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Site GTalimuet 5fciur;
u i t. 'Day I N4nWJI
I'll-' T f I - J Tonight. Tle
iti clearing. Warmer,
Unique Celebration in Honor of
the 21st Anniversary of the
Founding of the City
More Than 4,000 Will Participate
in "Voyage of Founder"
Di txolt, Mich., Julv . The cadlllu
, , i. itival in cel. I. ran t I r i 'ilia
: ,1 .'I till- luUI.'till.'. ..i I II 11
viitoine la Moil,- Cadillac in.
i . . h soldier of fortune, was ushered
,,. i..'kiy, with the . My gorgeouslv de
orated aiu1 tilled with visitor as never
ht t ..i - in her history
AH that tlu- ruudinr OUt "I In i
.eiiturter. of progress and development,
, i minding- and i 1 1 m i o 1 1 , of growth
., ..,.. illation anil bu Iik -t Koala
f tint , and ami.it en- realized, "i wod
i.-rfumed and project computed, of
... ms tttained and problems ..Iced
don.- means to a ettj la what
! i'. it will celebrate diiilne. lb. smC
i Inning toduy. i
li huh on July 24. 17H. ihat a. il
arrives! .-it tin- sit.- of th.' future
inetlopoHg with Bft gpldtgtn una lit
.nadiuu tiad.r- and artisan and
ibllshed Cut Pont ton train on tin
I . inks of the river. Two dayH later he
laid th' loundutiton stone for S;
Anne's church. In this church, noma
,, wars Intel Detioil's lirst "hit.
. hlld. a daughter of Cadillac was bap
tised. . I i-. ikIi .all.-. I tiif to w ttJlflfll
ill.- d'Etrott." Th- population of
.ti. village wan Increased in 174! by
the arrival of huh a hundred Inmil
r: nt who lunif In reeejMMsae to a pi...
, ii ii .,i tii.' mm general ;
nfferln a subsidy to to s. i
! PI r Later thoro were mote arrivals
idlng large parties ol exiled Ag
Detroit's Great Growth.
The population of Detroit reached
"" in I7!rt. ami tlB in lxto. In 1840
was 9,142. In llft, lltfs. in 1 H7!.
' .7.'. In 18V0. xftl,K7t and in 1
IS itK, The latest census, taken in
iio .cava D.'tn it a papulation t r$5,
in increase ol til per ..11' in t-n
) a TH.
In 1774 the BfOt rtvtl gov . Trim, tit
pro ktod bi lha Dritiah t..i 1 oH
ind the urroUmHpfl ttrHtory. in UM
town came Into th. pom I
n,, l'i n.-.i Stati' and w is ocupi. l
I I Aim ri. au troops 'I'll'' UWi was
1 poraU d iti IMl ai .1 three, yttxtu
'ator it ii.'.'umi' the scat of the taiTt
i,.rlal go eminent ol Ml began. The
1 paper printed in Datroii appaarw)
1 n AiiKust if.. HW, OeneraJ
Haii Burn n.i. M-.i Datrod t. th.- Bvlllah
and they retalin-d aieaatotl for a lit -nore
than a -aj. In lM Hit BWM
i-amboat airlved hen- fiom liultal
in if 24 DetroH was chartered aa pHj
and John It, Williams was elect. l -
lirat inaor.
imrinK Ike pata aaaah there iii
!all pagtants on land, on the water,
11 llo- sir. Tin t a w ill 1..- at hi. 1 Iti
ami amusem. i.t .t iVerj de
nptlon, NotabaM froaa map oitiej
I lu: I'nittd Statin no! iVinada have
i- .1 Invltutionu t'. hi' k " si 1 '
..I Detroit,
''ii,- of the big laattirea ot the areek'i
1 in will be a sreat historical pt-
1. 1'i. tiiiK th.' .. age ..t !adiUa.
md his landing in Detroil More thati
v peraonn Krted in tin .Ir.-s ..i
tii.- period will first . seen reatiAi in
n t imp aloki ih si Clali River,
idlllar romptetea his voj : 1 1 h
III he met bV a lleet Of ' S- li
i'" Heel win he limb- 11 1 at aoeafal
1 Bl it. r.- .-nil.' evttei I -
1 he riat a 1 reaei . and man prl
it.' aohta.
