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Icwa County Democrat.
Kill DAY, MAY :il, 187*.
Us Work of Destruc
tion through lowa
VVpp illlntf Dosrt of ijf and
1’: purty in lowa, Dunn.
.liOTcrsori, Waußpalui,
and Milwaukee
Further Details of the Groat
Tim report given in the last isftiu* of
tin 1 IfcinooniL of tlm great stoi m
which swept through I own comity,
ilii"ice an far east an Lake, Michigan,
n i] > tamas of over one linMtlieJa.nl
thii.y miles, wan of necennity eoiilinetl
loJne work of destruction in Mineral
Point ami iinnieiliate vicinity. The
gpimi wan far great'*!' in extent than
At first supposed, ami the loss ol lile
Ami properly exceeds the most extrav
agant eslimales.
The tornado began its devastating
Work .it Hie town of Milllin,on the
fiiTin owned by .). W. Ilewey, about
two miles nonlb of Milllin village, and
fourteen or fifteen miles southwest of
Mineral Point.
Mr. Win. T. Henry reports that at
Hbont ball'past :i o’clock last Thurs
day afternoon while lie and Professor
Chamberlain were standing m tlm new
(VinHerv looking wesl from the city,
tlmv saw at a distance, us they then
'BUpposed, of only a few miles, a nnm
ber of large black clouds concentre.
The ef mds were low and heavy and
earn t logelher with terrillc power,
forein ' the wind into a rotary motion.
The tornado then began its work in
earned, carrying with it as its (irst
object u straw stack from Mr. lie way's
farm. II limn struck tlm house of
Edward Williams,doing damage to
the amount of Iwo or Ihrec hundred
fjolliin; nexl tilt! house of Alts, H.m
riuli *1 * tints, mother hi John I. Jones.
Mrs, ./uni•< w,is absent. '/'ln' bouse
%v.is (MiTi 'll away before the furious
Frank Owens' hinl .leliii AI.
O wens houses wiiri' iibxl, In *\(*11 . Mrs.
Frink Ownin’ was badly injuriil, hut
wj 11 recover. Tim houses of I).
Thomas, Lvans, Sl l *plu• u Thomas,
.1 oh ii Lewis, Airs. Phillips, fcf. 11 ilftfluvs
mill David 11. Davis worn .ill visited
and greatly damaged. Mrs. Phillips,
who was at lirst feared to he fatally
•Injured is now recovering.
From Iho Welsh settlement (he
fiterm swept across the country to
Dost drove', destroying everything be
fore it.
At Lord, drove it struck the house
of .los. lluwe, utterly demolishing it
and carrying .Mrs. .los. Howe a distance
of several rods. She has since died
from injuries received, .los. Howe was
holding an infant child iu his arms
and both were dashed furiously about
(but not fatally injured; the other child
was unhurt but buried in mud. T.
Tlowe. father el Joseph, an uged
man. was also in Lin* house and bruised
It, thou crossed the farms ol Mrs.
McCormick and John D. Miller, doing
considerable damage to both their
James F. Brown's place was next
Visited and considerable damage done.
U passe 1 through Mr. Koss’ place,
carrying with it the house occupied
1\ Mr. Doiiev, and breaking long lines
ol' i'enees. Mr. Hess says ids loss will
teach from !si,aon in twine.
it carried off the new house of
Thomas ixealey, and damaged his old
house l o i great extent. Mr. Kealey
had family escaped by going into the
cllar. lie estimates his loss at thir
teen hundred dollars.
Tlio storm swi'pt on around (ho
bind towards I’liillii.s* burn, oh,inniiiK
I'roiu ils diivrt oourso and Col lowi uu
tho bind w.a (listaivoo oC sovont v
or oi",l*!y mils, li struoU the largo
How barn bolouging to Mr. Phillip ,
Hh illoria.; ii lo plinlors, anil doing
ila n.i, 1 to proporly to (ho o\lont ol
sl, ■i< in s_>, >n i. U r<oii whirloil di-
Vi-i i u ■! a ol app. ami lo i.■ imr
i. i ;;| c iv’ "'ii ho o tsi.
there for an instant, attempting to
force its wy U> the east, but In an
other iiislanMts course was changed
to the noxthe^jit.
Those wliolutUrhed it at this point
say that the scene was beyond descrip
tion. For a moment the furious and
maddened wind tried to surmount the
bin IT, but Providence decreed other
wise. Had the storm succeeded in
keeping its direct course it would
have passed through the very heart of
Urn oily, and the scene of desolation
which would have marked its track
can only be imagined.
