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TUESDAY, JULY 28, 1914.
Sta'vTnlumrt -Nous
Founded IjmJ.
Published by the
Business M.in cge r
Bntared at the Fost i rtl -e ut Calumet,
Michigan, ax Second Class
Mall Mat MT,
Buafneaa office
Editorial ftongsg
Hy Mall nr Carrier,
Per year, In advance $5.00
Per year (not In advance) 6.00
Per month 50
Single itnue 06
Complaint of irregularity in deliv
ery will receive prompt and thorough
Any delay in delivery of The News
should be reported to this office for
correction. Ordinarily every subscriber
on a carrier route should have his pa
per before 6 P. M.
TUESDAY, JULY 28, 1914.
Workers who arc willing to give .i
lew hours of their time to the aihan. o
nu ni of community interest are i s
pselslly urged to attend th mass
meeting to be hold at the Red Jacket
town hall at I o'cIock this evening
for the consideration of the holding
eonipany proposition.
It is planned to raise the entire
amount allotted to Calumet In one l i :
and Captain J. O, Brown, the liii.in. .
commissioner, is eoniident that this
an tie none : i s 1 1 y . it win require
however, the o-o.eratio!l of a large
nutnhi r of ent liu-iust Ifi boosters wlr
are ready to get out and work.
A. F. Hsldkamp, a member of th
executive .eomtnlUee of the Coppi ;
Country Commercial . lub, will h
home this week from Milwaukee
where he Investigated a number of
prospects which have been favorably
considered by I ho club if his report
is satisfactory, steps to being one or
more of these concerns to copperdom
will he taken Immediately upon th
organization of the holding company.
A fund of Iliiii.iiDn represents lesi
than one dollar per capita for tin ter
ritory covered by the Copper Country
Commercial i luh. W hen one stops to
consider the many mining proposi
tions, capitalized for a much grenter
ami tint, which have been over-suu-SCribed
in a few hours, any uncertain
ty as to the outcome of the club's
campaign should he dispelled.
The benefit! to be derived by inves
tors in holding company stock are two
fold. They haw reasonable expecta
tions of tarly dividend returns upon
their stoik :thcy hae certain assur
kssM of the immediate employment of
their capital in bringing) in new in
dustries, which will pay out SSVerisl
hundred thousand a year in wages,
injecting into local circulation now
money trom which everyone will profit
The Colonel is supposed to ho rest
!ng, following out the instructions
his phyelelan. Bat with thai fifty
thousand dollar libel suit on his hands
and that 'olotn lua n treaty to wot
him he is having I hard time reCVeSa
ing It's almost impossible to sep.i
rato T. R. from the Btrei I life.
It s tough on a enngressman to have
to stay in Washington and werk all
summer. Any citizen with any hu
HMD i in his makeup an t help m
pathtsing with the sweltering states
awn i onpe.i up in the capital by
presidential taskmaster, when i,v all
the laws .f nature and politics thev
ought to be il Inane rusting from their
labors an 1 shaking bands with consti
tuents. Bveryhedy knows that congress
man is supposed to havs four or live
months' vacation every year. f course
the jest Of us ale lucky to get two
Weeks oft: but we're not statesmen.
Wo can hardly realize, either, what a
burden it niu:-t he U live m Washing
ton, and what a hardship public life is.
It's cruel ta make a statesman stay
where all Jid la and go to work almost
Very gay, fof I paltry 7,&0i a year.
Ami it's particularly cruel to keep him
away from his constituents with as
election approaching.
If the pace set for congress the last
two yean hi fotag to be kept up, it
wouldn't be surprising if the exhaust
ed lawmakers should refuse to set VI
He That
Away His
from hearing good advice, even
his prayer for a hurry-up order
will have to wait, when the busy
season comes 'round.
A prudent man forseeth the
future and protecteth himself,
but the careless pass on and
reap no benefits.
Take heed Ye who are wise
and buy while the buyin's good
Buy your coal of
The M. Van Orden
the public am longer, and leave the
hated capital for their native stamp
ing -grounds, where, though a man hits
to work about 300 days a year, h
doesn't mind it so much, la-cause It'
customer) and respectable in those
And yet, somehow, we don't seen to
have not iced any congressmen threat
cmng to refuse roimmmntlon.