1 'ii setting fool 'n 1 '"ii'-it tin- Frencii
tpkrer will be met by United Blah
"' Mars front h'ort Wane the Hill
i 'iilllen of fanadn. he di. biean mill
la, hi, 1 marines from the United
stales revenue cuttera and the na.l
ervea, w h , win atooti him 1.. '.1 .not
''it. us Park. Lie wiii be rael at tie
b) a hand of Indl ins. th.- chief "I
which will present him with a pipe
1 " " He w hi then be i"i mail, re
"ived bi Qovtrnor Oataarn of Mlehl
and the otii. -ia 1 repreaewl iti at of
Una night of the week bl to h, live)
'-t t" a m immoth Induati la I p trade,
with float- 1 .-pres. nt inn the pro grain
Hi-' arloiiH inaniila. tin iii); .111.' mat
""ll. interest of the . il Then
here win i,e an autonaotoUe parade in
'vhloh Ki.oiMi motor ears- will t .We part.
'I"' ' bathl to . all all. ntlon t" the
that ionn1deriibl HMtrc than hill
"ii'.mohii.'M made 11, vioi i, 1 are
'"''I ill Detroit.
In th.- rtOpJ of mnkltiK ih. Ir ell I the
"""t" water-aporta centtr of America,
"' nfflktaat baea irraatnd in .,
I " "" program of a. mail, apaaa
II " lacs, poWer h.HII ra, . ennoe
'"'' Mi.nMing conteate and hydro
Pne cofnpetitlone will fill m the week.
I Wlnnii'. k. .dan.. Julv JL'. Al-
fred II. oiikm. president of -h-:
VVInnlpei Reul l state ex-chatiKi-,
and a waalth brakif
v wl toda) face the . harge at
manslauKhtei bjavtltuted by the
! Manitoi.a government, a ken is
said t.. have run lawn ami kill -
I ed Mis. Walla..- 1'nattlWI. ol
Houth Shields lailand. Satur-
day nlaThl with an a niomobile.
akes himsi 11 baaai the driver,
At Hie agUea it was lid the
v car was inniiing at a gtreatCI
apaad than aUoared bl law.
! Oakes Is under ten Una. sand
dollars ii.iiids.
A .la A 8..'
Lansing, July l'. State Highway
( 'onunihshiiiir Ky of Lansing sas the
work of conatructlng good roads In
Michigan has been goliiK alon tlne
Ij this slimmer ami that '.xn miles
have been huilt as coniiai-d with IDO
miles last ear Application for state
reward foi Uiiii miles more are on tile
Ir the office, the situation being that
by the end of Ibis . 'ah II' I II Veaf tile
entire cpproprlat ion will be exhausted.
Making comparisons to show how In
lei.'-l in g0ed toads has ill' i. as. d
th 011 1 slollel tateN I Ii . I litt miles
wer. aantlf IKtafl the Irat four years
the department was In existence, with
714 miles the last two years and .mi
miles the laat year.
Most of the good loads const III, t 1
Is standing up well, ('ommlsslonei; Kly
says, ami Is giving er k"."I satisfac
tion to tin people who , out lihie,l to
the coat. "The state reward. yoj
know.'' he said, "is simply the state's
bpunty tor the building .f good roads."
The commissioner is patlicularlv
pleased with the gravel roads, many
miles of which have been ronstru. ted.
He sas that that class of highway la
standing the test well, all. I expeii. ncc
has shown that II is not only a stable
n ad 'nit is ivadilv repaired and kept
Ir gQPd condition!
The newer counties continue to
lead In the construction of good roada.
aa compared with Hie older counties.
I tlOtiby securing tYie benefit of the
Id of the less progressive bailiwicks,
the l.ip.i.rs o" which contribute to
aid in this construction while not par-
tlelpattag in lha reward which the
state pays.
Friend of Self - Suppori ing Girls Known
as "Modern Joan of Arc."
