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MONDAY. JULY 22, 1912.
Houghton Department .
Damage Done in U. P. Enormous
Says C H. Worcester
That heavers are caueine thousands
of dollar ai aMBMMR MM t.ull in th
MMMMl peninsula by fii'u.lij g tha Ra
lands by means Of their dams, In the
MMttlM t C K, Worceetei, of Chan
Hell, the dl kii'" n lumberman, m .
tetter strittfM i" ...in If .1 BRMMjbar i
the legislative rfgMMstUM pf tie- l'p
per fiilnaulu Sportsmen's usrocial.oii.
The tetter follows:
I i.j I l.i- i.i:U ( t-Ul I i i HI it I. -
been eajtttaRtl) leis.rted to uif bj MM
eaMMojrad by our different otmt.1t us
mat the weavers VMM cauahsf u h
great deul of loss, and revtiiti I ha.
rpcajvtd a SCttiMT! report OB a lot t
tiint.fr whUn we wn just -.outh of
rii- Pictured Rocks In ranges 1? and IT
in this vus IRIMMRI duniM uh.cli have
h-- ii ouilt by the iifaxcra and indicat
ing a Hooded area Which mbr.u cs
some of our must valuable stundiiig
celar. We otJiriuic thsl if tin dun is
are not de.stixi.ved and the lit'ii"i ki pt
out of t tin t ill 'ict M4J Will ba SUb
JaCtai to a lo of close to tloouu.
WS have already lost in thnt district
Umbel ii. ex . M of $."..(HiO.
"1 believe that this same condition
tXteM with all other land BWMfl in
the northern peninsula. There is n
doubt hut that the b.-ani If a o-.-tii.
live pest, and 1 ftuu' 1 like to see a bill
drafted with BfW islon to pry a bount
for the destruction (' tbe. un'mi.l. us
they are of no ptMNstbls Rood to an
body aiul they do M MMPMOIM nniouflt
Of damage. Their h ,ef MtaaMafMMa M
l.te i to lot i :l'e Inw lands .. tn.
"There ts u graBl dial of talk ! the
it-eislatuie about vonserx at ion of ttM
ber holdings. A ninvciiu nt to ileatio
the MjjQMf Would be la line with thai
movement. They at,- makm a
oiih etlort in ranges It, 14 and II RBMM1
tlie a,. nf .he South Sin re load t.
establish farming communities mere,
toreMJfMtMja b ..hi c i Mitt mIH
oe. ihe fact that tin- .utile country
embraced in those ranges 1 is i.e i.
made a tow, wet lountry . very Uiilii ult
to drain by the notion of the bearars.
All of the streams UlSleg n ail, ami
s uth in that terrltoiv will be found
to be blo.-ked eVel V few miles Willi
beael dam."
Ancient Peruvian City.
The Yale scientific expedition Into
the Interior ot Peru has returned Its
MMJMMfl found the ruins of an ancient
Inn city, hitherto unknown. In tho
midst of a boundless wilderness they
Identified the remains of public hatha,
a temple aud a royal palace.
Too Flattering.
"Flatter. Is dangerous to sensitive
ladles," says the Wise Man "I am
always very careful In the matter, be
cause one tTRMtag I told a .ady that
be was as sweet as B9M97, aod the
ue.il day she had hives."
Corner Country:
1'nsm: ,i Tonight Tw
-,'...i..,i ui" .",' Mediae
O B Ma r
um..s.i'. t W,' )
' ' ' "f : : "" 11 "' ,M""'
Mti merldisfl
Tmipj . Wind. I .
f J1A
tattoos ' state of Ji la!
r' ' Wnstber hg4Se
i - - '
I in It il
I I ill
Alpena I ' Qlggj M g tl
Huffalo I N i MMtf n 8 0
t'hUago ....I bsr gg f,
Iuluth ' H I o c, n.i o
Kseunahu . . . ' "- 'loudy n- ii .(),
Oreen Hay .. ".S I'loiulv s.- n
Housbton ..." 4 I'bnidy e J
Mm .pietto ..' If It. tin hc 4 .H4
Milwaukee .. ' 7 I'l.-nr sw 4 .71
New Orleans. 1 i; Clear nw
Fort Arthur. If I'loudv .)
Snr Pran. .. .' '. CtMMt) nw
8t. Paul .... ' If I lou. I se 4 o
VMaMjfMMjlMi . ' 1 IR at an
Winnipeg ... ' 4s ClftjMM se g (
lasal office P. S Wejther Lturean,
Houghton Mu h, July tt, VU.
