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lowa County Democrat,
FRIDAY, SEPT. 18, 1878.
Ijocal Items.
No horse racing at the Lafayette
o.itjiinLy fair.
Mr. Robert Hughes is now with J.
The Public Schools o; mo and on .Mon
day last with a good attend
Adam Forepaugh will he at Prairie
lu Olden on the iiOth insl,
John and Theodore Arnberg an:
aro making our city a brief vi.-.it.
Rrown, of the Oaku.i Ou/oUo was
• 11 town last week, attending tin; Fair.
15..). Dennett and wife,of tills city,
aro spending the week in Madison.
The card of Dr. Leonard, Herman
physician, will be found in another
Mr. Philip Lawrence and wife, of
F.lkader, lowa, aru visiting friends in
tills city.
Ask our Republican delegates to (he
Ha/.ollon convention at Mnseoda what
constitutes a “Republican breakfast.”
William Ainherg of Chicago, who
spent to past week in this city, re
-1 urned to < Ihieago to- lay.
PromiiK'iit citizens of Darlington,
Paittcvillo, Dodgevillo, and other
towns ware with ns during fun fair.
Attorney Heneral Wilson came
down from Madnam to attend ti.e
1 air.
Ndmeolas and wife weiohortum
i vi.'iit from Mutton l ily, iowa, lu.il
N. T. Mart in Inn sotf-natly improv
t■<l lli'i ill I Mils:; reshloime, 1 11.1 L inf ow n
ImiKler wouldn't 1 n:>w it.
Head I In-, rani nf t in; (Vmnereia.i
Jlouai), A. mi is
now pioprieh . .1 Mii.i JuitH, ami will
It i‘ji;i liiiil-da.s.i hoii.m.
Tho Trilimii) il<t nil hoist i ■ ■
f)iuiu of <lni. (!. Ila/.i‘lnm. I*mi■!<*.
'■-ill (.•Ikiduo Ids ii.in I u I in. i liu re
.■l ivra orders from Ii •iid'iu.iidnr.s.
Mirs Minnie dm I; ni who has 1 h*i a
a /'iicsi cl Uk* Mi w .sea dray I'm sin end
iv "Ins let nad in her la nnr, laa 1
Ur mi, mi IM ala. nioniiiii; lad.
I lev. A. \\’. Siiihrease and family re
-1 ni ned 1 1 mil 1 heir si min r vae.al ion,
>a Tin day last. 1 - i . . <.i w ill h<>
I: !d as usual in Triniyv Church .'in
1 relay e\ ( nin.;,, a; and ■ naday luoi iim;:
Uld es rnino a \|,
While el ■ariii.i'out ,1m Fair build
in;.;, on Saturday let, .Mr, Nicholas
' einby found Hover and ..mall ai I joh .
. nieh iiad lieen on m. hihilinn at Ili 1
raid Tim ovi her i ean oh! sin ile n
iiv apply im; to him at Ins m mdenci.
(Ml. Wan 11. S! in 'liter. ;if|er ;i re
journ ol lim p i v.. with old
M l ’ll 1:1, il IS ".Os 1 ! o he | h 1 i le P of ,\’,
T. I’ai f.in.s ni, 1 e a.l"nt of id. f,s
IMiysll countv . i.siltuial Muriel; ,
fur tlm present w e ■N.
Mr. Willi nn Mnndv. who n short
(inm np'o eleidu'.' or Mr..). M. \'ivian
of this eh y. is ■ 1 11 v dled in Tex ; i
Tim e ins *of is disc hwa , I ilions
fnver. lii.s Id, was sent Imnm to
his parents a ' '(ulpp ' Pie, w hen i:
\va , 111 el led ( I l.n; day.
Tlm storm i Mend iv id ’lit, v,a;
Undo iicrei! a; h, i place, I.real;iim,
windows. aim i; ivi i ; awas every
Ill'll ; loose, ~ .>1 (.. 1 1 >t at mil I ten
lent lontf \va an .Msmi ?I.T. Man
I ins house o. ; m i’. M. Chnreli.onio
llp;h street.
