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FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1914.
Judge O'Brien and Other Officials
Preparing for Session
The Kaf"iM "ii'iiy circuit court will
open n, m Meada) morales, Mm
ui I.Aiim. .Hid it is expected by many
tli;i! the . sinii will We one in which
ri"i. th.in iixii. il mioi taiu'e and in
terest will 1- attached.
It, . I i i tin ii sciiim 1 oiinatd for tlit
HHeaUiii i . .i. i.ui.ii: .. itinera, arrived
in Main o. u c n,1v il t t ii.i.,i and ia
pgBHUffj tO light tin stuke i ae tllilt
if t, tried Afte) Milton re-
fuaaj t,, gtv OUl un. HMMMM when
intfi ifwi-il b) a representative of
Tin- ' I I
Judge P. H O'Brien and other court
., tiki. ils will leave Houghton lor
L'Aaeo gundaj evening t enable I Mai
iu con vans couti at the usual tune the
following nioinins-
The nuail Important proceeding win
b- the coaaalrac) case s gainst Charles
H Moyer, president of the Weetera
Federation i Miners aad 1 other of
Score and nsearbsrs ol the labor or
gantaatlon. ggectal Proaecutor Mich
oi hag already given in agtntoa that
tin trial will BMke legal history. The
cum-, hoarever, prohafrly wW t i be
rea hod until about la Ural ol July
awing fo the pram of other bualneet
Te Conspiracy Charge.
it ha i ii atated frequeatl) by r- i
era t ion otBctahi thai Moyer will poel
th el) appe ir for trial
A conspiracy charge against edgcert
t,f a labor organisation. Ur, Xicboli
believes, hag never been brought ii
anv n.ut ! the I nitfil mate, In in e
the Importance attached t" tin fnrth-
'miiiK tens. The eharve, howet
' as not iia, 'i "ii tin fad that the
Western federation began the Miikke
iut that Mover ami other federation
leaden cane Ired to st"i the opera
tion of the mines hy threat and lu
t imidatione.
ci ordlng to Mr, x
Quire ate e eahi or tar
elude the trial and
county v ill lit- put to
pence, This outlay
i hole, it win re
9 Mont lis ti eon-
that Houghton
a n pnoi moos i -la
neceeeary be
cattai the charge concerns the strike
as a whole and it . hi be nscsoaery ti
review the entire !-i:-:e from its m
ceptlon to 'i t !. I laion. Hundreda
of witnesses will ii . ,il!-d t.. teatifj b
la tideati leading up t ani during the
atnke and to eteo tell ul tin- assaults
Intimidations and nola) parades which
were osndacted i the fedetatioa as
mesne to bring about tin- conclusion
"I the strike
Attempted Murder Charged.
('rank Oorache vviii ie one of the
l ! defeadai ta . i d with at
tempted murdei and this case proat
laea to add interest to tin- coming see
alofl tlorsche it i stleged, ahol Dep.
utj Bht i hi fcfild at Qutacj ktcstloa
on the data of December l" Deputy
herifl Hiid Hntl other haportaal wit
neaaea will appear In tins csee. Mr.
Jiiid is still Incapacitated from the
wound received In in hip on that date.
Henr) K"Ki former Raaaclal eeci
tary or the South Rane local union,
will be tried i i barge of asas ill
vith latent to murder it is alleged
that be ahol and neritiualy wounded
Deputy Bherifl Tun
.South Range raid
I - oil I).
in -
' many
ind will
I of t,,.
. i hai
rd man
ii ird.-r.
; of the
Whel 10 Polloi k. will be 'h,
Another Important ta
:m,iin-,i Vi ko Deagil n ..
Weatefa train el tht Hai
Rat tee station a' thi beRinntng
Pleas of Gui'ty Entered.
Diabetes Loses
Its Terrors
Specialist believe Cure has
been found for this
dread disease
Diabetes m lonsei need ha a Ism
to (bom wi; hate become victim,
thin dread disease,
Aa the result of extensive expef
menta, apeclnllei ahnouncea that
simple piant, growing wild In Hetl
I a Spec iff iii the fre.-iitnent af db
itetea, ijub kIv redi clng the
gravtt) and sugar, restorina visor and
b illdlng up i he a) item
Thi harmless regatable remedy
should relieve the patient of bit worst
aymptTtma hi the moat aattravated
use.- within n .. k. end tn move it.
we v ii; mall a i Or package for lOi to
bsip i-.r itlstributtoti i iart. wiih free
booklet ..r special value In the rliahettc,
i oWtathins lad at gist (fata and ax
i Ittsiva ' ii.i, ,a valors, uh ing pap
eti ta i ., i . f i sugar l a I lm.
