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fan MHl Waimtr Tonight. Sunday
Increasing Cloudmeee.
President of the Mexican Senate
Says U.S. Interests Will Suf
fer by Withdrawal
Declares Colony of Citizens of
This Country Are Satisfied
and Tranquil
Hew York, Aui :. Benor Cmma ho,
PtmMmm r the Mexican senate, baa
u i phed Jamea a. Hcrytttaer, pres
ident uf the Mexican Telegraph com
puny, rnqueeting Mn to protest to
President Wilson against 1 1 1 with
lhWll of American citlaena from
Mexico. The meeaage declaren
i h' American colony In Mextci
- " lBfl d and tranquil," and thai
mendous damage'
its withdrawal
There la great
the telegram, "over
ernmenfu order foi
aii cleteene of the
Hiding here Yom
w ill
f Hit 11
ttenn here," reada
i he American gov
tiie withdrawal of
United Stales le-
will understand
there la no re aeon for this order. Th
Amerloan colony would he eerloual)
prejudiced In iis welfare and financial
Intereeta aere it t abandon the cnun
ii v in which ii is cotmldered nod ra
leemfd, ami where it ban acquired
numei sua i ordlal relation a. M
Situation is Unchanged.
Waahlngton, Aug, SO, The Mexican
situation i ' unchanged today, bind I"
si ill w i it in.. 1 1 . i i OrUfl ami mi a I-
vicea of hi plana had coma to Wneh
Ington Bryan, after receiving a i -
Mga in m Ittad, declared Ihe situa
tion was "unchanged." Ulnd hi sini
ncting according to his own itieeretior,
about returning to Mexico I'ity.
Di.i to Srek Presidency.
London, Auk. M, "I nm noa defln
i i l v a candidate for ti preaideni )
i Mexico," Qeneral Folia Diaa, who
recently arrived from tfunada, told
the Aaacciated Preaa ihfai morning.
.vi frienda In Mexico are worklnu
Id mi. 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1" " i 1 1 1 1 I n 1 1 1 . 1 I i -1 "In I
fortunately at this dlatance t myaelf
am unable t Wo mm h. hut I am
awaiting Inetntrtlona which may aim
pllf) mattera. riven If i am ordered
to go to Japan, it is not certain i trill
go, M action will depend upon de
v elopim-nts."
Dhw apparently was pleaeed with
the emus.' of avanta In Mexico, He said
iim i t. i s candtdac) for iirenldent was
barred hj the conatltntion, He de
clared the fa. i that he siiii is ihe of
Bclal representative of the Mexican
government debarred him from din
cuaelng Preaideni WHann'a meaaagi or
the Mexican reply,
New England End of Grand Circuit
Opens Monday at Hartford.
Hartford, Oonn., Aug., M, The New
Rnghmd and of the orand idrnnit nil!
wind lll With the meeting to he open
here .Monday under tho auspices of Ihe
'ounce ticut Kair Associa I ion. During
Ihe past I ,vo days the stables at Char
ter t)ak I'urk have fitted rapidly with
the atimmer campaign! rs from tlM
Empire Ottl track and elsew here and
the association management is making
forward to a successful meeting.
The big feature , f the program will
he the classic Charter Oak, IMMf, for
I 14 class tmttera, The other stake
events of the week will Include the
Capital fitv. ItM -lass trotters $:!.-
nag; ihe Cortnthtan, 1: 14 class trot
lers. t.-. olid the Acorn, l-jrear-okl
trotters ilinlhle to tho class,
to 10 the iuventte, for lynrotga rtl
;ihie to ;g i'hixs trottara, gf,eti
freeforall pace. Mjg, ami the Not
meg, lor ; pacers. $:'.on.
