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2.000.000 MARK
Showing of Snowball Vein Respon
sible for Large Amount of Ore
Kuu. Mont, Mm IJ '!v nasgea el
Mm resaerkaaai development la Iha
Hnovvhall vein . tin- North i 1 1
panv ili WWII af tans' tMNMI
ta M standing " hiuh" 't
point in MM lust. .i n of the Mil Ml 11
While M (fil ial mlsggfs ii MNM
of i. .us dm be bad M lh k tl fgc
if Hi.- North 1 : 1 1 1 1 in uunuaillan with
,i i-.. in reserve, i is : i i upon the
h, m ..i authority thai it u . l..Hf in the
1.000,000 ton mark, an. I il gBVeteU
in. -ins COnUBBS t'avorahle in ill'
g now ball an. I tlw Bdttk May vetna the
icinaiml. I of MM .ai M il"'. v have tha
Baal tWO BSBUNers, I1"' milk
may ha passed
Deeper Levels Improve.
Pi 1 1 lu pascal .'i iii' nowlMli rat
Iran lha l.MH-foot level down la i'1"
t am tin- '.'.i;.Mi.f....t levels is said
to he ,-spcciallv ttffflAcattl of iIk- BB
PTOV Mt inanifesi on I la- deeper l'--
,.s of tin- North Butte The snowha I
vein in flic eastern pari ..I tin- North
Kuttfl iirooerti dawn ' the I ;-f. .t
loVCH pr.i. in allv BM l.arrei. Il did
not n'H lo..k prnmlnioK.
The 'in in i Ik- w-u-i n part .f Ihe
North Rutte'a mound, however, had
develop.-. i falr-ajaV'fl ! badens,
tin fait that itn had boon found In
tin- RnoWtHlll vSfa afforded a spark
in-. nit anemem that pel haps He Ion
I i r.-i. h "I ' "null lo tlo- eU i
knight develop pa) roc with depth,
and s ; amlter "f tlroreught) devei-
tipillK all KtOUJld General M alia u t
.l.,hn i Pope kept big . raw ata ad
drifta pigging aeay.
First in Eastern End.
i in taa iMii-foot level Hi.- Hrot im
provcaseai was- BBtntfeeted la ih
gnowball roiM in the MuUn easli
ORktil string! of or appear! nti aith
an ... . asional small hum h of ore. The
..il- fonod, however, served gture as a
matter ai en ragemeni than xfford-
lag a body af on) considerable ton
aaae Tin- roai devekiprovut began i i
show ItaaH when the Leaf fuut level
was u pa aid and enrrtlaued t. eta !,
r... i level, .-pii-mini bodoai being
dlactoard Ave ta i foot la width anil
i t nding ftoai las I foal la
length, aii ti ist claaa are.
The oi- shoot in I bo aowbell vein
has not jet been pic bad up '; I he ..
M, i.ui th tra is Rpraaaod 'nit little
doubt that ii will be found .ii place, aa
he vein is unfaulted ami th. ofj
ahowing earj Btrotag 'he .'.iot
f.,..t Kvel li is noteworthy that i'"
Nrth Butte today is shipping aoaae
fuM :ass on than sili the bahtaji
daya f the 13d ith Ha) gior'. aad li
saiii that to tin- FBtfftn Ma) rein, -hau l
alao by tha Know bail vein, aaa ' glv
n . r-tit foe the in. rooaed lonMMte of
BratMilaaa ora being mined b) North
High Grade M Ed.th May.
Rdith May develophientii eteclallv,
bave bean favorabia on the iAW ond
2,009, and drtfttag ag i ii. . . bt ex
.-. ted so.. i, to pick op a large i ... . f
ore ills. lo-i-. on the I.4t anil
The grade "i th . m i ,-. ESdUb Ho)
.1.- si : :.art i.-iilarlv u here lh- vela
pfferta a Junction with tin- AdMtondacU
em. la .- h jh t me, live feel gtV-
in a" .. i i m.- .i ay nf per cent.
The Bdith Ma an the 'J tun -loot lev el
carrying two m Ilea, one on the
banginH wall and th her nn the foot.
both ranging in width fatgn i" ' feel
and earryina eoixr varuea anaroach
in better ihan par can! artth better
I ha li I o oiiii. es of allt er.
