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p&e glslltaiie
THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1871.
Tun following is an extrnnt from the
letter of Henry A Smith, county altor
tu*ys, addressed to Judge Mills, and pub
lished in the National Democrat of May
24th :
To he rid of this annoying and Injurious af
fair, our people have ever hern ready i<> make
a fair compromise. We have nvl Mr. (Joßli’.-s
proposition hy one that if the bondholders he
i . presents will first settle onr pr nt dllllenltv
at 50 eeiits on the dollar, in quii’k anil sp K
pivim tits, the town through wliu-U ho shall
r\[end the road shall moke up to them in tie
way of a bonus the other 5.1 ci'iitfe— thus gi't
tin-r his lioiidholdei-s all ttn ir n.<nn‘V, securin','
the aid he asks to exteiKl the road, together
with the invaluable good: will o( the pnipli-.
To this Mr. Cobh's only reply is that it is an
“outrageous propouilkni."
This paragraph is understood hy mos 1
people to mean that a proposition was
made to Mr. Cobb to give him $l5O 000
in minty or itn equivalent for s'oo,ooo
of county bonds, and $150,000 in new
town bonds, as aid to extend the railroad
through the county. If this is tire mean
ing of the proposition, and the mosors of
it can make it good, Mt. Cobh author
izes us to say that ho is willirvg, ready
and anxious to accept it* Hoi ibis is
not, ho claims, and is sustained' hy good
authority, tho meaning of the proposi
tion as submitted to hint, and which he
pronounced “outrageous. 1 hat propo
sition, or the meaning of it, was quite
different, being simply that ho take now
county bond* to the amonnt of $150,000
in exchange for $llOO,OOO of tho present
bomls, and $150,000 in town bonds in.aid
of tho extension. Of course now ooonty
bomk could not bo hypothecated for ton
per cent, of their face, and as Mr. Cobb's
object is to get $150,000 co.4> to expend
ii building the road through the county, j
he would not bo in tho luast aided in that j
direction by such botui*.
On behalf of Mr. Cobb, relative to this j
matter, wo are authorized to say farther, j
that if tho County Hoard or other-parties ;
wish to become contractors for the work
of building tho mad through tho county
to tho amount of $150,000, prepared
to place in tho hands of a responsible
trustee $00O;OO0 of the present county
and Mineral Point town bonds, to bo de
livered to said contractors whenever their
contract is completed, or in installments
as may bo arranged. Thus, a proposi
tion to settle so much of tho claims at 50
cents on die dollar is offered! 'J ho great
objection to it is that the whole amount
jf $4*50,000 would have to bn raised In
one year, which could not bo done by
taxation without great hardship to many,
■nd whether or not wo could raise money
by any other moans is a mootod'question
In addition to this $154),000 on settle- j
nent of old bonds, tho towns through |
which the mad would pass, and which
would he directly benofitted by it, would
bo expected'to subscribe $150,000 to the 1
stock of tho now mad, giving their bonds
therefor. This no doubt the towns would
do, as the county attorney* intimate in
the paragraph quoted above.
As wo understand it, nn opportunity
is hem offered to compromise half of tho
claims against tho cauntv at 50 cents on
the dollar, and we an*. as stated in these
columns 'as* week, i* favor of embrac
ing it, believing it to bo for tho best in
terest of tho people.
The Worst not Told,
The accounts by mail from Paris of
the scenes and incidents attending the
last trvrribls days of the recent civil war,
in that city, after the Government troops
had effected an entrance, present even
a more horrible picture of bloodshed,
C integration and terror than those re
torted Hr telegraph. Tho Communists
nnd Versaillists were equally frantic and
fercoiou* 'Hi* streets of the city were
transformed into a bloody, horning Pan
demonium. and men and women were for
the time possessed of a spirit of fiendish
desperation which was w reckless alike of
life and property. It wo a city of devils,
all apparently bent on destruction and
death. Some thirty of the finest public
edifices in the city worn either wholly or
partially destroyed, to say nothing of pri
vi to residences and other properly The
I ** of property amounts to many mil
lions of dollars. It seems impossible to
i scertuin the actual 10-s of lile during
tins riegn of terror and diabolism. Sonic
of Iho streets wem literally covered with
dead and bleeding bodies, ine scenes
attending those terrible and horrible days
far eclipsed those of tho devolution of
1 T.i.l—uiid this Would sem scarcely pos
_ - *-
Thu Capital of Italy is to ho transfer
f.d from Klor.uce to ivbtne on toe Ist ol
u o I y.
