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lowa County Democrat.
OBAWFORD & DRO., PußUSirgns.
Term*, $1.60 per unnuin, in advance.
FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1878.
For Atsaoclata Justices.
HARLOW H. OR'I'ON, of Dane.
DAVID TAYLOR, of Fond (In Lac.
“Wlnit is Fmgland going to do about
itV" is tlio ijucstion which is agitating
many minds at the present writing.
llnycH vetoed the silver hill, hut it
was passed in both bonnes over bis
veto “with a whoop and a yell. 1
Congress has passed the bill pen
sioning all survivors of tho war of
1812. .
A "clerical error” is what they now
(jail the changing of Iho ligures in the
Vernon parsh relnrns.
A bill was passed n the New Jer
sey Legislature I lie other day pro
viding for the distribution of 0100,000
to the public schools of that State.
Tho people of lowa are coining to
their senses. A bill in favor ol re
storing capital punishment passed tin*
Senate of that Stale on Friday last by
a vote of ‘dH to 10.
lion Wade the veteran statesman and
one of the founders of the Republican
party died at bis home in Jefferson.
Ohio, on Saturday morning last at the
ripe age of seventy-eight yeais.
Hx- (Jov. Moses, of Soul,h <J.'irolin i,
now tolls bow Uio vote of tliiil, Sl:it<•
whs stolon from Tildeii to whom il
rijrhi,fully belonged hy a majority of
over 1,000 and given over to Mayes.
Anderson of the Loiisiana return
ing hoafll celebrated llm annlversart
of Mayes inaugural ion, in the New Or
leans prison. Walls’ turn will coma
next,and ho will llnd out “whether lie
iji a vassal or a poor."
Tho Plundered Stato.
'l’ho Month Carolina Legislature has
boon ovcrbanling tbo records of that
Stato kept during tbo roigu of Ilepnb
lioan ( arpet baggers in the South. Wo
suppose our nidioal friends call it a
mock investigation, but nevertheless
some very startling things am being
brought to light by tho committee ap-
pointed by tbo legislature. In tbo
matter of tbo management of public
printing the grossest frauds have been
detected, and evidence is produced
that goes to show that enormous sums
wore takvu from the public treasury
without any legal sanction whatever
and given for tho support of Ifepnb
liean papers. It was found that the
amount paid for “public printing”
from 1808 to 1870 was ,v'.l,:j-JO,iSU an
amount largely in excess of the cost id
public printing from the establishment
of the Stale government up to 1808.
Hie amount paid in one year exceeded
by more than #120,000 tbo cost of pub
lic printing for tbo same Mum in the
.gates uf Ohio, Pennsylvania, New
York, Massaehuaetts am I Maryland,
barge appropriations won* yearly
made for Hit! public printing fnmi
md nionoy was drawn from tin* fund
so formed and used freely for ehtelion
purposes. 1 la* particulars of 11 • * c\-
f.ndilnro of t In' “public print in?;
mid,” as it w as called, form a chapter
if fraud uuparallctl in history. Had
arpnt hag rule been prolonged in
•ouih Carolina, then' Irauds would
ia\e remained unentered and the
. asnry plnmleietl for the pnrpme ut
i eepingthe Kf publican party in power
i the south; but thanks to tioxernoi
ampioii ami the Deinoeratie le;;i.
hire of his Stale, the fraud.-. ha\ >
ecu 1 ini bare ami art* now en in a! j
heir nakt <1 hi looiwtiesw.
V.rpet ti .ggisui has left the peo; 1 1 <: i
mth Carohtia and other Soullenti
■ t in a despoiled and .due t i nia.- . i
audition. tuanoerai y fme and (;c>e ;
;.;in p of. led rp'ii 4 it. es i. hl! j
. - \.... ■ w.! in,l l ■ sd. ihe I ■ ;
evd 1 elini;> of eorrnp? mm
t.'eav. fe \ end pf... 1 from t, . e | able
n:„U . ' %t .S. .U-. it. a ,US ,
idi\ ell 'hep> . ;: -!i a ; . e: •
ai.>ii iI 11 "it ...: .I. i ,and iuj. i, •;■ |
• ! •)(!■* ■■■'.it* •■if.. at --lit; i
' i' i '.it it v 'ns i.i< •ii 'at li, j
.. ... 11. . . hull <1 ;av "I. nr.l lot.;; 1
t>, th::' M'l' ■ a i; ■' have I": ■ 1
im • h i!,m* *1 ■ i \ fv\ 1 i... I
■i iv; >ut 1 In' i ' . a tel that t i-< j
,a,y no h i'-. c, : ; ;... \f :
i.i rin ii iu
■ni. r. i- mi, • ; ■ ,i ~ ha
i* a lit* ' I ;•' >< . . .
