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Time Tables.
Chicago and North-woatorn Rail
Tluio of departure of I'aMcsgcr Trains from
I,cave foi Chlcr/') and Hast 10 20 a m
do do do 12:50 a m
C., M. St. Paul R. R.
J*nKiMti|fc* mid! mull ... ft 55 ft ni II sft ft m
At' oiiiiiMdlti i*’>i ... 8 15 P
N lull I Kxpn** 810 p m !i 15 pin
Fmoo'iijcra aid noil Hssp in 754 pOl
commod e lon lit 35 p m KMlam
Mu til !■ xpre i* ■■ 4da m HI Ia in
N. 11. HNOV/, Ausnl.
Illinois Central R. R.
Tlino ly r* l iilc inniilng lie ei/h care between
> id icn urn < 'Mongo. Tlio eily rouln to Hi.
Icon*. Cairo, and tlio Sontli, and to
IMi Ini') >i . Snei City. Omaha and wall.
),ciivc','' m "ii . ..H4'iuin ID OB p m
,n iv hi ( lee- . .. 42a l> 111 7 (>' a m
do l I, Hl* S .'ID a 111 S (Hi p 111
do Cairo ...V 1)0 pm 145a in
l.'ll .11 MOUTH AMI WKMT,
’.iiivc Cairo ll.'Mlpm 220 p in
do M, 1.0 ll* .. HOD a 111 (14 apm
a,!!,.,, ll DO pm ll ail a m
,ii i.. ni V. ii ii. . lOS a m ODli pin
lioINU WI'.MT.
I - ,Vn, ii IOSa in ODO p 111
.i v >ii . 11 i. ;i ' 7 ill ain 7 111 p m
. .c ia I y (i la ain 17 30 pin
o dMI I', A T.
„ "lion. I il. I HO p m (loop 111
, , , i ,iia ... SIDa in S Jill pin
■ a H II) II 111 1I05(1 10
11 ni-ii iii lii l l* apply at I tin principal
. i,i. in. C. II IC, al*o at Hie I. <!. It.
iv oia n U, .i. UHNSON, Arenl.
.vXinerul Point R. R.
,Vi //,.
, ! ‘i (HI) 1,1 ;lVI! Wllrrcn. D (HI
~ , I. da * do Unit 101. II 110
i .o, 7 u'i I do liill’tlin;tfill. ID ID
, 111 j do I 'nlamilie, ID ID
, , , ID I'. 111vc. Vn*l rt, II ID
i/I 11,01/1/ on i nos.
■ I v Hi i I .ciive Wan cn ODa
a fdi I on Oratlol. ODD
, il on II ■ r 1111' *lo 11 055
lln i'ii < 'alamiiiD 720
Ila I .11 Ivc, Mineral CIS 00
V' l.i i 111 V 1 HON.
I,'..ivc Mineral C'l Ml
\ is vc 1 ‘il In in I nu, ID 20
i. , ivc do ID ID
i , I, ,vci II liiioi.l . II 30
, "ii 11 ivc I ‘ln I Icvillc 11 01
, ■ i- „.'/ Mnn \ now
l M OOINO WOT. r. VI .
. ivo i ihi ill Inn 7 2D
|. 11l 10*1 IllOllt s ID
' live Cell evil 111 M ID
1 1 iii ril Colin ill 0:10
a l C M. Ilni came
i I I! u lectoII 111.
111 dili, Annul .
! !,minis.
! : ie.i Mrs. Hei ry paid
• •m)i am, list week
iid ii hi -i olliee mi
c and Imrplar
i pattern.
lie < 'hri and mas hall
■ • . Wednesday niptil
■ e; and Miss I\ a
New Years calls
‘ ' 11 ly, al tier lal hers
■ - niter Is I ween (wo
; Ha .• el i and Kaik,
■ ■ i .mini, < I raid < 'o.,
nipl t. the former
, i Ihe domaeli. 1; ill
ill. die- s waist, in
, .somewhere he
; is idenee and I lie j
■ , IleIV e I lie same I
; ■ is e i niiaide eom- ■
V 1 ' ■ "Da k" Wil
i Is.! 1 1 !o' mineral
■■ ■ i ■,:*ll ! sonar.h- j
. 'm in mi wmk
. i' ■' :>!' .ims. broken.
' ■ w nisi Ii apo, some
■ 1 . i : iuse, bur- 1
. . . on wlnch \> a;.
