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THE WEATHER. Cloudy tonight
and Tuesday. Probably local
Abhorrence of Continued War May
Aid in Settlement
First Blood Is Spilled in Irish Capital
Sunday as Indirect Result of Contro
versy Over Home Rule
Dublin July IT. -Three men ami one
OOOMH wen killed ami more than six
h pafSOM wounded lure yesterday
.! uv har-sat nf k 1 1 1 -. Own
Scottish Border regiment Bred Into a
job IH the streets. Seven f the
wounded in oa peeled to iie. Among
Hie in ire three women ami a boy of
t,n. I'll' affray was the result of a
gun-running cxplolnt bl Nationalist
vahtateen, vvho were LotaS aided by
ii nob compound lergoJy of women ami
London, July It. The failure of the
riafc bom rule conference, whic h King
George hoped would solve the Ulotor
ItontHMi, lias resulted only In rollovln i
ibe uncertainty, and with the passing
of l It i.- hull rrisis all sides have arrayed
tlieir forOBI tor a straight -out-tight.
(ne immediate poOOlblllty looms bin
in llir outlook. This is a declaration
oi tbt i i let- provisional government
i ntoedoti openly express COO
VlCtlon Hint sueh u Ueelarution is In-
n Mnbta
i " ilta rnponted reports' from itei-
f.ist thai lister mas not await further
puMnmnntsrj action, it is the In ten -tap
'i' tin- gnvomainnl to prooood In
norably wit 1 1 its aaaaunoed program
ih" second reeding of the emending
tiill en Tuesday.
Catholic Ireland Greatly Excited.
Dublin, July 27. The illy of Dublin
Political Offenses Result in Sum
mary Executions or Exile
Peking, July 27. Yuan Shi-Mai's
lorernment, lenient for n while, has
une so seven that the summer)
el an, ,,f sentonCa to death or ex
ile or political offenses are anain nu
eieroea. It i.s not only those who vio
late the law, hut also those who hut
mi Ivelj support it ami who win not
work for reforms, ui whom the head of
tile law is set.
Bhl-Kal has found that drastic
regulations are socosssry for improv
Hi- the provincial edmiatatrationa ami
the Country of rebels, who are
Mill striving to turn the army against
president, A recent presidential
mandate prescribes execution fur ulli-
ctala who receive bribes for perverting
Hie law. Ufa imprisonment is pre-
rribed for thoee who eeoepl bribes
fi r neglecting to pel the law in force.
" "PP 11 from the mandate thel
( tt by death may take the
torni of Shooting! Ihstea I of the old
decapitation, and "penal servitude
111 l
take the form of banishment to
ri iimt.
Hlid unhealthv nro inees "
Gamblers Also Face Gallows.
' 'des i i i.. In and corrupt otlicials,
rslstenl gembleri ami secret service
iiii ii
I ocioiiH nriiet leoi ii.' i.. l...
I"" lo death, if the presidential orders
' '" '" enforced. Such lists as the fcl
KWOs are
ippeartag dally, Indicating
lliii.se win
"SS l e II1HV be Die fulfi ll nf
Ibi Ir f rm.e
'""K-i noliK. net. ne ni:iifile:il.. ..f
K'll Hslen. failed t,. i.e l l i ' nil
In . f I ii t
;i"d Piacticeil mm h ' iv.
In ,h treei trouble to the people.
" uoik;- ii, aetltiK nuiu'isl rate uf
1 '""n Shi,,,
Helen, allowed ins resm
"vs and
servants to receive l.rilws
fr m evil houses.
Pung Lai vu. Magistrate ,,f Chla
1 '' "ii mis appropriated govern
f nad bai the hat f mnok
In OPIUW and amhlinK.
innocent Persons Killed.
"Kletahle BSUBB of the ilniRtic
"'o lii iun
Which tile ntMMMMl mmm
rtkM the fact that many inno-
' "s nave to srn to the execn-
: fids. It hn Ummm I i...
