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wi mhi:k "i 1 111
Hit In loplrht ami
N olnesdav .
One of the Five Men in "Murder
Car" Night Rosenthal Was
Killed Surrenders
District Attorney in Possession of
Plans of the Killing
New York, July 2.1. -Hurry Vallon,
oim "l those in Um 'murder cut'- tlM
nighi Rosenthal, me gamMer. wm
killed, Bin rendered In the police to-
li i i.ri;i nt fgretopmenti are now
. xpt .ted.
l.i. iit. Re.kcr will be permitted to
testify If he agrees to waive all tm
ii. unit The publk prosecutor makes
no i It 111 to Me his Ix llrl that tlio
d( n hi Booker r.-sis on the Rosen
iiml i icih itiitl In m m i u ii i will not
miI. 'i.i him. Whitman takes Hi"
(million that ii Becker Is as Innocent
I he fays he In, he will nook to ap
pear before the. grand Jury, waiving
immunlt v.
Plans ,n kill Unseat ha I were laid
in the xeurnlon trip of the S.im Pool
i km. Rosenthal had i n talk
ing too much BOlUe well known Run
men and Mu kjackers wete along on
H al eX. iiihIoii trip and 1 1 . - OOtSCtHroi
now kernel that Maid .lucky Rose ami
III 1 WVM.er were etSO nn boon
the steamer.
It whs the day (hat Rosenthal
ll.li .lt. tied to tell III. He SbOUl boo
the police maitei on gambling houses
'I .t th" word who passed around that
. mull ko made surge with.
II wan leiirned Hint RosoBthsJ
m ir eiy had fallen to the sidewalk
' . fuelllerts "t bullets when bone
nnt railed District Attorney Whitman
d. telephone and said:
You hud heller get down to the
Vletropole ahead of the police of
pistol will be found 00 RoseSthsTi
l.edy "
The prosecutor hurried to the rceae
hi I satisfied himself there was no
weapon on the body of the gnmhho-.
He then went to the pottce station and
r und out thai no mention bd boon
made f a weapon in the ends on the
police Mot tor. Later the st.uv devel
oped from several sources that the
urdor plot Included a statement to he
n .lit hy the police thai Rosenthal
I "I 1 n killed in a Ramblers' duel.
tl it two other aa lit hi -l's had been
'Milled mil the poll, e were looking
ft ' the Injured men.
District Attorney VVfrltman'a prompt
i 11 1 1 (Ml t be seen. Ii ii.l I. , 1 1 i .
thwarted t tin t part of the plan. The
I i attortw) received common!-
Hon signed "a woman who knows"
l0 thS name of thS gunman R In
I ttlS tltst slmt at Rosenthal This
'i hit, the writer said, came originally
horn ' 'inclnniiti and may bove leturti
fd there.
ln Francisco, Calif.. July 23. The
""Inge in the Chrrernmont'a eull kri
p'tuity to disvohe the Am eric an Bugsi
Ib-ibilng cnrnpiinv. hiHt held in New
York, wefO taken up here 104. sml
expected to consume (sev eral weeks
From her., (he hearings will sh'ft t-.
alt l ake lty and then to Denver,
the prosnoci r i. ing ryammed
01 ue in New York al ut the miu
'II" "I September.
R tltimore. M.I . July LIS. Man) irl
ern in, telegraphic iWOSgSgSS of con
'Htulatlon oWe received at the at
iiiepiaoopej roejMenos in this ity dm -l"
h. last lew ttgya tor Cardinal
Hlbbona Mho la seventy -eight yea is of
lods) In a-urd nice with Ml CtlS
'"' during recent years Ills Kuiiii
,w upending hU vocation with
friends in the vicinity of New York.
rrangefOOgtS have I n made for
' hl baseball same In ho played DCXl
sundajj afternoon botwson the teaina
' t'teontbm (hi Rnnknri und Deohert
' alumet Trnd the member of the
11 ' luh. Ttie ame Is sehedui- d o
'"he Place on t. BrOOSjOS of the Pfoell
'''lb In Hip ofMJM farm west .. S, ,
Ion l. There Is o-,sldera Ide rivnlrv
HI the Iwmn and It is BjgfoOtSSi
b nttif w bt a very Intetes.in
"n" Afterwards (he club will enter
'"" Itt gejlstg (Mormon
sf -'.H'.' pOgOBSSJIsi travelle'l
' the .weenv Central rail-. .ad
,,,"'. vlRtlnR Lftc La BoUO. Central
" " r"''lM,w. V-,,te the heavy gg
" "H'He the ellleiemw of the serv -
malntalPed In a rstl SMMh
t..r manner m ich to the ererflt of
lh "lllclale of the road.
