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leva County Democrat
nr- w —T’ ' " in. r.rrrrrzr: :
FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1878.
Time Tables.
Chicago and North-western Rail
T me of departure of I'nMengcr Tralna from
grave for Chicago and Kant. 10 20 a m
do do do 12:50 a m
a, M. & St. Paul R. R.
Paaarngor and mull 855 a m b6oa in
Accoinmoditlon 12 20 pm 215 p m
Nlehl Kxprfra H 1 P m Uls p m
I'aaaungor* nml until M r<s p m 754 p m
Aecjismodatlon 12 35 p m 10 44 ain
Nli-ul Iw.pruK' -1 10 am. :11 a m
N. It. SNOW, Ai/ant.
Illinois Central R. R,
Tho only route running llirnttxtl ear" between
Wurren and Cliltago Tho only roulo to St.
Lout*, Cairn, aiid the Mouth. hicl to
ilubmpHi, Hloux env. Omahauml wcet.
Irf’V(iWarr(’ii s 411 a m 10 05 pin
Arrive at Chicago 4 25pm 705a in
do HI. Lout* MHO aw 500 pm
do Cairo 2 00pm 145 ain
J.oavo Cairo 11 00 p m 280 p m
do HI. Ila HOO a m r, 45 p m
do Chicago 0.10 pm WHO am
Arrive at Warren 45Ha in 5 (ttl p m
ooiso water.
Leave Warren 46U a m soh p m
Arrive at lliihiKpia 7 10 a m 710 p m
do Sioux Clly 045am12 00 p m
f.envn Hlonx <MI y I 00 pin 11 00 o m
Active at ilnhinpiii 540 a m Hoop in
do Waned 4 10 am 11 05 n m
For through llcketa apply at. the prlneqdll
rial 101 l a on llie M. I*. It It., alao at the I. C H.
It. at Warren. W. S. JIKNHON, A*(iut.
Mlnoml Point R. R.
M.\ //-.
OfllNH KW'l'li. A. M I llOINfl MOUTH. A M.
Leave Mineral l*’t, oon I.cave V\ erren. Wt
do Calamine, 0 05) do llraliol,, 0 Oil
do llurllMl,on, 705 do llaillriL'Klll, 10 HI
do (Iml lot. 740 do Calamine, 10 40
Active. Warren, sls | Arrive, Mn’l l”t, II to
rave Mineral l”t 2 10 Leave Wrrren 5 O.i
do Calamllin 250 do Oral lot. 005
dll Unrllnuton .0 25 do IJnrllimton 055
’ll Urnllol 410 do Calamine 725
•Ive,Warren 440 Arrive, Mineral Cm 00
noiNo baht. a. m, I noise wkht. a m
Lravo I’lallevilhi, 500 heave Mineral l*'l 050
de flelnieiil, 555 | Arrive Calumlnu, 10 25
Arrive Calamine, 005 j Leave do loin
heave do 0 lid I heave Helmut.l, 1120
Arrive Min i Point 7 20 | Arrive J'luuevllle 1150
/>'n/•;/</iir a vii a raoM Mo/iA non,
ooiista narr. p m i kiuno wkht. t. n.
Leave I'lallevllle 105 I Leave Calamine 725
do llnlmonl 205 1 do llullllorit H 111
Arrive I'aliimlno 250 | Arrive I’niltuvllle H4O
|-ff I’liHaent’erH leaving Mtin ral I’ollll al 0:15
A M. can reach Madlaoii at 4 I’. J 4. Ihe aame
Huy, by way el Freeperl. ami CaleilonlH.
ciiah. K, u a hie. Am at.
Local 1 toms.
Sunday is HI. Patrick's day.
Whmroo has a Hluinting range.
Darlington is In have u National
The Legislature will adjourn on
Wednesday next.
There isadearth in the local harvest
this week.
