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Iowa County democrat. [volume] (Mineral Point, Wis.) 1877-1938, April 26, 1878, Image 7

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Business Directory.
Wit*. ,
A rroliNTT at 1 aw. Vi: rit Point, Wi?. Offer
in fcicUi'ivrt! ■ f City TUil Imilrtin*.
Attorszvh am.- <■ • v--n, ***. Oilier r-*e9
.*rt tie Post i .c. MmrrM Point, Wisconsin.
ATTiH;iNT AN *1 I’.nOMOH AT I AW, lll’tl
nA. Fnivu com tv, tils. Acet't Actnu Instinnco
orupfi-.y* Co' • * lo.iS j-ioniptly Attviulod t 0,51
tf. J. 8R1..33.
t vTrstY at I aw, DoJt cv lilt*. 51 Iscor.sln. will
l>motive in O r courts of I> n s'-d iu!joinin|t
eomitL i*. Oflt.-c. opv.W Chronicle other.
F M, svr.o; O. w - T - COAI'.
i'TP-Oim t 00AO.
A TTCiNTtS AN L (’Ol‘N**Kl e.'WS AT LaW. t'lillf*
eMMUn tl.r Conit Horn e over P. Allen A Co.'s
.lore, _ 1)1
H *TT< K NF,\H AN 1 ) CoVNSVI I‘*t AAT L AW, Ofi.-*
lu the City 1. .1-;. Miner'll Point. Wte. **
Attohnkv at La at. v.d Ocm-ml Irvirsncr
Ancil. Oil. ■■■ over Mum A Huso's store.
Mifflin, AVIs. ‘ u
o. G. SMITH,
Aw-UKIV at Law, Dodrtville. WiArnnsin.
rOTicn I’.nr li ■ l ost OflnKi. Attends to the
irt-norul pr tV • <u Law in tit • Circuit Courts
, f the p;ati, vl the Cocn'y Court in nil Piolmto
Til i 'SICL i ys.
15. MflFTO''!• Tfi IX
PBTSituAS a i n •.-.£ oo'.oc i'.: Rear of Lie
Drtitf stote,>. i-nal Point, V* leconeln. it
Gil AS. ’.UAN- I. r . 0.
i*nYstcias a., i ■ ciu.k -.v, It>hl.ir.d, Wisconsin.
B. s. Hxuni.i su-ia-ou for IVnsions. for lows
scanty. _ __
DU. it. VftS PI-nDN. M D.
Phvpicta Nu' i * n•a l *n, .s •1 1 no Id hi mpe 1f in
readiness to -wi-r U ..lie In hie profession.
Olltce at his rviiiu'sce. cli-3
i*. w. Firho. Jt- a
nd > ' Sviviiro;;. lis.-i rormiuirntiy lo
•nle-1 in Mil. ml I’.nnl, a.'.l Mill nllelid lo all
his pi .."'sioa, ]_ts_
Physician ano Svuot in. n :lco No. 1, Coal's
slock, (up . i-ii.st C-. IIio;h A.: 1 Chestnut sta..
over Duller') . tore. Sllnval Point. M is.
DR. if. V 7. C ;30!!N.
Homuopathi Piivsuian .no 'Ckokos, late of
Plsvelnod, Oliio, h.-ivln;.- >. . ‘\'e i I • hiealo in
A!loctal Poil.i, T n y lie ‘/e*...-.’.1 ut his ofllco, over
I'. Davcy’s J. ..'eirc si
•wjyxssxnzn mx* rrz " l ' "
Übntist, AC ■■ -era .o", | ’ .-i ml in the teeth
m the hrst r .a.r, ar i;> itb the heat material.
Artificial Te h in< *rtetl,Hli n view to restorin'.'
the natural ■ rpree don n.d c intiuir of Die face,
mipither ivlt i, proper mi. ;• ulution, and accuracy
of tit. Office, culler's Muck. lli„h tf„ Mineral
Point. Wis. 95
J)R i.J(■}(• i 'ITS.
j, it, h n u. OiViTL
Nave a lanp- stoei, ol U” ehunnicala, Fancy
fillet Coodt, Cur lory, S: imo! r.on!: , '•ltationery,
Wall Paper, I’ni'its, ~ i.-os, ,Vi. <fi'* uss
•a all and set i.ln'ip S : 6{ the liolUun
Mortr.r. ft
i / 0 l it! L .s'.
m corner ot M >ii<*r; 1 IV'it. ill hlou’, Muscoda
Avoca, Msdl<m and Piaiiie d'l Cliioii roads,
K.lrn. lowa Cos., M js , Mis.i: f-'iivri a. i'i >o.
