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Untimely End of Louis Voetsch
Casts Pall Over Community
The death of Louis V ctsch. chief of
il,,. !oughton tin and Mili depart
ment! at i-':30 this morning, following
an Injury sustained while on big way
;,, hi.s boms at (JM Inst svmmi cast
i pal of gloom MUf ilw . oinmuiiitv .
S.i,!,nri has the taking away .if n pop
per country resident been the cbum
u( such regret as that o( Chid'
V'( i In. !. "Louie'' a;: gC was l.unilial
l known by everyone in Um Portage
Lake ktWM and his uniin tei) end
; I,, topic Og the streets t l.i .
't he aei -blent occurred ft! the Junc
tion Of Shclden anil liukotnh streets, a
short distance tom the Electric Light
station near which the Copper Rgugr
rail nail company .vas excavating for a
c line. The churucter of the ground
ii nie bleating aeceaeary and while
Chief Voetsch was near tlic Shields
intala. ebareje was exploded, De
spite the fact thai every safeguard
w is taken to prevent an accident, a
number of rooks were thrown over the
lighting plant and one of the ml MrflW
R truck .Mr. Voetsch OB UM temple- He
aas rendered unconscious from Um
liloa and remained in a comatose State
Until the end.
Chief Vostech was on his trey bone
tn his supper and as has Ion Inert
in euntoMi be rode en one of the
. s to aVOld the climb nji the sleep
I. ill on Dnkotah street on which he
resided. The dray on this occasion
nrai driven by Boberl Baker ami a
fellow passenger was John Mac Kay, an
insurance man with Ofllcee on Huron
'.icet. Maker stopped the horses at
the fountain and while the team drank
Chief Voetsch J-ked with passing go-
ninilntpnnee One of Iheee was Prof.
I fJolanMUr, county agriculturist.
wlio was passing in an automobile.
lust as the chief uttered a remark, lie
;.i backward I o the pavement. Iniine-
illatel) Mr. Gslsggar and Mr. HacXay
. ame to bM aid and the Ural knowledge
i t an injury was Hie sight of I ta.pl ng
wound in the temple. A motor truck
happened alaill and the Injured man
was taken to the oilice of Dr. Turner.
County Physician I.ablne wan sum
mi nod and after a consultation, or
ilered chief Vqetaati to be taken to St,
joaeph'i bonpttat II was apparent thai
In; wound was serious and L.-pite the
effort of physio tana, he passed away
without re mining consciousness.
The iate Mi. Voetsch was bom in
Houghton 4!t years ggjg and hfl con
ttnuaflj mad.. bU home In this city. At
H.-e gge of It, he entered III"' llough-
ton iii dspartesesi ami in ivit be was
clclcd to the ..nice of chief. During
tin- period, he wit villai:o marshal Off
. ; i . r of police. As a llreman. he was
known throughout the peninsula ami
In had been honored with every office
in the 1'iiper Peninsula PlremeB'i ss
so. iati.m. As a policeman, he was
known as one of the most coiiravoous
Ian .onsideratc ..illola Is in the county
and becaSSs of thia lie had no long
nrd of arrests, lie was gttOWU by
i ei , man, woman and child In the
The late chief is survived by his
widow and the children. Karl, Howard,
Ralph, Lima and Stella.
An examination for fourth class
postmasters will be held at ! o'elock
this mornjai ai the Central School by
Miss R.glna Martin, civil service ex
aminer of the HoughtBh postofflce,
Many women long for children, but because of
Snme curable physical derangement arc ilepnved
f thia greatest of all Ii.ippiru.s-.
The women whose names follow were restored
to normal health bv Lydia B. I'inkham's Vegsta
tie Compound. Write and ask them about it.
"I took your Com
pound and huve a fine,
strong baby. " Mrs.
John Mitchell, Mas
sena, N. Y.
"Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vrgetable Compound ia a
wonderful medicine for
expectant mothers. "
Mrs. A. M. Myers, Gor
donville, Mo.
' 1 1 highly recommend
Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound before
child-birth, it has done so
much for me. Mrs. b.
M. Doerr, R. R. 1$ Con
shohocken, Pa.
"I took Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Com
pound to build up my
system and have the
dearest baby girl in the
world." Mrs. Mo.se
Blakeley, Imperial, Pa.
