by promptly aDDlvlna
Bottle of "Mud' st London Auction
Was Imperil Tokay.
The auction salesroom has I urmshco
I manv little ioin.ni. es, and no.v one
has niton to. the lot of Lha wlna trade
A few davs ai. thai attention of m
! tjister" .ttai hed i a wi st imI Unit
I arag aalMI in a London aal40ToQwi to a
sample buttle of a eonslKiiment. It
eonltl not i. described in other terms
than a botile .if mad. for It was a druse
brown mass of srm!-liiinl . Imra. lei,
with a ntpansw mufty fnntfDtd nmnh
Tin enlnhHnM ntTofn( no qIm
to It l iiar.ii tor, for il was kMRfthod
as "e'lfteen dox.en of Moselli " (which
it most lertainh was not) "IftOW
Mais kj bottta and then lyfam iii a pri
'ate .i-llar at Italh. o fUVthot n-
lifhtenm nt eohld ho obtained from
the auetiotoiT nor COttM a bpttoC
nmi le be obtain
The mysterious lot was ku Re ;
down in the luster, nrbopa i iirlosily
was aroused it a shillniRs imp doz
en, and after roofnUttti Mth his
piinrip.il the opinion we foiined lha
It might ! some of the nal iir.
perial tokay which Is th exclusive
pioxi(y of the emperor Of Anstru.
profervntf for royal nnsumption, mil
icfnirded a one of the mo valuable
presents that the emp ror sn'a le
other MynJ houses.
it was c.:tlma.t d that the origin. I
nuantttf which the vendtii- poaoaaMOd
wa an sum or cisk of 3" gallons. It
would when bottled RWatlC the apeolltOd
Ifi dozen, and allow for abotii a dosU n
ImttHni contnlninc the let s or eedimen'.
line of whieh wa no dOtlbt the sample
.submitted at the sale.
The "onflnnment wns hrovKht up
'from Path, and a ietal siitinR of
the dill', tola of Iht llliu. the in ina
j er .and the t XpCTl taster was h'bl.
In solemn alienee a liotth w.i.- un
lOrtMKt, and t'n win p;i!e -md bril
liantly ehar was unanimously pro-
nonnood to ha the reynJ t ka. tin-
trade value of frtltch is not less than
a sntnon and half a luittle.
No doubt the original owiiei was
some diplomatist to w how the wine
had bton Riven as a nuu'k of im
perial favor. London Doily Ohrofricfe.)
Plazera, N'mfolks. Naval lilouses
laneii. White Corduroy and Kepi
Skirt. J. Vivian Jr. & Co. 1
Next to Post Office
The ol, HoiTlS, lloiiMe, V i i 1 1 1
.iveiuie and fellls OtfOOtn, Kail.Man CWfi
Mo., famous It. ante helium and elvll
ar nat8. is ti be preserve by :i bls-
lori.-ai nmlnty. it win be ronponod"
dinnela will be net veil thin i ooki iI hi
hntbtn the. war itvle. anil the antl
'.aaieil fm nlsliians and Num. midlines.
S4i far as poHsible, will be n iv j
oi null. red.
htovtnnj ntcturni win in itnod b thi
flevelaiwl Independent la asHoeia
tioti to Instil' patriotism in tin- bonrtl
f ehilUren of fi reinnborn Kirntb liv
ina' in Ciovohini, I nnimeneJnt; l.iat
'I'bursilav and t out ineiny until July 4
patriotic Minis VVd be Nllowti ri the
ppljli' letjrnriMi
Recently the Kansas City, Mn , street
railwav eompanj issued an order pro
hibiting smoking en ita earn h passeii-
nertr. Then- srere ecorea oCnnonll riotn.
The other flav the eoniiKLny res 'inded
the rul . Now it i noticed tli.it smok
inK Is rarelv to be I" uinil on the ears
ItavitiK won. pi-seii.is drop I In prae
ttee. Atiantn, Ga.i nj to have new ni-
lel. It will ! ene.l Tin ', oil t no, '
and will stand on tie oilier ) Peaeh
tf e and Klli Nlreetst. It will be I :
stories in behjht, w ijj eont IMftftn,
and to furnish its Ml too ma $.'IHJ,000
win je i int nfltd.
