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Fair and Cooler Tonight and
iii imn
ear naroor Limited is Telescoped
by wmte Mountain Express
Early Today
Three Sleeping Cars, Smashed by
Impact, Laden With Return
ing Resorters
. a Hv n, Conn., Sept. & Sixteen
i" i. mum leal their Uvea and fort) were
n lured aj boa Um eYWte Moeottatn Ba
i- bound tor fork, craahod
ltd . the rear eaaj "'' the Bet ond eeotton
i i'ic itiir BJarkor limited, boartni ao
'ournora froea Maim Bummer reaorta
The wreck MOeurroa- on the Koa
Ft a van railroad Jubi outaldo the cltj
limlta shortly before 7 o'clock ibla
failure to ggg the blank alguui m
i'k' thick top In given M Hi,. iiiiis:
I ; it- accident by thigh Miller,
in. aaja tiiat aa ml hi us be realised
the doaarev bt dW afl be cevtd atop
hla train. The brakes would not bold
mi the wet track, and the train, run-
II down trade, ploughed through
i '. ivroden Pullmana aptlntered (hem
kindling, and killed or wounded
mo i nl tin- aleaplne passengers in
ii.- bertha sixt-tie boy compere
were in n Pulhnan which overturned.
Two .f these, William AJtachuL of
N'orfotk, 'ii., and Allien Qreeu, it
New York, wore killed.
Menu bora of a girl camp, drawn from
maa) areM known famlliea In Wash
ington, I . '., : Imo were 00 l.nai.l, bUl
none wore injured aocording ofll-
'i I-..- bodies of man) of the victims
wore terrlbl; avutgled.
mi the dead and Injui ed wen In
t throe real ateepiai cars ..i l - Bar
Harbor train. No one araa aertouat)
ii lured mi the int.- Mountain Ex
i less, which was aoaroel) aerate bed,
Laden with Excursionists.
Both trains, heavily laden with ea
i'ii ra Ion lata, were returning rn.ni the
fashionable roaorti of Maine ami the
While Mountains. TJuj wen run
ning behind time through heavy fog.
The it. .1- Harbor Limited had atopped
n iii.- MeCk, i. u the i ial car of the
long tmla Waa jusi on the .i u- ..i the
block limits Blgnali had cleared ami
lie eaproaa had gotten under slight
headeray when the w bite Mountain
i xproai came along. The engineer of
th latter was unable to atop ins loco
motive, ami crashed completely
ihrougk iwe of tin- alee pan on Ike
Bar HarbOr train ami knocked Hi'1
nexl ateepor ovoi an embankment
Shock Is Terific.
'ih, shuck r ike collleioa aa
i. i rill that llm-n an I bad Ctothlag
from tths in the Moopi ra irore
wepi um o4 the broken wtndowa and
carried to telegraph polea ami wtrea
irby, wher. the-, si iii hung whefi
the wrt i king trains arrived,
The whit- Mouataln Bapreaa, after
b few lainr's Aelay. i ceded, arrlv
lag here at :fg, on Uw wav tO N'ew
The two rear nieeneis demolished
"re the Fiilhnaai 'Jhaacmior' from
Kit , Maine, ggej 1 Kaaeta1 from
Portaindi Maine. Ninetten paoaengori
were n the "Kaaata" and twenty in
he 'Chancellor.'
i h- . g turned atet 1 1 r was the
htahafm w H waa atnaoal entirely
gated u a i.impinu party el kma
"turnlnj; from MoBmoUth, Maine.
'I'he Intys" homes wore in New Vork,
Phltedetpkia hhi various paMate bj the
xoulh Seven hudles .n- i ik-n fTOM
hiK ''nr.
Identification Is Difficult.
The first body Identified bus It A
Hmchkhas, af New Haven All pha
aeageri were in tinir bertha and aighl
dotboa, ami kteatlftoatton of the dead
hh difficult. The dead and lajaTOi
were broeajhl ta HHi city.