. . : ft 11' ; ; ' ■
If Hayes was as conscientious
about accepitingthe office of President
as he professed to lie about signing the
silver bill, a man whose initials are
Samuel J. Tlldeu would now occupy
the seat to which he was elected by
the people.
A great (lood swept over the Sacra
mento valley in California, a few days
ago. The waters covered Lite whole
of the country, and the estimated
damage l<> property is not less than
one million dollars.
Anderson through tbo kindness of
his jailer is permitted to go to the of
of deputy collector of new Orleans
for the purpose of signing papers. He
lias not yet been remov 'd from (lie
office of deputy collect r. This is a
farce upon governin' , and if. is e;d
enlated to make ns lit .aiigiiing stock
of nil sensible people. Let Anderson
be declared innocent, or let him suffer
for tbe penalty of bis crime and lie
removed from whatever office he may
hold. Tim court bns already declared
Litn guilty and passed sentence upon
him. Why should tbe President show
contempt for the decision of the court
wit bout seeking to prove wherein the
court erred or that Anderson was ma
liciously persecuted.
Howe’s plea for silver rather beats
bis bard money Republican supporters.
Avuca I'liruUurc Ntore
A. (iKOTIi
Mnc.ilACtiircr of and Pualvra in nil kinds of
Sudi as Wardrobes, Tallies, Chairs,
Secretaries, Looking Cl asses, Bu
roans, Lounges, &c.
RcadyMade Coffins and.
Caskets, and Metallic
Burial Cases,
Kept conlnully oi.li.tnd.
[Picture Frames
Mid llio very clump,
t acknowledge no compotiou in price?
nr quality of good.
Prices of Far nil a re greatly
Hair Vigor ,
For restoring Gray Hair to
/Is natural Vitality and Color.
once agree
original color, with the gloss and
freshness of youth. Thin hair is
thickened, falling hair checked, ami
baldness often, though not always,
cured by its use. Nothing can re
nt oro the hair where the follicles are
destroyed, or the glands atrophied
and decayed. But such as remain
can be saved for usefulness by this
application. Instead of fouling the
hair with a pasty sediment, it will
| keep it clean and vigorous. Its
occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling olf,
and consequently prevent baldness.
Free from those deleterious sub
stances which make some prepara
tions dangerous and injmious to
the hair, the Vigor can only benefit
hut not harm it. If wauled merely
| for a
nothing Hsc can bo found so desir
able. Containing neither oil nor
ilyo, it does not <uil white cam*
brie, nnd yet last,-, loir; on the hair,
gh in g it :i rich glossy lustre and u
grateful perfume.
rr r.t i: ft n n r
Dr. J. C. AYER it CO., Lowell, Mass.,
ami Analytical Chrmisfs.
s.'i.D ) v au, imvacsiars rv\mvwm f UK.
Wholesale and Itetall dealer la
Pianos & Organs
*OS, lk/r, M 9, State Street, Chicago, Ills,
IF. I*. Emmcrson, W. IF. Kimball,
Hallet, Davis ft Co.’s, ,7 P. Hale.
Emtsh’s American, IF. IF. Kimball ,
/>’. Ehonirujer.
Instrument* well known for their pureness
of true elegance of llnish and lastino qualities.
Having been engaged in the musical snstru
meut trade In the city of Chicago for the pant
twenty yean- caper enco has given me ample
opportunity to make careful (election In muni
esl grades. Thousands of my patron* through
out the northwest, will 1 mn sure give evidence
In favor of the Inetrnmonta which they have
purchased of mo or my agents.
Over 200 First Premiums
have boon awarded the
Nauiili iiiicricaii
alone, and more than eight thousand of
ll;;su organs are bow 1m nse. Owing to the
magnitude of my business and the advantage
gained by eloHe cash pnrclmacH. I cun and do
offer better terms Ilian can possibly bo afforded
by minor bouses. Every Instrument faithfully
warranted for SIX YEA Its from date of pur
chase, Old instruments lak;n in exchange for
new, mid lung time given when desired on the
nelullinent plan. A large flock oflboso instru
ments will be kept constantly on band and for
Hlilobv my agents, Messrs Babcock & Biss ell
■who have their oillcc and salesroom at Darling
ton. Wis. full and examine these pianos and
organs before purchasing elsewhere and you
will not rugrenl the time spent in doing so.