The New forfc Observer, a re
liKhwin WoolUX, famous 40 viars ago
under the eiiitinsbip at r. s. Irenotn
I'rime. hM none into bankrupt! . Tin
papei was founded as a Presbyterian
publication in N
Ph Hndetph bnnrd of Uhecntton
baa placed ivpill :'Wiinil)ers ill Kl 0f
the M rnin iiM.il bath houses of the
iit. Tin se annoy ti win taneh swim
mlnr free to all e.mers during the
summer musoii.
.Milwa'ik-e is diaclaryinn oil old
men in its tie and police ::larm hs
tein and is replacing them with younx
r m'ii on the iru:id that aonttnmnl
has no place in the conduct of city
It is estimated that In swat-tbe-
onninnbin In Waahlnnti'n In three
weks j,nG,oou boiisellies have been
Sir Wilfrid l.auriei vra- nine cn an
cleelioneerlne lour in Ontario, uftd as
the .lections were Intterl.v .-onteMe!
everv elfort was mifde to stir up rue
anil reMfftmjs prejudice. m day a
Qnonnc Mknrnl sent this tcnotnB to
Sir WMfrid:
"H-'Povt in circulation In this cnuM
try that your enlldren have not been
baptized. Telegraph denial."
To this the premie rifejthnl:
'Sorry to say roMrt Is Cfarrect. I
have no ehllilrcp " - ''it -lbt s.
Little Bo-Peep washes hrr sheep &
With Fels-Naptha and cool water.
That's why they're quite so snowy white
As they come trailing after.
Remember this about Fels-Naptha
Soap: It's not only distinct from other
soaps in name but different in action.
Most soaps have the distinction with
out the difference.
But Fels-Naptha is different in this
it's a totally new way of washing.
Fels-Naptha is the only soap that will
satisfactorily wash clothes in cool or luke
warm water, without boiling or hard
I rubbing.
That's the difference.
No boiling o r scalding clothes to
weaken them, no back-breaking rubbing
I over nauseous hot suds.
Washing done in one-half the time
with one-fourth the labor; clothes last
longer and are cleaner and sweeter than any
other method of washing will make them,
i Do you prefer the different way?
You will when you've tried it.
' In using Fels-Naptha Soap in Winter
tor Summer, follow directions on the red
;reen wrapper.
Washington, Jul I Tin socretar!
ot agriculture bms "The i-partniiml
of agriculture is otRatiuiiiK Jual n
In la. farm demonstration w oik into
ihe northern states. Two elaooai n
men are required foe this ork CI rat,
in ea 'h ountv a lust rate farmer nrho
has boon a HtH'eiSH on his liitni liio
who understutats practlcnlly, without
much theory ex. "pt wha: he may have
incident ill; picked up, lii to hand) '
the toil, th plant, and the animal; sec
ond ,,vr innjtf dlatricti "ii statev, ..
different claaa nf men Is w anievl, a in
have an :iur iltnral cetlefc Irsinitij
combined with its appn. ation to nmc
the in the neld.
"As we lead the duib lOkoers and
see the reorts of tbe Ihowpndl of
rovnoj Men tUni ar. BraduaAod in law
thriHMfhoul the eonniry, tbo roflcctlon
natuiallv eoliles- 'What a pitv that
Ihe Vrnhl demand at th larin for In
tolltgent men Is n l Behnj more con
ltdercd by our i diua 1 1 .n il institu
tions.' Fields Cry Tor Man.
"There Is Hot lavi Mirk for nort
than a small per elit of ihote 'ouii
men. 'o di ubt the education nnd nt n
tal training they have bud will mnkO
them brighter men, bu1 theie ure no
jobs waitiiiK for theni. that is. for
tool" tinui a small per rtt04PS of them
while the tii Ida are ei v lni aloud for
iruimd men. ReHUM keepers ore com
plnlnlna at tht oofi r bvinit. it
would seem to bp trite fot our educa
tors in th"ir aailonai meetinha to eon-
sider these plol leins. It nil9ht b wise
lo consider about bow man: ' OUnV
laWero WW Nt needed In the nest
year lo take the p!a o of the older
men arho are dropping out. That could
be very easily determined Then if
the "attention of this ei.ijw of students
were called to tlu- demand of the O'
di. si l ies for educated men. a different
direction migut be given to many
roiunj men o ho seem to ho 'drnwhas
their bows at u venture.'