Too Bad-Too Bad.
Many of the friends of Hon. C. C.
Washburn were hopeful that that gentle
man would receive the Republican nom
ination fur Governor, until the political
dictator, the great high cock a lorum
that runs the Richland (,’ounty JRepubli •
can, issued his edict saying that C. C.
must not bo governor. This is cruel, to
dash so ruthlessly to earth the hopes of
so ninny good people. Of course Wash
hum will withdraw from the field, anil
tho j ct of the UepiMican will be nomin'
Med, s umittl, Who is the coming imin,
lira W. Let u* know, so that we may
not endanger our existence by opposing
Proceeding* of ftpeeiMl Scanlon of
Cun lily **<> rd.
f’ocvrr Ci.sri’s O'v ck, f
Dopcsvili.k. lows Cos., Wis. /
WT-iliu-flsy, Jane 7, IH7I. r
The County Board of Supervisors of -aid
county met in special session, pursuant to
a call from the clerk, issued upon tho fol
lowing request:
7’> Oreille Ntrntf-O, Canuh/ Clerk, loir a (_ouh
ill, 1 Vie. :
You arc lntrcby req-mstc-l tn rail a special meeting
of the bowl nt *U|ht\i*.u-t of *iT county, to con
vent ul your office. In Doilceville, on W-ilne.-lay,,
the 7lb Tny of June, A D. 1871, nt I o’clock (> nv
SiNiioil Kearton Coates, I). McFarlanU, Mtniuel
Jitikm, T. M Jones, J. W. Bilwanl*. 11. > . llarnnrJ,
’Frocy l.’Kkuinn, Jumcl Bpwi.sly, W’m. Bainbril.gj,
Super vl *ot s.
Dated M*y23J, IS7I.
Called to order hy Mr. Spensley, chair
man, at 2 o'clock p. nt.
Roll called. Dreseii’l—Win, llunn-hridge,
M'lHin; 11. C. Biiruard, Avoca village;
Kearton Coates, Liutlen; W. !>. Dimock,
I’u I ask i ; John W. Ifilw arils, Arena; S. S
• tile, Clyde ; Dnvid Ilumhect, Waltlwick ;
Titos. M Dodgovillc ; Robert Jones,
Rdgeway; cwtiiMtel .Tonkin, 2d Ward, cily
of Mineral I’oiut; Tracy Lockuptn, Wyom
ing ; 1> McFarhuid, Highland ; Win. Roll
in.-on* Moscow ; S. W. Reese, Dodgevill*
villotze ; James Spenslev, Mineral i’oint ;
11. Vau Dusen, Ist Ward, cily of Mineral
On motion of Mr. Reese, board proceed
ed to take an informal ballot for chairman
for tho term.
Messrs. T. M, .Hones ami Robinson were
appointed tellers. Said UUlot resulted as
15 votes rail. Jkw. Spensley receivsili Hi* I). Mt
F'arbtml i, H. V.m Dusen 1.
On motion of Mr. Contes, Mr. Spensley
was declared unanimously cleeted.
On motion of Mr. Bainhridgc, hoard pro
ceeded to elect three superinbcu’Tents of
the poor hy separate ballots, as follows;
First ballot —l5 voles onst, Mr I'utsD-v received
-I, Mr. Humbert 1, D*. Van Duten 10, Mr Kobluson I.
Dr. Van Dusen was declared elected.
Second superintendent first bailor—lf! vote* cast.