"I praise the Com
pound whenever I have
a chance. It did so much
for me before my little
girl was born." Mrs.
E. W. Sanders, Rowlee
burg, W. Va.
"I took your Com
pound before baby was
born and feel I owe my
life to it." Mrs. Winnie
Tillis, Winter Ravsu,
Dr. H. M. BJtosi win. returned during
MM week from attending the meting
"' ""' dJSMsdonn nsSsapsihiti gggsejn-
tion at Philadelphia and from taking
special clinics In eastern cities, an
nounced yestcrdav his intention of o
CnttSJi in Duluth. He will have for
his new tb Id Sent. i.
Dr. tOSi Will lie sueeee.led In
tf,OMghtOfl by Dr. M. c. II, ml. ,, ,,.
luth. They exchange otllces because
of conditions that are to their mutual
advantage, Dr. Kurd comes highly roe-
Offfflnended as an osteopathic prnctl-
t loner,
Next Wednesday, August t, is the
date of the anniversary of the opening
of the Rottghton branch of the Weath
er Bursas, The looal station was
openod on August moo, and until
111 was located in the balden Dee
building, al Bhsktsg and Isle Royale
streets. The head, pia rt ers then were
removed to the Mesngli Temple on
Shclden street.
Dr. 11. B, llarkness of HoughtOg was
the first obaerT In churKe and he
continued in this rapacity until No
ember 7. ItSg, when lie was lUCOSSdsd
by Abe ie-ner. The latter had charKe
utitil April l, I'.U". when he was suc
ceeded b) 1 '. I!. CoWdficki who is at
present in charge of the station. Dr.
Harknass is still located in Houghtog
and is follow iiik his medical profes
sion. Weatbor Observer Wlesaer has
I bargS of the adSSS in Port Huron.
Bijtce the weather bureau was open
ed iii gS tSJS following assistants
baVC been employed for VSffiOtM gO
rio.is of time:
MoOtgg s. foiom, August 100 to
April, I'M:. .Mr. Colon is at present
locatsd in Landar, WTyosilng. and has
charge of the ofttce In that town.
CbJUtles Dieter. April, Iffti to Fet
ruary, tS7. Mr. Dieter is at present
employed at the Hoii'-hton County
IMeciric Ught company ortlce.
Thomas Karncy, March, 1 :07. to An
Kttst, l!tn?. Mr. Karne.N is now l-
a ted in HOUgfctOn.
Chester Tucker, September. 1 HOT, to
July, Itlt, Mr. TttOhSff is now located
at Bagftl HgffbOff and is a member of
the life sa in,r crew.
William McNabb is now employed
as neelstant to Weather iMiserver
Since the establishment of the
westhST bureau numerous Improve
men. s have been made to the olllce.
Tim headquarters at the present t.me
are mm h more attraethe than the
old oltiees ami additional equipment
has been installed.
August Weather.
Weather Observer Cowdrick reports
that the weather thus far during Au
u nst compares favorably with that of
former years. The temperature has
ben about normal and the hottest
day recorded of the month on August
when the mercury mounted to de
Hours of Worship to Bo Observed in
Edifices at County Seat.
At Trinity Kpiscopal, the. usual
tsrIOSS i 1 1 be SOndUCted at 7:30 and
Id 15. Music will he furnished by an
auxlllsry eholr. The rector, Rsv. w.
It. Cross, will be in charge.
St. Ignatius.
Masses at t, I, ami 10: 1.". a. tn.;
rsSpsrS at 7:15 p. m. Kev. A. .1. Ke.ek,
pastor. Kev. JoSSph Scbaul, urate.
Christian Science.
Services at 10:1 at the Christian
Scieme nail. Sunday school imme
,i,,i,.iv alter the morniiiK service.
Christian sclsnos testimonial meetings
arc bold every Wednesday at I ocdock.
Salvation Army.
Borvlcea at the galvation Army hall
Tuesday, Thursday ami mUurday
eveniggSi Jail meeting at OOUOty Jail
Sunday at ;M a. m.; Bunday BOhOOl
i p. in.; salvation meeting S p. m.
11. Hainso, CaptSinS V. BtSadi lieu
tenant. Baptist Mission.
Services held in the Odd Cellows'
I,. ill. Shclden Street, . very Sunday at
10:10; Sunday School at noon. Rsr,
C. II. BffOOhSi pastor.
Grace Methodist Episcopal.