"This applies to more than the la.v
yer. There are no doaht far more
' 1 1 1 1 , pbyntoionf blnp turned out
from the liie atioiial luatlUttiona of
tin country than ther- are patients for.
Wrong direction has been given lo the
education of manv young men, ai d yet
there is nothing more dtffHUll b
change than the nkj t stuns oi , lu. a
Oversuppry oi Doctorj.
Ip n si.h ;ye.i:j report (It'll)
as presi.djtlUIliM
tlon for the .niva
vufnWtt ef teaching,
I r. Henry s. li Item 1 1 i i'.ys:
" y . ordina: to le ei ns t it les
'"Iff v
there vere in the United MaUM iii 1 1 M
tU'.Otm pti.v an tans and Miixe .ns. In
the bulletin on gnbfioai dunntkn is
sued by the found it ion ,u tS It war
eaieuiuted nfler 1 ireful irvoaiigaliiin
that V.Oimj aradtuiied anruallv from the
Hindi ml i boojs would fjtrnleh an am
ple HUi'l'l.v ot new p'l.v ;.'iu'i lo lake
the places left vacant oy tenth and
other causes, and to keep pie e wnii
the growth of pnnuUilioiL'
" 'Assuming, and It ia ev idently an
Mravatiunt assumption, that the pro
ioi i ion f lawyer! to the population
si'ouiu be as larse m tho prtptnsrttnn 'l
phvniaoo i ggnftnnloa unnnail)
Irom the low schools woulJ be suf1
elent to maintain even the present
rowib.l athgni of the h-Kal r afeftsi-.n.
Aa a natter of fact, In lunc. 191a. the
number of Students era. hia'od bv tin
Inw itcboota numbered t.'ns. and tins
Mhei no nrrrnni of tho 'arc noeem t
age of brat ror i who are i ilmli i ml to the
bar without bavins; rr ch'ed lav
school diploma. If We plac,. (be nOf
capita need of a I i w v er at toe lie
li'iii 01 the in mI- of h phvsbiaii. a. .1
dlsri K iio all who , n!r the pj-oii sion
without eoWlplrtlng so- . ssfullv a lav
setsOOl coutse it Is evident that lb
output td the Inw schools of tin pffQS
tut da: Is f'r in excess of an ;u i i s-
snrv demnnd 1
"It Is eertaln that the b-maml for
lawyers nnd plryorctnni is much ntore
than met hj Ihe prod ..sl-.iial . Ii I
tad-v. It is equally certain that the de
mand for tducated lurmers ;s strik
Inrlj nooh rit I."
Chsrleston Has One Thirty-five Feet
in Ci-cumference.
A woman -1 i x Inp In South t'litolinu
iMtast-i that her state has the largest
live o.i in the worl1. Stie discovered
In a eopy of Conn try Lift bj n marl on
a pblure of a California tree labeled
"The Largonl ak In the World" and
she foTWitb flew to the defense of the
Cnnatlnlnn specimens.
"Mlddleton 1'laee gardens on the
Ashlev, mar Charleston," she writes,
'afford some specimens that will put
lids famous California tree to third
o fourth place, on the Uvvn of Mld
dleton place there stands the sover
eign of South Carolina live oaks. The
age of this tree, as of manv PthOTS
near It is ioondlhe knowledge of
man. The waist ,,f the trunk meas
ures 36 feet 6 Inches. Its spread from
Up to tip Is 1"G feet. TI4h hi as far
ag I .an learn and I have investigat
ed quite a bit the largest oak tree In
the world.
"Another Mlddleton place specimen
is probnbly the most beautiful in ex
istence and second in point of size,
having a trunk :'7 feet in etViUMfbnett
i m e. Another notable live oak Is to
lie found on one of the terrn.es, inn
tbe parterre. Its waist un a siiienn n i
is only II feel 4 Inches, but II has a
hprea 1 from tip to tip oT ITa feet.
