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3, 1917.
the calumet news
Hancock Department
Inspection of Correctional and Will Not Look For Nomination For
a a at II S
Charitable Institutions
pr BdwaM T. a mama of thin city,
m mi t tin- h 1 11 1 boHril of hearth,
.,,,,1 who vvnH ul a ivivui meeting uf
,ilt. , ., ,t ippornted ad medical In
ppecloi t"i the upper tier of ceuattea
,,i tb eorthnra ix'iiinuiu. wag inter-
, I li.day by Tin News relulhe
,., :l, , ,,n lakn hy the It- aid t 1 i
,IW. to .in kiptlaB of nil inntiti.
turns i I the utittf coinlne, ii nil r i h
jurlKril'-'tiMi of the Hnar.l ul Charltte
gnd Corrections.
At ihe reojseel f tin' Matt board
,r charities sad ronsntleas tin -i.it
I , ,,, , ., health IlllH In in naked t'
i i , un Inv ttaftttoi i the Institu
tion oi 1 1 - Mais thai ere mure "i lea i
directly under Ihatff ehei Be. The i .
,,,,,..1 h.iH Ikm'H iit'i-lfil tn ami tin
board of health will proceed In thor
,,iin:lilv Investigate ar fur uh pra-ll-,
nock laetttatlone, beginning
,, ih ;x' sf : to school I'm Kit'ls ai Adrl-
Will Ba Very Thorough.
Till' investigation Will Include I"
, , il , I i. Ill I ill to HUllltllt loll, Ml 1 1
conditio!) and construction of build
m l grounds, food ami watci hup
ply, dietaries, etc. ii would seta that
hum been fol fniiii' till)', a I. ill'"-',
mount 'f tetoerculoela than would
b.hii warraated in Nat State school
iii girls el Adrhm, ami therefore Mi'
Inspection of thai particular ineUtti-
ti,,i, ill I if undertaken l tin' In i i-i
of health ul once, mid will he tttOT
oush from every atundpnlnt.
"Another inst it ut ion to be lareefl
gated at once tn con junction with
ti ' Irian school, is the Joniu prl on,
in win. 'i conditions from a health
Btaitdpo4kt seem to he fur from fttii
Immediately following the Investi
gation of these two Institutions, will
I., lak 'n up a thorough Inspei lion ot
till the prisons. reform BchooH ami
aayluSM of the state, after which i
complete report will In- submitted b
the hoard of health lo the hotird of
charities and qarrectlona. If tin
beard does nothing more thin do ihi
work well. will have justified Itn
existence and opens up an opportunity
fOI the state of Michigan to place il
elf before the public at large in an
. lingh eli hlblc poHitloll. As i
mnltarv force and Investigator tin
state hoard of health Is. as it hat to
be, a non-partisan organlnal in
vhlch politics does not exist and there
fore It should work without fear or
favor for the i.enciit .of the people of
the entire state.
Will Extend Scope.
"Ai the conclusion of the Investlfca
ti,. ii receded in. the beard of health
I us in mind a still further Invcatiga
tion of the institutions of the state,
thai will emhrai-e public ftohoohl ami
railroad depots. The secretary of the
board will shortly write to all h.-al
health oflleeta, furnlehlng there) wth
bianka t. .j' niled out. m which data
will be Koimht hi w hi. h the I d ra i
arrive at a thorough kin .w ledge nf
ConditlOM in railwa; stations, tin i v
tollel rooms, water supplies and oth-
I features in and about railway sla
lions, their toilet I US. water FUp
flies ami ether aa niter feature
in and about railway stations, and will
i-k that a report be made to the
I" ird at onee.
"The state board has seen lit to ap-
polnl what have het-n termed Itate
medical Inepectoya, whose dwt) it will
bi to aet in that se, tlon a here they
may he laeated eei aM noatcera of
t- i It Ii iiertalnliiK to which the atate
hoard of health may tune jurisdiction,
l ias Is being done for the purpo;
haIIK the ho;, I, I become lllol . BC"
ratetj ami mtlhaatel yaeejuatofted wrltti
1 iiditioiis in the differenl parts ol the
state. In the investigation and ln
DeetloW of as lutiis, eeheola, prison
tlie hoard w ill he aid, d bj ape
ill as-islance In any use where in
their judgment It seems necessar
Dr. MoRarhlaa of Marquette is the
Hate medical inspector for the soulh
iin Her of counties in the upper pen
Insula, while Dr. Ahrams as a im inlet-
for the board will look alter health
n dteri tn Hough tat), Keweenaw, Bar
aa, Ontonagon and other lection
imI acces Ible an. I quickly 1,1 1
from here.
