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Mineral Point tribune. (Mineral Point, Wis.) 1869-1938, July 17, 1869, Image 4

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From Hi* Western Rural
Wui.uu'll flights in the I’oultry Vunl.
BY Mil'. IKX.Ntk T. IIATtN.
OU, mother, said a chick out .tar,
lo let DK go abroad to play ;
Von always keep nw chase at home,
I never auialtoweil lu roam
To see the Ileitis so green am I gay,
Ur by the meadow-brook to stiay ;
I’m sure I’m big enough to p,
i> e ay 1 may, dear mother, no !
What -:1s you now. n.v silly chiltt
VV here Jill yon get such fan. ns wild
VV ho said the grass was fresh ami .'rVm
Who’s been where 1 hare never bn-n V
1 stay at home day alter day.
And never from my nestlings stray;
1 try to keep them snug anil warm
Aud guard them well irom every aarm
Well, mother, you are getting oi l.
And papa has so ollru told
that II wan wrong lor hens to think
oi aught lieyoud their meat ami drink.
That, really, you’ve so foolish grown
\ on scarcely Luww your soul's your owj ;
tou %U and mope irorn morn ’till night,
And dare not say that white is wh.'e
M; chi. I, yo:ir papa knows ’t.s tied
For me to sit at home ana red —
At least to rest what time I get
Alter I’ve fed you all, my ia-t;
I cs true, 1 had to pick and scratch.
Fur ot all coickens you’re the match
To gobble up the hits I find,
Hut if I’ve nunc, you do notin.no.
Well. Where doer papa stay all dav
Is he at Work, or does he play
Voo know we never see him her* —
It seems to me its rather queer
I hat he should gad about so free.
And none of us allowed to See
UuUdds the yard; 1 know, for one
1 hat with another ruing sun—
dn-.11. hush, my chil l ' your lalti. r's
And lie mast Uni. a pleasant harm ,
Ur he will leave hn house lor good,
Aud all his pretty, helpless brood;
ituc. quick and open wide the gate —
Vou know h never likes to wail; >
And then tun back to get his chair.
And for his sllpperw’have a care
I lIP.K.
Mother, for your poor sake, I’ll go
And do Uie thing you’ve told me to;
IU. smooth his faults as best you cm
He IS a bard, unfeeling luau ;
He’s just the sort i call a shirk ;
I’ray tell me, did he ever work
I never sww him scratch a stroke
lu save your track from being broke.
V our lain. 1 is a learned man,
And he is studying out a plan
For silling hens to pay their vv u .
Nor idle alt tin- live-long day ;
I’m sure 1 had but little rest,
Hut vet your lather knows what's le :;
He thinks it better for my health,
And also for my source of wealth,
'that while I am obliged to sit
1 might employ my claws to knit
Some warm socks for his cloven fe* t
lie says it would be very sweet
(Knter Rooster.]
ll<x>sJ an.
What tu the devil is to pav
VV hut have vou been about all .lav
that when 1 seek my coop at noon
I h. r . > no sign ol tiish or spoon
Madam. , what does it mean, 1 say
Are we to fart as Well us pray
11* v. —[meekly. 1 —
Mi dawn, papa, and rest a bit,
I'li hurt y round and dinner g> t;
The fact is, I’m not very well,
yly head is ringing like a bell;
I think my n<.tt is rather damp.
I'm quite afraid I’ll have Uie cramp.
Hunt 1 KB.
i> shut yuur head and hurry iwun.l '
You have been shirking. I'll be bound;
Y ou didn’t look for me so soon
W ell, always fcave my meals at noon.
1 hen II 1 eoiue there’ll be no *,i-o
It’s Very low to swear a.id rue;
it really wish you’d iu.-u age so
I'ii never had sueb Work to do;}
And It I don’t come, vuu can wait.
No matter If It should he late, —
Vour l ine la iniiie.un.l mine’s mv own; —
I ion ' t stand there peek i ng ut that bone,
r.ut IlHstr and make the dinner un ;
1 have it call to make at one,
koi YU- fopkaot is In town—
Took here, madalne, don’t dare to
1 told her We would walk at two —
Look here, old lady, that will do!
fust lake your claws down from yuor
I hate a vvilu who always c>i*s
Lf har lord seeks another hen ;
VV iial.au We do. We lonely mere--
tor lood, and heart and -w.nl and ~.i:n,
II We m w tied to one poor hen,
rtlwfe .‘filed ambition la her UoU >
Ao.l lacks Ihe courage *>l a ue us.-
V on iliius t ‘ s r. a.l > my deal
VI in this e*vsv s.-at, i igbt here,
Xtus up ol I.a Is hot and strong,
.krvd wule yott dine I'll sing uuii.
[ 1 be Win's sung. ]
U I mu must uuloi tuusle U-n -
lil'W little 1 know ol pleasing m n
I’d Ilka to lx- pretty and in i mat,
I’d Ilk-- smiles and dimples, and sw.-. t pretty
Ikfc.*- ti st wt null ot ti*‘
v ’A, l*t| Ilk. —4 LiO nt 1
I kflO'V VVUuli'll It'Hlsll’J , ltd'
t tvKii Uiui moment. I Von, i'll have iit\ wn
u ay!
,I’il u wlm-ii 1 uor Ksk <>t the fk*. n
Any tirip fo i; tn n
Cult k .
Writ, I'm yoii'v. wak* I n| ul
* JWIM nilJ o*J till the kftKMl iiiuc v. .id
i ti-vi furrvrr ih>uM mu ut l unl his t* . k. ;
now you'rv my im*, ilurlmtc*
Wfil riv! oio imwli-r,—|>ra> 4'in’i unotli
i'r !
loti and 1 ni' IhML kbld to carr lv out >• 1% • •.
I’M t*t V4m> m*ur in, nr’ll live *i the foo
(Hi'ii ii S.IIVK. Continued )
' - J by, Mt, It ouster, ur ’ rt* going tn leave
l‘r> don't let iMil going JUh. jrlrn or grave
( HU I
We know ’.hat lor u \ iki ><■ unlnl early ;uid
We hope yarn'll uoi miss us, your child aiei
jroor lusti' !
iis tired of sitting a.at scratching -.<> long
l rtimk irs high lime I slug anew -vora
tint tilts it sh ill he.
Cutout out' ka-daw-cut
I’m tree, oh I'm fuss ’
cut-cut-ent ' ku duw-cut ’
Fm Niy |Klll. tve StU :u IIIUCII Ileiu ■ B 1
II true,
I v .. vv ami iliiisu- 1 11 ui-vu la a all*.
1 bile — ill 1 hate all tyraanh al men,
lii lit>i-tiituii I'll live, a single ohl ben ’
‘ I’lettV wools lor a female—'lilite|>eil<tenl*
ain( ’hale • ’ ”
Mr II.KWU r remarked a> he shoved hack in'
Aml shook mil his napkin, and wii el oil iu
'' I’liU tluuj; IWMt Ik' imini, I ean and Iw II
t outrol my own boinveliwld ’ Mis Kooster,
imiiif here. ’ ’
lint she budged not au mail.-uit looked ni.hlv
tie nun lUuNrl tow not her. with lu|i-tnul
held high,
\\ hile migutiui f IIU t fin V shot infill loon ill
Mrs llhoslit steppe 1 ha. k, ami ismcl iiri
F lappeil her w ings, and flew tint the le••
w ith a crow !
I've been tti in king. I’ve been I inn king .
W Uat a glorious world were tins,
I>-J folks mind their business mar.