"I heard of an oak tree at hTefJgettO.
S. C. that was. and f-till is. tin- talk
f the , mint i siiie Conductors on the
trnlnn toll nfmnwi of Id greht dne.
1 sent to Mcggetts ond had OKoMre-
mehu of the tree asndo. The trvnb
was only .'.". feet in gtretuhfoNnou
and the spread I'.T, feet. Then I
wrote to a friend of mine who, whib
in Knkland. interested norgoM rOT
mm h in tbe oak frees, there, tin it
size, etc
She writes that slu Mltfeoff sa .'
nor heard of an oak ttcc there thai
whs as large as that on tbe lawn til
Mlddleton Have gardens. She said,
however, that there was in KiikI an I
now the detayed stump of an oak tree
that once boasted the noble vvaisi
measurement Dl II feet."
Their Nur-hei-s an Ev Hence Thst Mao
Is Sacial Beinq.
Man is i grognrhMis a niin !. a a.
being. Hence our cities an I the 'P 11
Itation tiny iiave made nonoihlo
),. ilso otr fraternities, tne cot
o fratgrnitiei uv hided.
The nldjeal or thedo diwnh bitei to
letles In the I'nited States is the Phi
He t a Kappa, founded Ut -ember I7TI,
W illi no and Mar.' C,..ge. Wil
luuns-hurn. Va Tins soviet: now has
oavont) intven baptts located in is
manv of the lending roflegei 1 id unl
vernltrea of tho tJnltod s..ite, and 17.-
..embers The ggMrn general f:a
tern tt h In the coOegea and nnrrnrdl
lies i.r lh ITntHd Stabs now hav,
:J7.ttl.l membirs. with 1.1 'V active and
M4 Thaetive chapters and bap-
ter boa-es.
Ther. ale Ihii lv fetJf of these Tra
ternltleH, ra h with a fJreeb name
whore mtOjlMtg is a mvsiei,. to the
ImtOUght, industrious toilli .n : ot llu
republic. CwMhtned ,n,. hnvo atmt
one-l!ftb Hie membership f a sinl-
frnttrnnl bettefhtinf) Mychrty in tiu
Cnlted State- that b es ggg make col -Mgni
breeding a condition of nttMhOT
ship -the Mooern V odmen of Aim r
I. a.
The cnBin women In pr H.rtloq to
their total nunierici.i sirened. au
npiallv sirong on the fraternal able.
The amneii'i ponnroi irs tern I ties uini
ber eighteen. The) he ItVSIJ ntenn
t'ra. w ilt ; 7J m ti - . haplets an.:
sixti Inactive, ond with 1-3 fritornhy
ll Qnta l"n at Moiine U'l colb-1., i
the oldest w omen's fraternity, this lw
!ng an Instate e which It i- permissible
to mention nge In deal'im tth IwHv
womati h Beta VlH ll felt) -live
;..ars "Id. a s.xeet VOUOg Mnnqrlj eUTi-
iMnflngn Hh Phi BtM Km
The value o ea h mac properlv i
enbanted Ly Ihe value '! the properlv
around It. it is not enonuh to build
a aood ho ise; we must ta-lp to make
a . "I to n
North Western Forestry Co,
Tree Surgeons
and Timber estimators
The Menenfei ,,r Qrenter United
Shows' Cariii,ai eonjebnny .iri;vei it.
l-aurlum last e.i n- . or tin c,,p-
I per ilangH' t oad. Immediat. lv iinlo.ul
!iuf was priseeded with. nndOhnd b)
hundredK of people and the various
shows were nnnlrd to Undr reetreettvr
loCOtkMafl on 1 1 e- I ap .-l.
aii of the ehow-. nn ntohnnj tin fr
act, are bofnf StnthmOd on llicla, oj
too)dhag in in inn nnrnjnf of wtn ami
Hecla streetK to Lake LhOdOO aVMnHM
There ;. re :"! attra. tion In nil, IlH-lud-ing
the free etsL The eiara'.inv .
said to have an elienl Ii f show..
and il ia expected thousand, of eupli
ull visit I auriiiia fegftng tl"' week.
