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foz (Snhxmti
Fair Jnd Ctoli "lon.yM and
Sat u relay.
Sen. Hitchcock Denounces Cau
cus In Connection With In
come Tax Amendment
Democratic Member to Work For
Provision Which Was Defeat
ed In Conference
Washington, Am St iin. i,. ... 1. 1
amendment ni defeated, a (,, s,
Hitchcock was tin only Dmooral vot
inR 1MHI II..- ,illil. alls u, silppm':
Washington. Aug., M, Denuneuv
ties ni iiif Densooratis Innate, comcim
im .i "petit leal machine- by Be no tor
Hitcheoefc, urn ni tiM IjQmtKiois who
refused to i. bound b) the ceocua
in .'ill featUfOg IBS t;uil'l Mil, mark
ed teds) reopening of tin- fight over
i lie Income tax.
Ineurgeni Deuaorrgta, who yeetertloy
dsmuinlsd iin- i.iii be changed, in ln
creuss tha in in- tax on large fot
nut's, apparently bad geined strength
and fhej Inehdod Ihaj would fares a
pert) conference t - tods) m lomor
riw in inaKt- aubstontiol lrarf sai
i m 1 1 leeOV i v ate pi spsred in
, . i i mi . ..ii ssakms, bui i in- insurgent
Mil- net sgtlsfktd lltel thee would
foil) raeel ihtii views,
Hitehock's attecli we delivered in
connection v it It In-- amendment lor ;i
! vv penalty ui v mi trust of hihm.ii'
olteg controlling more than one fourth
"i the country's prod union m- trade
in .ni given rinc Hitchcock doelared
hla amendment wee a eaten in tha onu
mm, nut it hai get beta on open fight
"The caucus rul- makes public de
hate in tho Senate faixical," mid Hn-
Bene lor, "Honatora will not even re
main in their scats to hear theut, The
CAUCUS rule kill the ver .spirit of
legislation. This income lax ought to
DO I matter .f living Interest. It is
tiew legislation with vool poaaibllltleei
affeeting not only revenue bui aortal
conditions, Inetead of being beta
thing of interest, it Ilea In tin:, rham
tier, g veritable corpse."
Hitchcock believed Ida amendment
will pfOVe an effectual cheek upon IN
legitimate control of in, nuukel by
greet trusts.
The amendment was discussed brief
ly by Repuhllcena and eadoraej by
DrlStOW, who said he did nm believe
the oorpo rations should be abto to
"pass on the Igg" to the consumer.
(Oaeanilng predicted the Hitchcock
amendment prnbebt) arltl in assailed
ra another attach mi the rich as Sen
ator Lodge had assailed income lax
amendments yestoidav .
Williams said the Democratic part)
did not propose "to lav down the tar
iff bill uith the alleged reforms i sm-
alm.s alOttg these lines'
G. O. P. Congressional Plans.
Washington, Aim. M. -The Repub
Mean congressional committee today
eh -ted Represents tlvs v is, of
Iowa, chairman. The sorretarv -t nas
vrer will he aggaed later. Woods will
soon announce the executive commit
ice oi the congressional committee,
winch win i 'otid iic i the coming con
greeetonel oempolgne
Qovernot Dunne, in his address said
"the tendeacy is plainly in the direc
tion of the state eeatfol of uhlic util
ities I helleve within a lew years
there win not he a state in the tmlea
which has not a pu hi i. Utility enin-
nt Ins Ion empowered to oontrol the
rervlc and rales of .-orpin al lew in
the state "
TTaahlnglog, auk., lt ftepreeeate
live itritien, of Illinois. Introduced a.
hill to appeearlate seven million dol
lars for a Kovernment armor-plate
pfcHH to gg operated by the na de
peilgaant Mis Idea is to areak ainM
ho re ha an nrinor-plate irnst "
Rrttten fgfgj of r.-xas Introduced a
rosolution to have a committee of live
rapreaaatatlfag kanatlgate the armor
PMte 'trust."