The furnace of James Hpensley
was the first building struck after the
tornado left Castle Hock, doing dam
age to the amount of SI,OOO.
.). Coleman’s house was next lift
into Hie air, badly injuring all of the
inmates. Mr. Coleman, wife, daugh
ter and John Allen were in the house.
Mr. Coleman was badly injured, and
his recovery was at llrst considered
very doubtful. The others were more
or less injured, hut all arc now re
Tiie large frame house of John
Hpensley was next taken. The scene
of its destruction is graphically de
scribed by Mr. Win. Coates,one ol Mr.
Spensley’s friends, visiting from Du
Mr. Spensley’s house was totally de
molished, most of it carried up in the
air and scattered to the four corners
of the compass. There were twelve
persons in the house, and when they
saw the angry black clouds and
fierce lightning corning towards them,
they thoughtfully entered the cellar,
miming down it stairway loading from
the dining-room. All got in the base
ment except Mrs. T. C. Roberts and
Mm. Maria Waller. Mrs. Roberts re
mained on the, stairs, urging Mrs*
Waller to follow her down, hut all at
once Mrs. Roberts thought that one of
her four children was left up-stairs,
and star ted up to get it, Mrs. Waller
following her. The storm then
struck the house, and Mrs. Roberts
retreated to the stairs again, feeling
sure that all Hie children were in the
basement. The frame house oscillat
ed and cracked visibly, while the stairs
on which Mrs. Roberts stood were
moving about ready to fall. The
windows of the house were blown in,
(he glass and sash falling like hail on
(ho helpless woman. The doors llevv
open. The house was cleft in twain
and the strong air grasped the form
of Mr. Waller, and after bearing aloft
about inn feel, dashed her to the
•j’l'oiiinl u IHVloss (MirpsH, with two
arms hrokon and her hotly otlicrwiso
Jirnisoil. I lor nliooh wort* (;ikou I’roni
Jut loot unit (Mint'd invuy on tho
wings of (ho furious wind. The
house was entirely demolished and
.swept from the foundation, leaving
the lerrilied women and children in
tint hasimient. Part of the house was
found one mile away, and part of a
rnflor was fomul over a mile distant
driven over live foot in the ground.
A large barn and carriage-house stood
about .‘{O' foot north-east of the house,
winch contained several bug,sties and
cutters, horse, etc. The barn and
contents except the horse were a total
The hub of one of (In 1 wheels of Mr.
Waller’s buggy was cut out as if done
by a piece of machinery made for the
purpose, the other part of the wheel
not in the least injured. One of the
cutters could not be found anywhere.
Tim debris at the ham was lifted in
the air and taken in an opposite di-
rectum from the passag# of Urn cy
clone, which was it strange and seem
ingly miiicconntiiblc phenomenon.
The next place visited was a large
timber lot belonging to Dr. Moffett,
recently fenced :md cleared for picnic
grounds, etc. The greater portion of
Mr. spensley’s furnilnro was ciirried
into this lot and shattered to pieces
among the broken trees,
The farm house of John and Calvert
Spenslny, occupied by (leu. Leonard
was next carried oIT, ami Mrs. Leon
ard killed. Her body was found in
the ravine about one hundred yards
distant from the house, mangled in
a fearful manner. Mr. Addington's
house was also carried oil’, and John
F,am is' slono house unroofed. One
person in the latter house was slight
ly injured.
Ih'iijainin C. Piounott’s honso oaiuo
n *M, ami was swopl away in a Iwink
linsi. Mrs. Uonnott was alonointho
honso. S!u amvocdod in partly os
oaping Iroiii it, bnl was thrown over
• woo,l pilo, ami slightly injnroil,
Maiihow l>i>uni.'lt,fathorof \V. ll.ami
H. ■!. II • unott, w ho was imar bv, was
thrown to tlio ground, but csoapid
wiihont injury.
W in. .laoka’s honso was n >\; roaoh
ban i•• iv..,! v.ivorU IV." f- ■>.,
or four others were in the house, but
none of them were badly injured.
James Princes’ house was unroofed,
and the roof carried away. A barn be
longing to John Lanyon was sent
whirling through the air.