Nrc, York. July St The IPriUM
left bv Kmniii Carol. 1 W eiishotT. 1 . BtN
1 th.- little kmwn rich young women
id N'ew York, amount- to 3,SM,Mt, ac
Cording t the report of the slate tax
appraiser. T he bulk of h. r t State is
made up of bOaadfl and in .1 1 -a ;es. iflag
Woei Icpjoffat . who has been pnalaed
since her death, us a "Mmlcrn Joan of
.u.'." as thrown from an artoniobi!.'
near Mlna 0. nut. .11 last appjajlber, She
dieil a few ii ur later, aired M She
was a iriaditale of Itryn Muwr colleue
and aPlaaSad in aocla! settlement work
at the time of h. r death. lie a. -
tivltles during the stllke of the :d.ll t -wai.-t
makers in P"U. resulted in hei
election ,1- treasurer of the Women's
Trades I'nlon Leaeue She shunned
publicity and little whs known to the
outside world Of her la I or unlil ift.r
bar .1. nth.
Cross-State Tour in Texas Confined
to Ranchmen's Machines.
Dallas, Texas. July H Tile -iKht
,,t seres of automobiles drawn up
lor.- ladMH lor the start ol the Texas
lanchmen's cross-Slate tour c .10 -.1 lie
spe. -tutors to predi, t that th.- da Is mil
far aHitani Mian the top buy! pon
ike th.' dty hors. will Boon be sup
planted h the motor car 1'he cross
Htate tour Is .online. I exclusively to
ears owned b the 1 an linifn and far
mers but deapHe this limitation there
was no lack of enlrhs .11 the conteat.
Reverpl bandaoatM trophlea and liidtd
in canh prta will be distrii.ut.il
among the eTimnrn, rite routa is ftnm
DalL.a to San Ant. nio and return, each
touring car .nriiig- not less than (npt
passengers, ami runabouts at hast two
p IS-. IO'.-v
Mexican Rebef Chiroed With Violating
the Neotr-d y Laws.
San Antonio. Texas. Jul IB, UamHn
Vnsipie 1 ;..n.. for a brief lime pro
visional president of Mxi.,.. ami .1
r. st. d here, with five others. Satiirda.v
night, chameil with Violalil-n the .',m
erlcan ne tralltv ,aw:v Me was given
a hearing today. Th. charge is baaed
on tin alloiMtrln thai the men wer.
attempting to start a revolution
against a I'l l, ndl) nation.
Duluth Mlntv Jnlj at. The atMePJ
of Duluth nr" gavlv decorated with the
national colors of th. United State? and
Sweden In honor of the throngs of
vkeitam here for the Mg snenKerfest
,,i the w. Oct 11 hin 1 1 ike I'nlon '.1
ftwedlah Hing rs. Tin f. .lval had Ita
lorn.il opening t.-ilav n,l will continue
until Thureday.
Governor of Illinois, Counted on
by Progressives, Says Pres
ident is Nominee
Oixon Delivers Ultimatum to the
Progressive Leaders Today
Sringf1eld, 111.. July 22. A commit -
te of five progressive ! e pi! I 1 1 a II s,
,P pointed by Mfdlll McH'oimlck to
1 ait on Qov jieneen to aacertaln
a hat her he .win support Tg.fl ol
Roosevelt, was Informed b- the gov
ernoi 'his morning that he consnl.-red
Tilt he regular nominee of the Ke
pujatleen party tor president, and as
such felt obligated to support his can
didacy. Full Ticket Says Dixon.
t'hh ugo, July 22 There must be .1
full third party ticket in Illinois, with
candidate! for governor and othei ..i
li, ei lav oiahle to H00S. V elt "
T hat was the ultimatum of Sen.ii'.i
Dixon. Roosevelt's campaign man
ager, delivered today to the Illinois
lead era of the third part) move at.
It Would he futile for HooseVelt to
it. nipt to run on a ticket merely for
the electoral vote," said the senator.
"That would be only a moral protest,
and not a campaign. As for putting
Tall iml Roosevelt both at the bead
..I the Republican ticket In Illinois,
that's silly. Roosevelt ha- resigned
front the old Republican party. Our
campnlgjg marks the birth of a new
narti frag front all onfl parties."