A. tlve work li. i he :n Uu Hat Ion f
the new rjrunlie MoufftniB hoiatlnH en
glne i expected t.. itNBJneacc wvtbin
inn month a. The tlranite nhafi now
is in condifb n practleallj for the
hoisting "f the ore now being lifted
ibrough tha si ilator xhaft. Thi
neu engine will be eapab'e of parry
nn Inkin trpcration Ut .i rappi h f
LAM t.-et ami il will he the Lit.-. I :n
(Furn.shed hv Paine. Webhrr A Co .
A ma I :
Alaska .'7 2;H
Adventure M '4
Altnuea . 1 . 411
Atgoma h . .w 1
Arcadian r,i4
Ariz, f'orn 4Vj 4
Ahmei-k L'fir. 270
Rwtte Hulk .t :
BaafOB Maine I.'V. fg
Batte v- sup ::s 1 ,
1 'o pel Itangr .1H ;!7
'.; A fi I V H
V & II iL'ii 4
Centennial II 17
Daly West :nx
'hino tl 41 ;-
RRal Butte M 1J
I rank I in 4-'4
Oranhy MH sa"M
fJratne tl n
IfaniM.k It If.
lle.llev Max
ladiatia :ii 4
Iganlratlon ! '7Vt
Isle fti.V.lle !:I4 0
KeUeen.iW 2 2-
Ken Lake 4 4'i
Lake 5 IH
La S.-ille 4 44
Morn 4V4 4-
All. hi.in iiOux ....
Miami tt t
Mohawk 2Ss HH
Hayhaaeor 4n
Hattb Lake t i
Xe OaM H'r., Ufa
North Unite
N'lfiiHHtna ... I I '
Oil lom 4H'U tT'-..
si adat t.'! 74
( ijii.way t ) '
OM t'oloin- 4 4'a
gyalnry If 4 ".!
Raj rnnanftlgttll MH :
Sui i-rioi tV g-ftgtftl I
Superior Sf4 Ml
Shun nun tl
Shaiim-k MJtg L't
'Pallia ra. K :!" !'
r s MlnlnK s-'i'i
I'tah Copper "'",&h "."
riah i 'onsoliihiteil H4g
Viaioria - IIh
Wini niii :?'4 S'.'
Wolverine 41 4:'
Wyandot .0
.1. Minnear - '.. gay today:
rtata Copper -mil Butta ami SgparkN1
WOtrt a lures of the i aggHW todO) . Out Ii
of these Issii. s , losing w i'h net Bj4
iraaea ..i glare than a paint, The rav
Die Hag was fractlonalty btghar inn
duilneoe continued lo i revaii.
;tanl. shalehiihlers toilav oted ill
favor ot plans t.. allow direitots t.
Borrow up i!.1"". which funda
ere meile.l hv the i.mipain. Tlnie
was a bettor gagaaajd i"i Muparlof a;
PJOat OB .iml llns issmi sol. I I.. A
better demand is ais.. aottceable foi
ls, w.i nn vv.
Sal.- of fOpper -it !-l'4 Were repolleil
loilav for June ami .lnlv ilehveiies. ami
the demand from both foreh n ami i
moatli Hourotf le batter gccoMHgg :
i .ports.
(J. A. M.nnwr A Co.)
Algomah n i'
Bohemia Mi III
Bradea "' I
Brit luti i 'ohMabia 1 1 9ft
it a. gjcatl '. Ili
Hun.- x London ta .48
'aetaa t'l MJl
Ca la varan i:1 U4
'..us. Cop M I l IK
CaL I'm inn .40
Coj Mines 1 1 :h
i w i '..I aelia 4 1l 4;it
- II .Xll
t'nrhln t'otjer I'1'
havis Daly M
Dana s4iiiii
Houghton Popper Mi
Keweenaw Mi t
I.. S. i A !!