Divers at Work on Pewabic Sunk
Forty Seven Years Ago
Captain Peiiie a well known wink
el and a crew Of .tler, at. end-avor
Ins to recover the ru I. copper carg
that went down with the te im r I'e
wablc which wui .sunk in Thund.-i
Hay IT yeals ;u'i in a oilisl ,n will:
its sister ship, the Meteor
Thirty lives were lost w ROM the Pi -wable
sank Aiianst !, 1"' The IV
Wabic cairlcd i bo til 4;l- tons of cop
pei. Muff 01 U attemi ts iiave MM
mailt to recover the valuable nu t.il
but ub tie old wt.ik ll s in 160 feet
M I at. r the w. rl of previoUH exp.-.li
tiolis mm in .ui. lat wieJt, hov. -ever,
u diver .h-, ended to th oM
wreck and actii.ilh handled smm- -a
the copjier, but wag oOMpsttOf to re
turfl to the HirfkCe w hv n warred l;
telephone tint tin lake was bOCUffisoig
The present MMdttMB la M '"tii
inand i t ''aptain Petrie. wht. has 1.'
men and the MffOCkiftl steamer pQMfJ
las. W hite Cmptaln PetrU- rofuoM I
tiilk. savin the w..rk of th MtpMUl0
l ROM Of the publl ' RMlMMI and illl
crew :ire forl.l'blei: to talk, it is knoV)!!
that th se in char-'.- of the exedlticll
believe the M tORI Of opper vvill bi
reiiaer.d an.l can lie OtMUeTfcl to tli
surface on davs vvlo-n the lake unlet
Two tmoroved divine suits nrhlclt
the crew cajl iron men' are use I
:n the divlri OperO tklM. The divi'
are inside tlnse "iron men' and with
limitations cm work In the bottom ul
the lake MlOW th. MlfMCO 1'" f ' Ol
most as well as on tlrv Inn., rkicb "it. n
man" ia MMtovted vvith the yoaael
aliove by toWpRon and the divers be
0j the surface can talk to ihoie above
as Well as receive IIK'SaUPeS.
The wreck ins (bar mib
Thunder Bay island and about IS
miles from the m uth of Tnund. i I r
I iver.
At th. present price of the metal
th.- rVwablc'i copper carso is ivortta
over 11(1,990.
Probably Will Be Organized at U
The upper peninsula -'. If tourBMRetil
vvill be MM ill MOMMbtOR on Ainu-1
l'l, tt, and ft, under the ROSptCM of
the I". itae like tiolf club.
At the upper MRRMUM MOOl it i-
prnbabt that an I'pp. r i . RUMMMi
'loli ass., union will be l-a nnnl. The
I'orlaete l-ike dub has taken the in
itiative in the matter and I. as sent
eOMMtMRleattoiM to ail the clubs lli.Mli
ol :ne straits. FiiMl the ihoJirUj of
tli.ni favorable replies have been I.
ieiv.il an.l i is llkelv tha' the ass,,
elation w ill b.s ime a reality nt th -alheriny
Hi A must.
The niemb. ri ot ihe W a 'vanow in
bib of .Mani i.lie ,,re en I Ii u.- ia .-1 ,,
OVOff the plan and are willing to do
their share and More in oryattlldtlj
and making the aaauciatlon a success
s. Department of Agriculture.
Willi's 1 . MOUKI . c l.iet.
C: PL.A AT( iv
v. I I
IfpMf MlcMaMM: 'biarally fair to
Rifbl gad TlHSMMty. miajt warmer
Lata Sup. i ton M derail i :.st ar.d
southeast '.vimis.
Wr. ther Conditions.
The barometer is h I'll thai Moralai
fl OBI lb. aalei n bub es of UM PI iln.
' ovt t ihe Central Vattao ui tip
Ippalachton mountains. Heneruiiv rail
n uher, with seasi-nabb- tefnpora
lurae, prevails i.vsr thee aeTllonH this
mi a ning! but beaw rains occurred
' Ml i ! iv al many PoHtM ilu- to a
storm if moderate oBe'rgy, whi. h dmm-
'i from thi lower lata Hogtoa to
'b- .ill, v il .nti. i 'oast during tb,
past .'4 hours. Ralnfail la exreas of one
Inch 1 1 ported fr.m teOORRj Ills
Pittsburgh New V.i1c and lt.is4on
Mlh wirda are reported thla rmirn
u.g in Mi w fTngrlonsl The baroMi ler
is low uvei tn.- Kocat) MuirRtalna nni
the voiti, Pact Ac Coast; rain has o
CttfTtfl in the extreme Northwest anu
' ,;' '".V ",r' r'V"" ": '' 1 '.t.tl..i,n. Uu,) patbroucb points
psssthroufh poiauof equ Mrature-. drawn only for ieio. freeslng. 90". and luJ.
