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Iowa County democrat. [volume] (Mineral Point, Wis.) 1877-1938, May 03, 1878, Image 6

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lowa County Democrat.
CUAWKORD & liLU).. I'lniniHiircus.
Ttrinn, 11.tU por am. urn, In advance
Fit I DAY, MAY 0, 1878,
Th > Waponont of Progron and
Thneditor of the Dailington Uepubli
eiu has been writing eulogies j|hui the
Ili’jisbllcaii party. We anamm.l to ex
prow come doubt its to Uiee/.eelieiicien
<d (lat organization, Its moliv aims
il l acti, and I bun have elicit" i a mild
rnp ijf from that ahiy conducted
i.be t
Wo agree that controversy i Wald
only hi indulged in Idi Hi a ike of
.•■.Hording light on living qmstion.-,
b .1 we inm-t insist that our statements
we,- t fully justified by all tlm taels.
To tln.'.e sanguine, individuals who
fought the early battle, o in -i:
publican party and who vainly im
agl n that it is still pun mid mid",
tiled in at iln Inception, In illbu ! mem
on-o ;nij ardent hopes Inve l iken 1,1,
piano < |r fuel.!) and reuiitie:.. ’1 hey
point to the better aebie vme il.,
(.he reino!'', past, while lie hi ■■ aeb,
ol infamy urn forgotten, 'I ini lie;
i min'd: Vo lOßUltfi of the war < i l.lm
He’oelU ii, (bo victory for bumm free
bun a id lor civil rights me pojoli -1 |-i
with glowing pride, but lb nose ml.y
I,niggle for' power and for j If, of
which the din oven imw (ills nil nliiio
•i:f* am quite unlieedi'd. At lone ,
imwevor, the present will oblmde
itself and thon acts (he nurd lawl.n
ond fra idnlont become neon “lae.lls
'. liich a"* denounced," Cm sooth, I ,i
1 boss (a ills are ju Milled on t he pi onn.l
that tliiiir opponents have b
P cliid hi designs “not credit.abe .”
To nay that the KepubUeiui |-id \
iis hoc i the party of pi eg:a , , . -
ply to say t!iat it has In ea in (
.. id the opposing parly had non ,bi l
In do hut accept events. U V i. ,ii
advancement was mode thi- i me i.
p uco has Ipien most lienrly. 15.0 th
mission of tho Republican parl.v no .
nded itdocH not propose any bid !>■)•
■engross. It has no power lo < in>
out progressive ideas. The mantle
his fallen upon other shoulders Ihe
heights are to bo scaled by <8 lit r
TlKidaiiulhiiU.il** llepnbliean |wU
mmid 'only accord iU apiiniv.il I"
P il riotio o florin to nerve I he *•< >mi ‘ n
if not made with intent to deeeive is
MHI out ItIHcUM) (IdllliliOll. II W. > 11 1 ■ I 1 1
r dleulouH to deny that there hit pal
iiota iutlio ranks of Ihr Kepidilieau
party; but it i. neverthelens 1 1 m> that
ill follow l>lin liy corrupt and tin
principled lea h i m.
.*•. Bill win i inhume of departure
f on the path of rectitude niusi evr
throw HUiipici'iii on the Hnh:ie<joenl
nclionn of any manor el i... ol in
From the beginning of the liim! p
dontial campaign down to Hie pr< ■
iiionmuta hoi iea if ilnpninl onli > ,
upon tho people have been p**rpe i
ami uphold. There ia n<* need t
specify portion Inr instance*', 1" il,
I 11.0 COIIfIVIHiOUH of two IH!*v ' t '
Hi Florida board of oanva . ; ! n
a i a sad e. run it,ary open (he i o
r Min of t'i i,in who could as ~ "
and ) prollt li / t io mind* -d i v. IP i
conn mil 'll a,.i i iron!, a* 1 . ,*i
aid whir. in iioovov \. - ■■■ . r.a ■
a id winli id at by I 'iomc ■ i ■ >\.