"This Illinois atmosphere is strange
to llle, though there bgl been no .pies-
tlon of a third, stale ticket. It Is in
concelvable that a candldata for gov
ernor thirty .lays alter the national
Convention has not indicated whom
he will tUpPort, Had D.-neen said he
i,ui.i aupporl Booae veil undouhtedll
he wo'lhl have tesigned as the nomi
nee of the Republican partv, so he
would he free to run on the third
ticket. Anything like a compromise
between i he Republicans am' pn.gres
hes, such ns having a candidate fo,
govenor running on the Republican
ticket while he is supporting the third
party candidate for president, would
he undesirnble to Roosevelt and In
consistently with pronressive ideas.
Pussy foot politics might go in times
of peace, but not in these ilaye."
Dhton will remain in Chicago for
several dins t.. talk over the details .!
arrangements tor the convention an
August :.
Moans a Third Party.
'hhago, July .2. Senator Dixon
-ai l Penn'a announcemenl manna
that a third party candidate a-'ninst
him ill he pat out.
Fine Program Arranged Fcr Wednes
day Evening .t Electric Park.
The Calumet Flavorlte clnb win g-ivc
a datue Wednesday evening ut bile. -
iri. park. The r. fr H, ori'hentra has
I., eii anggped io fumiah mual oo
lancing. Upeclal carl will leave Red
Jacket at 7 i" and s oVTock Wednes
lav night, following is the pi , i .n
of music
Two-step Who Are You Willi To
rrlghf .'
W ill 7. A Hit lie Was Just Mad. t .
Two step i ;v ! , bodv s Doing it.
Wait hkight Byes,
Two step The lion Clndi
w ,.it Trii.ii Ibtn,
Two st. p When i gfna Twent) on.-
and ui Were Sw.et Sixteen.
W alt Mai bor of Iove.
Two stt-i Hack to San Francis.-)
Ton ii.
Waltz Linking v'nj'id
T'we-step I Hi W isconsin.
W allg lnia
Tvo step Th. il .tta Stop KTekin'
Mv Dawg Round.
Waltz -Ml. i ih- II ai. v moon.
Two step The QW linn Haviiia.
W all Thai - W hat I ! II A i io Wj
Two at.-p- Hilly.
Wall Rvc.
Toklo Julv The Improvement In
the cojgjBltlon of the akngaaror, nrhtek
began this morning, continued thtWMgk
the day.
e 4
v Tuhlln, Julv 2'!. Th near-
Iv coinpl. led consumption sanl- V
toiTum at Luoan. ieai Dublin. 4
under tl.e auspicra tif latdv
v tberdeen and th" Women's Na
tlonal Health ass elation, was
demollhed today bv Irate dwell-
: it - in th.- vhiiili". . A ereat moh, !
a tmd with r.ip-'s and nicks.
4. tore of the roof and hrow !
tttpg the walls.
p ui
St Iuls, July 2. While
J- parsing the Vandalia slough In P
l-jist Ht. Loula this morning. '.
I- I.e.' I lea I hel age hi ,-iiglneer oil
the Vandnlia line witn.--,l :
p from his cab the drowning of a P
p t welve-year-olil boy. The en-
gine waa moving slowly and '
v loath, rage mhw everj struggle
p f thf dying lad. When lo- .
p reached the end of his run he p
'- was handed a m.-ssago, which
p told him the bo.V whom fie
p watched drown w a- his h rot her p
Washington. Jul- Potmai' Bang
tor Nathan Bb S uit, i West Yirginia
today told the Senate committee In
vestigating the campaign fundi of
PN an.1 I t that no eonti ihuliotis
w.-re .nade to the M, .. sev elt eamiMlgtl
b coi poialors, l.v h' :r H i v einev . I
r anv represent tin - ,t iln- Interna
lioiuil Harvester Co s,, far as he cm' i
.-..II I, stilled that the lai-gen' COn-
tribuiion ,.f which hi bad bmoinledge
made to the aatloiiai , ..mmittee in that
i.'imp.iigu was bis ,.vvn amounting to
thirty or forty thousand dollar- (Jen
V. I'erkliis, he said had grven fifteen
thousand, but not to 'he national ggfl -iniltee.
Woi k w as regained .