Nob Keystone I ' 1 "-,
x.vv Baltic i'h Mi
iino no .?,:,
Ojlbway N IM
ltie, !l!l M
Smith Laha m IH
S W. Miami l M
snperii.r Boat on i '2
Tuolumne ' x
CnloB Load 1 Ml
r. Verge Rateaalon 18 .fi'i
Waiffen . . .' .60
Woiveime 4 Arhteaa Ifa i "
Tamous Soloists To Take Part in The
U. of M. Event.
Ann Arbor, Mi. h . gy 18, Muk
loverp frog far ami near eagae to Ann
Arbor todaj t. attend tha nuealng ..'
the twenty Arat anaaaJ Ma) mimical
featival mder the auapicea of the I'nt
veraity nf Mlehlgan. Tin- ferativai pan
gramme this ear provhiaa far Rve
poncortff, vviili HaadoTll .Messiah" ami
Rlgar'l 1 ' ua la- us" as the pritn lpal
aura, lions. .Mine. Altna tllttch, I'as
quale Amato, Ricarde Martin ami oth
er fagaotM lolOietl ate to take ggfti as-
alated hj the choral Bgaan ehonta
30a votcea and the Chicago Bymphonj
oi heatra.
Motion pic t urea are now ti ie seen
in "iii aos bia AtuHtarlam.
Cont'P-iea From Firet Page.
enforce theiie demanda nl the caaaon'a
nn nth.
Purpose of U. S Unselfish.
If we are , naapelted l. aae farce,
te must (iit pladfft the Calted
siates agalaal rctaiaiag Meslcaa ler
rltory, in order ! naaure the world
and the pan , on i h mi nis of Hextco
nf i. in- unaelflah purpone in pfaggate
iv lliaation ami protect human lift
and happlgegi as we did In 'nia.
i' ii rim le M i. a. i -1 iv dealrlug
pea.e ami JUBtlce ami l he esialilish-
gteni nf the bona Rde telf-governgteni
m.-m. .. t.v i ne people of He ton
should rn -operate with us."
senator Owen tohi again the alary
"i the lap ot Porflrto Ding, tha rise of
Wadt i -. and I he plot nf Hut rig ggjd
PVllii Dton Porflrto' a nephew, arhMh
I'd lo the overthrow ami death of
m.hi. -I., ami put Huerta In ihe praal
dot i - halt ii.- te itad ihe npi lalggj
"f carmaxa, ng attthorit) of tin- p-Kb-btturr
..f ti,.. vi.,. ,,( Caahutht, and
told how Senator Domlagaeg dared
denounce Ruertn ta ihe Hewtcan sen
te, i tec taring that Huerta had pgoli
Hed the oiinir.v i. extermiaatlag and
chargma him with xt tempting tn keep
id1- i.'.si b) aacttlag a ragdficl with Igg
i led stales
Ti aenatar said thai rhorlly aftar
l "i- i Mxatlggpani dlaaraw i gagj
i re purled murdered, Then he tafa1
..f ittemptu i" xeenre nn IncextigaHagl
"i i.: death bj the Hen nn ongeaaBi
and how Huang (nt He cungragg in
Whereupon," he continued, llner
ta i.v decree declared htmeetf Igvggt
' d. a, tlavt.ii I v kdatlon of the . olisli
lutlon, with legislative and Judicial
power. In effect, miiitarv dictator '
MeXKO. Moreover hO ie dated the
.0nNtli11t11m.il an. ii. miles of freedom
frem arrest for gpaBibera N Cgggjg
il In o-al e.l and llavlm: thus Vested
himself vxllh the Kfll isla l i v e and .Imli
elgl p'Wer of M. v i ,. he i ggggjBg i
m.i.-t the entire .viexi.-.m . on u less with
Mediti.m and treason. '
Huerta ContioMed Elections.
Senator mini gWOll Xl some aMkgtl
mi the eleillon' held lor president .!