on; winy I,Mo criminal a. i
'i'lie ac.bjcnl n p ■ 1 ' i;
li'Dll 1 .'ll U. I. Ijl 1 { •}.*. 1
pri 'reiH an I pPil ' . e
i'll on ; ;*:• pib ' . ' * i
for exhib lion;.' of j , - 1 ■ ! 1
iiotle.id■; a 1 1 .vo (hoc, c. > >u
which no . .'j ;i id , < * ■ 'i. i
111 earn of o' 1 ( .;v, i . ;.u , ,t;P p-, •
:•>* a lot the i nlmc. 'i i. • <' t - ,
11. • 'll' .Vi ;M ; Ia <'
I' o, and a. b > if. ; ■ t
vr.i’)!;•, O' 1 ' I (.1- p; , II
i. n ctr. nuMaei, lr.il l'i >
mnule.r if li i■; ’y [i • .( ,■
J'lMii 01 .l'i I ;V
‘ ’.■ ' t’i- I'L.m h:
of Ml'.'l ,1 I, , , .... 1 , {), , ,
paper j' . . no; 1 , and; r , , i |
i‘ w ! .! .’.I . •
•M: Old ll o' id • vl'i , t !:, i|. ~
pre-weal b.i'i.au p,d
—*t, frWni ■
‘hap ■: i ( .... , . v
.1)0111 o , i! • it* i*.,, % .r , ~
. 'iliTTvet.;. ,;i ii>
j. i; oi >i p , „ v , .*,, ,
t..l liiiit.. <*: a nail .'Main In ;oi .
(Vinrtf;.., lias (alien no action , { • •
dm 1 dr i'olutiomi ( r j, iV ,• ~
Mu- c.r I ; in;. . 1 irdfrmt. v. r
fliO OJfCOJ‘V .f le.'c irlr v 7
Our County lionua Settled.
The Ion;? find expensive litigation
growl i# out of the bonds issued by
lowa county to the Mineral Point rail
road in ihal, is at last ended.
In accordance* with an understand
ing arrived at during the last session
of the county board, tho county bor
rowed from the State the remaining
$50,05') auUsoriy/id by law to be loaned
to it, and with this ready cash in their
pocket an I (lie credit of the enmity at
their back, the Knn I (Joinmissioners,
Hons. Jmtph Jlennett. John 11. Vivian
ftnd li W. .loin \r, last week proceeded
to Milwaukee for trie purpose of set
(ling up (la i rnainder of the old debt.
'l’h ■ o 'o,')•).'cash on hand \va; applied
li , (lie <lomininsioners in settling the
Bradley A (furtis judgments, amount
ing to ft.ld.iJ.JiS da and about .1511.00) of
the Mariner judgment,at cents on
t lie d'dlar. 'Thif. loaves a ha'ane e ol
$!15,00n dll'- on the Mariner ju J pucnt,
for which that gentleman agrees to ac
cept eouiil y builds at V fu r cent, intei
■ at. pavntiP iinnnaMy and (ii ; principal
as Cull hvs: )?|o,ooo in IS 0, $20,000 in
ls-;7. ? : i.non in I 'do and Cl' ,000 in IKW
Uy tliis arrangeimin', the county will
[lily off I he. SI.V>,OOO due the State I e
(nre cotninencing on the principal of
the ..tariuei claim, the, lieiil hang re
due dlo the uniform .rat,i of $20,00 i
I ach > ar, until IHHn, v. lie.n (here u ill
!"• but $15,000 left. 1 i order that our
readers may all (or oueo in their lives
ec. I lie mid of tli di ind h i due we
give l>. l>>w a stalc.me.nl ol tlm ammuil
of lax which Limp", ;>!;• of the county
v, II have, to p ty eivdi year to wipe, mil
(he debt according to the terms of the
I eft lament:
Jninrnt <m Told
Voir I'rii.i lp'il, T.c.il ii. it. 'lnv
!HV‘!-to dale 1. 00 515,050 ,i 5 i
IS7O go,ooo j.:.0.,0 o;,o
is,St I “ go, 001 l'.;'s() 25(1
i.-si " iv.ooo in.sou ;;o t s ,a
!* ;:j ■ go,o r) 8,050 25,050
Is I “ i!!),0 1 i 0,050 i'll,on !
