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Mineral Point tribune. (Mineral Point, Wis.) 1869-1938, September 07, 1871, Image 4

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sTi.e Tribune
fun Gc.TI.HSOR—
Gen. C. Washburn,
Milton If. Pettit,
r ft sk< lIKTART or stat
Llvwclvn I’rccso.
>K con VflU A
i .u titiT I! *n n-
M ij. Henry PaT/,
or mamtowoc.
K.B Al If I J'V ( KN I HA
8. S. 1 trlow,
Poii BfiT I’m h< > r MM-iostn -
(I. F. Wheeler,
( KOWH OP J. A< *,
P ■* t'TATK G i T. t f P' B‘ C f'TIOH-*
S timid Fallows,
Ole (’. Johnson,
or RfU'K.
low V ( Ol M V.
ra 0 cxiT 8r ft ROTCKor jt,
Samuel Parks,
or Avne*.
Ol II Vl’ vn; ill Kl! T.
N necm dance with esfiihliidicd rus
tom it ■> n i|ii p i 1.1 party e.lltoix to jive
editor! il endorsement to the ticket in the !
!; t i mention We
Lave not time at p.rcsi nt to >4ive this n at-
P r ilie iitti'iitii.n it merit’' nr to express
our great satisfaetio-i mi l | ride in pr ■-
aeniirig Inn r renders tin; K 1 • j >lll 1 i ■. n
State I ii In t, at tli • lira I nl" thi* eoluinn
Bel : 1 the eli tion wo shall attempt to
do tae subi ■ a Jmt 1 ■>. I' *r tiro present
WO 11111-t 1.1! I'nlltrlit I’l Copy all 1 rn 1 iTHP j
the Inlluvi.ii. Ir an tin* i’nri i,:o lhyi.*tn‘
'I lie remit ol the deliberations of the
Itepuhlii un Stale l uiivention, held io
M ill ai i ii \V ml lit - lay la-1, | pear* ut
the 111 11 lit i >ll rOl dll 111 IIS IIwI I he HBl II
tti.it tin' i' i tii ki t was i e-notmtinied
tli.- ol 1 rut w ith the rXi-. prion of (hivern
or and I. • utrniiiit (} jemur. I’liexo n!li
o > n Int i h . liii< 1 a re nomination and in {
their stead < i 11, t' t ' \V lulllU ic N, nf 1,1 i
t’p ;■was nominated li.r (inverimr. 1
and linn. M II l*i,i ir, nt Kenosha, liu
In ait tin crni.r, Ilia liekrt us rime
constitute I ix one nl mm-ual mrengih
an 1 nn rit, nn I 1 -n rvex ax it ini dnnht
Will livra the llrarty supported tin
entire r j win party an Inl course tie
triumph .in ly eleeti I.
Ihe I .mol' 1 ll Hie nf tiro. CaWAI lA*
O'. I, (' a \fl i l l.s 1| j earn it the hr id nl
tin tiel.el lie Ii ix i unine and a lami
as a statesman and soldier which are as
ii. \ \ in Win*
c -iixiii t)>er (hirt v vears u.;u lie hoomne
a State, anti for neariv
Vw nti year* he In.* teen in the public
•ii - ,
* ntuti\ i m i- 11_r. ax, hut during the
w i' he rutria 1 ilir mihttiv srrviee ax
' 1 1 \ IlKtll
mi l ■ orvi 1 l i tl tu 1 1 y till the dcsc nf the
" - - - - . r Mi
marked hy a I.> ; n mil laitlu Alness
to il.i! Ine il inter, - x ,| his oonstit urn's
w'-iih gained !• • r h.m tin .r hearty np
pt 'il ax iVi.s uia i\s she ati alien a
".. . it, .Ir I•• -• ler inil, MI 1 aAx li,i n
gnixli I hv hix t’u in an I uny idling do
'■ 1 no t l!n> principles nf liberty at nl.
liar ’ in 1 np; xiti n to tn pr, llgaey ill I
w rrupt n "herev r it uppeun I ll<
■ r tn cn ii: m ;r md of the | e j '•
* 11 tin r intrie* x w,re in the scale
a . .
