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Founded lfcM
Published by the
v w rOUNOC,
W. M. LYl 1 N
Business M.inaKiT.
Entered at the egg irael
Mlchisan, as Second Class
Mail Mailer
Business office
fcditoiiul Looms
TbiUMs 1 1 1 ' M BCRIPTION;
By Mail or Carrier.
Per war, la advance 15.00
Per year, not in advance a0
Per month 50
Blnglc esue 05
Complaints ol irregulatity in deliv
ry will receive prompt and thorough
nr. M.fcation.
Any delay in delivery of The Newt
should be reported to this office for
correction. Ordinarily every subscriber
on a earner route should have his pa
per before 6 P. M.
Twenty-one officers and men of the
National Guard of Colorado wen tried
by court martial on chaoses growing
out of the tamous Ludlow Baits"
last April M,
The numbers of the National lai I
w re- charged with various runes and
nnssseneanors ranging from murder
to arson and larcen in council ion
with the labor Hots Which turned
Colorado Into stats near to civil war
last spring.
The court martial failed to Arid a
sduc.ii state trooper -aiil: : a single
1 rime , r a fttggfc mlsdemean t,
Kvcry one of the twent) -two defend
ants have been eosjnitted,
The incident and its moral is
worthy of more than passim: note.
v henevar 1 Itisen s ildi ry is died
upm for strike duty, an a'.n: f!
variable result is a veritable hemor
rhage of accuaatloai e-.-i:nw. to v. red::
state troopers with inbjuitits 1- un-
manlv as they would be criminal, if
MK hinan had this Colorado experi
encc la the upper peninsula OIM ,. r
Hut. aim. 'St w.thout exception, if the
charges" can ever he put to a test
fT veracity, and if the 1 haraiter as
aats can ever be brought fa t"
Hi 1 with the necessity for proving
their indictments, complete vindiea-
a tor tks National Guard is almost
always the result.
In those exigencies which result in
ll Nr.. nal-44uardsmen for
:r.ke service, it is only fair play for
remember this Colo-
- : ..I. as it is. of the
:-.: o'i. . v..-- rtndcred nine
1 ; .? s:milar instances
. : ; . - r -; :. the benefit of a
etai taabt when their motives, their
i ' . A-d :r.e:r morale are subjected
1: -.inter-charge.
red and sixty cannon c.ip
rmans! That ia all the ar
e of battb- sixteen miles
Think of it if con-
sorrow among the
Mis. Superintendent
found her way back from
' :.!uu .- : Is will open
The Jij may not b. .1 erv
!o.e jut he ran be dOpend
make a big noise.
Prvdar I'ainK-r, world famous war
Lorrespondenl who will repres-nt tha
Associated Press at On front with the
British army, has Baea ;l vvar corres
pondent m ,,!. conflicts since the tlreek
war of IW7. lb' was la tha Kloadik
with the- gold rush: hiilened to he in
the Philippines In I8BS; returned with
Dewe) In ttff, and in 1'omi wus with
the uiiie.i array that searched to Pak
in'. a little later ha was m tha thi k
of Ceatral American revolutions pad
IMS saw him in Macedonia l-.r the In
surreetion thei .
During the Russe-Japanese war. ha
was attached as correspondent to the
first Japanese army. In IMS lie re-
portsd tha foaraj Turki movement,
and in I tit he "covered' the Balkan
w.ir. He arrived at Vera vVi. short!)
after tha Amsrt an patio
Sunday Dinner
is always the best meal of the
week a little extra or some
thing different. We all appre
ciate it. It's the same way with
Mr. Walter Pr.ckett of Roy
croft Farm fame has a fine crop
of choice horns grown alfnlfa
We have prevailed upon him to
let us have a few carloads for
the good cows m this ens' of the
This is the first opportunity you
have ever had to get horns grown
The less you handle alfalfa th
less leaves 'the best part of iti,
you loss.