A joint din on I'm linaueial
asm of M\ , w ill i,i. l ;e pi, me on
the Jn MM Is I low l ('emit' \;
I ie,ultra, Si , u Med ;ev Ph , on
Thursdiy fn mil, '-pi. vs.Hi, ||n
sncmid day e . ■ fair, at In oVloeh
a. m., lied w (,:" ,e io i. O. 1W ilem .
of Mend ) i. , and Hon, IPiheit
Soliiil on; ill M . el.iuil, (tide,
I >:• 'id’e.rsj,. o, eni I , la.l. aflei Hi •
\v edd. ’I;;' oiT .o iy of I 'r. Mdi.vi sand
Mias CUIM id. ,i liu i >ii Itn , >;i <;u
< due I'.ivoi". ! I . ida 1 pair and the
H .Mlnldoii Pi .i.it it se\ .mi m•;
(11 ul son ; . p' ni mli ne v, as pn\
iiimina'd ll ie 1 ,11 whoi.emlit, and
;ddi 1 1 nuieii ii :,h , j,j,. , o, ~| the
tie i ee.iin.
Tlm Tm\.i Cos. .;i i.'iil; nrtii Society
i.' i P t iv(i)|i third aunt! and la.,
SI i • o lue, i mi'lK . i’; e•; .:;wt , U
frmu A tine „h new. la. , , n
f the ems s- pi i! ,i...
lids fair is i, .! is a e Mm.d
to nttenu 1 am! hi in. ■ v. i:h you Ihe 1 1 v
■of yo n pn and" The t dieei ; ol ;he
N’li'i *1) ate I,d ;;■■; (', <il It <si, i> mi ■
a tin it hibitien lai ar, mi, -J
w!.i as it:’a mI: etije ; ,-.■■
l>oHoCrtlllph. h‘ I jel i,iv,.ih
(w Hot suoctu-- nf • unity
i 1 iti Democratic convention 1 teld at
Museodaon Tuesday lust was ono of
v. h ch the Democracy of the district
may well feel proud. It was composed
of representative men. intensely in
earnest in their efforts to place the
party right before the people, and
i 'imp it true to its traditional prin
ts is. The nomination of so ;h a
man as Judge Colhren is what might
n.t’.e heew expected fj- o this con
ve'Ui.n. .Indye ('olhrm accedes
to I'm- irre.sitahle demands of Ids
■needs ami accepts tin'- nomination.
The people will thank the Democracy
*W compelling him to conn* forward,
and will elect him hv a'food majority.
Rev. T. Kent g ive a highly instruc
tive ami moral lecture at the I’. M.
Hhnreh last Tuesday eveumg, to a
I irge and appreciative audience. The
Lille was “A Trio of Distinguidied
Preachers,” The servi vs acl caar
aeters of Robert Hall, Roland Hill
and fdward I). Taylor, were held up
for the admiration and imi.adou of
all. The scenes of 1 heir I ihoi- ,if not
the men were well known fofic h-c
--turer. Tim former an Lngifli llnp
(ist preacher, was celebrated for his
learning and eloipn nee even fro n a
child. Roland Hill was renown and for
his wit and persmt.sivgim s, end ivl
ward Taylor, mi illiterate lloston
sailor, vva ; famous for his grand nn
aginativenous. The continue I II w of
the discourse was pleasingly inter-
Hpersed with anecdotes arm ihu wit
ami wisdom of Hie divines. Tim
lecture was so well received that a
purse of $ m was raised.
Tho f-1 11 1v\ in ; was enntrihiped to
(ho ITaP i ■ do Chian (*on rjf?r by I{• v.
\. I’’. Samuels: “ Northern
(■■i Din it i;ouijircii'.'iiil liio li in'ora u. a
Soullit): ii cjiiil-.mi", lmi.,dim, if you
can, t ky o| i.iihh and earth of iron
jl l ■ ni ,I'inri !■.;■ in ; rays Ii ,vn as
1 1oi)i i farti itv, ymi waU laroiinli Mm
j {nincip.il slrculi of Mm city, and the
■ iin pal pa do dnsl lies up m cvcryi hin"
■a i I lids Hie air (■> an doe tijoa. At.
cv. y slcji your n laMils are a . i,tiled
w ilii (!ii) most di i ;.!■), in..; an •!! of
and Mil mid i; ani n and and ve.; 'table
nin ter. Tin* Imai -cs pass yon in
rapid Silc -cHsio i, or pn liana a, v. a.mii
load ... panp r and ad. Idmy and m’l add
ti i, tidily aali.ln n\ Li tlm at 1 a pta ne.