GETS $40,000
CMeago, auk. :t- Baby Oatheryn
Mulcahra ol Koae mount, in. la an nair
fss and the owner of a mlntngj eloim
In Alaska through an uncle she baa
neVCf set a. and Whtase name she Is not
old tmwgh to sjiv It all happens this
Wffj :
Thirteen years ggO, in WW OrlUMm
Hownrd Miii air.- married Mam Mtey,
sister oi jajnjgg it. Ultey of Omaha,
Mul air.' and his bride moved to Illin
ois, gad Rltay went lo Ihe Klondike.
Two yagffi ami Hie Mul. aires moved
lo Itoseinouui and a var later, live
months helore Iti I CUtherjm appeii
. d Howard Mnh alr. died Uih'.V also
died recently ami left a MM dHnlbtl
claim to II w trd Mul-aire or his off
siirliitf." Catheryn is Hie only offapilng.
Militants Would Combat Deficien
cy Bill With Bullets
London. Aug :;o a ritie rangi is tha
latesi acquialtien of the militant nuf
rngettea, lis location is kepi a lose
aacret, but an official oi the Women's
s'" lol ami political union has admit
ted ha xlateace ami stated thai the
range una in use every day by mam'
hers m ihe organization, who ale i.i.
ally hamming nxpan ehota
i he week'a Uxma of the Buffragcttn.
tin- ofti. i ,i organ of ihe w. s. p.u.,
rontaina an advertlaement offering Ui
lea.h a omen to ahool straight. The
official win. gave the information in
regard to the rhte magi laid thai tbi
mllltanta were preparing for ihe new
repreaaiva atep of ihe government,
Which they fear Will he the use of
the recently enacted Mental Deficiency
'"ii t iflnc ih auffTagette leadara
in asylums wlu re thev will not be
amenable to the uaual court prooedurea.
If any of the leaders arc confined un
der III.' new get, the official ill QUOe
Uon declared, ihe resolution nm to
endaagei human life would be reacted
rd and ihe skill acquired at Ihe hulls
would in brought into play,
Guards Protect Secretary.
Home Secretary Reginald McKenna,
lie beat hated of ihe cabinet mlnlatera
becauae ol his department has i p
reaponeible for tin foretMa feeding of
u ff rage t tea ami the enforcement of
the cat Mid in. .us.- net, la living in a
houae lilmoat surrounded by tin- homes
of militant agltatora Mrs. Bmlly
Is Marahall, whose record for acts of
violen Ii well known, recently moved
into a house adjacent to ihe tOWB res
idence of Mr. McKenna, ami ever
since the home sertei.it lias had two
stalwart policemen on guard over his
window.. Mrs. Marshall does not deny
thai this precaution is altogether usr
leee, or a be declarea that the home
aecretary'a wlndowa are a constant
! mptatlon to her.
Mis. Marahall la the Wife of the at
torney for the Women's Social and Po
tilical Union, and the possessor of a
long window smashing record, she
now 'iis as nelghbora two other mil
itants, who this Week least d houses
within few steps of the McKenna
home, which is in U-lliiiih !l ;, v
the Mouses ,.r Parliament. This in
flux uf mllltanta into the neighbor
I d, hitherto almost entirely ulven
over lo the homes of c.l'iillel 1 1 11 1 1 1 S t . r SI
ami iim m tiers ol Parliament, has caus
ed Home alarm among ihe politicians
whose , ppoaition lo woman's suffrage
tins brought Hum threats ol ven-
geance, Mrs. Marshall has already
Continued on 6th Pay. 2nd Column.
Philadelphia, Pa . Aug, "i' Pec re
tary Br an hoi one of the most ex
citing experlencea in his long public
career late laat night, in a thrilling
automobile ride oi fifty miles through
a teiriii. thunder atorm thai levelled
trees ami many bulldlnga in thin sec-
ilon Hid ,. in. ii mu ll damage lo prop
The etc re tar? lectured at Doylea
town, IG miles north f Philadelphia,
earls iii the evening ami was ached
ui,,1 to deliver .mother at Kennett
Square, :t:! mils west ,,f this city. The
tram into Philadelphia and out to
Ken net l Square would not have landed
hint I" time, bo he took across tin'
COiintO in an automobile A light rain
waa falling when Bryan ami the
Chauffeur slatted, and in a shott time
.he atorm came up. The lightning as
Inceaannt, and Hie run came down in
sheets, malting fast driving Impoaalbte.