And mind their neighbor 's leas,
lor instance, vwu amt I. my friend
Vre sadly prune to talk
n. matters that concern l> i:d
And Billers’ failles mock
1 v' been thinking. it we’.l : • ,-.n
I mind our ow n allairs,
1 fiat possibly our neighbors might
i outlive to manage theirs.
\V . ve liiulls enough at home to mend
It may be so wall others.
It Would seem Strange ll U eie at,
.Slat v all in tnkind are Itrothvi
Oh’ w.ibM tht we La i charily
For .-ry man aud Vuaun;
t ••rgUem as is Hie mark of those
H tm know "to err in human
1 hen let u. hauiah jealousy
LM'i lilt our falirn brother;
A u<l aa W journal.' tiowu lll'e’e l i.t.l,
l*o good to one another.
A Doctor was very much annoyed
hy an old lady who always stopped
him on the street to tell him ot her
ailments. Once she met him when
he was iu great hurry. “Ah! I >ee
you are quite feeble,’’ said the doctor.
“Hhut your eyes and show me your
tongue.” She obeyed, and the doctor
moving oil’ left Ler standing there
*>r some time In this ridiculous
Uou, to the intitule amusement >l all
who witnessed the funny si-cne.
Good il' , ;iding for JK;*riii*i *.* ilnv.
[TrotU Oliver ; . ]
V Kit ill, AIN'T., JnK and Bli I . tvv.
Bougha. BimV Shout an,! ehihi j
M I K K. ( >FKU Kit.
S( enk — Olls. . John sit
ting With his elbow on the table,
and his head leaning, tb’sp >ndii r
ly, on iii.s hand.
John—The squire will he baek in
fifteen minutes, the 1> >y -ay-. Won
der what he will think u* > e me
here ? He will probably say, us 1 do
myself now, that I had better have
listened to father and stuck to the
farm, instead of going around the
■•ouniry, making an ap** of myself,
trying to sell this confounded patent
bootjack 1 Twenty dollars a day. in
deed! 1 would like to see twenty
cents a day ! Hang the thing !
[D *>r open- cautiously, and Hill and
Joe enter.]
Joe —Hello, Short 1 So you’ve turn
ed up again? Say, noldy here—is
there? You v’r- ve ventured into
the lion’s jaws ic see you. What are
yon up to now, dr“*sed up so smart?
Going to marry another Bridget Me-
Flinnigau, and clear out with the
dosh? Ha, ha, ha! That was well
done, though. Come in with us
again, John, and we'il show you
something handsome, to the tune of
live thousand !
John—You are laboring under a
mistake, sir; 1 don't know either of
Bill—That’s it ; bluff your old cro
nies, my pious Father Morton. Put
on tliat old gray wig, and read pray
ers at the Sailors’ Chapel, again, and
I defy the best detective in Boston to
point bis finger at little Short, the
forger, burglar, and run away hus
band! You’re a sharp ’un. Father
Morton. Ob, yes!
John, ( Rising.)—What’s the mean
ing of ali this? 1 tell you I never saw
you before, and don’t know what you
are talking about.
Joe. (Slapping ids shoulder.
Come, now, Father Morton, if you
are sharp so are we. Don’t try your
dodges on us! We know you read
ing prayers, and we know you now ;
and you just slop your gassing, and
tell us what you are into. Mum -
the word ?
John—Aside—Thunder and guns!
—They will make me believe I’m
somebody else, in spite oi my teeth !
I tell you, ouec for all, I’m not the
person you take me for. My name
is John Jones, from
Biddy .Short Very loud, outside—
Inhere, your honor; 1 saw him go
in mesilt afore 1 run to tell trees, nit
own h’y!
[Officer and Biddy enter. She rushes
at John with outstretched arm-.]
Ouh, honey, ye’ve eooru at la.-t!
How could ye go an treat your own
Biddy ,hat bad, who loved ye so?
Say, Jimmy, darlint, now could ye
now, and me wapiti’ mesilf to ashes !
Oeh, wurra !
John—pushing her away—Stand
off, woman ! Are you mad, or tipsy
Biddy—Stan, off, is it ? Dbrunk is
it? Ve villain! Where’s the money
old ye shtole out of me black
stockin’ fut under the tied in the
brown pitcher, and rund away with
it ? Ye thavin’ bla’g’ard ?
John, aside—Ten thousand furits!
Am I John Jones, or a thieving
blackleg?—Will some kind friend in
form me? Take this wild creature
away. 1 know nothing of her. She
must he crazy !
Biddy, shaking her list at him—
Do ye say to me face that ye niver
saw me afore an’ 1 yer own thrue
wife? An’ there’s the ring will
prove it, >e spalpeen! Book at the
Officer —Be calm, my good woman ;
there may he some mistake here an
accidental resemblance. 1 know
Short myself, and am not ipiite -ure
he is the same, though the likeness
is striking.
Biddy—A mistake, is it, now? An’
1 don’t know me own husband, Jim
Short, an’ the father uv me b’y!
Mis.e, honey, loom here, an" se*- if
lie’ll deny his own -hild? Who i- it,
Mike, darlint ?
Mike —It’s pappy.
Biddy— Yes, It’s pappy; theeould
hlooded villain ; an’ he to deny it I
ft 00-00.
John —Will no one listen tome? I
protest I know nothing ot this wo
man. lam a stranger lo re, and wa
never in the ity in my life until
twenty-four hours ago.
Officer -The woman surely ought
to know her husband.
Biddy Oeh, the tmirlhcrin nla’g’-
ard ! look for yourself, yer honor, an’
see him square oil’ as' he alius did
when I guv him a little tap wi’ the
tire-shoovil ! Don’t I know him,
though? Me own cousin Meg Mc-
Carthy, she said, said she.
Don’t yes go for to marry the
thavin’ \ atikee h’y, Biddy, lor it’s
only the little I it o’ bounty poor Bat
left yees, an his blissed bones a
moulderin’ ’inong the nagers an’
rattlesnakes, as he’s aft in r, an’ then
he’ll dare and lave je. Look well,
Biddy, afore yc lape, she said. An’
1 bhu kid her eve for siundherin’ me
h’y; had loock to me for’t. Only
look at him, yer honor, dressed up
like a foine gintleman, wi’ the mon
ey me poor pool Patrick sold his
blood for, an’ mesilf in rags, an" me
poor little Mike er\in’ fo a crust.
Wringing her hands and crying.;
Officer-—l’ll is looks had for you, mv
man; you must come with us, and
have an investigation.
John —Never, su 1 I own I’m from
the country, and may seem green
enough to lie the ready dupe of a
pair ot blacklegs and a woman very
lit to bo their accomplice, hut I rais
ed a fair set of Knuckles on the farm,
and I’ll tight you singly or all to
gether before you’ll Oreo me to own
an Irish termagant for my wife,even
with her lovely otl-pring' thrown in.
Officer —Come, come, none of this!
or 1 will arrest you for resisting the
Lawyer Blaine enters.
Blaine—Well, well, quite a gather
ing. Any trouble, Mr. Officer? Ah,
John, how dye do? Shake hands.
Father up, or did you come alone?
(Had to see you, my hoy.
John 1 am quite alone, and a
stranger here. Will you not inform
the officer that hi' need not arrest
nft for this vixin’s runaway h is-
I bund? Poor w retch 1 1 don’t Maine
him for running away.
Blaine —Hh, ha, ha! Well, that’s a
joke, sure enough !
Officer—Look lure, Blaine, you
know this fellow ?