' ‘ he drew ti n first ! til ever
si untied Incur slate legislature, rcii
■a. iirl ir.'n i-m; ra .rnad ’aril's In
' ' '' ■ i■ ■
11nll■ rn■ r win a ill a’w-n * he true tn
'on ’ 1 "! i ail! a I'c'i with i jealous
c .' l i! ; .e interrst* of the State
1 iI . ’ti \ri nr, II i
' ! H i ii, -i Ke .i I, ■ ! x xerv ,i
..i term ■ ’ r li’.m
--■ -
*, c 111 s 11 1 11, ,| mal il' 1 d-.'l-.e lie
is , l.e If li.r so’ ntu.l m, nof the
s tun' '• l"•I e ' >’ I'i'Ut.i .’Set uli I , 1 1_■ 11i
•j e ,*i | ra;.. !i ho x
u. hi.n .ti I
r nx n m.iud.rof I lie State ticket U
. ; .: - iresei eats
il n ’ - V , ' . , ; .
! I I.x A, I; re I. is! , 1 nil I ‘ | --
'.nali’i i ! o of Ih-n l!t,
.-1 S ■ i
• i ' ~i |,. 1 v ’ .X Ic
•i . ■
- v- i- , o*.
I : ' ' • ■ r ii •, me a■ he >’•’'t
fiTin i ,i ,i. J \\ ,i- hi
> I ' I ' > I'r ’
if. IS' i ll'. . , J S ( 5,
1* id if. 1 * |' I A- v I--
s .: r a . ' o r.
The following ix the enunciation of
principles, made hy the K -poOhcan State
Convention, on the 30th uh.
l!v this convention, representing the
Republicans of Wisconsin he it.
lienolvf'i, That we refer with patriot
ic pride to the hi-tory of the Repo! li
ven party of the Cnited States, liy its
early resistance tn the encroachments of
slavery : hy its patriotic devotion tn the
c use of the I iron durimi the late civil
war ; hy its i mancipation at tho [ r- per
time, nl an ( ] pre-st-d people from h nd
nge ; 1 v its s -nel < verthrow ol disloyal
ty and treuxon , hy its justice, firmness,
une innanmity in guarding un i secur
ing the result ol tho war, and giving and
lo a 1 citizens, liberty and wpial
ity heiore tho law ; hy its grateful care
andjuxt provi-inri fnr the nation x defen 1
erx , hy its honor and good faith toward
the national creditors; hy its wise and
liberal policy in granting homesteads tn
settlers, and in aiding the development
uf the Western States and Territories;
hy its successful advocacy of the humane
piineip es of ihe internatiurial law not
hitherto not mognizid l.y tho civil
world Lot itspe iceltil settlement of our
i Ontrover-ies with < Jre.it Britian on
ti'i’inx liuiioriihle and advantageous, and
tending to secure pemiani rit p. iee and
concord between the two nations ' v its
direction of our financial system, where
hy tho nation wax enuh ed to meet the
emergencies ol a gre.it war, to lurnish
i sou nd and uniform currency, and to
prevent the commercial depression, re
vulsion, and disaster usually attendant
upon civil -tnli', and generally hy its
successful administration ol national af
fairs during ten eventual, years, it has
pro ed, on all occasions, itx fidelity to
cut interests of th (try A
party whose career has thus lam signal
ed ut evtrystip hy great triumphs ol
human Ircedoiu and progress needs not
to depart Irmn tho path ol honor and
duly in which its victories have been
won, and we believe that upmi its contin
ued lixceli lency and a stea Hast udher
enee to Its cardinal principles, the | a-■
pm-perity, and honor of the country dc
pc nds
h'i olreil. 'l’lmt we regard the recent
nn. i in' merits to the ( 'onstituti in ol the
I inti and .'■dales us just and w ise articles of
organic law, essential at the jir> sent
time, to constitutional liberty, and ever
to he ti| held and zealously enforced,
that, uiuh-r the constitution thus aim ml
ed, tho l e ieral co., rnment poss< sse*,
uinl ought to exercise, whenever and
wherever necessary, sulßeicnt power to
pr. tect every citizen under our Hag 1
in the free e\|-res,-ioit of his wentimen s,
tho free exorcise ol tho ballot, the lull
tnjoyun nt of hi- property, and the uhso-
Into siili-yt of his person.
Hrsnleul. That wo rejoh'o in (lie re
cnperaii ii of the Southern States under
the benign inlloenco of free labor; that
we urge upon those lately in rebellion
not to ri-.ir-1 the prosperity of the South
hy permitting luwles-nesx and vio'enee
there; wo entreat then; totikea bold
st ml Ii• r law and order; to a -■-i xt the re
suit ol the war, and to eo-eperate with
11 x iii i tinrts to advance the p rosperity ol
'he whole country; and we hope that
the time may sp ’eilily come win i the |
persecution and outrage of loyal men
shall wholly e-*ase, and \vh n politi ai
and sahi liti x imposed i -r fi.irt w ipating in
the rebellion, may ho r lunved without
and mgep to the nciits of tlmso who ha e j
remained t ntUlul to live Lilian.