O - 9 RMRMtaM tog Afn.w lywittitMaind nnt galas. tsiaaaroWW
-I boars; third, luaximum hIiiiI v.-I-h ity - sa
It le. Hilled the combined effort of
IRTM deputies to arrest Kl Ik Ix'hto ol
Ontoiiason, who was wanted on a
i rffi of splitting open a man's head
ai OnloMon With a beer bottle 00
the Fourth of July. UsRtO was In
.iinpany with another man at the
time, an.l UM latter was arrested at
Ontoaajfoa, lut UMsta rait away and
was not laptureil until yeaterdav
when. he was foun.l in Houghton and
ai rested, lb will l- taken bad; to On
UMMJM today for tlOMlMRtRTM,
Cue ess Shooting Charged.
V. o .Uiiz.h ka of in.daev ill.-. MM
lioutiht before Justice c'hall.-s little
in Bottfjktoo) this Moraine cRMfgoo
with the careless di.-n harairiK of a
I istol on Saturday night while intox
icated Tin .let. mlant said that it
..s the tirst time he bail been Ulliler
the Iniluenci- of llijuor sin. e bis arrival
il. Am ih. i six veats ;ikh and that he
. nlv tln-ii the pistol at the kToun.1.
M rboW. Aft.-r illschJirBiiiR bis weapon
p. b. .nu.- scared and took to the
voods. remaining out in the rain Sat
afM,f tii-bt and San.!a. Wet through
..ii.l Iiuiikiv and cold he this morning
v i nt to l..ilneville an.l mii rendered
llllllMif t- DMMjty liek .lames. He
III fined liv e dollars ami . ..sta.
Anton Stifliac. Rgad M, was install1
ly killed at the crushing plunt of the
bampi. n mi i" at ralllMnala Uth
noralRg when his oat got tught in
the machineiv while he was 09MJRfOd
in oiling. Stun. I. wis thrown Riftti
consul, table ',, .. q tRO tb or, a dist
ante i! I'll or l.wl.e feel, Ills Mad
striking soma Iron wotic. His .s.;uii wvu
fractured. Justice OIWi kMpannelod i
taHTi -,M,l held an IliqMMt, a venii l
bein returned to the effect that .bain
was instantari. o, is aril exonerating the
mining own pan) from ail blame.
Siimai grai m oharga of tba plant at
th- time the a. i lib nt happened, it ap
I it- that thl ,l.c. a Si il itarlei! the en-
gtn, afterward proceadind to oil up
Mis coat MCRMM caOfBttf 'u Ihe ma
cRlner', aith fatal regMllg. H is Mir
vtved bv a wife and hii.l. No ar-
rangementi have ai yet Men Made for
ihe fun i a l.
aaya th" Marquette Chronicle, The
an lb! !ia e aei'eeil to liis'i.m.'
MembCffl of th" o -:al iation til'e W a
w.iiiovvin. Islip.-miic', Town and I'oun
tiv and the HoUgbtMl ami Iron MOUR-
tRfa "bibs. It IS piobable lliat tile
Sault St. . Marie ami Mem, mine. .Jul.
will also join the association.
The Northweatern train foi utoffl)
reaeblng Hoejgjlttoii at n:4o, a (MM
running off eight minutes in the run
h ag Uam betWMR the copper couaw)
and Cbk'airo,
much warmer vreather pi .vails over
ihe aoTthern Roeft) MouatMMBM aad the
Ureal Plains I'RMtthst weather will
rontlRite in ihls vi. lnltv IhlKaften i
and tan nt, probably followed bv
i. inc.: Tue4lnv Moderate east lo
South Winds fr indi.uted. It will be
warmer lenla;Rt.
ii n i'ow i'iih'k,
ifnrlal in Chai Ma
Mice In Queer Nest.