* i Web is Die
r a !! and nuisance
n" 1 e ■ i■ en i -lied
• ; ■ ! part !es.
i '.Ni., m. eon
as ns' , v I !: Inal
" • j” i ■ tri la Hie
•Is,' ; , m I . Tee Pool of
’' , o ,and a-, n.nv
• ‘ • \ .and be; l\
1 1 acts i’i n ; done be
i 1 . n in I lie
< . prim l : pal
■ s i • ii * iVo in know-
V. i; i . i .., j■ .. ~
1 ' a , . isi i o ; hem up
"• ' 1 '■ S Hie ll :a
■ . 'I. ' , • a.-
1: V :i ; 1 ,! i’
■ : ' • 11 a: i ;1,
• • • " toM ■. .i re ....mi !
' osnsas. a; v m t.i ‘
i:l i ol I ,r i.s ;■ 1
The Free and Accepted Masons of
Mineral Point, who compose the No.
1 lodge of the State, will have a grand
dedication service-with supper and
ball afterwards on the occasion of
entering into, and taking possession
of, their splendid new Hall in Toay’s
new block. The proceeds of the enter
tainment are to be devoted to a fund
for furnishing the rooms. Grand
Master .1. P. (3, dotterel I will conduct
the dedicatory services, and other
interesting exercises are on the pro
gramme. A general invitation is ex
tended to the masonic fraternity, and
those not of the guild may receive;
special bidding. A “whoop-la” time is
Mr. and Mrs. A Watkins, with their
j infant daughter, started for Sioux
| <Hl.y, lowa, yesterday morning. Mr.
Watkins has bought into a nourishing
! newspaper and book-binding concern
in Sioux City, and intends to make
| that place his home for the future.
During his connection with this paper
and with the county superinten lency,
Mr. Watkins won for himself the
highest praise for integrity and pains
taking ability. He manifested such
j (juaiities as will ensure him recogni
tion anywhere as a man above the
common. He is most heartily com
mended to a favorable reception from
the people among whom he has newly
cast in his lot. His estimable wife
was a brilliant ornament to society
here, and will doubtless shine with no
dim lustre in the new home. Not only
the good wishes, customary to be given
at this season, bid such as would he
uttered from full hearts at any time
accompany Mr. and Mrs. Watkins
hence, and their many friends,as time
rolls away,will become more and more
conscious of the void whichtheir ab
sence has produced in our midst.
Colfax will Talk.
II is ;i preal pleasure to look upon a
smiling countenance, anil I In* {fentin
man wlin is In lecture in our city on
Wednesday evening next, llm'.'il prox.,
lias a reputation in Unit line. Iteserved
seats are poinp oil' last at the Tost
Olliee. l)on’l forget to make a point
ot look ini' at, ami listening to, ‘Smiler’
<‘ollax when he comes to this city.
Monumont Dedicated.
On Christ mas day a inapn ilicent
inonnnienl was dedieaied to the mem
ory ot Key. John Davis who, last
April, was suddenly called away In
that reason "whence no traveler re
turns.” The* ceremonies were con
ducted on tln* spot, near the C.hnreh
edifice, in I lie tow n of M iillin, and in
what is known as the Welsh Sell le
nient. The shall is of Scotch granite,
IT; feel bipli, weighs ahoitl 7 lons
and cost over fM.ino: Knars veil upon
il in holh I lie Knplish and Welsh lan
paiapes are (he name and \ irl ties of I he
deceased pa. lor u hose almost e'aral ni
tons I.dims for more than so years,
seemed io > all for more I han a passing
token l om his people.
The services were conducted by the
Ilex. John I’. Morris and l!ev. I)a vid
llarreisof Cliieapo, who. with oilier
brothers made excellent speeches on
Ihe occasion. \ lari re assainblape
was pal he red loud her and all a! tested
(o Hi ■ worlh and merits of the pood
man w name was I hie; emmneii
ded (o the preal fill lire. 11 was fell
that no man was more worthy of
sneli emmr.einoralinn (han wa ; Hie
!1 1 ■ v. John 1 htvis.
F.cra Mifllin.
>'t* : . !>i mi>i i: \r: Mvarybody is
,",t.twim ; ; 1 1 ><m l l niiiil ami \vi ■;!iih;.v for
i’iil I waallur. Trawl is about i*uSi
fly sti>in* 1 1. ; lil our 1 i11!■ (own su;
\i\ a>.