One hundre.i and eight years uk
today the II i. st step was taken tow.c I
sstabllshlng the foreign missions rj
movement. n this day live students
of Williams College cat bored in
glOVe near the college to hold all open
air meetlnjTi The clay was hot and
oppi..-sic. In the midst of the
snooting a lightning boll Bached aefuei
tin sky, announcing the approach of
thumb Tstoi m. 1 1 1 1 1 lit 1 1 .eliciting
their belongings, the students souglit
shelter beneath a eeigtstexoring ha
stack. Il re they continued their dis
cussions while the storm raged
Shouting to make himself understood
above the thunder, the young leader,
Samuel J, Mills, proposed that they
organise "to spread the Ooapel among
the heathen." That was tb' first step.
Two renri later Mills Mrganhsed tiie
Sod, ty of Brethren," requiring each
of tkg HVe members theleof to .solemn
ly dedicate his life as a missionary.
Public opinion being against missions,
the organization was kept secret and
;t- constitution was drawn up Incipii-
r. Six years had passed since the
historic haystack meeting." whoso lo
cation Is now marked with a monu
ment, before the fust live mlmlonSf SJS.
four of whom wore accompanlod by
their wives, sailed from Philadelpl ia
for India upon the first American
evangelistic , ampuign to foreign lande,
Today more than MM ihsiloUBtlSI
of both sexes from tho United Stat
and 38,000 native converts noting
missionaries, are teaching the Chris
tian faith througl t the world. The)
nave converted 1,500,000 men, women
and children in all lands, and nr
httaglng T.'i.imiO more into tho fold ev
ery year. Over 1. Hd, tdd nro learning
the wayi of Christianity In the is. 1
CoMegee, theological seminaries, train
ing and Sunday schools that have been
established by American missionaries.
Tho modern missionary is not only
a spiritual adviser, but undertakes to
cine physical ills as well. In the (0v
hospitals and free dispensaries estab
lished in foreign lands, It is estimated
that 3. 0(io,(Mia,iMMi treatments have been
givet) by the 400 male and female do -tors
making UP the foreign missionary
Medical staff. In times of famine they
distribute huge sums of money. The
expenses of this vast campaign are
enormous; but no country is as liberal
as the Cnitcd Stales. Lasi year the
Unefeli hi people, contributed nearly
$17. .'"10 to promote the work, while
all nations arc spending about $.'lv ,-
OS t support their ', 000 Christian
and II -'.000 native missionaries wh
have gathered over C,00o,000 adherent
11 the faith.
In the clash of Burppson DOW4
Political Gossip
Michigan voters will have a Hold
sere than 700 rantt Hates to make
lection from at the August prlntarlea
This was the prospect following the
count of petitions tiled with the
1 clary of .slate. Iicsplte Hie fact, how
ever, that leputy Secretary of State I)
II. Mills and a corps ,,f clerks deVi ted
all day Siindav to checking over th
pet It ions, the work was far from tin
lahed Sunday night.
All told, more than .'I.000 petitions
containing at least Ta.ooo names. huv
been tiled at the cnpilol. These illlli
CStS that there are something like r.oo
candidates for the legisiature in tin
vote bunting contest, while the candl
dates tor governor, lietilenant gOVOf
nor. congressmen and state senators
number approximately fee, it is
lieved. bowcv.r, that when tho final
count is made 1 ho number of candi
dates will approach nearer to SOU than
Too, comprising the biggest bOVl which
has ever sought oflfcOS In a state
t ion.
It was believed Saturday that Him
man ol Detroit, candidate for lieuten
ant governor, did not have enough pe
titioners to a, an! If j. but lbs count
biought him safely through, and his
ISSea will go on the ballots with (In
est. Senator V erne Amhersntt. ;t can-
lid. lie faff the same ,,tHce. may not In
successful. Me lias tiled a lliunbci
f petitions, but so far they have
tees suflcieat to saslify him.