I'll" roads became had. fallen trees
w ere encountered, and t hodriver know -
iim he wna carrying an important pub
III Official advised the) seek shelter
in a farm house. Bryan refused, and
lirgOd mora speed. At West ('hosier
the automobile topped for alight re
pairs and tic driver again ndvlaed
ibnndonini the nip. Bryan ngnJg
refused, declaring ho would net t0
Kennett Square if he had i hire an
other di i er
From West Cheater to Kennett
gqaara ihe driver had to pesh way
among fallen trees The aecretaryi
bTW CHCT, leached his ilestlnaliou with
out miship.
Bryan lectured to a crowd that had
waited for hours. The rain continued
White he spoke and there were three
im hes of water m parts of tha tent.
After midnight Bryan motored tg
tVHmlngton, Delaurara, ami took I ha
train 'or Waehtnstoa. ii.- planned to
deliver two lectures todiv. one in
"enns l aula and Ihe. other in Mat y
New York. Aim. lit' - With only u ft BJ
Ma.es ot the lire which daiuaKcd the
hold Thnraday ami cost the Ufa of
DM oftleer. the Itnperator sallod Ht
scheduled time lode) with Its cahlliH
m ii Rlted.
Net i.ii,. Ang N Prltal BokaH,
the nctreaa, nted i rrauntan petition
in baabrnpto mdnj sin- ,,wes ItfaV
nun with assets of $7i'i,l00.
4 .
Forces of Austria and Hungary
Diminish by 10 0,000 in
Past Year
Strict Measures Will be Advan
ced to Curb Immigration
Vienna, Aug, lb. ffo many of the
young men of Austria ; mi Hungary
have emigrated to America that tin;
arm lea of the Dual Monarch) lach
from etghty io one hundred thouaan t
oldtera thla year to bam arms. Them
men should he g the ranks, instead
they are earning their livelihood in
the Tailed Btatea ami Canada, The
dlfftcultj in getting recrulta ii increae
no in i. oi ..f dimlnlahlng, ami tic
mllltan authorities of both Auatn
ami Hungary me beginning to show
their conetemation ami even tirir
wrath at this vets serious .slate of af
fail s
The emigration from Austria and
Kungarj tor the Aral half et Itll t
the United States and t'anada has
Keen unprecedented. The situation l
such that tin- ministers of war of the
two stales are tod.iv jealous ll) BUpOT
vialng the Introduction of new emignu
tlon laws in the paHlaaaaati of Vien
na ami Bndapeet. When the Austrian
council oi ministers recently preaent
ed the draft oi a m-w bill to the min
ister if W4r, this OfgglUl expressed
himself is greatly diapleaaed at tha
mildness ! the reatrtctiooa devised
for preventing Austrian youtha from
going abroad.
Hcject Call for Volunteers.
Partner In many pans of Austria
mi! Hungary have long complained
thai no labor was piocnrahle, all Ihe
ablebndted jfonnaj men having eml
grated. ihe authorttiea remained
comparative!) Indifferent, until today
they Mud mat emigration Ii aeiioualy
affectini racrultlug. Now the) are
deeply i oilcerned.
At the i -st enrollmenl of recruits on
jane MHh me Cracow Army Corpa re
potted th. H litftfi ' ninK men failed
;.i mawer the mill tar) aummona, hav
ing i n ihe country. The Prnemyal
rtorpa wai Sff,112 ehort, the lemberg
cirps HS.aafi in all the nrown landa
large numbera of men liable to mili
tary lervice had diaappcared. It was
eetlmated thai IMM had gone tram
Oailcia ami Buhowina alone,
su. ii ., condition of affalm is ea
paClnlly serious at the present time
when, owing to changei in the atrat
eglOal conditions of the Balkan OOUn
nil-, the recruiting levy ol Auatrla-
HUggarj is aboUl to he increased hv
in nun m. n. The eaataratlon to Ckn
i, in is naurtlculaiiv dlanleaatna to the I
war ministry, as few of Ifcam "ini
Krauts ever return. Over Ntl men
I labia for army .service ate now in
Canada and not one responded to the
ummona recently aeni oul to otn tha
Procedure Much the Same aa in tha
Digga' Trial.