FARMKU’>! ID)Till.,
A. Mt<' t’TcniN. p'oprittnr. D(>;,osr'- the dopid,
Atvtia, Vr'is. tiood ‘i; ihh s a’ l Cjit'o Vaids
sitaclud to (bo prim - e-.
UhNiiv Lcaen. i repi■itiof, t v e,a. v.- :,.ui-!c.
Teams and drive, s tiniilslu and u, nn;. part of Ili<
• omiiry. Uoivl Liv< y cobuecli i with• re !IoU“e.
errv if <rel,
y avo; Tyi.uiu. iroprielo'. Mineral Point.Wi •
cousin. Good Win •< .V I.i [Uors. Well faruirUed,
(mod S'.ables, k.ad r.asooUol . Imii. C<t
ci>MMFiwCi.\L uoi:
Opposite the ( > t "rise, ;• ■_ ”•, Wis,
Mas, J vi. Jon prh.i. . I • . . .hold
'.u ovtryr. spi i. Cimven ,i• ■>. \ a - . i.--
siitec-l. Syi
AV I ' 1 ' A 'I ,N JD ) i Sif
Jorij'n ’loi iiiNO. pr. jiK r,-r, I;•*. *
The be“t of Ml’.' ■ I.VI 1 -I - p* >ant!y
at the Par. 1 hvo i . lai. v.n:; • i.i i: n.
with the tel I. ui 1 .Kr .iii. , - are
always pa hand.
GiAJli:] JlOTi-Mi,
Niwolas stiillln, pp-,■ * . : ; j;. ? qj fVn*
H ir. T.d** Uouc hu re o.j.iv \ • i. . ; :.sid
IrUmuhuut, ic .. • , %• ■ *f *• * v*r,
bo’iU JO y >U' j- v<* .• I id: ,T".' f , !■
•Jif'.r 1 V A; * ,■ i . • ] .4.:i-
I. 1.! * £'.:>* .** i.i irAfry
f4.i T’ j bdat ’jk a ~iv, r, .. acr* i;.<l c * -
j)* *:f <• u h cci. Il 'piHi.i t oil vHh Hit 1
ft. - - , ' ’ *%■: . i' "’t Vt i• )
.2 V
Llvar Is Kiu„.
The Liver is the .'i.i! org e.i
o* tlu* whole system, as i* controls
the lito, heal.*si and happiness of
man. W hen it is disturbed in ftp
proper action, all kinds of ai.meats
arc the natuiai result. Hie iliges -
tiou ot focul, the move meins . i the
heart and blood, the action of toe
brain and nervous system, are nil
immediately connected with tael
workings of the Liver. It has j
been successfully proved thul
Croon's August Flower is ii" -!
equalled in curing all persons o: -
flu ted with Dyspepsia or Liver I
Complaint, and all the numerous!
symptoms that result from an un
healthy condition of the* J. ver and
Stomach. Sample b■•tiles to trv.
10 rents. Dosilivelv sold in all
towns on the Western Continent.
Three doses will prove that it i
just what you want.
An Undemabio Truth.
deserve to suller, and if yon
lead a miserable, misulisfaclory
life in this beautiful world, ;t is en
tirely your own fault and there is
only one excuse for you,—vour
uiircasouab:.) prejuonce and skop
-1 icisiu, which lias killed thou
sands. Personal knowledge a .1
common sense reasoning will goon
rbowy.iu that (dreeu's Augu t
Flower will cure you of Liver
Complaint, or Dyspepsia, with il.
its miserable olivets, such us sick
headache, palpitation of the heart,
sour stomach, habitual costivenoss
ili/.xiiu'ss ot the heal, nervous
prostration, low spirits, Ac. Its
sale,, now reach every town on
the Western Continent and not a
Druggist but will tell you of its
wonderful cures. You can buy
a Sample Bottle for ID cents.
Three doses will relieve vou.
Disoaso and death, when in
mir own households, are too ser
ious lor jesting, wo ut-e our best
endeavors to drive oil’the dread
messengers, ami arc only luipj y
win n we feel that they are ta a
di dance. At tlie lir and. ajqiruaeli ol
that fell destroyer, (Jomumjitinn,
in the .slk’.jio of aemighor sligld
cold as wed as im>ru .-evero JDon
ehial or t .atiui'hiil Oomr.l.unts, w.
should at once imu Eden’s E\
tract of Tar an 1 Wild Cherry, il
has no superior in such cases.
