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Alaskan Mountain, Now Erupting,
Shakes Whole Island
K;,!im:.i. ivpultcl by Osgt HtfMtdUtt,
0f the BSBBflBOr DifigO, to tr throwln
oU( irMjj rotaflMM of milphiiroiiH-I.Kh'ii
... is a BOftH T.noo mm hih, ait
.,,.,! ivlativrly near the eiiHtern on-1
0f thfl Alaska p.niiwulii and of tOS
Aleutian M.nintnlnn. The seaman re
norU t lie ocean fur a dlOtgao of 100
uei ,,, discolored by sulphur iiust
:,,! purglcs. TM lam eruption of the
vol sno, in Juos Ifrli "s ooocriosa in
gtatergsol bjf the National ;...
cranhli itoatety. at Washinxton, O. ",
romrjlled frim data collected v Geo,
MartA. toe tfBotogrfgt who directed
the society's Alaskan OofcOM re
Marches following lit Kot mat's out-
,,v MM f the most violent of
historic time.
All southern Alaska knew at onco
of Katniall eruption on the. morninn
of June , IMS. rends the society B
statement "The sound of the lirst
Blighty exlonion carried down the
,,,.iSt ai far as Juneau. r.O miles away,
Bud wai even heard ncross the Alaska
Range ni DSWSOU and Fairhanks. dis
i ,ni (50 and Mg miles respect ivHv
Th, colons of steam nnd nsh that
, ial miles in the air was ar
n,,l esstword by the wind and with
in fee hOttTI had shed a shower of
nsli.s ill over the east end of the
I n i riviila. the flOsS. half of Ko
dla; gland aiil all of AfogOOk lslati'1.
Intense garkosss BCgogBjBBJiled the fall
nnd midnight Mackness in the daytime
extended as f;ir onBt the Kenni v
DarknoM lasted for ro hours
It Kodiak, I0g miles away. Tnst fell
M fir I way as Juneau, Ketrhlkan
;,,i iiir fnkon Valley, t.'.o, mhj and noo
miles. The fumes were reported from
point! SB fur remote as Vainoiiver I si -Bttd
itn.I PugOi Sounil, l.f.00 miles
way. Subsequent terrific soploslotiB
occurred al :t and 11 p. m. of the same
Graphic Tale of Shower.
A description of the fall of ashes is
liven by John B. Thwaitew. of the
steamer Dora, which was r.r. miles
awsy whon the shower began, 'And
HOW began the real rain of ashes: It
fell in torrents; it swirled arid eddied,
he as ye. Gravity seemed to hove
nothing to do with the course of the
fall, The under side of the decks
Keomo.l to catch as much ashes as the
Met ..r the decks under our feet.
Bright lusters of electric liRht could
lint a few feet away, and we
btd la fe.l our way abotll the deck. It
v i a th the Rreatest difficulty thai
the man at the wheel COO Id see the
throttgk the thick dust that
Med the room. Lurid flashes of
Hthtnlni gketod eontlnuovaly, while a
I boom of thunder, sometimes
coinciding with the flash. hscreoosd
the horror of the inferno around us.
Ar far as aeolng or beortog anything
pertaining to earth, we BBigtM as weil
bare been miles ahove the surface if
lb i And still we knew the
fun wai two hours nhove the horizon.
Birds lloiindered, cryinjr wlldlv,
thriumli Space and fell helpless to the
Eruption of Great Magnitude.
'The magnitude of an eruption in
ii"i properly measured by the loss of
life nnd damage to property, hut rath
er in terms of the natural phenom
ena; the quantity and distribution of
tin' ejected material, the distance at
Which the sound waves, dust, darkness
Ind tames were observed, the Violence
of th.' accompanying earthquakes, and
(lie distribution and intensity of the
resulting atmospheric conditions. Tho
eruptions on record includ"
4 Krakatoi in iaR3, roaejniin'i
i 18, Tomhoro in IMS, Skaptar
Jnktill in 17K3 and rajiandayanjr In
ITT:1 The eruption of Katmni was
Apparently of n magnitude cotnpor
Sbh with some of these. The dOPOOltl
f' " fCatmal vary In thickness from
Inches at the head of Amalik Itav.