Pocket hooks are worn shorter this
A StirjuitHj Party stealing young
A chapter of Royal Arch Masons
was instituted recently at Hoscohcl.
Auetion sale of cujiages in this city
fu morrow, Saturday.
'Town tickets printed on an hour’s
notice, at the Democrat olliec.
'The time for holding the spring
elect ions is fast approaching.
A greenback club was organized in
Lone Rock on Thursday last.
'The Legislature passed a hill to in
corporate the cily of Lancaster, Hrant
John llurlcrl, an old and respected
citizen of this place, died at his res
idence on Thursday night, the7lh hist.
Judge Cothren has been holding
emu I in Hreen county. 'There were
only nine eases on the docket
A. 1!. Ferris has a work to say to
(he southwest Wisconsin, in to-day’s
paper. Ne is agent, for some of the
very best farm machinery manufac
Se\ ices arc held in Trinity ('hutch
on Wednesday and Friday evenings,
nml in address given each evening by
the Rector. Rev. Mr. Seahrease.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. T. Henry, .Vliss
* Tiny’ Henry and Miss JennieHundry,
who have been spending the winter
in the Sunny South, r 'turned to this
cily on Saturday evening last.
\ (lie broke out In the dwelling
house owned by Mis. Nuueo'as in the
Til's I ward, on .Sunday last, hut was
extinguished before it did much
The Inter County 'Times, says that
live little fellows met at Lone Keek
the other day, whose average weight
was two hundred and forty pounds.
'Tin 1 Nebs of Spring Hreen and the
(dippers of Lone Roek,played a game
of hast! ball at the latter place on
All persona having claims against
the school Hoard arc requested to pre
sent tliii same, this month.
Dikij—On Duke's Prairie, on Fri
day last, the nth inst., of inflamma
tion of 11,.! lungs, Mrs. Eli/aheth Hieh
aids, wife of John Richards, late of
this city, in the With year of her age.
The reformers of Platteville held a
mass meeting on Wednesday last
and nominated a no-license ticket for
village oflieers, which they elected by
a good majority.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Lone Hock, Dodgeville
A Freeport railroad company will he
held at the Secretary’s office in the
village of Dodgeville, April loth, I*7*.
Home sharper, have heen troubling
the banks of Apple Kiver, Platteville,
and other places. They drew consid
money on drafts which turned out to
be bogus. We understand that they
were caught at Platteville and made
to refund the money obtained there.
Purely A Son are agents for the
Howe Sewing Mathine, (be advertise
ment of which is printed in the Dem
ocrat. It is one of the very best ma
chines in (he market.
Some very beautiful signs have been
painted recently by Mr..). P. Hankins.
The signs in front of (i undry AH ray’s
store, over the city bank, over Toay
Hrot,ln rs store, and over the cut ranee
to Masonic Hall, were painted by him.
We think our readers have no good
reason to complain of lack of legis
lative news. A full report of all
doings in the legislature is printed
on the, fourth page, and an excellent
letter from the Capital is also pub
The Wheat land (('al.j Itecordercoincs
to us (his week containing a notice of
the marriage of Mr. Hyron l.anyon,
formerly of this city, to Miss Sarah
Wilson, a young lady of < iakland, Cal.
The Recorder speaks highly of Hyron
and his bride and, like the Democrat,
wishes them the greatest happinness.
A young man hitched his horse on
Main street, at Janesville, Saturday,
while went to take a music lesson.
During Us absence a tramp came
along, coolly mounted the beast, and
rode away. The horse has not yet been
found, hut the authorities are on track
of I he I hief, and t he steed.
Piiomi't Aimustmknt.— On Sunday
morning last a lire broke out in the
and welling house owned by Mrs. Nan
colas, near the Public Square in the
First Ward of this city. The build
in* w.m damaged to the amount of
about #c,r, t which lows was promptly
paid on Monday morning by Mr, It. 1).
i’ulCord. The building was insured
in the Plueuix Company, for which
Mr. Pulford is agent.