Nggj York, Ator., ?!.-Viscount Hai
tians, the fttal lord hiuh ch.incell. r of
in. ii ahttlag t leave his conetri
t in raggR iirrhed lodny mi the l.usi
onia for a five das' visit in ibis
country and ranada. He will he the
Kiiest of the American l!nr gggeClgUog
New York t0 Entertain Heads of
Largest Departments
MOW Fork, Aug , The forty-first
annual convoatteg of the Interaatloaa
tssw i ition ..i Eire Plgbtera widen is
to in- bold in hum . i", Hi. rnmlag
w io,i i,,i ehli h in., iinai praagfg
1 kma hi imu t g Doaspsetsdl aiM
hrliii; together he in. il. 'si gathering
ot fin- fu'hlf-rs tlie wirld has e . r seen,
lli iil . ..! Id, I n. d. pal lln.-lll.s of lleOI
.' aii id.- i.-.. din,. . ittea ..i the Hnltad
siaies end Oaaada a; ill in- pragent, in
nitdttlon, tin attendance aIN laHude
repreeentatlvea of ggvay foreign efttaa.
gaieng the fire chiofe from ahdoed
win he a. h. Dyier of tocnton, Ckgat
H i erl ami I .i. in l.a Petal of I'-'i i
Thomna Purre'll of Dublin. Cot, M, Kir
hoff of si. Peteteburgi CapC Pordege
of RdiahUrgb, A. !' gjl haenU.-r ..I
i raakfort -on the Mala, Eelti kUksheii
of Cane Town. ' FX Reaping! og of
Pretoria, i , Rtein of kteehoarne,
lugturi Deerlnj of Honotuln and C, I
Weldman ,,l I'. main;,
Talk on Practical Subjects.
The convention will have Ita formal
opening ii Hi" famnd Central Palace
mi Mondn) Mayor Gey HOT will wel-
coma He- vlaltoti Al this nnd the ggh
seo.ueni buaraaee sessions a number
..i pgprra wtN be preeented, i ire Qoav
mlaolonei Johnoon ami Oohlof Novaon
I the n u Eoth departmegt iii dl
L'ti i.i in ni am i an, i lis Relet Ion
to lacendlgflgta Chief rleary '.
Bunker gad tFUHem Clark, Dtra tor
of Puhlie BgfaX) oi cigelaaatA win
tan. on "The in i" 'ii. mi of Buiidinga
gad i 'out. ots bj Membere oi a Uat
formed FYrce." Othei papers will !
lead b) Chief A V, I U 1 1 1 1 In 1 1 of ItlllU-
Ingtem, m.i.. on "Motai Plra Appara
atua ami bi Chaiioa s. DowKireaL of
Continued on 3rd Paye, 6th Column.
New York, tui Si, The ateamer
BurgermeiHter Heokman, with 100,000
aii. hi 1. 1 . i o. I.- oil and benilne Ik Lie
hold, a . i -iiii a Mgming lorch in Lite
Buttermilk rhannH thla momlug, tout
krea boura after her luurgo had been
Ared bj a epnrk created by friction
s h.-n two i in ..in Btruck violently
last ngfht.
The a,0Mton veaee had llaked tif
teea feet to port at o'ekxk and the
water then as within a few inches
of tin- geek.
Three flreboeta pumped water on
her all night. Notwithstanding she
burned ateedily, Blaelni bhrrka of
w,,. ni dlatodged from her ateef frame
I,. .Mid down the river metuning other
i ra ft
Nine thousand gallons of henine
were nm reached by the flamee at, I
o'clock and the lire lighters were
hopeful she would sink before this
win, Id explode. A block away thou
sands of persons lined tin- orator front.
With a hiss heard bloche uwey, the
bont sank in tin- bottom of the chan
nei tin- afternoon. The upper struc
ture remained above the wafer and
did no) hum.