Ih solr I I'hat w■- believe that the ■
prospcri’.v of he .'oiin ry and the stahi!
ilv ol Itx Ilium ’al V xv - ’.I in, ax wel :ix 1 1
endi' and ii.fliieti e in the family of na
tii nx if pet I upon the muinteiianco nt
pul- v lai !i bo that end \v e fa or u
c. ntiiiui-d n-dnetion of our bonds and
cun ctiey, ami so g ru dually as not to t nr
den too hiuvily the industries of the
conn ry.
/iV'oVril, lli '.t in onr judgment the
most i Undent i.r.J sntisfaeiory means o!
raising the large: port! n and the revenue
to Uitet the obh utiei.i ol the (lovern
ilicut ix In in limit's mi imp 'fts, that
-tub duties sin ol i he -,i low ax to make
, c a : fair
ly distribute the bar! u of t nation up,-
iiii all Motions of th” country and ail
e u-si x ot pie i.ua’l lor re- rvue
is evidently null pensp.le, but f shoiibi
le -i adjusted as to be I v t pr-judicial
Ia 1 interests at. Ito every class and
section, aial so as to never baiden one
interest th it another may thrive
fits 'red, lit it -till re:a: ling the
nn; r vein a! ol th" 1 V an I \.- -n-in
rivi'i i- a work ut vast imp vrtan,-e t
(Stul .-.i nation v ...
on 1 oii-,ress to provide for its cm !y coin
p' ti n ; hat vv also - ill up i v mgre -
v renew the grant cl hinds to md in
ibe 'onstnictn-n of the railroad from
Lake >t L -oix r i l.ak.v Super or, a- iw
act t just oe to li e settlers •f V riliwtst
W i-c ‘n- v.
/ 1. < I, That in \itvv cf ;l. n| J
11mi■ at I tlii' cunntrv. it o ui
I".r .->• tu and settlor*. I'ho I.>m<->;o .1 !
*li...i’ 1 l e Ml m.ii.ri.- 1 that w 1 ■ n 1- ■ n r~
i 1 lv !i lu.r.i 1 I iiion sail t> 1 - !■•
<1 li”,i* ,'hiiitt the lon lit* of iho mini', the
( ’■rii ! i fr . n t.-> U ill I o >h o m- ii
part of iho time occupancy n -vo** rv
ta a.' {iiiie ?;?.-• tlrnnt* hui U <> nul
in tin l 1 ii: .! ■ t' r.nlr -.i-U -!(■ u I !■;
in.. nii'v wl.t-r •i' .'t'>';irv t>* ■>’, nn;
1 • 'in <• * * setll | (U>'n', in I under
> • < .'Willi i.-i.iti.ti’ the . i>
.■; :i .i i! ■ hm N
U.> -t ii i.■ a ... r '- v vt"i'■
* ■ii r <-.n In i’ll' 5■ *i ; ■ • State
i'v, *■■(l; . - :v. i ;V. •icin'v .m 1 i ci'iii’iuv .
.. ii, ii■ • 11 n . ;!\ ti! •' u.ltn rll -1 ■i;i n
i'* > ■ ■,•} . ' \ ,• ~■!. or*
•■ ■ ■ ii . ' 'i . n .., ;■• r< *• t
r ! * > *i ■ . .
■i' ; - '.*■■ ! ■ 1 -n • ’ r .:<•* t!o w - Ia
*0 . • ■;..<••> sv ' \!• U e ' 1 , *
, • 1. ! I, , t -I ■ • . V
thinks, esteem and confidence of every
citizen of this State.
Kksolvrd, That the administration of
President Grant has been wise and pru
dent. It has impartially executed the laws
faithfully collected and honestly applie 1
the revenue, greatly reduced the public
debt, and enabled C)ngre-o to li.'hten 111 e
burden ol taxation. —lt has in nicer 1 a
humane policy in dealing with the In
dians. favorably alike to economy and
civilizafian an 1 peace upon our border.
It lets preserved and strengthened our
friendly relations with forugn powers,
and has advanced the honor and dignity
ot the I riifed States aiming the govern
inents of the world. It has at all times
been deferential to the will of the people,
and stmli ms to jir mote the public wel
fare. 11 deserve and receives oar hear
ty approval.