The enalneer of the White Motin
'"In Rxpreas stuok o hl poll
wav onlv hMc'HIv inlured. The
a ml
fear ahsapora if the par Marbor Kx-
presn wr.e h mimx of nilinters after
the wreck. The locomotive Bsl "ii
UAUru uiDcrv
lintLll ffllLUIX
j Thirty Are Injured in Collision on
the Midland Road
Kirkb si..ii.n County of wst
Hl eland, Kngiaml. Sept Kiitccn
peraoaa are behoved la haw- doom kdl
'i ""i I i injured la coBleion r
in.. MetinM ..I ii. ronaoua Lon4o
BcotkuMl exiireaa oMi today .n the
Midi ind rallwa) near Hawea Jum lion
Official reporta accounted for nine
known dead, while correepoadenta an
Hi-- aped recorded Rfteeu.
Al baud thirty passengers non
takon from tin arei baga. suffering In
juries md burin,
Tin- tirst OOttOM had MOPPOd to Ret
up ateam i"i ii aharp up-grade, when
tin. second eaottoa daahod Into th
rear, iiiliii!: i Hi.. sleeping cars
which were uowilfil with passcngt rs
vimciM , mm. , 1 1 1 1 ,. several cam
i c T i Itri
Nino chnrrod hod tea hue boon taken
1 1 ore. Mi.- v recti i:..i h s.-.-i inn ; n era
southl I i..i London
New York. Sept., Tin. nuts A.
Bperry, who made lorium qui af
trading stamps, died here last aaghl
He waa praeiderai ..r the fhaarr)
Hutchlnaon company, and was the
pioneer "f the trading stamp buelneea
Ilia fortune la aottanated al ten mil
lion.,, ii.- retnrned from Bp rope a
few dya "' and waa ao a 1 1 be had
o be lakon aahore In a wheel chair.
Honolulu, L'ept, i, PVsrnaer Queen
Lill'iohalanl reached the aaja of ,.v-
i cnty-five veara today, As has been
' hei euatoni lor mans- yenm the for
um nueea h hi ,i foraaad roe apt ten
I which was attended b) Aaaerteaa and
I Hawaiian ofhektia ami aaveral thcua
I and native Kawaiiana hfreapactrvo of
! rank "i poaltlon.
top ol the wreckage and remaiaed al
, most itprtgbl for a eoMldorahfa time
I The engine wax one af the now euper-
boaters .i the type ahich ligurod in
tin- t-t it hi w reek Btamford,
Arrtonq tits Identified.
Among the .it, tii Identified al the
scene of the wre k are
K A IH 'Ti-HKISK, son "f LOoaoTd
ffotchkl it oi c, w gcraaton Co,
brokers, New Hai en
I,I!I KT OHMBN, New rorfc,
WtHAAU Al.TSMIIJ-. Norfolk.
I i: K B, RtTTTBR, Ice president
nf the Be ran ton Roll and Mul '. f
Betanton, Pa,
1 1 K i i s M. ' i:. broker,
a v em m, family nnknoa n,
ii ime k 1 1 l ute, Hartford
W' tnaii, Rve foot, six Inch
ami weighing i pounda wore
rli ag
I tall.
. gold
ring, engre ed I 'or life
ill M, 7I
death, tf
A younc
tioeeils, SB v
I-'.'' on a gri
ran. i feet. and Hg
tent Old hail initials "S. '
a stone gold rinu.
AVKItV, ol Si
ami ROHKRT yaiin, of Philadelphia
dhaj non afb i the a rock
II. I' MARTIN, Bryn Mam. Pa., and
,i isoman with i handbag marked "M
Hi m ." or m ii ii ." died on the era)
to the hospital
HARRY K 1 1 Ml, da d In the boo
it a I.
Tin- coroner began an laveatlgatlon
ol tin- wreck He nrdored all the dead
.oil.. ..led a Uw at reel ear barn, "rhor
the laqulrj waa held.
The trai k on which I he i eck "
purred protected bj the "Bank sig
nals." a type which the PUbllC utilities
coaimatetofl had ordered changed,
Tho Railroad's Statement.
New fork, Bept, t. The kfea Haven
rallroadrg atatement i
"The Ural aai Hon of the white
.Mountain BapTOaa, daaj in New Voik
,-1 t N this inmiilag. ran Nate the
rear end of the second section of the
tear Harbor exproen a mile gortk f
Bee HJnvon, al 1 o'clock this lavmihig.
