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Mineral Point Tribune.
Wm. H. BENNETT, Publisher.
Old Series, Vol. XXIV, \ T y 31.
To Taik Krrscv Jcn* 27, 3STO.
Going South Station* Goinf Xorth
1.' :45 p.m. I Mineral Point. ! 7:20 p.m. I
l.Sop.m. I Calamine. 1 StfA n. in.
8:00 p.m. Darlington. fc, .5 ra.
8;4.i p.m. Riverside. i f;?.o p. ra,
3:15 p. m. | Warren. 1 4.50 p.m.
Going St* > I IMNin. t.J eine Worth.
9:00 a.m. I’lalleville. iw 4o p. in.
9:80 a in. llelmuut. 8:10 p. m.
10:10 a: nv. Calamine. 8:80 p. m,
10;6u a. i, Darlington, 8:00 p.m.
1 l:Si a. ra. Riverside. 1:15 p.m.
12:05 p. ra. Warren. 14!:45p, m.
| tvm-A. | BILK*. I ttH,
Paaf-nger trains f-aaa 10:00a.rc. DO 45a.m ll;0Pa m.
“ “ 41 I t:2Bp.m. Iti-.1-A* ni 112:2 i a.ia.
Wajr Freight 1:2.pm.1 8,-aUp.m.] 1:45p.m.
“ 1 2:10 H.ra..| 10.51 a.iu.J ll:3n am.
Passenger trains pasai 0:00p.m., 2p.m. 5;37am.
“ “ “ 2;80a.m.) o:43a,ns 1 3:27p.m.
Way Freight “ ! 3:*"s ra. ; 7:25 atn 6 .'main.
“ ** 1:35p.m.1 1:05p.m.|11;30 a.m.
Dodg*ilte, Wig.
1111 IS HOUSE, located -r curly opposite the Court
House, lathe most atrocious In the village. 1h a
new building ; rooms well furnished, ami the tablu
&1 ways supplied with the best the market nibwrds. A
ciew Ham is about being erected, wherein hoi sea can
be well c ire J for at Peasnable rates. kxii—‘J'Jtf
yt. Jl. COTHKE3I,
i Wls, Office *vr Post-Office. 80-
u n. \v. LIKENS,
(Suoct**or to Vtlb <P Liken*,)
A Mineral Point, Wls. i’raciices In :he L, 8.
'and State Courts, and at'ends 10 agenciet and ccl
iectlom la all pa ts o the .'tale,
Oilice in Ueualiaiis' Ulook, opp isite 0 u rat
fflet. 18 l.v.
ALBX< Wll.no If.
J\_ Agent f.r N. W. Mutual Lite Insurance Company
and Republic Fire Insurance Company. Olliec oppo
site the City Hall, up stairs, Mineral Point, Wls,
K. I*. WKIiaCIC,
Attorney anucounskllok at law. office
in fcVoul KoiMy tlirfct tluari ul the City Hull, |
h\ in .'fa. Point* Wtcontia. ♦- j
S. \\\ K^KSK,
Attorkky and coinskM/OR at aw/
DudgeviU*.*, Win. AHemls to collect*n<l
jprtc las in all t>ie Courts of this tftaie. atm—l
GliO. F.? t IVILBGU, m. Dw,
| )KYSICI A\, ACCOl’i liKR AM) Sl’Klt KOM, of
j?. fers his services to his oh) friends And the com*
Liunily g*iitrahy. Ullict* in lira her * V\ hill's block,
High huJ Chestnut streets, Residence near
IV I I I.a N TOV^, Sou 1 h iMq Citf.
B* 11. BBBSOIt t.,
OH-WCfC HOI RS-Al Residence, S tb 10 A. M
A', uUtoe.l *o S P. M.
N. DALTON, ill. I>.
I>UrSICIA\ AND SUUOKON. Office In Goad’s
Block, over Heller's store, corner of High and
Chestnut streets, Mineral Point, Wis. Particular
tht rationpaMto Operative Surgery. xvrn-lh
j. i. IH.OFFETT, M. J).
1)11 YSICtAN AN 1> SIUOKON. Office in Mo/le*ti
4)rug St'>re, High street, Mineral Point, xs -1
Jilslinl C. IMTCHIiUrK.