I"1- mllee from the mountain, to 3'
uoes uonee
Like You?
You may like coffee, but doee
it like you?
Many have discovered that
they can't drink it without in
Jurioue effects, while others are
finding it out every day.
Still others are sticking to this
oisal time beverage not suspect
'"9 the fact that it is a serious
detriment to their health.
Drink Calumet
Beer With
Your Meals
N is an enjoyable, healthful,
fe substitute for coffee ae a
tsble drink nutritious, diges-t'on-aiding
and generally bene
ficial. Coffee upsets the nervous
ystem. Calumet beer is sooth
es fine tonic.
case of Calumet Beer.
iin lies at th. east end of Afotfnak Isl
and. 113 nubs from the voleano.
"The ell. . ,, I h,. el 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 .li what -
ever veKetation clothed the Hanks t
the volcano was annihilation. The po
sition ..f tin- death-line around the
volcano rame pfgiiilmllj gown to thai
ea, U miles from the crater. Marine
life was affected to a largOf gagras
than would perhaps be expected.
i;. ai-.. rabbits, icii.de. r and other ani
mals and blrdi were m ule blind, Doftd
ue.se. dui-ks, plarmiKiin, Hiiipe, hawks
and many small birds were found
dead at the mouth of the K aklnnak
river. Man was IndlTOCtly affected gy
the eruption through the Injury t oth
r animal life and to vegetation. The
eruption iiiffers from aim. .si all other
known Kro!lt eruption in that the im
mediate damue to property was il
most nothing, and that, as far as is
known, it was not the direct anil sol
cause of the loss of a single human
life. The sparse settlement of the dis
trict alone was responsible or this
Lodge News
Laurium Pythians.
Lnurittm LodKe, No. L'0, Knights ..1
Pythias has named a committee con
sisting of j. k. Mnlayson, Dg K I
Sainster ami James Ki. hards, WhlcJ
will confer with similar committee!
named other Pythian lodges of the
county at the Dectric nark on FYlda)
ivening, sal prSgurs plant for a big
Copper country Pythian reunion to bt
held at the IClectric park next month
The project was hroai hed some tim.
aiO by the members of Hancock lod
und was enthusiastically endorsed by
other lodges of the county.
The plan to organize a nnil'ormd
rank hranch of the order under the
auspices of Lauriurn lode will be tak
en up at;aln as soon as the COOlef
weath.r arrives. Uantium members
are enthusiastic over the plan and al
read about thirty prospective mini
hers have submitted their names.
Knights of Columbus.
Interest in the hip children's dnv
picnic to be conducted at the B30CtrlC
park on Wednesday. AtlgUSl 1- under
the auspices of Calumet Council,
nlgbtl of Columbus is increasing and
there is little doiiht the attendance
this year will exceed that of any pre
vious event. These outings are really
family gatherings. During the after
noon Barnes of all kinds are provided
for the children and light refresh
ments served. Basket luncheons are
enjoyed at supper time and during the
evening, daUOlng is provided for the
adult members. It is expected many
members of Hancock council and their
families will be present.
Calumet Eagles' Picnic.
The annual picnic of the Calumet
Aerie of 1'Iagles bold yesterday nt the
Section Park was one of the most
Successful outings ever held under the
susplces of the local Aerie. The at
tendance vvas splendid and the pro
gram of talks was thoroughly enjoyed.
Spoils also were indulged in and dur
ing the afternoon and evening, danc
ing, with music by the ('.. v H. bsM
vvas the chief attraction.
Canton Copper City.
Canton Copper City, No. W, Patri
archs Militant will attend the patty
to be etvSt at the Kb . trie park on
Saturday evening. AfctgUSt 1, under
the auspices of Superior Canton No.
of Houghton. The Calumet mem
bers will leave on a special street car
it ii o'clock and will be attired In fa
tigue uniforms
Calumet Lodge I. .0 O .F.
The third degree vvaH conferred by
Calumet LodgS, No. 134 at the regu
lar metting last evening und next
Tuesday evening the (list degree will
bo conferred on a class of candidates
by this lodge. There will he a rehear
sal ol tin- tlrst rank dsgrst team on
Friday evening.