We want you to send in your
orders so we can deliver direct
f-om ths car to you
Give your cow a regular SUN
DAY DINNER and she will rs
pay you in extra rich milk,
The M. Yan Orden
Some . I th' states ni tin I'nlon. but
unfortunatelv Miehigan is not unions
l hem. hate awakened to 1 In fact that
federal laws and regulations do not
lulls aaadh the problem of immigra
tion, says the Detroit Journal It la
betiniuim to be revognUed that ilu
propoi distribution of the foreign peg-
ulatloli seeking America's shores has
become a necessity, and that th
OOaatT) oaa absorb 11 great host pro
vidniK lias, happiness seekers are put
while' the) belong.
Hereafter in California and Mas
chuaetta the distribution, housing.
BChoallng and political fusion of these
workers, with their low standards of
li inc;, are not to be left to chance
Moth these states have established
state immigration commissions. Thus
tar Massachusetts has only been iu
ret tgating, but the probability Is that
t:.c ..tie of the immigrant will 110 lung
er be a Blatter of Kood luck or bad
luck, whether be lie COM SO a wo.ilth-
(.onsuiinr or a state burden. Cullfor
tiia has taken hold in earnest, for it
w If fore0fM conclusion that the
open of ths Panama canal would
give tha 1 ppor'uiutv nf itumitraiits
reaching her shores directly from Ku
pOfHSj and that federal regulations
would not be compete at to handle the
ev er-increasin, numbe rs Making an
oppot'tunitv to earn a living.
ea'.oornia. liixe Michigan, has mil
lion of acres of irgiu soil. The prob
ata with her is. as it also is with
Ml nigan, cow to distribute immigr.i
t.ou in such a manner as to least af
fect the standard of living. Coatlion
m cities must be BinOOttiaged by ssak
. ,is.: to ci: a living elsewhere;
aiu'. the use of Asgttah must he en
couraged by the estalshment of Bag
lHh spoabllH schools for beth children
and adults. A:ove all. the Ann 11. an
Ma:. dare, c : liv inn must be prese : ed
And aoa we are told that fans
p , 1 1 afl ta ba designed in London
ill si rs Sh iraaii never
knew sh.it war could le.
Htraaftar Watarioo will ba of smaii-
1 r a : ' or, ever since
tha e.:.' that was fOPi there one
hundred v.trs .i'o r.ex: June.
f .ourse. tha fimirMt field, hardly a
dozen miles from Brussels, will al
ways bava the diatlBCttoa that it is
w i.t re N.tpc'.e. n made his
last stand. But this month of August
ia the .ear 1514 :s witness to mvotary
operations which, in human probabil
ity, will obscure m hhatoay, the long
series of exploits that came to their
rinish in Ills.
Present-day war operatic ns are so
gigantic that they make the set bat
tles of f Tmer ::mes look ins.r.. Scant
and this new war wLl ur-ueet:
be of so much account in map-making
that posterity wi.l Bttis r;eed what
happened to boundary l.nes jus: priir
to the time wt.en Ns; MaM tairssd U
st. Helena, wrvte roemvirs tnd Cje
f e-aneer.
At Waterloo the fighting area war
small: the forces rumored, aii uid.
hardly tw . - r.d men the
whole arTair lasted less than t,ght
hours. The pl.e ..- ; irr f a r
shara, now, ti.- paftls i.rje ;s m"r-
than two hundred miles . r.- w;:t.
wirefa - innrjni at. on ar.d with wea
pons of daatrut lion Jiuat in the air.
Thre ar- radical chantfe. in every
thing: reiatini: t., war ex' ejt w ith re-
pect to the human beings who parti' 1-
ad the haaaaa saewrias that in
volve millions of men in the fighting.
Tha things transpiring Just now
Illustrate the melancholy far t that war
in Its pres fit form is worse than it
ei i .. How vain all the prsa I Lag
and tea blng by the apostles of peace!
v v v v v v v '.- -1 -I v !