(tydntea) ii . . Ilffi rem food i H i -betol
herb i eold under gnaraatee of
satlafsctitui m moni refunded,
Teii your nfHh t-,i m, nds of this of
r and aeag i". tncJaj r.n- ,( futl-aiSed
" package Aim-?, I'hegatral t'o.,
lept ii w hitaej ppiat, . v
Fog .an get Bfhbetal fragg ielglef
IpoclaMj io ,.i nv drug nisi m the
agutag pin i ,vd art I nw el
judge O'Brien yeeterdey, all probation
six months
lithe liiani, h probe Uoa ami tin gas
ami l rneta
faaeph Jahovlch, probgUoga 9
m ata
I .iv ii Be laat I John Htiepste ami
l-oul l.imUl i oin. i, nib- rtsMtd.
.Mike I'ulazxi. ,iulial uai ami $'u
lleorge liana u. probation ami lie,
Jacg Kapachi probation ami lift,
Lieut. Col. C. H. Mum Arrives to In
spect Houghton Militia.
Lieui Col Chariee ii Mate, r. s .
Chicago, an odgcsr oa the stair of the
eiitr.il division, arrived In Hoilghtag
thla mofaiag and Will thin evening
conduct an laaasctloe uf tht ofaVreeg
ami ataoberi of the Houghton Ughl
Infantr) la the aimof) headauartera
at tin Ami bidroaae 'ait. w J Baa
gen onuaandlng odhcer af the laaal
militia ami other otfliers eiitertaitied
Lieut. "o Mill' lod.iv. He O'lllcS as
laapertlnn officer In (he patca ol Capt,
It. ' i Ragadaie, laapector-lnatrui tor of
tin- Michigan National Guard, who has
been ordered bach to his division.
Capt. Sanders stated toda) that all
oi the offtcera ami nun are iii readi
ness for the Inapectloe aad he has gg
mlagiviagi a to t,he outcome. The
men have been drifting with avea mom
(egularity ol latt than foraeerty, owing
' to the fai t that the) may expert a call
a' anv time to n, to the front.
The equipment ami apparatus of the
militia also will lie mspe, ted. In iew
of the fai t that trouble is brewing with
Mexico, the atricteet anforcemenl of
reffulatkma has been observed mi thai
there i no reason why the oAcen aad
men should not pam the Inepeetlea
with ease.
The state hoard Of health gltd stale
darr) aad food department will send
a ipc : ,i tram through the copper
country In August The train, which
will conelal of two baggage cars ami d
sleeper, w 111 i-ontain health deanll
nem end pan f I aahiblt, object les
sons in them eoeentiala, similar to the
aw Hi ultural trains that in receai yaara
have dona so much lo educate the
'aini-' The follow lag Is the tram's
it win leave lanstng August I and
on Aaguat it -v iii come onto the Cop
r Rangi milaoad at M Kmmr, there
after maklag the following at ope:
Two hours each at Winona. Peine
('ale. TrtgBoUntaln, S nth Range an I
Atlanta: all on August It.
August to Al HoUghtoa all day.
August .1 -At Haacoch el ta .
I - m ii Two-hour atapa at Dollar
Baj and Lake Linden, all afternoon al
tuguai ii t Calumet ail day.
in Augual .'.", the train will leae
ovm the Booth Bhon fat St Itfiiac.
with tin- following stops:
I II 1 1 .' TWO -hour slop at llar
alia l ta hUchbjamgge, afternoon
at lahpeming.
AttgUSt !f All day at Maliilette.
August X laeave fo. St. imun p
it is expe, ted that the various muni-
ipul hoards of health will be ailvlseil
i the purpose of the train In detail.
Prof. Hfnry Tschetschott Stutlvnn
Copper Country Milling Methods.