Allot tier candidate for tne governor
ship has appeared in the person of
Herman Rlehter of Hamtramch. H
i candidate on the So ialist -Ixihor
Says Austria's Methods in Bal
kans Renewed Old Hatred
which threatens it will be hard for tho
World outside to adjust the balance of
right snd wrong, says the Evening
W is. onein,
Th. immediate issue is Austria's do
maud upon Bervis to punish ail thoss
concerned In the murder of the Arch
duke Franz Ferdinand and the COOS
toss of lloheiibei g, and to check the
I'ati-Slaxie agitation out of which Us
conspiracy for their murder grew
Here Austria has strong grounds for
COSBplalnt, The murder was the
sun oi a nendisn plot. The plot was
hatched In Belgrade, the capital of
Bervia, though carried to consumma
tion in tin- capital of Bosnia, which
an Austrian province. Hut. there ;
matters bach of the murder of the
Austrian heir-apparent which at
taken Into account by those who sym
pathise with the Servians. Austria
for more than a generation has been
liming to enlarge her territory on the
south. When Russia fought Turk
thirty-six years ago. Austria seized
plums that Russia had shaken from
the i urk inn tree, pansiavism means
much to Bervis snd 10 Russia. It has
sen thwarted by Austria so persis
tently that Austria is hated by all who
lav of that IrtsQl
Oermany and Austria, which were
at war in ttff, aro aligned on the
same side today, It was (b-rmany's
victory over Austria that made bSf
strong to Conquei franco in 1s?o. Her
ver whelming triumph wrested from
Franz Joseph powerful German states
which had belonged bis dominions for
tminv years. Thefe was a time whe.i
the world thought of Austria when it
iko of fjersaany, when "the Oernms
emperor was the ruler of Austria. It
s not so todav. A reorganization of
out 'mental Knt ope on u racial itasis
.voiihl give a large part of tho A list ri
111 empire to ib rmany and would put
the Poles as Weil as the Bosnians an I
Servians in a new alignment.
If the present crisis in Europe re
sults in war, it will bo n war of which
man living can see the end. The
hope of :ill men throughout t tic world
who hate human slaughter is that it
may he averted. A powa rlul appeal
1 ontained in the words of pope
I'ius to Frank Joseph. "lon't slain
uir old ago with blood."
of ginger.
now in
After a
Jamaica, land
new supply, no
An extremely prottv girl stood in the
middle of LOTOS'S Lane, At either end
of this celebrated thoroughfare there
was a lover. F.a h had his back turn
ed, but from where she stood each
looked SSjUnlly handsome. If she had
been a man she would have tossed up
a coin to sc.. which lover she should
call. Rut women are not by nature
gamblers. They ure generally to,, sure
of themselves. Then she did the per
fectly natural thing what any woman
would do. Hhe called to one lover,
knowing tho other would hear her. And
the BUS she didn't call was tho one she
w inked. Life.
National Museum Exhibit Shows Pro
cess of Mixing Ingredients.
a new feature in the division ol
mineral technology of the United
States National Museum is an Indue
trial series In glass manufacture. Th
series shows the original ingredients
with their natural sources, leads
through the different stages In the
process ,,f their conversion from
granular mixture to pure amorphous
glass, and !VOS I faithful ropfOOSntS
Hon in model form, both of tho fur-
naces and of the workers engaged in
the art of blowing, moulding and trim
ming glassware, from the molten liuui'l
of the furnace to the Hniehed product.
The exhibit Is the gift of the Macbeth
Bvans class company of Pittsburg,
ami was prepared under the personal
direction ol Oeorge a. Mac beth, pre
dent of the ompany.
As completed, the series will start
with the Ingredients enterlne into tin
(imposition of glass, quarts sand, with
alkali and alkali earth compounds. t
r the molting point of the quarts
together with the coloring matter
snowing tnese in their natural state
both as the mineral crystal ami in tin
more common ore form, and also tin
K ilned artic le prepared, for use. Tin
reflned samples, b their relative size
indicate I he general proportions In
which the different Ingredients entet
into glass. The various stages in the
uniting down and fusing of these into
molten glass aie demonstrated by a
-cries of large samples showing suc
cessive condition, to the haal one,
Where the glass Is ready for the work
er. Two standard typos of furnaces in
winch p, molt glass, known respective
is- as me um ami ins poi furnace, are
in current use. The series Intrudes a
model of each type. These are about
one-Hixiecnin natural size, and are so
constructed as to show working details
throughout. Fa. h is of the gas-llred
regenerative type, fed from winded
producer, ahM shown in its proper re
lations!. ip to the furnace.