Mr. McKnrland received 8, Mr. I.ockinan 4, Mr.
t 'mb a5, Mr, Robilitun 2, Mr. kpenalejr 1, T M
Jones I.
Fecund ballnl— lß votes caol. Mr. Loekman re
ceived Coates S, Robinson 2, Jenkins 1, Reese I,
Humbert 1,
Third bal’ot—l6 v*4et entt. Mr. Conlet received
11, Kt-ete 4, KohmswcK’.
Mj. Coates was dcelnretl elected.
'JJUtsAsyperlntendVnl*—flrtt ballot —l6 vole* eatl
Mr. Kev reoelvud 7, Loekman 4, Hamnett \ r tlaln
bridge 1, Humbert S.
Second ballot—l 6 votes east Mr Siwtnsley re
tailed I, Rente I.l,Humbert!),Edward* t,l.uckman|l.
Mr. Rccso was declared elected.
On motion of Dr. Van Dusen,. the chair
man was directed to appoint tile standing
Thu chair appointed Messrs. MuFarl.md,
iU’cuo and Robinson, u committee on claim*.
On motion of Mr. Coates, the board de
cided to entertain miscellaneous business
at this sosfrion.
Dr. VaniDnsen Introduced tho following
resolution, and moved its adoption :
/{*<>fntti, Thai liiwi jvtuuty bo exempted from
thf proWnion# oiNchipirr gemiral lav ■ or |S7I,
commonly known a* the *‘L>o|C Law” for the year 'll.
The motion prevailed by ten ayes to six
noes % as follows: Ayes—liuintnidgc. Bar
nard,Coates,Dimock,Hdwards, T. M. .Jones,
U. Jones, Loekman, McFarland and Van Du
sen—tetb Noes—Hilo, Humlvirt, Jenkins,
Rol'innon, Reese and Spenslejr—6.
Tho clerk then presented a schedule ol
bills lio(i against the county, amounting tn
$1,501.19. Kelerred to comimttee on
Win. T. Henry being called for, addressed
the board on the county bond question.
On motion of Mr. McFarland, the board
adjourned until *S o’clock a. in. to*morrow.
Tliuraday, June S, ISVF.
Hoard met pursuant to abjournment.
Roll collet and a quorum*present.
The reading of the journal was dispensed
Tire following report was received :
**Thf comm*lter on claims, to whom w:a rofcrtctl
the awerai bma-Mri forth in tl'r* Hccompaiivini* ached
ulc. has iKr aame aiul initructet) inf lo r
port th.* a.ne to ihe bogrU, \rilli ihe rccoiuiurndaiiou
that they le allowed ut (hn amount* lei oppoalle each
claim hy the committee, ulih the exceptinn of the
hills for t]e uprmrl of ih* poor, unidi h.*ve been
referre I to auprrlntend* nt * of poor, and hill No l. ‘j,
which it reported back ulthoat reomumeudation
1) McKaHIAN|),I hair man ”
Dr. Van Du*cii in the tda:r.
The schedule'of bills w.-a then taken up,
considered by items.ami allowed us follows;
NtTCH*. chain’d. aLL’o.