Meg lea mi the ttta af Daaaaar, IMt
lie -aid lhal while Hi'iHta had an
nonnced be would nut he a i-andidale
he had enllliueil ihe gagBBJi of his
miiitarv state gea'aeggggi t.. . over th"
i'!i. linn nuii hinei v . I'.n.r .lav s bofoe
Ihe flection, the senator s.ud, deaplt.
formal assiirnn.es lo the diploinats I i
Mexlea t'nv that ha was got a raggJN
date election poatera were sent broad-
ast uruinK ihe paopH la vote for Hu
erta. Huerta xeai inatrueuone i nn
gov ernora, sai.i me eenator, 10 resum
the votes favorahle to him and got t 1
return mote than a rertain pari of the
prci-lm ts, thus insillilli; a void e!ei -
tmii. Tins program, ne aara, was ..u-
rlad out in even detail, ami the Mex.-
an 1 1 uigteaii, dlacoverlng that hMM
than half the voting preclncta had sen!
in returns, de, hired the elei ti, n void
iml expressed a desire that llueii i
ontlnue as provisional president until
son.' future time which might be tixei
in coBgreoa,
Huerta." he added dr.imat i'-allv.
Htill is dh iator "
"Of the si elected govornoea af Hg
o at the time Hueftfl seized the nov -
rwlag powers." tin- senator said, "artiy
vv.. at the end af tha year remained
it home attending their dutlea. Ten
l them had Joined the revolution, a
number had Ih-il the rouatry, XBd one
had been murdered l.v a ma jot gen
rai oi H aorta, who tied ihe governor
i chthna aaa on t in- mllmnd t ra. N
mil backed a yard engine over him t
ach him better maanera than in op
p. is,. Iluel'la .Ml v.oamies were i
l.v mililal v BOV rnoi UiMinld h
liuerva'a federal afRcara ..i the ar
niv appear to have been laxtructed lo
ike no prisoners. Rverj captured oil.
m high gad low, was put before
aii and nhet, moat of ihe common
ddi.-rs lahaa prlaoaer Ware shot i
III . fashion and a li-.-. aih-w. .t to aave
heir lives hv lolnlna 'he federal : I
my, K .1 v m. mi. 1 1 "i the . ahlaei
name i for Huerta ivaa removed. Rogai
of them lied tin eollBtry. one of 1 he'll
was killed, Imt got one was left in the
Efforts to Involve the U. S.
"During ihe fall of fit a numerous
evldencex appealed of Huerta trying
to involve tin- I'nited Stales in some
ait of aggieaxlnn or invasion. Hi
purpoae in doing this area la stir the
patriotism of the Mexi.ah people,
make them target his n rim ex, ami in
dine them to gel behind him us a ge
femhr ol Mexico aK.iinsi an MVgdlBM
foe. Plnatly spril be had the lm
pwdeace to arreal sailor- in our uni
form under the R better ot our Man. ; i
Tampico, ami march them in derlalon
through the streets He knew perfect'
ly weii that his private expreeelew i
regrei was no am. -nils to tha govern'
mem of tin- United Rtatea for this In
ternational affront and indlgnlt)
"Huerta desire.i to piwoka aogar
action that would unite behind him
ihe revolutionar) leaders in Mexa'i
after which ha might obtain his peace,
relying upon the benevolence, the dig
nity, ami the patience of tin- govern
men I ..!' the United Rtatea, He has
failed. Tin- I'liit.-d Stales should BO)
now. under any CfafcUBsataacea, he ,oii
tetit with anything leas than the moa!
complete and ahaolute reatacatlOB l
rnnxtltBtlnnal eM'goveeggnaaii !n
Mi-xii-o. Huadreda of oaf ottlaent
have I .eel i killed III MeM.o, thollSaiiiT'
I' them have been robbed, millions of
their property stolen, ami all driven
i.v trtotenea from Mexico, Huerta has
sought to involve us in coaapttogt Ions
with Japan, which mlghl Bgatb in
volve our nation in one of the Id II-
est wars in history, if punHtted to le
Worked out.
'The prealdenl was not only Juxt!
lie.i iii refualng to recognlae Huerta as
prexideal of Mexico ami in seining.
Vera Croa to Map the sandlaR of a
shipload of machine Rtma and l,aaa,
. ii rartrtdgea, btH he would have been
rally justified in depict rut Huerta i x
milltar) force as a Mod; despot and :
I , i naunable usurper."
Continued From First Page.
alms have luined ovir MO lilies, shot -
nuns ami pistols and live m.uhlne
gitna glxty thouaaaid rounds ot am
nn, union WOte taken In. in the tail
toads in trgnait, with the coneenl ot
tin- atrlheri to whom they were eogj
Will Rebuild Tent Colony.