Biddy -Och, ver honor, don’t 1
know him betther nor a bushel o' fun
naught peratees.
Otlieer —Stop your noise, woman,
or you may get locked up yourselr.
Plaint -Bless your soul, known
him all my life. Sly old frlend June's
hoy, down in fork county. Come,
clear those folks out now. Know
him ? He never was oil the farm un
til three months ago- ir was it four,
Officer —1 beg your pardon, Mr.
Jones; it’s all a mistake. This wo
man was deceived by the resem
blance. Where are those men 1 s ;t \ V
here ? I’m sure 1 ivcogtii/. -.1 that no
torious Swagen. I hope lie hasn’t
given me the slip.
[Kxit in haste.
Biddy, howling-No mistake at
all lat uhl. It’s me ow n dear Jim !
(Mr. Blaine gently forces her out.)
Blaine—Quite an adventure, my
young friend. Ha, ha 1 But what,
are you doing here “ < ’ome up to s-e ;
1 he sights—rli ’?
Ji.liii "So, sir ; come- up tr. make u
donkey >f myself’
Hhiin* Not .-<> bal a-; that, I.etV
bear about it.
John To tell the truth, Squire
H’.aiue, working on the (arm seemed
like-tow plodding tome. I thought it
i ml<! only stall out ou my own
hook, it would Lie the easiest thing
in the world to make money. So
when a fellow came along with bis
famous patent bootjack, 1 Wa-. all
ready to nab it. In* told Mieis a tire
-dory. Fdher said, ’ Look Weil be
fore you leap, John." A dull old
- aw, i e .lied it then, hut a wise* one
now. 1 took a:, agency, and was go
ing to make fifteen or twenty dollars
a day! Pshaw!
Blaine —Don't pay much better
than farming—eh?
John —I wa- sure of my bread and
butter ou the farm, at any rate—-and
that’s more than I can say now, not
to mention the pleasant little inei
d> tits that happen to one in travel
ing, like sleeping with a few of the
youngest children and other creeping
things, "’cause sister Jane’s come
on, and we’re rather crowded,” and
i wiping my face on a greasy apron
for a towei. And then I’ve been
taken for a blackleg, swindler, and I
don’t know what all; and if you had
not come in j u=t as you did, should
probably be in jail now fora forger
or housebreaker, or else dodging the
amiable Biddy’s tire-shovel!
Blaine—Well, John, if an old man’s
advice is worth anything, I should
say. Stick to the farm. It’s slow,
hut sure, and you’ve seen enough of
patent bootjacks.
John -I’ve learned a lesson, squire ;
and it ever I get back, you will hard
ly see me jumping at patent agencies
again, even with the tempting bait
of twenty dollars a day. From this
time forth I mean to stick to the
farm. It may he slow, hut it’- sure.
—[ < :■•/(/'n falls.
Don’t Scold.
Ji never did any good. 11 is in it*
self evil—“evil and only evil, and
that continually.” It is the worst
possible way to deal with men or wo
men, or children. It harts your busi
ness. It sours y ,ur home. It sprits
your children. It injures, most of
all,yourself. Scold your pai tnor,and
yon have at once a house divided
against itself, and it cannot stand.
Scold your clerks, and you break
down their interest in your prosper
ity, and dispose them to lender with
laggard hands eye-service, and no
thing more. Scold a customer, and
lie not only avoids you himself, hut
probably dissuades others from you.
However unreasonable or perverse
he was what he remembers is, that
you were cross. Scolding is wretch
edly out of place at home. It destroys
affection. It breeds distrust. It
sometimes tears asunder those whom
Hod made to be one flesh. A wife
who could cling with long suffering
trust and love to a drunken husband
that, when sober, was generous and
genial, would grow bitter towards
the one, however correct and prov
ident, who was forever fretting. And
no neatness or diligent and wise
housewifery can make up to a hus
band the loss of that meek and quiet
spirit which in the sight of God, is of
great price. For the government of
children there is i o worse device than
scolding. To begiu with, it is a
token of personal weakness on the
part of parent or teacher. Children
so view it instinctively. It destroys
thus all reverence. And then it
sours their tempers. It destroys
their love of home or school. It
breaks up their interest in the work
to which they may be set. It tempts
them, and almost drives them to hy
pocrisy. Many a naturally noble
boy lias been mined, because in this
way, his home was made a prison
house of torture.— Pacific.
How Am. Can Havk (ioui* Vink
ti.ui. — It lielongs lo tli—* genus of fun
gais I'eni'iltnni ghtticnm); it
easily propagated by following the
.iiiii. Mil recipe: hake half a pound
ot lirott m si.!ar ami hair a pint of
molasses, simmer them in three
quarts of water till well dissolveil,
then place the mixture in a wooden
or stone pot, cover it over, ami place
behind the stove in a warm situation.
In about six or seven weeks you will
find floating on the top a tough
tleshy suhslance—this is the vinegar
plant ; the mixture will have turned
l< vinegar, hut of a poorer quality
than will he manufactured without
its aid. Now prepare a mixture as
before, and when coolish, lay over it
the vinegar plant. A bit of lathing
or shingle should be laid upon the
mixture before placing the plant
over it, as the vinegar is of a purer
quality if the plant does not lie whol
ly upon it. Set it behind the stove
or beside the range, coveringit close
ly, and, in two weeks more, taste it;
if sharp vinegar, bottle it. and con
tinue your manufacture. The vine
gar is of a dark color, hut of a far
better quality than what is generally
bought for eider vinegar, hut has
never seen apples. It is probable
that what is termed the “mother”
is elosely allied to this plant, and
might be employed by those whode
sircto produce a“vincgar planf’with
out delay. The cost of vinegar made
in this manner is extremely small,
and, a> it is a condiment so univers
ally employed in culinary matters,
we 11 commend it to our readers We
do not think that there is anything
deleterious in its properties, and it
would certainly give many families
a large supply of vinegar who would
he unable to procure it in any other
manner. A -mall wooden butter
lit kin would he an excellent utensil
for its preparation, as i! could he
covered tightly.
Nkrvoi s Dkbiutv, w j iii its
gloomy attendants, low spirits, de
pression loss of memory, ami threat
| cie*l impotence and imht t. ility, timl
a sovereign cure in Humphrey’s
; Hutu >palhi< Spc. i(ic .No. Twentv
j right. < 'oinpostal of the most val
uable, mild and potent curatives,
1 they strike at onec at the root of
: the matter, tone up tin- system, ar
rest the discharges,and imparl vigor
and energy, life ami vitality to the
entire man. They bare cured tliou
sauds of eases. P ■, s.> t )tr )tai ka ge
of six l*oxes and vial, whieh is very
important in <>li.-tsnate or old ease's,or
>1 p< r single hox. Sold hy ai.i,
druggists, ami sent hy mail on re
eeipt of priee. Address Humphrey’s
Sp. -il l • Horn..- epathie M. <!i ine O.,
'•- Broadway, N. V.
How Tina Wash. —ln the way ot
getting up linen and other dainty
fahries. their are muu- who ran beat
the Dutch. In their own eountry
they use no machines—borax is the
magio word. This article, relined, |
i> iiht'rally employed as a powder i
instead of soda, in the projortion of!
alarge handful to about six gallons of
boiling water —ctuntwics and laces I
requiring somewhat stronger solu
tion. In addition to other ad van-;
tag->,a sa\ ing of one half the -oap i~
the -i cured.