Fillwood Brothers, proprietors of the
Dodgeville Nursery, make their an
nual announcement in to-day’s papei.
These gentlemen are so well known
hereabouts I hat they need no recom
mendation ( rum us. They are known
as honorable and upright business
men. Their trees, plants and vims
are of such hardy variet it s as long ex
perience has proven to be best suited
to this climate.
The Hrami Podge of Free Masons of
England, Lord Carnai'voii presiding,
unanimously passed a resolution re
fusing to recogni/e as a Free Mason
any person initialed in a ludgu where
the belief in Hod is denied o! ignored.
I’ll is ief“rs to the Hrand Orient of
France, which recently eliminated the
article expressidg the belief in Hod
from its ritual.
Heo. H. Francis, District Deputy
for Wisconsin, will institute a lodge
of the Temple of Honor, in this city,
on Thmsilay evening next. A large
number of our citizens have signed
the applieal ion for a charter, and it is
cxpeeL and that a lodge of about one
hundred charter members will he or
ganized here.
For wavs that are dark and trick*
that are vain, Madison i* becoming
peculiar. The Inter County Times
thus tells of a recent occurrence in
the Capita' City, which has given rise
Inconsiderable talk among the "high
toned:” “U seems that a prominent
editor and politn iuMof the state were
seen in a law yev’s otlleo opposite the
Park I let el with a eouph o'' young
ladies of Madison’s "best,” where the
quartette vein drinking wine and
making men' generally . The young
man who saw them went to the father
| of due of the girls ami told him of the
doings of his daughti r. The old gen
tleman procured a laddi r and con
vinced himself of the truth of the
S matter ami next climbed the stair.} to
| ihe other, and we leave the rest to
I the imagination of the reader. It is
to be presumed that there is at least
one person m Madison who don’t
j favor annual toasidnu.
Hereafter the Illinois Central will
use the Chicago & Northwestern road
to connect its northern lino with
( hieago.
The hill providing for the purchase
of the library and geological!cabinet
of the late Moses Strong, passed Hie
legislature last week.
Two “gentlemen from abroad” and
Mr. Forrest Wesley, a well known
culled gemnien, put up at the Dunn
House on Sunday last.
The lowa State Leader says that
this is a kind of off year for the re
publicans of lowa. The recent city
elections have put Democrats into
oltice in localities where but a few
years ago, the party’s name w as never
In speaking of a concert recently
given in Sioux City the Daily Journal
makes tin following complimentary
mention of Mrs. Albert Watkins, lute
of Ibis city: “The vocal quartette
consisting of Mrs.AlhertWatkins, Mr.
Gilbert, Mr. Weaver and Mr. Peck
ham next snug “Toast,” and wen
applauded and encored. A lady critic
iu the audience, commenting on this
part of the proeramme, spoke of Mrs.
Watkins as a welcome acquisition to
the musical talent, of Sioux City.” She
has a splendid voice and a graceful
and agreeable manner.”
A set of swindlers are at work
1 hroiigh the count ry establishing hay
fmk agencies. Their mode of oper
ations is somewhat similar to that
practiced by sharpers who pretended
to he establishing agencies for I ho sale
of cultivators, a few years ago. Each
agent must sign an order for ten or
more forks, to he paid for when sold,
or if not sold within a certain time to
he, taken hack. The. order is in two
parts, one of which is a promisory
note which is collectible whether the
forks are delivered or not. Third
parties come around and endeavor to
collect the notes, or compromise with
the signers. A ease of this kind was
brought before the circuit court a
few years ago. It will be remembered
that, a verdict was given for the de
fendant, and that the third parlies
were glad to get elf with paying the,
costs, fearing that they might bo im
plic.ited with the rogues who obtained
t he note,ami prosecuted for swindling.
Sumptuous Fa.ro.
Scene: < 'ily Jail.
Time: 8 o’clock Sunday morning.