I P (to Slate lo.oio „
1 iM n incr 10.000 ’
IS'-Ui “ 110,SOI) r..H'O 'JO.H'O
is " go,ooo 2,150 51:1,150
ISSS *• 15,000 1.050 10,050
'i'm* li\ for the present year will be
equal loa Iraelion less than 51 cents
mi the Ip 100 of assessed valuation, as
ci|u.ili/ei 1 by the, hist comity board.--
BlironieP .
In Probate lowa (huirify (loiirt.
In tho mutter of tho enlate of John Wient,
li nmllnif mnl fiMutf lh* "f Kliz
hlm'llj W i••••!, r , i , r io r nniout; otho* IliiuvH
iimt •! .lin'' linn, Ini*- ol H.ijil miinty, on tho 11 f n
Um>* of prll, A. h. IHTM, ni l)ol;rfVilin dh <1
niepinl. . lo.tviii'T p-unl*. chit tot* and •• •*n, 1
widtin thin oonntv, uni |mvii i 1 tint mliuim*
tr 1111 .* hml i*■*! un he u 1(0 A ni.in Mot** -uni
(ioof \V U -*l <•' rlVll (.*<l ;
II if on! ’fil ll'Mi lOit l hi* h* nrd
Hi;* ,111 cl f>' of lli'H • *ll rt 011 lh*‘ ‘?V (i 13
ol Mu A l> I id. Ml 111*’ l'i ■ l.iitr ofMor 1 1 111
\lll 11 ’r bf DoJ,;OVilIl), a* l) ()’ l*ck lit 11l v !:•
1101 11.
A.• • It *•* f.uthor orlTin! that pnlillc uotiff
II I I lu* *'|V.*ll t• > III! pi I-UIIN Dll I till hy
I ihhcl.ii!" u copy of lls iH ■! rI n Hina wMrflv-*
“luv-vi'i vi J. pro rln hrtoi t\w of h*ur rtf. In llo*
1 Ml PliHi ilOtU'MT.it, 11 WfM'iily lHTM*p.ipiU
(liriil . .u • In M'i o| r iimt y.
ii •! \prll in is:
’i U .11*11 V ’1 .'ON K . (Vi.nfy Jw.lrn
111 Pi aPi ptsva laiutllv Ci'lll't.
11. ll' I 111., i .... 11l mil,' v.m Wll
it!ii,i.\* v a Mail ii, 1., in.v a vi'n .
I' i .1 .it'll,; t *i>- pi'liliiin (if .Ihiih’i
111 r . . t I.l' ’ 1 e h ill niul ti'HtiMii Mil
ni .• ■ i il'Ti'ii..-ii, .. ii.. !..,*tlt t ' ;iiniiiml 1.1
a. un 1 i ii' t'i uh i . .-111111! Ii liih ImiMs, ami
i" IV ; ■ I | lu- am-.uni u( .liV.li
i'ii i 1 I' ■ I IP Ii 1 I ,|, ,| i,| |,| ..y mi;
11l lit 1.. I Mi., i In ii-.* -1 n ;
I"! 11. i ' in- li.-r.aif i.l<l ilia- .- •a,
’- i ■ 1 1- l Ini I!.- prtpnhi ill l.l'iiu i-alll
i-■ ■■ m a 11 . . 1 i! , •-( ailiuillialiaui'ii , ami
0 M- r i 1 •■ I e - i-i tin ll mi ni
1 V• 11 i-: i•> . . I ri iii i,r,■ - . I naiil
.-'.aailll 1... i\ H-111l ,1 -tim • • 1, Ml., uitarry
I ■ i'-- ii• i•' 111- u.i I -i ii i:- a •him i nl I
[ 0 . l • .lilt- I.- I. till I I--..,up. ,11
■ -I" O 1 1- V • 11. V ' II- IM.-C •’ ■ IP- P-1.l ■ -
-10 ■, l iII Im 1 i. ..ay Vi,i, I , il l ,
I 1 *■ V • ml I.; i-' ill 11,1.1,. V : .111
1 1 ’' I In' In'' -. 11, -|| IT i to
; "• > 1-1 -HIV 1.1.1 • -'1 til 1.. . a. ..- -u-.i 1
> II" -II I *'-. a -a." ... a
: ■ V n- .1 a. ■ . 11 i , n,,- '
! h ‘ • .1 tho i ■ . .
