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Jib® j&ttiit
THURSDAY. NOV. 10 1870.
IT. H. BEWETT. \ Editors and Proprietors.
J. B. FKASUALffI. , ' u,lorß " '
lowa County.
Disaffection in our own ranks, and
desperate efforts on the part of our ene
mies, have combined to give the Demo
crats more of success in this county
iban they have had fur many years. The
following is the result ol Tuesday’s elec
tion on tli c several candidates :
garauel Fallows, for State Superinten
dent, has about 40 majority.
John Strachan, Dcm. fur Congress, has
Francis Little, Rep., for State Senator,
has 5C majority.
John J. Davis Rep, for Assembly,
South District., has hi majority.
If. C. Barnard, Dem., for Assembly,
North District, has about 100 majority.
James Ryan, Dem , for Sheriff, lias
rr ■ ■ •
about 50 majority.
Francis Vivian, Rep., for Treasurer
has about 255 majority.
Richard Do-tan, Dcm, for Register,
has about 220 majority.
Orville Strong, Dem , for Clerk of the
Board, about 407 majority.
0. Kessler, Rep., for Clerk of the Cir
cuit Court, about 400 majority.
J M. Smith, Dem , for District Attor
ney, about 410.
Henry Maiden, Dem, for Surveyor,
Las about 150 majority.
Charley Hope, Republican for Cor
oner, bus about 00 majority.
l.a I'ujrlld 1, (111 ll I >
gives 00 majority for Barber Ma
roon, Rep., is fleet I State Senator by
i75 majority. Iho Republicans elect
about half tlu ir county ticket, but lose
both Assemblymen.
U i-< oimln
has unquestlonbly gone Republican,
fleeting Fallows Statu Superintends at,
and a good majority of both branelu so!
the Legislature. Alex Mitchell, Dm .is
elected to Congress in the Milwaukee
District, by about d,50) majority. In
iho in in o District two years ago, the Re
publicans bad about Fid majority.
John Mr.iiliaii,
though ho carried this c untv, lost so
heavily in Li Fayette, where bo expected
at lca-t 50 ) majority, that iu all proba
bility tho majority against biiu in the
District will bo at least 5,000,
Ollier -tales.
Not uiui'li i-yet known concerning the
election in oilier States. Tiie Deino
enits have probably carried New York,
but by a reduced majority. In Ken
tucky, tho Republicans have gained on ■
Congressman, and so in New Jesey
Farwoll, Rop , i- oloeto 1 in Chicago lor
< •ingress, over Wentworth, people's can
didate, by 5,000 majority. This is re
girded as a severe rebuke to the Chica
go Tablin', which bolted F .rew 11, and
u-ed all its iiifiuenee for Wentworth.
Tun fortress and forces nt Verdun ca
pituliited to the Prussians on I'liesd.iv,
1 his leaves Paris t!io only fortified place
of consequence iu the hauls of the
french, and t-hough here they tn iy h . I
out lor suiiic time, there cun be no quus
turn of their ultimate defeat.
>0 I’I'IICC.
I'h.- bright hopes of peace arising from
the negotiations of M. Thiers with the
Prussian leaders in front of Paris, on
the basis of an armistice prop isod hv
1 ord tiiunvllle, are dissipated N '.otia
t ms are interrupted and the dogs of
war let loose again. According; to pres
ent appearances, the war in Purnpc will
continue hroiigh the winter. Ihspatoh
es stale that on Mindav, the full, I'hiers
r -ocived orders from Paris to break oil
negotiations lor an armistice, and leave
tiie royal headquarters. It is said the
duse of rupture, after the Paris Cavern
meat had signified its approval of the
protocol agreed on hv I'hiers and Lis*
march, was the refusal, wi the part ot
lint Prussians, if the project to reviemal
Paris and other besieged towns, and also
because the Prussians accepted with re
sene the scheme lor allowing Alsace and
Lorraine to vota I >r members of the Con
stituent Assembly, and insisted on guar
mines lor a cession of territory. It
seems as if the h reneli people were
Cwomed to destruction, fir, after their
terrible Jos-es and disasters, u look- to
le iUijiOssilda fr them to resist the
Prussians, the Provisional tboernuient
dins not seem to secure earnest or uni
ted support from the p evinces, and an
archy is apparently impending over the
nation, and all the horrors of a close
*uegn, bombardment and starvation over
Paris. —dilute Journal,
(ten* million of coin is sold by 111" gov
ernment on each Wednesday, and one
ualiiwna of bonds purchased onj each
TLarsday in November.