'V It. Uennctl .priming lor C<>. Pupt. .f. il tm in full
II K Moore, fox scalp Ix-uniy .. .. ot> •*
li I i**:i*ra , jnd election of ’ll i* ed 4 <>>
J Conn, lampi and chuuncy ... . , Cfb* In full
II Medvckcn sV 0j . am’asment roll# *J4 •*
Orville &imine, Miadrim .. 3 .'st •*
r. Kessler, clerk'# fee hill. CT 75 **
U Arundel!, hard a arc ... -4> M
Mult. ‘ '*Nei|, b >.irl 'prisoners .. .. 1".8 v% *‘
I*. Ca keek, whitevvn.ihinic -k malei'fal il On
“ Stale fi. M Ouckinp'haiTi -* •*
K Vivian, Cos. Ireai ''-ahurfuuala
tor woo 1 .. .. 106 l n
** outlmjf the aame HU '*
“ electiu t returit4 .. o 4 .*•
•* Incidental* .. opi ••
•* I nan ranee. dl . 1 ••
M \. J. Ow ,-iia relief 4-. <* “
■ 1 1 fee . ••
NV . J : tVrijt’iloem iih, prrnt'g for sin ti f >.* >

i l # c. clerk dil 4li
Havi'y ,v t'orne lint whunvashine l v *u lu
J ‘ l-v \ . Hirnn; erilHlK*!' ... 4
. . * . •
J Ail Kowv, md (<-. * **
r J.r \ • 0., >UMi 'nrrv ... 4 *hi “
u* li tU'um”v, ; miiijj f*<r os’k court
uni c*hiu y c\> .a . Ti To “
M A • in, b Hcksmiih ’,14 court
n '*
I* J M- rri-. • i. iV rent t store .... ‘i *■# **
I- I* r. ul? . r*e< Mat*' \ iV >ljhe; ;V * “
u''-•- ’ * ’
“ “ “ .s :> In . ,
■f O Cushman ** *’ 7 **
A II !*• cx. printing fir t'o c'#rk *)• m *'
J Ive.v r , deputy idu-rlff ■. •% . < s
IM .. . |
St.xte vs noon 7 J* * **
\ Wiia* n, cox • VlviNii rs <V.| - 3’i *>> **
J T i’i; 01, ilci it C'ui ati Malm* 0 “
Bill So. 152, J. M. Smith, services and
1 expense* in the Otis case, $25, referred
; hack without recommendation, was taken
j up. and on motion of Mr. McFarland, al
[ lowed In full.
The following report was received:
“The superintends-it's of the poor, to whom the
bill* fv the support of the pour were referred, re
port that they have examined the same, and would
recommend the allowance of each of them In full.ex
cejd the bill ol Dr. Eastman, No. 99, w hich they
1 eoommeiat to be allowed at slu. Ami the aid *n-
PTlnlenilenlt of the poor ask for an appropriation
ol the sum of to pay the same.
S. W REESK, Chairman.”
On motion of Mr. McFarland, tho report
anil recommendation was adopted.
Mr, Coates, in behalf of M. Maughan.ap- i
plied for cancellation of tux certificates on 1
wj of nei, section 16, town *i. north range
2, enst, soles of 1855, ’56 and '57, same be
ing state land held under contract.
On ’notion of Mr. McFarland, Mr. Man
gliao was permitted to redeem said certifi- j
cate at the face.
The bill of Stephens k Uickard, convey- ;
in” prisoner to jail, *l‘i HO, was preot-iiJftf, I
: utnl on motion nf McFarland alhiwil'.
Nicholas (Joad applied to rt;dnem at the |
face the fits of tint ss*vtion 11, town j
' a north ranjze '2, east, frortA solos of 18tP>, .
V,7 and "fid.liuvinz pmd taxe* t ilmsc years j
; on land* of another through mistake,which, I
on motion of {’nates w-rt, granted.
Mr. M,TJirl'.vnd introduced tho following
resolution, which was adopted :
A’**../he-/, Ttiat the- suit* of S>2I.3T bo, and the
same la hereby appr- pi-iide.l to the *vtperlntendetits
nt the (exir. tr> p-ty (to-.r bill examined sn.l idb.w.-d,
srot ttiat an order he drawn on Hie county leasurer
isi their favor t-hsfterjr.
On motion- of Mr. Spenslev, Mr. MeFar
, land mas appointed a committee to nceom
' pany cite y>Ssriet Attorney to Madison, nnd
: they were instructed to endeavor to obtain I
from the flovernnr a requisition for Lite ■
body of Geo. 11. Otis.
A general discussion of the comity bond
qnestir.qi ami Cobh’s railroad proposition
-then ensued
Mr. liarnard moved tho appointment of a
committee of three to confer with E. I*.