Basket Picnic Planned.
Calumet LodgS, No. 171, f. & A. ."Vi
llas arranged lor a hasket picnic and
dancing party to he COndUCtsd at the
gUeetrlc Dark on Prida) afternoon and
evening, July 31. All Masons und
their families are cordially invited to
he present.
Charity Lodge No. 131.
The third degree will be conferred
by Charity lodge. No. 131, K. of P. Ut
the regular meeting to be held Thurs
day evening.
Other Big Picnics are Scheduled for
Remainder of the Week.
The annual picnic of the Calumet
Hut hers' association is being held to-
lay at the Section It', park. The mar
kets were dosed through the emit
day. Hutchers fn.m l.ak. Mnden ami
lluhhcll were greeted by a goodly 001-
r.ii.m on their arrival on a special
Htreet car at the comer of Pourth and
ll.ela streets. UtMfflUffA, this mSIHtng,
r.,,,1 hen.led bv the C. H. band tin
big parade proceeded through the prln-
li.nl streets of the town to tne pain.
uhorn m nroerain was enjoyed, sport
Indulged In and where dancing will
be provided for during the ulternoo..
and evening.
Tomorrow the annual picnics or in-
if ...I I.eUel and Calumet on.,..
tional Sunday schools, also the Ocr-
... Informed church, will tie '
the Oestview park .f the KSWISOOO
entral. Kxcellent features nave ......
provided for these outings.
The Norwegian Lutheran
i .in i.l. nic at the BleCtrlC par
on Saturday afternoon and early even
w- ----- Armv nicnic will e
held Saturday at the Freda park of the
Copper Range.
UK- of the Inrium M. f
Sunday school will enjoy an outing at
tTtr- Wles nh rwrlr Aneu"
It is claimed that Queen Mhmbeth
New Rule Permits Honorable Dis
charge Before Term Expires
Washington, July 29. Abolition of
Imprisonment for deaertlon from the
navy in time d peace has DOM ordered
by so. retary Daniels, Under the new
regulations, blUOJOOkots vv ho overstay
their h'.ive Off commit similar breaches
of discipline will he summarily dis
missed in.siea.l Of bOlng MUl tfl prison,
while men who become dlSSStlafled
uli the Hci vue and want to gutt may
have an honorable dlachargs by mere
ly refunding certain enlistment allow
ances This radical departure from tradi
tional naval methods has been under
consideration ly the secretary ever
Since ,e came int.. Oltil e. He a9
nounOOd thai the navy had pra tieally
a full quota 11,141 enlisted men
i OffAPOffOd with a shortage of more
than 4,001 eighteen months ago, and
t bs l t he t mie p. take tha stop bod
Statement by Daniels.
oerotgry Dnnlsls, m a ntntemsnt
announcing the new order, said:
"Knllstments In the nav y have always
been t,.r a definite period at present
four years -and it has always boen
difficult and at times Impossible for
men I., terminate their contract of SU
!. i merit by honorable dlSChOffgS bO"
fore the enlistment expired. If a man
remained absent fffOSS his ship or duty
after having boon granted leave, this
made him a dOSOfftOff and on ..m iction
involved a prison sentence.
"Alter- very careful and thorough
consideration, and after a referendum
in Which the opinions of many of the
highest officsri in the navy were ob
Mined, tin- secretary became convinced
that this general situation was unteti
abls and not in keeping with modern
business ideas. The new order is in
accordance with the opinions sxpreesed
i.v a majority of the officers of the
OaV whose views WOTS Invited, and
WhOOS long experience enabled them
to speak With authority.
Discretion of Officers.
"In order not to be too drastic, the
order permits commanding officer! in
their discretion, to hold a Brat offend
er on probation or- rodlHIOd pay for
periods of Horn six to twelve months;
inn ..a repetition of the offense, he is
I Ummarily discharged.
In oialer to promote the reformation
"! no a who may lose pav by sentence
of court martial, It is provided that
those who serve through an eiilb t merit
and receive an honorable disc horse on
its terminal ion will hav e remitted all
pay lost by sentence of court martial
during that enlistment."