W. C. Brown of Nhm York nnH Hod
son River R. R. on Visit.
W, C, Hrown. president of the , .
Vork and Hudson Itiver Railroad Dtn
rny, arrived In Houxhton at noon le
lay, in rhe steamer Troy, of the West
rn Transit Co. This afternoon, a -'"tnpanle.1
by R. skiff Hhelden and I'.
R. Holies, general pnssenaer apent ot
ihe Copper RaagM toad, he kMtrneyed
to Caramel in an iotsnahlillii n, wafl
hown the surface workings of the bir
c. a ii Minhag conepaaii and athet
Mnta of interest.
Win n seen this aft- rm on l Ihi
ir. mow i stated UM his tt h
'"I no speclsl wl".nill, urn e hi- coin
la belnt; merely f.r the purpose .f
Pleaaure. Also InKfasled In the part)
thai cam.- to Calntaet I. is ait' ii
v " Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Watfii In I
vl' WcKeever is a promlneni mlnloa
nHn from Mexico.
"i aaji not a , undid tte for am afH
nor win seek an nomination Hthai
for senator ..i ,-oiiri ss,n n thl-i , ill,
said Dr. PJdwur i T. A Drama todas to
a tepti -si niaKva or ! The New,
ill reply to a ,a stio, to hit itlteii
lions. Por 'He aun(ha peal Dr. Ah
rams has been mentioned i poet !
i I i bndidate l,,r Ihi Repul la an nom
inatlon for rt-prwntMhi of th,
Twelfth Ah' i :n QUtrh t in Congjrei .
ins atntemeni totla i uta an end i
ihis .-n, illation Congee a m H. i lUn
Voung i.- in the held i"i r eiei 1 1
ami t lie II I, Hds .1 . . I i.,tes
urging loin b. enter tin- field but ee f.n
he has nn ,t, , g( , ,, . ,.,,
'i was offered support from inn-.'
eanreea," antid Dr. Vhrama, "if I wophi
allow my nam, to I,., iiaed In eoaru
Hon .itii ih , indtd.'tej for Cofraaa,
''"t I l.-i thai in m) ana i! v as mem
h. r ol the slate BOATd of h tilth 1 .an
lie of lillH Ii -i at, i .' rvlr to the pub
lic thJn b) p Irtgj an;. I, tislal i .
otll e. M J ah Is to v, ,,, t,
aeeh pdjlee, and my view of anj nom
Inatiog is thai nun should be aeio tod
i. niv for their anility or ntneaa i., i i
m I'Vi- thi.-e . in hi the) repreaent, an!
not with at id, i ,,i the; hdnot i on
i' rte, i or the , lioolunti in- a. ertitni lo
i he ' Mi ' . ' i 1 I men have b, en in n
i lofted f,,r the nomination for Con
iirea, men who should repreaepl the
dtetrtrt w llh credit, and therefi re I
do nrtt o.i that thet, i i in) occaelon
for 03) a eiiiii" to the wished of lllo. .
who have urged n'v candidacy.
Th. Mite b, at .i it hearth, (a hoe,
'oust It ut, id, i: ..in- 0( Ih,- leal, tli lii .
Useful boards of lh sttile, n I siie
ihe appolntmehl ! Dr. Dixon II haa
flatted mowtnents thai when irried
out Will place the atate lf H ilillva II III
the 1,1. front of those atatea that ;m
ilnlnti the aaoai fir napttury progrt -v-Tho
v.uuk .f the iMturd appcaja to me,
is direct Ij in u. line, md I f ' that
it nfforda iQf'pe for conferring, mbii.
sendee enual i' nol Kreater than wouM
lie in it) powe,- if elected to a lagtett-
the ohll e."
ri mi i ni nf ; have 1 ii i
bv the Han. ... k VmueeWlenl
fo the mati h between Bill) i
Chicago and i i i lodfre) n
lis. which is lo tale pi:
mpleti i
,, in pa i J
r; tor if
8 mi tlic
QVoninK i I Thurediiy, Auguat I. ut 1 1
ijertnan Vilhutc m ii - Hancock driv
ing park. .e . ilaii, .us d , the meet
,UK of tlnse two min have bei'll eitis-
lactotii.v convluded 81 i juitrona t t ath
Itftlen ii Houghton eonntp are luoWnai
tor on, if the lost eonteata of the
kind i ha I could ohen l her. .