The tank furnace, as may be Infer
red, derives its name from the mmd.
tacie in which the glass is held. The
furnace proper consists of tvvocompat'l
ments, ; re tancualr vault and a dome
'I'd circular lank. The ingredients
are in at one e nd of the former.
which is also the combustion c hamber
Chicago, July kf, mjf more than
lo years the diplomatic relations be
tWSSa Aiisliia and Strvia have b
strained, ami the nations have been
ill a state q garnet, writes Theodore
Kevkovich, a Servian newspaper ecu
respondent. With lbs fall of the Oh
rohovitcb dynasty, Austria best hoi
strong diplomatic Influence In Bervia
riie old Pan-Slav Ism and sv mpatln tic
feeling for Russia was awakened, both
in and outside of Sorvla.
1111c c.f the lirst results was the well-
known iiuariel in regard lo a treaty
letween Austria ami Bervhv Th
longer the quarrel lasted the strong
ihe antagonism became, ibniwnk. tin
Ran 1 IH representative m Itelgradi
who recent!) died, started to reklndh
the brother!) feeling ami strengthen
the diplomatic ties between Sol v ia and
Near War in 1908.
For .several .vears the policy of I
Sign diplomacy Of BSfViQ was in tin.
hands or one ,if the most c.puMe men.
Minister M. ktNovaaOVich, who died
before the ll.ilkan war, and who was
recognised by French. Gorman. Rus-
iau and other diplomats as one of tin
ablest men in European dlDlomacv
Minister M llovanovlch for vears aH
ated tho policy of peace and mad
It lc.11 to Austria that Silvia could
t be provoked without tiiatriu risk
ing Inr own governmental existence
ire was tho one who made prepara
tions for the lialkan war and formed
the lialkan states alliance'.
Minister Milovaaovich did not wish
the conllict with Austria, not oven
when the whole Servian nation wa
for war iii l!o when Austria annexed
Bosnia and Heraogovlnia, Later
was plain to everyone whv hs did n
want war with Ausllia. It was be ;,u
be was busy against Turkey, the mi
cess of which he was mole lituilv con
v Incede
Balkan War a Surprise.
With the Servian QUSITel, Austria
lost the s.vmpathy of other slavs and
the slavic move ment Ik c ame stroaami
very day In the dual empire. Austria's
government was ve ry much surprised
by the lialkan war, and espe e.illy by
the Servian vic tory. She tried to cre
ate a elipieem.il ic colllUc! II I . 1 1 1 t 1 - oyer
the Albanian question and the Servian
ainu was orde red to cave Albania.
I ne lialkan war ami tin Servian vie -
ry, espoc iaiiv over Bulgaria, caused
such enthusiasm among all slave In
luatrta, and the slav ii flinovi on 111 is
line cveiy day stronger. Austrian di
ploma . y e annul tali rate i eelnii I hi
lava of that nation grow in Into cl
vinpaihy with the slavs outside of
tuatrlan territory.
Slavs Hate Aur.tria.
rho old Austrian pystem of sup
pressing national iiuevemenis diil not
prove suc e eeaful al the end if the nine
leeuin ceuilirv ami IUS44UII Ol Slilmg
With the slavie' movement Snd winning
vnipatbv, she created aatagonisn
which will emi ror Austria, (ioei kii,,s
lew .
II is Known that the aged emperor
is opposed tee War, l!' ho were not,
war would on many OCCaSeWM ha VI
been proclaimed with Bervia. The n-
nancial condition c f Austrls since the
Halkan war Icgan has oimressed all
Austria, and Saneclall) Vienna. Mil
lions and millions have boon lost in th
fa lories, agriculture, the Industries
ami even some ot in,, hunks have met
with disaste rs.
Austria Wants War.
BO II Is easy to Understand the iron:
feeling for war ill Austria. A thi
Austrian press savs, "It is better t
have war than to live in such Condi
tions as we aie BO
ro people who an no( well Informed
' . e
ssWSswSS- "
JS7 .w
mkl WZzWi mm
. Wv V.J
v m
1 1 ' -
Summaries of Three Rival Plans Which
Are Proposed for Ireland's Home Rule
Tim text of the government bHl ssnendina the
July to, The London Times supplies the following
as introduc ed by the li,-, eminent col .),.. .
me rule
nni) see
bin, as amended
d the homo rule h
I amended by th
by the n
II as ,l i
B peels.