Tbc General Keault of (lie Eleeiloiifc
Returns of the elections in the several
allies >ire meagre, for ihe most part, and
it is impossible to give any defnite fig
ures It now looks as If there hid been
no special change in any of the states
in Kentucky the Democratic majority is
lees than usual, owing to toe negroes
Voting the Republican ticket, and to apa
thy on the part of Democrats. 'l'tiere
are substantial Republican (rains in New
Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and per'
haps a few other states. In Missouri, if
is thought that Cratv. Drown, Independ
ent Repulican, is elected (Jovernor So
far, we see no signs of any loss of Re
publican Congressmen in the aggregate
result, though there may I e n loss of two
or three—perhaps half a dozen. As in
October, there seems to have been con'
siderable apathy among Republicans, but
the general result, so far as we can now
estimate it, is better than we expected.
In this Sute the Republicans, we
think will be found to have held their
own. (den. f allows is undoubtedly elect
ed Superintendent of public instruction,
and the Legislature is Republican in
both houses. —Milwaukee Wisconsin,
Iteporteil IM.-In unci Discontent in
Go many.
London, Nov. B, World's Special —A i
number of letters from the \\ orhl’s eor- j
respondents were received to-day, from
which I extract the following:
“Fearful distress and discontent pre
vail in (ienuany, growing out of a pro
longation of the war. The Journals
dare not speak, because no mercy is
shown by tliis military government The
whole country is morally and materially
in the most deplorable condition, and it
is doubtful how long | nblic indignation
can he restrained by military discipline.
Kvervwhero there is desolation. Tens
of thousands are in mourning. Prussia
may yet greatly injure Franco, but she
is so exhausted that she cannot conquer.
Her King W iilium must goon under the
same conditions as did the Kmperor after
the battles of the 14th, lOth and 18th of
August, when he dared not return to
Paris without achieving success to offset
his previous disaster William also socks
success before daring to return to Her
liii ; otherwise the Prussian power will
collapse like the dreams of the Kufpcror.
Destructive GI re 111 (Jo-lon.
Rostov, Nov. (i.—The main building
of the Dasiiaw Lead .’ laiiufaeluriug (,'om
piny, two hundred feet frontage, and i
one hundred and twenty-five feet in
depth, and lour stories high, located in
Ruxbury, was wholly destroyed by lire
last niglit. 'fhe basement was used for
ilio storing of material, and contained |
large tanks of linseed In the first story I
was the ollieo and lead pipe presses uu 1 j
shod lead rollers. The upper storb s
| wore used for storage and uianufactur- j
ing purposes The machinery and white
lead chemical works are sail to have
cost $200,01 Id, and the xmin building
much more. The total loss is nut yet
estimated. Large insurance.
Itm.y— The following is given as the
Italian ministerial programme: Nation
al unity, and liberal institutions at II me ;
iho r-cognition of'he Pope as a spiritual
.sovereign : tin- decentralization, revision |
! and redue ion of taxation, and the reor
ganization of the nation.il army on the I
|| r ueiple ol the Prussian army. July 1
I S7l, is fixed for the transf rof the cap
til fmtii Florence to Rome. A redue
ti in has been ordered in the number ol
I dupirtiaent offices.
An eff rt is being male to rco| on the
legal tender question in the Supreme
Court if tlio United States It is likely
to fail, ami, we hope, certain to. No
good could come of i’uriher agitation of,
the leg lity of the law under which I
greenbacks wore issued The time has!
p.m-ed for inquiry of that kin I. Whan
we now want i- not to rant about the 1
corner-stone of our monetary system, but I
to devise w ivs and means for bringing
currency up to par.
Within the past two weeks throe well
authenticate 1 cases of susp -Mil ' I iinim I
n h ive oc jurred in the I nited St ites
I ht' first imn was lit Washington, the
-ecnnd lit Pittsburg, Penn , :in i the third
in Soott comity, Ind. In (ho hist ctvse
oily was complete iesuscitution effected.