M hen an old gas main was being
taken out at Hunderland (Scotland)
rat entiv n mouse was seen to run out
Dd of the pipe. The pipe was
1 1 ,k I'ti up, and In the Interior
was found a nest containing six young
mice How the animals could exist
In a pipe which hud gas passing
fe If Is regarded as remarkable,
but tba iact that there was a fracture
In tba pipe may In some degree ex
plain the mystery
m (LAX
TION. Kv.rv item allow..! Michigan for
livers ami-harbors remains untouched
:n thi aaret-lili-nt of (In ifciceS fol-
iowing the wiioieiib amend meat b)
Ibe soaatb of toe original rivers aJid
arbors lull na naes.-.l bi the bouse of
i . pi . s. ntalivea.
I'la ..nlv retlu lion anvwli. re m ide
.tl. tl' i; Mii lligllll has to do with
iMiittl lo. k at ib Smi, sav..
, 'Vssblafna diapntch. Ti e house al
lowed $2io,U('j for starting I ha work
for tins I. uk. lap seuati aim tided b
doubling tho aim ill,; mil tin col.
tens split Ibe iliffv Ii in e. aulceihu oil
:'.io (uiy.
Thin, is n unique explanation for
the action of the house in allowing but
I XM, agD instead of the Hoo.iH'O asked
bv hike marine men.
Repn H atalive il. inin Vonpg of lhv
upper p. i a, gv ggaaabei ! the house
committee on rivers aad harbors, and
counted the chumpioii ol ibe lake ma
rine in congress, stood read) and SRgT
to bring in all initial appropriation for
the unlet, desired fourth lock, but
waiitid lust ti, know how huge an
appropriation the lake men want.il.
il.- was informed thai the amount
mns Immaterial so awg aa t here was
sum. amount, llegai.i:. .-s of the ,iz.
I this amount It Mould establish tin
fourth lock project u "havimr govern -mental
sanction'' ami an undertakinL-
bel eal tei 1 1 g ihll ly to be taken can- of
Mf, foMBg made sure ol t,bls and at
Aral thought .jitlM'.IIIHl .v.rold be I in
proper amount for Starting tag earth
Just about this time, however, h.
happened i. raaal Rrlxadter Qeaeral
W illiam Hixbv. hii-i ol the IT, S. . n
cineer ol ps, ami was given to uiuh-i
itand by the general that tha ghuj .-tin-
spprnprlntlnn Magbi better be iim
i..l bv tti. amount of wortt (bat nuild
be actually performed dm in
tba given luteal year General itixbv
intimated that 40,vOQ was more
RIOne) than . OUM M spent.
Boost for Amy Engineers.
Incidentally Oeaaral Blxby's frank
statemeal has been heralded m
very line aigMMMMl for luralRMJ tin
whole in;1. tt.r of rivers and harbor ini
provements over 10 the United Sfataa
annv engtneera, 'letting them (laoide
what Improvemealt shall be un. lei
taken ti u 1 1 1 1 k the year, liv ti,.- aatostBta
to be spent and then leave to coin.les
merely the formal gg of bussing an ap
prlatlon sulflclettl to cover the pro
gram OUt1ine1 bv the en il , . is.
Such a nicthod, av Ifichlgan Mam
iiers of coagraaa. would at once pal
an .ml lo all "log rollli:'" and "mh k
barrel" methods , and would result ii.
the total elimination of Line! ess pro
' tS and w. al, I CI lllltle i v it anil Mr
bor Improvenu nts to hOnaflde nsoabl
w aleis.
li is said i.v i IcRlgRri congreesmeti
that Dobod) in .1 eVer fear the engi
neers on a worth while project, but
they are unalterably against useless
prOjeCU the i object of which is
'ti.- .1. sin- of some abaai tasnwn t..
have a crsab hi i,is rpaaij dredged In
.mill "to make w.uk for tin- boys," put
mole moans into circulation" and
mal-i him solid w ilh psg constituent.' "
Presidents of U. M., Agricultural
School and M. C. M. Meet.
Tin- fourth meeting! of tin pressdatil
d tin- I nlversii of Michigan, ihe Stab
egg cultural college ami the Michigan
College ..f Mines, In atfjoadance .with a
plan Bttggtated bj ib.vernor Oabom, is
lakiriL! place todaj at the mining school
I resident II I'.. lliitcblns of ihe Uni
versity, ami Dr. .1. I,. Snvabr, prcal
dent of th.. icii ultura oollege of Lan
slng, arrived Bundny in KoughtoR, ami
win coMfbr lodaj w Ittj PrMldi ni i w .
McSalr ol th. mining svl I on the
mutual relation . f Ibe three ilislin
tioris and tin- relations of these
Colleges to Hi, peojih of t he Btllte.