Ivr.soi.VEi), That we know no duty
more urgent than to mature and enforce
new sale guards id the purity of elect
ion*, and to effect a thorough reform of
the civil service.
Xcaclierv’ Institute,
The lowa County Teachers' Institute
will ho held at .Mineral Point, commenc
ing Tuesday morning, Sept. 'Jo, I'Tl, and
continue three dav-a A general attend-
J n
ance of teachers is t arncstly requested
The object of Institutes is to prepare
teachers for their spec'al work, and to af
for-1 as tlo rough a course of instruction
in all that pertains to the I usiness ol
teaching, as the time will permit. And
in order to make the host use of our lim
ited time, teachers (should be prompt in
attendance, and we shall endeavor to be
more systematic and thorough than here
tofuro in all our exercises. Institutes
ar' established by law, for the special
benefit of teachers ; and those who habit
ually neglect these opportunities, fail to
meet the obvious rc |iiirements o( the law i
are behind the spirit of th* ngo, and
must inevitably yield their places to
others more enterprising. The evening
sessions will 1c occupied with public
lectori s, the reading of essays by teach
ers, and the discussion of subjects of in
Teachers from other counties, and the
friends of education generally, are in
vit'd to attend and participate In the e.x
creises, The citizens of Mineral Point
have k nd!y promised to entertain the
teachers free.
The examination at Mineral Point will
be held at the close of the Institute.
SAM’L talks,
Avoca, Sept 1, IST I. Cos. Supt.
Tiik ' hion go Timf-s in ;vi art icle
in our validida-Vc says: “That Mr.
Was ini’H.'i wotiid wake a rather
morn r-spocit-abln Governor than
either <>l the gent lemon w ho liavo oc
iipii-J that position during tin* past
eight years, is probable,'* but it
tlmii s be is in I equal to anew Iburni
friend of the TANARUS, n-..v, ami ;i citizen ol
Chi. i;; V, named Dooutti.k, The
it e s -upports men from its own lo
Kix; Vic row K\amv ai., whilt
all woods af Valsa ra r.i n
dm. in the Valley of Aosta, recent'v.
was fiercely beset bv two wild boars,
one of waieh ripped open with hi.-
i ii-’,s the st- macli of the King -
horse- the King himself l ardy miss
Inga similar fate by the exertions
of his suite.
Pitk church-’* i.f Chicago have “an eye
i businc-s Several of them ha* e late
ly eugagid in -pe, übitiuns in real csta'o.
and have I eon successful in their opera
liens, One ef tbo churches dear. 1 £f>
The M -ni'ou i,> I'i’itt savs that In tb<
own of Mi-bi-'ott, in ft it countv. "JJ >
-!ii p f.ave be, n kii eif by a inv-’.-ri 0-
niinal which-loes not mangle the rr
iss, but makes 1 hole just bui k oft!
o-ir an I sucks rbe blno 1 i!rv Tlie , a
rir , S.dm'/on ver >-n is out hunting tin
lira, I mf if 'e -b., p iie-.tr iv- r, h 1
a probably n , thing in ro than soim
b'.eo 1-tliirsfy log for that is jus* t!o
-tv’e do ;s have, in treating the slk-cj
Gotn ril I.sGi v\ ■ of th • M it at S,n
I'n - s-i ,v < w lit* I upon bv G ; r
the other ov -iii-i * when he vi-d-i < -i
Francisco t ‘!-e’.ure, and if th ■ Gen
oral had n t t-e u inf rfere i wi S b\
u‘- -lers, he ui 1 have put a pornv.n
lion on any further insoleix*
I row that sour.' it is s.T I.
Fhimrv r.utisiiSniiiof,
\ . momm .\3 rrmiii;!!
i:-. I r,e f
' ;• )
M. - . V 1
v .- i r > r:n\c.
. u'.vr l;t I;-:,, -. w; ii 41, J \oi,s| 'i-.-ii t
(imer < r Coumi.-mo.nkrs < i School asp 1 >ivkb?ity 1 asps, |
Madison, Win., August 2Gt, 1871. )
X,Uice is hereby given tliat nil the School, Fniver-ity, Agricultural College, Poi
felted Mortgage.!, and Swamp Lauds in the Slate it Wi.-coi.-e, which hare b, cm for
feited by reason of the non payment of intn>t 1 r the tear 1871, will be offered h r
-lie at I’uUlic Auction, ui the Capitol in Madison, on the 7ih nay of Itccemher, A. It
IS7I. unless -oouer redeemed; said sale lo cmiunoiice at n’eloi kA. M., and continue
from dav to dav until all ot said land- shall have been offered. Slid lands will be ot
tered by Counties, arranged in alphabetical order.
