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Mineral Point tribune. (Mineral Point, Wis.) 1869-1938, June 09, 1870, Image 7

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rm' I ■ I,' UVMAIk MArillNHUXcw Hook.
I Prefer stamp. I \R R \NT A (>.. V V
A . ill* Al Wanted in a Paving buxine**, s
OALtwTiCn i' l "> fl ; 1 bestnin >t , Phi...
WcJteiu and Southern iu vestment Cos,
i au'ital *'*'. . Ah > tea, s>. President, Tsc.ov.
and , '-.ir llvvm.TiiS 'vcretnrj and Treas , Maitip t
I ..]. s i.uarantee ope acre of land for each share
,nd an annual dividend of bin per cent. I niy
monlhly a- i premium for the largest number nt
.hiir.'" i.tken \duress all letters and remittances to
M Vl'ltl* 1 .lAMISUN, Box lla/olton. Luzerne
County. Pa
'mgiMfOOII and Woiniinliood, Emu* fur
IVI 1 oil tig 'fen. tree, id sealed envelopes HOW
Xk"> ASStM'IA (TON Hoi P Philadelphia, Pa
CHABMINfi.-Ai* 1 Pages, cloth. This wonderful
pdog has fu". instructions to enahde the reader to las
emste eitcer sex, or any animal, at will. Mesmerism,
Solrttiia'c-iii snd hundreds of other curious expert
mants It can ire obtained hy seuding address, with Ul
book agents wanted.
1 be made by taking orders for
lour New Book for Farmers. Kn
lively new, so no competition.
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amgnth I 154 MadOon st., Chicago, Ills, |
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agency A pamphlet containing full instructions to
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MU f' N & CO.,
37iPnrk Row, New York
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Th' :, irnrrantnd to aver unt third more urfwt> than
■ n 'hj pure Whitt L* iJ of the mm*• freight, and to t retar
samples of all the Colors sent by mail on application to
262 South Water Street, CHICAGO.
}r’~ Also Adf.nt* fob I. X. I. Naptha and CJaso
An t send twenty five cents for a ticket, and draw
M 1 V Soirth'j Mwhine, l*iunn, or some article of \alue
blanks. Addreas PA( KARP A t (K,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
HP HE Great French Secret for Ladles or Ocnta
I iddretifi 1> B <i A LLANDKA, Pole o. O
A'KNib W antkp—Moet salable of engravings. New
u;> ■> dupe the ignorant anti credulous, nor is it repre
* *arH as being‘‘composed of rare and precious sub
*•’.•■ noos brought from the four corners of the earth,
irn * "i limes across the Great Desert of Saharab
ol me barks of fourteen camel*. and brought act* ss
■"• e Atlantic ojean on two ships." It i* a simple, mil'l .
. rnffdu a p'-rJWTtTpfii'iJir for OataRUH ana
: I* in thk Head,” also for offensive Breath, Loss
?T. impairment cf the sense of Smell, Taste or Hearing,
s lfHr mg or Weak I yea Pain or Frossare in the Head*
' ‘ u caused, as they all not anfreqdently are, by the
1 • ace of Catarrh.
• offer, in good faith, a i a ruling Reward of s*) for
& cae of Catarrh that I cannot core’
I'or Sale by most Drugglmi* Everywhere*
Prick 50 Cents.
s, 'nt by m ill, post paid, on receipt of Sixty Cent*.
; packages tor $2. 00 or I dozen for if \OU.
1 a two cent stamp for Dr. Sage s pamphlet on
* arrb Address the Proprietor.
H V. PIKRCr, M. D . Bcfkalo, N. Y.
4 regular graduate of medicine,
urn. asdfplomaatotVce will show, has been longer
engsgi and m the f reatment of Venereal, Sexual and
Private Discatua tuau any other phytuianin 6L
Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Gleet. Strlotoie, Orchitis.
norma and Rupture; ail Urinary I) seaaeg and
Syphilitic >r Mercurial Aiflictionaof the Throat,
j Ci.ii.or b <nee are treated with unparmlehod success.