Tile le. cut bout WUS So f;i!!l I lot
that the tn inu". nieut helleVea thai Ol
Porta i. .f s -nt sporting erenta ol thi.
ktnd w hi lie anprt i ited bv '.he pub -ii,
, ami if the pre-eht even! tarha out
its well as thai gtveg u '. . wepkaag
it seems na though the revival of ho
me a, loii in the Copper Pountf) Would
be pla ed on a good basis.
I a i . , r and I o.dli ev are hot Ii vvell
know ii im ii. 'I he public Of Hon htotl
county is alread) familiar with God
frey' work, w hile Dernor oomea with .
huitr ,r i i rl of . v . nts in which In- hai
won ifotn apehmen as Bill) Papfca and
othera equaU) w.n known. The eon
I. i wilt be f.u polnta and Ihe tic le-
hms of th.- rciei. as gWer ut the
nut ii in lane, ma) be relied upon u
be i.'ir and imp ii i lal
Kur.n. baa
Muare mllea.
of :!.SO0.OIH)
Will Foley was appoint,' lu M Sal
fday by the (iiieciot-t ,,r th.- Part
Rfcwimr companv to be manager, to
I wniiam ii. McChwn, who waa
nmnaaer for the past Ave ..rs Mr.
Foley aaaumea hla new office at once.
And Success
are such Intimate relation that no
on.- can Le tpeotpd ! ! v i ll
acquainted with sn ess who does
not kce j,'ihkI hold on health.
Mod serious IfCklggnei start in
minor troubles of lb die,e.tie
organs. Tliousituls know by
neiual experience thai In alt It ami
itrengUi and therefore Mated
Are Increased
By Use of
Bcechan.'s Till, m time, ami be
fore minor troubles become decp
taat.il and last. u1 Tins luinous
family remedy will cleat your sys
tem, regulate your is.wris. stimu
late jinn liver, tone our stoniaeh.
Thru oi.r foo l trill prop, rlv
nourish .ui and enrich vur bhsxl
You wll be bealthv gnOngfl to
resist lisase slnmsr cmaitfh to
t.-.ke dam idrantegc i Dppor
tunity after takinp, ns needed,
An iihhtic tournaaWMM hy the Fin
nish athletic dubs .,f tin- gppr peadn
" ' In in.' ai i nmed tor Hcpicinbi r
I at i he driving pa. k. Teams Ol tl e
men nii'll from Ni iattMoe Pa dale,
Smith Range and two from Hancock
will be entered ami the program will
Include iMhcus throw, throwing Javelin,
Phot pi. i. running broad Jump, and
l"" raid daah, The participants will
II mpete foi the uoper penlh-ulti lea-
rue eup, now held b) ihe Retpas i lub
of Hancock,
Jo h Beauchamp is apendlnd two
weeks visiting relatlvea In Montreal.
10 . I. s. ..tt and family left yet -tarda
r for their aawimer pottage at
Superior Ib-uch.
Mr. ami lira Whiting of Whiting,
ai riv ed Siimlav for a visit at II"
of Rev. ami Mm. Mandua Har
I... un
Dr. (!. B, i lull, n and i
i "mi 1. 1 1 laal evening on
Katharine ;.. fat a trip to
i, a . .
Miss i i h. i Pahar is eateftataiag
her cousins Ihe Mi- . . I. cod of
Butte, who oVrlred her.. Satarday fot
a isit.
danager Ben Qettelman ot ti c I
v o has pap h u e. I I he re.Uler.re of
John Wvatt at HO", I ih.. I avenue. "i,n
l he ear hat us.
Oaoi Wealton ol Beaeemer win
return home today after a brief rlatt
party :
the raohi
the north
lo Ham ... ; to alien. I the
' 'olumbua rnc 1 1 n i .
Lam l.aukkl o Hum in k has cone to
' inn,' "tu a here he w ill dgtllf er a
niiii.hr of aidr.ss.s In the Interest!
of the i . 4 1 1 s-1 party.