Agents for Southwestern Wisconsin,
Darlington, Wis
■I. J. Wawhb, Sunt, of Agencies, 13-8
Don’t ruin your health, and make yourself
disagreeable to oldler people by your contin
ual c a filing. AZa cunt bottle of Dr. Mur
ebi", I ;ng Syrup will cure you. Sold by
R. D. Pu ■■ ,-d
Kheum.iii on, neuralgia, sprains, and brui
ses "ill ' ■ i mved by Uncle Sam's Nerve
and i .0 1 luimeut. Sold by nil druggists.
Distempers, Coughs, Col l-,, Rovers and
moat of the diseases which Horses, Cattle
Sheep, Hogs and Poultry am-subject to are
roadly eucotl by using Uncle
Sum’s Condilien Bonder noeordiug to tbupiaia
directions, Sdd by all druggists.
Uncle Sum’s Harness Oil fills and closes
the pores of leather’ effectually preventing
the enteriuico of dampness, dust, ,te,, and
rendering (lie harness soft and ) liable, which
at the same time increasing its durability.
There is no earthly boon more precious
ban good health, un i it behooves its pos
sessor to endeavor to retain it. If you are
assailed with sush provoking ills and sick
headache, turbid liver, sour stomach and a
general feeling of weoknoss and disgust, don’t
go mid commit sdcido but tnKe Eilert’s Day
light Liver Hills mid bo cured.
Mothers will fir,d Dr W’inohoH’s Teething
Syrup just the mtdicinolo h ive in the hon e
(or the children, ,t will euro oolds, coughs
sore tliroul and ngnlate the bowels, Try it.
Is nn cxfi4's*ail rom- j
ody, for the < im> of till lii.ien - ~ of a nerv- |
ou*nature, il'-rifii-.g itcurative properties I
from a eomhiiuti-'ii id’ ilio liliST MKIM- |
C'IXKS which hcdioal skill awl long rx- |
perii-noe in thcjlivatmont of iliaoascs hail i
(kriilod Id he fie true t et.imliot. for such |
v.’i C*s l* -i t! v'. VtH cil
"n n y .* Tr>v?
t'o in. my o.islni.e,',, wo re " .as'suf KVrn
.•a:i -1 <;,..ete„l no ■ .■ ell 'r,y er:vd ! y
0 " v'nmlive, that wo I > v.d ■■■ it uo to it
W.’l einoev, . v ;l;v.I ~v > . I!; > !.
Til • l ire; pe' Vi aieO-e,; , . ’ll-hod lilO JlVsl
leal ( rules.- . r. in v.o ns I'n pat oats Pu'ri
; o vo, ttljp la nitty me-. I- *J trit on
:>f> nit li<>je of rr I els. ;- cm .
I' ■ Putative is p.iton <n In: e ludfis ii
tii’niiy ns and no lardy s! eu’D wittlnlU It.
lor kimni". Seal*, (nts. Wound*.
Ilb'i'illiij;. 'i'-tutli.'iiio. tinrai ;.<*, Mini
1 iiiiiii!. Bipbiksn, I'nl.wrli, Haws)
( uu-ntaiiii- , Klduy 'o e, Ia a (a,lent!
all Xervnns Hieenr*.'U Is the
Do net suffer twin n rn you e.m I uu easily
I’very itrnxtst beepj it.
rstrs-o n
LawpouCheniicaUo 0
Mineral !Point Book Store.
Wo keep constantly on hand a 'urge and well selected n.i.-it o'
School Books, Miscellaneous Books, Blank Books. Pocket Pocket Books, \V ,;.rit Paper, Ac.
Diiily anti Weekly Newspapers, Slagazissts, Ac. Ac.
Wu have • hand a large an 1 very tine stock of
Albums, Stereoscopes and Views, Looking Glasses, Pictures and Frame*.
Wall Paper in Great Variety.
of Philadelphia; GEOUE INSURANCE COMPANY ■ Chinaco’
Mineral Point. Wis,. Marc! 10th, IST4. T. .1 OAMPEKLL. Agent
SOne Million of the World-Ri^owpsKl
Sewing Machines
Chico go, Xll.