use of I. olds,
'V, stands, tha
WSJ ued on
amending inn
for the fuel gas. As the procoes of
fusion proceeds under the Influence of of the real condition it looks hnpiissll
that Austria, a ureal n.iwer. should In
the heat e,f the burning gas above, the
111 tent molten glass keeps Mowing
'"Ward tl ppoaltS end, where It
passes Into the tank compartment, Th
c v lihdrn al wall, enc losing Ihe latter is
supplied with a number of openings Of
ports through which the gathering,
i Ma v are c alled, have access to tho
Outt Ide, on the main llooc pf the
building, around the tank, fifteen
Workers, modeled to scale, will show
ii ioiis operations from the (tret
fathering" of the Rttid glass on the
lid "t the blowpipe, through the vari-
iua sets of biow-up. mould-blowing,
blocking, shaping, trimming, etc, to
tin- finished bottle, lamn chimney, or
ther familiar article of everyday life.
in the pot furnaes) as the name im-
' he Ingredients arc put into n
ngo refrac tory pot or crucible ami left
ii fuse. eVubsoQsjent operations son
rm with those shown In connection
Willi the tank furnace, and smaller de
tail models servo to exemplify inel-
dental operations.
An above ,,t upright eases will en
lose the models on three sides, and
will afford an historical resume of the
iss Industry. A selection of spool-
on nts will exemplify the refinements
: mode i n attainment in I be u i i,f
Subway to I'aak Stuaat right up
a S a id ! "
"I seen Mamn the other cliv ve,ii
know it Marl) broke her haaat.'
Heel) . why, wasn't It him playln'
guana d
'Ilaaaat's sakes, no "
Well, whoever II was, he was a
! laaa
Yes. thorn Harvard boys all plays
Hay, did you see him when he
daated right between them two Daaat
mouth men 7" Bachaage.
rrled by such a small kingdom ai
Ben la, but the n-ii ri lison is that tin
greater pnrl of the Austrian armv Is
m ide up of Slavic nations who are
sympathy with their brother series.
Russia Backs Up Surbc.
The assassination n Archduhe F
clinaiul gave tee ( he Austrian diplomats
who are for war. a reason to stir Up
again the old deolN for war at anv
price, it is true thai Bervis end Mon
ti negro rs 1 1 red out, after t wo ter
rible wars; but it shows that Russia i
backing the Servians. At the same
time il is hard to know what the mil
lions of slavs in Austria would do in
case of war.
The Hungarians arc waiting, for a
chance to break With Austria. Tin
highest Aristocrats Snd diplomat.': ol
Hungary wsni recently to Bnsais to
ask help from her, and a sfrons sntl
Austrian campaign Is being carried on
now in A merles iv one of the most
prominent noblemen and political lead
ers, Count Kaiolyl, who is now ben
on a political tour.
Balkans Would Aid Servis.
riien comes the Question of Bsnnanis
and what she would ie in case nf war.
for she has been KtWivvn to be more in
sympathy with Reitvla than Awtrln
The Cricks are pdiitlcally boilWl to
help Bervia, nervia, with Wontenegro,
was able to put 10 T , ,.( ,,r t:c pop
ulation on the battle III Id a the time of
I he lialkan w cr. Tod t) if war should
break out with AUStl I c I no spirit w ill
gr.ew vers strong md Bervia, with
Montenegro, will be able to put nearly
.-.iin.ooo soldiers in tin Held. Rut. it Is
" ssii.ie to believe thai Austria win
risk today Inr governmental existence
bv a war with Se , , , which would
mean war with Rm , ami all tho
At the same tllrip r.,irJ,ip, ,,,
pc i mil a general :ir ,,, ,,rpIlk u ,,.
IbS sake i . .,1 ehpl,, ,;,,!,. UlfflsaHties
between Set I la and Austria.
I, Irish parliament. With executive
ipoaslblo tojt. to be set up, Senate
to consist of fortt momHoM ,, Imi.
d for tin- Bfpl term, ami elected af
terwards i.v proportional representa
tion. House of I 'ominous I eeuiut ,.r
i"it members,
Irish lepreeentatlon in the lmpe
I pat h. um nt to be reduced to fortj
BoeStdes the sum to be determined
by the ioint eve beooe,' er.l c.
oill the net COSl of IMsl, services,
sum of l'.'oo.ci.ki, diminishing each
rafter tehehlrd by Btt-tdd until it
reduced to B 300,600, t,, . omUi to
t be Irish i e heeiiier
4. The Iris-b p.irliamont to hive
eei .ei any e l.-Homs .in. ,. -
las duties lev led as Imperial tax. ,,niv
b. wa.v eef sddltion, bill not I,, ev V
now duties.