' '. M. LVowerl of tin Truaeed Cop'
i i.- i '..., oi Detroit, ..mi w it.-. atofgM !
over for a brief visit here ynatordaj
durug ' 'Stag of the steamer Laki
ll ml in port.
John McOrath of the Rupge at ore
left la-d prentng for Mllwaahee on
n Ineea connected with 'he tooth
brush hold. -is ,,1 Which he is the iti
. iit:- ii, I patentee
Mis Kale Dinanioir of Law n tn
k im. is. who has been rtaiting at the
Inane ol Mr. and M'.-:. M. I '. OoldB'
' , "Ith.V of HanCQOk avenue, left Sllll
llav V eliill" lo r I 111 11 home.
Phe Kuuchis of K ileva of Hancock
will hold tn ii annual outlmt it Jo
hsnllle next Sun. lav nuahing the liii'
the barpo Pllgrlrn, Leu pa d lega
tion from the surioiis Kahvai lodg"'
I tie . Mill! V It.' espe-tetl,
-'et i.it't Ttnn M irks i.i si. t'a ;i
s spending ahorl furlough vlaltlna
ds mother in 1 1 1 i s city. He la in the
cgulor army and is h present naakgn
il lo Instrn. ! in? the national guardo-
uii a oi tf e .At un. sota mn::u.
A squad if the Vomm I're.i.ii Can
adian Knhchta of merUa. in fhartfp
uf Prealdenl Archie Mayotte ,,.,,) ,,,
L-aiiriatii Sun ia to make preHaninar)
arrangements f.r organtarna n com
pany rf Knichts to Include Caluruct,
Laitrium ami ndjrtconl locations. A
committee nppolnted to aecure mem
bers and a funhir meeting will In
acid Thurada) evenings
w'iniim feto li at Hanlainig this
week ami will go from there " tin
Boo. .Mr. Trio r. ports tnoi tin- fttor
quette lodge of Knlghta of Pythiae
already leginnlng its campilar to
arouse Pil'i.si in tlic aii'inal rvthian
lauaiie meeting to be belli in Mai
miotic next year, sv-ciui ndvertlaim
.-tat i'lnerv behni atreadj in us.' ahaona
the meini.crs f.tr the aaerpnec . f poaat.
ma t he reunion.
'. .1. Tollmen has returned from a
nip to atlnueaota, where in- aatah
in h.-ii a nUmher of asencles for the
preferred Life Inauranoe Company, He
will leave soon, to start agi-nctef in
Ohio. Wisconsin ami ttllnoia, where
there are fftnnlsh colonlee, su- Toio-
n ii h iving charge of the Finnish
brunch of the company's business.
I TORflH T i A KTH b
Sold eTeryvbee
u biw ate.
Pe.ir:e Hardwire & Furniture Co
Establish Modern Place.
ihe I'ealcc lliliware g I'lirilillire
Co. had atarted operatlona for ih-
coinphtion of a new and up-tOda!ft
morgue in connection with ii eatalH
llsluneiit. F..r the pasl Mteen ears
or m, , re. or ev.-n since the lindeliak
Iiik bitsinesa lias been conducted b)
Ihe llrill, the inot'tue lias been located
,.i tile : 'Vimil floor of Ihe llllli's hlllll-
ii ir. This ha- pioven an inioiiv. n
h nee. therefore It w ill, In the no. ir fu
ture, occupy ;i plane on the ground
It and next I" ihe furniture depart
ment. Contractor Finest eteyera has Mr
men at woil; on the pb ami although
Mr. and Mrs. William PaUtj hav
FCoiie to W hite v'il.v lor a lew vjavs I
lie the nuests ol Mra. T .1. Ileum'
ami family
Regardless of I ho Inclemi 1 1 1
r a large numh went to while fii
on the Intern. I innal thbt mot nit...
The o Casioii ,1 he BnnU i out ill
of ivy aaahekah lodge r Lake Limb n
Han's orchi ati of Kabix 11 accom
panied the ex i loalata.
.Mrs. Fabian itourgoln hit ibis week
or i mluth where she will join h r
hoeband and make her future home.
Mr. BoUJTgola went to the Zenith City
on lie- D'H.. Im i '. die exclu sion last
month and secured a peeitlnn there.