(iit i laraliau: , Allou A Ii usi> an*
(loin;; a 1i v i•!v biisiaass. llaakar A
I’aiub'.'iil I ;'' :uv also si*!liii;c a nuauU! \
t‘! Oii
All i u r tail bauii a am I 1 i .alasumi
atv urn Kmn i :n ! \ la: a.
t >ur two s ilti >n ■ a.v f. ain * Hu- ai
a.' Ibf tfiov-.ai.v mu isiuMit. ;• !
a-.- lira; 1\ ill I■; 1 11.
a ;m'ii b.-iv iriv.
i ; ' ■i'll" ai\ r 1 van break
.a ■ • '.**• *i liuiisr >in l lil; vu iui!\
and .‘nmUMtlill V small \ dap. ivaliain.
1; S’- i.iii iv disc- ivciiml, Imu
at;:.: . ,\ •1’ Miial, ha\a ia.na board
a. I.aiiald b ; otuvu-it an ■:l mil ■
ov> ' >Ui'- llas.i'V si • *i.’i’. !ia will ai
t . 1 -i . aa! mioa a i l a -;ir a
!'a: I ■ Via in -a: ’a
a.. ’ ir*, 1 1 -an : of i- \;;
r r.l; ■ No . lua as < > ;a,
■ I. 11a■ 1.1 . ii fiiliud.
s. i .;;r- >. la at ilaitia Sam : iau*.
.A;.; A \ i',.
From Eden.
Ed. Democrat:— Christmas passed
here with little or no stir. You would
liiirdly know it was Christinas.
The M. K. church had a Christmas
tree, which was well attended, consid
ering the weather.
We hope to have snow for New
Years. It would seem a great deal
more pleasant to hear the ringing of
hells than the splashing of mud.
Teams may he seen in the Helds
plowing to-day. No rest for the funner
hoys if it stays this way all winter. O,
let us have snow!
This being the last I shall write in ’77,
I will close, wishing you all a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Christmas Evo., at tho Churches.
a t norm it lam Tin-; season.
The children have no longer to con
tend for their rights in the. matter of
the celebration of Christmas, The ob
servance of the season has become
general. Year by year it has grown
in interest, and it is now looked for
ward to as the great feast of the
Christian year, if the Christian re
ligion is true and the story of the
birth of Christ is not an idle tale, then
should all rejoice over the fact that
Urn manner in which the, birthday of
Ihe World’s Redeemer is celebrated
hut foreshadows the Dual triumph of
the great truths of Christianity.
If on the other hand (he foundations
of Ihe Christian religion arc naught
hut cunningly devised fables, (hen
may the lovers of truth pause ami won
der at the seeming triumph of error.
Hither Christianity is true or il is
falsi*. Either the commemoralioii of
the birth of its Founder is a gladsome
recognition of the benefits bequeathed
to mankind by that birth, or il is
worse than mummery itself. That
which lends to elevate and purify
mankind cannot he false. The thought
is called up by the season,
Christmas Eve., services were held
in 11k* Episcopal, Presbyterian, M. E.
and I’. M. Churches of this city.
At Trinity (Episcopal) Church, ser
vices were held commencing at 0
o’clock. The services were, very in
teresting, and appropriate lo the time
and the children seemed to join in
them with more than usual fervor.
The Presbyterians held their ser
\ ices in I lie ( ity Hall, and a very
pleasant time was had.
In (he M. E. Church, the usual ser
vices were held on Christmas Eve.
The distribution of the presents
among Cue children was not (he least
interest lug feat nre of the or asion.
The children of the I*. M. Sabbath
School had their Chiistmas Tree in
their Church mi Christmas Eve. Very
many bright faces were present to
gladden over I lie reception of presents
and to join in the services of (he even
Vltogcther (he time was a happy
oil", ami for the children of Mineral
I’oiui who parted wishing fm the re
turn of many a happy, merry Christ
mas Eve.
From Avocu.
Mini! Mud!! Mini!!!
'l’here is so much mnd no tu-ws hap
|u*iis. The roads leading on’, front
this place wre never in a wo. eon
dil ion ; simply impassilile.
Dion L mi’i m i ; ; s brilliant -Irama of
the “Octoroon,” was presented by tin*
“Avoea Dramatic Cln!)’’ lad Friday
evening, D.*e. 21 g. and was n dm ided
success, hot 1 1 socially and financially.
It w ill he repeated Dee. 2Slh. and in
connect i--;i w ith i! a farce entitled.
•‘l’m not nie.M’if al all.”
A o )!her old resident of ! hie tow n,
Mr. dohn I’olt/., Ins gone to Ids long
rest. Disc ise, i->>n -umpti- >u.
Dur I’nblii* Schools are having a \a
ealoa until after Hie holidays.
s vei al of our ymin : tin- i-: si-Vnt -
of the M. ids -on !' ni versit \ ; ■ • g home
for a few anda 1 , s,
Our wily Fail.ers” ha\ e -ecu lii So
i*; - ov!)l>* a h-uia tor our li: .* engin .