•* • Un- .- ' o'hi Ilia • i 11.'
j (
ro.\'ci'.' J4 i.
• \ ‘A • '■ ' i * ':* ‘ '
V: ' . I.* • • r 1 '
%. . f
( .j , , ~
' ' I N l 1 * 1 f A ,\’
*’ • ‘ > r"! • ;-v fit \ \ .
; ■■■-,. 'r. i
1 '' 1 • *’ ’ *k* . *rn. >% - tii.
* ' ' n I i'll, JSi iU* id \\ jm, on i o
* K• I * t (.1 ; U . . ; >, y • ,
' ' > ‘ V* VV t H'vi-,,' * 111
Ia a A i' v - mo ii,ki:,\-
, , ' S , -111*." HU ..V h vi,,
■- * '<■ *um.- u , m
Hta'o of Wisconsin —Circuit Court j
of lowa County.
Bi n Thntnie A fo., plaintiff. agatn't Themas
I) .Inner, Dcfcrdant.
Notice It lucky River, that by virtue of an
execution ienu l 1 out of Uie above tamrl coart '
to the above ent Heft action acainatlhe property I
of the mirt Thoicrm 11. Jutvp. hearicst riate tnc 1
41 >i day c.( Mate’. A I). 1878. I have levied upon
and < u (ho .'rd day cl May, A ! > ,
1878, at 2 o'clock, Jr< the Hftriu r cl the :
front door of tin Court Monte ir the v
In ;*• of ilodperliio In tlio com.tv of I ova vv.’!
roll t public vemliie to I lie liigt eat h! tier for
rash nil the right, title ur.. ( Ir.t.ei :-t whie.i t •
oalrl Thnniaa l>. Jom B ban (•'. If.. 1 h id.y of
March. A. It. 1871 or ta" since ai;iil'"tl In the ;
follow.I.: dcseiixtd real trial;, to". ' • The
south-cant quarter of the north cart cptytnr < 1 '
section r limb tri .< (61, town i mala r > i'it.
range. number (oar (41, cul; and lUe nor l h I aif ;
(if the sou 1.-. ft" otiaitei (.f tin roulteul
"■inner cl an • nil iilliibir iw My Uii'iM IV" .
town number seven (7), ranee number it. 1 a 3).
east. Hr lowa count y. .Via, er ao much then 1 , f
t- V. IT a, I .nlj Hit: HI! of $!>:(..(1, with 11.: :n
ftirl (’o."g,
I tat. and. slier! ff'Mifflie. 1). (I .(-\ • 1: a, Wish one! j.,
this J Hi day ol March, A, 1) !- "a
Hberin, |.iw Conn M. v . i l.
Reese A, (’niter, ; ’ uai..;'i. aitonm,.. 21 V
house an.i7Tot
f offer mj hi use and let hr rnlecr petit. allnat
in I'iiylrtra addition to (In city of Miucru!
Point Buuili of th" Seminary. The house
contain.. !• reman, food |. up try and cellar.
(Jdi.d ruUieuaa iind l .rn in the lot. the lot
nontiiinH into half acre of ground an i
will he sold 7ery rhe p, and on easy t rtns
Tor jiartiochirr apply to
211 :im .HIIIN PKNIf U.T.EiUtN
Italian Does For Sale,
1 liiivo for aide 25 strands of
ii reasonable prices. Apply at my premium
one milt) weal of Shermans Mill, and f> miles
auiilliwe-t of Mineral Point t iiy,
Itited March. , I TS.