Prof Hi ni Tachetschott bead r
the departmenl of ore dressing el the
Ph Peteratmrg, Russia, Mining Insti
tute, is i;iMiK (in- . opper country, in
put stilt r ii nenl tud of Ante
ran ore ilrnsln-j !! find the upper
rountrj milling method Interesting,
partb ularlv betauee laM year the
waa dlai u i red Ithln the doaainloas of
nii ror h deKsil of native copper,
similar to the amygdaloid of the Lake
Kupet lor district.
Tin- Ruaalan educator lefi st, I' -
teiaburg In Kebruarv, aiieut n couu c
if mot i h al 1 he Ronton Institute t
TtH'nnolog ami !nce Hun has vlattad
Vea Jerse) and Pennaylvanla mlnHil
Heidi Im fore i imlna tn the ropji r
untt , ia the Mariuette iron range,
I'!,.- Tar-hem I told of the pointer
ilepogits on .'. v Kerth, t vv lalands I i
the An ti- si a. Rich i.-lniid are a boii
1 n oi i in formation or t he I ftm
Prof Ts betachoti will remain In tin
i opper i ouau v i in torn rroa . n ben he
pavs foi Butte, He Intends to
' Moi tana and norl hem 'all -loinia
mines In the interim ami will
I VI rune (I ff la ka He will put
in iw.i month In Alaska and will then
begin n leiaurel) Journe) home to St.
Tsrvia Binder Liquid Ordered by May
or Hartmsn for Highway.
x' 1 r Una T Harl man .,( Houghton
tatrd I hut iiioiiijnu thai a ibiubl
known a- Tar via binder was ordered
I , nffb lain v eaterda) aad la
tpeeteil i,, arrivi In Ihe near future.
material will need lo improve
tin roads nn West Bheldeg street.
Laat fall the road on BheMeti strfet.
n I nf ihe Houghton , mint) bridge,
mlled and II was derided In put
at a Tei I, rvet ii i ifehed roei
io ggshn in preaervhtg the read ami
de reaae the egfienae - f malm lining
H Thi material has been aai reeafut
ed ui other ritlggag and c It lag-
Don i forgei the Ret torS aui rum
mage -ai. . Thurads) Pride) gad Ha:
arda; In the rooni- fnrmerl) iweupted
'.' i-weii i Mbop, Adxertia
Veterans Are Preparing Program
for Suitable Observance
The valious ultimate, s g pointed
gggtt lime ago to i omplele airaiiKe
lllelils lot Hit iinsi I v all. i ot Memorial
dav. Mil) N, met last evening in tile
tow ii ball. The reports af the several
oommltteea showed thai evetythlag
possilde la betag geSM g make the
event one of the BMSM elahulate of its
kind ever held in either HoiiKbton or
Hani oi k.
1' was decided last evening that the
lllemlieis of the K R Stiles post ami
also the oftl.el will lie taken into the
or, hi ot Spanish War Veterans as
hoiioiarv memhers There are onlv two
other install., of this kind in the
siate of Michigan and the ofBcen and
memhen of the B, R. Btlles poet feel
greatly honored al tins invitation.
Honors 13 aidgea have been ordered
ami should the) arrive iii tune gM b
meanben ol the stiles Post will bo
presented with an gggMam guriai the
Memorial day eXeri Ines.
The aaen HMO Ibis year will he held
in Houghton ami Mill lake place
around the moaumeitl that was rOOOBt
lv , re, ted in the eastern ggcttOH Of tin
Village, Tin line of man h has not
in en outlined as yet but the l oiuniit
tes appointed lo take barge of this
work egaounced this niorniBg that a
program end Hne af March will be
completed by toasorrow,
Tna rommittee appointed to take
bjjtgs of the tlaas ami Bowgtl fat the
da reported last evening thai it
Work has been arranged. The graves
of the boaorod dead will - decorated
on the morning of -Memorial da.
A shipment oi small tlags ha lieell
received ind each pupil who psarchm
in the proceaoion In the afternoon will
carry one oi these emolems.
Past Commander Present.
Pasi state Coataaandtr v a, Ward
af Grand Rapid w as present at t be
session last evening and will take part
in tin- egerclees on Memorial day, Su
perintendetM .1 a. poetle of the
Houghton public schoela will be the
speaker oi ihe da and several other
prominent speakers of this distrht
will also deliver addresses.
Will the Stoies Close?