The sii|i[t -is.- 1 corpse wns that of ;i dough
i ter of iM r Willi im .) hnson AII the
inspiration fir burial hud taken place,
1 and the body was about to bo placed in
n collin when it was found to be quite
warm A physician was at once sent
for. and in an hour or two the girl had
opened hei eyes, and she is now in a fair
way lor recovery
“Spark my Daughter*." — ' The Cross
(ia lie of lierlin gives the following in
stance ot the terror with which the Paris
papers have inspired the Preach country
people With regard to Herman soldiers •
“llie village of Chezv, near Chateau
Thierry, was almost depopulated, but
one of the remaining inha utants ap
peared so extremely polite, while pro
testing that his house contained nothing
to eat or drink, that a search was order
ed On a newly-erected partition being
pulled down, frightful shrieks were
heard, an 1 the proprietor, trembling with
tear begged the officer for mercy, not for
himself, hut for his 'pauvres Jilles." He
i had walled up his two pretty daughters,
1 together with plentiful stores of wine,
j hums, sausages and preserved fruit The
soldiers hurst into a •hearty laugh, w hile
i the officer bowed and begged permission
t.to lead the \oiiug ladies offt of their cell
into the and ivNght ‘ fake everything,’
stammered the oi l man, ‘only spare me
my daughters.' The Lieutenant, with
: some difficulty assured the father's fears
, and the daughters apprehensions. The
, requisition of meat and drink was ear
! t ied out in a more respectful manner
than it might otherwise have been, of
which the l ither was so sensible that ho
voluntarily brought twelve bottle* of
| champ frym a hidiug-plaoo,"
A Pari Be Railroad Tralß M tapped kj
Hluhtrayairn and (fobbed of Forty
O.ie Thoaaand Uollara.
Rkno, Nevada, Nov. s. —The Central
Pacific passenger train, bound cast and
duo here at 10 a in., arrived at Verdi, a
sinal town eleven miles west of Reno,
on lime, .fust s the train was stoning
from the station, three masked men
boarded the express car, and five more
immediately came to their aid from the
rear cars These five evidently came
from the west on the train. Six stepped
on the express ear, which they detached
from the, main Inin, cutting the signal
rope, eto. Two jumped on the engine,
and, placing pistols to the engineer's
heal, commanded him to move on, which
he di'l. Two bnkmnen endeavored to
keep the the masked men off the express
ear. but pistols were placed at their
heads, and they were compelled to re
treat. The conductor rushed forward,
hut their pistols stopped him. Finding a
hatchet, he came forward ngain in time
t see tl.o engine and express car sepa
ted from the train, and flying down the
track. The robbers then placed the
fireman, express and mail messengers in
the mail room ami locked them up.
When within six miles of this city they
stopped their train, broke open the ex
press boxes and ro’ohed them of forty
on- thousand six hundred dollars in gold
coin. I.atcr investigation shews that
they put the coin in old boot-tops and
escaped to the mountains A double
barrelled shot-gun and pick were left by
the robbers at the quarry where they
opened the boxes. All the telegraph
wires were cut west of Reno. Two of
the Western Union wires, however, were
repaired by daylight, and business is not
interrupted. Parties are searching the
mountains and will probably be able to
throw more light on this hold robbery
during the day. The railroad wires are
still down.
Jlm. Itirhard-on mid Her Life.
Mr. Richardson, of tho Boston Con
yrei/ationah'.st lrin er< into contrast the
fact of murderer McFarland’s having
been flicked up in tho New York streets
the other (lav, drunk, with tho life and
character of his former wife, now the
widow of Mr. Richardson's hroMier, sav
in.: of her: ‘‘Mrs Albert IV Richardson,
since tho death of her lamented husband,
has devoted herself most assiduously to
tho care of his children, and her own
youngest son, the other 1> -Ing still in tho
possession of his father. The family
live at Newark on the place which was
owned hy Mr Richardson, hot has since
been sold. Mrs. Richardson has steadi
ly gained -he affection and esteem of her
late husband's friends, hv her great en
ergy untUndll, and her untiring efforts
in giving these children daily instruction
and developing their best elements of
character. She has abundant ability
mi l culture to win a good income in lit
erary pursuits, hut these domestic cares
have allowed little effort in that direc
tion. Resides occasional newspaper ar
ticles, she has. however, nearly compiled
a volume of posthumous papers from Mr
Rich *" Ison's pen, left hy him in an im
perfect state, and she has also in pro
gross another literary work, which it is
hoped will meet, with public favor. Ret
no friend of this woman ever again call
her Mrs- McFarland, hut do her tho
simple justice to designate tier as Mrs.