Morning servloe at io:30; Hnnday
gehool at Hp worth league at
6 30; Bvening service 7:30; mid-week
isrvlee Thursdmyi at 7:41; choU' irae-
n, c Saturday evening at T'.td. HOT.
J. IL nankin, pastor.
Federal Officers in Houghton on Per
iodical vim.
-..i.i,. ii.!.M'tors Charles M.
(.i(11li'11R' and Charles M. York, are in
Houshton on one or tneir icu..w
f inspection and yesterday they vis
the steamers Howboy. ViUeirlo
,IU1 B. Kayos. It is necessary to
MPC these . raft four times a year.
0Wlng to the fact that they are pas
BOngsr sicamers. Both Inspectors are
WH gaowa bv every sailing master In
tMs district and they have been on
,,. inl) f,,r the past thirty years. Mr.
C. ITng has Charge of the inspection
f pollers while Mr. York looks after
the hulls.
Mr Q Unl ttated today that every
StaOStSff on the lakes tea, lies a new
, the inspection department
,;,, nw rSflUlatloM arc formed con
v UMMtl marine enKineors re
Ul ulars from this offl-
;r;, describing new ptUgS that arc ,o
. ,.. of every Stt on. r
Iip use.l on boil. i- el
Thre must be insi -
rsguUtlont and is one sortog of the
i Slogan ' Safety First."
four criminal cases, four cases In
law and eM in Sgsjlty will he heard
at the September term of the United
Mates district court which will con
vene in Mar. tuette on September .'2.
The most Important criminal trial
win be that of p. ii. yisaegen. former
ly of Calumet, chained with fraudu
lent use of the I'nited States mails.
An Indictment was returned anainst
Kluncuan several terms back. The
case was to have come to trial in Mar
Muette six gUJgtlMJ UsTOi but was post
poned. When the ease was for trial at
the Soo lust spring. It was adjoin lied
Owing to the illness of one of
Mr. Planesaa'S relatives.
Deck Wing, of gnwaaaha, a Chinese
laumlry man, is harRed with haVittg
attempted to bribe an gfdjoar of th
ImmiKratlon service It Is said that
Wfesg offered Thomas M. RflSS. of Sault
Ste. Marie, inspector in Charge of the
Im migration offtce at the so... a sum
of money to prev ent action In the euse
of Sue (lay, another Chinaman, who
was In the United States unlawfully.
The complaint against S7ggj was sinn
ed by Inspector Ross. It is reported
that tVhftg will probably plead guilty.
Copper Country Jurors.
The following COPgST country
traverse Jurors have been subpoenaed
for the Sept. mil. r term:
Klrncr R. Hlxson, HOUghtOfi,
Samuel Kddy, Lake Linden.
Andres Wler, Houghton.
Henry i ABoae, Lake Limb n.
Wm. .1. Hosklng) Houghton,
hied Bond, Phoenix.
Julius Bsldsnfeld, South Ranga.
Angusi Ruttula, Covington,
Matt I'. Kobe, Calumet.
Chas. l Hall, chassell.
Louis Loffgngor, Otttonagen.
BdWnrd M. Li bleln, Hancock,
l'red Harper, QuittOy Mine.
Nestor K. Malfrold. Calumet.
John B Maekay, Hancock.
Adam J. Hessalo. Mandan.
HuggfH Pooh, Unices Crosslin;.
James N. Howlett, Hruces Crossing.
Win. B. Smith, Mohawk.
The program for the annual meeting
of the Lake superior Mining institute,
to i.e bold iii Marquette county ami
Detroit, Aug, 31 and Sept. 1, J and 3,
has bees completed. A number of pa
pers will be presented by Well known
mining men, annum them the follow
ing! Tse of electricity at the I'cnn and
Republic mines," William Kelly and P.
ii. Armstrong, Vulcsn Mich.
"Methods of Stocking Ore on the
Marquette Range. H Lucius Eaton, Ish
pemtng. Mieh
C.cneral OntHnS of MlSdng Methods
Ussd in the Copper QnsM mine, Itis
bee, Arizona." Joseph I'ark Hodgson,
Hisbee, Arizona.
The Sinking of A Vert leal Shaft at
the PalmU Mine of the Newport Min
ing Company at BSSSSgser. Mieh.,"
ITank Hlackwcll, IroaWOOd. Mi h.