I the No. 4 shaft
;e htmnCh of the
this inornlu-;. I:
operations were
ii bet auf g f tin
r from an un-
watei- has been
and the miners
is morning .
i. ipat d.
of the el t II Ke.l '
. si cois ConioMdnted
wa- in this sfiatt tha:
suspended I'l'tila v iil-I
bee v Inrush of wad
know n source. Th
brought under Control
Went .tllilergloliml II:
forth, r tioiiblf Is am
A. E. Petermann to Seek Republi
can Nomination For Legislature
kttoi gap a i Pata vggggni teaal
aeanaced his candiielncj ijgy the Bepuk
lii.an gosiilngllnii for regsTnaeei tatlv e of
the ITrsI Dtetri I of gjgggrhton conn
V. in the slat. uislature. Mi. I'd. i -maim
ins been urged for several Weeh
to make this announcemenl and his
f lien ill believe he will boa strong .u
didate. Only .me other candidal..
Oliver Richards, has ao far announced
him.-. it for ih, RepnMl au mla i
Representative Anthony luc;u. win.
served in the lu.-t legislature is not a
candidate to sic eed himself, having
entered th" lac. tor the office of pros
ecuting attome) "t Hoaggaton county.
Mr. I'oterioann s entry into the m
is gie.ted with ik-uure bv hi- gaaitl
friends. He is familiar With tin- need
of ihls community and Is eiumentiv
fitted for a law matter. Mr. 1'etei
Blgnn'g friends propose to launch a bin
campaign in his behalf. Bggjfglng that
Strong man i- needed by this distllcl
in the legislaliile.
Foe Mme Inspector.
.1, in. JsV Ita, "i it'l Jacket in tin
mplov id the II. . la branch of ;he C.
B H Mining company, has anno lin ed
his cantBdnCy aa mine Inspector for
Houghton county. Mr. Jacka Is a grrid
ante of the Michigan t'oiieg. ..r Mines.
and. Is looked anon gg a strong candi
date for the office to which he as
pires. He was born and raised In t'a:
hgggt, an i is brother gf u.oikc Jaoka,
and Mai ma. Ink. .la.Ka. strict com
mission, -i- tor tl"' l lllage of Bed
et. He la busilv engaged In olPCUlat
Ing his petition- f"f '.he offeM in md' I
to ajnnalf at the prtmnrlgg in Augtiat
Fine Program Rendered at the Tam
arack Junior Grove.
The Tamarack Junior M. K Sun. la
ei i ehnarved its aggtlirnriin 'aa
telaiay aft.lliooii and evening, appio
priaie exerelaei i.eing h.id In the
Tamarack Janiol ;rov.
in the afternoon a platform meeting
waa held at "the grove, with a.ldt . sses
by Revs. Krn. st BroWg of BaTai W
H. t'oiiv. ott t Osceotg ami laaai vji
cox of Centennial Music wa- reg
deled Bf the choir of the V'etlt.niilal
M. K church an.1 proved n very Inter
esting feature
The Sunday school children ha. I
eharg of a verj interesting program
whl. h v as rendered in the evening, al
so at the Tama t . k Junior grare, Th
pattgram consisted of songs, r.clti
Hon- md olhet t.alnres.
Next Bntttrdaj the annual plonk ..I'
i be t i ma rai k lunlnr gkaadaj
v III be held In the grove.
Seattle In ' rVderal Jkatgi
Hanfoid. whoa " .rd is befni la
ifiiired into lo the Hou'C commit
tee, resigned today.
Will Build Twenty-One Battleships
in the Next Five Years
Says Churchill
Action Taken by Rival Makes Re
organization Necessary
London. ,.'ulv iTiiirehlll. iir.t
lord of the admiralty. Intro lin ing a
supplemental v national a-ppioot iai n u
of Ave million dollars m Ho I'ouunon-
this ufternoaa), said the dan cause
of the increase in the expendii ui e ol
he Hrilisfi gav) coiil; be found In the
gen i L illian nav.v law. the in iin leu
lure ot which was an Inert-use ol ships
. t nil . lasses. Under the Qernian law.