Oonmtaki.k. to Forcy (r<*lore*l gem
man : “(loud inorrum! Wat will’s tank
for break uustV’
Fokuy (with chattering teeth);-
“Caw fee, — hot caw fee, and a little
Const. “I’ll bring it. to’e in a few
minutes.” Exit.
Betnrns with a bucket of water and
a dipper.
Const. There’s yer coffey! [’ll bring
yer least in a few minutes!" Exit.
Bellinis with seven crackers.
Const. “There's yer toast!”
Konr.v (now crying) I'm cold, I'll
nehbaw come hea any mo’!”
Const. "Aw. dummy I Halt yer
Coffey ami toast! CoxvUll! Exit.
Const, (solus): That lixed'n!"
Noton by “Rambler.”
11 10111. ‘.n0. March 1.;. IS7S.- Messrs
T. Allen A Cos., proprietors of the
('entera :11c Mills, ate making arrange
ments to bay lead and zinc ores al
Avoca. They have contracted to de
li' er two hnndn and tons of zinc at some
point in Now Jersey sometime during
the present momh.
The High school, under the eflicient
management of I’ruf. 11. W. Crazier,
is a grand success. Over two hun
dred students are in attendance- -six
teen or more of wlmm will probably
become "teachers" the coming Hum
mer. •
Mine host, dos. Nebo, still smiles
that cheerful smile charnel eristic of
tbepopular I..milord. U.xmulku.
Prom Highland.
School Snpt t iutondenl Jones \ isited
our village schools on Tuesday of last
w eek.
the lllaekney House ('aught lire on
Monday night, but Hte dailies wore
di 'Covered and extinguished before
auv damage w as done.
The dwelling bouse and stables ol
Chas. KulTel's, living about two miles
northeast of Wingville.were destroyed
by lire on Hie night of February gtith.
laws about Fully insured in
st. Caul Fire and Marino Insurance
The members of the Keform Club
are particularly requested to be pres
ent at the regular meeting, next Tues
day evening. Business of importance
is to be transacted. By order of club.
The Public Schools.
Month Ending March Ist.
“A” CI.ASS, S , I | I
James Henson, <jl {)() 40
Maggie Crawford, 82 ion st
William Curry 75 05 100
Sallie Goldsworthy,.. ti:{ ‘l7 02
Lizzie Neeollins,..'... 72 87 I<ht
Mary Tramel 04 82 72
StansiuoreVivian,.... 82 100 do
Pierson Hall 75 82 kh
1 lodic Hirely, 70 00 02
Lewis Bowden, 72 100 100
Anna Clark, 07 80 100
Mary Cummins 02 no 07
Thomas (,'oad, 07 05 100
Erwin Eastman, 72 82 75
Edward Engles 05 100 02
Samuel Goldsworthy, 70 100 38
Etta Gray, s2 100 no
Adrian IJadlield, 77 100 7o
John 11ealy, 70 100 no
Maryilealy 72 07 02
Prank I loan* 02 07 2,2
Minnie I Risking, 7o 100 S2
Kna Jlutehiuson, so 75 07
AnnaJaeka, 71 100 100
Jennie Jacka, 05 too 07
John Jeukin, 52 72 05
Theophilns Jones,.... 87 100 02
Sarah Lewis, 78 uki 100
Rosa Lindsey, 81 02 KM)
Carrie Lynch, 81 s.i 05
Carrie Mayhell 02 100 100
William Mayhew,.... 52 72 77
Hannah Miller 00 KM) 87
Clara Neal, 70 100 87
Nellie Nicholas 74 87 82
Sena Gates,. 77 inn 07
Annie Phillips, 70 05 00
Plight Prideaux, 02 100 4!)