Passing through the German (,'atho
lie grave-yard, tomb-stones and monu
ments were thrown down and badly
broken. The fence was nearly all de
After passing on a short distance
the storm swooped down upon the
residence and brewery of Mr. C. Gill
mann, reducing them to ruins in an
instant. There were twelve persons
in Mr. Gillmaim’s house, and when
they heard the storm coming took
refuge in the cellar. All escaped with
the exception of Miss Alice Zimmer,
of Kden, who received injuries from
which she died on Saturday last.
The roof of Mr. Adams’ house was
carried away, and the house torn al
most to pieces and furniture destroy
ed. At the brewery the work of the
storm was most terrible and beyond
description. The roof was carried
away and shattered to splinters in the
air, the stone walls of the upper story
crumbled to the ground. Two barns
were thrown down and in one two
horses were killed. A number of
hogs in the yard were killed. Mr.
Gillmann’s residence and orchard was
swept as with the bosom of destruc
tion. About one hundred and fifty
apple trees and other fruit and orna
mental trees were lorn down and
stripped of their foliage. Two rows
of shade trees were skinned of their
hark and leaves.
The escapes from death at Mr. Gill
mann’s residence and about the brew
ry appear almost miraculous. Thir
teen persons wore in Gillmann’s house
and but one of them was fatally in
jured. A number of persons had
taken shelter near the brewery, and
all of them escaped unhurt. Assessor
Priestley was talking to Mr. (Jillmann
when the storm struck the brewery,
several laborers were engaged in and
about it, and all escaped with their
The storm passed over the old Spell
man place and P. Welsh’s, leaving the
houses untouched, butkuocking down
rods of fence.
The Arena stage had been driven
up to the brewery for shelter. The
driver saved himself by getting down
and catching hold of the spokes of one
of the wheels. The stage; was twirled
around several times, the driver still
keeping his grasp of the wheels. The
mail hag which he was carrying was
secured, hut a package which he had
also with him at the time was carried
away, ami was afterwards picked up
near Kramer’s residence in Waldwiek
about twelve miles distant from the
brewery. A valise belonging to a lady
visiting at Mr. Gillmaiin’s was found
next day about a mile west near Mr.
James .Spensley’s.
Prank Bohan's place was visited;
his house was lifted into the air, taken
backward several rods ami shattered
into splinters. A number of the
members of the family were at home.
Mrs. Bohan received injuries from
which she died about midnight. Miss
Annie Bohan,it was feared, was fatal
ly injured, but she is now slowly re
covering. Frank Bohan and his sou
Peter were badly hurt, the latter re
ceiving some very severe cuts about
the head and face. John Bohan’s lit
tle daughter ran to a root house, and
escaped without injury. Mr. Bohan's
property was all destroyed.
The house of John Jeuck’s Summer
Harden was next visited, and Mrs.
Myers was killed. Miss Jeuck was
very badly injured, but will recover.
The trees in the garden were broken
down, and the place literally covered
with fence posts, broken boards and
shingles from the brewery.
The storm reached the top of the
hill east of the brewery when it struck
the residence, hep-house and barn of
John Beardsley, carrying them before
it and shattering them to pieces.
The sehool-lieuso near by was next
taxon. The teacher, Miss Mellhon,
and liliceu scholars were in the
school house, and all escaped with but
little injury, with the exception of
Oliver and Kli/a Beardsley, who were
killed, and a son of Marlin O’Dowd
who was very badly hurl, but will re
cover. The teacher holding Kli/a
Beardsley in her arms was thrown
several rods and slightly in jured.
Wm, docking's house, barn and out
houses were all destroy oil. and Cook
ing and wife badly injured.
The storm next swept away the res
idence of Martin O'Dowd. Mis ban
and stables w ere als > taken, but lar
lUnately the family escaped wahout
injury. Me is one of tM-■ leu ■'
Win. .Salmon’s house came next and !
was completely destroyed. S. Teri
rill’s barn was blown away.
The storm passed through forty ;
acres of timber belonging to John and l
Calvert Spensley, leveling it to the i
ground, Joe. Cribble’s and Laverty's j
timber, still further < ast, was also de- i
The house of Thus. Kreamer was j
destroyed and he had his leg broken. ■
Wm. Ooley, while, attempting to keep !
the door closed, was instantly killed. I
T. '1 argusen’s house and barn was
carried away, and Targnsen badly in
jured and wife killed. Kibble Camp- i
bell, daughter of Senator Campbell, i
received injuries at ibis place from |
which she has since died.