Every bottle warranted to give
■ utislactiou. Fol Iby IL D. I’ui
The 10 is no earthly boon more
precious than good health, and ii
behoves its { tons'.—so; - In onileavor
to attain it. If you uro assailed
with hiv.li provoking ills as C I.
headaches, tor; id liver, sour bJ-itti
aeli ami a general iVelingot \a ar
ncss ..ml disgust, don’t go and
commit ; nlcide bur lake Eitcil's
id.to light Li .-lit I ' fids and
be cured. Fold by a 1 l*riiggi-.!s
Moil id's will ibid ! r. Wiheliull's
Tcdhing Fynip ju; t t!m medicine
to have in the house for the children
ii. will euro coldg coughs, pi: c
thmat, regulate lb * bowela, try i
Fold by all !)niggFt
Kiienmatism, neuralgia, sprains,
and bruises will bo relieved by
CncleF tn> /have E m Li-i’r.miit,
sold by and. 15, & (g j*.
Distempers,Coughs, Cold I-’cv
ers ;md.most of the di. • a-Inch
11 invest, CtiFlo, Sheep, Hog , timl
Poultry arc -uljJct l ■ are. r. ;ddy
oven I-!!," 1 and enro l by r. ing Lie
dt! Sam's (’■ indilioti F . Scr ac
cording to tlio pl.ihi dirucclons.
Sold by nil Dntggi m.
I nelu Lam’ 1 Jau ncss Oil li 1C ami
closes ties poroaiif ie-atlier. e ibstst
ualiy j revi nting the catrai.ee of
d.iiiij-iies t, da v’gc,, ami rend pin"
• I.e hn"lies > i-i 1> tin ! m!ia!>’,■, wliiio
at t *ic t-amc limn ii*>re*i i. i**t s dur
A Remarkab’o Kona!'.,.
J’ 71ifJv 75• ci; V.. ■■ ■;;•,} Jj()W
id any J'hysir-jrs, or h ■ ■■/ t :1; , 1,
i’i!;dicint; 3o:i !. ;v ; !, ii t s !)i)W
an citahlislic 1 !';■/:• t!. a (i , r;naii
ntj. is only r au ; y which lias
a:veil c inplcU; Kit’-'actian iu r
vcre rr- i ot7vui>;r I). , Hj 8
• 7no thero r.ro yet t.ivi-w..Cj, cr .
eon.' wlr ar** pro.! ■; i<';‘!i
■ I A.;' i ... n,
A-'., -. a. Sjvcre
Cul ls s.'tt cd on the I'v.ri ?, ihiiu—
inonia, o.:who
Imvo no persona! of
Jloschc ’.i (ierin in hvr i; Tj such
vo mou!! say t’ • /V.v'oO dor. •
! vorc fi 1 Isst v-'.jr without ore
compiai.it. V.' >.is.i uptivo fry just
ore bottle U,il a* s;..e To coots
Sold h> ;al D.:ir: ism America.
;> ,v Nine-das iuvo opened out
tha and vk of furniture, in their
vo i: > i.;.u I’. or.i Mol of the I’tvs
\:\ ter ,vx v I;’!ro , High street- Their
fe.rui ae is a*.l lirsi-elass. i'ah auU
o:..uni 10 for j ourselves.
Tnken Up.
Tint on i'.c day of April, A.
I'. I>TS. there waa ,i stray upon (ho
hof.i ;unv OiV.-p: 1 by me. to-wit: On
.-o, 1 . ion ho, nine 0, in township No.
sivpO. n !"h of i.ni ro one (I), east, in
the town of 1! i, in the eounly of
low,i, suite of tv i-o nv.in, ami upon
(ho inelosed lamb oivupiod by mo in
eaid svetion bio. s'. one dark bay or
brown mare eoll. about three years
old. \\ Ui; on ' himl foot white, (here
beim' no . her mark on it. The
owner i re-iuest-,1 to . all, pay charges
ami l.ihe said strav away.
V \ r.r\ pink Stem .
Hated April V 2, IS7S.
I’ythr nl vi iher.liv in in the town
of t.i id.. :> . .e n v rof a mile north
i ■--t of the \ ■'•a e. on or about the
t! r, of .Af.nvh. one light gray
homo e'lt, iao y: ;ra ohl, with star in
for- bead. To-.- owner is requested to
call, prove property and take said
e. ay. W. Sn rni vs.