A Frenchman who was afflicted
w iih the gout being asked what
dirteremt* there was between that
and the rheumatism, “One very
great dilfereiiee,’’ he replied. “Sup
pose y. n trike one vice, pul your
tingei in, yon turn dc sitcw till you
beai him no longerdat is ilc rheuma
tic ; licit, s'j sc you give him one
turn more, d;t is t |e gout
To l iie U nu.t : i patches. S'ivkics auu in:. j
ii u;; IVn /’s Moth :*.o*i Kk- ku
Loti..?!, iI oufy !y lr. li. < !Vr?y I
SoM l-i !i ilnsirifL-'t* m i !i: nt.\\ vljt
4* oi -dii* k worms mid )dni|d< on tho l:v,
u.-- iVrry - t om<*tlom- :ird U*-m* andy t
uul) L*> I>r ILL. Pony, 4’t .
\ ’.v York Sv!d eytMywhoro. llit* irtJr
b v V\ hclfiaUr lUtdlClHt' Ifultid
John s Bargain.
“1 don’t like you ;tt all, Maidie
Royal. You are a ivai naughty !it
11** girl, and i won't play with you
any m.in—so!”
Maidie loo!u-d very mu* h grieveti,
and hegan. to <-ry. Mr. Royal was
sitting at bis desk, writing, but at
John’s* emphat'e words, he glaneed
up, and said to his son, in a very
gr ive voice.
“John, corno here.”
“I was just going into the kitchen,”
stammered John,coloring. “I wan t
to speak to Kitty.”
“But I wish to speak to yon,” said
Mr. Royal. So John came.slowly up
to the desk, with the look of a cul
prit on his face.
“What, ir?”
"I want to know how much you
will take for your share in Maidie v
“John looked up, surprised.
“I don’t know what you mean,” he
“ Why,’’explained his father,“since
you have done playing with Maidie,
I would like to buy your share in
her, or your right to her. How much
shall I give you for her?”
“How much money do you mean,
“I guess I’ll sell her for fifty dollars”
said John, after a few moments’ re
flection. “Yes, I will—fifty dollars.”
“Very well; that is .juite reasona
ble,” said Mr. Royal. “Now you
must remember that as 1 am going
to buy all your right to Maidie, you
have nothing more to do with her.
You must not kiss her, or speak to
her, or play with her any more. She
is your mamma’s little girl and mine,
not vours at all. It is a bargain, is
it. John?”
“Can’t I kiss her good-night, when
we go to bed ?”
“Can’t we go out doors together?”
John’s vo ce began to sound a lit
tle unsteady. “Von know our gar
den, papa?”
“ Vou will have to make another
somewhere else, f will find you a
place. You must not work in the
same garden any more.”
“I shall have to lead her to school,
papa; she will get lost if I don’t,
just as sure as anything.”
“I will attend to that, John Vou
will have to go to school by yourself.
Is the bargain made?”
“ V-c-s,sir —I suppose so,” and John
east a doubtful glance at Maidie, who
stood close by, with her doll in her
arms, and tears on her long eye
“Very well said Mr. Royal. “When
you want the money, you can ask
me for it. Vou may go now.”
“I know what I mean to buy,”
thought John, running to the other
end of the room, and sitting down in
the broad cushioned window seat.
“I’ll buy a pony anti a saddle, and a
gold watch, and a saddle, and u gold
watch, and a sail boat, and lots of
other things that I’ve been a-want
iii' ever since I was a little boy.”
The idea of these splendid acquisi
tions was so I’l easant, that he want
ed to share it with someone, so he
cried out.
“Oh, Maidie, you come here, and
I’ll tell what I’m going to buy with
m v fifty dollars.”
“Stop, stop,” cried papa; “have
you furgotton so soon that you have
no right to speak to Maidie? She
doesn’t belong to you ut all.”
A cloud came over John’s face, ami
he sat very stillfor a long time, think
ing,and by and by two or three tears
fell. Maidie and he had played to
gether ever since he could remember,
such a long, long time! and she wits
the only little sister in* had in the
world, a real tea/.e, some limes, to he
sure, hut then how could he got along
without her? He looked slyly out
from behind the window cut tains, to
see what she was doing.
How pretty she looked, sitting in
a. high chair beside her father, with
a book of colored pictures open be
fore her, and tier sunny curls tailing
over her rosy checks and white neck!
Wasn’t she better than a sail boat,or
a gold watch, or even a pony? “Yes,
indeed a thousand million times,”
thought John ; “and yet I’ve gone
and sold her for fifty dollars, and I
u’lnost know that papa won’t take it
back, ’couse it was a regular bargain.
Oh, dear, iear !”
Here the tears began to flow faster
and faster, and presently a choking
little soti attracted Mr. Royal’s at
tention. Then another amt another,
and then John jumped down from
the window seat, ami running to the
desk, hid his face on his father’s arm,
ami burst into such a passion of tears
that Maidie was frightened and be
gan to cry too.
“Why, what is the matter, my
sen ?”
“1 —I l—don’t wa-wanl to—to—
sell my right to Maidie,” answered
Joint, as well as lie could, for weep
“Why—not for fifty dollars ?” ask
ed pupa.
“Oh, no,” said John ; “no indeed,
not for fifty million. Will you let
me have her hack again, please,
dear papa? ami I don’t believe I’ll
ever he so naughty and cross as long
a- I live.”
“Very well,” said Mr. Royal, smil
ing. “Since you wish it so very
mm-h, I will give up toy bargain,
and you may have your little sister
back again, but I hope you will
think, another time, when you are
tempted to speak to her as you did
to-day, how you would feel not to
have Maidie at all.”
“I guess I shall,” said John, giv
ing her a good hug and a kiss. “I
love you, Maidie.”
“So do 1 you,” said Maidie, return
ing the caress. “Now let’s go out ini
our garden, Joint.”
So away they run, hand in hand, !
u- merry as the birds that were sing- >
ing il|> among the houghs of the old i
butternut tree.— From “Little Mai
dir .”
A Maruiaoi: Maki;ii.— When
I’rofi ssor Aytoun was making pro
posal." of marriage t<> his first wire, a
• laughter <>f the celebrated Professor
Wilson, the lady reminded him that
it would be necessary tu ask the ap
proval of her sire. “< 'ertain!y,”said
Aytotin;“bnt U" i am a little diffident
in speaking to him on the subject,
you must just go ami tell him my
proposals yourself.” The lady pr -
ceeded to the library and taking
her father affectionately by the
hand mentioned that Professor Ay
toun had asked her to become bis
wife. She added, ‘‘Shall I accept
his oiler, papa? He says he is too
diffident to name the subject to you
himself.” “Then,” said old Chris
topher, ”1 had better write my reply,'
and pin it to your back.” He did so.
and the lady returned.!*.* the draw ing
rooiu. There the anxious suitor read
the answer to bis message, which
wa- in these words, ‘‘With the'
author’s compliments.”
Site tripped along with ribbons fly
ing, from a bran new fiat she’d just
I welt b\._j , >g. She held Iter head up
very high, and thought ‘‘Well, utuT
i just old pie ?” An orange j wef
lay iu IMe traek, she tripped,and flat
up* .i h r bo. k lay Miss Maria Slim
J.iVF.; .1 INK iS' A Co.,'-? Chicago.
li:t\ ij ' furl lr' Hr*l n \VI k. *i V 1 -it \ tO
F:irut*rM, rtioi.nl ui- i I’.u-.Mni, t il-
I ill. I i.uweof Huaim •-1 lot til the stales ol the
I li •>!!, h\ Prof. f‘j|' 'll”, Ol li:l!Vkl.i I luVfl Si
iv. I itf vvniti ii -ickimvvle.lkc.l uliuMty on
Law . ami is tli* author cl .-.rVt* ral siaiularil Law
i: k- s.m* :uiverlißenitat in * • ;nna
I.itti.f. Frkihv, who has grown
mh> lii** easy p :tion of hoUM'Iu.KI
tyrant, but is still cniistraincd t<> u,'**
such ptditc forms of filial civility as
“Yes, sir,” and “No, sir,” recently
came to the l>rcak!ast-tai>le with
clouded brow and a general air of
disconteli t.