Among th,-e are the follow ing described lands in lowa P, ni.tr, which will bo of
fered at the price named opposite each tract, (under the heading “Total Amount dim
State,’’) which includes vlie principal due at the time of forfeiture, tl •• interest on the
-nine to January 1 1872 ; nil tax-s which Imre been returned against the land and rc
main-unpaid ; the cost of advertising, and three per cut. damages
S lid lands will be sold sufe-et to all unpaid taxes assess, and against the same, not
incln-1- and herein. i . .
i. e per centagc parable at the time of purehaje will v je Sxed by the Coi.utissiou
ers at the sale.
l-t BRF.F.SR.
11KNKV P.i-iTZ,
Commissioner.-" of School an I fdiversity Lands.
..... .... . I ■ SIS low A C’er.VTl
PI sen IP ’i 2 = -I < - | c 5-f zl j'sli h;
SAME?. Vi N. ' 7 I Ii I Z ;V g 5 J ? Z ff “
l-anc K*tn , ; -f ■ ; : i ,
v ■ 1 : : I I : -
,0, .lo i nwj.ifnwi fn ; -i. igi a>-4a at e I 12 !’• 9 ;; |B7l
da do i i"faw j a? | , 40 Igo4'S 48 -i egj j 12 --J j'Bg -.l
drv and. :mf of nwf 8H 1 I 4" 12 1 4.’ -484 1 ; It, >•5 .- 1 '- > ; !'■ I
and, do lejr.fs, J, no 1 I :414.120 42 -4,a -2, | 12.>5 l: J)I I*Tt
f \ry (}• of wj| j j I *' l I- H ’
da .swj .fs.it 41 ! ,4o 120 12 s 18.: ■ ■ 1-• M G 1
do da !s-tof *; 42 If 1241 42 -4 52, j 12 M ,!H2 97; 471
B, C. It .si.-nan ,v J. A Barber mvj fa-,j. - • 21'. •' 21>-a 42 > ■2 I * r i ", l-.l
,i , and, jvv4of J Mi 21' 5 240 VO 42 liß 282 5 ,M* 0, 14,1
,!-. da rvafofn, i .sS no' 5 2 lof '42 i-f 242 St., ,s o 71G
da do m jufnaj 1"| M) •- -• s -J , e,l
flam Ma.t.on m l of m , 2lt* B<t - 1 2 ‘-j '
, -i 1 - ; - 1 .
( | 0 ( ,f J 22'il 1 .0 l"< OS* I<’3" | !<► •>') no Is.]
11.-t.rv M Kilr.ti n Jof n.-J iif. 2*:. f. •' ■' ‘j 1 1 | f : <! V ®* >';}
in Olton ■ - - -i ■ 1 1 • 1 ' '- 1
1 -
: I I 1 - . - ; ■ • ■ ■ ■ j ' ■ ■ V,
I Villi l Oii MLI’.
rpHE and signed ffers ( - tale Ida f rm • - acres
1 In the town of Waldvvtek, a quarter 4 , ■
S'-mli of the 1 alholic i hnreli 4 1 ' a,-r,-s of prone
tii.i pr, and 10 of rl h upland roltlmf pratrie, In u
r'n-h ad prosperous net_litrt,* ,< 1 Good ehnt.U
i , j, i • i r acre; half cash ind I
on time of rlwoy.ars Apply tn Wm. T Hen
FRAN< i'll M.MIN3, " a dtrlek.
Aug. 22,1.13T1. 88if
\ fAitn—Tlilril ant! I-avl < till
Person' liulelPfil to nir ou Note or book Vrcl.
\l Lm t, are hirehy notified that I nttl hare a
gpeedv setll, mc-nl of I (it- sale n rvu r y case
Atom ~r these olaloiM have hern running from i*
n;- dill' to is loftny yea, s. mu,'pi-'ice ,1* r. lands ftoi.
Hate payment. Expel *- ■ ■
. ..... minds a-betl just a
rvest than thre, taler Al ad ev
.-am -t -Cord to have my m.l curt - nn-rs -p-enlste -i.
whai Is due me ar.y 1 o if r iis my wish i" s. n ~
all claims dlreetly with Those Ind-drted to me, wi limit
the 4 I -if no.v third party. I’r ipl alteutmn lo this
call -.ill rone secure th.t result.
lug, 1 ■ ’ ’ :1: ‘' 1 '
adsr. 'lkitig c ft>r Mac.