I'olh WlRgj Ulfl conference in InSpecMotl
..f I in- COflegl will be made.
The M. C. M. Alumnus.
Tin- grai number of lag "at. C M.
Alumnus," a publication to be bUKJOd
nuar tarty bj the Aiummi aaaooiatloa ..i
tin mining s h..o, made Its appeaian. e
Salunla.v. Its editor is Beej Spukr.
a cri tnry of the assis lath n and its
purpose is to keep former students
posted on llu activities of Dn- s hool.
also P. publish technical papers of n
len sl lo engineers. It contains In ad
dition a list of former students of the
M. M., to which additions will be
made in Future issue:;. Among th. ar
ticles In tb-- issue are "Kxpci iincnt.i
on CoacrtJthe Beams' reinforced with
Win- RafMSjn bv C. Mason ol the
Rattle, and 'The Handling ..f It... k I:
Rock houses'- b) II. T. M.-rcer.
John m. Bush and I K urewer of
IroRWOod arrived Mataaiaj to aflaad
tin- Kptghta of Colombia meeting i
Hfaaeortt, Mr, Buah being district dap
uiv of th. order for upper Michigan.
C ab v isitor:; are members of the Qo
gable coiinr bond of .supervisors, an.l
Staled (bat it is Ihe Intention lo es-
lablish a tub. n uloMtg sanilarium lu
l li.it MRBty. A visit to the Houghton
i ounty Hanitiirlum was made in com
pan) with BupeaMaaf a. i. fSdMardg
ami ' Mtty Phystidaa Albert LaBtae,
and Messrs I'.ash and Un vv er e
pTMgged their admiration ' lis equip
ment ami arrangement, hul tl ought ii
loo small.
A new Sleeper Is to be attached to
the St. Paul train running over the
South Shore, foi the MMORIIIIodatlon
of Marquette passengers. The usual
(upper coil n 1 1 sleeper will be tun as
before, thus giving Mparate sleeping
car servp-e for both the i upper snd
iron countries.
The tnninctation ol the school chll-
illeil between Ihe ,igeS ol live and
tarsMtj in I'oi lagc to w inhlp. w hb b
has Just been compiled bv Huperlnten
delil Docile from the lepoltS of the
i eiisus taken last May and June allow s
a total of about .'.710 In the entire
township This is a smaller number
than showed by last year's enumera
tion, the falling off being about fifty,
mostly lu the village schools. In the
outlying; districts, especially at Oiler
Lake and Uodgev ille. ther e has been
an lu lease. The diminishing s. boot
population In Houghton is at tribute, I
bv Superintendent Hoelle to the fact
that 1 1 ... 1 1 fannies haviiiK children
alio have attained an age when they
llilu'ht be put to work, move to IllallU-
factariRg towns where smployataal
mai in obtatMad for- tba boga
I'he SChOOl hoard at ItS meeting Oil
Saturday, decided to at once secure
stlmates on the probsgile cost of
electing tne piopos... new seiioois ai
Dodgi villi- and at iitt.-r l.aKc and a
Special meeting Wilt be called ill
si ..t i time to take further action.
Results of Recent Matches at the Port
age Lake Golf Grounds.
Two matches of tba four Im tha ser
ies for Ihe Woleestel up have beell
played at the Portage Lake QOM
giounds. The first match was won
il the finals by Itobinsoii beating Zea
land, placing itobinsoii among the four
gaines MXl fall. In the prcliiniii.it h s
of the MOOBd match last week Thoinp-
s . n b. it Harris, Mhlttemora Mai BsV
wards, Douglass beat Hubbard bv de
laitlt. IBeaUUtd beat Rice, J. It. Dai
beat Shields. I'airns beat BaudtM.
lial'kuess beat Hodgson. Ityrius beat
j C. Pry or, MullM beat Kayes, Mom
beat Wagner and lYlmodlg heal Nich
ols, in tin- second round yesterday
t'alrns beat HarbMSM and MuM ami
Prlmodlg lied.
Tin- Ragta in the ladies match for
i ne Shebli-n up. w hich comm. nc.-d
on July 11. was won by Mrs. W. It.
Thompson from Mrs. PfjroT, wilh two
up ami one to play. lu tin- pn-lim-in
idies Mrs. John li'e won from Mrs.
HodgaoR) Mrs J. '. Pry or from Mi-.