Two ol the rear sleepers of the Bur
Hmhoi 'Ixpiw .vere damntfed. Thir-
psaa dead have boea taken oat of tka
1 1 . u Tha acond aaottaa of Mm ic
Harbor Rxpreaa bad atogpaf for a
mti Tin- weather ana extremely fiK
v." hwestirjation Ordered.
Washington, gepi I. The Intanlntg
Bomuiecce oommlaoion tas ordered m-
spettots to speed an ImmedlHte in
veetiKHtioo "t the New Haven disaster.
This Is Plan of Jerome, Who Is
Sure of Victory in Today's
Fugitive Will Be Bundled Into Car
and Taken Across Line
Bhorhrooke, S.-j i The nriii I
.n the habaaa oorpus proooedlaga arers
concluded at i ecloch add to Ike greet
dlaappolntmeni af I boea repreBeatlag
Ni w 'ui;, tin- court reearvad ita de
"ii in a nmttor of suck nva km
port," gald the eonrt, i have to givt I
careful eonalderatlon. Pcaglhl) tomoi
row i win gnnonnce my derision"
Sheihiooke, fetepi - Tlnongbd with
vteltora to Ute coejgtr) fair, Bnor
I. rook e was astir eatly todii . ica.ly,
Magar and anxious to take whatever
part Ifmlghl in Thaw anooad battle
in the Buparior eoun of st BVancoia
enmity. Thaw la resisting llbaration
from jail on i writ of habeaa -hi-mi:i
nhtnlned teat week after coup of
his old enemy, JerorAc.
I ' urine leajaalitkm of leal week s
demonstration in the court room, to
duy's hearing was get in the ptivaoy
of the fudge'a chamber a. The ourioun
morbid and byaterlcally gympathetlc
began trooping toward the court room
nt R o'clock. Denied tke eourl pro
at dtnga the - i irw d detei mined to
see tht tarpons prisomr. Plainclothes
detectlvaa mingled with 'i'" throng,
John LiitiMiii, m private detective
from New Y..rk, clung close to Jerome,
There have been repeated threal
attempts on Jerome's life,
So aura wire the Kea York forcea
apparently, ..i a favorable outcome
thai a high powered automobile was
chartered to rualt maw to Coat I k
The chauffeur was tnld to lie at thei
court bouse al - o'clock tkla afternoin.
('ti.-e across the Vermont bordei it
ia the intention to bundle Thaw into a!
high power car ami in-.ni atrmlght for1
the New York lino. This wilj obviate
extradition proceedlnga
High handed, though this maj ap
pear, it is said Jerme has COUflten-
in. t-ti it, inasmuch aa Lanyon baa been
i :.pe. ial attendant at Matteawan A:-)
Mich he could take charge of Thaw as
a hunatic and take hint home as one
vould a rtaaway child.
Thousands at Court Honsr.
When the judge reached th eham
. i ihortly after I o'clock he aaid he
had derided 1 1 . admit four roportera
p. ih.- hearings gaorant that tke
hearing was to in- be Id in the chum
. ;
WA err - r-',r-r)00 7, - T7
: '
: - g)
V Veraaillee, Pram.-. Sept.
Aviator PegagJ todaj repealed
a thiillinv nt Milium; sum-
v aaereaak in tin air with an
aeroplane while Hying at a J
rapid a d aeet the aerodroane
' at Um neat gore Ii was wit-
noeaod i- about a hundred 5
i milllarv ami Chilian SViafOTa
ami a terge is. iiihiaae ol the
V general ptihlie.
d d
No Change in Attitude of State
Declares Gov. Ferris
".'..ere is ni chai. H, th, attitude
T the state .r.-i.. the strive in the
copper country," Obvcrnor Ferrla ie
. 1 ,ii i recently at Lhdington
''there la tb;ilt.lf) n ithln in the
:..!! thai I un i In ni i.. call a pe i .I
estr.n of the Mjaptlature to consider
and otkeff lUOktloioi I have writ
ten it tin- memoirs pi th e islai urc
.' d .ith'.iit cm pt on the; liave a I
v ise, j :i-;:.inst fa rtni'tel . si. m. Judpe
M tit i hy did ii"-. a.i is- it
'The legislature cob h I if. ni hint to
heiji in dealing th ihls t i; . any
a . It wo. p.! ial, i twenty daa in
vt i Hi metnoera together and tin.