Paris, July J!). The annouiu ement
IOCS yesterday of the acquittal of Mine.
Henrlette Culllaux, charged with the
murder on liSfeh Pi last of QOOtOM
CahnettS, editor of the Cigaro, cn i ted
a wild scene in the court. Mm. Call
lOUg staggered and then threw her
arms about the neck of her counsel,
I', round Lobort, Her hair was un
done, falling over her shoulders, and
her hat dropped to the BOOT. The
spectators Stood upon desks and chairs.
"Calllauxl Loborit" and cries of
"Caillanx- -assassin!" merged Into one.
The din was deafening. Several groups
Of barristers came to blows and the
republican guards in an endeavor to
p irate them Joined In the melee. Kf
fOfftS of l.abori and Chontt, the latter
counsel for the Calinelte family, calm
ed the tumult for a moment.
Guards Clear the Room.
failing to make himseir heard, the
prSOkllng lUdgS, followed by the other
judges, marched out of the room. The
advocates took complete possession ..f
the eoWt, Some of them mounted the
Judges" desks and harrangueil the
rowd The guards then cleared a
portion of the room and comparative
lulet was restored. Judge Albanel
then returned and read the judgment
rdOring the release ,,f Mine. Caillanx.
Shaken with emotion. Mine. Caillanx
left by the witnesses' door, the guards
making a lane through the crowd. She
vend her lace with her hands, as if
to .shield herself from the furious cries
of. "Murderess'"
By way of a number of narrow cor
ridors ami back stsJffcnoos she reached
a small side door In the palace ,.f Jus
tice where an automobile was await -
In ; and drove otT unobserved. If, Cail
lanx left b.v tie main entrance amid
mingled che. rs and hoots.
Thus ended the most sensational
trial with which Parisian courts have
had to ileal in v eat s.
Rob Wedding Party.
Sydney, N. S. W.-Interrupting a
Wedding, four masked men relieved the
brideS I'OOSn and guesls of $S,0ll0.
of Music
Founded In 11174. Acknowledged
by the leading musicians of Kuropc
nnd America to be one of the fore
most Institutions of Its kind In
America. Decrees of Bechelor of
Mu i. and Doctor of Music conferred.
Every Branch Tausht. Sixty
ilu.roiiKJ.lv entiled instructors
Public Scflihl Music and Drawing
Academic I ippsrtojent.
I'nll term begSJiSMondey, Kept 14.
r l...tr -- ---
("brokers' gossip )
Allouez is likely to begin paying
dividends before the end ol lb:
lis est per pound of copp. r produced
may slightly exceed 11 cents in H14,
but it should be somiwhat low. r than
that in 1U 15. This company has u
Splendid future outlook.
S Copper Range.
Copper Hange Is SIQffglng from Its
period of adversity, li la making BP'
proximately a record production an. I.
with the benetlt of the rsgrindlog rs
cently installed in Its mills, it SShbUI i
Soon have its cost ol pr.l u. t ion .low i
I., nine cents again. It SOI ins to me
that this company's stock is Hi lling it
a ridiculously low price
Houghton Copper.
Houghton Copper has DOS m .re than
400 feet of drifts on the tenth level,
the bottom of the winze, and this
shows for almost its whole kSggtk
commercial grades and tin- major- cart
is of very good grades. The disclos
ures recently made, i psctoUy In the
northern drift have not been so rood.
It is likely that surveys for railroad
connections will be soon made. As
soon as the railroad is Completed it Is
probable that a mill tesl will be made
of the stock pile which has become so
laige as to be In the way. It is un
derstood that unless there is some very
great change for the worse in the
condition of the OfSsUMgS, that after
the cash has been received from sale
of the X.000 shares that have been ad
vertised for sale Aug. is for the non
payment of assessments, $1 having
been called May 17. 101 and $1 July
1."., 1913, the shaft will be sunk to the
tenth level. As there is about G.Oos
shares to he sold for the non-payment
of bot)) assessments and 1,000 for that
if the last, there should be received,
with the OUrrSOl price of $J per share,
soim thing like the full amount due,
about $14,(1110.