MANTKAI TI KEH of all kinds of Ornamental
Hair Work, such as Bracelet*, Breaat-I’ias,
<A atch-Ouards, Necklaces, Finger Rings. Kar Kings, :
Charms, Ac. Also Curls, Waterfalls, Switches, La
dles’ Front Pieces, Rents’ Uig<, and everything in ,
■his tine, r ash paid (or raw hair. P. O. Box lfK>‘
Mineral Point, Hit, gm-Sdy.
yTKITEO STATES MOTEL, ( Wstki* wittt.vs’
Ij Oio-rsSL).) Podgevllle, w iac.insiQ.
Having taken charge of t hist-"tel for a terra of r*-rs
tl propose to keep je f„r llte special accomtusdaiioa
cj lite traveling puldic.
f have a iju-r. t.arn, and. beep attentive hosth-rs I
I propose to s.-t a talde, and keep the hat at all
tlutea supplied with the bi-ht of lltjtiors.
By sisi.'t attention to liusiness 1 h"|)C to deserve, :
wid - receive a v-r a l .we of Ur- f ut4i • pat i *nav e j
xv ,|4J TtloM IH))MA.
Corner of IHain St. amt RaMpoad,
This 11 <mse lias lately been refitted
throughout, and is now second to none
in South-\\ estern WiM-onin.
good stables,
Attentive Herks and Hostlers I
Far Commercial Tourists.
T 1 e proprietor solicits the patronage of the puidie
rd will *uare no j-ahj to satisfy his guests.
V. 11. L.AJIAK,
Solicitor of Patents,
Dodj;cvillc, Wisconsin,
Offioo in tho Chronicle Office,
trv. TH?r- n- re’.-*. f nririff l*v< fr.r
f r ii’ > us' tul I;.'-i r 1 min.vruirut, -.tn fcav#
..H . .
\, . r v i, ■ ' of* • i W ■ i ‘ur i!h\h
a*Vr furnishing the M >M. AH -‘.-r —itncUjf
*’l r-r full hi*rv. • . fr NK h! an*}
pr-nfi- 'if Hlt i ' I J--V r t'l O i
HI. I’M*:- M i ■ :* * . •.■•! • * ,f h rin r-‘ r
' ■- . •'rr. i .. iraiwd ukV*l*,sv *em Irw
Local Intelligence.
t#" The Jlrst pt-ge of the Tribune tcill he devoted
to Local matters. F,*r advertisements, {except
professional earth,) inserted on this page % tee
shrift charge fifty per cent, advance on ordinary
rates. Xo large will be alio wed on this
j*\e at any rate*.

AV anted. —A girl to do general
housework. Apply at this office.
For pure paints anti hue oils go to Viv
tan’s. j
Tim frescoing of the new M. K. Church
is completed, Tire audience room is pro
nounced by those w ho have been around, to
be equal in beauty to any in the state.
Joxmk Chen all was bitten on July 2lth
by a rattle make. His arm is badly swol
len, but having immediate attention ho
will no doubt soon be well.
Rv a letter from Gen. T. S. Allen, which
is published in another column, it will be
seen that our opinion, expressed last week,
that Gen. A. is not, and will not be a can
didst*: for Governor, was correct.
♦ -.
C ress Cu n. —lt is proposed to form a
Chess Club in this city. All persons de
siring to take part in such organization,
are invited to meet at Dr. W fiber's office
Saturday evening the Mb inst., at 8 o'clock.
Thk one great complaint in this section
is of the extreme drouth. Vegetation of
uli kinds is being literally “dried tip.’)
I ulcgs min fills very soon, in copious
showers the corn and potato crops will be
a total failure in many fields.
\\ y. notice by the Democrat of yesterday
that the unterrified of lowa Cos. v ill as
semble in conclave at Dodgeville on the
19th inst., to jtersuade six men to go to
Madison on the 2!Jd, and one to be soooped
out for Couuly Superintendent.
Jon Pwntimt. —\\ e challenge any print
ing cilice in Southwestern Wisconsin to
-how tetter specimens of card printing
than we can exhibit. To any office enter
ing samples in this line at tlie fair to be
bold in tigs city next month, and receiving
first jHvmiuisi we will “iuocK uodw, r aid
to no ot. cr.
