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It m.xv !. :.;'- tv it t' t - xx ir
Oil t! f llillt II 1. -X t I ot I : ' ' ' i ' '
xmuKm i: ..r t!.- T.i':"i ! !':
. oliw I im x t xx o p. 1 1 'i ! '...:-.
mi i ii. a iiiii- f i v. : a . ;
tlat i iin - fl".n j i ' "s i'l t . -li.
xt.m'.J t in o t ' ' t v.
.in.tllv ri' Ii.
Tli.. t .x.. or.- .-.. ts ..if !' '
( ! I i. In-xt xx . : .- s -: . . :
i-'.ii w.i.s Hi ! I " " ..t :
ii. .i h , t .- I ! - w ' : . ...r. : '
a !i.n!i .t. -I tt : :
N ijiisnng.
il !'.". :i'ii.i.f i A '
hi K. i-;. -: i.
..l.. !-$.' ! : !' ' lit !:: ' -;
.M... !i i f l!..' ; 'i. 1 .' .u.:-i.t :
n ! i r. 1 a n. 1 1 1 pi . : : 1 : i'
X . t I !
Sift. ;';. Tu.s.lay
:' N xx V..i k xx il! to
..! Hi
Ml I''
I.. i Hi
Lirje Sal.'s of EIctro'tlc r Mje.1
Market Put to Tt. i
T! XtiuiM.in Mft..'. M.-rivet .ts: j
Intricate Ballot May Keep Many
.j,;., .: i.i.ii).:, i, n..4t ..' From Polls Tuesday
I . .-M 1 f'f fin.' u.r..-. T'w MasMf.fS
I v .:.:li' Mil J l Jll M ! t.l t "1 l-.V ll'.l.!- i
.1 ! m-c Mi '.'.I'h i s ib.it t!;- xw.iM a.v.H
ix iwilM' .-.-I t if u s- m'. . '! i.Mi.'-.M.i i f
" !,.' S'!1 XV, J, iMU tlflll. .Hill it IS 1111
ii;!,;,,.,,,,,! t,.!i ti.- !'.;ii.i't'i ran into a t ! N to im.i.m- tln-n party n-inin:i-
'. !:".tii!x l.irtf top.!-..ii;(. ', i, m j r thf i, ro.is r. inlidatrs to
The I.iIm- .ro.Uiv !s f.iixc ti"t rt
. ," t'H a rorM-s-:lir.r roil-ution
. - ,i i1,. ir .r.iot.itMii. bi'.t ;ir- st.ll hoKl-
!-, . ..min.,l i.t;,, s of from 12., to : m i.i I'l'i'Hiii.niiw in U.n-
t.t-. o-M-i.lf of. iat K t. 1J ;oM.-i..r. li.-ut.T.ant .oW'iii. r.
l.;i,c ruiM-.l ti -V"M1 oi.l.n.ny ::..! "f ft 'to. s.t:ito o-ittollc r.
Is" wt.i.li ii.. ;!o Sa. for tl.o M.itt- i : i r, .-t.it 'iiKMiovr. uttor
s w,' ; -.i:.iih l.i-'ow. !' v.i .t ii. jii.'.i.1.- ..f lb. omrt a;.-
,. ,.,..r T'.iiiK.t is M. :r pi't to a I--.- -.: a:il in. 'Miii. is .f l.oih l.ratu'hf
, i.: . iMTi. .. a i oii.'.:tn! ion is ( t' ' t .: l . .
, i. ), ,s ,.,. ;,( :,.. dm.' .M. .t !'M!i'. '. 1'. I. Ml ii il V citlU'1.1 ill
' j,',t for at tn- N'o i-m'-i'i- ili-itioii.
N'oMoi.alioMs m!! I.o ir.a.'e for I'mtt'il
l n;i'i r o:i! .. '. I
r,,t. i'.t if tl :V, '
Tl ' o-ri .i- ;
illMMI.M ' Ml- o. !;.
i,;. . oli.'I.l.!. .1 M.I.
M i.uni . i im;m h.
lu-i .1.
I I jS Hi' .1 I , I .