Kind -n, AVi .. April Ist, isT-t :M 1
lowa County - - City of Mineral
Print—n-’iM W i'. v vj, I.i rt('r I>. IVarrc.
Ti> I,i>tt>r 1) I’l’-u.'i-:
V 'n Him livi.-ii, i 'tllU'.l Ihnl h wtirrant of
lit fH.’ll Of llll* IvtMl t Ml U l! • a'. n< ( V.MIItTII!
V>ur pro| rl>- :illo.l u Haiisfy tho iti ioiiml of
:, i!e 'Vo v. .-unuirni. .■ (•> Now uni->■
Jii'l iipoPH'- to•'<•:■.l, 0 rrmuol H in-tioo of lint
t-iftio -'I iii.it lor rv. t rliv, on th ■ ~ '< O i iliy of
Vl'rl!. I'. 1•' . •!{ 10 o\ ink. n. m . ,1ioI:'IUi".I
" ill Do ivtol.'io 1 ■■; 11 not yon aiulyour propriav
f. t-i ii'iv h..;.; it
.loll\ Wasl.KV. Plaintiff
Date i it. t -ikli ;,-u- of Miireli. isrs. aa i
Furniture 1
| Call ami CK.;:niu<‘ l!i !i >;s & Nancola.V
stock of i uniium l , threo (loots west
oi (!u I’m ,!)y(ei'lan church.
The ba.U Hotel Property
hi Iho City
i'Vm ma.TjIO.
1 or r f.r mis ii"- h tel property In tbodty,
to. (!!i>T v ’I i>. I funnturu lieloii,Oi.£ la the
In ill I. Thu t. deli - Ii -.vtei) ,• m * 'ommeo er I reel.
near depot (p n goad etono bulldim; with
1! jpmdlnd room . fitted up Willi the Intent
iuiprovi iiieidi', Tin Mfibluu; on tho pioniaea
; i H' "eeil la a'comadn'e elxty head • f h . rei•.
j I w.ll (*( i! tie whe i ■ n i iv terniß.
, sa iir.oiaii; (M.\Mnt.r?Y.
.toil's' ST AI IKS,
] Vil ilo n; 1 hlo 1; i rber
Ailii V. tali Di ih'f in
i ’
■fon V 'OO, I'IfKS, AO.
j Hiph X. .Mineral Point.
I/a thin? Ucj tin lire! claH stflf, am) w#rk
work < • * in ibr mc*l fji"bioimbl* uiannar.
Kalian Bees For Sale.
I Inve fir fide '• ('teii.d* of
lIAU'-UU/in IT A /,/.) .V J'.F.ES:
ul r< f.r mablo uric a. Apply at my |re:nim
; Olio lllilo wee' r >il e! 1111; ' Mil!, Ulld .’l lllttos
mulli " ' -.1 of .Vim >1 i nUil Cr y,
Si ; T ( I ,'.V fuN.
1! I MurcT 'I, I 5
M .mil's our tc o' and denier* lu
Butter Tuns rn 1 Barrels,
An I u I o'; ■, r ■ /. it /.: t.f Cooper </,
s!n:'i r<i ;e;ii‘.u M -.tx Ten:li‘a hale). Hirers
T -an. w i. ia at
The On r yJAcrn- , </ Auctioneer in
the (Ala.
CiM f . •.a .1 i :..,u : ■ -
r t;ar, (’o;.i,:,otino Acjxnt.
Miccial I’.lat, - WirtooOn.
Bile* '‘eadeJ to ia at > pvt ut le v* and
djolntr; C34'ati*. <J r. )■’ * >uy
tat'!* H i*. s *j j; . v
■ • y
Voiut * nave.
W keep >• wuiumijr on ha 4 * l*r|tf an ;w. I * >1 .*Kw.k o*
School Pocks, Mincrllaucou* I'ooks. (dark Hooka, Po, • ,-Vv \' hwtn IVpsi. ,♦
Daily and Weekly i\nvN|i|ei", iziuea. Ae.
Wo hn n hnu;l n li ,i'Hti-I ver. t v ' of
Alburns, Stereoscopes anil Views, Looking Cl. •.'ietp.res ami b'ramea
Wall Paper iu Uro.v . loty.