“Have soujo butter, Frethly ?”
asked his father.
“No,” was the sharp reply.
“No what?” asked the father, with
,-omc emphasis.
“No butter,” answered the unyield
ing Fred.
A farmer who had employed a
Green Fmerahler, ordered him to
cive the mule some “corn in the ear.
On las coming in, the farmer asked *
“Well, Pat, dhJ you u ve tlie* mule
the corn ?”
“To be sure I did.”
“Haw did you give it ?”
“Och, an' shure as your Honor
tould me, ‘in the ear.’ ”
“But how much did you give?”
“Well, you see, the craythur
wouldn’t hould still,and kapt switch
ing his ears so, I couldn’t get but a
fistful iu.”
See card in reference to Fisch’s
Turkish Ruth liouse, 1175 S.iutli >th
St., St. Louis, Mo.
Luleiie Hotel, Chicago.
This new and elegant first-class hui.se, sit
uated oposite the I'iltaburg ft it Wayne and
t hieago ft. St. Louis depots, is now open, and
alter a thorough test ofiLs a< cummodation., we
have no hesitation in recommending it to our
reailers us one of the best hob is in that city.
The furniture is new and handsome, the table
contains all that an epicure could demand, the
location is central,the charges are very rei son -
able, and the land, nd and his attaches ar ■
model gentlemen. Cos to the Laclede when
yon visit Chicago.
Cor. Walnut ft Second Sts., St. Louis, Mo.
This well-known and popular Hotel, having
been thoroughly refitted (and under new man
agement,) is now open for the reception of
guests. $l5 .">> in r dav.
f; lzgeuaut ft cabuoll,
Worthy of Note—Comfort tor Hie si* St
and I test for Hie Weary.
All who would enjoy a healthful and undis
turbed night's rest, will hail with delight the
Kur il's rubber ring spring Bed Bottom,
they being durable and noisehas, combined
with strength-and simplicity, make them su
perior to all wire spring beds. They are giv
ing great satisfaction, and being universally
used whenever introduced. The springs are
pure rubber rings, which have the same effect
on hugs as camphor or cedar has on moths.
Manufactured only by 11. .1. Bond ft Cos., ::lfi
Mar l ' i St., St. Louis, Mo., half block t asl ol
court liouse. Exclusive sale given to respon
sible dealers in each town.
JK--£T* No country merchant sliould
be without the Chicago Journal of Commerce,
the best, largest and cheapest commercial pa
per outside of New York. Price o*l.o •■,
year. Tappan McKdlop ft Cos , Bnldisbei s, 07
State -d., Chicago.
Tho Union Dairyman Cheese Vat,
fifteen Sizes, 'simple. Compact
and Substitnl lal.
Warranted superior to any other Vat in th •
market. We furnish everything in tin- of
li nil’-'. C \ Ns, ft.- Send for Circular.
<*. O’NEIL SONs & Cos., Utica. N. V
Something far the cook. Ise u
littl of Tallmadgc’s None Such Saleratus
when cooking meat,and y m will tiud il a great
help to make the meat tender and sweet \N t
ern de|*ol 170 s. Watt-r street, . hieago.
1 liave used used Norman’s ('ltaly-
Ift’ittc i o-Syrup,ami lirul il Liu* In**! r*iii*tly
in < roU}i liaVf v• r :iml from wlmt oth
4‘rsi m*i of Uioir slice*‘.ss in tin- not* ,l
ill-- I ciUilldenily r*M*ouma*n*l if i'*r
;l! disKlscS ul lilt* till oaf :iul Ilium’s .
I N Hi.A'.hSH U 1 , PitcjLo!’ 4 ifl*. M.I . . 4 -bill ll
BflU-viUe, ID
Nrv. York Style.
\UH to bo luiiiml at 211 north .sixth *
bc*l\V4*4*n Olive* and >t. Louis Mo.,
< >p4*n Ironiiia in. to Up. in. all*n*l
aiit.i fur I:i*li4*s. I*ric4*, on** dollar.
Patients Iroui lb* uountiy I'itruillicit v. uli
boar*! ami lodging if*lt*sired.
Cat ■ ri. - t ; *i.-. j. 7, , ■ * K nluia
Kaeb'i -i: i.... Wi.'l ’ - ■ linj .
'TINT! iI.UUIM cC . I*. .* a. it—., or St. }>|,. M .
IT* M I*l.o YJII. NT that pays. For pari icnlar
llaildnus M.'i'kM :-.m o,Brattlcboro,Vt.
• 3.000 Salary—AddreS.U.S ,7*iano Cos ,N. Y
To .shoot close and kill O# yards. Trice iflTi AO.
Wanted.—Amv GtIH and Uevolvers . Send
stan.p for price list Rifles, Shot Guns, Revolv
ers, to JOHNSON GUN WORKS, Pittsburg, T
Purchasers of Pianos Organs and
V larg' stock always on hand for sale and foi
rent, so that tlie rent will pay for them
Scud for circulars . D. 11. BALDWIN.
1 \\ e.-t Ith St., Cincinnati, i>.
Chicago Advertisements.
rpHE Illinois Central Railroad \V>.
1 offer lor sale, in trai ts ol' to acies amt H(>-
wants, at from $.7 to $l2 per aero,
630,000 Acres of Land,
All lying adjacent to their road, us follows:
178.m0 acres between Chicago ami Centrulia.
:il .000 acres between Uunkith and I)i\<n.
lis.OOo acres l.etween Dixon and Centralia
■“ !,000 acres between Centralia and Cairo.
All station agents on the road arc provided
with plats showing the land? for sale in their
vicinity. Further information given at the
otlieo ol the Land Department, 7.S Mu hi gun av
enue, or a descriptive pamphlet and map sent
to any one writing for the same to
Land Commissioner, Chicago.
N B—U I* Kingsbury, in charge of ihe Land
Oltice of the company, at Centralia, will attend
personally to the locution of settlers on appli
cation to him.
Dealer in till kinds of
Building Materials
Heady-Made Houses, School-Houses and |
TO Washington Str< of, cor. Iharlenn,
Wii i ■ ... mm -- - :■> MS Carrol St . -. ; i H
"angumon '-t., s.l to lot Morgan -"t.. oi ct
i mg \t tih all rilw ays in tt.* city
Roofing Material.
Rooking composition, paving ck
Hunt, Lal Tar, P P Varnish lor Iron
| work, Elastic ( emmt, a Paint fur I'm lb-.. 15,
I saturated Kelt, lrv Kelt, sln-aunag Kt It.
Three-iily Kelt- A1..-". a general a-sorlinenl el
sia|>niator f e stock constantly on band, i iim
prisiag Canstn and ~ai " id:*, itc-in, Palm oil,
A. ~ Ac., Ac., at lowest cash prices Orders
promptly ulled. J. II VYEb A <>.,
rso Washington Chicago.
The Free Lands of lowa.
A book for all u lio w ant t heap Home-.