Tin question of whether or not the
tares of Hancock ami Houghton
would lose on Memorial da was
brought before the meeting last even
ing. The gOBenl opinion was that buol-
neeemen wete lufflcleatly patriotic
to eloge iiieii stores, a. . Mac
Donald adjutant of the Spanish War
Veterans, fee la that a request will not
bi necessary ami several other mem
hers of the Committee ale of the same
The murder cbargi
pending ggalnel Mr
v,iv noiie proggad b)
torne.v I. u a lodll.V
vv hu h ha bet
Sauna KUUSisI
tBd 'be vvoin.i
her home
tonight will return to
Tamarack to reside vvit
i oi mailt) was neceeea rj
sci. 'I'll
a use of !'.
I that Ihe woman wa released from
th -tate asylum for the criminal in
aane es "cured." ami to remove from
.i r the stigma of being a murdereaa i!
vas neceaesT) to wlthdrue or hdUg
IIoaSC the case.
However, in the event thai Ihe pros-
' ul, on should, at anv lime, discov
. Idence thai would tend lo strengthen
tia belief that the woman was not In
sane when she murdered her hue band
ii April 15, ttlt, tin- charge can be
lireaeed, Meanwhile, she will he ke t
indei lurvelllance, though gasdflclallyi
mil nhouid lymptonu ot' Ineanlt)
Bgaln la? manifest, complaint will hp
died with tin- probate court by rcl-i-
: v v -I' v ;
The I re serviie of the late Mrs.
L'erullne Little of Hiirbatotrn waacon
die te,i jieaterda) afternoon b) Hev
Uate) of the Murontown at, R. church
at the Settle residence, win-re deatl
m i urieii Ihtermthl wns made at For
est Hill i emeterv
John H. Moore. internal revenue
agenl and W, Todd Inspector, en
iiave heeii In Hie ,oppri- ciuntrv on Of '
iii nil business for several dav, left
stei dav for Psquamlmt,
M r and M r M an n den a.i I
daushtera Rdlth ami noroihv renrnaj
eaterdai from niendlng the winter M
tile aOUth,
Thi fuaeral ot tin- kite Mrs. Archi-
Hoskiug took plOI e yeeleldav after
noon from tin- Pint Cmif regationsl
church In Hiinem k. Interment was
made in I'meat Hill i etUttsr)
Mri John MendertJJPJ wa.- advleed
yeaterda of the death. In Arhmrai ot
her daughter, Mr i.inian Mahderfiel'l
nmcher, The remains will arrive in
Houghton next Mondav iiIkI t and will
l. taken lo the Mn nderfichl home ,:l
M a I, ib i In Id. alter wlildi time funeril
grrangements will he announced
ilabrielle ataacuaa, a native of Italy
and a resident of f reda. wb Itered
Mo fritted Slates In I Pt4 ihiiiugb the
purl ol New Vork, vesterdav applied
,,i t'ount) I'ler Kaiser's office for full
i Itiaebshlp papers.
fount v ileik Kaiser repolts thai he
mneellfd Mi heaver bide yesteldav.
, , . - - i
Lake Linden-Hubbell
i ,
Toledo Concern Contracts fo
Tons From Point Mills
The Toledo Asphalt i Povln; com
panv has coataacimd with Henr; I.
Keyea ol Haaasaaj to garalah Sa.tM
tons of hand from the ITanklm suit '..-.
and a force ot tweed) men ehortl) will
begin operation. A Iradge and con
veyor Will be moved to the site shorllv
ami the plain win b- pbued in prep
aration for tin- Hist steamer arrival.
Previous to ibis yea! the Toledo con
cern operated Oh the Tama! Irk Mods
inn ti de, latoa of that compan) I i
erect regrladiag plant, for the treat
geeal ol Its waate, made the change
nocoponry, A ten-year rontruci has
been sigaed by the Ptanklln und Toledo
companies. HstesofofS the asphalt
concern opeiated under it own su let-
v isioii and ihe letting of tl ntract
to , opper coimtij eoa tree lor i i m .v
The Hustlers ami Leaden two rival
amateur base ball team of Luke Lin
den, will play their Rrat game of the
season at the Caledonia park Sunday
afternoon Supporters uf both nims
anticipatv a last gggag and a bin crowd
will witness the contest. Becauee (
the fact thai material for Ihe aenloi
teams comes from the,- aggregations.
considerable interest ix dire ted ul each
go aw in which either team partlcl-
pat i s.