Sin Pranctacoi 'ai. July no. Th
trial i ft trew Camlnottl is gowg
awiftly forward in the grOOVt worn
for it ky the trial Immediately prece
ding of Maurv I. IMkks, convicted on
the same chares.
The witnesses and the evidence of
fhe Roveriiment. are with few ex
ceptions, identically the same. Hie tes
timony wan alumni the same, nnd, so
far as COttM he Judged, the tactica of
the lefanm were the same.
afafahn Warringtoa had tho stand
for the groiiter part of ! eoterdny and
her taatlmaay went to show that Cam
Inelil vns guilty of assistim; in ttans
porttng her and I.ola N'orris f i mn S i -cianiento
to Reno in vi lation of the
Mann white slave truffle act. and that
he perauaded. indeed and Mttcad
them to a-
Th" witness said she had hen a
mire ghi until she met HiKKS. Her fall
hud taken place in liKs' gUHa of of
fices after ehampiiKiie had heen serv ed
there Camlnettl nnd Miss hTarrhi
wore In an adjoinitiR room M the time,
she said
Thundar and Lightning Fail to Wak
Preaidant, Bound for Week End.
Sprlniillelil, Mas- , AUg. 30. I . lav
ed (wo hours by a severe elect rie
atrm win. h awept tha Atlantic sen
hoard Inst nin'H, I'resldeiv and Mr
Wilson passed through here at nine
o'clock todaj enroute to Curnteh N
If., for H geeh end. The i resident slept
soundlv notwithstanding t'u- inuiuier
nnd Hghtnmg, while the train moved
slowly in a suadv dowii .aii of ruin.
Habeas Corpus Proceedings Are
Instituted tiy Authorities.
Bhertg nolo
win he rodi
day neat on
d in
en i again
'i hubi aa
'urpu -
obtained today on i
Police Bondrann af
arraMed him aftei h
eawa rt.
Judge Hutchlnaon
mi Hie application
hall oi Chief of
i1oattcook, win.
iiiKin from Mai -
iranted the nrrll
Samuel JiK'oba,
aheat counsel of tkw Nee Fork atate
Iniereata. it w na ta eh renafa bow
move uihen io h feat Thau lawyer
Wild SUl i ceded in I, Bg him III j.lil,
safe from the Intmigratton authorttiea
White and I'asel, Ihe ottl) TbaU law
.vers iii town, bttterl) oppoaed the ap
plication, but He Judge said he would
Ihrcah it out g open court Tueaday
Thaw aai Lgnorani of todaya da
velopnieiiis His lawvi rs did not learn
I ,.t o ,l,,f ,1 1 1 ,.. ., i
plated mov e, sent Ottl lusi Right, W a
telegraphed bach from Montreal, His
chief law vei, II. X. t li eenshii Ids. im-
me.nate'v enarwrea a epecwi nam ai
Montreal in ihe imi t checking Ih
H'uveedlngf The wtU waa issued
however, 111 lore his arrival
I , rims Touiney PrOvidM
Chance to Study.
uk, Aug, :10. The recent na-
lampkmahlp tennla toufnn
iwport produced many to
Idellghta, iu addition to tl
s The entranta ranged from
lin u of middle aye. It w as
ii, in many matches, of skill
lion., I c
ment a
ten si 1114
He hold.
youtha o
a quaath
and llnesse Of wrist nnd racquet pitted
agntnnt the amaehini strokes ami
sta mini oi vouth. Neither extreme
came through io ih, Anal rounda, but
Ihe efforts of both 'lasses wile none
the less Intertilng Siimoi boya r
sixteen ami eeventnvn faced gray hair
frd players old tttOUgh to he thei:
fathers, and neither usked nor gave
quarter A perfect spirit of spott
manship marked every natch, and the
way some of th, young men wielded
wits ami rncqueta in theae court hot
ties nrguea wH for me aafet) ol th
lavls cup m years to conic.