Colorado Rprlng . Aug, ft, i would
eeni everj United states soldier Into
Mexico I" proi ei t Ainciiian wmnen u
neceeanry," said Governor Oohiultte of
Texas, in a apcerh at i he govemoro'
banquet leal nbjfht,
lii.. I nlted States should not stand
Ml) by and see Aimriians murdered
in a robellloua republic."
Ilia utterancea were in marked con
trast to a siM-eeh uet delivered by
Bee re tar) ot the interior Lane prata-
big the presidi nt and cabinel tor their
la bora
An address by 'Jovernor Dunne, of
Illinois, on the "Growth of Administra
tive Commlaalonar1 was the principal
thin.; on the program today. The beat
ncss affalri of the conference win be
wound up this afternoon.
Montreal Auk A conference of
indues ol the t inted Slates and I '.in
ada Is to he held in this city tomor
row ga a preliminary to the anneal
meeting next week or the American
liar asso ial Tin CXmfefXejDg will
he beM tender tie: nimphBe of the m-
di'iarv loimnilt I the associat imi
William II. Tali, former president at
the UBited Stales, is scheduled to gO
liver the principal bddreaa.
Roc hooter, x. v . Aug. It, The new
theft "t 'in- deelgg at the Unfveratty
or Illinois will he Hlied by Chorion
Molford. The IJatveretty of lltinohi is
tge tirst American Institution to th
talilish tho com ,'.
Chicane, Aag, if, laaiee .1. Town-
send. Iminer piesiihllt of the ChlCggjO
Block frnheagr and pttojatnotii in
Demo cm tic politics, died ratti today
I a pop log) He wus agrtf r.i.
Andrew Carnegie Says Emperor
William's Hands Are Un
stained With Blood
Speaker Also Pays Tribute to the
Czar of Russia
The HggUOi Aim. If, Andrew t'ai-regl-
was the ehuf speaker tOdg :il
the unveillnn in the aahvee of pgggg
of 1 hnst Of the late Sir William Han
dall CrOgaar, originator Of the inter
parliamentary pence eenferenc" and
for :i; years aecretar) of the Interna
tieael Arbltmttog league
Cramer 1 carpenter by treat ro
through hla efforts toward Interna
tional peace to in a meeaher ol par
I lament, Knighted b) Khtg BJdwerd
i 1 1 in- received the Dfehel 1
t arn igle spoke of Cramer as .. pte
near in the greateet of all cauaxe the
ahoiiiion of war." Then be referred
to the inier-dependence of tin na
tions, remarking that their annual ex-
' hanue in the normal i is. of trade
now amounted to 1 hlri -1 hree and a
half blHIon dellom aut was rapid I)
in. 1 .1 inn
"The only thing required for world
wide pea continued Cernegle, 'is
the cn-operutii.u oi ihr.e or foUT lead
hm civllixed power-, againoi dlaturb
tfter pa) kni tribute 1.. in.- Rui aign
emperor foi elllnii 1 bt Ai t peat a
. ..ni' retteo, km en- oxid
"RurveylOM the wotM tefhi) the
moat otriheag llgure to he se,n is that
of Mather .iiisr, r the il.riiian .m
peror nian reoenti) celebrated
Iftth veer of a geeceful reign
handa are gnetnlned with human
bloodi a unktue record. Hence the
Germane' astounding pregreaa aduca
tloaail)', induotrlaily ami commercial-
ly, imvinK- that the Kieotest of all na
tional Meaalnga is pease."
Sherhrooke, Que.. Aag. II lAWpOta
for both sides uathend In police COUrl
today for the i rial of "Gentleman
Roger" Thorn peon, tho oheuffeur who
drove Thaw from Met tee WOO the
morning of his -s up.. H- is eharsei
with violating tin- immigration lawa I
by ggalgflng an undoalrablo t, crooa
the horiier.