; : ! : : v v ; ;
London Advtcai have reached herf
from Stockholm that whan th- x
shah of Perala raachsd there from
lermany he was so trigtitened that
ha refys.-,: to i alve any calsafi and
locked himself up with tha saesabevi
of his rolti . Ha would not rvea tlk
with his retalnora, so thorouahly was
he overcome by friahl Tha dapoaad
shah traveled undar the name of
"Monsieur Plw hmann." Whe n aoa
v ini e thai ba was safe- in Stockholm
and ins terror had paaaad ths. forraaf
Persian monan s si pi during the
graatar pan of tha day Ha planned
to continue his Journey to Russia.
Paris -Having baaa srraatad by ths
trmana Hansi, tha Alsatian carica
.list ,aacapad and Bad to Fraaca to
ni imprisonmenl and yolaod a
Vench rsdmSBI us an inte rpreter. The-
lermaa oWcaf who had caused big ur
t bbi tha Brai priaooar broughl ie
tn Ths officer complained of tha
itmenl h- had racalved and Haaal
! k d "it was certalaly battar than
tn- at ' 'olrnar."
n I was 111 a hum to en-
lisl v lh- e xcuse of I BJ tidsiria 11
rarraoath boxar, when ar-
i 1 r ueedlni on ins atotorcycla.
I ' 1 1 1 I s , I
i.oMi c srasaan 1 11 inii T lowssty
wearing in' Qataaaa aad Austrian
ked tha whole laasjxh of the
Btrand undietufkad, and almost unno-
is sd,
Paris At Point -a-Mouson a hun
dred hugs Hi rmnn shells. ca h welgh
poaadl ntnl carrying an emr-bat-
of pi. irate, killed only
n Lad gsaggadhsj 1 -
II our mpe ror's solemn
written .,1, ligation to respect the- neu
hralit) of Belgium is no gd, why
should 1 bava any mre cnfldence la
yadT aordr This was the- reply of
' Sener. 1 ,:, , oimrui ruler
at Unix. ,11 rafuateaj list reiuest f
; b rnii . i!.. . 1 ta be re leased on
London Ai uniformed members of
the pnllitarv ,r nnval fr es Ineludlng
lleii 1 -
. B outs, are I
It noe's without saying that if th
I'lilte-el State's government establishes
11 steamship line' for the purpose of
maintaining and developing foreign
asjBJsasaTOt it will nut atteinpt to fur
nish l euitrahaiul or e onellt lonal contra
baml of war to countries sagagad n
hostilities. Washington Pool
U o ill the- I'liiled States, whei hap
pil have' folloWad for iihui' than a
hundred ve.iis the' wise, fetreseelng ael
V le'e of WashlUMton and .le'tl e rsoti to
MtVala from safasjiing alliances with
feut'inn nations should appreciate the
sagacit) of our forefathers. Buffalo
Science and sscracy are working in
conjunction to rob war of that glisaolll
that oaos faaciaatad and thrillad ail
people". It Bsay be' Silfel.V predli'te'il
that the' world's Kieatest war will pro
dine' lower popular heroes than die)
various wars of the' past I'hicago
Ne w s.
It BtMSaS to be' forgotten that as the'
trttgjsjia widens: and the statistics i
tha war grow flmre stupendous tha
rseouroaa behind the- araslaa aad the
Beats aia cuei aspondlnal) atigsaeated.
And it should lie' boi tie' iii mind that
the- wider the apraad of the- war the
more complications must stand in the
wa eif peace Cleveland Loadsr
Little by little, as olio alter the' other
of our lending industries is affactad,
ara raallai that ths Buropaan war is
likely to prova a sefioas thiai te this
country, The- ne ws that the stack of
hair elve- will not last us more than
three' months strikes dismay to the'
hearts eif theiSe encane'd in the allied
. r.et'ts of wire tapplllK. bllino ste e llliK,
and the vending of (old bricks ami
KTen nmds." New York Herald
Ths situation as a whole is too vast
and to complicated to permit any but
L Vowed partisans to form, much less
express, anything In the- nature eif a
tlnal judgraaal at this time. That is a
task for minute rasaarch, feu- oalsi
study, for sober thought for twenty -
:'.e Bfty, yea, one huadrad years to
.vinv Chicago Harald.