F. a. Draw of st. Ioula, a youth of
sixteen yeara, fought his way to tha
third round. ". Qaner went one
step ' in i in i while vonnr W. I He
Kim was ViCtorlOMfe until he laced Nat
Nlles. The hoy wonders from the I'a-
cit ,st. Btrachan and Johnston, ,,i
Course did tat batfefr, It was the n -markahle
plivina of the gmaral run
of Ihe lads that create favmahl mi-
nirnl Tin other extreme was shown
in tle w iard-like plav d Rii h nil
Strvens ind H W Slocuni, two play
rs whose n, inns were famous in ten
nis thirtv o ld years ami. Lacking the
speed and endurance of the on'en day I
thev ff need off ggffehl with supple
vnsts antll they reached advanced
round. The famous om -ainicl pay
rr, l Rurden, also re i. hed ihe
fourth ioi, ml ami his skill with the
raoii. logethnr grttt his nCMHty to
snap the hall into the ggf and serve
with (badly precision. vaa a feature
of th. tout MgM id
Catastrophe Occurs on Towboat
on the Ohio River.
Ptttaburgh, I'a.. Ann. ge Cnptaia
Thomaa Klaherty, Pilot Hnrrj Don
aldaon and eig ,,r th.- eraw ,,i the
low-beat AJtoe nrere killed this morn
.uk imi si other ri vermes Injured
When the bOlltra of the Alii" exploded
III t he 4 lllh i ri el
Cornaopolla, Pa.
at dam No. mar
Some of Ihe hodies
wen recovered
Mall; ot the crew el
riveiim n of
tie I - ie Who
U HOU II lo I hell
names are seldom
mpanlona r ofltcera
I 'he I oats, and for thai reason il is
feared some dltftcutty a ill he egperi
enced !r aecuring a complate list of
tfae deail.
The Alice was totting a lleei of
bargee, and was within a tnouaand
leel nl the lOCh iV hell the holler lit
gq w thin ten mlnutm nothing hut
ihe v.,cu of th,, towboal were above
w ater.
Chicago, Aim. :!o. One point is all
that now separates Ty Cobb from the
lead im in? American league hatsiiien.
Ho average is sag, according to the
week's unofficial figure a, and Jing
Inchaon'a is ,891, Th Detroit man
lll 'de M hits ill I! I S times at hat. and
ihe Clevelander ItM in Uf times ai
bat Cobb has sle.u'ily vailied in Ihe
la at thtee weeks, .lake Pauberl of
Brooklyn, la the real leader among
the National loagua batten with ,Sfg,
though Pitcher flngllRg, also of
Brooklyn, is ahead with .us;, tqf If
Put Cobb m tha Lead.
Chicago, Ann 90, ggher unofficial
averagea pabtiahed In Chtoagb paamn
glVl Oobb one more hit. and makes
his average tig, putting hkn in the
Elgin 111.. Aug, Twelve cars
got away ibis morning in the annual
Mi mite grind over an eight -mile
ttgegf lor the gggtU trophy. The
lumi Held ami laiRer machines
than appealed m yestei day's race lidd
ed to the interest in the Ii ng, Inffca
QOnteet and a crow.', exceeding in
numhem that which broke IhroiiKh the
lines of militia at the tlnlsh Mdttg
afternoon, was present.