Jerogoe, at the head of tha New York
f ocean, rci uined from Quebec this
morniai after ; fruitless trip to see
Premier Qeuln. whOfg In found was
Thompioii, as hk) as ho appear.Ml
in tOUri, held a cmifereiK e with his
lawyer, Ixwta si. LaurenL Thaw's
Iawers, W hile and Mi Known, nsslst-
d him.
Prosecute Thompson as Side Issue.
M. Campbell, opened for the prose
cution, elect inn to try Thompson on a
charge of entering the Dominion by
stealth. Bide tracking the Thaw issue.
Adjournment was taken until Wed
nesday. Septetnhi r in the meantime
Thompson being admitted to tgf nail.
Thaw Family Supplies Bail.
Com nee! for Thompson objected to
the proceeding n the ch.-irHe of enter
In Canada, hy stealth and at their
requeet, odjottrninonl was granted.
Thompsons hail was .supplied hy at
Than family,
New fork, auk., 29. The Catholic
Iitk.v and laity of this city are pte
pnrlng to nreloume Abbot GeooueL the
head "t tin- ahwdjlah fJxiBedtcttnea, who
,s in arrive In re (omorrow from Bhl
rope. Ahhot iasiuet Is a chun hman
ol Ureal d tot taction and is chairman
of the cogaaajaetoa appointed ty the
Pope to undertake the revision of the
Vnkjrate He is coming over deirv.
ftf M series of lectaren In the Daltod
States and 'aliada.
Chicago, III., A uk', Many stud
ents of th Cntveratty of niii-aRo re-
COVed their gcgreeo today at the
etghtyelghtk ronvocntloa of the uni-
vorsitv. The convocation address was
dellevered hy Prof John II. I -at a tie, of
Washington and Lag I'niverslty. who
took for his BUbJert, "Our Helatimis
with Japan."
New York. Ann. If. ThO New Ymk
Sim 1 Bxcbange, the Cotton lJjrchaiiKe
nnl virtuallv all the other llg ex-
fhangea in this city (toned today for
the Lnhor I ti holiday and will not
reBtime operations until Tuesday.
Curios Catch Fire and Block Es
cape From Apartments
New York, till '' Thousands of
curio ithkred In man) land) and
ita In 1 tnxh in lha gpei imeati ol
Htpollto rriarte. foi Mi iream 1
Spanish conger, Rpd fire kindled In
lighting 1 cigar indeT) ami bloc had tho
1 sca f the gged dipl'inat and his
Wile to satelv li'iaiie was found
dead, leaning acrooa .1 window alll. His
wit.-, Merle, mlatook a wlndoe leading
to an air hall for on.- opening on a
grO i s ape. and pllllmiil four sl..'ies
to her in ath.
I'riarte was It. .'or fourteen vears
he wuh Spanish consul in New Ymk.
His last service was In t'an.ula. Dur
ing his travels tor his government he
had aocamalotod aouvenim, memen
tooa it .very eoantty in which ha liv
ed. The lire was kindled, it is bottevea,
when rriarte lighted a ciar which
he intended to snrnke hefore gokag h
bed. The gged couple hud heeii up
until a late hour .celebrating the home
coming of their tea, ijouis. From Cu
Elgin, Hi. auk. P9. 8ftgM of the
ipaedleet autoiaohflo pllota of the
United States dashed away al It
o'clock eg .he :io4 mile grind around
the Elgin rood race COWO. With the
elimination "i the "hair pin" am1
"grave yard" turns recorda are ,-
peeled to be aha iter wd. The cars were
aenl twa) In the Inflowing older a
hell minute intervals:
Helta1, (Dewaon)i Mercer, (De Pal
me); Mason. (IWckeabeicher) ; Mer
cer, (W'isharil; Mason, (Chandler).