"Mining Methods on the Manpiette
Ranne." report by committee.
'Steel Blocking Trestle at No. 3
shaft, Kegaunee Mine," s. n. Kiiiott.
Negaunee, Mich.
Ventilation in the Iron Mines of
the Lake Superior District," BdwtS
Higgins, Pittsburgh, Pn.
follow Up System and Method of
Recording Injuries in Compliance with
the Workmen's CoSSPOnsation Law,"
Herbert J. Platter, lion Kiv. r. Mich.
Hydro-Klcctric IMunt of tho Cleve-land-ciiffs
Iron Company.'' P C. Stan-
f.u.i, labpsmlng. Mieh,
JosnettS, 12 .vear old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. MsadOT Qttllbault of
Pranklln treat, was knocked down on
Bheldon street ysstsrday afternoon b
a ear driven by Key. Father Kaymond
of Lake Linden. She sustained a bruise
on h. r head and a Slight aluasion on
her hand. The child was not hurt
seriously. Her father says that no
I, lam-- is attachable to l-'athcr Ray
mond, that the child became confused
In crossing the street.
Directors of Fair Will Hold Session
Next Tuesday Night.
Directors of the Copper Country
Pair association win meet Tueedaj
evening when ways and means for the
annual exhibit will be dis, ussed.
Indications at the present time are
that the coming lair will be the best
ever held and every person interested
Is workiiiK diligently toward this end.
Huslnessmen in the POfftSgS lake dis
trict have plsSjgfd their support while
prominent people of other ends of the
county will also assist.
The following marriage licenses
wpre issued this morning at County
Clerk Kaiser's olllce:
Claude HotchklSS and Mrs. Mabel
Poodrldga of Kenton.
Adeloie Heaiichamp of CleVSjhindi
( i.. and Miss PhileSSSUS llebert of
The Anchor Line steamer Junlnta
was In Hounhton this BMSmlag, SSSi
inv from Duluth. The steamer (cur
ed hpfore noon, en route for Mar
quette, Huffulo and other eastern
ports. The passenger list was limited
Hancock Department
Cost of Necessary Carbons and
Chemicals Is Increased
America's pet amu .-incut is menac
ed In hovptsjI ways bv the European
Tniesa hostilities in Rurope eease or
problems which the war has developed
are solved in some other way, motion
picture theaters throughout America
will be serloidJy affected.
In the first place American manu
facturers have been unable to produce
carbons of suHioipnt lighting ' power
at an acceptable price to compete In
their .wn country with foreigner a
nvestiSjatMM in the Bast, accord-
lug to a theater manager, show a
scarcity of these carbons and the sup
ply, while not In Imminent danger of
becoming exhausted. being depleted
rapidly. The cost to the consumer has
already been advanced over IM per
cent. Dealers are also limiting the
number to be sold to escb customer.
Cqually important supplies effl led
by the war, which are causing motion
picture producers considerable uneasi
ness, are the chemicals required to de
velop the negatives. Metol, hydro
quinine, potassium carbonate, iodide
of potassium and citric acid, all of
which are required in perfecting nega
tives are largely manufactured by the
Hermans, Belgians ami French, in
most eases these products have al
ready advance from SOO to 100 per
cent, while In some Instances tin- sup
ply has become exhausted, with no im
mediate hope of the stocks being re
plenished. Among the Producers.
Among the producers here and
abroad, the war has also been felt. The
Psjnoui l-'ilm 'Players company has
abandoned the production of its new
Him. "The Silver King," with Cuy
Standing in the leading role, Mr.
tending is an officer in the Bngltsh
army and he has ulrcady left to Join
his regiim-nt. Many in tors and olll
clals of compai'ies here and abroad,
especially the foreigners in America,
were reservists and a large number
have already left for the front. Most
of the Paths COmpeny employes are
French, while the concern's Ure fac
tory In France has been requisitioned
by the French gOjrsrUmgnt SS a bar
racks for the soldiers.
The foreign studios of the Vita
graph, Be lair and I'.auniont companies
are also reported dosed, most of the
men under 45 years of age having
joined the army. The Apex company of
Germany has also been reported as
demoralized by the war. Italy is the
only Stag-producing company in Ha-
rope that is not at war and although
tllms may be nianufa Staffed there, it
Is probable that I hey will be delayed
In shipping or possibly never reach
American ports.