Also agency of the 1 NSIUIANVM KOMI* V A i• > ill'll AMKIUOA
of I’liihi ielphia; (5 1,015 H INSIUiVNCK id , v of I’hungo
Mineral Point. Wls.Vnrct 10th. 1874. I’. ,1 t \ i i'KI.l., A Spoilt,
Stitt f jl/i/it.'M e 1 ll<)*7if- Rtmnrtifii
Sewing Machines
Chicago, Illfca
Our prices are as Knv r.s tho lowoaU Kook at our now improved
machine and you will not ho satisfied with any other. Uomcmfvr
that we tin not hui\l an inferior quality f inaeliine; but that each oim
we turn out is a standard article and will ho worth thu prion. I’hc
points of excellence to our new family ma hine are, simplicity ot rmi
stniction, vinmelry of form and beauty of finish, rapidity and s:i ness
of operation, case of management, strength, tinnness and eveiiissof
stitch, and adaptability to the widest ranifo ol work. Ask l!.o iments
tor the now ini} roved II two Maehino and to md. buy any other,
xii -lit lUUKI.iV A SUN , Aitenls, Mineral Koh 'V;h.
Hub w Ironh mack of
First- Cls s Groceries,
Which she is seiliii'j very Clonp.
By l!,o cn or period up in any manner dcalred,
< l .'mnr'd I'Vnil.
,\ larijo atoek of canti I fruit of Hi* - howl bnind*
can l w,lly un hand.
Under an i ldji/s tul.rii in h'xchuvjr
/or lino U.
Jowelcr and Engraver,
r/X Kite:
M: • ’ u Vi. (Viir; . M jbconhin.
I make Kr "raving a ijemalty
Articles j’uri !ia <*l ut my store will
■c u-.'r.m 1 riu;i: of cuAKuk. .
am th ■ only Engraver in tho city
Call ami scc in *. E. Oouounk
And Dimlur lu
Furniture and Cabinet
I; i h "Uerf, M rvrul pi : m. Ta .
litre h tliti'l 17,.1 VS' UIC I KHK ni l la !r i*r
to (lw
All wurk to iry line lane promptly and at fuw*
OfcjUu ralea.
I have on haß u a isrpo and well aeiootxl Urk
First-class Fa failure,
which lw &!' aianaf.'7irl from > i tMMiud j
1| in Inn aui .• i'H-mI In >nf .'nrtwufe iu
tb- we-i.
/'<. ‘Hr't !•’. *' / It (h
Vy ' frr fj -I *(<• , I
Tins standard mli I • i ■ ■ (im
pounded N’.itll lilt* }'HMtc, I I ale.
Its elli'Cts 1110 SIS V.Olldeilul llllil
as satisfactory as over.
It lo.iluhM griiy or faded hnii to
it youthful color.
It, remove) all ornpth ir, i'i 1 ii '
and dandmll'. Jl 'jives th • ’ i a
< uolin > . Mouthing m'iisiil lou cl' "lo.'l.
comfort, mid (lie scalp I>3 it ,; 11 1
become ; while and ( loan.
By its tonic properties il . 0 dons
the capillary gland ; to llioir normal
vigor, preventing huMne 1 . amt
making (ho hair p;row (Ims ami
Asa dres dug, nothin;: h 'ecu;
found so cllW'Uial or ih Ir .1 > 1 .
A. A. Haves, M. I).. Slat" Am
payer of Matm'diusi Its, pa; . “ Th"
const,itii' ill': arc pine, ami •1 1 1 r u!ly
C'deeted cscellcid (|tlnlil\ ; and
I eoiuhh rit t lie nievrl’i ii n.', no.N
for its intended purpic
Price, One D01..11,
Buclidngliam’s 13 yo
Thin ole ' tn 1. propn r ata n may laj
relied on lo eh in ■ ■ Hie < ilorofllio
beard from (.tray or mty oli.m i.u
do.vii ibk; diad", to brown o; d.aK,
nt, (I'Meretioii. It, i ca i.. !ii I,
bein;' in one preparation, i. . tjiiic-k
---ly ami off (dually prndma r. pi r
inaneut color, vvhitlr will m<-itlkt
rub nor wash olf.
Manufactured by R. P. HAL’, r CO.,
fell ty tU Pf3j(jlj*,l. r.l BvJiri ‘.n I* 'rttjoi
VVeidenfeiler & So'i,
■.Kutemcor* Is I>.i( j A W .t lo.f- ..w,
House,, Sign a.:* -
PA IN'I’M us.
Shi rIV '• , ; ~ 1.. . 1, m.i,*,
Jltji ;!-(. - ■> I'n.H, M l#
/ I it nUK
l) hr i • ••( u I i ',mM* >
•.' .*

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