lporle. Iii. I, July 211 To reward
thoat) who hefrleniled him nearly a
quarter ..i ,i century am., when ho
toured In. II. in. i mi H bicycle, K. Nicho
las Churchill ..I Juliet. Ill , who is sal. I
by ottornoyi t.. bb multlmUMosilre.
win i.e mode beneflcloiiei of hia boun
ty to the extent of more than $.".a.
A letter addressed to Hi liter of
the Peru Republican stales that
Churchill's attorneys Wlll make the
distribution in December of this e..r.
at Christmas lime.
According to the letter, tho man of
new found wealth will give Peru a
:.. dtrtnktng fountain, ItS.tfe) foe a
hospital, 110,000 for a children's home,
and .sums as follows to friends who
aided nil. i t w nt - lour ears OfJOl One
Ihoiiosml dollars eoch to Julius w Ki
slsl.rs. 1, to Mrs. A. It We kler,
$ir..tnu to Mis. Mary Morris, a widow
with six children; f,OO0 to Mrs. Dunn,
J. J. DtmnS mother, for soup; $1. ''
to emh of Lai be Conham's sisters; $1,
tttiii to Mar Lock wood, who gave him
a dollar; JI.imio to (ieorge LOckwOod,
who ggve him $2; $L to Ma, J. A.
Marsh, who gave him a drink of milk;
$1.I)(UI t e... h of Anna l.andKrave.V
Bisters, $l.0ini to Hreorae ' Strode for
dinner, H.OOi to Joe Conhum estate
for soup.
Churchill, the lawyers assert, re
cently inherited a fortune of several
million dollars by Hi" death of a rela
tive In BnglOOd. His identity was es
tablished by Scotland Yard detective
after a ton vars' search.
Former U. of M. Professor Passes
Away in Oklahims.
Detr -it. Mi. h . Jutj -':.. Dr. Ham
COge Clhbes, former health OMCOT Of
Detroit, one of the world's foremost
pothologtots and a pioneer in Hie . .nn
pelgO aaolnst UberCU)loots is dead at
bfuAIOOter, kli... where be had lived
sll.ee leavlna his home in this city
iH out IK months ao.
No informotlon bi at th
to the cause of the doctor'
home as
death. It
is presumed that his
was responsible. He
advanced aRe
004 about XO
years eld.
Resides helna .one of tile foremost
ulentlsts f bis day. Dr. C.ibhes hud
hod a most interesting career, dalina
from his birth in I he south of Eng
land uHI his retirement from active
work in Detroit.
His InvcsHaaHous into the cause
of cholera epidemics In India, where
In w is nenl as .. member of a royal
Lommloeksn; bhi extended con trover
ajog OVer the causes and cttTeS of tu
bercnloKls with Prof. Rohert Koch, the
eminent Oermao aclentlot ; his stormy
lareer in the chair of palholony in
the Iniversity of Miihlnan. from
whi. ii he was tlnally ousted, foHOWtBJf
a hitler BCtenthV wmnnle with Dean
Victor c. VaiiKhan; his picturesuue
and fore ful administration Of the po
sition of health officer of Detroit. h!I
OOmbinod to make Vim a (IgUTO of In
ternational pi oininerue in the world
of medicine.
Some Fine Specir-iens Entsrod in the
Long Branch Exhibition.
omi branch, N tH JuTy ft Bo-
. aus. of the i roinlneme of many of the
exhibit'. is and the barge th Id f show
and ta.e hbTOOa entered, more than
usual mtSffOal has bOOn aroused III th"
nirieteeulh annual exnll.ltl'.n of the
lonnioulh Count) Horse Show sso-cl-tllon.,
which will open H Hollywood
Park tomorrow and Continue until th"
.ml f IhS wi otc, During Hie four
dnya' ecenpotlUoo total of lftynrne
lasses will be bulged, anil M SgOJTC
Kate ..r nearlx 7.'H. In prizes will be
awatded. In addition to thO rggUlir
classes for NgdMIs horses bunt us ,ind
.lump. i s. and harness horse classes
-or sad'll. horses, huntors and Jumpers,
and bnTneSg horse, cluss-'s a number
a s m. ia I features will be IntfOdu d
in the nature of mHltOQ kJUOPUOJ com
petitions and four runnirc races.