■Mrtiaf orrhua, Sexual Debility and Iwpotency, i
" <, ther ill of sell abusoinyouth,sexual V
n ma**j • rytsrsorotbercauses,and which produce j
I h 1 e following effects, as nocturnal emir J
j **. bl i- dr'l>imy.di/zine“s.din;neHof svht, ■
1 •‘•IM-Ui • f : O*. evil forebodings, a\.*rn-n to ■
oi females.lusv of memory a ml sexual power, B
and r> ; laarruigo improper* are pernio B
• . i *..i ‘.oppn-.*fnnitiealnh'v T >lta!andpriva*o f
rra nan . vir-pti v-nd 1h I naoran.. 'nber 4
G Back;. ul >f. Dmij; .])< r • lovethathehus V
1 a;. then •'t l.y >• • .Ilian Si y-dli-TS ■
1 f. ' I
*' ;i' tm - • are nrir.vab' <1 mtuo \N un-II
rp ,- <-f|, 1■ m 1 re. Ajre.tvithr' • ricniv.can 10 Lj
1J ip 'ii, -d tbodo. : rcanr •• rt *t? •i . K
; k*h ■ Mhe jnfry Inp t ‘imdll
Ripu ; ,.uoutiofccacdi without a compauer.
‘J W rit injr'. of n Physician irlifHr repu*
luiioL i* Vclon-wlde shouldl>o j
worth reading.
D n ]W!tttthsß pnMishos n MfTHGAL 1
• • <sa.*i(l 1 coQ4iHju* , tiC* > !i < • selbubu e, I
r ' r f mps. Mnnypbvstciansin’roducepalif nts
’ f> I* " t rafterrf.vlinahisM dicall’ar pb t.
it -n coui.d'-ntiai A friendly talk will
■ B£ • n'lcfl centr.'i!, fel ret n
| ■ St 1 harles street, St J ds. Mo. Hours
| v. m *0 7p. m. Sundays Uto2y. n.
“ • , l*rt r. tb* r effort* to dipo*e of tbeir
i no " yli to ooti-uit u. oithor prN'a*ll>- or
Vuiny vuluuMe inenti<.a -ire
r w.int . ♦ iroj>er thi*
■ for their o*rtjer*. if placed >n onr
• rh' r.i th attention of cipitliM
* will which we te*l < an
.. * s oir of ph*i \ s plv!y the reallration of a coin
' *• ounU'Qi.ia thurefore be rolled ii|>< v
*■' --rs m, - .inlets miccesful HeterencM
i I RUM KK l\S t~* '<) ,
■ 1 rj K I n;3eer*. I' Wall SL. New Vork.
IVrlo/ninl Planters in Imltiiilon of
rtre being offered lor sale. Those wo have seen are a
preparation of “lead plaster,’’ and calculated to induce
paralysis, cosiiveness and colic.
To give relief from pain •. the object of ALU Oi'K’S
POROUS PLASTF.RS, which are warranted to contain
without a particle of lead or any mineral whatever in
their composition. W have made them for twenty
seven years, and will always prepare them as hereto
fore They are harmless. bat for local pains nothing
has ever proved so vastly curative, as an outwaid up
plication, as the tustly celebrated
Porous Piaster of Mr. Allcock.
tmrt, tumors, internal and ovarian, are said to have
hoon cored by tins plaster. But in all tile use. tor a
strengthening plaster, and for nervous and local paint,
.re have the testimony of the tirst physicians of the
b nited States and of Kurope in their favor.
How great the comfort to have a suffocating cough, to
have sharp pains o the chest, queer, creeping sensa
turns atound the heart, cured by the simple remedy of a
clean, flexible, entirely unobjectionable plaster’ But
internal tumors, considered of a fatal character, are
also cured by this mild and innocent application, which,
acling lijje a second skin, produces a steady pressure,
hy which absorbtion, resulting in ease at once, and ul
tira&te cure, is obtained.
Being a preparation from ? rankeucens®, Rubber and
Burgundy Pitch, they seem to poaseas the quality of
l.ven stricture of the bronchial tubes, dropsy of the
and imparting it to (he body, whereby the Circulation
ol the blood becomes equalized upon the pni ts where
applied, causing pain and morbid ucti nto cease The
Porous Plasters are flexible, and found of great help to
those who have weak backs or pain in the side. F.spe
cially are they valuable to those who have neglected
colds. 1 hey are olten preventives of consumption; nay.
thej are believed to have loosened the grasp of Ibis
terrible altliction, and been mainly instrumental in
effecting a cure. In variable climates they should be
worn on the breast or between the shoulders or over
the kidneys, by those w ho are subject to lake cold easily.
This simile plan will soon produce a constitutional
vigor that will enable it to resist extraordinary changes
ot temperature. Experience has proved the Porous
Plaster to he a blessing to the consumptively inclined,
invariably producing the most remarkable abatement
of the worst symptoms.