Victoria has so far met with fifty
feet of very good values in the course
of the sdiaft below the twenty-fifth
level. (Mi the t went v -foil rt h level
there have been disclosed Jll'.l feet of
very good grades of copper, the last
being Just as high in value as the pre
ceding, and the breast or face of the
drift is revealing equally uo.nl metal.
On the twenty-Mfth level a cross-cut
failed to tin. I the shoot. BO the diamond
drill has been used without any results
of a favorable character. The cross
cut will be carried farther in and the
diamond drill used again. The fact
that a few feet below this level BUI h a
long stretch of -good ground In depth
.veil known peculiarities, the metal's
has been encountered would from the
Occurrence In this lode seem to indi
cate that the copper must soon gppSUff.
MesldeH the openings ..n the twenty
fourth and twenty-lift h nnd the sink
ing of the shaft the . , Item drifts on
the tenth, eleventh and fourteenth lev
els are showing good rOCk, and that on
the twenty-second fair rock.
South Lake.
South Lake is waiting for the elec
tric pump which has lately been In
stalled, to be runntni nmoothly, so that
the steam power (hat has been oper
ating the pump can ! used for anoth
er drill. The QQgapffOBOOff . an only sup
ply air for three drills. Two drills SffS
being employed in the lone CffOSS-CUl
on the sixth and lowest level and the
third will be put t" wu-k drifting 00
tin- X... i bo -celled Bvsigiosu lode,
which has recentlv Sgaifl been passed
through b.v the crosscut from the Shofl
al thS third level and which showed
a width of thirtv feet with BOOM cop
per the entire distance, the eighteen
feet having very good grades. It is
vpc. led that this work will be be
gun the last of this week. The cross
cut at the thirty-se oiul level has ( ov
en d a distance of SbOOl IT.", feet and
the sixty last feet has been in a virv
dense hard trap. An nearly us the
dip of the four lodes when bored
thrOUgb by thS seven drill holes was
determined to be in the opposite di
rection to those Of the regular forma
tions, where the shaft is located and
in. w hich the crosscut is now progffSBSr
in, the geological developments are
being very closely watched by the min
im, nu n here. Many have thought thai
some earth movement was so grant
as to completely pever and turn around
the South Lake formations of which
the Lake Lode is . "needed to be a
member, while others claim that it only
b. ril and reversed the dip of BOOBS of
IBM series It is OlSO considered prob
able that as the locations of these
flhOPgSB SffS approached there would
be a gradually increasing disturbed
condition of the formations, but noth
ing of that nature las yet been ob
s. i v el. and on the other hand the
strata are as regular and undisturbed
as the leaes of a book. This prop.riv
with the three so-ialled BVSfgl'ecn
lodes discovered b.v the shnft and tie
foul- South Lake IcBjSS would seem t
be one ojefle most ploltlisHlg of the
non -producers.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the re-nomination
to the office of 8heriff of Hough
ton County and respectfully eo
licit the support and influence of
the votere at the primaries Au
gust 26th.
' Laurium Department
Ishpeming Department Preparing
New and Novel Features
That copper country tin men have an
unusual treat in store for them in the
Ishpeming tournament is indicated in
reports received hire from the Hema
tite city. Anent the attractions, the
Marquette Journal a,vs:
Within a f.w davs the pi., ram for
the Kiromcirs tournament week will he
completed. The members of the ar
rangement committee have engaged
Bsveral Ino ottroctlonn) The mom this
year will be a dscidsd OOVOHy. There
will be no cart pulling COOtSStB by the
tlrein. n, as they will be carried t t he
point where the BOUpllUg and other
tests will take place either by automo
biles or hose wagons. Kour automobile
Concerns have promised to send trucks
and there will also bS a display of oth
er lire lighting equipment.
The attractions wtfl bs bj far the
best that have ever been engaged for u
similar reunion. Kd HUtChinSSO'a sen
sational balloon BSCSOStonSa with from
two to four men saaklog DOffOOhtttS
drops at the same time, will be the
principal free attraction and the as
censions will be given twice BOCk day.
U e of the important features of the
celebration will be a children's parade,
for which an ofganlssllon sril be per
fected next Saturday afternoon, when a
meeting will be held in the tin ail.