1 I MiiT Mi'.i ; i,;i i '. '
n,i k- t li.r in. t i I
.'.i':i ; t5 j; " '.i- ii i
!'!, 4. h I I ;; ,
ll.ll- ,y I'o.
lis i :. ta
rt I'folll.t
..- Mi-irnl
1 1 r i '
.i l!i. inn! til.- s.ililo i o:M. s;s lor !h h l.ato: all 1 j:a-
:tion j.r-x ails la Kudu!, wV.wh ' 'f at.-l-.a: p.. m.natii'as. I . i . u t .! ; o.. ns
is ,.iy .. trv M wh. 'i w . . nn : i la til". :a:n v. .1 1;..- t !na iiaai.s
.l'..tt nx. th .fv ",.l..:n. Pro. In. tioii. : , .i h on lh- ...i!!.-t fr.r tho l'ii::.-.l
- U'uV'-t.itul. i' 'l.'-i ii t a '..out SO : Stat. s-.' t "T.- !.i; t mua of-l Klilui
f ioi p;;-1. '.-:t -'ii'i.s aii- Koi '.. !i . ii- nitoil to i.t'inm" a van. II-
,,,. o.uiiiot w f .f-"l 'or . ,i ..' : o..; f-.r I . li'lllllia U tl. I lie 1 -111 -ita t U'
t, ( pi ii lot liko ti'. i . iiM.hila'.i'rt ;i!- I'tiil'.Klill l. Iloost-V .It,
Wo ..note:
l to 1:
I r
Mil mi 1 !
i 1. 1 .olM' i"ll
,l I iol.H
. T i : ri ii liiii
.1 A Ma.-
I'ti!-.' !..K'
Kl.a tr. '.x t i
i'a: ia
. li'tnln'M
Prinit Lake
Kit .'trulyti.'
i 'ast I . .
n: to i j.p.i
- J
, U.-j- to IJ.JT'i
, 1 l 7'i to 1 J."0
.ii.::. to n.s:'j
With This Bank
Mi'm another c cpot t next week
and follow ti'S pl.in i i s'.eic!i!y
to ycur advaruge.
There's rrore pcopl living
money than ev;r bi-or t e y
are al.ve to toe fact thai SAV
INGS Lr.r.y ccr.tc.it.
Join tr.cm, i'nc! let v re! I in
terest to wrat you uc;as.t.
Calumet State Dank
( cmrif Q I
I w-l X W V- IX, v- J
.1. A M :!.!:. il M- l.. f it ni.-
:.. mi. tati-.i..--:
Tonopah Stocks.
lli.l. Askr.l
Toi.oj.jli Mining ."'j
t..i..'..:i i:. !ni"Mt "t :.
Jim Mini, r
Montana ToiMijiali "h .41
Toii. .N'oiti: Mar 'it; .17
To:;. .;...li i:rM'nsi..n J- J
T..t.o'aii M'tipr J ' -J"
Wi-.-t i:m.i ;j .c;
Gclaneld Stocks.
.;.M'.M Ai: it, ta i: .i;
. ;.,;!:.. !,i I'. ns l.j:, i.;m
.1 Ma n. I.'M. :,s;..ii i.; .is
.'m pi i'l k M.5
Ccbalt Stccks.
i:..M.r (o.i.-- In .Ju
I:-;!:".!.. 7.". .Mi
'oi.i.i L...rt fl'a
I'l'i.HIl Ili'M'l c l.M 1.1.1
K. i r La', v r, iH
I .a llo.s.. sa .vl
M KM.l.a . !H .1 J
, Nil i.-i-iii'-; . i'i
Salt Lake Stocks.
! I.iiy JihIc- !' T
'Ji ni l '.ntral V) .On
Ir.a; l:lo-s..m l.ja I.J.I
.i.un. s S. Mi I ti. hi i; li an.) Janu s W.
rard. tin' 1'iis.n' aiv.'s.nlor at
larlin. Tla- tlii.-o K.'juilili.-an.rt art- Pa
lo 1I.V7':. i, .F...u- Hi!!. Jalii.rt V. WaliiW t 11.
Jr.. aial William M. ii?T?aInl.riil':.
ro!l' of Nov York rit xill la- nno
l oscil for t!: Pri'tiTt-mix liollliliiitioll
f..r M-nan-r.
Seven For Governorship.