"' trade rtvaei or any person
hs immi
'' Klievanee iivninst another
"' wirm the
nuthorltlea down umm
I'erinn im.l ....-w .
" oihik nrinw aiiout
1. "Wt'OO, one o, the most fl,mll-
uei IhmIm
has been for one i,,
""Kb Hip m , ,. . .
Srim , ' """ 'i wimiiii
oi oiisiness encmv
and the frontOf part of CetholtC re
lliml is today in a slate of greatest ex
riteinent over yesterday's eotllllet be
tween the Scotlih borderers of the
Brltinh army and the Irish National
ists. It wus dawn today liefore the
li e sun ceded in dispersing the
CfOWdn of marehers singing patriots-
gongs. The lord mayor has asked thud
the Siottish borderers he removed.
There ire indications tl.i ) will ho Kent
Excitement In House Commons.
London, July 17. Information as to
the "shocking occurrence in Dublin
yesterday" was demanded by Jted
inond. the II I.- 1 Na t iona I c l leader, im
mediately after the Opening of the
I louse of ( 'omnvns today .
Hirrell, chief secretary of Ireland,
threw the Ida u the assistant police
commtaalonejr, who. be said, requlei-
I lotted the military entirely on hits own
The Nationalists shouted He ought
tn in- seng d."
Uirrell said the major in command
of the Scottish borderers denied he
gUVO a command to tile oil the people.
Redtttend declared. "He miKbt to he
Lord Cot ii exclaimed "The mlhlatera
onghl to he hanged."
With rebel operations. The Government
authorities, carefull) watching the
mails, ih ici t them letters and believ
ing them genuine, run down tin person
to whom the are addressed, and take
HDNstrj action. Perhaps hundreds of
guiltless porsom have already been
executed as a result of such fraud. It
would seem thai the administration
could easily detect such fraudulent
letters, hut the Chinese authority em
still naive and life is held vcr cheap
boeeno U is so trroehed ami miserable.
Evil In the Secret Service.
A serious eel continues to exist In
the secret service blanch of the gov
ernment. The detectives have long
made it a practice to extort "aSjnOOOeS1
by threats of denunciation and to ob
tain rewards by accusing Innocent
men oi compin 111 witn sun xei-Ben
and his party.
An account comes from ChengtU,
Baochfan province of an opium smol
beiiiK executed publicly as a warning
to others who persist in defying the
prohibition Bgatasl use of this druK. It
is not clear from the report, but it
seems to he tile case, that the execu
tion vva performed at one of the burn
lAgsl of conflacatcd opium, which take
place from time to time and ate made
occasions of public ISjJull Igg
Prominent American Specialists To
Address Convention.
London, July 27 on. thOUSSnd lend
ing surgeons of the United states ami
Canada together with men) eminent
representatives of the profession in
Ire it I trltfl ill and 00 t he t 'out inenl.
tilled Albert Hall today at the Opening
of the tilth mooting of the Clinical
Congress of Burgeons of North Am
erica. The emoting is the llrst that
the cottgrem has held in Lumpc The
feature of the opening session was the
presidential adddrcss of Dr, John I
Ifurphj 1 1 1 Chicago. ir. hfurphj spoke
mi "Arthrodesis; sad Bone Traneplan
tation, its Limitations ami Tei hnique."
Dttflng the session of the Congress,
which will continue through tin wees,
the ciini. s b omlneni Brttlsh 18190000
will I hserved by thi' visitors from
the United Slates. Canada and the
eropeen countries, sir William r-
bitthnot Lane of London, Sir BefkiO)
QoOTge Andrew Boynlhen of Leeds.
1 11,1 llarrv .1. Slides of BdlBhUrgfe will
be among the famous Britten surgeons.
who will hold special clinics.