Nyberg, (It. RnalcaCt); Mooon, (Mol
ford); Mercer. (I.utrelH.
ai the end "i t lattea the leaden
ware clone mne'iier, Deffahna was
first. Rlcbenba cher, second, ami Dew
son was third, The others were trail -
imr. The leaders lie averanillK 7'.'
mll'-s an hour.
Molten. i Forced to Quit.
Mulfotd weri out ol the race at Ml
miles. hopelesslv disah'ed. WlMhal
threw a tire almost into the gtaad
Mulfiril wis credited with the foat
eei lap bafom be init with i broken
crnakahaft, V7:al,
At M mih s, halt the Pare, Hel'al
in:i w is llrat. ItS minutrs, i aeconda;
Haw s ui second. 134 minutes. I sec
onds (af&CMl.) They Were two ami
three laps ahead of the others.
He Pnltan won with Daweon aecenal
The afagged tunc was 4 :"l Da Pol
ma did the distance of MdJ mi,., it i
rate of liti s miles peg hour. DefBlBM s
time hreaks (he reiord for this vent.
N. w York N. Y. Aug N tftet
manv ggsocceeofai an. mi'is hv long
distance swimmers in years aU i"
swim the nv.nty-two sajggj Ipasg ti"
Bnttory to sami Hook. Ogpgajg m
fred Hrown of the. Htisblng Hay lif
saving station corps iHvompllshd the
feat yeeterdav . He was In the wai, i 1 1
hours rnd "S minuteM.
i ' m
Lnnatng, Mich., auk. It, Governor
rerris granted reguloltlon papers for
i he return ot Raymond Kowalakl, un
Bet arreai al Detroit) to the authori
ties of Roc heater, N. Y. Konelakl is
wanted for wtfe and child nbnndon-
ment. The papers were ajgned by
Go en r Hulxer of New York the day
hefm-e he was impeached, ami their
valldlt) was no! queotlonod b) the
Michigan authorities.
Piedrai Nolgrna, Mexico, Aug. St.
i n ni rii aatigfgctlog with Preoldenl
Wiiaon'a Mexican menaxge wuh ax
proeaed today by Jesus Carronoo, act
ing lien' of the CoUOtttUl ioliallsts. He
spoke ii: the nbeonea "t his brother,
Governoi Cnrranaa, tv'm is liKhim;
ai Terreon.
News Dispatches Puzzle.
Woohiagton, Aug. II. 'Ad miniot ra
tion otticiais were pugglod today t
newa dispatches aoylng Ltad hat re
considered his plans to go to Mexico
i.iiv nni would remain in Vera crua
sevarl dgye. While it is left entirely
to Linus discretion t" determine his
own movements, the understanding
has heeii from otlUial messages ves-
terday he would take an early train
today i"i Mexico city to pssumi neg.i
t bit ion 4 wuh the Huerts government
nrl) lodaj bo word was received
front i, imi Indicating a change of this
Bryan on Lecture Tour.
Bryan and the president held an
earl) cor.ferenci . Tin- prssidenl hoped
in leave for Cornish, NT. if late to
day, Bryan will deliver two lecture
.11 PennsytvenlS today, returning to
morrow mornlni He win deliver tin'
third ie. tars in Penngylvats ,tomor
low after noon ami one in Maryland to
morrow uiKiit. returning Monday morn
ing. Bliss in Charge of Troop.
iinie was no indication today Of
an additional movements of troops
Brigadier General Btiaa commanding
tin- Bouthern deportment, has full au
thority i" move the different omaili-
auttona under ins command without
Instructiona from Waehlngl mi. He
also has been SUthortSOd to call upon
other departments i.r odditioaal
trOOpS if. in his discretion, the situa
tion warrants.
W.ishinuton. Aim . It, -Representative
M. Dsnnott. oi Illinois, lewtlfying
before the House committee, tottaj
put in categorical denial chargm made
atainsi him hy Mulhall He admitted
sorrowing large sums ot men si) fntam
OeOfSJi' HermiiB. a local pawnhroker,
as a friend " Al tlnns kg had SSrsd
PfStning as much as 1 Mulhall
and McMichael had l-stilled Mclvi
mott beeOtOd Of having rivelvNl JT.-
Ml iioin local paembrnkstg to work
Sgataal the federal loan shark law.