Mayor kaeepn ills of tee trlSntse of
l.auiiutn thla morning Issued a proela-
i.iation ogMIng upon tip- bnohnona
bouses of the town to decorate in hon
or Oj the rrOrtllVOl v hli li in to open
iii - evondngj n .. o'rhrefe with a big
.-ire.: parade .lavcr W'lla repie.i..
that those 'u siness hmi.-s which eon
temnlati. dOOOTOttog for the Courth
shoiiid do so at on mid not wait un
til Wednesday 'i he midsummer car
nival will be on in full Wast tins even
ing and the sooner the decorations are
In place the Letter.
Net a little Inonl interest wa cen
tered last evening in "Ldl." the grcit
elephant of tlx Ma- p: a ami Ureal r
I'nited Bhoevo. The bin aninuil i roved
very usefel In tiaii.-poriin the various
shows itom tin ne.net to the ioonttohi
eeleeied for them, j A: the horses tur
ned (tn I p died at the WHgont to ( linv'i
ihe steep grade mar the Laurlum hos
pital, the etrphant t ui inondtn to th
rear of ea h wagon and at the com
mand ef the driver who was seat u
on th big animal's shoubiers. "LIU"
lOVKOrod hor lead and plinej it anain;
each vehl -le m turn itihing it up the
urat.e with ab:arerit ease.
Shetland Pony Content.
Bd, Oieon i hd John Jrnnnhf are n,
the lead m il;. Shell mil pop." DOOtcOt,
whLh being held in l.antnini in
isnhnocttt'n with the . irnlval tin;
fogttrth of .July week. ObJOfj l as a U
lal vote 10 d..le of Mil, tflth QtroeOlu
close second, i! little over IdMJ bt iiin,:.
Scvcial othOT tonipetitors are Ohnft
enonnh to tno iondera to make it
lerootinr. The vote:
ttegloald Manlev r,
looi ge NJ'intoe . ..... .S
Willie V i now 4
i.eo flaedetl i
;. v , ii
i tu
lohn uroool
'bet 'ban lot . . . .
I'eter Saietie
Cecil Stephens .. . . . . a?5
Karl Stephens S3
Kd. lson .6.R v
Iconic Wilson .'..'
Leslie ( ;. Rah
l.orin er St.uniard
Kalph f. Wills
Ma 0bngn l.-'.Vl
.liinmit Cupello j
Former O'd Resident of Copper Coun
try Passes Away.
.i.. i iti penherth) reoolved a teks
gmn Bntnranj from fin It la ltd. c,,i.
edtirtg that bis hroilur. S. T I'. n
bcrlhy. dbd there I'ridav evening Tli
nenona .i as one of the oldest planner
BOttleri of tin copper country, com
ing here from KtiKhind In IW4 with
his parents Me iisided af the Chl'i
mine location until I Mi;;, going from
there Honcoeit.
He ,. ft tie . ..pper country for Cal
Ifomla in Isv,. ami since that Hire
also .p.nt thn. yngri in Alaska.
Tbe de. -eased was 61 ve.its o il;,-.
and was well known to many of Ihe
older residents, lie is survived by his
v Ife and two daughters, and a step
sister and step-brother, Mrs J I'
n.iwdcn. of Lake Linden and S. V.
RnwSngJi ' Tamarack. His step
father. .1. V. Rowlings, also of Tama
The Milwaukee County Hospital
offers to a limited irimher of young
women an excellent course in the
theory and practice of nursing
Applicants should be between the
ages of L'l and 3.1 years, have a good
L'nglish eifuVation and be of good
moral character. Monthly cash allow
ances after the probationary term.
Application papers and bulletin of in
formation sent on request. Address:
Milwaukee County Hospital
School for Nurses
Now If yoi, i
strove ailment!
veil can g t a
iffei from ollher ( the
And bn't really think
iv oeneltts from inking
CMreprnctle Adjustments.