Lelia Prideaux, 82 05 02
Emily Rawlings, 01 02 02
Lizzie Robinson 02 02 100
Susan Rogers, 08 100 00
Lydia Stephens 74 100 87
Florence Tramel 00 07 1)0
I Cut h Trehileoek, 82 100 05
Fred. Vivian 01 85 05
George,Washhnni,.... 52 80 77
AlhcrtWhitney 72 100 K)()
Jennie Whittlesey,... 00 00 100
Ada Williams, 71 100 07
Lou Wilson, 52 82 80
Ada. Argali, 58 05 05
Willa Hog, 57 1)2 85
Thomas Brown, 77 82 07
Bridget Hnnhnry,.... 71 l 2 07
Eleanor Hnnlmry,.... 71 70 07
Lillie Hurt ‘ 07 1)7 100
Lihhie Campbell, 75 100 100
J ennie Clark, 70 too mo
John Clark 85 100 05
Edith Comfurt, 77 00 87
Annie Curry 77 1)0 07
Hugh Horey, 50 07 55
Thomas Dunn, 72 100 07
Nellie Eastman, 02 1)2 07
Joseph Ellery, (12 77 05
Thomas Ferris 50 75 00
John Francis, 00 100 80
Charles Gillmann,.. • 7') 100 07
Crissiwilalverson,.... 71 07 07
William 11 ealy, 55 87 00
Regie Hughes, 70 100 100
Jennie Hutchison,. 70 62 00
Sallie Jenkio, 71 05 .8.5
Delos Lanyon 75 07 47
William Lanyon, 20 82 75
Mary Lenahan 75 05 KM)
Mary Lindsay, 77 05 05
Maggie Lynch, 78 KM) 02
Frank Maddin, 70 100 00
John Martin, 7!) 07 100
Maggie Mel Hum 05 82 100
Thomas Miller 77 00 07
Emma Nicholas 70 100 07
William Oates 01) 75 100
Albion Osborne 72 07 05
Pinnies Owen 71 07 87
Joseph Oxmau, 07 07 07
Charles Platt 57 72 02
Clara Prideaux 00 100 00
Charles Ross 70 100 52
M ill if Sprat ler 42 7o 75
Mathias Termw, 70 100 42
Eliza Toms 07 85 100
William I ten. 85 07 07
\nnie White 72 K'O 75
John Yates 75 02 7o
Seeing is believing, and now is the
time. M\ next excursion to Kinsley,
Kansas, will he on the 27th of March.
Only 1925.00 for round trip from Free
port. For particulars apply to Win.
T. Henry, Mineral Point; or write to
O. H. Hildreth, Agt. A., T. & S. F. 1L
R., Darlington, Wis.
Fashionable Dressmaking up stairs
in Lonahan's Block by Miss S. Con
naughton and I). Ryan.
Fresh Fish every day in Lent-white
lish ami trout, at J. T. Pridk.ux.
Flax Si;kh to Loan—Russian and
American Flax Seed for sowing to
loan by D. M. Platt.
If you want to get dry goods cheaper
than dirt go to May A Temps’ great
Closing-out sale.
Fresh Garden Seeds.
Now is the lime to commence your
gardens and it is important to secure
good fresh seeds I have in stock a
choice variety of fresh seeds from ti e
well known seed house of D.M. Ferry
A Cos., of Detroit,who have established
a reputation of b.*ing one of the best
in the. I nited States. The most of our
seeds we purchase in bulk and put in
papers.hence we know them be fresh
and good. We have also a large stock
of hulk seeds which we guarantee to
be of the very best, and are sold at
fair prices. R. D. Pi uuiui.