M a law were paired ii .- uhi mil he
I.. me reatrtotlve .iai applied t( in is
Stl I.e.
"in my ne aa aaaKe, i hit mi to
r vie Hie pu age of lam KtrnMur in
lite one now ik force In Canada pro
titling Tot a oirmihwion to lnveel
a 1 1 induatrtal t lonbiea
N l.al will the Si. I'. do if thin
:-trii.e conMnuea to drag nloag and the
troops cannot he sent horncT' was
a ahuil
The number of troops on duty is
'.in - reduced, We art Beading them
home. Man f the striken are re
turnlng to work. Too ran tasiiv aee
'hat Hi- snd Will I.e."
i '.. oatempl it unj furthei
action with regard to the strike'"
"Notie, exeepl that Wn are going to
continue to protect men who want to
Troop"! Cost $170 Om.
it ins airegttv anal the state of
Michigan UJt.gOfj to maintain the
si, ii.- troops in tin aopoer ccuatry.
ant it Is egpected thai the uxpeasses
will exceed ttgdMte i.ii.n ail t!..
i. Mtiaaaea are withdrawn, according
10 slate idlietals.
ni ditof Oeaeral PuUar aaa that 11
1 1 Impoanlhte i i t'-n the eaat 't amount
ll.at has In- it i . tided .,s tile th-
'ail. -i etatemetitj from ike nailitary
i.. nil have no- I ecu re -i.ed. llnw-
1 1 r. Knlit-i baa sent fiTo.nu.i from
He general fund ' the atat Ireaaurit
In Hie mlHtar atthorHiea 'n the cop
per count!)
ban, crowda lammed "a- guperior
court room corrntorg ami atalrwaya
ami tin- police kept order. Out aide Hie
cowl h. use there wora fully If, 996
peraona Several ran up to shake
Thaw'.; hind BJ he was akOUl to fil
ler, but Jailer Lafnorca shouted them
hark. Thaw bjokod ill at ease. The
poaarbillty of early deportation evl
death worried mm.
d d d dj
It Is Announced, However, There
Is No Change in the Mex
ican Situation
Investigation Into Report Is Or-
dered by U. S. Consul
B u hiiiRtnn. Sept. - -Secretary
Bryaa was m aanununlcntlon w-ith
Prealdonl WTHaoo at th. suaaaaer white
houae today over the Mexican situa
tion. I. lit described It as tinchaiiRed an. I
said no developmaat reejulrod the pres
eace of Wilson in Whahington at this
t ime.
. a meeeage was received from John
' land at Vera Crua, tut II made ao raf
eronoe to ins plana, Bryaa sait
It is said in Offhcial tdrcles, h'lWi-vef,
I thai Li ad i phinnlng to return to the
I United States soon unless some move
j of the Htierta government clutiiRerl his
pla tis
Consul Hann i, at Monterey, has been
ordered to make a search tag tavcetl'
I gad Ion into the reported execution f
I six Amerlcaaa at Tbrreoa, n order
nf Pederal Oenoral Bnva.
The care ..t Mexican refugea from
Mi-xir i was the subject of routine
meaaagt between tin- departmanl anil
tmerii in offlciala in Mexico and along
the border, Tin- Red Croee authorlUea
at New Ortoana were notified during
ii.. .ii ih.it Americana from Mexico
arriving 11 thai port in need of as
sistance should tie helped to reach
their i.. .me- m tins country. Owing t
misunderstand imr with regard to the
dtfl pOSitlea of needy rases aftel n
erica na have raaohod 'he United Btatea
the t"partment sent iUTther advices
to ntti i. ds at roast ami border town-
io aee to it thai all who noodod hglg
wt're s.-nt to their homes
Rherma, PTaace, Sept. T Tienlati
ant l.el'iani-e of the l-"renrh naval gy
un- i trpa, ami pnsaenger. Mane, !-
I -e re, the wife of : Prenrii artillery
Lieutenant were fatally Injured in an
aeroplane BOCktenl near here last
niRht The machine capetned ami the
tmd tank Canghl life. The aviator'.
afere found under wreckage auffering
from leu us
Shanghai China, Sept. The city
of Nanking was captured yealcrda i.
tin- Chinese govenunani troops. iho
rebel forcea tied into tho oountn
through the soul belli Kate.