Trinidad, OoL, May II, rnhm lead
ers in tin- gjouthern Colorado atrtaa
llelds have baajBB preparaAiaax for the
erertlon of a new lent ohmy at l.nd
low, Sttlkers nn segKagBtl in I lenr-
ing the site oi the old colony, which
ileatreanai by Are ItpfH H aiiea
oile were killed.
Praaenl plans contemplata the arec-
linn ol the new Cfdogy ailjai enl to ilu
old site.
AcridhBg to prevloua statements of
the military onVera, authority fr the
, onsl tlon of a new . amp was not
to be ulven until union leaders had
secured approval oi ihe men aelected
I., take ihgggjl o the . onoly and sun
mil lei a Waaler ! its Inlaahllantn
When this would h. dom- was not
k now ii gaaaataagj
The coronet's fur) bus round lhal
nloe oersotiM Who dh'.l at the hallb
,.r I'n.i..,. Aoril "i. came to their
a,. rroM in. --hot wounds Infill I
gf wenpooK liied iii the hands .-r
strikltiK coal miners." Tlo- Jury did
not lis reaponalhlMty gpaai Mf indi
vidual gtrlker,
Th, a ' Il levoked the li.Uor
"" aw"v """saasiggi.
and put jour savings in the bank
You can cut down your expenses, if you try-
a little less for this luxury, a few cents less for
that -and you have the hetfinnina of a fortune,
if you put what you save in the bank.
All the time it is accumulating you are getting nearer to in
dependence and to the goal of that ambition for all thmos are
easy when you have money.
Start today. Open a bank account with
what you have. Even a dollar will do.
Tnit-of TVTfi f inn n 1
Continued Fi onr First Page.
decorative atylea ami color chegaea tu
satisfy eveiy taste.
The ' .lid eahin h:s il speeiul so-
ehsl aad dialog rooms, ladie-,' lounge
ami sanuhlng room. The third . aoin
also ha- Ita separate publli lo. nis, aad
its stau looms are luiili tu ar, oninio
data iwo ami four pcnamx, In the
Hteerage ..f ihe VTateriand the paaaen
: i is. Inatead nf being plaeed in ate
largo room, as on most ships, have
separate en bine, sajeggaged for lamiln .;
and lor small group ! men ami of
w nntan,
Every Precaution for Safety.
Kvery i omeiv a Ide preeUUtloa has
been lal.en in the POnatruetlon and
tHpilpwtenl oi the Vaterhtnd to assure
the safi Iv as well as tin- ...niforl bf
the pa see tigers ami ere w, lake all
great ocean liner roggrtrueted since the
Titanic disaster, ihe bis. .'hip has a
complete inner shin, extending far
above the aratertine. The water tight
rompurtmewtx are so Ftrranged that
veil though ,. laige number of them
W'.-re II led I he Bhl w'-'Uld Xtlll lloa'.
Aii innovation is a rompteteHri depart
mem. wiUi a system of btajaala cover
ing eVOrj part of the ship, and a stall'
of tn,- rightera recruited rraaa tin- Rn
departmenta of Herman cities. There
are. of , ..nr.-.'. iii addition to this BU
memus oilier aafet tie Vice a, such hs
ubmarlae ahtaala and Motion ta ami
rafts sutlh letil to a. . ..tnmodale ever,
one al.oaril. Her pov.eriul Wireless
pparataa will enable her to keep con
tinuously in loii h with land
Phe Vai'.rlaml will make the run he
pen Hamburg ami New Yori, in at
en days, at an nvrrage speed, ol uImuh
tWentV'tWO l.nots an hour. Her fOUT
powerful propellers i i a new standard
for alga in auch ronattaaHeti, Ray h
has a diameter of nineteen feet seven
in- hes ami weighs tu'.irl.v fifteen tonx.