Richardson, the name to wh-ch she is
legally entitled; a'l telegrams from the
West, to the effect that her divorce was
illegal, being entirely unworthy of no
!Tlob Violence In France.
’ A correspondent writing from I’erpig
non lha 4th iiist., says: “ nil war has
commenced here with frightful scenes
The colonel commanding hero was as
sailed v hands of Reds and cut. down
I'li* chief of the or as d' arm c.s miderwjnt
tho same fate. Mr Dehardis. the Mayor,
was stoned to death before his own house.
I never witnessed a sight so horrible
Another gentleman was pursued hy a
mob and kil'ed with butchers' hammers.
I’he National (luar-1 are now assembling
to quell the mob. All houses and shops
are closed. Gen. Rarral who command
ed the artillery at Strasbourg, was ar
rested at Grenoble, on charge of treason
against the Republic. A inoli assembled
before the General's hotel, crying out
“We are the sovereign people'" “Down
with the” servants of the Umpire!" It
was wit. great difficulty that Rarral was
rescued from the hands of the mob and
conveyed to tho prison of S(. Joseph.
('oiitribnlions lor lit I’ope.
Very largo amounts of rnonev are
reaching tlie Holy Father daily to pro*
vent his acceptance of another monthly
stipend of 000 francs offered Hii m bv
the Italian (Jovermnent,. A fereigner of
distinction lias just arrived at K one wiio
lias brought a fortune as an offer!no t('
his Holiness Twenty thousand francs
were reeci.cd from the English Catholic
Cmnmittee. An address, delivered by
Signore Luchese Pallia and two thous
and others, were presented him with a
large donation Another address, sinned
bv a still larger number of ladies, accom
panied a princely gift. Its tenor is as
follows ■
•M sr Hi.kssed F\ther:—Xow that
vonr Holiness is imitating the Sn of
(Jod in his dolorous passion, allow ns to
imitate the pious women in presenting
ourselves at your feet, offering you what
little support we can. with our tears and
our prayers and our slender gifts. Let
ns hope that as those same pious women
were the first to rr- oi -o ovor .Jesus risen
so we may soon ho first to show forth
our jov on the day oftvon r triumph (~f
your Apostolic benediction be a pledge
of this tope."
•Turku hoys in Dubuque, while out .V ■
play the other 1 w. found an old stocking j
containing in eoin Thev are n w
quarreling ver vLe division of the spoils.
His Hands Full. —lt is stated that the
Emilioh at Paris are under the protection
of Mr. Washburne, as the British charge
has not recognized the republican gov
ernment, and has no authority to act. —
Between his earnest sympathy with the
French Republic and his cure of Ameri
cans, Germans and English, Minister
Washburne has a more responsible posi
tion, and more to look after, than any of
our foreign ministers for some time.
Tiir Warren Sentinel says that during
the month of October, s7rt() worth of min
eral was raised on buperintendent Pe>
poon's land.
For Sale
D. P. UEF.cn.
John Wf*ber Plaintiff, against the* h**ir of Sewell S.
Lon nine deceased, whose names and pla ea of res
idence art* unknown to the plaintiff; and the tin
hno n owners of the South-'Vest quarter of the
North-West quarter of section number seventeen
(17) in township number five (5) North of Kan tie
number three (8) Fast of the fourth principal meri
dian, In lowa bounty, Wisconsin, Defendants.
Circuit Court, in and for lowa County, Wisconsin.
In partition.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of and pursu
ant to a judgment of partition rendered and enter of
sale made in the above entitled action, in said loa
county Circuit Court, on the loth dav of October, A.
I>. I will expose for sa'e and sell at pm lie auc
tion, to the highest bidder, for cash, at the front
door of the Court House, in the village of Dodgevllle,
in said county and state, on Thursday trie 21Mh day
of December, A. D. I‘■'TO at 10 o’clock in the fore
noon of that day the following described prt-mi*s,
lev-wit: The South-West quarter of the North-West
quarter of section number seventeen (171 in tow nship
number five (5) North of Hange number three (8)
Fast of the fourth principal meridian, In lowa coun
ty, Wisconsin.