91 it ti BfjOfad tha American public
ir. the Kuropean crisis mure even than
its extent was its suddenness. Such
ta Otrent. we felt, leiight somehow to
e rr.e- oaly after elue preparation.
I lemn deliberation uiiel formal
state iaataad It sprang up like u
tttaafa j m k-in-the-bux, und feir eluys
wi .ivi not bring ourselves tei believe
.t was aaythiag but a trick tei frigbtdn
s a httfM Joke which presently would
1. Cl.i ago Tribune,
al dt their hair anil mus
hjj letter stop now. In three
:.'.ere srii be no hair dye in
M aai shoe blacking. New
- r.im.
Weather Bureau.
Charles F. Marvin. Chief.
Houghton, Michigan, Saturday, Au-
MM It, y.u.
All observations taken at 8 a. m.
'75th meridian time).
1 'rrip. 1 Wlnel I
I c
B. S I 8 s-2 State of
V Z e- -
X V Weather.
C "Cm 3
2e IIS
Alpena 54 4 nw ' Cloudy
Buffalo 60 4 se s 141 Ckrady
Chi 1K0 -1 nw ti .12 t'lear
iuiuth M 4 4 ,C4 Cloudy
aaaba. . .. &o 0 nw 4 ,H Cloudy
araaa Bay.M -4 n 4 ,N daar
Houghton u 8 e 4 .00 Cloudy
Marquetta. . 4 4 asj 4 M Clear
Milwaukee... M -i nw 4 M Clear
Maw York. . 1 fl ') a I 1- Clear
ew Offaaaa.BI -8 at N Jl Bala
I'ort Arthur. 10 fi I 'h'udv
log H -1 lie 4 M l't. Cl.ly
Si. Paul ''f I s II ,M Cloudy
aa Kran 1- 0 sw 4 Jl Cloudy
W aahlasTtoa..?! I 4 tM Pt Cldy
Winnipeg N -I s 4 Jl Cloudy
Weather Forecast.
(Till 7 V. M. Sunday)
Copper Country : Prababt) showers
this gftaraooh or toniKht. Sunday gen
erally fair.
Westher Conditions.
The storm 1 ' ti
ter which was lo
cated over Mis
souri has moved
northeastward to
tlio Lower Lake
Region. it hies
e a used h I a v y
raiaa from tin-
telilr.il Mississip
li Valli'.v north
and east to the'
Coaat, Waahlng-
laa roports 3.00
inches during the
last 4 hours.
Knsk winds are
r p o r t e- d from
several points In
the- nori beast. The
Canadian disturb-
uaaa hi movinn slowly eastward, with
lowest reported barometer at Winni
i.K. Rain has occurred in MlnaaaoU
and the Dakotus. MOOffOhsad. Minn,
reports IJI Inches. HiKher pr.'ss.ir..
accompanied by fair and much
weather, covers the nirlberii Roch)
Mouataraa. There is a probability of
howata la this vi. inity this afianioon
aff SSSjIffM, but Sun.la.v wil gener
ally fair. (Jentb' ta mo.leiate shiftim;
winds are indicated.
H, it COWDfiiCK,
offle iai in Chargs
panalttad to rtda fras .f chat
London tri and tabes Bwrini
the ' 'VttVilUMfib d
Bombardment From Air and Huge
Ransom Is Talk of City
Loa don, KiiKlaiui. Aug. 29. What
secret doe-s the little' Island Of Heli-
Koland hold, what meBaCO, what
threat f
Will it send down 11 Meet of Hying
Zeppe iins, Braatai its bombs eif an
alhilatioa, bringing daatructlon to the
Ki 1 atest e it y ill the w olid f
Is the re a chain e- of an aortal Inva
sion, a war from the clouds acainst
a di'fe'llse'le'SS clt.V '.'