From the Rev. Dr. Beattie.
. Scotchtown, Orange county, N. Y., Got 2u. lfW
I I no Mas ALLCfX'K A (Jo., Sing Sing
i Yonr Porous Planters are a groat lilting My (laugh
; ter. Isabella, had whooping cougn mhih twelve montns
j since , when the severity of the disease abated *he htill
I torsi* months had a distressing cough, and became
j very weak and thin binding internal remedies ot no
1“u ' i Y,lcwck, Porous Plaster was applied to her
chest. Ihe cough was relieved from the day it was put
on, and in one month wa* entirely cured. I arn yours
teul y. D. BKA'iTIfC.
Nervous Affection of the Head Cured.
For two years I have been a great suffer from nen
ralgia in the head, and found only tc.iu rury relief
from all the various remedies that I have tried, until I
applied one of Adcock's Porous Plasters ! ,ut it into
three strips, placing one under each shoulder blade and
the other over the small of the back . ami tor the pas*
three months 1 have had scarcely a twinge of the old
I advise all who suffer from nervous diseases to lose no
time n making a trial of the wonderful Porous Plaster.
„ r A -1 ‘VI’KRLINO, iSec’y .Singer Mfg. Uo.
New York, Jane *, 1868.
. GAINBTOWN. Ala., Nov, 37, 1868.
Messrs. tHt)!!. ALLCO<’K ACo 1 Miring au e*tensive
practice of ten yearn 1 bare been a frequent witness of
the magical qualities of your POKOITS HI.ASTKRS I
can certify that tahev are all you claim for them. In
fact, I have never km wn them to fail m giving rebef in
local pains, or to impact support to the part where ap
plied. Send me six dozen at once Yours
D. Meyer, of Savannah, Ua., says they are the best
mechanical supporters for weak muscles ever discov
ered; that by their warming properties they bring
power and health, until the strength of the muscles is
entirely restored . that he knowsa case where Allcock's
Plasters cared a gentleman of a weak spine, that he
daily presort’ is thorn in bis practice with the happiest
results, and d* sues ns to ieter to him.
Dr. llondcrson, of Farnville, La., says
"The vjunter irritant effect of AUcock’s Porous Plas
ters is produced in such a mild and gradual way, they
so invigorate the circulation around the parts towhich
they are applied, and exert upon all nrrvous diseases
sucb a great sodatire influence, that I place them con
fidently at the head of every plaster now in use."
Dr. Johnson, of Hartford says
My daily experience confirms the very superior excel
lence of your Porous Plasiers. At this moment of
writing a man applies frrone, who, by euiauglemenl in
a shaft ot machinery, had both his legs broken, spine
severely iniurtd, and was for nearly a star entirel;
helpless (’his man found relief very soon by the up
plication of a plaster to his spine, lie was noon en
abled to work, and now ho labors as well as ever He
would cheerfully pay five dollars for a single piaster f
they could not be had at a lower rate. Surgeons shout’
make use of these perforated plasters to tie exclusioi
ol all otoers, as their flexibility and adhesiveness sr
greatly it advance of all other plasters with which 1
am acquainted, while the perforations peculiar to them
reader them greatly superior to all others foi ordinary
surgical nues. Knowing the plasters to be useful. I
have no ecruples that my senlimeute should be knoivn.
Dropsv of the Heart Cured.
Gi.FS Kiddle, P. 0., Delaware Goi nty. Pa ,/
March IK, 186*. (
Messrs. Thomas Allcock A (Jo. Having been trou
bled with heart disease tor a long lime, and after doc
toring with our physician for months and obtaining no
rebel. I gave up in despair. I wa** troubled with sharp
p.uns in my chest and loud sounds about my heart, and
often felt that death would be al’leasing. At this tune
I was permaded to apply one of your Porous Plasters.
Within a few hours alter ulacing one on my cheat I felt
no more pain, and all throbbing ceased about my heart,
and J have felt like anew man Yours respectfully,
25.0C0 Sold by One Healer.
Messrs J. Batch A Son, of Providence, R. 1., write,
November, IM6 —**We have sold the Porous Plasters
for twenty years, and. at retail and jobbing, must have
sold twoutyhvo thousand altogether. 'iTioy are well
Lame Back.
New York, Nov 28. 1859.