BaWdaa and Miss Stteeler fr Mrs.
i'ovargue. In tin- second round. Mrs
I'ryor won from Mrs. DM and Mis
Thompaon from Mrs. Btreeter,
State Commander Will Visit Millar
Post. Spanish War Vets.
A meeting of the Millar- 'amp of
the Spanish War Veterans will be
held Wednesday evening, at which
will be present W. !. Willll of Btg
Rapids, state commander of (he I'nit
sd Spanish War Vet. tans, who Is
ipendlng a week or so In Ihe copper
roan try, His object is to meet tba
members of (be camp ami Induce sol
diers d Ibe Spanish war who are not
affiliated to Join the'amp. and get
aCOJU li'lted With those ROM included in
the roster, ib- also win visit tba Pa-
terinan I'amp al I'nlumet. !esde:i
beiag Interastted in Spanish Wai mat
ters. Mr. Ward is a traveling sales
man, handling bank supplies.
-I. il Hodgson retaraad
from a visit to Battle Oreek,
i.ew Hoffman .a rjraaa Bi
ii Houghton this moralag .
st el day
at l iv ad
a bual-
nes.s trip,
l. I'red Charlton of MaTquettS ar
rived it Houghton this moral Rg on a
business visit.
A marriage license was issued this
morning lo nskar Tubmen and HIIJa
lliltuu ui. both of I'ranklln.
Martin QuaRTUTRon, lonner MperVlaef
i iir.i io raship, v isited in Hotrgh
Ion Saturdiiv. He will shorilv leave
lor Sentlb- lo locate, hairing disposed
of his mercantile business to Charles
lleikkinen of l.ilr.l.
I-'. A R.-iff of In iroit arrived Ba tar
da J in IfoaghtOfl to Sllcce.-d Hi 'I
While a copper country manager of
tin- Mlcbtggn state Tamrhon m
pany. Mr. Whit.- nas been trans', n.-.l
p. flraad Rapids, where !,.. win be
spei ial agent.
Twenlv mlRlRg COilMM students I, It
toda.v for the Hon o.untrv in "barge
of Prof, Seaman, Prof. Hole and Prof,
llaskall. Tin y will spend a month mi
the Maiuimtte range and on r.-l Uftllag
ai...u; the niublle of Aua-ntt sH put
ill two VVeek gtUdy iRg geological io,-
dKiotis In the K. . , r,aw paatMRMia.
,A party of four yOMRg ladles raMTM
aaatlMg waatara publishing concern
CI I iii the Stats Of Washington.
arrived in Houghton this morning
from iitiluth. and started in to OMR
Miss the town. They registered at tb.
Douglass House as K W. Moore, Lil
lian i:ppes. ihno Norton and ex
Dana tread
The mcmbera of OgMinaR) ! w ill this
BVenmg draw their annual pay far It
' ndance al drills. Next Saturday and
ftMMda the l.i iers will .-amp rOT two
davs nt (he Hutonlown range for rille
praettea under thi direction or (Jen.
'alll. rson ,.f the goo. state in-
spacior oi rim- praetlM.. i m the If op.
BM) and Tu sih.v follow ng tl-.. Cmta-
1n, t Mg .-i s w ill pra. Ike at t,
sum. raage, lb regular range ,,i
Ban I-town belraj at present unavail
able. What More Is Wanted TodayT
Knicker Is Jones well educated?
nocaer- He can read
a speedometer
aud write a check
New York bug
Heir to $100,000,000 Receive!
Letters From Many Persons.
Womm Propose Msrrigge and Man
Ask Him to Became Partntra In
Business Others Maka
Odd Requests.
New York. Vincent Astor'g latest
trouble Is a deluge of letters from
persons anxious to advise him as to
the best manner of spending his $100.-
OuO.000 Inheritance. Many of the let
ters are from women, telling of their
great love and conveying offers of mar
riage. Old women and young women, bra
Een and demure, thin and fat ones,
pretty aud ugly, have taken tbeir pens
in hand, not without hope of gain.
Some have pretended to bespeak Mr.
Astor's Interest in behalf of causes
other thai purely personal ones, but
most of them have been frankly smit
ten in the desire to call the young
man's attention to certain persons that
be otherwise might overlook.
Some of the writers have waited in
front of the Astor estate offices in
! Twenty-sixth street for a glimpse of
the boy. Most have mistaken tho
liRjidsonie "Kick" Hiddle for the ob
ject of their curiosity, much to Rid
dle's embarrassment. He ig an exe
cutor of the Astor estute. is about thirty-four
and looks youuger.