Washington, July 27. The preeldenl
has nominated Iv J. Iiovl. ,.f QTattd
Kapids as collector of Internal
nue for the fnurth district of Michi
gan and Mv ron H Wal.o r. of Orattd
RapMa si rederal sttoi nej of western
Mi. hiKan
n ii fllbsmnn, ..f st. i.uis. his
oeond wife botoej (eceeaed, recent!)
mnrrled the WOSSSS he divorced seven
years gftt,
London, July 27. Shipbuilders m
Bnglnnd ate beneflttag oonotdorebiy
from the determination of the Turk
ish gOVenttttenl to rehabilitate Its
navy. 'Messrs. Yickera of Harrow, who
are now completing the Roohortlrih to
tin- older of the Ottoman gov ennui nt,
have Just received an order fur a sec
ond battleship, to be laid down at once.
The new vessel is to he larger than
the Ueshadleh, which is Iff feet long,
has a displacement of HH.O'io tons an i
carries ten 13.5 inch nuns, with I
smaller buttery. Another vessel for
the Turkish navy is being completed
OA the Tync. It If the Sultan osman
I., launched on behalf of praul, hut
since purchased by Turkey for over
twelve million dollai s,
George S. Lovelace Heads Move
Against the Proposed Change
Detroit, July 27. a special meeting
of the Michigan Fraternal COngTftM
was held in Detroit to discuss plans
for defeating a proposed amendment
to the constitution (h it is to be voted
on thin fall. Corty delegates' were
present, representing as men frater
nal s. iciel i. s.
Bu fllC ISO I signatures have been se
cured to make certain the submis
sion of the amendment to the elector
ate. If adopted, it will result in tuk
liitf the control of fraternal OtmSsdssV
tions out of the hands of the legisla
ture and the state commissioner of
Will Ruin All Present Laws.
"If this amendment is carried." said
Ooorge B Leveleee, trrand oonsmander
of the Maccab.es, "all the remediery
insurance leglelatlon of the past two
decades will be thrown to the winds.
"It will make it possible for any
small group of men, regardless of
then- financial rosponsfbUtty, to write
Insurance, flhsrglllg any dues they
wish. They can tlx the payment at
only 10 cents a month, if they like,
and If nine cents of this goes for ex
penses ot management, the authorities
will be powerless to interfere.
"Cor years past nearly all the fra
ternal organizations have been In
volved in controversies over the re
adjustment of tlieir rates, which were
recognised to he too low, Members ob
jected to an increase, and a greet dial
of effort' was reojulrog to oon vines
them that such a step was ne . ity
if their insurance was to he worth
anything. Practice lly all tne orders
now have what are known as adequate
rates, Which have heeli Ippii.ved uv
everv state insurance official in the
country. It will be nothing I OSS than
a crime if all this constructive work
is nulttaed by the adoption of such a
Constitutional amendment as is pro
posed." Would Limit Field.
Ity addition to taking the control of
Crateinal insurance societies away
from the state the amendment to be
voted mi limits their field to the pro
viding of death benetlts. Old SgS, ac
cident and sick insurance are to he
abolished. This would effect a lurg
part of the business id' the do order.
operating in Michigan and would un
doubtedly result in the withdrawal .!
mans of them from the state.
Government Likely to Restore Order
Without American Intervention.
Washington, July It. -Reports' reach
Ing the state department from diplo
matk agents IS Haiti indicate that the
Meltten government has gassed the up
per hand of (he revolutionists. Weak
ened ami dlSConregOd over their fail
ure to overthrow President amor.
the revolution late appeared to reellss
the fetiMty of further attempts. Offi
cials here held out the hope that the
Hetties government would now be able
P. restore older without Ameri.an in
lerv cut ion.