John Kuii-ii and wit?, whose marring? is
announced under the proper head, are of
the Catholic faith. They made application
to he rnar icd by the Catholic IViest, and
were denied, heeause Kurth is an Odd Fid
low and would not renounce the order. So
Esquire Thomas got a job, and Kurth de
monstrates ids love for Odd Fellowship, by
grwing it preference to hi' religion.
If the young m-en who amused therr.“Fives
last Saturday evening with that Chicago
piece should see a list of their names n
the city papers, wouldn’t they enjoy it?
Look nut boys, remember that
“31 cWeht an-anv yda'en antes,”
and if you get too far hevond the lino of
ropciety said “notes.” will be printed. j
“VT anted, at this office, an editor who
can please everybody, and a foreman who
can so arrange the advertisements ns to
g : vo every advertiser the best place in the
M e take the above from an exchange.
The man who originated it had a good id<*a
of the wants of e. local newspaper. The
Tribink will give steady emplovment to
such an editor and foreman as described
above. {Salary no object.
A i.TVKt.v row war indulged in at Chest
erfield's ‘‘deadfall,” on Commerce Street,
last Saturday evening. Jo'iah I.ampgbire
was in the saloon ; his wife came and urged
him “very strongly” to go home : whereat
Josiah “up’n tlirawd to her." Cass Miller
didn’t admire that style of pugilism, and
interfered on behalf of Mrs. L., concluding
his interference by giving Josiah a “brave
batin, sure nuff,” The d——l is responsi
ble for the above, and if any parties take
exceptions thereto they must go to “bis
majesty” lor satisfaction,
A correspondent to the J/mnocrat save—
and is probably right—that the penalty for
not paying State tax la 21 per cent, per
annumy instead of 21 per cent, immediate
ly cm failure to pay at the lime stipulated ;
“0 that our penalty now is only about >’i,-
2& instead of $4,/>iiOl, as we supposed.
The same wr ter recommends that the
county borrow money to pay the state lax
for last year ; which would no doubt be u
good thing to do, if anybody caa be found
who will lend her
I’. >. —As we go preed Mr. Win. T. Ilenrr
assures us that it is all a mistake about the
penalty; that two laws releasing the coun
ty from liability for non payment of the
state tax are in force. Wo shall try to get
* these Uwj fo.r publication oej-t m-.ek.
Tjie Inch pemikiu k and Fleck which Dro.
Dennett, of the Mineral Point Tribune,
exhibits in local affairs, and in matters
which merit newspaper censure and crit
icism, disposes us to modify some of our
harsh expressions concerning that sheet.—
We do so cheerfully, believing that the
greater bravery is exhibited in acknowl
edging an ermr. We do honest!v coin
mem! bis fearless frank treatment of local
affairs to all concerned therein, cither at
Imme or atirbad. We only ask that he
shall permit other people to express their
opinions without charging bigotry upon
them, or impugning their motives. Let’s
shake ! —lit Idand County lin/uhlicun.
Thank you, Dro. M aggoner, for your com
pliment. Accept this as our apology for
anything of an unkind nature toward vou
that may have At any time appeared in the
Tmut'XK. Too much zeal, even in a good
cause, is not best. Perhaps “you know how
it is yourself,” James. Here's our wag
The readers of the Tkiiie.ne for the last
two years will certify that wo have consis
tently advocated the principle of giving
local mechanics, and all other local insli
tutlons and enterprises preference to pari
patetie, transient concerns. In this course
we have been conscif niouslr doing what
we believe was right, and are glad to know
that our ideas on this subyvt arc adjudged
correct by all whose opinions we value.
Of course the itinerant dealers, of all class
es, don't agree with us, and some have
been so foolish as to get “riled,” and swear
big oaths. Dut our views return in un
changed, and we still insist that the duty
of every citizen of any place demands that
any established, focal business of any kind
should receive his support xml patronage,
ir. preference to any nomadic affair that
may happen toetraggle into town.