And It isn't only through th me
dium of letters that vvoinuu have
pressed their suits. The telephone has
been kept pretty buB.v, both at the of
fices and at the Fifth avenue house,
with girlish volcea whose owners wore
anxious to have opportunities to meet
the heir of millions. The reasons as
signed were us many as the lettera
Soma of the writers want the young
man to "do something worthy of his
name." There have been suggestions
that he finance the suffragette cause.
Others want him to use his fortune to
buy ii) breweries and distilleries and
put them out of business for the Bake
of promoting the cause of prohibition.
Comparatively few of the letters writ
ten by women are from inventors. ThiB
lass of communications almost always
bore a man's signature.
Tilings suggested for a worthy use
of the money ranged from pntent
bung-starters to methods or bridging
Helu in . strait. Included in the ap
peals are those of professional beg
gars. Churches, schools and libraries
divide honors as to the numbers of
tiielr letters with propositions from
business houses that offer him inter
ests for ever so small a Bum.
Most of these letters, of course, need
no answer. Those from women on
subjects of the heart are entirely Ig
nored. Many of tho latter come ac
companied by photographs. Two of
the fair correspondents sent as their
own postcard, pictures of Lillian Rag
Hell, from which they had forgotten to
scratch tho name.
Patriots Will Erect Monument and
All Will Be Asked to Fight An
archlstlc Principles.
Spokane, Wash. -The Grand Army
of the Republic, the Spanish War Vet
erans, American Flag association,
I'aughters of the American Revolu
tion and other local niemhers of patri
otic organizations will organize a
flag association In Spokane in which
every national society will be a mem
ber. Tbey hIbo will fight anarchistic
organizations and teach all pooplc and
societies to respect the flag. A propo
sition to erect a big monument on tho
high bluff In Summer avenue between
Washington and Mernard streets, to be
called "nag Day" monument, is be
ing considered.
Downtown buildings will bo deco
rated and every national society in the
Maty will be asked to tako part of a
parade and program.
Village Near Madrid Is Said to Bo tha
America Discoverer's
London The Madrid correspondent
of the Dally Telegraph telegraphs:
"According to a provincial newspaper,
the Correo Oallego. which quotes tho
eminent Oaliclnn historian, Senor Oar- I
CM do la Riega, who has devoted many
yearn to studying data relating to tha
Mttbplaag of the discoverer of Ameri
ca, it now appears that Columbus cer
tainly was not born in Genoa, as hag
always been affirmed.
Hfgaja says he possesses documents
proving that Columbus was born at
'orto Santo, a small village near here.
Itbgtt Is a person of considerable!
authority and formerly waa In tba
colonial office."
Austrian Explorers of Imperial Mu
seum Make Rich Haul In Karat
Vlenna.An exploration by mem
bers of the Imperial museum into tho
cavern of fit. Kanzion In the Karst
mountains has yielded more than t.ono
bronze Implements such as swords
axes, lama heads and vessels BUD!
posed to date from 1000 M. 0, They
wore all found at the bottom of a pit
lf.0 feet daep within the cavern It
Is suggested they ware thrown in
there as a sacrlfloa to a siibterranean
ProMtabla Interchange.
In return for the white pine tha
Douglas fir and the black walnut Ku
rajMg Iihs given North America' tha
Norway spruce and niHple and tho
Scotch and Austrian pine.
Work Was Remedial.
The following report from the rec
ords of a probation officer Is slgnifl.
cant. M Z., of liurmau descent grad
uated rrom grammar school. Parents
net respectable, and thrifty. Uer
mans. Ulrl wanted to go to work
Parents would not allow this, as they
did nut need her wages and thought
abe should stay at home and help about
tha house. (tlrl became uuiuanage
able, and stayed out several nights
heieupon her parents brought her
luto court aa Incorrigible The proba
tlou officer urged that the girl be al
lowed to go to work. The parents
agreed, the girl was placed on proba
tlou, and found work for herself in
department store. Prom that time she
8&ve no trouble
Slmrtlv after Ml in e.g. ;h,- av . m, ,.
woman begins, to acquire the instlip i
of a private- detective.
Calumet Hecta Mn'g Co
Who wish to sell their houses or buy
houses on Co. Land; who have room
to rsnt or who wish to rent rooms, are
invited to advertise in this column
without any expense.