There is so little business doing that
it would seem almost useless to quote
the prices at all; however we publish
them to let the farmers know what
they could get if the mud would allow
them to come to market. Jsv the list
it will be seen that extra butter is
about three cents higher than last
week. This is not on account of any
rise, hot we fear that we wore unable
to obtain correct figures before. About
2.50 is about all that hogs are worth,
and it takes good beef cattle to bring
;;.50. \Ve cannot find out the real price
of lead, but everybody says "its away
hold 61.00 7 h
Hogs- dive, pennyt •■?2.. n .sm 2.50
Live Stock, “ 2.2<*3.60
Wheat, per bus., 70(r<.;0
Coni. “ 25kc.2'S
Oats, “ 10(8.10
Flax, “ 1.00
Harley, “ 20;rf,g5
Rye, •• ,4o
Keans, “ 75d 1.25
Potatoes, “ .25
Flour, perewt,, 3.OO(<LV>O
(iraliam Flour, per cwt 3.00
Shorts, " ... 1.25
(’or u meal (bolted),“ ... 1.25
Krau, '• ... .tin
Hotter, per IF, (cash) SO .IT
*• Extra Tub (cash),... .20
Eggs, per doz .us
Hides, “ .04
'fallow, “ .05 1
Laid, “ .00
Salt, per bbl 1.75(^2.00
Lime, per bus 1.00
Dry-bone, per ton, 1 1.00
Black-jack. “ is.oo
Hay, “ 5.25
Kutliber, eomuiou fence, per M., tT.oo
Wood—dry, per cord, 4.00
Petit Jurors.
ciucn r corkt.
Pursuant to notice tlie following'
named persons were regularly drawn
at the Clerk’s olliee oi the village of
Dodgeville, comity and State afore
said, on tho goth of February, A. D.
is?s, to serve as Petit .Jurors for tho
March term, A. D. IS7B, of said court,
commencing on the goth day of March,
A. I). 1878, al 11 o’clock, A. M„ viz;
.John Thomas, Linden,
Ole Edmunds, Dodgeville.
J. I>. Coykendall. Mineral Point City.
Charles Cox, Mineral Point City.
.1. T. Morris, Wyoming.
John M. Williams, Dodgeville.
Joseph Frost, Pulaski.
William Midleton, F.den.
Robert 11. Kin/.ie, Pulaski.
Ole Paul, Wyoming.
Thomas Wall, Highland.
John lirent, Linden.
William Hooper, Dodgeville.
Michael Laverty, Mineral Point.
John Wilkinson, Arena.
Edward Dunn, Mineral Point.
Patrick Jiennett, Clyde.
A. E. Ulynn, Arena.
Edward Wallace. Pulaski.
John (’. Evans, Ilodge ville.
J. C. Smith, Moscow.
John Powers, Moscow,
Nehemiah 1 .each, Pulaski.
Goodwin Low rev, Wyoming.
V> illiam 11. Collingwoyd, Dodgeville.
Andrew Pearce, Ridgeway.
James Ryan, Waldwick.
Isaac Armlield, Eden.
William Tremaiu, Linden.
C. W. Porter, Arena.
Attest, Wii.i.iam S anus, Clerk.
Hard Times for Garden
When the price oleverything else i*
very low ii is observed that the deal
ers in eommissioii seeds should assume
to hold them at the old prices. As 1
do not deal in commission seeds and
hnae a special contract, with the well
known seedsmen, Landkktii \ Soxs.
of Philadelphia, for the purpose of
endeavoring to drive old coinmission
seeds out of the market, 1 will sell
(Jakdkn Si'iaw at the following low
low prices;
Common sized papers, s for eta.
Douhle sized papers, r for g:, ets.
Hulk seeds at correspondingly low
prices. 1 will warrant these seeds to
he faesh and superior to any others in
the market—no matter what the prieo
r, ia> in*. John 11. Viviav.
Business Notices.
II av fouSai.k.— Hay for sale by 11.
f.''hepard, Persons in want of hay
can he supplied hy leaving their orders
with him.
Sale hills printed on short notice at
this otliee.
Lost—A small gold breast-pin be
tween the resjdenee of Mr. Anton
Herg and Dr. \V. Last man, on Friday,
March Ist. ThO Under will pie-use
leave the same at this otliee.
Notice.— All persons indebted to
John Starks are respectfully requested
to call and settle their accounts with
out delay.

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