I'h.- propellers an- made of the tin-- i
lUallt of inaimar.'-si hion.e. Triple
expansion engines, driven by n doaen
doubla hoiiers. win propel tha gTeaf
steamkhip, Fnr navlgattan purposes a
K re lee) eatapxaw. pointing gtwtayg lo
I he the tl lie pole, will he Used. I his
instrument is entirely independent ,,f
the earths mngnel ism.
lloanae of a galoonlceept r who bad vio
lated the miiitarv prohibition against
ihe sale of any liquors. The council
lei hired the same ;o'tioi would he
taken agalnal all rutin tore of the pro
No State Constabulary.
Hcnvcr. Colo , Hay I The admin-
Ixtratlon program mei its Brat aerl-
s set hack in the special session of
the general assembly late Hpnday
wh n ihe senate in ...nitniitee of the
whole. I Hied the hill cstuldishinK a
stale C8imtB.hu la ry. Adminislration
hills, howev er, made t aiid pl otless
gajrlgg the fternoon in the houae,
which passed Ihe I nun, nun hond bill
on tjlird reading) ami also passed on
third reading the senate. iii auth.ui.
in tha governor to close saloons in
districts affected by ilpis. The lasi
named is the Urst nienaOTe i be en-
acled Bf both houses.
The house hill a ill hoti'iliK 'be is:n,'
of g ,090,000 in honds for past and
present expensej nf i he mili In ..i Ihe
state was ih. center of a brisk fight
when it was passed on second l.-adin.:
last week. VI Ihe last, however, there
was little opposition T.he roll call on
the third reading wan 44 lo 1.1.
The Semite Ihptor hill previously h id
been amended ns to minor o. tails in
the house i in final pagBBge there was
sltKht rmpeeltlon. The vole was a7 to
In the nn .'mimic the senate wasS. i
lllnj down I" husin.-ss on the con-
atabntary bgli The udlalaH onajwnlt-
tee broBghl in a report on this hill
grit haul recommendation. The same
committee made nn idveraa report on
th. idii gxithorlxln, tin governor in
prohthll ihe importation of anus
The flrenrms hill went over for one
ha) under the rule The conslaluihnv
hill went to Ihe committee gf the
v. hole.
Vinlr rf Pfiliimpf
Continued Prom First Page.
compllcatbina. There are rellgltma an I
radical questions involved sffectlng I'll -
III. M l', the iw unities alolle. Th.-.
I here la Ihe old II, all', for plcdoloill
a nee in ihe Hulkana ami fuxaU) the
many differences between tin- Trtpple
Alliance ami the Triple Cnlente vv hi h
exert a most imp.. nam lafluenc i
ihe ralatlona existing between the in
dividual countries in e.n h groMp,
Bosn .i Annexation the Cause.
ITp to ihe time "I ihe Auariaii an-
aexatlon of Itoxnln ami Herxe;4ovlna In
I tag, the i. la i imm between tha two
countries had been apparently qalte
friendly, They had made a working
arrangement in the Italkans regardinn
conditions in Macedonia, and although
it hai not accomplished much, ever) -thing
wax moving along smoothly. Hut
the precipitate move nf tha bite Aux
Irian forel.un minister. Cuunl Aehren
thai, in the annexation of rtoxnla, up
set everything. The Ruaaian minister
IxWOlak) I'll I ha' he had I. cell duped
by tin- Austrian colleagua and nev.r
forgave him. s then lawoteky nan
bean Auateo-Hungary's bltterexl en
emy, and since be la one of the ganal
hrfluenttal peraonngea in the Huaaltn
National committee be baa been ahta
to make thinga ef.V il iSaKleea hie :'
many respects far the dual monarchy,
Indeed theli, is cv 's . .oil BUthorlt)
for bellevlna thai an A uetm -Rtt naiati
war wax very near .iusi heforc the Bal
kan war btahe out in the fall of lfl2.
1 1 was only through ihe si nam per-
Bonal efforts ol the venerable Austrian
iCinaemr, Prancla Joaeph, that such a
'ataatrophe was prevented. it ut
thoUKlit lhal Ule Bmperor Nicholas
was just as mill h appoaed ta a war.
hul he is no politician and hv in. mean-
strong enough to bold i:' k the nn -i.
lamis iii tin' Raaa Inn Hattonal com
mittee. Royal Families Are Friendly.