Mmitifactninra of and dealers in
Suitor Tubs and Barrels,
And nd o'h rs kind* o/' ('mtpt myr
Shop opposite Mmut Terrill's hotel, Minere
Point, Win 12-111
.. m
The Boss Insurance Cos.
A Home Institution.
118-td Arena, Wine.. nlu
The Only Ineensi and .Ine.tionrer in
the (’it if,
Commission Sai.ksm an and (Jkm
i:kai. Com,Km no Auknt.
Miiirr.il I’oliit, Wirconaiii.
S.ilj* hMpimlccJ to In any part of lowa ami
ilj ritilm; ("Mintli'i 0D1.1.K ! I'D) Ns pimnptly
lllHilr WM .IAS UIiALKY.
I'l lha Mineral I’niat. Win
lAisliioua I >lo Harbor
AI (I IDUiI 10-n!tr in
cnoK'i: ciijars,
I'OIIAIM’D, 1‘ I , ;■ ... ■.
High A 7 . .V iin\i ' Point.
I'viTvlhln 'k•;•’ in ;i t c’Mr- -• • ’V. an 1 uork
wo:!; (loin* in tin* m. m i’i*OioMh! ■ nunn >r.
Furnitr.ro i
Furniture 1
Furniture i
I 'lit Hi, ir\ : li;. I -h
• : ''i" oi 1 o’.nil-;. Id • .i • -s w (
-■t lV■ l’r. I. . i-u' h.
C AA'i !A\i,
Weidcnielier& Son,
l >UO. -f • t.) D.O 1- • A '.V :.> . • nf.■; si
House, Spa not < i tenia
P.A ! NT EEs.
Shop Dior Tmw oVr bUckinDth shf>p,
Ilijb. Jlr.e-al Point, W ig.
l'n la a drat tliae mviimr, a i.t at ra .*•• ah.o
■r *'%q*
IR* r.d Pfffn-t Water 81..
Take a pl a- tire In in'orr.lng the ludiei of
Mir ml 1 Ir.t thut hie f,( ;L i tin
t’hlte Pique a* 7’ " sod Weeper yard,
w .pm iqioi '■ .ii ■. cm (if .
f'r-!i Y c I ef.m, c. to S5
Nap I.a f-oii. 7.> to in ti!i per and r
Tt tvrl. fl.ee . $l :ie ■ C y.
'nb.e I .ii. i ■"*, bleat i.erl, !'i o n die to (( |er
yt and
. aide 1 Intu h, untie acht and, from SOc |r, J.J p.f
I’ritit.a a.I and -a'r.i . e aty’- r. h cached t :d an
l.ii iu in . i "ip ,'• .v V 1 k q i Ufttiiiov
(• 1 i - 'pi i ■’ .o ;• v.mvr . iklii.b ii ail l:i
lati'Ki mien pi, i j ; 7:;. i > j •' |.i- pa and.
< ora la, cl ill - 1 -m ■y j . f.-ciii 80' to |3
Lud.ee' liit.i ;, and i 'uUc i liucu lion; So to f.
per [i nr
lAd o'unbleached Coll in Iloae f.or.i ft. m
1... .o’ lice, solid n !■" a In Pink, I .u.
Hln- r.eri l anj'in . m p* \ I . 2.'. • p , j . r
i ' .I,’.- ’lip" I i'.if I. ... :■ 1.0 ) mu ;
Ir ilu k UlucLi and Hob- fi im 2.; lu i r
I’.* r
' hilrireii’a Ilore, in rudlcof variety, (r ~. S
to !>oc p i ,i or.
fie'iC* IJotc, ucbiea.'Ut'd, l. o.n Hi't '
pu- pft'f. '
... id's ,'p II : o, Ktriped. from 10c K> H'r ,m
lit ill’. tjll' H", F'did Co!..r- Ii Prawn. Curdl
ntil. anil I'l'n ■ from 33 it. V. ■
I i.ilmehii is and Hi.iWiua, good qualit,. at
no .
tic,it’s >•, l)r;iw a. for. ire. Caffa. etc,. In
great viri Up.
,• v K.iney Drops (food■) from 7c t . 2 in.