This will mean that American tlffS
producers will be . ailed upon to sup
ply the countless motion picture thea
ters in this country with virtually all
of their piet urea
New Nozzle Will Be Used to Fight
Basement Fires.
chief Bxley of the Htanoock fin- de
partment has receives rxoss ins
Orother Plre Equipment c. ,,f Dayton,
Ol a revolving 'cellar" nor..le for use
in fighting Hies that break out In the
basements of buildings. Tin- ta w Lp
paratus has not been purchased bv
the department as yet but is merely
la re on trial.
The device is about 12 Inches long
and Is equipped with ball bearings, the
number of revolutions depending i "
the pressure. There, are ten In h
Inserted in the nossls about an plghth
of an inch in diameter to permit the
water to fiow out. Thus tin sln im
an- thrown simultaneous!) and ever)
portion of the cellar Is reached.
this trip and Purser Thorn peon state, i
that tourists arc not taking pleasure
trips in such large numbers at this
time of the year as they did earlier in
tho season.
.j. . ., f
.;. gj .j. ; S d S) dj
BUPL Doelle of the Houghton and
Portage township schools has not as
yet annoUBced the list of teachers en
gaged for th. s hools' ensuing year,
which opens one week from Monday.
He probabh will announce the list
early in the coming week and this
will wind up -a nearly so his annual
effort to complete his teaching corps.
J. F. Tobin, Jr., of Marquette, is a
business visitor in Houghton.
T. H. Lang of Duluth. head of the
lakes manage, f.,r the Standard nil
company, IS In Houghton visiting rela
tives and tin- trade.
ptof, .. .i HsSle f th.- Michigan
College of Mines left yesterday on a
business trip t" Hisbee. Arlr..
Mrs. H. O. Wormsr has relumed to
her home in Detroit after gpeadiag
i he summer with her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. . 1 Hoar.
Mr. ami Mis. S. J. MeStSff and
daughter Margaret of Toledo leave I. -day
for their ROOM after spending tWM
weeks at the home of Mr. Nester's
The tag Valerie wm rdpJaee tm R-
H. Hay.s on the run to While Citv
today while the excursion boat n un
dStgUilll repairs, The Haves will be
back on the route tomorrow.
Mus Christine MsLsnn has fuM re-
ISmSd from a trip to westcn 'an. id i
where she visited relatives.
Representatives of Zenith Picture
Company ; ake Scenes Here.
Curious crowds congregated on the
streets of Hancock this morning
watching with interest the work of
the camera men who arc here repre
senting the Zenith Motion Picture
company gSOUrlng scenes of the coo
per country. Pictures Of the busi
ness places, churches and the city hall
ere sei iir.-il i his mm nm.- and t hb
afternoon Chief Rxley of the Hancck
tire department and his crew gave a
practice run for the bSgadM of the
camera men.
Scenes of Houghton were taken yes
terday atul the College of Mines will
be photocraphe.l Mondav. PlCtUffSff of
the life saving crew and the scener.v
ft the Canal will be secured Sunday.
When the picture is completed it will
be shown at the OrphOUm theater In
Hancock and probably other moving
picture theal.-rs In this district. It
then will be turned over to the Copper
Country Commercial club.
Usual Services To Be Conducted in
Local Houses of Worship.
At the Congregational church Sun
day mOfnlag at 10:30 o'clock the pas
tor, Rev. F. Ci. Rich, will preach on
the Hubject, "Mary, the Mother of Je
sus." Bvsnlng serv ice will be held at
7 o'clock, Bubject, "Worship." IIcku
lar midweek prayer meeting sen k
Thursday evening at 7;M o'clock.
Choir rehearsal Pfftday evening ut
7:30 o'clock.
First M. E.
Rev. Crosby will preach
morning ami eventasg gsrvkM
row. Sunday school will be
noon. Services during the
at the
beh) at
i oming
week will be as usual.
St. George's Church.
BUSsdtt) I'.Wt a. m.. Holy Bucl mis'
10: 3o a. m., matins and sermon bv J,
C. Condon; 11:30 u. m., Sunday school;
7:30 p. m., vespers. Friday -7:30 p.
in., choir practice at rectory.
The polls in Hancock will be opsa
next Tuesday morning at 7 o'clock
and will remain open until I in the
evening. Polls will be established in
the different wards as follows:
Kirst ward Hockln building.