T. Alltotk A Co.—Gentlemen-1 lately suffered
severely from a weakness in my back. Having heard
your plasters much recommended for cases of this kind
1 procured one. and the result was all that I could desire.
A single plaster cured me id a week. Your*, respect
fur.. i. BRIGGS
(JOOTE’H STORK, Rockingham County, V*.,
November A), i
xMessra. ALLOOOK A Oo;-
I lately suffered severely from a pain and weakness
in mv back I tried many applications prescribed bf
our doctors, but without doing any good. At length 1
tried your Porous Plasters, which ben edited me, at
once. Yours K R ABM US NKf F.
A Man Saved from Lameness for Life,
A genbemn, from placing the beol of his boot on a
piece of orauge peel, waa suddenly thrown down sod
violently sprained hi knee If- v, an monthsconhn
ed to tlie boose, thmign be had the best medical advice
Ai last he applied an ALLI OCK.S PuKiM.'is
PLAtsTKK. and in leas than two months hn knot! was
perfectly cured.
Cure of a Badly Crushed Breast.
May 7,
GyNTEMEN In December, I—ti, my breast bone waa
crustled and badly injured by being struck by a h art
spar I was taken home senseless, where for weeks I
lay iit the point jl dealt My doctors could do hot
little lir me and I suffered continual pain Ihe doctors
thought a blister plaster would help if pul on the breast,
but I thought 1 would try, instead, Allcock's Porous
Plaster I put one on my breast and side, and from
that time began to get better, and in one month I was
well tree I nun pain, and able to attend to my busiue..
Any one can call and see ray breast and 1 will show th uu
a modern miracle ol cure,
J K ItL'JK, No 2 South r fib street.
Williamsburgb, L. I.
A child eight years old, son of Mr Draper, of Sing
Sing tell out of a loft, some twenty feel, lie was sadly
bruised Sn plasters were loru up and applied to
every bruise The nest day ho waa out playing as usual,
and in a lew days the plasters wore removed and he waa
perfectly cured.
A case occurred ol severe I roup, whore no doctor
could be haf before morning Ibe mother bethought
of some Porous flaatent she bad ip the house 'I hey
were slit ao as to tit around the throat and chest The
wh siting breathing abated In a tow hours the
child slept, and in the morning no sign ol croup re
Astf.ma fared.
at- Wat May, of Jli Spring street Mew Vork,writes,
1 tr*u rI V> “f hate been afflicted with asi :na
j miw-ard ol ten rears, receiving U'Jbenotl’ from modi
eal men I was advised bva tnend to try one ot Allcoca's
I Porous Plasters. 1 said I bad tried several km Is ol
plaster* without any beuebl. and suppewd they were all
‘ My tnend gave me one o’ Alliocks and urged
me to use it, I ilia so. and have n-w worn them siea.o.i
I oar nine mon'bs, and bud myself better thin 1 have
' lien tor many year- To all attli ted with this
‘ ,1 , .mplainl 1 fc.s go ' them a tair chance, and you
, ... . .....ss oie day you arst put uue ou.
I M--- Is-lies 11 huiadeb. ol Mhi clock villa, Bedford,
u st tieeter twintv was thrown from her currfageand
1,a,l net arm broken between the elbow and Ui shout
tier Auer her arm was set ami the hone had fully kail
she continued to suffer great paid at the point of frac
lure. and passed many uffenng duya and sleepless
nights, nothing relieving her until she apdid Alloock'-
Porous Plasters After using them mu nth she w.-.s
completely cured she obtained great .iiet the hrst
day they were applied.
A Cure for Cold Feet.
S t Smith. Khq., of the American Hotel,of Babylon,
1.. I , had been troubled for many years with cold feet
He had seen Allcock s. Porou* Fluster used for whoop
ng cough with great benetit, and he conclude i to try
one for each foot, cut to the shape of the loot Ihe
rehet was immediate, and he has never been troubled
with cold feet since
Their application, after purging, cures fever and ague,
ague cake, the spleen, and pain ol the loft s i,*. just
above the hip joint is infallibly cured by
Allcock s Porous Plasters.
The? are now widely u*ed in hospitals, both m Amen
ca and Kurope. and approved by all physicians I'hej
give immediate relief in lumbago, as well as in pains ol
the side and back, whether they proceed from weakness,
fatigue, or other causes
Rheumatism of the Wrists Cured.