Military officials leoff al ouch pos
sibility. Few of the people have- any
fears. But the memory of Rylai ships
over BagbUsd a few years back has
luratd speculation towards the skies.
London is the' most vulnerable of all
Buropaan clttaa to an attach from lbs
sk and it is the richi'st prias in Uss
we. rid.
A ransom of billions as a guarantee
.iKamst attack WotiUI be' e heap.
Has Many Priceless Measures.
The- Lank of Knulai.d alone' has
millions 01 pounds in gold reserve- in
us vaults. Tin- mousy fuarantuas tha
Engllsn bank note UMUS anil insure.-,
the credit of the nation. In addition
there aN Ml lesser banks in the- cit.v,
aii oarryinsj lam raosrvss la Bold ana
London is tha MBBaal and tha rich
est city in tha world, uutslda of val
ues which can be sjnasursd In moaay,
London is the- home- of prli e b'ss trOUS-
ursa of art, arahaaolog) aad science,
Tin- Brltlah museum Is tin- greatasl
111 the world. The famous Klgln mar
bles were slilon ad from Qreek tam-
ples. The- Rosettu stone, which en-
abled savants to decipher the- Inscrip
tion! 011 the- monument- of ancient
BSgypt, was takaa from 1 he khadlve
The Britiah crown Jewels, valued at
110,011,00a, and pricalasa from a his
torical standpoint, are inadequutel;.
guarded la tha Tower of London.
Tin- Kohiaor, the largest diamond
in the world, is part of the treasure
within the to war,
Most important of all, to an Kng-
lishin. ill's eyes, are- the historic land
marks of the city, St. Paul's cathedral,
the houses of parliament, tha 1,000-
voar-old Tower of London and the
equally ancient Westminster Abbey.
It aa attack from 'he sky comes,
the base of (seaman operations will
be the little Island of Heligoland, in
the- North Sea, lying t' BfjAM cast of
the mouths Ol Idle Kibe anil W e-er and
less than IPO bonis Blatant from
London by the big German dirigibles.
in making ap attack, the derma ns
would nive- notice of their intention
through a aeutral power. Tiny would
lemand a ransom be paid within 24
louna, Nbn -combatants would be
warned to eae the city and city
Iwellers given plenty of lime to es
lapsj into the suburbs.
Menace From the Clouds.
Than :i "cot of Ze-ppellns, painted
skv color to mnkfl detection tlillit nit
mil with mulfled motors, would leave
the island at dusk and before I"
o'clock the same ee-lliim be above
London. The htMM sky CFUlsers, 4s.'
feet long and II feet in diameter, are
inllated with 171,004) feet of hydrogOB
gas carried In 1 reservoirs within
a 1 mid aluminum frame. Their e-n-
glnea develop 510 bursa power and can
drive the ships at the rate of Tu mile's
per hour.
Tiie- Bngiiah have never prepared
for an attach on tha city, believing
the-lr navy oggmble of preve-nting all
attempts al invasion. Tfssru are no
forts around LoaftOB as there' arc
about other Buropaan capitals. Palis
late ly thwarted Qenaan attack ffom
the air by Maalng searchlights from
tha Eiffel tower and other points of
vantage bv Bjettlasj ae-rial cannon in
raadtaeesi in its form und by sending
swarms of aeroplane scouts bu,zin
ov er t he I ItV
Put Baalaad -- unprapafad. Al ai-
ib rshot, M miles mil of London, arc
two dirigibles. There are a few aero
planes at AMerahoi and a lew private
machines ni Henden. f all Kuropean
nations England lias la-en backward
in developing th fourth arm of the
service which, m eomparlsoii with
Hermany and (""ranee, is negligible.
With a few e.irchliKhts heetttj
mounted on the towers of the city
Swapping the shy and with all other
lights out. London would await its
Tempting Targets for Bombs.
The huge Woofwich arsenal, which
supplies England with arms and am
munition, is in dlascl line- of attack.