Churchill suid. the ultimate acgjg or
He lerman Bnel would be ti battle
ships jo large arm. ted crmsets. 4u
smaller cruisers, and smaller . . .ft I:
plop. I Hon The cited ol the new
I 'email btW, he Bggdi WouM be that
neaiTv poor -Bft kg of the enl.lv 'el
man navv v. ail, I be maintained SO H
would he instantry rea.lv for a
Churchill announced the Uritlsh pro
gram for the next five years, saving
liV" Ikittleships Will be .instructed
l.ext vear. and four each ,.f the fal
lowing v ars. I'h.ircfiill , anted ottl
tfbal the increased fighting strongth .f
tha Baenaan Heel unrplved the reor
gaolati.n of the Uritlsh for.es. ui M
iler that the he. essary mat gin of sai. -I
v COM Id b- maintain, d.
Moe Than 1.200 Delegates Expected
at Grand Rapidf.
IrratggMnenti are being made for the
state enByentlon f the atantern sa s.
to be llelvl II: il'UIld La pi. I- tlctobel
-lo. hv (Srand Matron Km ma Koim ,.:
Jackson nd Urard S.'ii.tarv !;.:
.ioodrich of Ann Arbor, who have been
in the city for a short time, sus th"
vlraad Ruplds Herald. The convention
will open with a reception to the grumj
glBaefS in the council chambers of the
city hall on October S, ami the busi
ness Kta.siotis will be helo in I'l.w
ers' ttMntar, .'onvention head -.,uartei i
will be at the Morton house. About
l.fPf deleat. s are expe ted. and it i.
I. eh. v.d that fulij '!.")' visitors to tile
city will lie on Hand during that time
I'alumet friends of William K. I'oley
were much pleased with th' announce
ment juat ma.le that he has been
appointed as manager of the I'ark
Brewing company of Hancock, suc
ceeding W K. MoQnnn. Mr. Koley has
been 'iiokkeepef for the Park COgg
I any for several years and his ad
v ancemi nt is v ery gratifying to local
Announcement is made that the mil
linery establishment - conducted on
Fifth street bf Miss Minnie (loldsmltn
will be closed after August 1 The
entire stock of hats, bonnets and
trimmings will be closed out befOfg
that date. Miss Ooldsiuitli and her
n other, Mrs L Qgfdnmlth, expect to
leave about Sept. 1 on an extended
trip, after which they will make their
hoine in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrsfl William v'ornlah. Jr .
of 111 Seventh street Tamarack enter
tained a large parte of friends at a
lawn arty at their home Satur.iav
evening. Luncheon was served on the
lawn sin rounding the Cornish homo
at about i:3tl o'clock and afterwards
games wele indulged ill. The ev.n
ng proved a very pleasant one.
,T!st annual excursion and picnic of
the Calumet Hecla Machinists will
be held at the White city on Tuesday.
August ii. I'll-'. The pleasure boat In
ternational lias been ( bartered for the
outing and It Is expected It Will be one
of the l.-st of the season, flood music
will he provided.
Many a man passes himnelf off r.s
a genius be. aejgg he k.-. is his mouth
Ren Cirt Julv 1: Oovernor
Wilaon returned t-lav Horn
retreat" tit the home of a
friend, nearby, with i ic.ord of
sleeping M h'-urs . ut ot . and
juinoiimced he would forego hie
, mini I weeklv trip ' Tr-nton
toniorrriw. and again will go
seclusion to write Ills
speech of a
,.,.p,,n,. l-Tlen.ts
toda. that Wilson
will not leslgn the governorship
during the campaign
p p
Hamourg, Julv 22. A number
Of American participants in the
swimming conietthns in tin v
rec nl nlympic games t. ok part '
in a swimming meet lo re v.-.- v
teniae. The Hawullau "Diako'' P
Rabananaoku nmgj the mc bun-
hi .1 m.Tr.-s .-v ent in th.- vv rid s v
record time ..f ..ne nHn at ea i l-I P
sec,, mi.-. i. atnOtikvaavy, !
f the Illinois Athletic club. f
Chicago, was second. The Am !
erUan :mpi. swimmers de-
teati-d th.- Qernmn teama in .
lay swim-, winning lili con
siderable ease.
pppPppppPPPPPPPpij i4pfapp i
New York, Julv J Aa amusing
Incident at the Olympic games is be
ing told at Hie athletic clubs here
It ia said that shortly before the
steamer Finland was to have Stock
holm an sqnenj, in uniform, .aim
aboard and demanded an interview
with Thorpe, whose record at the
stadium gave him ibe MNKN of bgggg
oonaddered the lust all around athlete
of the gaaaaa,
"Tie- king has beard of ymir sin-
. ess." said lb.- e.pieriy. "ami Would
like fo See Villi at the palace ill ol del
to , "llitalulate you."