From overstraining and other causes I lost the use of
my wnsta 1 applied an Ailcook'a Plaster around each
wrist, and in a few hours they were cured. I think
workingmen, especially mechanics, should never be
without them. JOHN HYLAND Carpenter,
Near AI hi at Avenue, Sing Nina. Dec. K, |ta*9.
Mrs Richards, a well known per-on of feitm Sing, was
cured of rheumatism of the wrists by these Plasters II
a few weeks. ——
Oboion, Westchester County, Ncv 8, 19riS>.
Messrs. Thomah Alltocb A Uo.. -
timtlrmru Some three years ago I was prostrated by
a terrible pain In ray hip. My doctors said it was rheu
matism. but whatever it was it confined me to my house
for two years, and nothing appeared to relieve me I
finally put on one of your Porous Plasters, and shortly
felt better 1 kept using them fviraix months, and have
entirely recovered . and Mueigh ra,u *b exposed have had
no return of the disease. Yours, truly,
If vou need a Plaster be sure and procure one of Ail
cock's Porous, and you w ill get your money’s worth, and
Beware oi Imitations
AM) MM.I) nv Al l linn.l.lsTs. .
. ‘**l. J.
A> .r
I • -
a x n
Anew and valuable preparation fur Hie re
-1 iof ami curt> of <• rbtpl, Irritation of the
Bladder ainl ( ret hr a, Dropslral.jlhea
malle ami (ioiity Affections, I‘nins
iu tlii‘ Bark ami Loins, Af., Ac.
To those s ifferlng from disrates of iho Kid
aero and Iliad ler, ami the consequent train
>1 distressing ailmenla. this remedy is coufl
ieully recommended as a relief, and needs hut
I trial to prove its great value In the cure id
the ahovo mentioned disease*. A> *n Altera
tive, this Elixir will lie found much moil
beneficial than the preparations of Sana pa-,
nlla.so popular, (and we might say of ques
tioned medicinal value), and where a Blood
Purifier is needed, there is no question but
Jut the
Diuretic and Alterative Elixir
Will accomplish all that is desired. ThoM
flvtac in malarious district*. WeM and Sjulb.
as a 4*iier:il thin# ne*Hl, on the approach ot
warm her, such u remedy ; out* that will
remove languor, and restore tone and viifor u
Hie system. No preparation will more *irecl
tally accorvidish tLi.n than the
it Is by v * more potent and effectual A. -r
■live ai od Purifier than Sarsaparilla,end
free fro , olijcclions that may bo mad*
against ,o Liter, and Us usual adjui is,
lodide of t tssiuni, or some preparations Ot
Importers and Dealers in
OILS, <V *.
Jlaiiufirtiirer* of
Chemical & Pharnacectical Preparations
r. v:, Cor. 4th and Vine Street*
(opi’ii-irK rnsrorptCK,
Cincinnati. - Ohio-
Meadow King Mower
M'tnupdhy Or*g*j, l*ly*r it f'o., Vmv\nr\*hur'j, S. I'.
Ih lightest draft and moat durable Mower made
I u knife is aJw*>a in line with the Pitman, thusavoid
ing friction and enabling it to work freely in any position
of the '’utter liar It is the only perfectly flexible<'nt
ter liar, and excels all • th r Mew era on rough ground
For circuUr, or Icto’miilion, .nd to s I. sHKI.IHJS,
Mailiaon. W||, I.| enl Agent lor Wnwon.in, Minnc
• tod Northern lowa *l*< ncut lur New Yorker
Keapflr and other Machinery, or to ,J It KA>l I K,
1 hu ayto. tien. Ag.nl tor lllinom,,VKithern lowa, 4c
KIIUU US PASTIMJ-s A Sure Relief for
Asthma. Price V cents hy mail
HTOW Kl*L A CJU . Charlestown. Mam.
• To sell our
Patent liletal Sign and Do:>r Plate
Agents are making fr..m iff. to *•>, p*r day Se t
our mime and ■ cents lor a sample, which sells
•a.lily lor s*. Address I Sp AN< KNBFID •A CO
*a(eul Attorneys and Manufacturers of Patent-*
Vo Jill s. 4th street M bmo Mo
tUK VKNF.S'*, m.IMIM s>
Huldiif'* and 4 aiarrb.