Th" funeral '' the three-year-oli
run of Mr. ami Mra. Joeepli ('louthlet
aeoldentglly4 killed h;.- a Copper Kan .
tiain yeaterda) about hoon. will le
h. i, i torn or ro vi morning.
Stops Scalp Itch
Dandruff and Every Form of Scalp
Diaaaaa Qhrad Quick by Zemo.
ii 1 1 simply wonderful how ilemn
goea after rtandruff, You rah a htt
of il ill with li of the linnera.. It
sets right down into Ihe glandft uiini
Ulates them, steps the itch, an, I aaohe
; b,. la a 1 leel line. No, It isn't -ink.'
Eeaao la tine, afear, vanishing Ikjuhl,
you don't have lo even wash youi
handa after using; y, mo. And what ,i
wonder ll is for ' 'i ma, ru.-h. plm
pb s and all skin afflictions. A ll-ceni
trial bottle at Rkigte I'harmto v. i akl
met 'i' '.riiium Pharmacy, Laurlum.
is piaranteed to atop aag akta irrita
tion. -
',. no is ptenre, bv ' :. W' Rose
.Medicine Co.. gt. Louis. Mo., and ll
regular!) sold hv druggists at $1 a
bottle. Hut to prove who; it will do
tit trifling expense, 7emo is now put
up in li'dgat trial bottlea.
Marine Monster. Weighing Approxi
mately Eight Tons, Harpooned
Off Vancouver Coast.
While icourlng ihe oean for whaiea
ono of the llttlo steamers working
from the Kyuquot Btatlon landed a
thirty foot aha I
The "wolf t ; the sea" U: claimed to
bo ono of thf largest ever seen in
northern Watei i and weighed approxi
mately eight tons.
Tho Whaling steamer had been
searching vainly for whaiea for sev
eral das .Hid Hi" lookout had c: a
tired of scanning the attrfaco of tho
ocean, lie wa soddeajly arouaed to
action by ohservlttg the dorsal Im of
a monster shark cutting the watci
about 200 yards on the port bow. As
the, big sharks .ield eonsldetablo oil,
tb ship's oWcera decided to try for
thia ono in view of the lack of v
Rinitiinf; to thin thirty yards (
the shark with the boat, the gunner
fired the harpoon from Ihe gun ai d
atruck the mot iter nt the Art! ahot.
After a terrllic 'iht to hold the atn '
gling sea animal ft was healed abo l
and cut up. tin iteaaer resuming her
search for the larger mnminali'.
Officers of the Twag declare that tfcg
shark was the larfajg Ihev hai ei r
seen. It was of the apaciea commi n
to the Pacific . t. hut got qu
far north. Vain ouver Sun.
Lost Treaaure.
A man who went half way around
the world on a w ild gooae chase lor a
supi)oaed bulb il treaaur eontlnued
from New fork to Salt Lnke Im the
pleasure of thrashing the man who
told him the story of a great cache
which did tin' exlat 11 he will now
employ aometio'l with nn ad
sla d boot to tai . . are ot his own ca e
the incident will haed reacbed ti e
io,;ical oonclui Ion
the woi k will be purl., a s i I
pel l ale, vl i . I'ea rOC Muted t his ni.. ',
log it would fake iboul one in oath In
eomadete Ihe place, Thi n v portion
of ihe ftiucture will be nboul 14 by 30
leet In si4'. The liar vl he uhc foe
the casket deparinieni ami here will
be installed wall ruiblmtH md roller
hi Ives where the sioi v .1 1 be k' pi
ami usii.v dtaplayed
Calumet & Hecla Banrl to Entertain
ut Caledonia Park Tomorrow.
Manager fjeofge H, li mard uf the
Calumet &. Hecla hand promises thi
people of the Ton 1 1 I... . totvna an
other .teat In tfte musical line tomor
:ow evening. The bund v, ill render
a popular concert til i, Ionia part.,
similar to the one heard hrc a few
v.eeka ao. The , .. '..lib. as
fellow s :
Mt.r h -" hniainl l am. ' Kong.
Selecl !,,n "tlohh a .in I," I inu aid.
Buphnntufjl do i foil pel
puree," Iruee, Hart It, .
v ert ure ' Willi. u a t. ii," i ;,. mi.
ParaphruW "Maryland Vly Mary
lain'." Voelker.