Weber, Esq., and ascertain upon what terms I
he would engage to assist Mossri. Henry k
Smith in defending the bond suits. The
chair appointed Barnard, McFarland and
Reese such committee.
Mr. Reese introduced the following reso
lution anil moved its adoption :
ReetJreil, That Mean Henry .k Rmhh he and
. they an- ben hy requested to obtain the written opir>
lon of Judge Rcdfield, as to whether the county of
lowa can be comi filed lo pay Ihe lowa County
Honda,and to publish the tame In the county paper s
Mr. Spenslev moved to lav the riiolutioia
on the table, which prevailed. •
On motion of Mr. Coates, the board ad--,
jourued unt 1 I o'clock p. m.
afternoon session.
The hoard met pursuant to adjournment..
Roll called ami a quorum present-
Mr. Barnard from the coiuiuitus* to con- |
fer with K I*. Weber, reported 'iat Mr.
Weber would engage with, the emanty on
the same terms as Messrs Henry <.V„ Smith.
On motion ol Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Weber
was retained to assist, in defense at the
bond suits, to receive the siwue compensa
tion ns Henry Smith.
Dr. Van Duaen moved that the clerk he
instructed to procure one of the new maps l
of the city of ,1/lneral Point lor the use of I
the county. Mi. T. M. -Nwves stalled for
the aces and nines The motion w-as lost
by live follosvvng vote;; Ayes—J/es.srs.
Spensley ami V an Dtiscn—2. Noes—
.Vhssrs. nainbi’nlge, Barnard, Dimock, Ed
wards, Gile, Humbert; T. M Junes, Robert
Jones, Jenkins, Loekman, .McFarland, Rob
inson ami Reese —111.
Tho bond of -Messrs. Van Dusen, Coates
and Reese, superintendent* of the poor,
was presented, and, on motion of Humbert
'lhe mileage- and’ per diem of members
for this si asion wat liien- computed hy the
clerk, ami orders--dnawu as follows;
Musioasia, bats. anas- an't,
William UalnbridgS, S I l * '3
It C lUrnarJ. 51 T W
Kenrlon Rvuli-S, i 'it 5 41
W 8 Dlnwclc, ‘i 7 Ik)-
J V IMwwol*. 8 4'> 0.-M
S 8 (tile, B 81 S 9i I
I vM HuSTi'-.-rt, *• * 6*
Thomas >1 Jones, i 14 4 S4
Hubert Junes, i 81 • **
Samuol Jenkins, i t't 4 96
Trucv Loekman, 3 •> 5 SO
i David McFarland, 1 •*'> ■">
WDliam Ili>binsi, '* 82 3 9J
S W Re esc. 2 4 is)
James Speo*ley, 2 18 3 OS
II Van Dusvti, 2. Id 4 96
On motion of .Ur. .McFarland, the board
adjourned t-ue <i ic.
Ohvillk. Strong, C. Slcrk.
a r mis pafr estimates the loswhy the !
recent fires irx jltat city nt $ 1 GO.iIfIO.OOO.
i The men whovaro directly responsible for
’ those awful canfiaorations were tholoud
-1 est in their denunciation of the Germans
for besieging - the city and throwing a few
shells inti it f The Germans wer de
nounced as vanffttls for merely presum
ing to capture rile jity, without material
! lv damaging it, ye* those Frenchmen,
who were so enragad at wlint the Ger
mans did, laid their finest buildings in j
; the cily in ruins, siia-ply because they '
j’could not rule. Such is French consist- i
ency 1
Ki.kction Fratd— Peter Schwab, one;
of the indues of eleetioa in tho Second !
Ward of H'ltnil on, Ohi(X&UM been lield j
to bail in $ 4.000 to appoor se4ore the '
Sixth IHstrict Court of the I'nited Sta’es.
on a charge of Iraudlenfly introdaicing :
anti counting over fifty votes for Camp
-5 Ol at tho election last fall. Camp! c ! s
j ni joritv over Schenek, it will he r -oveiii
hcred, was only 52 in a poll of 20,253.