rooonh Blight, 04)04 T'. died yeobbr
day at the residence or CbjOt SUw s
Teromorh locigthm. He i ehrvlved bjf
brothel. Samuel. .1 N'orih KOOjT
MUnpt. The lati Mr. Rlla'il va un
martied, The remains were slrpp'd
todav to Ron Mountain. when- tin
funeral will take place with s'tvi s
at the Central )1. K BhUTCh, H -. Mr
Harper, lorinerly of Calumet, otll. ia'
w Y .rk. Julv IS, VUsOOnl Astor.
f the late John Jacob Ant or, 044
among 'he passenger on the ateaniei
ionrotonla which 'Hied from this port
today. H. Is ..n his wav to Knulan.;
prhOfj be will Join his mother, Mrs
A V4 Wlllina Amor tnl her dOttghtOI
Muriel r.u I he rest of He summer
The whole pgrty epi is to reintn l
ih. Cniled States earlv In the rail.
The yacht Mlnnemac. In cborgO, of
. ommodoie Norman MocDonohl and
'apt. Ralph leMarr. lll Vg this
evening en route r.u isle Roynhj with
a party of fishermen. Includlna; 1r.
KniKer. B. J. Hall. Wfll McKalvie and
Morgan Williams, who will spend from
h week to ten days 04 the Island. The
yacht will spend the niabt at the can
al and will pio.ee.l ...tlx in the morn
ing for Ile Koyale.
nr.T I r
bntAi bUNbiit55
Business Men of the Worid Wil
Meet in That City Late
in September
Will Promote Commerce and Re
lations Between Nations
I'.. Men, Mush.. July Jit. -The cui-
mlttoe of th RootoM Cbamobor of Com
merce in charge of the details of the
preporgllnna for the PhTQi Intonm
tional Cotinress of ('liambera of Cti.
mereo to be held here September ti to
"K, are bard at work carrying out tt.e
ambitious plans OAglgjUSj lor that
Kothorlng. The oomtai congvbos wfd
be th" Hral one of Its kind ever h In
the United Ntdtee and the Boetcn
Chjombcr of Commerce, fully lecughM
Ing th. ohllpotlona wnlch this compfi'
metit to Boa lOfl by the Chamber of
Commerce i the world lias iila.-ed up
on lis sh luldefs, is mpkhox the gmsi
energetic "ft.-rts t make the ooogrggj
a auotom.
The Int. rnatlonal CnKi ef s ,.t Cn,m
heri ol' Commerce aiwl Industrial and
i .mineiclal sociatlonw Is an urgan
iMtton represent lim the business men
ut the entire world, its uu pi he la to
facilitate the oomnv rciai Intorpouroe
I notions ltd to -promote corbutj br
lations between them. The recom
men. !at ions decided opon hy the v. .if
of the goings tec ore ohfrtod oul by
permsnsnl eommlttoo, the beodejonr
ters of which ore si Dnissole. snd
which keeps in clooe tSgOB with the
conatltuonl nrganlaathmg And pJoovUli
the pyoormnenta of Stj nations. frae.
tlCgtfy All Important chanilx rs of com-
msTce of th" world are represented In
the .'.mures; and at the pres.-n' tun'
fort)' -five American commercial bedfM
re sfllimtdd ith the iniern.itlon il or.
Court cf Arbitral Juftirr.
Th" peiinineiit .ommittee in Hrus
sels Is at present considering the fee
ommendgtloiii and siccgeHtionR r sub
.iect8 for t,he oonhtorntlon by the coni-
it n Congress, which have been. sen l In
by the program committees of the i.'i
ions ne Hens The American program
commit toe, f whih Prod I. W Tssm
da. .f Har an I 'nl ers't v . know n
tbroOghoUl the world ax an uuHiorlt.'
upon e. oiiomies, is chairman, ha. sub
mltted a number of importat.t mibjecta
egnectntty to be ounehfoi ml bj the in
ternational 'ongress IncruoN the plan
to establish a permanet:t COUfl Of a. -btttnt
0St Ice; the unifblation of ktg"
islallon Peletlng to checks; Intima
tion. il postal reforms; the establish
ment of an international bureau of
statistics; a prog mm for an . nt rna
tlonal maritime union; regulation of
expositions; an intern:;! lottsl SgfOJI
nient between banks of issue end pes
slbly a resol. Hon looking to Hie .sup
pression of measures taken ogslnsl
foreign merchsntS because of their r -ligion.