Mrs M (} brown’s MktaphThl
< \Lf Dih, . v>hy is inking the place
of Doctors and Drug**, as
of diseases To understand ih’s
Metaubysicai I Diversity, sl Bond .V
New York, for Mrs M 1. Brown's
eu I a rued Metaphvsica Pamphlet of
JHges. worth hundreds of dollar* to Unh m A and >//.
made new, ea**i
ly. without doctor I
or medicines Sent
poet paid on receipt
of Iff cents. Address
i>r K. B IM>I)TK,
IJo I.eMDgtoo Ave
nue. corner of Fast
>th Street, New
■ 1 H II 1 1 1 > I > v
of one teller stamp Address Dr 1 B l-OOTr.
iJiTeungton Avenue. New York.
lr \or want the purrst. heel ami cbm post
TON.I T Ml \l% buy ( OI.CATI A { O.'h.
mild iiv \ij. mtoii.ki:i;im-:h>.
Hundreds of Thousands
Bear testimony to tl < ir Wonder
ful Curative Effort*.
FOR FEMALE COMI'L AINTH, w)k tl. r Id yom.* or old.
married or single, at tlio dawn of n omuuhood or at tfie turn of life,
those Tonio Bitten* have no equal. >end f->r a riroular.
Made of Poor Hum. Whiskey. Proof Spirit*
niidßeliiHf Liquor* duct.ucd, spiced and v. , t
etied to please the tasli , <-al l-i| “Tonics," “ Appetiz
er*," “Restorers.”4c., that lend the tippler on to
drunkenness and ruin, hut are a true Medicine, made
from tile Native Roots nod Herbsoft aHfornla, fi*',.*
from all Alcoholic Siiiiiulniil*. They ur- the
tavivti PHI MI PI,F. a perfect Renovator and
Invlgora'.or of the System, curryltg off all poisonous
matter Mid restoring th, blood to a healthy condition.
So per ion can take these Hitters according to direc
tion and remain long unwell.
#IOO wlllbc given for an Incurable rase, provided
the bone* arc not destroyed by mineral poison or
other means, and the vital organs wasted beyond the
point of repair.
For I ti (l in inn tnr y and Chronic Hlieumn
tl*ni mid flout, Dyspepsln, or Indigestion,
Bilious,Remittent mill IntermUleul Fever*
Disense* of I he Blood. Liver, Kidney* nml
Bladder, lie se Bluer* have been most sucres*,
fill. Hueh Diseases are caused by Vitiated
Blood, w hich 1* generally produced by derangement
of the Dlgenllve Orgun*.
ache, I’alu In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the
Chest, Dizziness, Soar Eructations of the Stomach,
Rad taste In the Month, Billons Attacks, Palpitation
Of the Heart, Inflammation ol the I.tings, Pain In the
regions of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful
iyniptoms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
They Invigorate the stomach, a id stimulate the tor
pid liver and howeh, whin!, re; t them of unequalled
efficacy In cleansing t .e bn..ui..f all Impurities, and
Imparting m-w life and vigor I vhob •} fa m
FOHSKIN Dl>r,.V**E*E Erupt "ia,Tetter, halt
Bhaem,Blotches, Spots, Plnipb o Pustules, Rolls,Cur
bunnies, King-Worms,SeuM 11 od.f re Eyes, Erysip
elas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration* of the Skin, Humor*
and Diseases of the Skin, of w hatever name or nature,
are literally 'lug up and carried out of the system In a
abort time by the use of these Billei -' One bottle In
*aeh cases will convince the most incredulous ,fllnlr
curative effect
Cleanse the Vltlab 1 BE” and whenever you And Its
Impurltie- bursting tnr o.ah tin- skin InPimples,Erup
tion* or sores j cleanse u u In n you nml It obstructed
and sluggish In the veins ; cleanse It when D is foul,
and your feeling* will tell you w hen. V eep the blie.d
pure and the health id the ayst- in will follow.
PIN, TAPE and die r WORMS, ’or’- lug In Me
■ystemof so many thousands,ar effeclmiiiy destroy
ed and removed. I or full din - tlons, r■ ad carefully
the circular around oi :1 bottle, printed In four Inn
gn ige English, (i-rtnan, E r •nrh and Spanish.
J. WALKER, Propnel > II 11. MCDONALD * CO..
Druggists ami den. Agents. Sin Francisco, < al„
and and fit Commerce Street, K'-vv York.