Milwaukee, wis. Ang, -The ghsal
itev. BehgsHsn sfsosgssr, ksaal sf
tin. ggajgtg Oathafkj anMrJvgsaai of
Milwaukee, readied his slxtv -sixth
hirthdav unniv ersarv today Next
Peeemhcr his grace will celehrate the
tenth ggmlvetnar) ol his appointment
as archldahop.
Witness Identifies Deputy Coop
er As Man Who Shot Putrich
Coronet Little of Houghtoo stated
t'.dav thai he wlli order the disinter
ment of the lushes of Aloiz Tijau and
Steve I'ntrhii, victims of the recent
shooting at Seetierville u h. u deput y
sheriffs attempted to take a striker
Into iiistodv. This will extend the
Ti.ian inquest and lead to a seiturate
Ing U SOt into the death of Putrich.
The bod of Tijan will he examined as
to the number of shots in it ami an
autopsy will be performed mi the bed
f Putrich. Coronet tittle stated thai
"officially "no one knows that Putrich
Is dead. The fcodSSS will he exhumed
next week. This is the result of tes-
dmon) gsard tins nsorniag, when the
jijan Inqussl as rseumsd
Identifies Men Who Shot.
The most Important teettmonj given
at this morning's session of the inquest
was that of Olovanni !uldl. a hoarder
in the Italian hoarding bouse .m Bmillo
Ylttori, adjidning the hoarding house
of Joseph Putrich, where the ahOoting
took place. Guldi identified look C
er. one of the deput.v sheriffs, as the
man who shot the hoarding loss'
hrother, Steve Putrich. the BSOSgMl
man who died. He. also Identified
Deputv lames as the man who shot
through the kitchen window of the
Putrich house.
Guldi, on the stand, declared he saw
the man who shot Ihitrieh. stating the
man who did the shootlnk won- I
iitraw hat. It had heen previously
leettfled that snl one man ggSOBg
the deputies wore a straw hat. This
man, gOCOfdtag to I'.uldl. walk.sl into
the kitchen after ahootlng and Ited
several more shots Inside. The ghol
Which resulted in tin- death of Put
rich was the llrst shot tired, the wit
ness said. I u ill 1 desvrlhod the man
who dii the shooting as short and
chunky. After the nrst shot the wit
ness said there was a lot of shooting.
At this Juiniure in the SggWUnSttOB
tin si deputies were blOgglll int., the
court room, and Guhtl Stated that the
third man from the left looked lih.' the
man who slim Putrk-h. The deputies
were then escorted from the room and
Prosecuting AttOTnO) ffltfgft ggBgaf
that the thlr.i man from the left lie
brought hack Attorney w. J, Gal
hrnith objected to smgllnn eat the gang
n this manner, ami the court geetaed
that all the men should Is. brought
hack. QaMN then Identified the aasxaaf
man from the rlcht as the nuin who
shot Putrich, this man living th
same as the third man from tin left
wln n they WOPS llrst hrmiKht in.
Wintam lateen, a geputj ihsrlft,
vsas then put mi the sian.l and he
n in e,: tho deputl s as tar as he knew
them. He nam. si Janu s. Okeasar, Ra -telgk
and polkinKhorne, hut cwekf not
name the other two. who were iroif
and Havis COOOOt was the man Hindi
iiad pointed out.
Go Mi, who weni kadi mi the stand,
lib ntitied the fonrtk man irom the
left as J. lines, who. he said, had tired
throuuh the kitchen window
"After the shooting was over.' said
sHrhtt "thev all got In front of the
house and emptied their guns and put
fresh shells In. The children pi. ksd
up the empty sheila tin- next gg
Rederrgsg to the deputies sulise
Otient search of the house. Huldi said
When the men ceuoe back one san!