The houses of parliament and t lie- ad
jacent Westminster Abbey and Buck
Ingham palace, ths rasBBeatce f lbs
king, half a mile away, nre- tempting
tarc-ets and by their itM impossible to
Kve-n Is a sweepini; aMai'k the Cer
maiis would not destroy all the- build
ings in their power In one night, but
would gtra the Loadefears aa object
le-sson and. ransom fallinge Continue
the attack. Then the invailers would
turn Ulf stteatloa ta Mam heater,
Birmingham and Leedsa the- graal
BMmafacturini cities, Liverpool, Olaa
em and llelfast
, Winston Churchill, first lord of the
admiralty, has for ye'iirs pointed out
tb' Bansjar if attaoh from tha sky.
His efforts failed t arouse England
from its complacent lethargy. Kng
htad had not been Invaded for 1,00
y-ars, and the i otisei v ntlve BfltOfl
rests nil that fact. ChUTehUl's Warn-
lag made him the butt of the Jokes
"i music ball performers.
W. A. IMummer. souuht for iuhi
years, has been fennel in he oiah.
(tkla.. heir to an Knitlish estate vnlued
'if mK' '.'fx''
Now that the Germans have taken
with explosives may be made over Lo
Buffer Provinces Between France and Germany Often Made Thea
ter of Military Operations By Both Countries.
The history of (ieinian.v and the his
tory of PYenet as separata nations
be-Kins in S4:t, and the history of the
woes and tribulations of AUMCS and
Lorraine as a buffer state between the
two, and as conquered first by one and
then by the otbe-r. tee-Kin soon after thai
same ye-ar S4I1. That was one thou
sand and se-v eiitv -one- years ago. The
present campaign of the Cermans anil
the French in Alsace-Lorraine is
therefore the continuation of a striiK
ls ove-r one- thousand years old. It is
likely to continue in some' lorm or an
other just as long as there is Prance
and a (le rmanv in e-xisti-nce, even unto
another thousand years.
The facts of geographical position
have created the problem, li is a prob
lem which will remain unsolved and
unsol vablo as long as the Kivcr llhinc
HOWS and the Vr OOgeS mountains stand.
France' says that the river is In r true
e'iistorn frontier; Ce-rmany says the
frontier lies beside the mountains.
The two countries have some-t inn s sat
tied it one way, after a bb'oely war
and then a proclamation of peace. I 'alt
the sons or the Kiandsons have bi-Ktm
all over again to Hiiht it out and set
tle it the other wav by another pro
clamation of peace, after one side-,
conquered and tiumhled, had to sue for
It was in Ml that the three- grand
sons eif Charb-mamie-. Bghttolfl amotnl
themselves, decide-l to end it by divld
in their granelfather's possessions
aaaoag them. They agtad an thai aa-
dent principle that the laiiils. and the
pe-ople- dwaHlBg upon them, tilling the
soil in lime Of peace and figttih tht
battles In time of war. were the pii-
vate- property of the- sovereign, ruling
by the "divine rinht ef kinns.' Cbarle-
magaa had ruled the whole of Europe,
aaoas united governmeni from his cap
ital at Aachen the Aix la Chapelle of
today which belongs. t Prussia. Tha
private possessions of the pope of It
aly alone were- e xeepted.
'harletnagnes' son, Louis lo Debon
nalre, was too weak to hole! toge-lher
Mch h haterogeneoiHi smptm of pao
pb s of dlnTeraai race ami tssnperaaseal
and sjpeahlng dlffereai longaea, their
sagy bond being aa ofactal reiigian
that if the soverelga and a common,
Rnve-rnmcnt. He das too weak e ven
to rule in his own family. Long before
be' was dead his sons were ipiarieling
Over their inheritance.
The one who was the stronKe-st, call
ed Louis the- Ce-rman. had the first
choice in the- division and he becacTw
the first king Of the 'ieiinans. The
acaasf strongest, Charh-s the Bald, had
second e-hoioo, and lu- became- the lirst
kiiiK "f the franks, the- people of mod
ern yraaoa These two brothers look
land which formed n eompaci whole
and whb'b could be easily defended.