I'.ir- Were sent awav at intervals of
thirty seconds. M follow s:
t'ase. Mill Hndteotl Mason. Illcken
backer; Mason it k MnhTord; Iter
: no issue or news :
! On kt lo tin fact Monday la
lihoi May. a lekal holiday, v
there will he in, Inane of The i
: Mgg
.:. .. 4
Belgium Increases Defenses; Fear
of Conflict in Europe
Brueeeb Auy. N Baiglum'a ami
tinged aciivity in adopting eartnln
nelldefiued meauiurea of national da
fanee and protection bee pa aBva bj
ever ena'a mmd tha aJnrmang Idea
that nrmed uunflanl in hhirope in n
thing to he expected, Tha govern
ment does not divulge what it be
liev.s or liars, it quietly goes ahead
with Its preparations, leaving tn ,
pie to gjx utate aa the n I1L
The HelKian army has l.- r. in
epanaad w paai naatHn abaolntel
without precedent; never before his
the cotttttrs bad s. many men under
antics iii Itmea Ol peace and Antwet),
an the Bcheldt, alranrtj one f the
trongeal fortresses of Burope, ,s nap
niiv being atreaghtenad evidently aith
the Idea, of making tin in as neat
Impretrnahle as possible I'.ekium l as
gold regarva or MaVOdg.aet thia n
the national treasure in order fur
ther to insure its safety a l.irgi pari
of this money has been moved from
Brussels t, Antwerp. Hie reason Kiven
being that the tetter city is more se
cure in case ., war Tin- national
nrchlvea also have been tranaf erred m
the fortifted metropotte for the name
raaaoa, a preoautloa whh h would got
ordtnatily be taken except ai i thna
of national anxietv Theae "ents, oon
iih i. ii in eonne tkm with the reeeni
mobillaatlon and earning! rending to
show thai the inturnailuiial outlook
mav not be as clear aa is gemamtlg
supposed, have caused miK'h eminent
in poigttmv
Socialists Aid luff I egBglgg,
Ever member of the Belgium so
cialist Party nill ehertl) be called up
on to pay tin- equivalent of half it
week s eaten for the foundlne of a
epactel fund io be devoted to the ea
i u ring of a single rota gam ml suf
frage. This decision on the part Of the
SiKialist part., as vm II as the deter
mination to circulate monater i'ti
IteU In favor ot political equality, has
heen taken ill conformity with the de
cree of ihe Qeneral Bociallet Board
and follows th, had of the Dttleh
So, ialisis
I hicago. Aug. Miss alHc
Wetland a?ai Inatatttly hilled tkki
morning when n automobile In which
a party of four were making a trip to
Blooming! on, stunk telegraph pole,
The others WeTO luuis. ,1 Mtm W. il
nnd who was silting in the rear seat,
was thrown from the i.it Ret he.nl
struck note, hreahlng her neon.
ALBIOK- Plans artt und
whereby a beautiful park is
made ,.f tbe tewar and or th,
colleg campua
w a
o be
Ml. ion
oer, Wtahart; fftntn, Oil Anderson.
Murm ni. DvttaOBI Alason. Wm.
Haupt: Kestoiv, lbd lurman; Velle,
' uto i lantng . htercer in I'.iimn laotta,
Rgfry drain ah nln BpaotUd, i:win
ih i Ida It
At IN miles. Anderson Is leading
wiih Mttlfard second tiv mbatfem hi
Amh-rson kept h:s lend I., the finish
of tie rare, w limine , .tfilv woh Mul
for, eecond.
Six Officers Arraigned in Court of
Justice O'Sullivan in Hough
ton Today.
Non-Union Workmen the Objects
of Assaults at Calumet
and Painesdale
Deputy Sheriffs Cooper. Roteigtb
(Scoff. Ihavis, .lames and PolklaghOTM
were fi.unallv arraiRta-.i t,,ihi. helo.e
.'ustice 0flulltvaa at Houghton an n
barge of mordarlag Aloii TIJan aa i
St. v. l'utrich at Beak rvtlle, . u-ust
14, Pleas of not guilty were entered
ami the defendants were remanded!
to the custody gf the aheriff.