Tlu-lf ,il'f fc.-M-n . a li.liilateH of til'
.l.ftpi .-nt j.artW'f :'r tho iioinin.it ion for
i:ii fti.or. Tlu- 1U- ht aniotiK tlif I'.ia
... Mits irt l. t'.Mfii CuMi'ii"!' ! im anJ
i thf fol-'J'-lin A. ll.!:ipsp . Tin tlirt'O Itopnli-
lii-an i iiiuli.liitp.s a iv Distri. l Attor.iry
.'I'lil.s s. Whitman. Job 17. Ilo.lfrp"
I)ax n;'ort of m.-iila, a formt-r stiitf
s niitor. sfi krt tin- l'i oi;tvs.i n...niii:a
tioii. Mr. 1 )ax fii"'it wa.rt muv iainli
ilatf for I i-u t ti.t t 1 1 liiivi'i iiiir, i ijiios.sl
in him for thf I'roiv.-sivp nomination
.for y.ix nmr i. fi.rni.r loxfinor Wil
li i:ii S;i!zit. So far tin- I'l orc-.ixa'
I l.-iMlcrs .-. -in t. haxv lifpn iinal.Ic t
! r.rtt imatf to tla ir oxxn ,.it isfa. tioii jast
jxxhiit i!'i 1 1 ml I of tllf.r otf liill lf
rorral'.fil l.x Mr. Snl;i. r, xim is a can-
will lmt in- tin- tasy joi. tliis jcar it
has lafii in nt hois. Tli.ff iii'Vc:' .xas
a limp in tla- history of this Male whin
an i nn Il. il oti-r . m I.J not j.. into
thf otint; hooth on itini.iry .lay ami
l.y iin rt lx I'ohhn a (.allot ami liaial-
vl , in- it l.a k to Dim lf lion o!ll ial t onhl
; . I ti 1 in all thf ;;ly he was i-allnl
iih.i to rfoi in in a prim try flf. tion.
Mrk For Every Candidate.
This xiar it xxill .o iliflViv nt. With
the nw iiiift priniary law in ffff.-t
ix.r.x x.t.-r xx h.ii ho fiit.r til" polliiiK
.ai TiU'Mlay will la 'alUal upon t
-M n iff lith his; mental ami i'lisii al
fai ultiiM tu tt nival, r t xttut than In
any pivXiiHis, juimat) i'l tiiiufiil t-Ua-ti.ai
In thin Ktatf.
Thf la w ballot is a nioililinl fi'iin if
lllf Ma.ssarhlt.tl.s l all"t, lifia st.M:itinn
tlu' maikints' of oiv X mark in thf
olinj; sp;u whiih appfais in fiunl of
t'Xt iy i .Mi.lulat. for xx lioin l.f ilfsliva to
otf. Thin will imi!. if tin- iiirolli'il
otiT tu tnirU his liillot In at least
tliilly-tixe ililYelent pines, ulal in
some install, is In- max hf eallfil itpoa
to mark It lifly times, jiioviih'tl he de
sirex to ote fur lie t a liilhlaleH tor the
I'oiMity I'onitniitii if. in l is elfilion
.iistilit. As tu nanizalion tolitlol Will
ilepeiul entiiel.x on the ability of a
lea.ler to eoiitiol the ToMlity I'ollllllit
Uv, it is likely thai K""xl MrKaiii.atiuii
men xxlm in other yeais liae tlnne
their fi ll ilut.x by xotiiM; the utraixht
tieket." xxill be h.1.1 to tin.' lie. essity
of iiekiTijf out lii'mi .nisl from a lint
of from twenty-live ta txxUe that
number of t an.ii.lates for v'ouiily iVm
ni.ttte pla-e.s the i amli.hites wanted
l.y the oi Li iin'zat ion leaders.
Fifty Markr. cn Bcd'ots.
Willi the elf.li.n of inembeiH on
party i otninittet s and the ii"n;ln;itioi.
nf j.art) eaiidhliite for olliees, tl.oiv are
disttuts where the enrolled i ter may
be it-paired to mark h's ballot in as
nut n as titty phi' es in order to vat'f
the fall tiilat. .Nor will the primary
ballot in usf f r thf lirxt tinif this -ar
have the party emblem, fiitnilliir from
of old, to Kiiide the loyal oiKani.at ion
Tnan in piikin nut the eatididates
bearing the organization n'.mx In the
fol lil of emblem pla. ed at the top of
a party toliiniti.