Labor Day Contest Ends in Shock
ing Fatality
Naakville, Tana., geirt. l. Death
cleansed i heavy toil in the Lnhot Day
aatoaaobila apeod races, at the state
tair grounda paatardai; when four of
the 1 1 x kighpawered cara entered ia
th- twent-tive mile free-for-all wore
wrecked on the far side 'f tin mil
track oppoette tin- grandatand
Pour ra oe ra aaara kilted, two r.-
ceived mitair In lories, w hile four s
eapod w lthoct in lory of any sort.
Two of tlx caUB with their drivers
and mediae iciana Barked through the
tangled wrecks ga of broken ears and
m. iimed bodies at a aped of sixty miles
an hour, aaoaphag injury.
Tin- di ail are
John W. Sin trill, driver of Hm I;
car No. .1.
Thomas p. Bridgaa, manhauli lau foi
Willi am Bherrod, driv.-r of Btuu eat
No. S
MDooch" Broom, mechanic tan for
All nt the victims wnv residents of
President of Western Federation
Addresses Mass Meeting
Nineteen kaudrksj an g, and about
ehjht hundred wemen ami ehildrea
ajarohad in the awelletlng head to the
Palestra Sunday to hear the addresses
of President Chagrtee h. Moyer, of the
Western Pkalnialhin. Vlea Pieeldeul .
B. Mahonoy ami Wfilltem Paivldaoa, a
member of tin executive eonnell, who
has been direct ktg the strike ..f lend
miners in Miss -url, and wh arrlaod
gynday aaeraing with Preaddanl
Mb) ar
Kor tin- second time in a few areoaUfa
the miners adapted maoltatlona pr..-
testitiK axainsl the use ot the militia
and spe. ial dapVttoa and t allitn; Upon
the United gtatea htennaa to inveetl
Kate the industrial dispute here to the
end that a settlement may be reached
limlktr reaoiutlona wire pnaaad by the
Hancock miners yeoterday,
Recoqnition B i Issue.
President .Mover in bis adtfreaa
rhiirat terr.ed Hie eight-hear lay as
the vital Issue of the strike, but de
rated practically all of keg adahjwana to
aaaertlng th" riht or tin- min-1 to
organ tea ami damaad resjogultlog
'Oven if von tenn and you wont,
your BaTht for the right to organ! ae is
wtdl worth the battle." Aft lan d Mr.
Moyer. "If you cannot take tins
right, you have nothing etae arartk
while to gghl for."
Moyct toM Hie men tin- operatoti
in the jaae Superior tiistri. t at. mi-
posmu' mi thaag by requiring them to
work two. tkfoa or four bourg gWTa
per day thOU tin the HailiaaiMla nd
thousands of other metal ami CtMsl
"In Montana, flab and Arlzoti.T.
ti em petition is just as keen, tin- pro
duct in the same, the COBtg an- the
name and Hi.- Betllng price the same"
declared Mr. Moyer, and the nun
have the eight-hour day. while you
Broth ten or tWOlVe hours."
Praise Judne Murphy.
Mayor gave unstinted pre lea to
.lurlRe Murphv. of Detroit, for his flnd
inxs in Hie personal RSVOatkgWtten he
conducted for Governor PVrrla ami
Continued on 6th Page, 4th Column.
Savannah. ;.i Sept. J It is
a very rare thing for newly-
J we.N to ix-uin teBeaafaaophaf 4
arlth H i hlldren to make things
lively from tin Mrsi day of
aaarrted iiHhs. but thte was Um
J" oxper'enr.- of Mr and Mi-- I.
I,. Triittl. who w.-it- married !