Elsborate Entertainment.
The bofiorarj American conimlttea
of the Congress, ..t which President
Tall is chairman. Includes the diplo
matic representatives ..i mam nations
the presbbuits of the principal COOS'
men ial oraa nla t ions of the riio..;
BtStSl and many of the leading busi
tii UNBon "i Amerlos. The most elabor
ate plans save boon prepared foe the
entertainment ..t the trlstttng ielegStm
ThS boston Chamber f Commerce ha
arranged for spectoJ, ateamer nans
portatlon to Boston, fJgM hundffsl
berths have been resorved for dele-L-atej
to the congress on the steamship
St. I.uls, sailing from Southampton
and Cherbourg on September 14, and
twenty-five on the steamship Km. in
land, sailing from Antwerp SgaJ Dover
on the same day.
It is planned thai at the close of
the sessions of the "i.nufl'Nh the del-
ggtgi from foreign ctmnerum or si
man of them who wish to avail tin m -selves
or that OPPCOtttStty, shail DO
taken in a spe i ll train nn a tour of
the leading commercial and lniliistrl.il
e. litres of the United States. Tho
. hsmoerh t imerce and other oom-
mercial i.tganlz ations in the cities to be
visited by the delegates are alti.nl1
prefMUHtnj for the reception and eu-
tsrtalnmottl of the visitors.
Willi the exception of one stretch
about half a mile long, situated near
the Rhode leolnd, the son count) road
botbreen Oslunnol and Bagcoch has
b. en throem ongg to trafeak There Is
a ClrCttltOUl route around thS sleat
4t I .1 load uncompleted. The new
highway is said to be In excellent con
dition by several motorist who pass
ed OVeC it Sunday. It probably will
bo but n short time before the lop
dresalng on the section of the rCSaf Si
prooenl shcossplete ntll be Rntahed,
China's first paper money is now
being printed in New York.
The-., are ,oji building and loan
associations In operation in the Unit
ed States, with aggregate assets of
New electric railway In about to
hull.! connecting "'olumhus and Tole
do. . An Issue ..f $1.3H;,.00n in bonds
is soon t be made to finance the en-
"' '"" . . . A J JfJ?
Port Huron. Mich . Jul) 23 An at -tempt
will be made to obtain an
amendment to the state law regarditm
Hie erection of houses of correction.
This matter was embodied in a reso
lution that was adopted .it the annual
meeting of the prosecutlna attorneys.
Sherlffe, and chiefs of police of the
stale, which elosc.i here yesterday.
During the past few months the
Detroit House of Correction has been
so crowded that it has at last been
.iced to refuse t.. take any con
tracts with counties in the state after
September I. This will cause a lot of
trouble to the sheriffs and police of
ficers ... I. now' what t i!(, with pris
oners who have a lonK sentenci
serve. There Is nlv one other bouse
of correction and that is at Oram!
At . resent the slate l.ijv
.lection of Sue's, an Instid
limits th
institution to
city nf 100,000 Inhabitants Detroit
and lr mil Rapids are the onlv cRi..
that can have on under this law and
(her. aie other cities in the state that
would like to erc.t similar Institu
tions. A. .1 Tripp, sheriff of Oakland
county, and chief t Police Rehrandt,
of Lansing, were appointed a commit
tee to work for an amendment which
will allow a city of '.0.000 to have a
house of correction and also to report
on other legislation that may be found
to be desirable.
Ssult Ste. Marie was selected as
the next meeting place and a commit
tee on permanent organisation was
appointed to re-arrange the organiza
tion. The following all. ei, s were elect
ed for the next year: president. Jo
seph Iv Bayllas. sheriff ;,t Sault Stc
Marie; vbe president. W. '. Wagen
sell. sin riff at port Union; secretary.