While further developments in the
situation were ewetted, it was stated
then would he ItO nhOngO in thi navv
deportment's preparations for the con
centration of IffSC, marln's within
sliikiin; distance of the Hailien 00001
and that the war vessels now in those
waters would remain then IndodnltOly,
Decision us to what step-, mav bS
taken by IhS American Kovernment to
force the restoration of DO0O0 both in
Haiti ami San DeBSlggM hud been tie
ferred until Tuesday, when President
Wilson will dlseuss the situation with
the cabinet.
'Wlushington, I. C, July 27.-Constitutional
egeMtg located in this lily are
onhdent thai the peetOOt BSngSrS Of
a recurrence of war between Meal in
factions ar past and Hut the i Uo
of their jiarty win be carried Into
OCtttloa With resultant peace 111 Mexi
co. They do not conceal thoir fears
that complications are likely to eftst
but pin their holies for a peaceful so
lution of issues as the) appear .11
Hire,, or four elements m the iitua
Uon. The first and most important of
these 111 their opinion is the fact that
Mexico is sick of Bghttag. They eefl
nttentloa to the fact, ovmlnuhed by
most Americans, that there has been
reel nrar in Mexico, that upward of
IfO.OeO men have lieen 111 anus on atl
sides, thai pitched battles have geefl
fOUght in Which thousands of men
have been slain. The sriousness of the
wur which has been little SPATi brl
ed in America, and 0O ai all in gSjs.
ope, has been such an outlet for the
liRhtiim !.: I of Mexico a.s makes for
peat e.
colonel preparing
Will Scorch "Boss" Barnes in $50,
000 Libel Suit Reply
Oyster Hay, H. Y.. July '11. A alz-
leg answer to Wltrlam Dames' oom
idaint in his t'D.Oon Uboi m'.t ggainet
Cciemd Rooeeeeft Is t be prepareti by
the ex-president aid his luv, is.
Mr Roonsenll heard from the law
yers that undr ihe law he must in
corporete in the answer the Kist of the
defence he is to put in at the trial.
This pic.-' 1 the COfeS.! immensely,
i.nd It is said that his ana WOT will be
not merely a shadowy hint of the do
fense, but a comprehensive arraign
ment. I
Will Rake Complainants Career.
The former president intends to go
thoroughly into Barnee1 oareeri in the
gnaw or be win. among other thinga
Include the red UkIiI investigation at
Albany two years SgO in which Itarius
was umler tire. The colonel's attor
neys are to ditf Up all the SVldeSKt
tin v can tet touchlna nmm tins in-
Ottlry and will ru hack of it to gnthcil
fnsh ammunition.
The Mull Moose leader has Inst tint -ed
his attorneys to see that no detsyt
are allowed to stand In the way of a
trial of the libel LCtlOO early in tbt
September term. He is impatient to
gSl upon the stand and tell what is in
his mind about Larnes.
The KitHoline laun h Keliam e of Ska
nee. Parana county, was destroyed o
lire I'ridav evening, aceorditiK to ad
vices received bv ni nl veslerda.v. Tin
Reliance was owned by Lander Lund
berg sai was engaged in the pasaen-
gei and freight trade between Hoagh
t in and Skam e. The . raft left Hough
ton lYiday afternoon at .'? o'clock, hav
iiiK on board Captain IvUtnlberK; am
Ins wile, two passengers and a crew
of two. William A III.- and "Poy" A I
lie of Houghton.
When about half a mile off Point
Abbuye, in Keweenaw bay, and not
fur from Skame. the gasoline tank
exploded and the boat soon was en
veloped in RameS, The occupants at
onec put on life preservers and went
into the water. The two Allie boys
swam ashore, hut the others remain
ed, clinKhm to the wreckage. 1
The tun Heberd ot Poquemtag hove
In slKht. tOWing H raft, about an hour
after the accident It rescued Pap
tain and Mrs LundbOTg and the tW1
pis eiicers and took them to PeqOOm
Reports at National Convention Indi
cate Successful Year.