Our prices fire as low as the lowest. Look at our new improved
machine and you will not he satisfied with any other, llemein b*C
that wo do not Imild an inferior quality of machine; but fliet each on
wo turn out is a standard article and will bo worth the price. Tlte
points of excellence to our new family machine are, simplicity of con
struction, symmetry of form and beauty of finish, rapidity and stillness
of operation, ease of management, strength, iirmnoss and evencss of
stitch, and adaptability to the widest range of work. Ask the agent*
(or the new improved Howe Machine and do not buy any other,
x ii-24 131 KELT A SON., Agents, Mineral Point, Wis.
Hub p fresh stock of
First-Class Groceries,
Winch she is selling very Cheap,
By the can or served up in any manner desired.
Canned Fruit,
A largo slock of canned fruit of the best brands
constantly on baud.
Butler and Eggs taken in Exchange
for Goods.
Jeweler and Engraver,
Mineral Point, Wisconsin.
I mako Engraving a specialty
Articles purchased at my store will
bo engraved tull of cnAKOE. j.
am the only Engraver in the city
(’ ill and see me. E. OsimnNK
Wcidenfeller & Son,
(Smwsr ns to Davvj X WTcdenfo’K-r)
Bouse, Sign and Carriage
Shop over TrcweeU’s blacksmith shop,
i: ,h tlrcet, - Mineral Point, Wis.
Done in a Prat-class manner, and at reasonable
If ion n an/ n Shave, or a Hair.nil
a Shampoo, call at
0,.!. Street, Mineral Point. WU,
A full assortment of all (he leading
styles of Cloths and Oassimerw
i kept constantly on hand. AH
work done in the most duralU
and fasnionable manner, and a gocxl
fit warranted in every case Our
stock of Ready-made Clothing is the
most extensive m the city and at
least 10 per cent, the lowest. Cali
and examine for yourselves. 10
TP asl lion a bio 15; i rb©r
And Retail Dealer in
.High St. Mineral Point.
Everythin* kept in llist-clas stylo, and work
Vtorl; (ioue in the meet faehipn.;' , lumanner.
vlneker** in one mm,in. A arand gUOCei,
Tlieoe who want a hire whisker or moustach*
use our preparation. No cheap tnakn-up, hut
a (jemum'article. The preparation is ho vm
expensive in Us character, in.u tv cannot el’l
I! at leas than $1 OAper pack lie. It will ha
mailed tire on reoelpr of Urn price, hr a'dregs
liiif HUNT Cos., Hair Dressers. Main Street.
I-W' Kkvilie, Out.
I: than iiiiyioin fe f in Uninrfi'iol.im, Write a*
\vi' li n "2,1 .■•pit pie *e. .and in it vo • 'mi:’ happy.
Addreess Novelty Cos., N. V.
n| ! PC A ccTMlii andiTjciual cum. TrhU
r 1 LaL J.box ij niv ,1 ct.s Ait jren* Dr.
I’ici Opdeulmr:,', X, V.
man Irulas' i,,, fnnrsii.’il ivi. Ii p n'tical re ;eipt •
ptuci-ssdrt !v d n-iiaiilo inform tt. ■> up m air
lies redsil'pe, t. If you ire pur. del on an) >u
jc t. or " i.it a receipt in uiiytuinu, enci nr
line Dollar i . a roaNI - e l loner t ■ V. 1J ill!**
M. A., K. it, C. **.. Urn .'kvilie, uauri ). v.hoa
voiir vr-.vs will ini complied with, and Do:
mo. t reliable inlormati.m for word ;a yo i.
Cos ns 11 mption t l tired
An old physician, retire i from active prattle?
lifiviu.i had pduci in Li,. hamis hy an Kin
ludi.i MtsMonary the formula ni a Vefo tattle
Kcu dy for the speedy and pernianeut cure i
Catarrh, and all tlro.it and 1 11' a 1-ictloag;
iil-o a poilliv i a,id r.t i.eii cif iOl nnvjis ,J
Iniily and ail ii.trv.im cotnpl tints, titer hiving
Uma.u.p ; y icstc-l ;t> w u,; -rt.il cu.-iuv .• pj
iis in ino until lof • tree, te * his duty tr
111 ain In UaO.l uto 11. ATI II f'aaivj. Actg -
a ten by 1 Ul 111 alive, and i. conscumu < l dv.c*
to r. d.'U'i Ir. s.n ;'Tlvi h v.d.sjnJ free
ol ClUil .-e :,I u,, tv 011 - ■ 11. I! -- r... t,ll, 1i I
101 l u;r.do..:' i..r .in .a,. ,-,i
u.. id,, A 'y i iii.u m, . oiia
Vlf.Uip tldlln lair pu. 1
Di., J. i S.D a Aix
ip,,.. .. .t r

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