Judges of the Supremo court,
bnt.v . can ts, etc. to bis appointed
ihe lord nontenant, The appeal
from ourts in Ireland to the House of
i.orus in i ase. ami In instead
I ne cue I n la .eaiiin 1 1 I .... .,1' II,.
colllu .
,;. The Irish parliament to have
power to make laws n in hmiii ,....-
mimical ion between places in Ireland.
Management ami control of the
Royal Irish constabulary to be trans
foirod to tin- Irish government ix
) ears from the appointed da .
Id age pensions, national insur
ance, labor exchnnn-oa nnH ,,k.,,
served services to be transferred to
the Irish government if n resolution
provming icer such 'transfer is
by both bouses of the Irish
it. civil service committee to bs es
tablished to deal with BBlsliiia hSmh
Id. The bin to come into operation
the first Tuesday in the eighth
month after the m.m'li o ui,i,.i, o o.
passed, ami the Irish iiarliameni tee
be summoned In ii,,.,. i i i
four months after tin
' I '"II to bo taken, within three
months of the imseini of the home mis
idii, of Ulster counties for or agalnd)
exclusion fi r six years.
-' If n majority of lbs votes re
corded in a county arc in favor of sg
' insioii, ihe home rule bill not t
pi) to thai county
the Rrst mooting i
.!. The SXClUded
leteted by lbs lard
such ofBcers snd i
be directed by order in council
1 The number -if nominnted
fUr six v ears after
f th." Irish pallia -
nro, i to be admin
lieutenant through
partnicnts as max
to th.
the homo rule bill no
provlm o of Fistor.
Iud .1 area to be admlnls
c rotary .,f state through
lepartments (not
The ex.
by a i
nic in-
priv y
pal lia -
f the Irish senate
tc red, and the tcim , . t"
iirst senators to bs six
of live
Members ni,( f
Irish license of Comm
ludod area, w hie b shall e ontiniM
return membe r-, to the imperial
not t
nfm o
I ears
bo electi
i be
of tin
I lo fill
the ex-
Bhequer be
it' Irish ;.e
ard to
said Tueeday,
I lament.
'. The Joint
t rmlne he coi
oivnie I no sum between the excluded
eras and ths rest of Ireland in pro
portion to population, subject to ad
justment in cases of tin ascertainment
of the actual . ost ,,f ,IMV erx ice in
otic area or t he ot her.
T. Tho judicial provisions of the
lionie rule bill lo apply to the ox. lud
od ana. subjec t to a provision that.
where a oauss is tried in the smlnd-
',l '"',: Ot a party to a ciiimo lu rui.
judge shall be either
the Supreme
the King.
Fount. x
den) in it. the
in exletlng judge of
noun or one appointed by
Judges of the Supremo court.
ok., to be appointed by the
bos,, exercising executive authority
under the bom,- mis big) n mm bs
directed by nrdsys in council to bs
disallowed If either house ,,f the Im
pertel parliament present an address
10 the king against the draft wit Inn
( wen ty -one days at its being laid.
I. The excluded ana to continue lo
ft urn members to the imperial par
liament. Irish representation in the
emiee KiagSOSS house ,,f commons to
be twenty seven, instead of forty-two.
1 All judges of the Supreme court.
County COUrtS, etc., t,, be appointed in
tii" same msnnsi snd t" hold omce
by the same tenure gg that by which
""' "l!','', in held at the date of the
pnsntnf of the homo rule bin. and the
tmg app,ai from courts la Ireland
ttH House of I,rds I,, continue.
'. Ths leneral subjeel mutter pf ths
Cts relating to land purchase to be
meluded among the reserved matters.
,;' (-""''i and man IgemSBt of the
roval Irish cmstabiilary nnt ,.
transferred to the Irish, government.
'"o lor.l lieutenant to bo responsible
for Md manacement of
lbs Dublin metropolitan police.
I. Nothing la the bin or la the home
,nl" '"" '" "'oc. prejudbially the
Powere, rights, privileges r i..,.....i.
person in the excluded
lies of
Provisions SS to finance mm mu i..