"Ugh, ugh, 1 don't know much about
kings.' replied tin- pig Indian as lie
grinned bashfully.
"Offer him my regal. Is and tell him
I can t get away."
The eipieirv went over the side In
a kind of stupor. It Is said to have
been ihe first time on record that a
king's invitation has been refused.
American Railway Information Bureai.
Is G ven High Praise.
We are pleasw-d to iole the cmpli
mentarv notice giv.-n the I'SCtntil s-
tnhHihtd itui.au of pgtBwaj Bcono
mics in WfaahlnfftPn b) our London
rantempnrnry, The TMnen, si Plnan.
. ial Vmerica, which continues: Al
though scarcely two years In existence
this institution bus rendered servhv
to the lailroads and public which fullv
hjitlBen its onhaMtggggaral and refleefg
the highest ctei'it Upon those dir. I till
:ts affairs, crganir'ed by th. ra roggg
of this country to furnish them relia
ble and acoarate Information on anv
question Connected with their ajsjeg
lions, its work has been oommetulobly
perfeggnnaV InaV ,!, with tMi bngnggl
now in the field misrepresent itkMM
agulnet rnilrcads are few and limin
shiiig dnilv. and one can infer, from
its progress to date, the service it
woui.i have rendered had it bat n in ex
istence prior to the passage of the
railroad legislation hv Con-gross In l-''
ami ItlB it Is well known that man,
erroneous statement Mid Irregvlar. be-
ause Incomplete. anaKses vi . t . per
mitted to go anebatlenged in the dea
USSlollS of the Veils cited, be. alls.
iiie mtironn oaaemli were too ongpy
Occupied w ith purel.t admlnNt ra t i v e
problems to school themselves oil tia
economic side ot tia-ir enierpnae
Hem e, kicking that k now l-dve. they
Hill' Unabai Id refute Widispl.-;id at
lolie. HI.- implegslons w III. n lllliil.u.-o
against their lnlerc-ts
In furtherance of its purpose to h-
I'ntni' a rCCOgnlnad s.'UtCe of a.', urate
and authentic Ir.forma I Ion In NgBXd I
the ngBwnyn the bur. au is bMlhtlng up
i 4-ompi eheiislve library and bag is
sued a catalogue of tin exlstlni' bodv
of railway ecoliuni. Ilteratui.. Ii
works in harmonv with, and gnggeiJggnt
In at letist .artia' UjIgJlhornUon witt.
the Interstate I'oinmer, . Commission.
The mam poigt if distinction between
the statistical del'it llllent- of th, tw
BBagmteattona is thnl grMM lha nam-
pllallons of the Interstate Comiuoi.,
Commission f-rindpallv servo the BgHN
poaes of record in. I reference those
of the bur. an are designed . throw
light upon various phan-s of the
istlng situation for pnhltd current In
formation and gin Ian, e.
It makes special Investigation, ana
lyses and compllaii 'i- in reetxuiae t
-pe, in. re. posts of its subscriber. It
publishes a inoiithl. summorv showing
the eejgkasttvg trend of railway earn
ings and expense and from lime to
time It publishes the results' ol -tndl "S
of c.-neral Interes;. Such. fr examile.
is a coinpiuTsor of the railwav status
or the United Slates with the principal
countries of Rnrope. It has t-suod i
bulletin conspiring the facliltl!. aerv.
lceabllltv and utillia'ion of h. riii
gajgm of the 1'nlttsl Ftatee. th- United
Kingdom l-'.ii .id C.ermanv g
other comparina the railway v.Tges
and coat of liv mc in the'ex countries
and has In preparation a bulletin mak
ing a specifh rutin irlaon of the freigh:
rates In these ...nntties. Th.NM gen
eral publlcatlot.s of the bnrenn are
sent out not onh t railway ..ft. . t-.