An Ovfr*norfi red VVnrli!. Allgreat physician*
admit that the world la over Sectored with vi **o
drugs la cates of indigestion, hihoosnoM, constipa
lion, wind colic, dirirhouv, and other casual om*w u
chronic affections of the atomacb. liver, and Iw.wels,
hl| that i needed to r*tore the regular action of the
disordered organa. n a dnao or two of 'IaHIIM*
f V PKltvr.M ii Sgf.lZim Al'lfdt s% thf most delirious
and hirriah* 4 '- febrifuge, laxative and alterative in the
whole range - ‘ medicinal remedies It is sufticonf tor
the strongest. cannot harm the weakest, and immdi
ately r- iee* the uxuae-* which ordinary cathaitr.s
v-ild by Ai.r rmrooisTs
M r O( >!• MpN euf!• ring from Nerv-ua he* 111>
I Prematura Decay, S#*|f Abuse, A , ho rid tor
Ki i vim Pu.i> 'ure care Never fail $i.U; by mail
W'arranf>:>l. AddroaaL haffOElt. 47 La Salle St./’hjeago
BEW <UttE!
Do you want jrour lUir r> <d to >u original color*
If >’ u -to UM
“Chevalier’s Life tor the Hair.”
If has no rivil' It I* the ftueet thing lor (ho purpoM
known Ask your druggist (e order it for you
Send for Treatise on the If ur to
104 Bast 25th Street, IV. Y.
\ f ' f li;iv.i
01 i n.■ miii Hmir of 1:1. vi ■ nt iniji, r
tm ■ .if ."i . \ ■ 1 4 11 i; in i hrir j .null
,Nolllill, will I ■ in.no livii..mm.; "ril. -nii
'il' .i 31 , in.- li.il Mil •l || l|li,
C; Id < i 'let (.. 'IV tlitH. y. .HU lm lu-cti
sp.l.' I>V Pit ' I \I VAN r ID JllTti tin.- ||f4
'f. ' • ' . '.in- Ml M I fill lit
0m ■i; .••\o ut ohoi :! mi
miMiMi; • i oiiiiMM. in in it:;:; i
' ll.'llOltl' fM.t Of
'■< 1- I’l I.T'.V \ Ki.KTAin.i: a I lain*
Aj I'; I 1•111 ■ t IV. • fl". Il■ I. I Milt
il - - . - " I .1 r 111.'
Rflit. h ..n nll .-t ci iy tolldt.i', hut more
jep‘( j ii. famli ualili
I da*.. *. u : . ■: > Ito ■tlon y u
Ejtli lc t i..u t,i,. i -mi- li t llmr In |mlllon
uy 1.1 Ui of I ",i. i. r dr.Min ■ li i
iim iI In i. i . - ll„ , i•— ith Mini Uarlvcr#
at all 111,! 1. ailimr Hindi* .f th
Alt mice t hr... tlm.-K an fur a- aI. oholir art!
cl."- Al. hli .I |iri |iariilii.ii'fnim : natu
ral limit ■if flit* In ail imaporati - ami Uum a
tlio Hair pan Inal aud drj. I’ri Ml cti*.
Ml lM!\,(.liri\ A to.. I’riipplNora,
Kid Fitting
This Corset ihi instructed on on entirely new pnnn
nle, being m.d thereby allowing the Ireost nrcnla
lion possible, besides gi?mg perfect ease and comfort
to tho wearer, and at the same time posMeesing all the
advantages of the common Uoiseta In giving support to
the body
lor ilenllli, (him' iind I'oniforl* they are
I NUIVai,I.M in im maUKKT Thev aro particularly
recommended for summer wear, and warm climates,
though tMinaUv well adapted to all seasons of the year
They are highly rec- nimended hy medical and scientific
men lor sab* hy all Ural class dealers. Lor circulars,
prices, Ac , addrea* toe
WOHCKSTI- K SKIRT 00., Worcester. Ma*v
HOFFS MALT KXTKACT. A nourishing palata
Me drink, oosHosamg remedial properties adapted to
the sick, dyspeptic and enervated. Asa remedy it
invigorate* the wh le system, cures disorders of the
stomach, loss of appetite, obstinate catarrhs, coughs,
hoarseness. scrofu a. incipient consumption, etc., etc.
Ah u nutriment and mild tome it is invaluable to the
enfeeb'ed and uouvaltecenfe of all ages amt both sexes,
while ah a pleasant beverage It is highly acceptable to
1 the taste
IT.UIKANTA ( (~ iiwlck SI., V \
Hole Aoknth kou United staiKs. ft.
|i r ANTi:n A(;fnts to sJii per month.