The subjects of Charles all spoke one
kangoaga those of Loa it aH spoke an
other. The Inheritance of the Weakest.
The third brother. Lot hair, the- weak
est, had to take what was left of his
father's empire. and that iniluib-d
what Is now (umprised In Holland. I'.el
Kinm, Switzerland. LuxenibniK, Alsace.
Lorraine nnd a small strip of northern
Italy. It was made up of many dif-
lU'l.l liu..oua.,.4io. ll e ouiel Uol oe
T i
w I ff
ON L "NO INI) ocn I m
D f - J
rs- f IV. s. , V , Mlrm
Belgium clear to the west coast, England fears a flight of Zeppelins armed
nclon some foggy night soon.
easily ib fended becaase the Alps
broke It la two parts, ami the narrow
strip along the Rhlas from the Alga
to the North Sea which kept the pos
sessions of Louis from touching those
of i'harlis was to meal a prize not
to be coveted by both of the two
stronge r lirothe rs. They soon begM to
light one- aaotber about it, each to
take it from Lolhair. And the- trou
ble of the buffer states bcnall.
The mountaineers Of Switzerland
wrested themselves free from Lothair's
kingdom la the- thirteenth century aad
have bean republic aver since. The
Hollanders gained their Independence
under William of OrangOi and tonaed
republic In U',4s, but the successors
of Charles tha Bold, ruling la PYanot
aaasjuered them liter, aad it arai not
until lSla that thsty weft free again.
Belgium then formed a part of Hol
land, making it too powerful tor
bvffar state in tha syes of tha great
powers, so Belgium was separated In
Luxemburg was promised to France
by Russia if Frain . kept out of M
EruaaiaaAaatrian war of imi, hut
Whan the war was llnished the suc
cessors of Iotiis the German- world
not let it to the successors of
Charles the- Bold, Aiiemhutg was
then made independent of both and
hat foi tr-ses dismantled thai haa her
self should not be tempted to BgM on
either side-. The Amall strip of north
ern Italy, which belonged to the kitK
ilom of Lot hair was after many vicissi
tude- incorporated into the union of
the Italian slates under Victor Bm
manual II, Thefeoad was such s nat
ural one that other states have- no
chance of disturbing it.
Alsace-Lorraine in Balance All Wars
Alsioe and LoTTUllM have alone re-
mained of Lothair's kingdom t be
foaghl over by the two ureal nations
on either side. Together they cover
an an a of 5, BOI sepiare miles. The
maximum length from north to smith
Is 14a miles: the maximum breadth
is twenty -four miles. It may be com
pared to the Hudson rIVcr valley from
Albany to New York. It it not nn
extensive territory, but practically
every war in Baropc iiu e the passing
of Charlemagne ha beei concerned
with it.
Republican Franco, banker today for
despotic Russia in the present war,
was the banker, Cathalic in faith, for
Protestant Bwodea and la tha Thirty
Years War of the seventee nth century,
which Bweden fought ggalnM Austria
and ill I'miiiiv, Swe-don won anil the
spoils f,. tn the baiike-r, France- ac)ttlf
ilu? by the treaty of WsetifhelU which
closed I he- w ar in 1 MH, all of Alsace
with the Sgceptkm Of the idly etf
Strassburg. Ctermany had to rIvc It
up as we ll as -onllrm l-'raiu e- In the
possession of Me-tz, In Iorralne, at
Ihls time I private- appendum of the
Sovereign of Austria.
In iSfl, daring I nil Of peace In the
IbfWjmted provinces, Tuls XIV of
Fraii' e quietly surprised Strassburg
anil took it, so that Flame had that
province- entire-. It Was not until af
ter the French revolution thai the
whole of Alsace nnd Lorraine went to
one. must it-mtibei ih f I U cos
1 '''"aw
a . :: X
kU, ?:
ILJxM " -
ily explains what si-cms to SQ naa)
the Impeaatrgbls say story ei ths loy
alty ami devotion of A lea re turn I us
to France' after forty-four yean under
tin goveraateni of Qarasany, What i
spoken of as love- for France' could
mora property ba Bsacrihad ai ba
llaf in the Hghta of man upon Whlcb
the institution of the Fie-nch republic
are founded.