Hew Harrt Miu.kk Dine. —Wo have a
letter from Dr. C I.eftns Martin, of dane*-
ville, addressed to Normy (ieceo of this
city, giving the particulars of the death of ;
the stallion, Hurry Miller, owned by Peter j
Parkinson. The Dr. says the horse died ot
heart disease, and was not sick more than j
ten mi mites — dropped in his stall and died !
without u struggle. It had been intimated
that the horse was poisoned, or came to
his death by foul means; to refute w hich,
J)r. R. has written this letter, and positive
ly says that Harry died by Hie hand of
Providence, and not by villainy. Much
interest was centered on tiie race ananped
between this horse mid Canada, and the I
sudden death of the former is a disappoint
rnent to many, lvidea being a heavy loss
to Mi Parkinson,
* -*
Perpovai..—Hen. Amasa Cobb returned
to Lincoln on Monday.
K. J. Coorita 1-sg., arrived from Boston
or Saturday.
W. J. Wini'.r.LKLWOHTi), has lioen appoint
vd Assistant I , S. Assessor, for the coun
ties of lowa and La Fayette.
lire. Mu. Pnri.i's of this city, will hold
service in Calvary Church, near Montfort,
Sunday next, at lo;30 A. M.
Wr, acknowledge our indebtedness to
Pro. Peek, of the Pcniorrat , fur (ho use of
the types, ready set, from which vio print
ed the premium list lust week,
Dastakih.v.—On Mundnv night, the 24th
ult,, some cowardly villian maliciously
destroyed a Kirhy reaping machine owned
by Mr. Adam Dolphin, in the town of
Mini in. Seven of the siekla guards, the
king wheel, '.liren reel arms and one of the
foot lever-, were broken off. The monkey
wrencdi, hammer and foot lover were found
in a mineral hide sixty yards away fruin
the machine, and a cold chine] is missing
Mr. Dolphin offers a reward of Fifty Dol
lars for the apprehension of tho perpetia
tor* of this dastardly outrage ; and all
good people hope they may he caught and
punished to the utmost extent of tho law.
There is reported to hi a disposition <m
the part of Topp, Kroli Nondorf, pro
prietors of the heavy load of Zinc Ore at
Centerville, near Highland, to construct
I near the load works for the manufacture of
zinc white ami paint*. It is said tl at the
Bellevue Zinc Work* can he bought f n
I ISO,Wo), or rented fbr f 5,<)00 per year. We
| doubt if works can be erected in Highland
; for the same money—Resides,
(ho transportation of coal from her* to Un
load works cost more than to transport the
ore to the furnace. They had better come
here and buy or rent.
Ocsrm..—Politics *‘ia unsartin." TVs is
demonstrated by the ousting of T. S. Ans
ley and Capt. Duncan from their Asst. I .
S. Aw worship*, and the appointment of
J. Wrigcleavnrth, for tin- comities of
lowa and f.a Fayette. Mr. W r . is entitled
to ereilit for the -.hrewdn* and tenacity
which he has dv.pl ay cd iu la 00 ring for *4iis
appointtneut, . ,
Annpvixo. Looking over the Tuiiicnk
columns alter the last week’s edition was
printed and circulated, we were aunoved
to notice in the article on Gen. Allen’s
candidacy for governor that the woixl "un
equivocally" was printed "unequlvolentlv."
Samcel Coin and John Hadeiku) have
purchased the building on Commoice Ft ,
now occupied as n hardware store by J ( (V,
Hildreth, together with the lot and old
frame adjoining on the north, and have
commenced making repairs. The purchase
price we understand was $4,000. Cheap.
Mrs. Hishoi*, widow of the late Dr. W.
I>. HtsHOP, of Dodgevillo, died at that
village last Saturday, about noon, aged
09 years. She had been indisposed lor
a long time, but the “messenger” was
not expected but a short timo before he
Dask Hall.— The Mound City l!a*e Hall
Club of Phitteville will play a return game
with the “Tartars’’ of this city at the fair
| grounds to-morrow. This is expected to
be a very interesting game, as both clubs
are smart players. An admission fee of
25 cents for adults, and 15 cents for child
ren will bo charged, to help defray ex
1 he day succeeding the above match, the
Mound ( i I vs will go to Dodgevillo and plav
a game with the White Stockings of that
Reixi? ut Budge ville lust week we noticril
dm t in a business (mint of view (lie village
urns very doll, ow ing mainly to the harvest.