VT every wher , male and female, to introduce the
SKVVINU MACIJINK Thin Machine will stitch, hern,
fell, tuck. <ju:lt, cord, bind, braid and embroider in a
moo superior manner I*jr ceonlysLb, bully warranted
for five years We will pay SUM) for soy machine that
will rew a stronger, more hea tiful or more elastic
seam than ours It ma'es he "Klaatio look Stitch *
Kvery second dlb h can be cut. and nlill the cloth can
not bu pulled apart with ut tearing It We pay Agents
from S7B to SJOt per month and eipeoses, or a com mm
sion from w ich twice tlt.it amount can be made Ail
dress SUOMI'. A CO, I'll UHURGH, I* A , BO ■-
CAUTION Beware of all Agents selling Maobines
tinder the lame name a* ours, u they can show a
l 'crlilicate of Agency signed by us. We ntiall not ho and
on "selves re-.pons, hie for Worth leas Machines sold hy
other partiea. and shall piotwycute all parties euiier
selling or usuig IMacluoet under tins name to (he i .
extent of the law, un'- ra such Machines were obtained
from us or our Aguuts. lionet be imiMgsei upon fir
parties who copy eur advertisement and circulars and
otfer worlf loss Mach lies nl a less price.
to ier month. We want bemploy a
g(gd agent in every county in (he U. s on i*otu
mission or salary loin trod uce our H't/rIJ /%‘imwrn
• I lW*nt H/.o Uos ('lothrn Jinn, will last fthun
and red/ears If you want a profitable and nleaaank
employment, address R. A Bran A C)o., Mnnfra.
76 Willutm .S/,, iV. TANARUS., nr Iti , Chicago
HA WH ot all (InMorlptlooi. A X I'H HKI/I I Nti an<l
Ml 1.1, iI'KNIMII.Vi.H. 011UJIJLAK HAWS with
Iv.li'l TbUi or with I'vTANr Ann’kiimji ri)iHi,
... j rritr hi all hinrrtril Trrl A Sitvn.
iri-rlm Kcilnml. _ai|
IW Htu.l for I‘nco I jit unit i iroolan. mt
\\ Kl.i'll A I.IMI'I'ITII-,
lliMton. >lnM.,oc Drlroli. .Tllrh.
Distillers of ALCOHOL. KPIBITS, WHISK I KB. and
the celebrated IMl'l KIAI. lIN Send fora Price
List M> ds/y •■m j-ntinu.
51 A 5(1 "suuib W nter St., Chicago.
Tbry a r* u 4••*!! Ir Pn r*rallvchh \* H I usn Tonir, posx w
\nti ait*- - the peculiar merit of a*Tiiiif a.® a powerful agr-nt In relieving
Congestion or Inflammation of the Liver. and a’l the Visceral Organa.
Weed Family Favorite
Manufactured by tho Weed s, M.t 'o , Hartford, <-'t.
as uuw perfected, in the UKbT and MOST KFLIaHLK
For ALL KlNl*n of family work, now In mho 11 will do a
LAI('’KU KANUK of work, aewine froto ti;e LKtHTMT
goods t/- Si# L'KAVIF.MT ItKAVRU el l th Ol I.¥ A fil KH, With
u'Jtcuauge of Nendlea, Thread or Tension it is simple
and cot Lab.e to get out of order It lias * straight
needle rnd makes the lock Stitch. Ren{*>nsible Agoutis
wasted 10 ♦•vary ounu A liberal discount to the trade
Send for pnoe li*t and terms to UKO 0. THOMAS A
CO., Ifd 1-ake St, Chicago? Aaents tor the Northwest.
Say whar you saw this advertisement
Illustrated. *vu -fib pages Price 8U oK T ogether
with Mr*, Ri-tiardson.s statement in full, and .t W
A Hammonds 'ym-psw of the general subject of
Insanity, and ospeutalljr of tempura y Insanity or Mur
bid Imp il*** us applicable rotbe McFnri md case. For
•ale by all Nows leafers and Monk so I lots
W K HI MON, I ob r. No LA Nassau Ht . T V
Warranted pure, pal table, and to preserve pickles
I irt Protrn uu awarded at the U S fair. Him Illinois
Mr to rmr, and Chicago (Tty Fair Larg it Works in
the United States. Kstahhahed I*l* ( HAS. U K
PUUBNLNO, and :M I State atreet, Chicago.

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