The number killed in the county is (
thirteen, as follows:
Mm. Joioph Howe. Lost Grove.
Mr - . Waller, of Dubuque.
Mr*. of Mineral Point.
Mis Alice ZI minor, ol'Kdon.
Mr*. Mover, of Mineral Point.
Oliver HeaidMcy, town of Mineral Point.
Kllza IHirdaicy, town of Mineral Point,
Mr*, llolmn. of Mineral Point.
Win. Ooloy, of Waldwiek.
Mlhh Lihlritt Campbell, of Kldijoway.
Mrs. ft wiinlron, Momcow.
Ole Swlikl.-oii, Moscow.
Mrs. Torginpon, Moscow.
We take the following account of
the tornado and the estimated dam
ages 1 rom telegrams to The Chicago
Times, sent from this city by their
correspondent, W. T. I'enrose, which
we deem substantially correct;
“The house owned by Kdvvard
Williams, in the Welsh settlement,
was the Urst struck, and completely
demolished; loss s:iuO. Three houses
in a row, owned by Mrs. Phillips,
Frank Owens, and Mrs. Jones, mother
of Joint Jones, judge of lowa coun
ty court, were then struck and leveled,
and then one house across the road
was unroofed; loss to the four 31,500.
John Davis’ house is also blown down ;
loss s,‘{so. Steven Thomas’ barn and
out-houses are blown down; loss $250.
The next was John Lewis’ out-houses
and part of his dwelling; loss S2OO.
Hugh Hughes’ dwelling and out
houses are also among the wrecked;
loss $450. David li. Davis’ house,
cultivator, buggy, wagon and reaper
blown away; loss SI,OOO. The next
was David Thomas’ stone house un
roofed ; damage $100; Steven Thomas’
house is also blown down; loss s.‘>oo.
No one was killed, and only two ser
iously injured, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs.
Owens, in this place. Mrs. McCor
mick's place about two miles west of
here, was the next struck by the storm
which carried off part of her house
and out-buildings; losss2so. A bridge
situated about a quarter of a mile
from this place, was carried one mile,
John J. Boss’ farm was the next
struck, suffering to the extent of sl,-
500. Hugh Phillips place, which joins
on the west, was struck, demolishing
anew barn and killing lire head of
cattle, besides destroying two miles of
fence; loss $1,500. Tom Keeley, join
ing, had his house, stable and wagon
demolished; loss SI4OO. Mrs. Howe's
place, in Lost drove, was demolished,
killing Mrs. Howe: loss S4OO. James
Spensley’s furnace was destroyed: loss
SBOO. John Coleman's house was the
next wrecked, seriously injuring Cole
man and his daughter; loss $;!00. R.
Oates’orchard and grove were then
swept by the wind, doing SIOO worth
of damage. John Spensley’s residence
and barn and a house occupied by
George Leonard, belonging to him are
gone, Mrs, Waller and Mrs. Leonard
being killed; loss $12,000. John Fran
cis’ stone house was damaged to the
extent of S2OO. John Addington had
SSO in money and $l5O worth of prop
erty destroyed. Benjamin Bennett's
house, barn and orchard are also
among the destroyed; loss. $1,200. J.
Lanyon's barn was blown down, two
men being in it at the time—one, John
Oates, receiving injuries about the
hip: loss $75. A. Jenkins'house was
unroofed; loss $75, s. Webb's house,
occupied hv .las. Princ'*, blown over;
toss ssOl l, William Jacka's house, barn
and wood-shed blown down anil partly
carried away; loss $7iM. Judge Folli
re u's and John Hutchinson's fences
and groves destroyed; loss, s4io.
s. Adams'house unroofed; loss S4OO.
I'. (illlmann's brewery, house, stables
and orchard are mostly blown
away. Alice Zimmer, of Kden, died
on yesterday, from injuries received I
at the house of Chas. Gillmann. The
loss in property hero is about $20,000. >
About a quarter of a mile north of
tliis place, F. Bohan's new house was i
blown away, killing his wile and
fa ally injuring his daughter, also
killing a her.-c; 10.-s s:,>* "i. Acres- Jit •
iract from Gillmana's brewery n;u
John Jeuck -. sunnier garden and a
killing Mrs. Myers; loss 81,200. The
storm did no considerable damage
from this point until it reached John
Beardsley’s, about half a mile cast,
where it again played havoc, blowing
over his hop-house and barn, and de
stroying his hop-yard and orchard,
and carrying away miles of fencing;
loss $ 1,500. Win. Cooking’s place was
the next struck, carrying away his
house and out-houses. Cocking was
found in an apple tree unconscious,
and his wife is considerably injured.