? tadnji d Mauttrla, on,
The bride whs formerly Mrs
9 m. i' PI mure, i willow, wittt
H .hlliltan to her ; rdit
k Trnltt s tit st w ife died inn
S lime hk. leaving him an even
doaen motherless ihlldriti dj
Just Which Side Assumed the Ag
gressive Is Not Clear, Each
Blaming Other
Receives Bullet in Head; No Hope
Is Held Out for Her
- 'i i. - aili ..f n . i.ibh between a
force "i eteiateea eeaanttea and ;t Usiy
d' Hotn IS9 I.. lOa strikirs, women and
hlldren, mar the North Kearsargn
mlae yaatardaj mnratng between t
and , hi loi k, Margnrat Ka.ekas, agel
fifteen, Baa at the point of death in
the Oalpmrt Pabtki koaaaital, with a
bullet wound in the head. Her eondi
tiot is such that the attending physician.-
expraaa no hope tut- kor j a eon at y.
The bullet , nien d her head just abovo
and in front of her right ear, parsing;
through the temporal and occipital
ones and permitting her brains to
ooe nut. That she has live'l so far is
Details regarding the shooting -tr
OOadradictory, the deputies telling one
MOT ntlrelv dilfer.-ni from that nf
th .striki ra
lavaotlgaHuaa by shts-iir ('rns and
W nhl.-ll st ri t sen i. . men w.-r. . ..n
aOMrkad yoagoretey afternoon and as a
res, .it. it j.s said warrants will he is
sm i, i.,r several of Hie deputies, but
m action has . been taken, am! it is
unlikely any will he taken until It is
aanartalnad whether ar not the girl
ill aurvtve.
The deputiea were changing rajted,
iml ciaim they were attacked by the
strikers, who threw stones and other
missiles at them. The attack they as
sert occurred on a eoragr, the crowd
of strikers rushing at them lrom three
'f converging streets and forcing
them io retreat slow to a POhH
near tic- hmne (.f Joseph Hendron,
arhere the) made a stand. The crowd
Barged againal Hiem, they claim and
Hit deputies Him firetl in the air to
frighten tin- men buck The strikers
'hen apreud Margai el PmaaauuB, who
is Hi.- daughter of a. widow. Bagg
tending in th. rear of tho crowd with
her mother, u.d the deputies . laini the
waa struck by a raadOII shot, after thj
crowd had sprend.
The strikers assert they nam tired
Upon by the deputies without the
Blighted provix at lOB, while they w .-t .i
parading peaceably. They claim three
of their niunber were wo indnd, iut
no wounded men have len found by
the authorities and none have applied
for meoical aid.
Bullets Crash Through House.
The seem- ..f esterday inornitiR -i
shooting wis but a short distance
from ihe barn llsel by the l.-putieo
for hoaatrruartera Tin- men m bjm
atepnty party were precaaatpag to this
barn ni rhanglag shifts
It is said thai prior to h clash in
Ahich the Paekas plri was shot,
atrlkers atkaokad a party gf men who
wet-., workiin. al the North K'-.it s.i rg"
mine ami tluit the soldiers wa-re al'
Upon to protect them. Bildlers hae
again reptec! the deputies on guard
at tin- North K'-aisJirge mine.
I'll' Head roil home, near when Msg
ahoothag occurred hears evidence '.fit.
M ra bullet holes havina; keOB found
in tin- houm i ne bullet wntished a
lamp In the hmisn atid sped within a
fo.c ..f a Inilr girl, hnalh erashing
int.. th. BfindOW frame within a. few
tee bee "i a man's bead.
Mala Apted. in rhariie of the am
buhtnee corps in ''alumet, ruslied t..
Wolxt'tine in an automobile yesterday
mora hag) but found that Dr. A. I'.
Pix-he Ini- kin n Hi-- girl's wound tem
porary attaaatlgg and that she had
been takt n to the 'alumet Public hos
pftnl in an ambulant e
It is ahMahad that about ttfly shcd.'i
awgfg tind in all during th disturb
ance and reports conflict as In whet bet
any of thes were fired by the strlk
.r ll is said that most of th shoot
ing frmn th. dep uties' sld was done
hv thre mtn.
'I lu re Wert m- Waddell set ret ser -
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