I i lt SAM: Klght room house i
Ilidge SI. "
I 't K S.M.I-:
loom house. :i2U it id k-, i
I'OH S.M.K Hons,, !i rooms,
4.13' Kirn St., Yellow Jacket. '
Poll SAi.K -7-rooiu house, 4UIW
rOH SA1,K 11-room house. Apply im
Kocklund St.
FOR SAI.1-; House ir,4 Hecla Ht
Heelu Hock foundation.
Kill Union Street, a good Uouae in
a desirable location. Apply ou piem-
FOR HAIJC Kour-iooin cottage, L'.u
Middle SL, Calumet.
FOR SAI.K !i-roo.n bouse and barn.
Apply at 3f,S Caledonia St. i
I'l'U Kj&NT i Ko.,ms. Ig ttluge Ht
FOR saw-;
i loom bouse with iiM-k,
711 Waterworks Si.
FOR SAUK .".-room house at 1
1 t Apply at PetaT Sherf. MB
bog St., RajrMfbauttoM a, x
l i S. 1,1-, ii m house, un i.
tie. : Yellow Jacket. x
FOR SA Id-.' - Nine room house, with
bath roon, stone foundation, steam
beat, '-lectrlc nK,t and hardwood flourr
downstairs, large attic, also front and
buck stalls. Terms reasonable. Apply
1 801 School St x
FOR SAI.K .-.-room fiou.se, 371) Cab
ddalg St. Apply on premise.
Fl 'K SAI.K lu It,,,,!!, House.
4 3:'$ Acorn St.
I t 'It SAI.K
loom bouse, 2H8L' iis-
eeola Road, New town.
FOR SAI.K House at very reasonable
fir in with Rood ''11ar. &20 4th Bt.,
Blag Jackat Apply on premises ee O.
11. office.
FOR SAKK 6 -room cottage, at a
bargain. 2614 Liberty street, Raym.
FOR SAL&-9-room hutiBe. summer
kitchen, coal shed, barn room for S
horses, etc. Apply 1606 Hecla St. Hec
la, FOR RENT Rooms. Apply NU Teiu
ple 8b w
KOK SAI.K Kive-room house No. 240a
H street. Apply Jas. Barnette. x
l it sai.k mi i'uuneT"8u
FOR SAKK--1626 Hecla St.
FOR SAI.K- Klve-iajJin house, Hli Al
bion. FOR SAI.K - l-room house. isU2 l.aur
lum St.
ion sai.k -room house. 730 Water -
works St.
1 ' R SAI.K 7 room house No 166 J
Hacbl St . Hecla. Knqulre on prem
tsea s
t'K SAKK -4-iuon, tioiiiw. No y'.i
b.-l.lnd Calumet dam. Inquire within.
FOR sakk -8-room hauaa. aagg atuu
ruR BALK 7 -room bouse, toil Calu-
chea p
avaaua in good condition and
FOR SAI.K -House No. till Tunnel
St.. Swedetown.
'R SA KK House, No. 40sSrOlm St.
Yellow Jacket.
SOR RENT room house NoTl
Franklla Bf Ftortela. x
'M I'I) hoarders. SS'i Wedge Si.
FOR RBNT I furrilslTeonrooiiMi. atod-
onv.-nlences. :i i 7 s ,,,t SI
SAI.K hot Cbloek 3 vVolverlna
St.. Florida. Apply at Mrs. Chap
man's boarding house, m Xearaarir
St., south.
' ' ' j sa-k aaaMi iuMa taa. 31144
Swe,,,.f,,wn ni( Ai( lv preml,,
FOR SAU& I -room house, :i!ih Bouth
Sixth St. Newtown, on C. fi 11.
R SAKK House, 1616 Hecla St.
TOR sakk Seven room bouse.
Caledonia at.. Calumec. Mich.
SAKi: House No.' 467. Caledonia
s , Albion.
FOR sai.k House, "No77oig OaR HT.
"How .Inrket.
hi'.' N'T ,le furnls.,.- room.
---r. Acorn St,
1 "H SAKK !. room mUM, v.titnn,. 14
''iiledonla Ht.
Kn,i sai.k si, room
house, l-'
i-nurlum Rt,
On SAKK -7 room boUM
1 St.
TOR sai.k 8-room house, No. 17. on
ledonla St. Particulars at Wlck
s,r"'" Co.' ,.,, Pln. H,
SAI.K n r..oiii house. modern
".nventences. .tea,e heat, good foun-
""I ami plum,,,,.- i, , , u . la
'. , -
thru St.. calumat

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