Loss SI,OOO. The school-house was
carried away, and has not been seen
since. There were about iifte n
scholars in it when it was struck, but
tail) two were killed, Oliver Beards
ley and Eliza Beardsley, brother and
sister, and one hoy was badly injured.
How the others escaped is unaccount
able. The .sehooi-house cost SIOO. JM.
O'Dowd's house, barn, and most of the
out-houses are demolished, lie was
slightly hurt. His boy had his scalp
lorn off at the school-house; loss sl,
200. The wind did no damage from
here till it reached Win. Salmon's
farm, a distance of three miles, when
it destroyed his orchard, house and
barn; loss SI,OOO. Not far from this
place Stephen Terrill's barn, black
smith shop, anew buggy, threshing
machine, ami out-houses were destroy
ed; loss SBOO. At Hill Terrill's live
hundred cords of wood were scattered,
but no damage was done to the houses.
At J.Cribble’s grove the wind tanned
a complete net-work of trees. It did
no damage from here, tvilh the excep
tion of blowing dowu trees and fences,
until it reached John Krciimer’s farm,
a distance of six miles, where it blew
over bis house, which was new,
killing Wm. Ooley; loss si, r >ot).
Jacob itobinson's place joined Mr.
Kreamcr’s on the east, and all his out
houses are in ruins; lass, $10). Mr.
Targnson’s house and out-houses tire
leveled to the ground; Mrs Tttrguson
was not killed, as tit first reported.
Miss. Tibbie Campbell, Senator Camp
bell's daughter, received injuries at
this place, from which she died the
following day. Mrs. Tiugiison and
three daughters tire terribly bruised.
Loss to the property, $1,1500. Mrs.
Matey, a widow, had her house, shed
and granary blown down; loss, SBOO.
John Bowers’ house is carried away
and outhouses blown down; toss soo.
David Bowers’ house, barn, reaper,
granary, etc., tire totally destroyed,
and himself and wife seriously hurt;
loss, $2,000. I lore the tornado crossed
Blue Mound branch ami struck Be ter
Betersuu’s place, unroofing the house
and otherwise damaging the building;
loss, S4OO. Ole Swansea's place was
completly demolished, and Slop in
money blown away, Mr. Swansea was
found with a rail driven through his
body, and his head terribly mashed.
Mrs. Swansea was found dead about
six rods from the house with a baby
eight months old in her arms uninjur
ed. George Swansea had his leg
broken. The loss June was SJ,OOU
Kettle Ban Ison’s house was blown
over and damaged to the amout of
s4r>(). George Baulson, chairman of
the town of Moscow, had his house and
outhouses blown away: loss, $1,500.
Edward Beterson's house, barn, and
granary were blown over and his
wife is seriously hurt; loss, syou.
Louis llovred had part of his house
unroofed and hum and outhouses de
molished; loss SBOO. ilahcr Hailey’s
house and outhouses were blown
over; loss, S4OO, Jean Wild, had pari
of Ids house unroofed, grainary demol
ished, and about two miles of fence
destroyed; loss, SSOO. Kev. A. Jacob
son, pastor of the Norwegian church
at Berry had part of his house carried
away and outhouses destroyed, I Lily
Waring, a friend, stopping at thohousw
was killed, and Mr. Jacobson received
slight injuries. The church which is
close by, was unroofed; loss, sl,oo#.
Dr. McFarland's otliee was destroyed,
killing one man and injuring another.
The man killed was being examined
by the doctor when the house was
struck, and the doctor's escape unhurt
is miraculous.”
lit Dane, Jefferson, Waukesha the
lossof life an 1 propwty w..s appalling.
About twenty pers jus w ere killed iu
Dane county, and more than cue
hundred wounded.
Tho damage to property by the tor
nado, is estiui tied at dearly one mil
lion dollars the loss in Mineral
Boint will i“ ui'h upward of sixty-h\ e
thousand dollars.
On Briday a meeting of car citizens
was In 11, at which an oxet dent relief
c camiuei i.x.s appointed. Upwards
■•t r'-. ' i La.* aha f vd and
is being expended juila iously for the
’•■•n-' < < 1,.- sufferers ■: tt and

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