As SOOa as war was declare'd be
(ween Fraiaea aad Wussla, lirly IS,
1870, Alsace-Lorraine became the the
ate-r of operations. The lirst decisue
battle of the war was fOUght in AlaW
at W'oerth-sur-Sane-r, Aug. fi, 1X70. the
KYenCh under Marshal .Ma".Malion re
III alum before the ('lelinans, led b Ilu
(Town prince, afterward Kaiser Fred
erick, lather Of Kaiser William B.
HetS, the' capital eif Iyirralne, and
a inarch Of only BftOOU days from Pal
is nearer to the Frcne-h i-apltal than
the Fnglish port of I'lymouth is t
London was the- ne xt point In the UlM
of tha fjenaaa attack. France had an
arinv of L'na.ooo men near Its strmm
fortress under the command of sfai
shai Baaalrte, considered tha best oiii-
COr of Napoleon ill.
The battle of COUrOoHsB, Aug. 14,
was the lirst act of the great battle
drama aTOUad Met, and imopitaiit I"
the OsimgAa becaaaa I hay were aide
to force llozaine liackward and CUl
off bis re tre at to N'erdun on the Mease
rh er, French mlnforoemonts beln
that neighborhood. The Qarman army,
tei frustrate the' plan of Hazaine and
isolate him, croaaad the IBeasUc several
mlleS above If eta mainly at Ponl
Mousaon, and the 19th gained the ter
ritory south of the road from Ore
VelOttS to Marsla-Toiir.
When Hazaine discovered In VM
urrouaded bo tsars battle, Ma soldiers
making tin- attack ssyargeticalty
Man -la-Tour la aa attempt to break
through and net lo Verdun. BiS sT
iii - was stopped lu re-treat and two
days later me! the 1 1 si mans al I bs
real battle of Cravelotle, on Aug
The Cermans had brought OS
for cements up to the ngsgbar of IW,-
The king of Prussia, afterward
Bmperor William L was there arith
his sons, the crown prince (the Fiu-
peror rrederick) aad Prime Karl (tn
"Red" Prmoe), the oraam princs ot
Baaony (later tha king) i""1 Prtnm
Augual of Wurtsmherg Field M '
Bhal von Moltke was In t-ommaiid aad
Blaaauah was than as a spectator.
Um- Of the coininaiiders was C.ctn ral
yon Qoeben, after whom was aasaed
the batllesbip (ioeben, which made a
heroic d ish from Messina a few dos
sgo and now is iii the Dardanellea
Sieges of Metz and Strassburg.
The Fre-nch had ab-uil lte,BM OX "
ths Qei mam suatalaed greater '
ns tkey took the offensive, Ha.aine- n -tngtlng
Into the fortress of Metz. lb
held out all through the month of B I1
tensher and made seve-ral sorties in n
affori t" bieak through the Oerman
Had and receive the nlnforcemenu
Napoleon n had sUepaJBhsil w ,1,n1
Tin rjermans lost some t,B4J Bten, bul
IhM Ueiu tbe-m bottled UP. He- capitu
lated with 17B,BM man on kit -
bnrfl was even more stubborn
and held out for thri'e months beloie
ll was foreed to surrender. It M
.mm n ut Qai limn city, famous for its
university which C.oethe atten '
luany famous for its ooee-1lvsr pies.
so drib ious that notn '""
Fri'iich soldiers and StatSOWIsn, poets
and philosophers will Havel far tM
I hem.
w hen Thlem came as, the, bsaeaa-
sador of Fram e' to sile for peio e front
Derma ny, Blamarh hwd down as the
Bnn supination ih.t Bhmee-Irralne
Csntinuea oa Wh Psgs, 3rd Column.

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