B. J. Swart, chief ol police al Port
The Seventh bfsounuYJ convention !
Um St.ivenisn-Croatian Union will be
held in the Red la'cket tow n ball, mm
menclng ugus ... and continuing un
til an indefinite perils', at h as for ..ii"
week. At HPs ess Um, fb legates w iP
In p,. s. nf from . very lodge in He.
noithweot, Th . .invention is one -t
the most Important from h fraternal
viewpoint held in the United St.it'
by the Slovenian -Croutlnns.
The following are th delogal
elected to represent the se . at Cr.a
Han-Slovenian societies affiliated wit.
the union:
St 4gg4jh'a, ' aoimet Mi. h;.el KL.
bllehar. John D PuhagJt, Matt W. Kobe
Anton Cf.sel, Marcus Sterk. Joseph
. 'ermain. und Joseph Stefan, z. Jr.
St lnrtln, Baltic Man.. BuhOVac
St. Jacob, l.ai rium Joseph R. Sed
lar. St. l-'ranels, Dollar Itay--Delegate yet
to i.e abac tod,
St. I'ran. i.s Manistiii. leorae
' lorochot
St Nicholas,
fane, and Kra.i
81. Ii w l eu. .
'a I iiini'l
I'.t.r Rte
Hy, Minn
St. Ivan, Vo t, 1'alumet ,Rseph
LOOOC and Michael 'J 44444
St Rob, No H Martin Mhetrhkb,
Ja. oi. Belobrad.'ich, Vin. ent Oxanlch
und Martin Rolf.
St. Anne, N".. io, Calum. t Mum
Marie Puhek, Mai , Krebnak. and An
na Rproltser,
st. inne, Kh Minn tf
leporled as vet,
St. .Movsins, Hisbee. Arl.. No dele,
gates nam.'. I II yl
8t. Trostv... Clumet Mario. Jotie.
No. 14. D.'.'geville. Mi.li. ifoSOnh
st. Joseph, iTojksgr Offi Qoorge
No. Hi. Columel Antonio Mlhelclc.
St. Cyril In M tod, Ahmeek Dels-
gates v et to he n "MCil.
No, 1 1 s.citi l anae Delegates el
! be named
St. Rarl.ara Aurora, Mi. b. No del
gates nsgjbodl St 1 Bl
St. Peter, t:eleth, Minn. Crank
St. Step,,..,,
M. I let" in.
St. Jeronln.
Chtsholm. Minn Vnton
ii ..nwood No ei gates
named as yet.
No. Chluniet
l.'hn S it. i
St. .nil, Vll go. i i, Minn Philip N
In addition lo electing otflh ei -bearing
r. p. ii i the -. nv . stion
name th'- next meeting Sjgt I
I iv I
The latest Paris novelty is what I
local paper teiin- un bercenr ele.tn
iue." The cradl. is fixe to a balar-e,
and this i eonnei te.i with . phon -graph.
As soon as the baby cries vl
bratln i tabl ta if I he gjsjssratue u
set in motion .nd these '.n turn af
fect th phonegi 1 d', which emits .
inliao.v. The rotstton of the cyllndt
causes the cradle t'1 lock, snd this pa
cifies the Pabv. Vs soon ae the ba.bv s
cries ..an,, the .nolle no kuwgor rocks
Hv Hits means the domestic ocupa
Hons or the mi.ili.'i aie not int-'t rupfe i
to look after the liaby.
The per (jgptts "iiHuinpt ion ol po
tato.w In this country at the last . en
sua was fuui bushels.
President Taft Now Regards the
Philippines as Most Valuable
Addition to U. S.
Territory More Self Supporting
Than Any of Others
Washington, Julv JH. 'resident
Taft has sent a message to the house
stating that congress so far had ap
propriated f3.4:.l,92:. for the Philip
pine ialands. The house In a resets
lion ha. I asked to know the total ex
pense resulting from the occupation
ol the islands.
The j. resident slates that, aside from
the direct appropriations, It Is Impos
sible to estimate accurately any ex
pense incurred. He declared It an
op.n queetJoO whethe the army In the
Philippines cost more than it did ' at
home. He believes it should be -barged
to ;he Cniled States.