Continued on 6th Page. 4th Column.
Next Week Half of Present Num
ber of Infantrymen Will be
Sent Home
Women in South Range District
Again Attack Workmen and
Two Are Arrested
The reduction in the force of troop?,
which now number l,tti ha half the
present : (length, and the mounting of
more irrn. probably will occur early
next week as the result i t a meetinx
of tin- mltttatry board this afternoon.
This move follows asonmnosg that the
civil authorities haVO a sufficient force
of deputies to preserve order. How
ever, the military force will not bo
weaken, d to the extent that the sit
uation will get beyond the control of
the National ggggtg, The action Is
needs esessosry by the asexsgries cost
f gg&lntatnlng troops in the district.
The daily expense to tan state for the
lues. mm force is approximately $.',:50i
gad it Is intended to reduce this to
The gmantsd patrol wlti he. kg
BTSS I t hv Otto hngjdffgd at more men
of the leteatry, snd the mounted divi
sion will then ooanfat 'f about -tc0
i.'ii;.rdJm n. about half the BUSghOf f
troops that will be retained in the
strike tiistrl.t. The entir.. strength
of the cavalry and signal corps hns
been placed on patrol duty and the
effectiveness of the guard has thua
been materially increased. Many in
fantrymen haVO expressed a desire to
tnter the patrol ranks and little diffi
culty in recruiting that division Is ex
pected. Ferris Pleased With Tioopfc.
iin- net are of ineniasnh islliaas re
ceived gjgseet daily from Governor
Fnrrkl indicates that he is thoroughly
satisfied with the conduct of the troop
in the strike zone. Meanwhile, he
has frequently expressed h: pleasure
with the manner in which General Ah
bs) has conducted the situation and
he pints implicit confidence in the
judgment if the gensraL continual
reports that a-.- ht ing tiled by strike
k ' h is and agitators protesting
BgntttSt the troupe therefore have lit
tle WStght with the state's executive.
The attitude of Governor Ferris, like
wise, is received with a degree of
pttdg hy the militiamen whose actions
and conduct have proven that they
have been and are neutral in the dis
pute. Men Have Admirable Record.
The record of the troopa bespeaks
I he able manner in w hich they are
t ruined. The strike ha bSOg in prog
ress :tx days and despite the ta tlca
pursued by many of the strikers, their
prowling about the guard lines and
hurliiiK sticks and stones ,.t sentries,
but one instance of shooting by a
guardsman has been r( ported. This
man was shot when he endeavored to
force his way through the ,?uard line
at Quinc.i and after ho had been or
dered t" halt. It develops, and Gen
eral Abbey states that the man is will
ing to s kti an atHdax It proving that
he endeavored to cross the linea on a
wager and that he wis stmt while gO
liberststy disobeying orders. Vnwilling
to mortally wound the man. the sentrr
Bred 'ow and the shot nieroed his legs.
The injnrv was not serious and with
ntk' i few ilavs he was able to leavo
tin' hospital sad walk around.
While ghsny of the BOldJSIg are hard
ly over II M'nrn of age. and the strike
duty is their first actual aerv ice, they
have Conducted themselves admirably
and a t. I as though they ,erc veter
ans. Thg service has heen exacting,
the men often being compelled to
guard h nely posts. They performed
their duties In an excellent manner
and the record is one of which the
Michigan National guard may speak
with pride.
Women on Rampaqr Two Arrts.
As a result of an attack by women
strike sympathizers on workmen at
Palnesdale. two women ar.- under r
teat charKod with assault and ggttOf)
The assault gOBUtTOtl between the 811
ler hotel and a boarding hmiee on
I '.Test street, w here a mob of angrv
women hurled stones, eggs und
hr.sims that had heen dipped In filth,
at the men. In the melee. Rlmon
Hgwtgg non-union man. was struck
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