The mea warn rirtnntty ( harmed with
murder when the warrants were is
sued, before tha laQueet over the bod;
d Tijaa lieu. m. bttl the warrants were
nM served until today. The defend
ants dm not ask to be releaaed on
Rpttttng in the fa.-es of deputies andt
hurting 'urs, s gggj slurs upn ghg
ivil guards wer, the tactics reaotted
to h) wonn ii etrtka ayuapathanacg u
dav and a situation that in l.t-vorrunc
rnon- peiiexltikr earh day now Sauce
tiie gutJrorttlgg,
A mob of men und women gathered
near (th I Bhttfl at Karaarge this
momlng, and after submitting to suvh
injustices for a half-hour thirty depu
te s wer. nompaWad to ae3k the aaaist-
anoe ot the maopa a detail of Co. F,
Third regiment, of Saginaw, stationed
at Wolverine, was ordered to tho
M and with the apjearance of the
khaki-Clad xuards. tha mob dispersed.
Throe Woman Arretted.
Woman continued their aettvMen on
South llange thia morning, chang
ing their jM.int of attack from l'alne8
to I'timountain. Armed with
rocke, ej,gs and brooms gmpgd in
filth, they waitvd the appaaranoa of
workman ami a howar .-i mlatflu fol
lowed in tin gjgfka vi men going to
Tin- arrest of Mrs. Kuikka and Mra.
1 1 ankonan , und a third woman whose
name is unknown nut who iiaf taken
under the name of "Mary line was
mude at Trimountaln on a charge of
intimidation. They were arraigned be
fore Justice Little and the examina
tion has been set for September 16.
A warrant was also issued for the
arreat of John CoUsh of ralneadateim
a charge of aeaaalting a atttogamub
Other Arreats Are Made.
Tonv Enrioho charged by John
man of Fialtlo with intimidation.
was arraigned before after Lattgji
thhl afternoon. Tic examination, was
s, i f,u- Sept. IS, Ponda m th sum
of ItM were furnished. Hozmun aj
s.its that RnrtchO threatened his
life. BaQowtna the defendant's efforts
to keep the former (Tom going to work.
Mrs. John Pi patent n nnd Mrs. Matt
Cebaath, charged elth intimidation. ha
William Kendall at Trinioiint.iln. were
arraigned in for. justi, . uttte ni
Held tot annmlnnWon in nv,, weeks,
ii their own rcognhmnon
Fcdar Hearing Ccntmued.
The iiwemlnatliai nf ikuis Ihaggit
charged with naggatH with intent to
kin mi complaint of Underafcat iff Heik-
k i'.i. was th s afternoon adjourned un-
o cio.k Tuesday aft if mi an iv 3un
: i. I'lsh, i I he complaint is based on
i'c alh g, ,i I ling of I'.slar n ilelk-
K i la.
Hwrhl Brick at Worker.
It is alleged that John Lv inskl,
haadlni I and of strikers, hurled a
'. rich at John Ruley, n non-union man.
at r.iKi. -dale this morning. Iovlnskl
was ai rested hv 1'eputy Sheriff Sehut
te A charge ,.i incttlna a rim was
Breterred gj .lustici Lltlte'a turt.
v b -re law inski w ill la ,irr.linnd this
.' rt moon.
Pummel Man on Car.
A workman en route to A lionet Hits
morning was taken from a street car
. t Rgggi about :t' o'tiock hy
strlkeis and lusiteti He persisted that
I'.- "..is a union man and had paid his
initiation lm to Ihe f gggg t gggj but
' al hi had i, t n laitlate.i nnd
ul n union card. With the lnten
iion of loiving him to rettirn to itlu
nei and l'.i to th, federation offices he
v.ts i ike. i m strikers trom the Ridge
tatted to no- W..lverine terminal,
o thev Intended placing him
ai'oard h ear. Meanwhile soldiers ar
Ived on th.. scene nnd the man, ery-
Contmtied on 6th Page, 3rd Column.

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