The president gave no figures for
lb st of the military and naval es
tablishment, hut said that from I xft
IS njSJg the military establishment cost
about H, 4,044. whit b was paid tio.n
the revenue of the islands. That
amount has been repaid, so that the
president esld the Dm ted states was
debtor to the islands fol about $ I ...no. -
ooo. -
The president made it clear that he
regarded the Philippines as gmfs s.'ll
eupporting tliati any other territory in
the Cniled States.
Keweenaw Central Issues Circular
With a Prnnnl Appeal.
The Keweenaw Central issues a III
He circular a peryonul appeal t.. -ood
timr lowers, which contains no mu n
truth we are constrained to call atten
tion to it.
in it .me gade itotJslag vlstongry;
there is nothing exaggerated, but tin
keynote ol uoonmon SSnSS is sounded
ronectsll) in the following sentseme
. xpect , v-rv one to have a g..o,-
time, because we i.elbve and know
thai visitor to Crostvlcw bring th. n
goo.i time with I ham M
it is bgmbd by mo c.estview Oirl,"
and reads SS follows .
Dear Prietid:
As a Lover 0C'4-Qood-Ta40i in
good standing, you are invited t i.e
I I. 'Sent at Cr.stvlew next Silti" la or
anv other Sunday you may elect.
There will be music all SftW n
and dancing in Ihe Casinn. whero
musicians ..l . lass will entertain yog
till the last train leaves at 9:L'0.
There Will be time before tile dance
-if you take the '.. ... lock train out
of Calumet for tramps over the hills,
If you are a lover of nature walks
afield. icnics, a visit to the cascades
Of fdSSdS River or a dip in Pake Su
perior near by.
The dance al Cr.stvlew is .pule ln
formgj, Kverybody Is supposed to
know cveryhodv else, and everybody
has a good time because they bring
i good time along.
At the lunch room Jolly Walt Han
dera is devoting his time and talent
to serving the inner man and at
prices thilt won't stagger you
It v on expect to he present, kindly
Colorado springs, luly l!3. A trans
continental balloon race will aturt
from Colorado Sprlnp' during the
summer carnival Auaiut :'7--'.i. in
whi.ii it hoped to b,eak the long
distance record l.tVi miles. Thre
great ballocna will start under Hv
Mmnageoienl of Lieut, hVmsytrgfl, vot
. tan pilot of the SI. Louis aero club,
and grout th) members .' the St LsSUll
Aero Club will pilot them.
Coroner i-isher
finest list evening 1 1
cumstatc ee of the
Huhtaia. which war
onducbsd an in
is. ertaln the clr
death of Henry
reporteil in The
News last week. After hearlna the
tcstlinonv Of witnesses, the Jurv r. -
turned i verdtot to the effect that
Huhtaia came to his death as a lesulf
of drinking poison known as tyOOl
with suicidal intent.
New York. July 11 44 a
speech here fo.lav. Roosevelt
de-lared. the new party will
be literally the partv -r the
pe .pie The tleht will be made
on live Issues.''
Asbury Park. N-w .tersey,
July 23. At the end ol an nil -nlghl
conference the progress
ive leaders of New Jerse) df"
cldsl lo put a compl't' state
ticket In the rteld.
4..:..M-.;-:-; 4 -
I'm i -burgh, Pa, July M - The first
safety rally In the hiatory of Amer
icas lallroads will be held at Kansas
City, Kas Sept. 4 ah employes of
railroads entering that rlty will be
.n. it. . I and about 10, mm employes and
their wives will be in attend,, n. -
Families of the emplov.s will be rur
nish.d with tianspo nation moving
ptcturea, win ghoor railroad shops.
vai ls ..nd tram- and lnw the men get
Sajnred and killed while working for
the railroads. Another set of pictures
will show the same scenes and how
Hi.- employee .m prevent accidents by
the exen ise of care. It is understood
that officials of Kastern railroads will
attend the rally with a view kg ha-.
ng a similar moving show in Kastern
cities and railroad terminal points for
the ben. tit of their emplov.s.
Companies Expected to Enter Market
for Cs's and Locomot.vss.