Tin* bndiliie;' is completed, bsil i!m hell
ii It. ■! iu im place y, !.
1 ’oi liev ■ this i• id i■ m F'is Fnm, ■<
i w ill t*!: more ein-n,
Fiioui: Cukiiuv.
IS, Siuee my cniiiiiiin ■ ■!ion wa
v. r;‘ leu. tain • •, j h. ( .; .
the way of all Fie -• ,-h; Mr. V m. s.
Rii’liar.iKon, \ ,m r-im ’ nv and Me. G
(lime i l’)T)>. pure!..’ ;pa vain,
death. i;c is 1 -o>l i;it I y i,
c! . hilives me! f;.. c.
For the Week Ending Dec. 28,1877.
The condition of our public high
ways compel us to say that there is no
trade here this week. The oldest resi
dent says that the weather heats him.
If something don’t happen soon to
change the state of the roads there is
no telling where we will eventually
land. We don’t mean to intimate that
a famine is likely to 6ceur: hat there
will he some sick looking speculators
around here.
The markets tin* as steady as the sun
and as linn as a ruck. Hogs have ad
vanced a tritle, hut not to amount to
anything. Grain continues tit the old
prices. Hides have declined a cent.
On the whole we never had as hard a
time as tills to gel up a little change
in our repoi Is.
There is hardly any use giving a
list this week; but seeing that it has
been our custom,we subjoin it, for the
benefit of our lady readers:
Hogs -live, per ewt., 5:;.25( :).7U
Livestock, “ 2.25(Vf2.50
Steers, “ 2.2sf<i.’iou
Corn, per Inis 25(n .;io
Oats, “ I8((i ,20
Wheat, “ soul .no
Harley, “ dOi" .1.7
live, “ .50
Buckwheat, per bus., verv dull. .05
Flux, “ 1.05
Potatoes, “ .:jo
Turkeys, per th, dressed, s
Chickens, “ “ 0
Pol’k, “ “ 4(" 1 *v>
Beef, “ “ s(if(i
Blitter, “ .17
Eggs, per doz., 17b,
Hides, “ .05
Tallow, “ .on
Lard, “ .to
Wool, “ unwashed, .180! .20
Shorts, per ewt., i.25
Bran, “ .05
Flour, “ best .g.OOn 1t.50
Graham Flour, per ewt..... ;!,oo
Salt, per 1)1)1., 2.00
Lime, " 1.00
I try-hone, per ton 1 1.00
Black-jack, “ m.oo
Hay, “ 0.00(1(7.00
Lead ore, 1,000 IBs 20.(I0( 21.00
Wood, per cord, 1.00
Lumber, common fence, per M„ 17.00
Bagging, cotton 210- .25
Coal 5.00((Hi.oo
lowa Cos. Democrat, per year 1.50
Mineuai. Point, Wis. Dec. 20, ’77.
Eds. Democrat: A person coming
suddenly into this city, would no
doubt immediately notice the differ
ence in morality, in our young men,
com pa red with t he young men of other
places of the same size.
Our young men know that no good
eau come from dissipation, and tin*
fact, has been illustrated before their
very eyes, in dozens of eases. Men
that should have been living to this
day, respected by their fellows, have
been disgraced themselves as well as
their families. They went down on
the craft ’•Dissipation” leaving no
mark except ‘’disgrace.’’
Wiiy is it (hen that mir young’ men
will keep on in the road to ruin, after
knowing what il will eventually lead
to. The cans *, probably in most eases
is that, the allurements of the moment
is too tempting for them to resist. In a
great number of eases they have been
bred and taught to go iu the right
paths. The good intluenees of a town
of this size ought to overbalance the
e\ il oik s ; but it seems not so.
Tin* “Reform Club," of this city,
has brought about a great many good
remits: but at the same time it is not
advancing' in the cause it advocates as
rapidly as ii should. Tin* reason of
Eds is perhaps that it is not fascina
ting enough to draw the wayward
young man. The Reform Club was
organized for the purpose of keeping
from temptation those who evinced a
desire to reform, and in addition il
wished to draw those who had not
evinced such a desire, and iu the pro
cess of time, reform them, la the
hist particular, it has succeeded ad
mirably, but in Ha* last, we can hardiy
a . as much. There is and old maxim
who ii w ill lii here: “God helps the
man who h. Ip: him sell.”
I ;;ne(her paper we will make some
suggestions iu regard toils* r To .n
--of our ymm m <n. Ren.