II Thomas .V Cos. were inking advantage of
Hie light trade to invoice slock. doc
hocking and dotm U. Roberts, of the Wis
consin and Wcst'-rn Hotels, were Imsv sav
ing crops. I'ncle Frank Vivian is much
improved in health within the past two
nionilis. lock Rogers, id' the Dodgcville
Hotel, is making extensive improvements
to his house. Jim Jones still runs the Com
mercial House in good style.
The Atlantic for August lias conic—Con
tents: Werewolves and Swan Maidens, J,
I'iske; My Father’s Shipwreck; A (joiet,
I Kile, A. H. Kiee ; The ir \V edding Journey,
jU, H Howells; Nicholas Kerrar, (. A. K ;
Hladioli, KmiJy K. Ford; Kate Danniont,
■f. W. He Forest ; Mounfaincering in the
Sierra Nevada, Clarence King; Knevcl icul.t
jof a Traveler, H. U.; The Singer, John (J.
Whittier; Our Whispering Ou'llerv;
W ateh and Ward, H. James, jr.; A. Miller’s
| Maderigal, Ilintm Rich. 'J'ho Whispering
i Hnlley contains a number of characteristic
I letters from Dickens.
1 kikii Noiilk iV On., are Hilling a groa
iiimi.v threshing Marliiiiea. Their onh
complaint if tliut tin: fanners deln.joii giv
ing orders until so late, that machines can
not How ho furnished as fast as they ure
I Mr. and Mrs. Goodcll arc still at work
j in the Now Art Gallery, just east of the
Court House, making pictures for all
who desire. They are now prepared to
I make any kind or size, from u gem up to
j a large photograph for 1 raining. They
warrant their work, and those wishing
pictures should give them a cull during
j their two months’ slay. ill li
| Tiik South Western Wisconsin Industrial
{ Association will hold its Second Annusl
| Fair, at Mineral Point, September 5, 0,7, K
land U, ls7l. Open to the world! For
premium list and other information,address
1 29 S. I*. O*vi,ona, Sec’y.
; County Fsm. J lie loan county Agri
; cultural Society w ill hold their Annual
Fair on Wednesday, Thursday and Priding
the Stoih, 21st ami 2ad of September, 1871.
The premium list will shortly be ready lor
publication, J. Thomas I‘joon, dr.
Porxn Paisr*—Deller is selling calico
by the pound. Many choice lots are offer
ed, suitable tor comforters, etc. Only 4'
cants jo-r pound, and it liik ( *s about B yards
to weigh a pound. 1
Sprout, inducements in dress goods of
all kinds, will he offered at the Citv Store
during the next thirty days. Call before it
is too late. Upward is the tendency. I
Those who want a first class reaper
should cation (’has. Russell at once.
1 ue McCormick is tho host machine.
('i.otiiinti, ready made or wade to order.
Pei feel fits guaranteed on all custon work,
at heller's. 1
I’itACii, by ibe box or smaller. rpianli*
tos, ri V\ iu. Tea,dale's. Also all otlior
fpci ts of th* season. 29
Lira FT ato r ns.---■ A fine | ( .t recent
ly received at heller's, and offered at low
figures. 1
The McCormick wil 1 “fight it out on
i his Jin if it take* all summer." W
TERMS: 1.50 per Annum in Advance
New Series, Volume 11. No 40.
I'uek.—Persons receiving imperswlthn mark
across this paragraph are to understand there
by Uiat it ic s< nt with a liojx- that they nntj
become subscribers. All being thus served
"bo " ill send ns $1.25 by or before the 1.-t .1
November will bo cmlitod with ono year* sub
scription. No otic need (ear being charged sub.
K’riptiou I.>r jmpors thus soul thorn unless wo
arc ordered to continue. All papers sent
without ordors are tree,
Tim Trcgiddotr Mill's Flour is warranted
to bo No. 1. Try it. 1
Su.n I’aintixo.— L). Fierce A' Son have
secured the sen ices of a superior sign
painter from tlio east, and solicit orders
in that line.
Spohtbsikn, call on S. Hocking and look
nt those puns and pistols. Powder and
Shot for sale.
Harvest is now at hand. Thoio of
our readers who have not yet purchased
their reap, rs should call on C 11 Rus
sell, who is agent for the McCormick.—
This machine has been tried in all kinds
of train, short and tall, lodged and
straight, and works well everywhere. 2U
Tine Kirby self-raker was declared
the victor in the great trial near Warren
Jane KOth This trial was ono of the
greatest ever had in the West and the
committee unanimously decided in favor
of the Kirbv.