Tub Tcmperon •>> Con-ention, to nom
inate fate ofl)c*?s r which was to have
been held at Wat-rtown, on the oth insr..
{.ravel a miserukl? failure, their being
less than a dozen attendant*. Just as we
expected. The people are well enough
satisfied with the temperate hssbits ol oiu
present State officers.
Tut' Milwaukee Sentitint WMiiMWlh*
ne,iai s of Ex ii " N 'lsotr Dewey, lion. 11
S Mr ton, nnd I Dm A (r t’ook, as ihot-e
most prominentlv n*?nfioned ir> rnanee
lion with the democratic noiu.uauon for
Tun VVetntJ.is App al think* the Sooth
In* “(alien npoo simivge times when
Southern men propose to hear llon.ee
Grsely speak whiie demanding that a gag
be pi i e l in the mouth of Jcffcrsuu l>.tt -r.
Grand Gift Concert
The Drawing will take place July \th.
The sale of J'lekeh will Jhlj
Is/, and all Agents icill make
final relvms promptly hj
tinst trme, and return
nndd tickets.
Early Application for Tickets
sliould bo made as they are
Parties getting up Clubs of Ten will
be allowed an Extra Ticket each.
Only 8,000 Tickets Issued
Anew Gothic Home, wiHh l"t feet
by 2-.'), hw .0 0
An eligible Ketddence Lot for .. 2 0 i
A good 1.0 l fur 2.00
A guod Wa denies, audM.ol fur 2.00
> guoU Dv Plano for 2.00
A N I) S ECU R E A PR 1 / E.
1 Home nml lot 12,f00
40 Lola. inch 2.000
1 ituainrsi Lot 400
I Plano .... 420
1 Warehouse Lot, nndiSiilcs 4V4)
I Cow u 0
3 CuUon, |-’>o each...*, l f,
1 Parlor tfett D*o
2 Move* |o*> each tO
1 Bureau 30
1 Sofa 37
1 marble top table B 0
10 Plough* |2O each 200
\. ahile arvl bridlv, 20
*i t ultiva*or 3
1 Haruew 80
AChetr Whit* llo<j* |>TO taeh 60
!H Pr eta, Household furniture #lO each 100
Prise*, Hoavehohl juroiaure #5 e ich f*o
1 Buffalo Ho ho Ml
20 Pilses, Merchandise tXO each I,O<M)
41 Prises, Merchandise eavh 1,00*)
KH) Prises. Merchandise 11 Uueoch l.OtMj
•i'>o Prises, Merchandise each I.5<K)
ft*>Prlies, Merchandise |2| each 1,2^0
!00<V9rises,Merchandise #1 each * I,IKK)
2nU 'Pirizetof Merchandise | each 1,000
Total Ko. orrnikCA 4.Q31
Value fn*rl*ri Sl-i's7o
will h entltlvil to JmlNlnn to the Concert. The
ilrawlng wll I.ice place on the evening of Ihe 4th of
July. Is.l, at the 11.11 In Muicoila. I'rraont living
at a (finance will tare na Juitly, .ml their right! ami
claim* he rxpecteJ the aamc, a* It thry resided In
There sill! he PufnithefHtjßW) wheels, one conlalnlnr
S,OOO Tickets, number of tickets sold
—the other, coma'ning VAK) Prises a. , d Blank Tick
els, with ihe Pr.se wrllten plainly on-ach ticket;
VST ilemvmb.r, the I’rlte Tiokel* ar vw! numhe-adi
>* 111 b* ohosen by tlie Ticket Holders present.
To show the public In general that we mein jj*t
what tMhsay. arid that every thing wl.9he conducted
honorikbiy, we refer to all the leading M holesnlt
lluusei 'ju Chicago and Milwaukee, and lh>-bubiuefl
(Inn* o. v Mu*coda
N. B. Ifuscoda Is situated on the Milwaukee and
a 3t. Paul Kail mud, fifty miles w*!it <f Madison, and
Is one of the best busises* to*vn* on the line, Peram'
interested are requested lo call and rvanilne Stock *4
(iut>ds and Premise*, and satisfy themselves that \i\ k
is no humbug, but everything just as we represent I*
Send m! order*to
I M Muscoda, Grant Wls-
Carriage Builders.