The parti. U Wgil likely take pla e
Thursday. Women and girls who will
gS in Large of the various features BffS
determined t. make even more at
tractive than the children's parade dur
ing the In.me-coining celebration. The
children of the several wards will be
thoroughly organized, and there will be
several features in the procession.
Last year there were so niany fea
tures that the Judges found it impoosl-
Nsxt to Post Office. JftsaaW
E.C.Richards, Mgr.
Biograph Two Reel Drama
Interesting Events.
Vitagraph Drama
Lubin Comedy
Edison Two Reel Drama
Part 6 Two Reels.
The Father's
Scape Goat
Biograph Drama
Sixth of IBM) Andy series.
Current Kvents.
Vltimrnph Prima
Prize Contest Ends
bio to pish the pri.e winners, so that
instead of giving Hie prizes all of the
children were later given a mat. This
year the children will he grouped Hi
wards so it will be less dlttlcult to pi k
prize winners.
Another feature for which Uborol
prizes will b. gprgn will be a parade
made no of .;.'.vn.. that will pffOOObl)
be given on Friday BVSUMg. The OBSb
prizes will !,. so l.beral that they will
be tgej means . f inducing mnOJ to take
part. A U)WB s band wi.i i I gB II I Bert
for the pa r ...le.
Mr. and Mrs Klof Smith have re
turned from an extended vis.t in Can
adian cities.
Harry Hermann is In Mass City on
a business visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Levy have re
turned to Jackson, Mich., after a two
BTOOksf visit in BOPPer country towns.
Mr. and Mrs. A. . l'arkes of Al
ton, III., are rifltting relatives in Iuir
Thursday, July
The Greatest Pictorial Spectacle Ever Conceived
In the Wonderful Fantasy of the Deep.
"Neptune's Daughter"
I'oxi's ami rntiro lower floor
i lalcony sntTOalooiiy ( circle
Seats on Snle at Forstsr's, Tuesd.-.y, July 23, 8.00 A. M.
Matinee Price All oeats 2jc not reserved.
li i
The 6th Inst. -
in three parts featuring VARREN KERRIGAN
n quality, reasonable in price. The
same high standard is carried through
cut in all our provisions. We buy
the choicest Cattle, Hogs and Sheep
the market affords. ALL "topnotch
er6." You will experience utmost sat
isfaction in Meat buying, by favoring
US with your orders. Call Phone No.
102, we make prompt deliveries.
Ideal for the baby
end Table.
The products of
the Cloverlsnd
Dairy Co.
All guaranteed.
Let us drop s bot
tle on your door
id Dairy
ffhoe Polishes
t-Cr iflOt',
"GILT ED4iE." IBS only ladiuo' shoe droMliiu that
postalveiy osesBBBB ggj. gntcks, PoHsbes sua Pre.
TV-e ladiei si d ' hSiucb wltltuul
rut.bl.ig. - ' "KKIM H (.LOSS, ' IBC
"04SBV" 1 on ilasti n i..r desataiB '' ' poUshinq
i STAB "i , IbC
"Qllr WHITF"' ii liquid fori BFlthl eaM
ly clean. ' HhRcns dirty esass -I'h- luc.fcxSc.
"ALB0 nranf and Mhllrns Bl ( k. M Bt ( k.
SltOI, o:.1 CANVAS SP0I.S. In roui .l wl
parked in si DO Imtii, with immiuc. P. In BSBaV
on. , large aluminum buxcii, with rpoiir, VSc.
HseSSOaalSf BaSf " BB thf fclnrt y..u want n.1 sa
Ibr i.ric ... taini fur f ull nw i ki. i bargss BSM,
20-2S Albany Strael, Cambridge, Mass.
Tk Oldtt and lArgrt Manufacturtrt of
Shot Hvlnhti in the World.
.Hment of the
Ostrich and
Piftw Plumes
We can put new life into
the feathers and dye them
any color you wish.
If you ore getting a hat and
want to use a plume, it will
be much Iras expensive to(
v have us clean or dye your old
plume than to buy a new one.
color j ;
i BlslBjiW Bine .see l i

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