TIMS work, ju,t publish. i. conta as an ac
curate description ol each ol ihc -i ieatn-n
enmities 111 tile NiillX C!!>
* I. AND 1*1." I KH rsOFP'WA.
togetln r with full directions tor old.cn "g
home, f ad.- and pre-emptions.
in t!:* fliotiT City laail i 1
accompany Hie book, 1 ' ai-o jn.-t published,
showing all the * ici r laxds, knots of rail
r. a 1 grant.-, railroa*! lines, low - topography,
Ac, carefully • oiuplled irom Ihc ofli* ial re
cord-. Northwestern low a still contains a
million and a half of lo re- oi government
lan.l, subject to pre-emption. or to l- taken as
homesteads. The above Ui and map contain !
just tin- informatiou that is nee.t*-d. and such ■
as cannot be obtained Inmi any olhei source j
The book with map lut luded, will tie sent, J
ore-paid lor 7ic; or s. nt separately, l~.ik i'i
mapbik Addr. - MILES A COMPANY. 1*
Moines, lows, or Western N. ws I ow.paHC, 1
I hieago. HI
T he mercantile houses whose card- .-oiuiK.se
;_bls column are Krellltiv - •' '• ! troll; !t
h ading arms m in. aru. t- ttco. . \
IcUHIVe operalloi'S aii.lwnl >pr el r -putaPon ;
■ .if.tie them to tile liisl r ul e ;n < oli.lue.
With full Directions and Form for till I>;.i -
: .oils, tn every state of i! in;..;: B\ ill'.-
.iBHILI- I’AUsON ■>, LL. D , I'ron- r
Law to Harvard I niversity, and Author o.
many Law Books.
A view 80.-n foi: I sr.Ymnv. E\j ai'ung
the rnrl.U, .luri—, and obi.gation.' ft ;.d tin
relations of life . well us every kind ol . n
tract and legal ooligatioa.
V correct, ecotiomtcal, and safe Counsellor
and Adviser.
Indi-ju nsab! to ah who woubl kr.ow their
right- and .luin-s. and i'ss.--s the means ol
transacting unaided th*-ir o.\ u bu.-int -
C-O plain."full, a ecu rate, and compl.te that
no person .‘an r.rt >rd to be without it hm
bmlying tn popular form the results <■! tlie
labor and study ol the mo-t popular a.. 1 suc
cessful writer of law book- tti the .. ;iutn.
Exclusive territory and no i mp.-ii: on
s. nd nr <>nr descriptive circular am testi
monials. Add re.--,
JOXJ£>, Jl Nlx 1N ft *., Bublisbers.
107 south t lark street, Chicago, Ll.
Clark. Streeter & Gunn,
Heal Estate Agents
H A VK u large list of I mpro veil and
unimproved Property, nt low tlsrun *-:;iu*l
ca.sy alo, several
lu Improv*! Farm* in *liftVi4*rl part* ol Ihr
country, on ca-y li*rnis.
pay t:i\*s, and loan money !■>- non
ri*r>ul4*nt*< in * ily :md uounly, ar I -.*>l:*ii * **i -
i \ I I lON,
\LL persons who have received
eoutracts for Lots in Section 3- It,
near Chicago, from I K. Ilaileck A Cos., or
Geo. W. Parent, or who hav< paid at v money
for said lot- to any per.- n whut-oev. i, are re
quested to . alt on or address th undersigned
before making any more payments >n the
same, as the above mentioned persons have no
right to set! said lands. A. VAIL ft SON,
Boom 7, Lombard Block, 109 Menroe si.
A New Story by
—AN l*—
Watchman, What o{ the Night?
OB rejected bit - -ings for wive - and mothers.
Sent free on receipt of a three cent -tump.
Address l‘.U LA M A >OX, No. 149 Washing
ton -t., < hieago.
A six roii PEI SSING’S t IDKR MM;
t■ A it. Warranted to preeerv.
h irst premium awarded at th. In ted states
Fair. Established in isjy. Charles (t. K
Brassing, 330 and 34 1 state sli .-t, Chica
Corner bake and ba Salle ste., Chicago,
General Bankiagßustccss Transacted
• Gold bought. Omits for sale on Ireland,
London, Paris and Germane
BOB KIM 'Uicin, Manager
(want to get the Rutter from one
tiuiKlivtl 111 <> i • Premium Puti< r .Makers,
Richard’s Commission Butter
ISO him! ISS S. Water Street, ( hica^o.
■ V ill Foreign and l>olues''c, Green and Dried
Prints. him! Urinous. factory i !e
Mdden. Potatoes and General Produce Also
lir sab*, the I o-v eland Wood* n a :.i, and Malch
•">. * M 'lers ami consignments solicited. s9 S.
A ater■ street, t bicago.
Manufacturers of
Gents’ and Family Buggies,
Tl v/IV VyIV
Skeleton W airons it Sulkies.
Special Attention givt n to I bht Work of all Detcripbon.
THOS. H. SROWN, Chicago.
. s'E’Grniifti Patent shifting Bail.
For Both Sexes and All Ages.
r PHIS new game allotds an exeeed
• inn 1 v attractive amt beat tin out-door
sport, amt furnishes a degre* .mil kiVol i.t phys
ical exorcise that does not overtax or Weary
tile ► > Mein, but gradually improves tin gem rut
health ami strength. It.- distinguishing feat
ure's may be enumerated as follow - .
It may lie learned in a few moments.
It may lie played by any number of persons,
from one to titty
It may hi parin' pati •! in In person-, ot both
sexes and ot all ages.
It can be played upon a smaller area ot
ground than any other out-door game.
Its distance max be extended or diiuuiG-hed
as the wants of the players or the availabilitv
ot space may require.
It combines Ualislbenic E\ct>iv with at
tractive pastime.
Its implement.-, arc closely and compactly
arranged m a neat ease ol mod-rate si/e
It may be conveniently carried from place to
Its price is less than that of any other field
Price ol gairn-, complete, with book of di
rections, SJ .Vl, on I'ccipl ol which it will be
securely packed and v'-iti iv i \pr. -- to auv
address. Address \.Vllo\Al. Boots A
NEWS to., 1 IMadison street, thieago.
fib fij A DAY eu b
■ ■
out. Kvery family will bnv one. semi j:, ,t
--lor a sail*pic >cnl by rniii!,frwf,lo any p;irt • !
the Unit* cl " U. U. LANDON,
fT bakoSt, Chicago.
Pu r I D e r or
Stomach Bit- srt
tcra ib strict
ly a Botanical 5|
i umpocDd.
Sfefr fSR
a .’Cttlc 1
Ny \3* i
I Jr \ 1 .
:o i> ';■
tb * TiiP
and very highlr r. , ommended by many of on
mo-t eminent Phy-kians
It is fast becoming and win soon he the s . r,. -'
famlly medicine.
Wo family should bo withont it.
Koral* by Urnjglttt ud the tnde utmtnily
W. W . CHAMPION, Proprietor.
06 Monroe Street. • Chicago. 111.
St. Louts AdV6rt!cerT*eMß. I
>1 •. .1 i At I' 11 EH Of
Steam |j!“liic> .Hill Haihiiifr),
a • ii or ■ fc >! in
* a iitstnt.. -i: i :.-:ii. Ginn • •’< *.• >o
.?! -M 1.n.. t\ .%!•:• r t mil,tug *• ;•
i.. . |itioi M I
■ .nli-a.-l or .alii-rvnv.