Washington, i C, July 17.-The an
RWel convention of the I'nited Slates
Lee sue of Locel Building bean Ao
socJatloBS opened in this city today
with an attendance oi detagateg rep re
oonttag nearly ell p uts of the country.
The sessions will lontinue three da s
nad win be Intern persed with a trip to
Mount Vernoe sad other features ar
raagOd for the entertainment of the
visitors. Reports prepared for preeen
tation to the convention show that tie
past roar has been one of sreeperltj
to the bttttdtag end loan associations
In eneral. gratifying gains haviiiK
been made both in a-sets and member
ship. In connect ion with the oonven
tion of the league mooting is helm;
held by the Nation il Association of
Kxamlners. compose. I of oflicialH ap
pointed by the St lie Kovernment s to
supervise the be lid Ing and loan nss
ClattaM In their r speetlve states.
I'arls, July '27. When court opened
todav. Joseph Caillaux. husband of the
woman on trial for the murder of Ldi
tor Celmettc, demanded to be beard.
He said:
"The Ciiuiro. haviiiK accused me to
day of subornliiK Witnesses, I would
like to submit some authentic papers
( dncernlnn Cultnette's relations with
the HUSgarlaS gUVOraSOOat, I have hes
itated to use them, but have de Ided to
do so in view of the CiuaroH attitude.
I desire also to read Caliin tte's will."
Metttre Cheau: ''Where did you net
Caillaux: "In the same way you Mot
my letters.
Caillaux then read the will.
Archduke Carl Francis Joseph of
Austria Popular With People
Vienna, July '7. In the month since.
the truKedv by which the Archduke
Krancis I'erduiand, heir-apiiaieni to
the sastroHungerlnn throne, was re
moved by un assassin in BoettlU, a re
merkebte phase of the ch inned condi
tions Is the wave of popularity now
raiMtli; about his VOUaS nephew who
suddenly finds himself i onlrnited with
the prospect of soon betas stmpofoi
Austria and Kint,' of Hungary. Wit,
the venerable I impel or Fi .ini is Jooegl
now In his eighty -fourth year, it is
certain the actuary cannot allow him
a very loiin lease of life.
As the new beir-upparent, Archdubi
t'arl KYaaclS Joseph, appeals already
to have won a more affectionate re
gard from his people than his unci
had. and quite as warm a place in l In
hearts of gotta as his nren t - uncle en
joys, tsvory body seems preee or him
and conlldeni of his future suet ess as
At twenty-seven years of uue
tinds himself with little more than
military training. He was only a jun
ior regimental otlh r when the m ws of
his uncle's death reached him. Now
he will turn to statecraft ami in the
time Hi, it mav be allowed him. Uv to
plaint himself with foreign and do
mestic a hairs.
Is Well Trained Officer.
Archduke Carl Praiuis Joseph
described as an ollicer through ami
through. In his army work there h is
been nothing of the archduke about
him. He has worked and studied ami
learned and observed and done his
duty in every way without for one mo
ment claimiiiK op desirlnn .any special
consideration on account of his high
rank. Indeed he would have been very
much surprised if anybody had Ng
nested that be should he shown any
extraordinary favors or preference.
He hct-'an as a cavalry lieutenant
and was most popular UgSOng his com
rades who never felt that an imperial
highness .and future monarch was in
their corps. He performed his duties
with the utmost exactness and was
just as punctilious in bis behaviour to
i be senior olllcers as any young subal
tern. No duly was too small. He car
ried out the routine work most care
fully and when he beard of his young
comrades criimblliin would merely say
W hat do you QSPOCt Ul'dOfg are or
ders ?"
Cavalry Service Was Pleasant.
fining later Into the infantry, the
Archduke has always looked hack on
his service in the cavalry as the most
delightful time in his life He was
proud to ride Into a new garrison at
the head of his squadron and it was
gone mil) said in the rOgtaSSttl that the
otlieets in his siundmn had the best
time of any. He was hospitable to a
blub degree and none the less so after
bis man luge with the Princess Zita of
Parma, who is just as well liked as
her husband.