The present primar ballot wan de-t-iU'ifd
fiiinkl.x fur the purpose of dis
iioiiiinin; "MtralgM tiikft" 'ttliiK and
to i tilllpel thi' lllx lb d Voter to ptae
tii e .lisi t iiniii.it ion In the picking of
his candiilates for nominations or par
t) positions. That iia idenlally the
hallo; should heroin.' a bafl'liiie, puzzle
to the Illiterate voter did not deter the
enthusiasts for flection ivfoini from
pressing their plea for the elimination
from the primary ballot of the party
emblem, which they loiltelld should not
be used as a means of xivinK advan
tage to one candidate over another in
a fam;ly quarrel. They did not win
their point without opposition from the
machine element of both the older par
ties in tlie It Kislattii e, alal it was only
after the law had been enacted that
the di.s'"er.' was mailt' that it pro
vided for numbers in the space beside
the name of each candidate where a
party emblem will appear on the cen
tral ballot.
London, Sept. "ij. Harmless Marie
von Neubcr, f member of the 7erinan
nobility, xxas sentenced to twenty-one
days' imprisonment for failing to regis
ter as tin-alien enemy of !rcat I'.rit
nin. Mfr husband Is eonininndiiiK t hi
Ilitihth Herman army corps. The
baroncHK keeps a private Mfhaol In
Hoinlon, mid litis a so'n In ihe Uritlsh
German Ambassador Points to Attack
cn DasstlJjrf.
Nw York, Sept. Jii. -fount
r.einstorif tiiscussed with some spirit
tho tiillcism leveled at the Herman
army lor iiropp.HK bombs .upon lilleH
out ,.f airships. II.- ob.-c ved tl. a while
the ilerman.s had dropped their bombs
upon fortified titles. It appeared that
the French and FnKli.-h n."; liters had
st nt them down upon t.afoi i i:U .1 lities.
"Acioidin to FiiKlisii ol!'u i;il news.
Fiuli.sh aviators tliiexx bombs mi un
fortified 1 msst b'.oi f, w lii. h wmtbi, In
my opinion, throw an intt rest im: lih'.
on the professed ndivnall"n of the al
lies when the Hi t nuns thiivv bombs
on the fortified cities t.f Antwerp and
Purls," commented the ambassador.
Java possesses nuns of temples of
H vanished rclM ion Hail i'
wealth of sculpture suri-iiss an. t hia:', !
I!)pt can show. I
3 HK.NTS A Pnl'NI) paid for ileiinj
cotton rau-s. No scraps. Calumet
Spv.'m ollb'o -tl I
WAXTFii Second h.aad took Move,
also heater. Phone If. W. -3'1
I HAVi: A CtiNTUACT To dlidrilnite
a million I '1 11717 pkKs. li 't tix Soap
powder. Want reliable i,i n :ind wom
en to lulp. $1.1.00 weekly. WAVHIM.V
ItlUiWX. 7o0 N. Franklin, Chicago. -JC
W ANTKI) TltA V KI.KK. Ae 17 to .10.
Kxpeiienee ni ne, i ssary. Salary,
coniuiission and expense allowance to
liKht man. J. 17. McHrady, Chi ;ivo. -J
SAl.irs.MKX for Mriall toxxns. whole
time or side-line. Special sab s plan
allow inn ritiirn of uasobi moods nnla-s
quiik easy dally, sales, $.1.on commis
sion on each order. S M I7TI I INH 17.N
TIKI7I.Y NF.W. Write lor pocket ..iii
flt today. .MAY .MI'll.CM, -TJ Siuel
St., I'hicaiAo, 111. -Ji
Ft HI ni7.N'T The o'Hiic n residence,
Jjo Iroquois St., on October first. Ap
ply to P. 11. o'Hrien or J. 1!. Paton.
Foil KF..NT Four-room arnuim ment,
either ap or down stairs, in nootl l
'.ation in Iuirium, for mim.U family.
Hlectrie 1i:;hts, etc. Apjily J. V, Nara,
Calumet, New Studio. -5
I'oU HI7NT I'urnished room. Moder
ate priie. Apjilv :!::i -'.'.'a St., Ib-d
F Ml SAI. 17 -Il" itin
11(i:i S. h.d i-'i.
stove cheai.
Ft Ml SATJ7 Fifty spring chicken. Ap
ply 7'ew8 otHce. 29
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