Duet (flute ami liaiin.-t) "Fllrta
lion," I ai ii ml. h a Ihi maun, Jr.,
and AuffUBl Torreano
Potpourri " Ton i i i ire oi i h
North and Soutlj,'' Hendix.
pi's--ipt lye "Ko. I., 'i in the v i adl
of the Deep," !.' enb
March - ' Alkahest," Holmes.
Th musicians will pla fror a pi n
form tomorrow evening, which will b.
a decided Hdoantae Th" band v
be down on the T : ttl street . ur alio
the oOneerl will atari about 7 : 4T, or
khortly aiier Hurt lime, Everybody in
the Torch Luke tow ii.-.- is cordially in
Grand Treasurer and Delegate of Son
of St. Geo- if Return.
The two repeedentatlvcB of tin Lak
Ltaden lo i-e, Suti .' si. rjeoaaa, hav.
returned frojg N'1 caun where rhej
ani i iel week to attend the ai ii
grand lodge seeakin and reunion of the
lodges .i the stale Joseph lb-
ttrnnd treHsttter of the order, went a
veand lodce official. while Johr
Hod I e w.nt an ti ih h tie. Beth n
peli having had ,t delightful time.
Mr. Ilostins has completed his third
term a treasurer tin prand lodge
Acconilng to the laws (pvernlng ti.
erganixatledt, when a grand trenaurei
hohl office for four conac uflve termt
he Is entlfh'd tO 111 y 'V el of a pa-
grand freetdent, therefore Mr. Hoa
iins will be egAailed to that honor al
ter tho next iealon. Not nply wiil
he be entHlad to a ftrand past preal
dent'a Jewel bai he also will be enti
tled to a s.ut in tb. prcme bod) ol
the order,
Mr. Hosklns has held a grnnd lodgi
office ror many yedri and has made 0
ery uood ofSeeT.
We have secured for our 2nd Annual Plume
Sale an especially fine lot of MALE AFRICAN OS
ing WEDNESDAY, JULY 24th and lasting the bal
ance of the week.
Siz? )x20 regular S20.00 value now $15.00
1 1
Plumes P
Size 24x22 regular $19.50 value now $12.00
22x20 " 9.00 " " 6.00
22x18 " 7.50 " " 5.00
These plumes are black, white and colors and each
is marked at a very low price.
J. VIVIAN, Jr. & CO.
Caught tan Audience.
Patience -DI I tba rei iitft a of ".Tu
Una Cne mr 1 meat with the apprnral .f
the aadtence? Patrk h. - . rod
! now they killed Julius In Urn Urat
act Verniers Statesman.
Long Controversy, Indeed. Promises.
After tei i. roveray, it hr.a ' m:ul upually wants the preacher
aaen decided In PYanca that lha Id-j to fafnlah proof that what be prom
du-lry o- ratkerlris "Id cork-, and mak- ftoing to come true, but he la
lag i ' :,ot wlllliu' to take the glib promoter'
detrimental to public health. wot'd lor It.
Cjncy snulcd in hc rrakodslAnd ihcre
oo closely sidc-by-side,
All yvho were IfatPC musf be avapc
Thcxf they were room And bride.
And none so papc nd none GO fcir
In cxll the oounf nysldc.
for c7ecU,ar ardent fn, you rec
Hror felt the severed ?lo.mc
When sweet Marie vowcd thai she
Just defed on the .rne.
It seemed to be affinity
That mou ded them the same.
p) ut now the p!y is under way,
A runner on fmsf sacU;
The pitcher trie! the old surprise
Of quickly snapping back.
Again, Aain, &rd yet aain
He wh'f . it to the bag,
ut ever quid to see the trick.
The runn;r bcaS the tad.
aW ,
axxxxxx. KXKKXXX-.
axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ll
'Twm then thai fair young bride exclaimed
In accents stern and loud.
Thct promptly the attention claimed
Qf all that grnninQ crowd:
ul Ihlnk that pitching person fherc
Is juo a perfect brute;
To try to hit tKt boy aint fatr
I'm glfcd he ducks so cute.
1 r&t rough pitcher makesme sore.
He is'nl one bit fair,
And if he tries it just once more,
. . . , - ii .
rm going nomc, so mere:
las, alack and we liaday!
for peer boy Jack, who! could he s&y?
What could he do, except, of course,
The thW he did a quick divorce .
g A,nLictTa

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