Of civil servants to the
to rentals tin. ..,,.,
j In t lie government amending bill.
the allotment
exc luded ana
II 'I s i
July Inaugurated In
Martin proclaimed the in
dependence of Peru,
Commodore William Balnbridge,
who commanded the "ConBtllU-
' '"'1." dn d in Philadelphia. Bom
In Prlaoetoa, n. .. May ?, 1771.
Attempt, c aSSa 81 malic, n
I'Uis PhliippS of Iran.,
IMO ('oluinn of
lv"eJ Hudson river ilrnimw "ii. ..,
Ch v " bin nSd near Vonkers, with
loss of II lives.
I '""cl F.allle ,,t Foul M do PrnoV I,
of the .lanu s River, Virginia.
1869 Mairiag. of ths Pmwn n, i,, .,.
of 1 Wnrnarh and Prinoees Uoulse
of Sweden.
Napoleon in., accompanied
the Prince imperial, left
t'lotid for fho seal of war.
1SS4 Ili'iiry M. Btanlsv rcimneii
On gland from Africa.
m. de Ptehve, Baeelsn minister
of Ihe interior, assassinated at
st. Petersburg,
I'm I
Fatal Accidents Increase.
London Fatal Industrial socldeehi
in Bnglsnd have Increased t ,r l,tdl li
1.304 In the last year. SCCOrdiSi l a
factory Inspector's report.
Auto Built for Bull.
N'ew York After Imvui " prize bull
for M,0Sf, John Arfmann had a motor
eai specially bollt te sarrj the ammai
about the country.
of a
"Under Fever" will begin Its Chi
HMO engagement Sept. f,.
"u ''" IS is t.e appear in the cast
Of I he I lam ing I luch - '
"The Misleading Uolv'' will begin
tour ot tne COUntrj In early September.
Paul Armstrong has written 1
four-act pht) sailed The Heart
BTilliam ('oilier is to appear
musical comedy version rtf
Among the Lions.''
"Joseph and His Brethren" will oped
its season in Chicane the latter pari of
A uglist.
Louise Movers Is to bo starred In a
""' : 'i comedy w hi. b f. Klegfeld, .ir..
w in produce in ictober,
Rayssond Hitchcock will begin his
B( Mid season In "The BSUUt) Shop" at
Atlantic CHy on August 10.
isaoeiio lAesson has been
by iionry ay. Bavags f..r tin
Tmth In the morality play,
bines, Trentlal will probably appear
in the Tall in a new musical comedy
ttom Vienna called ' 'I'olish Blood."
'.' raid Dg Miiurler, the London man-
sger, is to produce new pia Ujn,
L'thel Levey, tho American actress. In
the bailing pott,
"Il l';ns lee Advertise," a comedy by
Hod Cooper Nogiire and Walle r Hack-
paii of
tt, la tO be presented at the Candler
theater . w fork, in September.
"no .,r ths new deemed of ths com
ing season will he c,,nu,. ,...,... ..
aUre n ths latermarrlage ..1 Jew ami
Bnies Mcftas Is to have tho feature
''' In "Newly .Married, tho Kdgar
Belwyn farce which will tour ths prin
cipal cities the coming season.
ThS ShubertN announce thsl "Tho
Third Party," 1 fares by Mark Bemn,
ui" bars Its pmmisrs ai bong Breach,
K, .1., on July l'i
About Christmas timo SeYwyg ami
W'H produce "itoliing siones," a
new corned) by Fdgar Solw-yn. aulhor
1,1 ' Tl"' 1 '"" " 1 ' ' Hoy" and other suc
cessful plays.
Three companies, headed respective
ly by Margaret niington, Catherine
Tower and Clara Joel, are to be seen
lU "all in I la v ard Ve.ller's 'Within
th- Law."
The formal presentation ,,r ps7antsd(
Mf.000," a ceemedv diaina bv A. K.
Thomns and Clayton Hamilton, will
ahs place at Springfield. Mass., on
Sept ft
Marj Rmn will bs 1 siadine member
of ths company prissntlng The House
of OlaSS." a renmaitu .1 e.. ..
' eo.llllll OV iTIIIX
M arien. whl. h is fo hav. its Mills
in September.
Cha. 1,'s Kl-ln's new play, "Thnf
Money Makers," which l 1,. hv.. 11. .
first presentation In Washington the
middle of September. Is descrtboil as a
drama that vlauatlaM ck -1.1
,,, niuKa ui
an awakened public console

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