but to the educational institutions
throughout the I'mt.-.i States, j)
Shapiro and Rose Give More Val
uable information to the
Flee When Convinced That "Sys
tem" Couldn't Save Ihem
New York, July 22. A country
wide seui'v.h for the slave- ol K"
senthal. th. gambler, is on. The
names of the gun men who killed
tile gaipblel have I.e. nine known
to the police. The InBd of gun
men i ngaged iii the killing, after
it had been carefully rehearsed in
an uptown gambling house, ure
bellev.-d lo have tied within a day-iii-
tWo of having Income ..invoic
ed that the "police system" tsraggd
not be able to protect tlu-m. Lieu
tenant Meeker has I n relieved
of his charge of the strong arm
s.piad and transferred t.. desk
duty This was the first official
move made by Commissioner Wal
do in connection with Lieutenant
Meeker sin. e the killing of Rosen
thal. Murderers Have Fled.
N'.-w York, July 22. The Rosenthal
murder case is near a solution That
i:. the belief of lleplltv l'olice Commis
sioner Dougherty, ashn expects today
L arr-at two or three gun men and
gangsters, who were hired to kill Ro
senthal drilled by a fierce third de
gree. Jack Sullivan, a former newsboy.
Was held as a material witness, and
aVgan Pan!, an east-side gang leader,
gnllillly made statements early tgeht
from which the police commisslone
pieced together as Important and
hi r. iofore missing ev idence. T'h.-s
two men, Sullivan and I'aul gagvg tak
en Into custody last night along w tb
' Mridgi. " Wehl. er. a gnml.h r.
Six men nr.- imw held in custody In
the Rosenthal case, one of whom ia
held as a ir. it .rial witness, and live
others ehal'ge.l with being implicated
Un the crime.
Commissioner Dougherty, however,
says not one mnn who killed Ihe gam
birr Is under arrest.
That the murderers ..f Uos.nthal
have oeeti slipping quietly out of town
In the h'st few days Is now the bnttaf
of detectives who have been asked tp
pick up certain gun gang An Investi
gation shows there was not a slip In
the pines to kill Rosenthal ami that
ihe principals behind the plot were
careful to establish alibis.
William Shapiro, In g supplement -ary
statement, adding Important de
tails to what he already has told, h ia
i. 'Vi. iled how the gang of men kept
the street in front of tTle Hotel Metro
pole practically clear of taxi-cabs, for
thirty minutes before the murder, in
order, apparently, that the "murder
car'' might have n "clenr gctaw iv.
Shapiro said at least sixteen men muse
have known of the 'croak" that was
to be ; tilled off, as they were in fro:ii
of the afetmpff randy to blackjack, or
kill, if necessary, anyone who Inter
fered r tried to block the getawav of
the gun fighters.
Ther were repoils today thai Maid
Jack" Bone, has "s.iu.aled," an.1 that
Commissioner Dougherty Is In posses
sion of Ihe names ..f all in the mur
der car."
Keweenaw Central to Run Train for
Berry Pickers Saturday.
The management of the Keweenaw
Central toail announced todav that a
Special train will bi run from Calu
met to Lac Iji Belle and return on
Saturday for the coin elneiu e of berry
pick. rs. What promises to he one of
the largest crops gf gggjg berries In the
hlat OT y of the copper country ia now
ripening and yesterday hundreds of
quarts were harvested near lane I...
It is said that In nnotner week the
1 rrrhs will be nt their best and the
K. iveenaw Central spedak will maka
It possible for all berry pickers to
reiJgg the marshes. The train will
have Calum.i Satnrdnv morning at
el wk an.l returning will leave laic
IS Melle at .". p. m. The usual fjgagfggj
train service will be provided and
P is probable that many people will
at range to spend the two days H jtr
La M"lle. leaving Satur.iav morning
nu, I returning Sunday evening.
Ctrls would know m..r. at. ..at ceog
taphv if the) eould hemstitch the
i, o,ni. lei lines. i i

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