Y ll :iMr ■ of Dry < loud; and
Groceries infere; 1 a! (-' :. i wish to
info; ni the public that :.>r the next
sixty cays, 1 wdl sell my entire st > k
-mb•: 'i ..f Dry G” N. I’m . ae.d
She,’,-. II,;, ■ ami Caps. Gr.xvrie;,
Term-- >lri.-lty east), 1 f you wMi to
.ions I.
Saudi tMaas umy 1- <eeu hi
hours ■ i the day, in the L,M w aid es
of lots and. s-m.-. dev. dry v ' -re.
A Card.
The grateful acknowledgements of
the undersigned are tendered through
the press to theirjnumerous friends in
Mineral Point and Willow Springs
for the tangible proof they gave on
Christmas eve. of their appreciation
of our poor labors amongst them. The
former in presentation of valuable
articles of apparel. The latter in tin
gift of an elegant hible beautifully ill
ustrated and embelisbed. with the fol
lowing inscription upon it:
“Presented to Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt
by the young converts of Willow
Springs, Primitive Methodist Church.
The contents of the precious Book
of Books have been for long years our
meditation by day and night, and out
interest in the incomparable boon i
unabated. Our advice to all is “Mark,
learn, and inwardly digest” the sacred
page that it may be well with you in
the land of the living, and for ever.
After six weeks of varied toil through
mud, and storm, the good Lord helped
us to reap the fruits of oilier labors,
and galhei into the granary seventy
nine sheep which we trust to meet in
heaven, greatly multiplied.
JosKi’ii and Kuz.v llkwitt.
Married, on the lltli day of Decem
ber, 1877. at the village of Highland,
by S. 11. Filch, Esq., Mr. Ole Oleson,
jr„ and Miss Annoy Holslonson ; both
of Highland.
Horse Blankets and Buffalo Robes.
A choice lot of the genuine New
Hampshire six pound, double strap,
large size, horse-blankets, at no cents
each, and buffalo robes at from 6-' l<>
6K>, can lie had at T. Priestley’s har
ness shop, this month.
Closing out of Dry Hoods, Hals A
Caps, at Selmeherger A 1 {ranger's. We
give a list of the prices on some of oui
Best Prints, per yard, ,v.
“ <ilngham, per yaid. n*.
“ Alpaca Delaines, goe.
“ Corded Alpaca, 20c.
Jeans, Tickings, and all other goods
in proportion to the above prices.
The above are not auction goods, hut
are genuine drygoods. Call and ex
amine for yourselves.
Mr W. X. Matthews will open a
Shooting (lallery in town on Thurs
day next, where he will he glad to
meet his old friends and to make new
ones. Hive him a call when lie
starts business.
Persons indebted to me an* kindly
invited to call and pay in full. AIL
accounts not paid by the Ist of Janu
ary, are subject to olllcial collection.
17-Id H. S. CI.AfKU.
No rn 'it.—The undersigned would
respectfully inform tin* public that Ir
is prepared to cry public sales at all
times on reasonable terms. Farmer
sales a specially. Can he seen at Min
eral Point every Saturday. All orders
left at Charles Neal’s butcher shop, or
at the Democrat ollUu. will receive
prompt attention. N. K. Van Matki
Eailmkks, Attkntion! ■ If you
want to sell stock of any kind at public
auction it will always pay you to get
Hie best sab small to cry your sales; so
he sure and get that experienced sales
man Hugh Connaiightoii to sell for
you. You can always rely on him.
Mineral Point, Nov. 28th, 1877. leaf.
For the largest assortment, the lies!
goods, and the lowest prices, go to
The druggists have received anew
supply of "1 .awsoti’s Curative” which
is sure to cure those distressing com
plaints such as Neuralgia, Blicumat
ism. Headache and all pains of the
limbs and back, when it is faithfully
used according to direm i-ms. It will
allay the intlamatiou ii wounds an 1
bruises, and hi a! as if by mage-.
—— 08. ■*
Meeting of tho Comity Board,
Cos. ( Turk's Hi nr;:, Dodge
vilio, Wis , Dec. Cl ,i. i >77.—A
special meeting of t;r* Count v
ioanl if Supervisors of l.>wa
(’■ unity. Wise m -’u, w::i be held
at the tDu ft i I'-ti-e in tin* village
•f S hi.!gevilK*. in . c>unity, on
i’ . y, J . _V B !, A. I K Isfs
ai <*'e '-k i*. Mi. V..e meeting
said inmr-.i f tuipe. vi -■ !• r the
J. Till is. 1* :vm:,
< ’oiiiby ( a. rk,
Town County, Wis.

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