Tin- perxonal relations between tin
two Imperial rami Hex are ..f the gaoat
cordial character, it is aornettmes
even said that the Hapxburga are real
ly pro-Ruaaltt n. T'ne lata ArchduHe
Charles i.oui.--, brother of the Rmneror
ami the father of Archduke Francis.
Kcrdinand, the heir to ;..e throne, a'ai
alwaya a ureal friend of Utiaala ami
ins gfggpathiex in thai dire, t, on are
believed to have been to some extent
inherited hy his son.
.vri iiuiiKe i nartea uouix wnn w .
the pgrton of the principal Austrian
industrial a.' so.-ia t ions and a verv far
sighted man, perceived ihe Important
role thai commerce and industry would
one dav pi. iv in International re at
thWMa a i ha-1 tweniv yeara before
Buropenn statexmen had bexun to pa)
any attention to these fa tors. II,
knew verv well ihal Ruaala Would nev
er In- Hkely In injure Austria's fbeelg;t
nngamerce verv much, whtl flerman"
would some dav ruin it. Kussi.i. be
shies having no enormous home mar
ket to snppiv. has prnctlcaU) no great
Industries while Herman) is conatantly
on 1 1 c lookoui for new markets
i nqut r.
Kvenls have proved th. corre.tnes-i
of the Archduke's v ievvs. Tweniv -live
years ago Auat r la H ungarf almoet
magjapollaed the trade nf the Rarhawi
ami Turkej ami Rgypt. Today tha
hulk ..I the trade in these countries
bag Rom into the hands oi the Oat
mans. Indeed the nggreaxlva gaethaaht
b German gteeehaeUa in nvm, to raft-
lure Austria's commerce in the near
I'asl are hltterl.v resented l.v thei:
luatrhra rivals.
Religious Differences Big Factor.
The s.v tnpai hie ,,mi feettagg af tha
i wo goverraneata ami the two peoplex
an- verv differagil teaax thnae pagvatUrig
hetween the nileis. The so-cnei X i -tioiial
Committee in Russia is most o
kWrllj anti-Aii (.(,,, and is atrgtgitag
averj nerve to gain alnxdeln control
i4 the natkana, ti,,. t i - - i , . j,, pirgety a
roHxloua oge, Russia wanting lo lain ;
nil the natkana under ihe sway of the
(irlbodog i linr, t, nod to force the R.
win i ' th. li, inn t ,,r i he populations,
as weii t.,. Mttssehnxna to acknowl
edge ih. cip-emacy of ihe Russian
ehurvh, ii a tins which ixplajgg Rua-
Paine, Webber & Co.
Boston. Mass., May 13 Market while not very active today was
strong and advances were made on comparatively small transactions
Further improvement was reported in the cooper trade for both for.
eign and domestic accounts and copper stocks were strong. Butte A
Superior was strong and active ieature. advancing to 38 j on rumor
that earnings are increasing and prospects of an early initial dividend
are very bright.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 13. 1914.
PORTED AT 14' 4.
Salt Lake, Cobalt and Tonopah Stocks Quoted Constantly
SUV'S hostile attitude to kmc l-Vrdin
ami of Bulgaria, wha has regaalned a
Roman Catholic, although he permitted
his elder son, Prince Bnria, te Join the
Orthodox chun h Russia would never
consent to gratifying Catholic ibxrdln
ami's ambition te beoaaaa ruler ot tha
s.i far from lending ta clear up the
complications in the Balkana tha i
cent wars have left the situation more
complicated than ever. CatMl Wit'.'.
tha Russian stxtt xgfun. recently dei
clarc, that only the liisl act in tin-
great drama has et been played. How
Is the interval l.elween Ihe acts. Mow
long this Will last nobody knows per
haps a year, perhaps onl) a mat
llinill lis.
One Important reeull of the Balkan
conflleta is the change In the attitude
of Rumania towards A list ria -1 1 timtarv.
I'. to a few mouths a;o Rumania Wa
al wavs looked upon as being the friend
of Austria. Military st fa teed sis. in
deed, in conxldortng A uatrht-Hungary'
XtrcngUl BBUall) added Rumania's live
nip eorpg, Bui in the negotiations
over the treaty of limharest, Russian
diploma tiats cleverly contrived to pta e
Austria in an unfriendly position to
B'arda Rumania.