When she accompanied him to his
garrison she came as a simple junior
Mlcor"8 wife and not as an archduch
ess. She went and called upon the
wives of all the olllcers senior in rank
to the Archduke instead of waiting for
thnp. to call Open her. She took the
greatest interest, not only in regimen
tal affairs, hut also in the inhabitants
of the countrv districts where the regi
mint was stationed and bcame nreal
ly beloved by the Jews In one of the
small garrisons In (lallelH. She went
out among the people there and talked
to the children and gave them little
gifts such as no otlicer's wife had ever
done before.
Young People in Background.
Hut so long as Prune js Perdinand
was living the young couple were left
the background. With two small
babies to look after the Archduchess
European Nations Continue to Prepare
Italy, Germany and England?
London, July 27. European na
tions continue to prepare for
eventualities. The British first
fleet of twenty-eight battleships is
coaling at Portland.
St. Petersburg. July 27. The
mobilization of the Russian army
will proceed immediately. The em
peror has fully approved the de
cision of his ministers to this ef
fect. Washington, July 27. Official
dispatches from St. Petersburg
say the Russian minister of war
considers war be:een Russia ar.d
Austria-Hungary almost inevitable.
Orders for the complete mobiliza
tion of the Russian army are con
firmed. Vienna, July 27. The foreign of
fice has issued a statement setting
forth Austria's view of Servia's
reply to the Austrian note It says:
"The object of the Servian note is
to create the false impression that
the Servian government is prepar
ed in a great measure with our de
mands. As a matter of fact, how
ever, Servia's note is filled with the
spirit of dishonesty, which dearly
lets it be known that Servia is not
seriously considering putting an
end to the tolerance it has extend
ed to the intrigues against the
Austro - Hungar ian monarchy."
London, Julv 27. It is reported
that Foreign Minister Grey has
msde successful representations
to Germany, Italy and France for
a conference of the representatives
of those countries in England in
view of co-operative mediation in
the Austro-Servian crisis. The
Italian and German ambassadors
saw Grey this morning.
Grey has invited Austria-Hungary,
Servia and Russia to suspend
operations pending the result of
the proposed conference to be held
in London with the German,
French and Italian ambassadors.
He he not yet received complete
replies. Italy has accepted.
In tne Comons, Grey said:
"I understand the German gov
ernment is favorable to mediation
in principle as between Russia
and Austria, but to our particular
proposal to apply that principle
by means of a conference, the
German government has not yt
Grey expressed the opinion that
the failure of these efforts to
bring a settlement would lead to
the "greatest catastrophe which
could befall the concert of Europe,
and the consequences would be in
calculable." Austria Apparently Bent on War.
London, July J". Sunday's develop
ments appear to furnish new promt
that Austria Is determined to make
war on Si r ia. and the possibilities of
general gatropoos war seem greater
than have ever before confronted the
resent generation.
The Servian reply to Austrias ulti
matum was an acceptance of almost all
the imperious .1. -mauds. Notwithstand
ing this humili.it iiu surrender, the
Vienna government today nave the
Servian minister his paoepocts, which
mei be construed as a virtual declara-
Zita was USJttg content that It should
be so, and was not at all anxious to be-
0SSS involved in the intrigues app n -ntly
Inseparable from the dally life
at most courts, and ertainlv nt the
ourt of Viennu. Hut under the
bsagOd i ircumstances it is expci led
that she will assume her rightful place
as the hrst lady at court, n position
now held by the Archduchess Maria
The Kmperor intends that the new
heir shall lose no time in taking his
place. In all probability the Archduke
Pari ITamis Joseph will be advanced
raped! in the army, while spending
most of his time In familiarizing him
self with political and administrative
affairs. Special instructors, in. hiding
highly placed officials, already have
been nominated to Inform the new
heir apparent in technical genttOH N
lating to the government and he will
he gradually Initiated into the most
Important affairs of state.