1 uii s t iO'.Klp. phnroe n, Ii ..in Inc v.i Bjc.
llre-p (iuinlp Novell! a 1,, ,i.i Hie Jilo.-l r..yk'>
f.(.:.: 2.i' I', j'i if> ; er vuru.
4 1 I. iinui .-"ill.no from S.fc to .Ve per yard
It aui A ipai:;i (Mill, 2dc fn : Me r y.t; and
lea ii i' .- uie i:: 11 >ni fi t 11. ;C| :;.i ; e.r yir
Mini c . iißliineii i(t iiiehep l:oni VOc to j.! 7.>
p 'r yin I.
liiup it'lCle, 'ld Inch'-s , froc. -i lf> to 51 p
j aril.
dnnimci Sdltp irnm lOr to t ■ ;>■ r yard
( olur. and Hiikc fr. in inc to $i .. ~i r yu.d.
Him k tiilki- 11111 it ie ■in ,-i lard.
Hiavvlc, all pruu s' Irolu Mo lit m,
Cii.f.lie Itoat j' . . Ij2ii im. 1.
A complele tio a oi .11 ii I ilu ry.
kin in, l ('■* in.' ni i . ap,.;n:i ion, id ah order’
filed j roimiL y ('• ■ ous net Biilne ..t I iry tun
ro!inn. and .1 in -i w.
nil I noiiip .fi Ii or, Mnolcaiih' 2d. "mi
la laiiti. 81. xn 2,
cm .1 i AM.!
Mineral, Point.
Of flic V, . ii i ili iiuwrnui
Military Band
/’. '.iff fit".•'/• li'/inu ('j I'inropr I
IVlay 11 and 12, 1878.
ZiU A BCHAUB, - Dip.'ctov, L\ U
Among t i m ihf
Towelvo Yoor Old Drummer Boy,
For the Firs; lime In iinrriea.'
Vocn! mol J:is!rn:..i i ntal Prodiu;
lioll <-C :i 1 '.’ ,n M.I;!;llT I’nn i
The Dim a
Armf.l in ‘m \v . ~: l t,,,• :n,h of
May. !S77,ard sima Ilia! tiia. has jvr
f.mii'-; ■-i ' ■ V •■!. 10.0. a. Cilc;:;;\),
Ciiiian :■ uiui MilwnuKo.- vi.’i llio
K ! < .a. • .- .
Con - f c -T.-i j; -odd iv. 3P. M.
A.liuiasioj;. ;5:.r. lit'. a*rvi':! 00c
i'hililn a half t riot-.
i It v.m! Sants mv lid sooim-.!
at l.r- Ii - ilia. 1 wiiiio’jt I’vira
i , hnr t ;o. 118
Something of Inte rest.
Gv. kc ry a; id Reslau ran ’.
Cos 4 - An ’ ('Ay JUikt ry and
Rsdmrunt :
If von u a.t
F tvLiiS .. .1 lii\ UJ A U, .
llifcu.ti'. Fief, f.k >. i'l'.i'n rr darker*.
If JI>:1 wat'.t a
\j I ' N C II
Or if yi■wm:
Or if yni Uoa't \vj • anythin; It* run an t ■
I.T a J tli ;>• p:r .* a art m> nm
1 ’rcsm env-i : h. h--w> cn a c
Viaer ! ! oi *. ;r i-
Fruit Tress.
The nidor*i(T.it'd hanc£ a p>rt**i * t
£roand oacapied hr
fotoistmK of most ot' lh
Loading Hardy Varieties.
ti.d as iho abort* (.Tjnii mail h? ih *
.‘■pnii*. will sell
Firtt do f •_• V TV*.' 7' r: fV j
rarh. fur ('iihU.
V/.-pNo Um<
;i 0.000
Concord. Grape Vines,
Ai 1 a Fii)t lot
1 0\ r IE i< vt!;K I E NT *S f
Wind. wo Htf n I'ia at I■ v";'V I-uv.-.t
r.:.nrooD nnos.,
SJ-Sa I'CU-. 'IO W-a
1 ' T\
’’ j r: wyi iA .-'PV L.;lLv
' :;Uer and Eggs Wanted!