'l■, Ii: l ‘ NIIK 'toll iMII I ft-is f r stile, at a haiyi n,
I , . igo 0.l 1 Bu v
I'lP -liPy Machine, In ,-d mini ug order, vvoh
• „., z.. rsand -la-ker attael..-.! lire other hlf is
owied ly H-onett r.r, lliers, ~f (irnysvlile. lit
ire i-f W-a. Wallis, at In-.-tv-vi ,- or ..f me at
1.-Hi-pngt- n. JOHN H. W ALi 18.
July goth, 1871. 30-tf
I.'V’NJ/S rou MI.E.
.Jolta 4'. Vlilmll (iUVrs for valt-
Town. Knnge.
w \ is -
\V i til's u ( U 8 -
c j til's c J ’2 i
- Ivl s
c i of s c i II j -
i;i)t|iiirc of
w-g A!t“v. IShoii ayes:!.
. ('. MKSSI* R SMI TIT w
'1 , i-.nce t the Iml iM*
that V e has just ~fi, 1 a Itre < Mk( !’p I'.h j
taf, Ishment nn Hi;h stmt, two dot,ra above 11. 1-. I
Ket J’e . life ; and after
Niiirlrni Years ExperiemT!
■iu>\ cM.nstant prnrtioe, fei U c mp-i- n* *o execute or.
il* !* in hi r line n* ally md n t'l ri’ v. I• \
iv.. 1 • r.t mawe up their xvti material *nl Jo wll l"
have their*
i. u r i\:> insn:>,
tvfr. li t)| hr done on tt, >rt notice, at nanonahU '
itrU’.s arid In the lal’.st at’.le.
A'.vast V 1. Kl.
(' • •; aile Slnithan* warehouse )
■; .. . % . ’
Limb or,
> ■
XjTCT \mE fi VAnn:
Bevtn are In lied tou*iim'ne ur §t> ck and ,>r
IJTYu I near the . . t.
Weighing Beales.
• “• TT . I V.
Jl.uin*. an.l Oriiiimritu!
*P \ }
j. a VJi'l i jjluJ .
. 7- r -> n*.n - 1 in •inroff
UU:..;n A.iJ h.rL.i ri?..Tat.ii,
MIX Kit. \ r . FOIST. ; ■;<,
i*.- tli I-I O F>- -J
*' •V : V ■■T >TV •
NT MJ i V ■ Cui t
This tv-- I kno . n and ii-iiiiilur hM'el, Ir. the nnnfi
-11 , t ft ilajj ' i I ■ e, i- been tn
*rj--I r and lmjn n\fd, hi I V n -v hy tar ihe larg. 4
ami lx Bt him.in in every re pect In the place.
of the \ r*ry h ■ brand ot.ly are k*|*t hi the bar for
the accommodation of itaetonn r.
i ■ ; ■ i * ipplTt'd wll ’ beat the
market t.f .tls, prepaid in th- very bc;*tbiyli.
run rooms
Are lar£p. mmf irhiMe and well furnished as nnj
)i.ilhc in the county,
\HO, B TLh'KS,
and everythin r e\ • calcul 1 1 ■.l !■ conduce to U>a
com! rt and l-nsure of yne'is
July 11, 1-. TI. '.’'if pHoPHtKToa.
Auk now in readiness for the* season of ISTI, to malts
Our old rh-'oi' scmefn in -0 to 00 miles whh
th*irw<>,.| Mini hii-ir f l>ir mi.M or*, \*lth cish,t*v
buy our stuff, b*-c:u;*e I m \>r .v our p!? to ha'O
heel s to i Bring OB
y jr W cd ;i' i we • * you aalis'ncti l n.
Mifflin, April 90, ISII. Irt-r™
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SEWi.XH 3i A(11I\E,
•r- ■■ V. I 1 , r 111 r x Impolicl’ n “' v '’
I I ■ - : 1
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h11 ■ I) ~ . . ; 1 I P ■ ■■ ■,h
til \ \ , -h. VIi;V. < . U-f... ri mt> * *
* . 1 r ' \ • • at f n run up • *
, * ‘
au*i j.;.v a univcr**l * itrf• •> n.
I * M A “O - ;F ' T I H 'AJ
r r ini' ■ 1 MI Ilf flß.xlV, rl ■ '
r- ' 1 f v. e> f.rnu r, I exiv.vt tow* Ihe® C.me'u
-■ .... !e the r. . n ‘el
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