I’t'TKu Noni.n A Cos , Agents.
McCormicks Prize Mower draws only
■JIO lbs on the Dynamometer, the lightest
draught mower made weighing any where
near it in solid weight it is offered on
trial, and lor sale by Russell, in (his
City. ’ 2U
Remember that the Advance, whether
considered as a separate Reaper, a sep
arate Mower, or a combined machine, is
head and shoulders, above tiny other
machine in the market, and is sold by C.
11 Russell, in this City.
Toil dm aid Ii tv and cleg mice of finish, the
wagons and carriages ma..aiaeiurcd by
Ipiillen.-h A Kneal, ol Linden, are erpral to
any in the wist. These mechanics invite
elu-c examination of their work, und of
their prices j
Dkm.kk is oiler tug nil summer poods nt
prices that Ought to secure (dr tlicin i rmly
fnli', Di esis poods of everv description;
bpreges, preoiolines, t ie., of tlie choicest
(hi(terns, etui lie luuiphl now nl bargains.
Tiikoi'ii. (Dohok is n Imnst doily adding
new mol attractive features (o his him k of
furniture. Tliere (lie most elepnnt IniroHUs,
easy chairs, tied steads, tionk cores, etc. -
cun he 1 1 hi I nt (ho very lowest living prices,
Seonrs.MKN should remember and respect,
tin' pome low which (urhiils the killing of
I> rhiii• • i liii knis In lore the 12th ol August,
but if they i rill shout, they should go to B.
Hocking & Cos., for oniunilioii. 2N
I hoao wishing u coinhineil rentier ntni
mower, sliouh) see (ho McCormick
"Advance lielore piirehnsing tiny other.
Mussel) is perioral agent for this part of
the country, 20
CiMiHi umokk is still selling ready-made
elothing, tieiiis’ I uni ish Inp goods, lints and
caps, etc., nt old prices, notwithstanding
the grout rise in cotton mid wool in the
eastern market, 1
"an ii i). — I’en thousand pood ctiS'
torners for (lie “.McCormick" Advance
and I’ri/o Mower. Sutisfnetion guiiran*
teed, lor sale by C II Russell, in thia
city. ‘J9
Norwniutaniiino the advance in cotton
and woolen goods, Heller is still selling at
old prices which are less than the same nr
lieles can ho bought for at wholesale in
Now York to-day, |
11. T. (biioKSK sills sheetings, shirting*,
prints, and all other ention goiuls at before,
the war prices ; and ovary tiling else at the
same rate, j
VVini.i; others tire doing the blowing,
I’eter Noble A Cos. tire selling ninehines,
and guarantee aatisfaction every time.
mahhi a a e y .
K —l'll 11, LI I*B ~f n thin cltv on fitolt ,
ly I:*., , Mr. .iohn Kmih if Tm
r, v. to Mim Mr> Phllljj.i of tUlhvui of Mini -
Hi J'o’lHl
j\l KS. c. MKSSKHS.M I'J'lf worth]
• * Announce **• the 1./t1 if-n of Mineral Point find vi
cinity that Hh9> ham Juwi opened h Dr* Mhl* ii *I •
IrthlKhiocni on red, two clours ab* re H. I.
h office ; and *ftr
Nineteen Years EAperiencc I
r.ml ronA/ant practice, fifth competent to execute or.
dt mln her line n* iy md *ai|*fa< tnrt|y. La ill ft
wUMinr to rnHk'- up their own material mil do well ho
hau* llielr
ukjii;\ts nr a\i basted,
which will )"■ it on i* on stnirt nultcy, at ri BsonaUe
prl> ' mnl In thn tail'd et/Te.
August !(0, IS7I. Kttt,
rPMrMIPf) A a warning nnd for the benefit of
it*t h and oihf r* t who ruffr-r from Ni rv
mu 1 oud/, Ac., iupplyln# thk .kiami r tour-
rlttmj hj one who cured hi nelf, aim! tent free c n
a pom.paid dir ctcd -tnvHop*
Addrmiß, Nithibiil Mayfair, Brook); n, N'.

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