MINER U< POIVT, . . Wl3.
H AVING purcVaa*l and fitted up the old M, F.
h'rn*'* lan dng, we ar- nosr pre|>ared to fi’l all
• L rs pr.-mpt 1 y and tv’ocf oril v, f r 0 A Kill A G K* 4 ,
HPOftIFS, ETC. We onlr m*k the public to #t
amine ow • ork wherever found, feeling confident
thv for style, finish and durai>illiy U will compare
with any T like charae’er, fr ra any ijuarter.
cG-. n pv.'fiwd att**’ tlou all work tl'4ne In tb•t
!!->• \w h' D•• -v "’n ft r Our facHllips f->r th l *
ff vr nrr th- Htsl in the city ; and is Carriage
1 - ’ s • ftl
!?-• n wUiv h we .jv*rnle. o will he loDnllicd that w-
f•> oc ahle to l P hitler f lwn th who oper*
u (iDt'lv In cf>*irf* - work In we will com
ps• •• w -h -inv and nil coiupetll r, for -ame sty lo
ar 1 quality of Wtvk
Mineral Point, W June Wi —. ti-iy
District Court of the L aitfi State* for the )!>?.
er n Dietriet of Wieovnein.
In the Matter of JOHN STRA CIIA N, Bankrupt.
I hi Bankruptcy.
A warrant tn Bankruptcy has been Ittaed hy *:ffil
Court i{air< the e.liMe at John Ftraehan.uf M Per.
>1 Point, of Dm? Cwnnly nf luwa, of ihe State nf
Wltwwi t4n, in .slit Dlifikt. a’l/udffed * Bankrupt Op
tra the FeiHirm ol Mvfbtiilor*, am) tlw payment of
onv d'tbit anti (tie dt ltvrry of n properly belnpc-
I Ing lo saM r Ankrupf to h-m or lo hit use. m>l n 0
frontier of tny property hy him srr furl idden hy lew.
I A meeting of ihe Crertltort of taitl Bankrupt, m
nrnve 1 heir dchlt and choote onu or more Assignees
of hit estate will he held at h Court ol Bankruptcy
to he holden ut Madison, In said Dltnlct, on the I2th
Jay of June. A. 11. I*7l, nt Ut o’clock A. M , nt the
t office of Sidney Pooie, out of the Registers of Bank
ruptcy of i.id Court.
V. w. OAKI.KY,
•• w> .Marshal and Messenger,
- Monthly!
Conducted by J. (J. HOLLAND,.
jjfiot e
Bitlcr-Siret t, Kathrine, Timothy Titconiii ►
Letter a, etc.
This Periodical, which list just retched (It s'con.il
volume, “It winning for lltelf everywhere golden
opinion*.” The illustration! are of a high order,and
are said to be "belter Ihtn any which have hitherto
appealed In any American Magazine.” Its Portrait'*-
are especial F accurate and admit able. The May
number contalm a large portrait of MacDonald (a
different view from the accompanying,) alto pprlralts
of the anlslt Durand and Huntington.
are unsurpassed for the Independent, Intelligent;
and piquant treatment ol a broad range of subjects
connected with culture, and progress 'at home and
abroad, presenting.;vtooath'jr discussion of current
public questions, X. fresh, and gracefully written,
mehwye of sentiment, a summary of In
teresting information on domestic and social affairs,
and a record nnd criticism of matters pertaining w>
society, art, liierators, science, and Ihe drama. The
best procurable writers on th-re topics are engaged,
andSbese departments are not only readable but vi
tally and permanently valuable.