Pittsburg. Julv 23. Considerable in
teres! is b. ii g sroejggd by the ptOS'
en I hnrssg movement in railroad ogptp
m.-nt. Leading makers helif.o
that at.othet period of extensive pur
chasina of niia h needed cars and lo. ...
motives I home of the lerger s stems
has alreadv set in. Inform Hon ,;t
band from uscalh SFOlU Informed cir
cles is that a number of the iaiu ..d
are either maklna nrrungomenta to
ent r the msihet, or sre films dj lb t
l negotiating for large numbers of
freight cars, to I.,. prepared to HSS1 e
the exp.-. tod bom per crops.
In pome quart ere it is eollmeted th...
the business in sight for the build, r ;
ti tills fully sa.oe.i , .us Th-- N. u fortl
Central s stem is understood t. be one
f those ilRuring on buving he.ivilv.
and i' is nid It rna award contract
for as man) as ' non additional ar
The IJoOtOB R Albany, a part or '.ha
yOtem, is ahead' out with a formH
Inenjlry for UM cars. It is known
that the Hoston v Maine is olaaning
a heavy purchase of C44S goeOS Of
the luge siein rvstemi arc also
nam. .1 as pr. spe tie buv. rs
If. as reported, the Creat N.u t hern
his issued a circular urging all .....l
dealers in its territory to stock OS
early, as an extraordinary movement
of grain is anticipattd this fall, it is
most likely thai that svstem will itself
try to be "I'orehan.bsl" by getting Ir.
an older as soon gg pi)4a4jSjS for ;
larae number of fr.-i-'ht ens, t,, tola
i aie of th.. . xpecl- d heav v tralfu.
Location of Votinq Boxes for Miner?'
Pony Content Announced.
Jenieis T. Ptoher, who has booo . i
pointed to have Charge u ;he i.'.nv
contest to b. conducted In OOttnoCttOg
with the C. H. miners' pi. hi. . NtatOd
this gfssrmnm that entries ore egots
el toffay. Mr. Kisher would be pbmg
..I to I.e. I H. .Ill a II v I've alllhlllon.S
boy who is anxious to get Into the
race for the pony contest, it in an
opport unit v be feels sure will appeal M
man) ..ftlie i.oys of .'alunn-t who ile
sire to make the most of their vaca
t ems.
Mr. nshor has emmuncoi the bsogn
Hons of the voting boxes f r the pOgg
and carl contest as follows:
Rod Js'-ket.
Vertln Pros Store.
Jlass MOOk Store.
Tamarack Co opei'ilive.
Rupfie's Store.
Metri-i-olitan I'hirmacy.
I'igle Drug Store.
Superior Pharmt. v.
'astblnuer Reed.
X'ivlan's Store.
Harsiinti's gSUffO
La. itlum Drug St rc.
Sup- riot' Phot m M
Amsricin Vessel it Lsst Word in Nav
al Architecture.
Washington, 1 ('., July -M. The
tattleship Nevada, now building for
the Pnlte.d States, Is the limit, the
last thing in naval architecture, pow
er and practicability in the woti l. Ad
miral Bowleg formerly chief con-struct..'-
.r the navy dopartmentt who
Is bull ling the Nevada, sayi that she
will be a greater ship than the Argon
tine monster, which now holds the
record for size, but not in nower of
batterv The .rgentinc ships an
3-.00n tons burden and carrv each
twelve If InOh auns The Nevada ts
to be Of gf iter olopla. . inent and is to
carry twelve M-inci auns.
The committee named at r. rSBSOl
meeHng of the firemen to wait upon
Ihe business men In eonpeotlon with
the campilgn to land the 1911 tournp
ment, met with much encouragement
and has been mth. lissd to S4H for the
buamem men as weii an tP- greoOse
The Red Ji- ket department. whi h will
ie .e on the Mri-nc n's spe. In on th.
morning t !nl- 1 will eondn. i a
spirited campaign rnnnri' the d. lea
i-onslileral.l. Interest Is letog
manifested In tin nm .il plenl. f Hie
Calumet Congreaatlonal Sunday scbol
be held at the I'reda park of the
Copper Uange on Thursday. Bpeclal
trains w ill leav. ' ..lumet at 7 : W
o'clock, also atopping at Iaurlum and
I? Is probable that a large number of
Calumet people will .ttend.
President Indicated Today That
He is in Favor of Recalling
That Measure
Would Have Joint Body of Both
Houses Study Question
Washing!. n. July r.i -Taft indlcaU
ed today he favored ;he i p.. . I .; i'nu
Canadian reciprocity set.