N... 11:1 I .1.1 11.1 : -lai k-.m St.. -:. I.lll^l
J_ : ■ i.i IllinUa'.t I< aUnl'- u*-
j3 VTSC J-£’S
r i'ii i*lc irsli IJnssinn
No njM.iiih fifth i:.. opposite sfiithirn
H saint l.outd, Mo.
Also, Snip’ . . Kli i-tni 1i- It in* I-..1-ieal
ieal Ilt-rli P.alii..
Femalo qttondants for Ladies.
f , ‘ * I .milieu t U oiiimiul tin 1 yiii*
11. -I authors i.; tre counti y. A u orttvvvmnni.
I iifiiiO pages with !1 bountiful sfc.d eugrai ir.gs.
I lin ; \v..i t i- having an imm.u.i -ah, and i-
I just adapte ito the wants •! the tine. - Amenta
j are cleat ins: . iII to 1150 pel moot
( i inline' l>> their energy amt ahintv
A! . 1 ITiilo-oplty of M oii.e heepi ng,* 1 -
! luuiill.T • ■!' Ik>- Dome-til ar:-, s t-.-iil .... ul.it
' ! i art ieal bu ; It- in the aeleeti.n. and prepata
-1 u.m oi .v. ry k.ml of foci). ITie-e works are
lunlike ;u price that they ran. n r.eh to-
LTether. l,ance>l conillur-iou paid.
S.-iid I r e ;rMi :irs and -fr our terni=.
Address, K. a . 111 TCHIN '>N A i.i > ,
:.i ; Olive sf., si luHiis, Mo.
Mitchell. Barrow <SI Cos,,
sii. . .—or. to .full ua 11. Smith A to,
Liquor Dealers and Importers,
Rectifiers of Whiskeys,
Mnnu facturf /.< of Domirnt-c TAn uortt,
So. -.'Oi. W ..!nat-at . s i . 1 GUIS. HO.
I .r to \ ear. lii.* I'.voritr.
Prices warranted as low as.any other house
H. M. Bv.uu, sole agent, lib N Main--.
St. Louis. Mo.,
|uTl XK)ji\
No Press! NoWatei !
Only Book and Ink Required.
Full itpifi ui tion>, **ri< • List, Ar.. S4-ut
IT* ** to axis \4l4lress.
\\ I- liavc tlit* Western Agency for
' " Bill Filet* oul
W 1 1J send (mu' as sample, prepaid, lor Ticcntj.
Oitiers lor anything in our liuc in large or
small (jnantilies will in-cive prompt attention.
•OS Chestnut-sf . Polytechnic Pudding,
.Saint Louis, Mo.
Jtj’lnk and Mticdag. manufactures, Jealers
tfatei • r, Envd i ■ -. •
It. A. Br liHtUl. a. W. I AMfPtLt.
i 1* >M M !>>ION !IA N l < lor Hie salt* ol
I ! k tu*ls ol l_ouu: . Sne**,
.m) J Nortli S* st. l.ouis.
I*. '■ —No iiwult* toi
i*s, &** , on orlt*rs.
* lifulcrs in
Pure Oliio Apple Cider.
nn*l mumuat tm-rs >i
Champagne Cider •nil Cider Vinegar,'
l**l*ot i ;{•;.■ unit 1 ;t*;7 - 7ih *t ,-i 1,..n m..
.)aan llAltlil.l.i oi extra till. !uin
a'MMF pagtie t;hj, r for sale, w n anted
s w t and c lean, an it to ke. i. minitli -i .*r mon
ey refunded.
s. s. gkrjATsTT,
Sevenlb, bet. Market* flo-loui.
sT. LOI is. mo.
J\M now able to iurni-h mv friends with
lunch better ac. smiie.dalion fci iu.de- and
horses than heretofore. My new place eiders
an abundance ot room,convenient I v and h.-dth
liilly arranged lor stock, ami in point . i I,.ra
tion cannot be surtias-. and for Ini I'.uv.rs
ran here find all description* of bor.-e.-t ami
mules tor Bale. Men fnrhisbetl fr. . <,f -urge
to move stock to or from boats or ears.
i- rviu:.
Publisher, B*oksel!er A- Stationer.
_ , .STiMLIsIlkl is,-,
Si ANI>AI; i>, Mi.-ctdlam I l.eologtcsl
Sunday-Sehttol, Kducational uni Agricul
tma. Literature in great vuri-t; . m K.vMern
Laril a'Ui iu ii .-. Papfi and Kiiv . Sstuinn
ed with Initials or Monogram. • t.mbm. done to
on ter. woods ordered not on hand will be
bought and lorwarded. i .talmrnea or, aoidi
cation. 1 *
_ Mb *'*•. < >r. Ms, ket, St. I.oni-, k|o.
wholks > r.i
i Booksellers, Statione;s and
Paper Dealers.
Blank Book rtiuufa.cturers.
sole agi nt.s for
\o. AO I North Mali, Street, st. Uul., Mo
Wo. 21 South Fifth Street.
Writing . Blank Book Papers'
Iron, the liluiV b. ’ mb-"‘i',!' '• ' ‘l"*' > ,ro, “
Portage and Stationary
Steam Engines and Saw Mills
or TilK
Boners, Mi; Mining and General Macbinar-
Brass and Iron Castings '
( 111. I*A i 1 JOHNS al’ L' vii
''N. M,.,| Mr.- .1, , A , KK ALL
••a! ilii).i to ••UilrtiMV tii, Iml
St Lsuis ASverliaenioijis
y Fbi mai (>
‘ m ?TV | , j, : N
1 L** li*-l tii ! 4 !•*■.• f 1.. n,.. M 4( k
THKV havtr tilk 4 !* Imnl lllv . ‘
• **r r iirb;tifK -* U ; • . ,J. I
\ai.m:* .lining it,,. J,’..*
slim*.*aiu U tin lraU.*
A fil tt sortnjtal m nil m.-vh j 0 i .
ttjss* sesys?*
•il. LOUIS £0! ■ R Yftpn
or to Mantwt'll A Wmulrr, m ,
;3 ■ i. Boilers f ...
u ■ ■ Flak*, Cos i.. . ,
s!-*o, ail Winds ol ul.<—l iro'i w.jW Ina i>.’ 1
promptly V\ ,• law on J ,
liana iioilwr?, I wo, l our, 1 ,v.* uu i
ol Vtti ;ous ami ai-aimt^-Ts
Bowers. L'i-i .giji cna f*.rtat*l.-, , n ;
♦I it ion , wfci ;* a off**r ch*ap ! A I Lm*.;, .
In- Uy a m o*'iWr iD>p*ctor
lla* 1 shop, ii Ji-ainu. JUS. t WANiji t t
s K car. Mjud aud Carr su, fct, Lotus
A. Book for tho Miliioii.
I?i M iti] *1 1 lflg
\ I*hiv vtk Coin yelou to ti* M*
lhal lM*rlaia l I.V |i.i-.!-:c.lktl ,
ri \ . il ■ . -w! *!i a \ ..11 fc • .
disvuTfrlos • ur*>Ui-— r ..i.l j.i ~4
spflli;. ItuW I > Ii;
•ira-l -i • I * < v. a Ac.
T .l- 1 ~ <* I l:it*A lili* .AX; I .|M.f , . „
w v< r tv-* liti *lr* i p.' i !. i
ar . A-- . wriiA* :i tr - - til l. # -
l:x*l i-uiilaiiib ut! thru vaL .■' U i■. . n
t vf.rj iK'f'iM who U luan ;-•! if i • u
rut-re to have, >•l.vLj L-o \ r. v
>< ss. It uurateh ri* .•! >:i . !