Sc. . mil ward City hall.
Third ward Holland building.
Fourth ward Swedish hall.
Captain W. S. Lloyd of the steamer
Plow boy announces thai three trips
Will be made to the Canal tomorrow.
The first trip will be made in the
morning, tin- steamer leaving ('lose fc
Hodgeson's dock in Hancock at 10
o'clock. The second trip will be made
at :ll In the afternoon and a moon
light ride at 7:3o o'clock.
Miss Cecil Pellerine is spending her
vacation in iiaraga.
Joseph A. Jeffery and H. L .Teffery
of Duluth are In Hancock on business.
B, F Murphy of Ksianabu is visiting
friends in Hancock.
Mrs. Phil Sherman of Chicago Is
visiting her brothers. Charles Jordan
and William Schultz of Hancock.
Mrs. J. S. Nichols and daughter.
Miss Pantile, havo gone to Iron River
to visit relatives.
C. A. Harwick arrived in Hancock
yesterday. He has been engaged by the
board Of Education iia commercial
Mrs. Leonard Peterson and family
have returned to their home in New
berry. They were the guests of Mrs.
Potsrson'g parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
N. Mitchell.
Mrs. Prank Johnson and daughter,
left for their home in Indianapolis
Mr. and Hrs. Charles MSCDoUgall
and son, Itruce, leave today for the
east to visit with relatives.
The work of renovating the Pcwabic
Methodist Episcopal church was com
pleted the latter part of this week and
the editice wil be used for service to
morrow for the llrst time in several
Advl.es have been received from
Washington to the effpet that the ap
pointments as postmasters of prod J.
Htld of Baraga and Robert M. Smith
of Kearsarge have been confirmed by
tli. Senile
Miss Volande BlwOOd Met! last even
ing for c.rand Rapids to visit relatives
Candidate for rsussntaatloa
as sheriff on the republican tick
et at the August primary.
At the primary election vot
ers may mark the ballot In only
one column, or party ticket.
Voting in more than one tlckpt
makes the ballot VOML It is not
permittPd to vole, for in
more than onp ticket.
I rpspectfully rpquest the
votes of all republicans and wish
to remind them that if they
should want to vote for a can
didate for som other olllce on
the ticket other than the repub
lican, they should first learn If
that other candidate has opposi
tion before decldlnc. If he has
no opposition it Is not necessary
for you to vote for him MM run
chances of making v.uir ballot
for a few weeks before entering the
Northwestern l'niv.-rsit at Fvansi.i
f..r the fall term.
J. K. Tobln, Jr.. of Marquette g in
I la 111 00k on business.
Westher Bureau.
Chsrles F. Msrvin, Chief.
Houghton, Michigan, Saturday, Au
gust ttj ItlC
MllSOIllc Temple -Telephone No. IM
All observations taken st 8 a. SS,
(75th meridisn time).
'I emu
gB If,
a . s
Slate of
i il
Alpena r -2 w 4 .oo ClSSJ
Huffalo t4 -3 w 10 .-0 I'lear
Chb ago 70 - s 8 .00 Clear
Duluth 60 2 ne 4 Cloudy
jgnsnshi to g 4 .00 Foggy
(Ireen Ray. . .04 4 s 4 M Ch ar
Houghton r,6 -4 so 4 44 dteta
Marquette ... OS 4 w I .St Clear
Milwaukee. . . N 4 sw I M ' !Mn
New York... 70 0 sw 4 JM Clear
New orb-ans. CO -4 n 10 1.10 Clear
Port Arthur. &o -C n 4 Jd Pt. Cldy
goo 52 -6 4 ,S0 CtOSd
St. Paul ou 4 SS 1 .oo Cloudy
San Fran 2 sw I M Cloudy
Washington. . OH -s nw s Clear
Winnipeg II 0 M I M Cloudy
Weather Forecsst.
(Till 7 P. M. Sundav
('upper Country: Cloudv tonight and
Sunday. Probably thundeffShOWgffS,
Weather Conditions.
There has b en
a geneial east
ward mo vi meat
Of pressure con
ditions sin-e yes
terday; the storm
area noted ovr
the northern
1 U i '; M i Uinta ms
has increased m
energy and ex
tended eastward
to the Upper
Mississippi Vai-
"v ley, ooveifr.