Littleton PooOHa Stsnlsy.
Sep. l.Ltleton. a seember f the
Democratic majority of the llouoo
steel irust inv estigaimg committee, to.
day pr.-s. at. .' his vi-ws tc Hi. om
mfttoSa He ggrssd t. sign the Bton
ley report vvith rniipv r. serv at i .n.-.
That left Stanlev w iih but two other
members of the rommtllon sf sine In
accord with ShSk
Littleton favory a joint bo.lv of the
ii.nise and Senate to stadi the tru i
uuoatton, mrd the evctmnog froan in
terstate . -immefce of . on Mirations hi
ribtraint of trade. He say the pro
posed lull putting upon corporatlaoal
th.- bgrdos - I ptavMlag To4 sons hie"
rootggHtt of trndo prsgervm the . in.
fault cf the hheemae low."
"3ef Tn it" Inquiry.
The h.iis. onmmlttm sag vlrlimfly
agreed ttPOn an Immediate ri'iujr in
to the existence of I ' be f trust ' I
postofp-.e hill With goo, ro..d.s IM..VI--
lens, profH.seil bv the Hou-c, ar.d em
bracing a parcels post system, was
reported to the Senate today.
aShlngtl S, I id It, HAS hull.! ed
ami twenty million dnllara wts fth lu d
from the American pecsals .lining the
Inst fls.-al year-by swindle! who of.
erat.,1 l;:rgelv through tho Pnftod
States mails, according t ,i Btateesaml
Jtisl made in a formal reort t. I'oat
mast. r c.eneral Hit' h .s k. This was
an increase of approximate a4444.
COO in the aggregate .. the pr v i. us
If these who arc alleged to have
0tmrstc4 in the fraudulent sch mes. I'
oT w. i.. arrested b) lostottl.-. inspec
tors. The) in --hided, persons in all
walks of Ufa During the nacol v.n
Which ended June 8S, last Ii2 pei MNH
were convleted sgjg eshtunoee sad I
cases an awintli.a final dtwpoattlon.
The rep-ri says that these Ira id in... .
pulafors. who SCChatl) exploit bogus
mines, fake remedies and ororthlom
land, constitute a distinct idgm ef I kW
brea kers.
mnrg the we-Htii- .if uider- who
have Ireen caught by ihe inspector are
crlnMmrle ' have popes' og reapect-
ah! citUens, leaders In their com
munities an l p. rsonages In Hie high
est social and business helds .-..iiie ..f
th. m were millionaires enriched b
their pbsndee. Home of these men ,n
now serving prloos etntem a
New Phyncsl Director Will Arr.vs in
Calumet in Tims.
At the monthly me.-tina ef the board
of dir ... tors of the Calun t Y. M. C A.
.e, last evening. It n inn oiti- I
tl.at I Johnstone, the gen phy4k ii
director engaged bv the g004d would
arrive here In time to act as one ..f
the leaders f..r- the Y. M. '. v ba '
eangj Ahich will OeglS n Jul IL
This announcement was received Srtth
pleasure by the boys who SgBX I
patlolpate in the .amp this rear.
Mr lohustotie is at pieseru In K IB-
kahibOj III., where he is in chargu .i
. imp undet ihe auspices of the Boy'a
Brigade ind Boy Scuts of Illinois. He
will coin, to Calumet Immediate!, af
ter this .-amp Is closed, which pr-. .
ablv will he esrlv roxt week.
Calumet Chapter. No r.:t, R A. M..
win entertalr at mwctng pai
t'restvlev- on Kridav everlrsg. A rpe. i il
train will l.-iv- Red .l.r'h-t at '. "
o rock and Lautccn al 7 4... I- '. r
the megfibere ot tin or.i i end ihir la
dies or families In the Keweenaw Cen
tral's popular pleasure resort 8g 'Oil
street cars win convey the Lube Un
den meml.eis tn theit home-; on the.r
i . tai 1 1 from Crest vie v .
Attentions on the Washington
school boil.Mtia are progressing ven
suHsfactorll) The qoarters ti.iiii.-i--iv
... . ipied bv Mrs John Dobbh in.1
femllj ere being converted Into three
s !....l rooms, whb h Is lik. iv will bo
i se.l to replace rooms in the some
building which are not as favorght
situated A slight increase In th
seating capacity probably will result.

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