Ilia! < k*v. ; >MII 11 i- a
t lUc u 1 .;• .s . , .
•areli vab-m Qm •• • i
• .
is .fort • kid-*H}nL'. ax.l •;'* uliul >•
ii i'<v oilier 'v ~rk.
Ti*s Invaluable' wrk vtl;i nl a
;fr eof t*n r< • -!|*l of I- hi ■, i •
\Jlri‘>s-: l>r. 1 |M*U“ur%. N V\
Fm'x M.irki-t s>i r -t.1.0 .;
Z y 5.t.3 ti ibe U.
Before r> •< !v -nir treatm ;.t from
tix i-ois f/m '.t or an; . !lt r pbn- v .
vertigo ia the public p.ip<*r . or i .1 . ,

*r I: \v •It-j.li *r..i)l‘ tour *-■• fI. •>! r* 1 ■ ■ f.j *
luM** I ut.•nix if loti, ll li-iV . ont \i*r, r- t
111.1:1'. k Sic 4fh-inifcry, aiol r . 1
*i:tv a' 11.
Ir. on t>v ci'nsialP •! on ony •>f t ,
s iiaMiititiicJ l-i Ills vo*ks lrtu V •>.
7 |*. M. 4 :!it i \ W. * •I"ila• r Klilll -i l MaiWc
. 4 . ;I I
0 <-> V
Xonuau’s fhalybeato ( oittrli Sjrup
171 All surpassed any other prepHrat...u
1 lutid sow i: : fat. It is peMe.-tiy barn.:
but at Iho same time most eSVetnal in n-U.
any uffietion of the throat.
BUOWN, WKlihli A t.BAH\M , 1.,
BTKMIAM Jt VAN SHAit K, i in. v-
Wholesale Veii„.
Du. G. NouiX—Dear Sir —ff .• liavi .
your touch medicine lor more than a y. :e
tirely on its own merits, and we run sa, :
it has uniformly given more salislai tim, ;
ini otbei 1 Mfm in. !icini v.. .. it
sold more ol it than all ollu r .iiutlar me.!;,
combined. BAKKIt A 11A1 I.KI
Druggists, eor. Ma.n uuC Hiahsts.. Ih .;v
6 .. < ITS t; 1 -1 new I.;
l a Mil. y si i .
AtaJ >uli , i. S• U, 1- .!, I . a, A'. as* Ii '
• *4' ■ •Ia -1 -t r i’.s..•.
. . •.■ M . . i •
- wwntitfbL m
s . -a.
• r. w. 1* 1 Ut. a it, bful we < $ .11 t. . .1t .* i B . u , . ■
•riOiinit it, VV. i.sir.-L' Lif." .h fc.iV*.. . u .
*li 1 VJk •* - • • .tJ b. 5.., f. •Ji Uhl.}, T* .r ti.at I „
Uhr k*- -it* A1 b< : hid UiIH.V TO, |
V A I 1> • U I Ik i til I m t.;4 . r
’•ulur.’li; •fl * kil>|-!|..4. luaohun a. I. 11. . I).ruu.‘ J
- - 1 -hi
• liu ium-Jllncftbi Ual*l
iin <M.\ i• if \ nut, j|i|nS(i.iUi!i:v ■
in int \\ OKI.U
\ I
( ff |li
1“ C?-v*r - ® Hf
l liik hull* iiut lmu* instaiitaiH'oUh u
Uor, where niuiiliers are culled off. 11..n • *M:
U}> liie eotniiin.a of a ledger aceolinl, two
time, with tilt elianieal aee':caev. It Im -1
indorsement nt nil who have bei-iiiir n-.-.l .
“No ace. Militant need tear that In will J
o\ hu j in< it.'* — lias icy VV a iai linn nkK. 1 v
accurate and < \pediu un that 1 havi liad K
troduced into thevarions idv |e|,art. -ni i
A. OiKtt 11*1.1,, Mayor ol New Anil,
eheert 111 l \ l*e rl iil to it- correctness anil r:e
— ll •' SIORU*. I It> Comidroll. I . .1,.
•ll relieves the ihiiiu entirelv. and redin .jn I
Itliniiti. to asi mill w. .'on of the hand.’
litOHi-MON. Pre-id. lit ~r 11,, Ku-t Sc...
Hank, tto Hroadway.
1 lie laachiiie j. guaranteed to .lo every I |
i laiia dI .r it. Price $- and tin 1..;
likely to keep a lilucbine in constant Use, Hor
oi 810 lliaelilue Is recommended . tjil Ik in;
on reeeiid of price and pontage (7 ■ , cut.,,
(limss, C. (I. I-, at the cii.ioni, r’.- • \|.i -i
in remit saves relnrn-itn.ncj charge
money order, registered letter oi .trail. I
circulars, Ac. , enc.loaeatamp. state atelr s
|>‘ tjfp'v nv SUl ‘*‘ ' VK,,I, l>IHNli M\( Hi I
K.l 111 I r(IN\V CM., Selling Agents,
No. 713 Broadway, New Va
\\ P- ( ' a H the lit ton lion of our far
i , ... ,r * to A large In-lei
I.'T,. " lnt,r *e<d " iu-at ill the .-ounlrv. '
I > iU ha.-. selected twenty varieties wit l
one hundred on hi- Sent Wheat Kxperin
rmi in near ( haiuber.-bnnr l*a ami svm
; ■ ■ pw Ml*. We a-.v even
t.V" h° r ‘he Experimental h arm .bona.
w''“ h description ami price lut , ■
,lt * will send one eopv freer, J
will send for it.
'■Kii A. DEII /.. I hand.. r.-lmrg. 1-
i ,H£ Fruit Jars'
, < iiiiuinghains A. ikHMi
I ■•-Jin
U Tr. , s iNi'i nii i.i k- in
\\ INDOW GL.ASB ami Drugg'*
~ T ANARUS, LOaaßware. Ho. k Wine and Biv.
hottleg, Ma-kn and lie nil Johns. Wire, 1
tank Fruit Jars. Have also the exclusive:.-
manufiMture and sell the Celebrated lb
•lar in the -outhern and Western Market
dress, ii VM Still A Ms* IIIMaKV
Pittsburg. I'*
\‘jKN IS to 811 the Home Shut tie '
Machine It makes tie l.u-k stin'
***** ” n * ; °*b 9Mw> kas the aadcr-1
*a equal in every respeet t< any seam?
.tune ever invented. Price *i’.. Wurra
tor a -ears. Send lor circular. '‘l' l
• lOHN-i.v, iLmx A to., Boston. M.i-5 >
hui ; . 1 a , er st Louis, Mo.
llie Id fallible flair Restorative
This Is the i M)Ht || M | r Preparation lalb*
Self Sealing Fruit Jm-
UOv IBSS. I". 'I -ti y*‘&u in
AllGlatsK Stilf-Sealiug
FRUIT jr It J3 , *rJt
Six Veari in I>,
f f
’IIHK.SK .larn Intvrstoo,! tin- i*-l i,n • IB*' f
■ iiuny >*-;rs mil Imi • |iruuoun<' K .If
•*•1 lilt- Lsl 111 111.- HIM) L*-l tiiv,- tUfiniT'' ,1’
u trial )><-Kile luiug unrelinlile .Ihth —. '
I.UKKN/ At \\ u;IITMA>
.v,.!.- .Mbiiuiai lui*" 1 -
!i Woo-I , I'lM-buiy

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