Dated Sheriff’s office, Dodgevllle, Wis., November
Tlh, A. I). 170.
41 Sheriff of lowa Cos., Wls.
state of Wl*ron*iii'
matter of the Kstate of Jeremiah Kvans, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of Walter Kvans,
of lowa C uaty, representing among other things
that Jeremiah I vans, late of lowa County, on the
24th <lay of March, 1 SOT, at Mineral Point, died in
testate leaving goods, chattels and estate within
this county, and praying that administration of said
estate be unto him granted : It is ordered tha|, said
petition b *hear I before the]Judge of tins Court on the
tl; day of December, A. D. IS7O, at 2 o’clock In the
nft moon of sad day, at the Probate office In the
village of Dodgevllle.
And it is further ordered that piddle notice there
of bo given t* all p rsons inter sted. bv publishing a
copy of this order for three we ks suce naively prior
to said lay tf hearing, in the Mineral Point I hihl'.nk,
a weekh newspaper circulating in said county.
Dated November 7th, IS7O.
JKODFiII’ WILSON, County Judge.
45-8 w.
Who wauls cheap
Dry Goods? Every
body. Where can
you get them ? At
Gun dry & Gray’s.
Extra inducements
offered! The Largest
stock, Best goods and
Lowest prices. Ev
ery article warranted
as represented. One
price to all. Large!
lots of New Goods
received Weck Iy !
Great Bargains in
Di •ess Goods,Shawls,
C 1 oa k mgs, C loth s,
Cassimeres, BI an Iv
eta, Flannels, Jeans,
Prints, Delaincjs,
Domestic, Cottons,
vfcc., &c, Onr Mer
chant Tailoring De
partment, in charge
of Mr. Amberg is un
rivaled in this section
tor style, durability
and cheapness. A
choice assortment ol
onr own manufacture
always on hand.
Call and he con
vinced that you can
save money bv mak
j *
ing your purchases ol
Uiß-THI P.UI, Wl*. **
(Successor to DeUin Martin,)
My itoci of STAVES embraces the celebrated J p
Kathbone A Co.’a latest duJ best Store, lha
and 9. Ransom A Co.'s, made in Albany, N. T.
'Th.e Beantiful Brilliant-!
a Self-feeding Parlor and Office t-’tove. Fire day and
night ; no rekindling; room constantly warm. This
Stove Is highly Pnlshed ; the surplus heat c n ha
used for vanning an upper room—the watchword
“Economy 1"
1 also keep constantly on hand
Wagon and Carriage Materials,
(>iiim, 3*Molm and lli“Vo!ver,
silver-plated ware,
with Spiral and Keyed Kolia,
I am Agent for Hi shop's “Aniaial Poke," a sura
cure lor Hteachy st,.ck.
£ Kepairlng in our line done at rcasonah a
pi lees. 44-lf.
ssWwW fel^^aawinwS
What lion. Tliab~St*v*n* Tbn>;h*
About niuhler'i Herb lllttrm.
Mr. MHIInm Lambert. First tssistsnt Engineer TV
i. S., write* to Dr, 8. B. Hartman A Cos., "f Ur
eas! c-r. I’a., the following : "At the capture of
Orleans, I was woimJeil in Urn right leg by a stu'll -
The wound healed up, but a bail sc re broke cut rear
my ankle, Several doctors tiled to benefit nt
mine succeeded lt**ihen that the lion. TnaJ
dens Stevens. Member of Congress., saw me, an t, °*
lea ning the nature of my trouble, told me e s
MISIIUKS limit BITTFRS, raving, '< *“•
moat wondc-ftil cnniblnation of medicinal herb*
er saw. 1 used it myself, and 1 kn nr that It
cure juu in a very short period. Try it, mJ '• •
Irv It. I will have it sent to you ’ The result J
justified the high opinion of Mr Stevens r if>sr'°S
your tti.ters, fur its u was followed by l**''
cure " Sold by Jruyj rU (euetallj. I’twe eM
dir pr buttle.
rOho Beautiful Brilliant,!

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