I J of lbs
Qs L i 1
i "Jr weather i
c -T" over these see
- r . ggJ tioiiti und thund-
ei show ers have
been freiiuent. The high pressure not
ed i.v.r the tin-at Plains is now (en
tered over the Lower Lakes and i hio
Valley, and fair cool weather is gen
eral throughout the Fast. The barom
eter continues high on the Pacific
Slope. Fnsettled conditions will ex
tend to this vicinity this afternoon Sff
tonight, as a result of the fall In ba
rometer, and showers and thunder
storms niay be expected during the
next 36 bouts. Moderate southeast
winds, with local squalls ale indl atcd
official in Charge
Joseph F. Mambitzer
Republican Candidste for
at the coming Primaries.
Has lived among miners all his life
time. Is familiar with all classes of
people and their characteristics.
Has be n municipal attorney
.ught"ti for the past seven
during which time much special as
sessment work was done and bond is
sues authorized.
His bond Issue and special assessment
Has ga elegant office at the county seat where he Is within MS?
rea b of the county officers nnd can work in harmony with the sheriff.
Has successfully handled many criminal eases including the n Ml
case against Ksttgl Crimes and KsHy am itt I OS the perjured gtete
ment of DM .Malvin, f..r the killing of the Jan.- brothers.
Discovered the law of 1ST.". gSthoriStag witnesses to enter into g
recognizance for their BJsaMrance In the Circuit Court did not author
ize the court to commit witnesses who w. r. in default.
Hays that neither polities, religion of I " standing WOOM influ
ence him in the trial of CSSM.
11.. I.... .. ..n :ictive life-lollg BeDUbllCSfl ftOd IMU
sit Ion.
Hie motto is Caution, Fairness
RKPt'itLK'AN CANDlDATlBlor the nomination for
opposes recall of Judges and Judicial decisions.
For reform in Judicial procedure.
For tho appointment. Instead of ele tion. of rSgSttte of the I'ni
verslty of Michigan and members of tM Board Of the Mi- htgng Ag
ricultural Colli ,
I'roposes broadening the powers f labor department so that me
diation may be offered in labor troubleg with a view of preventing
strikes, and for further protection of laboring MM and wmcn.
Would regulate private banks by bringing all banking Institu
tions under the control of the St its banking department, exct
those now under national Juri- I
Crftes more good roads and would hive stnte gM Ii MSSSi to
help sparseU gsttlsd communities.
Wants slat.- hoard of estimates to group dSJM BdS r "i SBtfl
Hons in budget for submission In on. appi opri.it ion bill.
Advocates a stenographic report of the proceedings of the legislature.
Vigorously declares for preserving law nnd order nt nil times.
London, Auf. Tl, GSlI to the
(dors tor the continental reservists
had Immediute effect on London res-
i.-' t.ints, hotel and IrffSrdtni houses.
London bee,-, me alniont waiterless.
The old-fashioned BgsSltSh waller is
all but extinct. His pggsktf has been
deeplj regretted by the older genera
tion of Fngltsh, because of his intelli
gent service, whi 1 n ardsd as one
of the fine arts, and his n.-pectful
ibineanor. Hut be could not with
stand the competition of tin cheaper
living foreigner.
While lysneh and Italian servants
have been attracted to London by tho
better pay. a large part of tie 9Sg
mans kOVS I "ine over lot tie- golf pur
p..s. of learning BnglisM '. .-n street
car ennducters and taxi drivers in
most of the Ijerniau cit.es are com
pelled t., know Knglih, and the knowl
edge of foreign languages Is un asset
for uny type of Qsi ate II WSgM earner.
Loudon business houses also are
filled with Qsraaaa nlgrkg who ssgrh
for little or nothing In order to learn
IOnglish and master Kngllsh business
methods. Tlcir leaving h..s largely
dlsor-anied business.
and Ointment
Will help you when all else fails.1
Unsightly complexions are often
a bar to social advancement and
business success. Start life with
a clear skin and good hair.
Samples Free by Mall
("iitlctirn Snap nrt Ointment -w.M throughout thS
worM. l.llim-nl mwptr of earn rnAllpd frw, with S3-p,
huuk. AddrwM "CuUcuru." 1 K in gn Ulmu.d.
id per-
aerer hold tin po'
and Independence.

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