For wUl.h 1 ni!l ray the b'ch-V. mail.* pros
in cxclianct* for
G-KOOEEIr. e v
( V. ir he rtf uii i ■ /. i,s,• ■ sr.; rr ,
li ■ it.>Vw i) I) i Will,iv i. if,- r
ILuik MiUt? aii'l (ilovort at redncp.-J
lain Phoi.-o Cr.-mhiTri'-H. H qt fot ii 8'
I <*aiihiHi, 2, jumihoh Un l
vT. ii. :< poui-o i r 1 0 i
Horn! Kanniy -mmi> k's oara for 0*
I mn telling the
.Hivhn nlriou
Boots and Shoes!
niE jiHsr iy run mark
XU-15 I* .ttif. n'\
I Desirable Farm For Sa!.\
Dost, Location in lowa County
I l will -‘f 1 myfirm colitidtiinu 8.) lote t.e.ii
j it m(itr'l - hull mill 1 from the city 1 1 in ■.
! ortli tout, m-ar ’he old Mineral P in no 1
|Jt(k, on t-rnn* to unit tin- piirah.t *o* I , e. M
, n |.■ under cultivation and f* ru live art o. pie.
1 Mi-o uod I imbcr, all (Irel class nod i.c.h-I e- * .
1 V thrifty oi-.-l.nr4 of J'* l * lre.es. J-ul tu'inui,' l
| ■ nr; n i-niall vl'rt yard ol about llu vims. wli.i .
I bore C.hbO i*iiiii (In y'o .H ri*h crapes last m‘* , 'i.
urranls. .'.mo'licrm-i., and sir.iwiitirr,i ■*, h
I , oud s stern at Ihi* kitchen door, and a ! upe
.die i t tin* stable (loot; a durable aptiny of
wuti r in I lie part tin* for slock, I Wo *d <> *rr.e.
;*.d hop luoin r (oi earn and hops I’ho dwell
I i*.j* I’.onri ir einiv* I*lent and c ■info'lahle. with
I ‘..i.e I. cell *n. parlo . lour bedrooms, cleans,
j oiry, Jte., all on He* around. The building*
ifioii | *oi<*i*iiil *>y yon. m timber from cold
I A-ii nl*.. tii In. I. If necessary a houau ud
I imr.iiii' i>-ii in narrow I'uns'o railroad
! iuli-1.1 be l k *ii as part (( v. Kor further
:y n. fa. •*■ ei inf. of.lotlN UK \ KDBI.KV .
j,.u i.t.li i'll, jWi/ MineralPuiat, Wia.
i The
J|i Household
i WioUld b> ;ti; pi l ' 1 a* nil times with i
remedy of ackm ivli-ii: -1 no-ril, for vise in
case of Mocid nt, a* w il m ' :o* Hie suany
;u*h. (find i nuts and.! to Hold" t). Ko rem
edy pas r ve’i -it' ii | el t.l i-f ictlon in
( very i ei >iv-> In tnaklnp this
assertion wo kt*e .* it ■ b' ailb.stantlaled
l y evidence < I'..- r-"*' tm.iiiiVi clmrueter.
Tl:r CI U 4T3VI’. i*** n l’an;i ■
fcss for UlK'iimi’.tiKin, Neural
gia. Hclsitica. Nervous Head
adM'h. I> ipli<Si ori a. Sore
Throat. C uts, Wound*. Hum*.
Scald* . IJ-nvcl Complaint*,,
i),U)p<'Pii:, Toothache. Inar
aciio. or tvltercvcr there i*
pain or iiiliair. ina I iou.
The iTUATIVK is l-mdil.v taken br dd
; and ynittv me; !■ • > :t. r vl use its hoot,,
inp iittliter.ee md’-'f :t to’’ dosirabei
toedi* Sue ter family t* tvu j rod used.
Give it a Trial,
And you wH nrvrn bo without it.
feat nby .‘.tt rr: oGibXH.

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