tion of war. Austria committed, in fact,
an act of war by arresting the chief of
t lie Serv ian general stun, tleneral Put
alk, near Hudapest, but the officer wus
soon released ly the emperor's com
mand. The suspension of all parliamentary
and judicial institutions has been de
treed in Aeetrta, and an ironclad cen
sorship put In force, so that nothing is
allowed to come out of the country
except what the government wishes
known. BvWS now Austrian armies
may be closing in on iServia to launch
a sudden blow. Bearded as of the
gravest Import here is tjie order of the
Austrian ambassador to all his coun
trymen in Knnland liuble for military
service to return home at once.
Russia's Attitude the Crux.
The question whether Russia will
take up arms to save her Slav protege
from a (rushing blow is the crucial
feature of the situation the feature
on which the peace of all Kurope hing
es. The Russian go, gggjgaettl also has
ordered the strictest censorship of
(lerrnany has informed the other
powers that it considers that the Aus-tro-Servian
quarrel concerns those, na
tions alone. If any other takes it up,
Germany declareo, serious osgOttttjgnesV
s mnst follow.
The Servian minister here has re
celved a dispati h suying thut Prince
Alexander, acting as regent, has or
dered a general mobilization of the
iirmy. The Servians have decided not
to attempt to defend Helgrade. the
garrison having already been with
drawn, according to reoorts. and the
seat of the Lovernment removed from
Helgrade to K ratfuyevatz, a strung
point sixty miles to the south. .4,
Germans Eager to Take a Hand.
A dispatch from Berlin, dated Sat
urday night, says:
"The center of Berlin is filled tonight
with cheering Swede indulging in con
tinued enthusiastic demonstrations
over the expected outbreak of Austro
Serv Ian hostilities.
"The strains of the Hermans and
AuatrtaU national anthems are beard
from tune to time above the cbwrs of
the crowd, and the orchestras in the
c fes and restaurants are playing pa
triot 1, airs to crowded tables.
"Newspaper extras sent out In rapid
UCOeoetaU are tori, from the hands of
the distributors and the streets are
covired with discarded sheets. The
enthusiasm could scarcely be greater if
it were Herman's own war which was
about to begin.
"About two thousand persons gath
ered before the Austrian embassy.
They . bSSied Austria-Hungary and
situ; patriot nottgn. The Austrian
ambassador appeared on the balcony
111. 1 warmly thanked those irath. roil
'The streets are filled with excited
crowds and everywhere Is heard talk
of Heiinany's chances of becoming in
volved." No Enthusiasm in England.
gasjtaad shows no enthusiasm over
becoming enbroiled in a war which
might bring great calamity to her In
terests. As far as opinion can be gath
ered sentiment here tends toward Aus
tria. This is baaed on the belief that
B n 1. hi intrigues for undermining
Austria by a pan -Slav movement have
been go ..pen that n(, nation could tol-
rate them and in the present exuber
ant state of gtarvta'a national pride
only the sharpest and most peremptory
measures could have my effect. One
resell of the sudden bunt af interna
ttattal complication Is t thrust Ireland
from the center of the stage
Austria Can Muster 2,000,000 Men.
Austria has 3!H),noo soldiers upon
whom to call to safeguard what ita
statesmen believe to be its own Inter
ests. These figures have to do with the
peace footing of the Austro-Hungar-ian
army; in time of war the emperor
Hng can call J.aoo.oon men of all arms
Into the Held, and this estimate tak
no account of the landwehr and land
stnrm. corresponding roughly to the
national guard of the Pnlted States or
the territorial army of Kngland
This reserve Igogo includes all the
able-bodied men between the ages of
IS and 21. between the ages of 32 and
4i': the male population generally be
tWOOB the aaes of :'l and 32 being re
quired to give military service two
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