.test speak lo Mr. John Phlllkpi Al
Imten. .ilia h- wtd InTorm v n what
benelll be fOCf id thlo-n'ti Chir-;HH.
tic iJul niei.ts
ThLs tentleman suftervd fa eat.
aith Lumlmai. tried cveryth'nK. but
w ithout ml e.-s until he came lo nn
Graduate Chiropractor.
312 Sixth Street
rack. Survives. Ihe late Mi IVnhci
I thy was also a -tiroHe l ol Iv ll I'cli
bertby of BoOghtOn
Signal Honor Conferred on Judge
O'Brien by Wilson Men.
Attornev Kd K. LeCindn. of t;. i.
iitm of l.eltendn and Driis-'uM, of
Liiiiluto aid Irn.wiod n-thnl . .t-
tel this mn ig Hem Judue P, 11
iMrien, statlnq that be ave hk ol
iii.- oeondiiiK addresses to WoodroA
'l. .i'.- noinlnation as u candidal, f. i
prnnMbMM in ihe lialtimore convention.
Jinlne l Brian, n scM-omlirii; Mi. Wd
aon's nomination, gave a tlve-minuie
talk. He was s b-i-tci f a this bene
b) Wo-hIi-mv Wilson's ninnnniirii en
honor Hi I Is mni h appre dated b) his
irit-nds The judjic has been an avow
ed r llso'i man Irom fjgg lirst. .ml left
Hie copper entjntrs tor DoJtineo' de-
itrmin-.-.l lo rtictv to tbe X- w leTnOl
governor lo the. last ditch.
Manacer li u.k Mavotte. in eiiargs
of the Kbt tri' I'aik. the p opular mm-
mer rngntl of tin Houghton Cottnti
Traction. com.an, announced this
mornina that thin- will be wpeclal mii
ac CUT dancing at lla goagj lom aiow
evening living to the arnlv.il cum
pony's attractions n both It' d J:i :: t
and Lnnflwn tins oronkt thotni wMl '
no spe ipl feateres at the jarK Tiiurh
day and Saturday this vvk. M kg
similar eveninss in p isl w eks.
The funeral of the late .Mrs. Paul
ine Kltppert. a widow, took place this
morning with services at the Sn nil
Heart church. atuJ interim nt in Iake
View cemetery. Death took peace
Saturdiv alter a lengthy illness. Sin
i." survived h several grovvn-up chil
gH H 'I1 'e""l"l 1 1 Hri
Miss H.i' lp I. .iHUBhter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Kau-.r-tt bit Plrhln lot
Hoston. behig aeetnnpanied from De -liolt
by Mrs. Krai.k R. Yasll.indu Oi
Calumet. Mwr 'iin -ett will Npeml tin
next two months at the Mo Mo-Da-Yo
enii for elrls. situated al South
Mmlr.Kton. Maim
The Hinghton Light lr.fantr has a.
oepted an Invintion to appear It the
Fourth of July parade in Liutlum.
The ompany will come t Laurnmi
on a special street car. arriving -loom
i:M u. m.
William Vi.. arson. lxuium'. real
state oBong, with a part.v of prospn-
tive norm buyer g. spent tnroo dnyn hurt
week in the Tre4 Booh River vaHe
loohlni iiret I mds. Mr. Andrrsoi,
t Men that a number of Calumet bun!
ness men and other are Jail nukin ;
Inquiries and l- uklg oerr MM i whk Ii
he boo oi Me othon ""' ergnnB goes'
farm lan.l in tin P.
William Mcriitt. of IVn ntVngi ha
gone to lrvm Mountain to visit
Mrs. L. On I'a.iv die BftO let t : . D
ii-oit, to join in r hnnhngnh
Cm isiopln T T'e. ei bos pot li ned
Irom Detroit, where In- .-pent Ik gMM
heverul OMMftho.
A regular MnnifjMJ nMnhMg ot the
Lamium vttftngi nbngndl vvni bo hnM
tomoiio-' ev.fi uK. it is ongseted Qm
council will act on the lebor and .al
ary rolls so that the village iMlduyil
will 1k in rereirit of th-ii paj etive
lopes for 'lie I'ourth.
-rue 4 mt "dr
New Show
"The House ef Quality"
Special Attraction
A lct' V ision of
mm umm sa.

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