Rev. I r RayUMMd, pastor of St. Jo
seph's church, announces thai Rt, Rev.
Blehop Bli w ill coafjrm -i cluaii of one
hundred children on sumiav, June 34.
The service w ill be held al 7 a m.
. i mf
f if ' I
Saturday and Monday
rrv Redfernfand NewYork Models at reduction that will be to your
advantage to look at and no doubt you will be glad to buy, as the
workmanship and materials have no equal.
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-anCoat $7.95, $11.00, & $16.50
Silk Dresses to please all. In black and blue Taffeta, Ciia . iiu u -t.. Foplii. and fancy uurcd O d er v r-
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Special lot of Ladies' Dress
aeii,eH. Vrinien tu su.uvi t at,
Burgalo Aprons
Artists full length, with full
: : i .
The Torch Ufa Motor club, under
whose auspn c a naval parade will
lie Conducted on Sumlav. June It. in
connection with the annual oUtlag ai
Dteamjeadi le bscomkag a popular or
gan iaaflpn and (he membership is be
ing gddgd lo ea, Ii dav Various suk
gaattona for novel features of tka nav
al parade, have been feceivid by the
olliii is and these Will be entertained it
a meeting of the lub within a lev
vv ci ks.
Oeorge, the three - yee r-old saa of
Mr. and Mis. William Sarain, sus
tained a broken arm by falling it out a
wagon yesterday,
Ambrose Dsnomle Is reriojaet) ill at
his home in Qregofy vlMe.
George Qreene returned iius week
from Appleton, i.. to vlall his par-
ills. Mr. ami Mn W illiam ilreetie.
Prank Masse, an einplove ,u the i '.
.v. II MBelters, sustained painful in
juries to bis toot yesterday, a mass
of ahtg dropping upoh thi member.
The Lake Linden Dramatic oJubwlli
produce Ihe lliree-.n l Inice. ".lell'v the
Tramp," at Hancock thla evening.
The earliest lis, of the Wo ,
strike." in Ihe sense of Stopping
work, occurs m the London Chronicle
for September, 175, In connection with
a coal strike.
The (rrencti mllltar) authorities have
succeeded in making a man-carrying
V il! I ,
i ' . ci . ' V r v v esf. . ... ..ii
r if i 1 a u y
Coat and Suit Specials for
Skirts in black and white checks
Home Baking Reduces
my xosz oi
THE U. S. Dept. of Agriculture in Experiment Station Bulletin
No. 14 J says that ten cents worth of wheat supplies almost
three times as much protein and ten times as much energy as
round steak, and with some other cuts of meat the difference is
even greater.
If then, one really desires to reduce her weekly meat and grocery
bills, she need only make more use of her oven.
Who ever beard man, woman or child complain that pood hamOHBada
biscuits., inufhns, cake and cookies appeared on the table too often? Instead the
tendency is "to make a meal of them" and the variety is so great thai bomethiii;
you bake yourbelt could well be ihe chief feature of every meal.
Home Baking is Simplified by
the Use of K C Baking Powder ,
With K C, you can make things moist and rich yet have them
light and leathery, wholesome and digestible. Biscuits may be mixed
the night betore and baked fresh for breakfast. Muffins need not
be diy and heavy. You can make a cake so light that you , ,
hardly get it out of the pan whole, yet it will not fall.
K C is not like the old fashioned baking powders. It is duuhlt
ajg ting and continues to give off leav ning gas until the doupji i
cooked through. K C is sold at a fair piice a large can for 25
cents. This would be no object 'f strength and purity art
hoed, but every can is fully guaranteed under State and Nations
Puie Food laws mid to plvase. We take all the chan.es. Your
money back if you do not get better results with K C lhan any
baking powder you ever used.
Include a can in your next grocery order, try some of the new
recipes that appear in this paper from lime to time. Then you will
ha v e cone far toward solving this vexing "Cost of Living" problem.
News Want Ads Bring Results
0 t Yfe
gW '-Wt- X
m M n
iiart rullle trimmed - plain
blue and black
I" Add.
men t -1 ,
Add ticnwl Houghton on Psgs Six.

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