Tn v . Editor not only gives his personal supervision
to all the contents of the Monthly, but writes f.-f
every number, In th eeilltorlal columns.
are among the best who write the English language,
A charming story, by Mr*. Oliphant, *u commen n
sd In the May numb-r, Mls Tharkeray, regarde'I.' 1 .'
a* one of the most brilliant story writer* among th
gifted women of Qreal Britain, has been engaged, an
well as Proude, the historian, Christina Uosettl, the
poet, andpUter*. The publishers have also the re
fusal of rail of Hans An.la.'toa's stems, nt the hastl
of his best translator, Mr, Hence E. HcuilJer.
A series of lateresting sketches of living arLstS,
with portraits, commenced In May.
Mr. Stillman, one of the highest of American aa*
thorillea In art, coniributcs monthly from abroad to
the columns Ilia übsarsatlona and criticisms of for
eign art,
N. P. Langford, of Montana, contributes aplrndltl
ly Illustrated articles on tha recent explorations of’
Hie Yellowstone River. A Hu I Volcano, nuroeroar
Boiling Springs, strange Natural Formations and
number of llryaers.tuipattlng even those of Iceland,
are some ol.lhe peculiar features of this ms.rvel.A4d
country. Mr. Longford* account constitutes one of
the most rents rkable chapters, of discovery sect
We lo not need lo nanse all mar countrymen and.
‘ countnywomen whocooirlhute or ox* pledged to con
tribute to the pages of Tun Iloviyov. Tlwlr name*,
wia.a-ypemr with Uteir arttiva, anf will, ombrscs*
tbcw of ih eholcoal ol our assayUtU,novelita,poete,
atvd,teachers of popular science.
embracing such well.known favotilaa as T. Mo rag,
lluoh, Paul. Dixon,.Woodward, Kytlngu, Bollea, MU*.
Led)ard, Mis* Stone, Mbs Hallock, and such
aa Annin, Bogart, and are among tbs bell,
{ In the county.
!• Popular Scientific Aril lea, and Biograpllr
| leal Sktlches. well trlllrn l)lscuaions of Liln(f
1 Ismea, Notices ni Industries and Improvements, short
sparkling Stories, Brst-clase Serial Novels, Poeina,.
Review* and Records of ar#and l iterature, Ilium-.
Inated and la-Kwvod by ihchost pictures, prepared to,
illustrate the texl„ and educate and delight tha
taste of a po- pin gr,*,j n g constantly more Hltlicall Is
sailsfy nnd pits-w*.
The Depart uutl of Howk xisd Sociktt Inelodr*
papers on all mat/rrs connected with the hoa-rhol-l
and social life—notes on domestic economy, home
dacoraMon, plants, food; etiquette, nnd Hie fashion*.
■ Thera It also
an 1 a Publisher’s Derarlmenl for thu Adxsa-'.laiog
Hrateful for the unprecedented! palrorave of If*
past, we give you our programme sad promise htr
the future. •• e shall spare nsilher pains n>r ex
pense to make Schirsbk'B M. usi y i D . i pen able ■
every fmilly of Intelligence ai.d culture lir.uglotl.
the land,
W.- ant to have everybody tee Tiik
and If everybody who kn. sua k. a It and cannot yrk
It at a news stand, will send us fifteen cent* to pay
j for the paper in It and the postage on it, he shall
have n specimen number In return.
Fcribnkr's Mopahly, elsgaally h. and In cloth,
(Nov 'Tiu A j til ’71.) a beautiful, Illustrated volume
id Poems, I stays and Ptorrea, containing nearly ft**
pages,can he hadjof allthc * Wrs at fg.ao, Bvgltk
w th the first volume.
.-iibs rptlon Prire of the Monthly only ♦H.Ofa,
vest . P stHge, ‘it cent, a year, Single numbers, P*
rents. Cover, for binding, Mi rents Subscribe with
th- nearest .ivuler, or send Checker P. 0. Hooey cr
der lo
051 Broadway, Nctv YorK,
PIUS arnillM R i CO.,
1 rt w 7

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