PVOgJI the violent tone of the articles
recentl) publlahed in the aegatol(lctal
journals in St. I'clershuiK. VtOMM ghd
also in Merlin, it Mlghl he IgggglBed
that a Krcat ECuropegJI war was inevit-
able, imt happil) this view gada ga
support in reapoaalble quarterx.
F. G. Weisenauer To Secure Names of
Children of School Age.
The hoard of education of School
crafl township has appointed I'. ;.
Welaaaanar enumerator far the dis
trict, ins t Miliary to agghraco Torch
l.alo- and Schoolcraft townships. Kf
will begin his work Immediately In or
der thai it may he completed hefoie
the tirst of June. The dut.v of the
enumerator is to secure the names of
all children hetween the ggg of live
ami twenty aamg which is baatd tin
township s apportlonmeni of state pri
mary s.-l I funds.
Beonaaa of this fa. t. parents ate
asked to co-operate with the enumera
tor nml nive ilu- correct gga of chil-
dren, Han) parents .ne of the belief
lhal Only Ihe names of children win.
are attending school are gentled, Tins
is erioneoiis however as Ihe names f
children or the above mentioned gga
ale desired.
H embers of the Lake Ugxtaa Drama
tic society will reproduce the three a I
farce, "The Noble Outcast,'' in St.Jos-
ph's hall on Thuisdav evening, The
llrsl presentation of this play several
weeks gga was a distinct success and
the director! have bean rogue at ed la
reproduce it
Ilubbell village authorities ihki greig
Instituted a clean up cimpaiKU and a
half doen teams are engaged in the
removal of garhaaje, Reaidentx are
lending their assisiame ami heforc l he
Week ends, the entile town Will ll.'le
I II cleaned.
: . 0 :- -: :- f . .j.
: : : : : : : . .j. 4. ,. ...
1 1: Ma. DnnaM of ftubhati has re
luraad from brief v isit in sTafnaaha,
The l.ake l.lmh-n v illaiie council vv II
meat this gvenlni when irggMtg a.
I'. Hehlkamp will make his appoint-
Hi John Vtncenl of Tamarack City
Is serimisiv ill.
'i hi funeral of the ktta Lsraa ihni,. ,,1
lltlhbell was held yesterday gftnrnlng
iMm si. CeceHa'i charch. Rev, rt,
Kimmermann odlclnted ami burial was
in Mount CaJvnrf,
Resident Manager.
(IlassTfied ads
:' t'KNTS A t'lil'NI) paid for clean
cotton race No scrap.:. 'aliiimi
News ofllca. -tf
WANTED Dining room gtr
Hotel, I. annum.
V A'Tl-:i '111 I to assist w ith house
work. Mis. H. W. Seifetl. gg Ah
meek st . Lauriuga, tf
w.wTKU Qlrl for general housework
Miss Hllllgan, m ltd st. Laaurium.-tt
WiANTRD fllrl tor general house
work, mis. h. r. Hand, MM Tin st .
Calumet. n
W ANTED Lady clerk, Apply ('has.
flekaa, 117 .".th st , CaJumet, 18
a large publtaklng house desires tha
set vices of a local representative i ,
handle Installment collection in this
territory, Woman preferred, for fur
ther particulars write to Mr. II II.
Holm, Collect ton Henager, ltd Wathlaa
llhlu.. Milwaukee. Wis. - It
l'iR SAI.i: s-tootn dwellitiK house.
Ptorlda location. Parggtlg if lakeg
at once. John I!. IsBgry, Agjt, II
POH sai.Iv Touaaj tiixs. lm.! Church
.-t.. Wolverine. Rhone 4:;r.-W. 14
Lofevr Child watck fob friday n 1 k 1 1 .
Return to News ofBCB, t'alumei, Re-
wavd. 1 4
Hancock, Calumet, South Range.
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a Chiropractor and let him put
your spinal column EN RAP
PORT with your nervous econo
my, so you can be a good auto
matic engine.
The Chiropractor
6th St. Phone 689-J. Calumet.
F VV. McNalr, President
Pat Year Book Apply to President
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