I'coplo j>.i • * you in Inirr. • ! slaps,
wh'h tile i'Micd faces and and vim.id
looks 11. i t i 111 (I;;! 1 Wolnli'.Tid wiaiii
1 Imir lin n wuiial aim... , o niiida ,
a c .sca'i mi ii'i; i'aaa, No 1, a par is
Im i. and ( \ccpt, i nan ini ' I.' a' salo-.m,
W i m ).i ir ■ dr.aii a y ! .mu s.*! ve ■■
to disn"rain ultimo i of ii \ pmi a
a 1 ) ii la n Vn dr a ;•.. ira; ar
opt) i day and u j *■.'i}, and di a ihri vill ••
l"i. iim:. t. T m due: or ;an I eler y\ in n
(Mod Me is !iit * in) ,r hurry in ; to aid
Ido ;ii tlainp;h upon a, liatlla held. Tie 1
hungry and .ii ■ I'.uni.dii >r, nicii,
women and children on all . lee, envy
in ; 'ho ,e w no are ! me: c.i; ia and m
their lon y re .I ill;place; a h is a
true picture of a soul hern epidemic.
'l'li ■ (!;■ m l 1,.i.l ■; ■ of (1 iul I’, in ■
l'iir -df I lii ;• ■ 1;i; " met ill 11 • \ ; a-m
--l• i i'll nut i■ rof , ii-.i S’.i'i' i upitul, u:i
i’ll iI ts hi mil i Scji . u.u.l a•;
join in'il, Tharsdav alienm mi .it r.:: •
f iii’ day's hi was o 1 :i.1 1 1*vil.•i
1 i tin 1 pi' .t it ion mi I r ■.' >i. M u.> ni
lli“ -iiiiiii )t . jinr:ii ul ili" 'ili.-.'rs Hi
1 !u‘ Mci nil il, |ai i incuts.
<l. W. W. iC. A leu’s a.I li*i';.‘i w t i
i 1." 11li'llI I.S li Mi Yen' I, Vcl'.S ;i ' Clt.i Vt'l \
I II lie I (.1, l ull m' cue,HUM '• :l"Ui a.. 1
li'l-i "i sue. ■.; a 1. 1 an ui’ i ■ niiu 1 i.i
eve V |'-.l Ii >1 Ilf I I'.IC and :;•
' ii’ii.iry Tea! i; alluded liin a ite
call llv cue nil.. ;-it,; mail icr, i- *., .11 ;
111 it 1 ; li-iil paid us own w.i .an 1 111 i
liy its 11 : fat i uiul; it ui la ; I i.i 1 lis.cuil.il
to l.ia* icniu uancc i nijh*l win) emitil
lint l;.i\ ■ 1' rn induced In euli .
I‘litireiici or li.uj i I'm i,i.• s.nic pur
pose. 1 lull. .1. i!. i 'll'.i' Ci 1 1 nr. \\ IT<*
spell II ni ~1 I ce.ia cl' C\( Cedill'y 1 ,CU
elitt a- 1 nu!y i.i iuc. c.iuu ; t'i•' iumu
hiuslli ant t tic iuil yes, i II! 11l la I lie tin „•
Hi ;*1 e mu’ in temp, 'uuec
Tilt* an .11 tl i'c'*m , nl' the (Iraiul Sce
-11*1:11) shows i ■ 1 lni|, ■ i ui i .islciiee
Ul tain lute a.ii ll nl -i.' I e
i , With a Int.ll lilt 111 hIM .si Ii [> e'
■. i a y iin nt' i.il iS.
I - ’foul Lae 1 v pel lof the <}. S. .1.T.,
it appeari tlii. there h is heen a jpiin
ii -1 ii'iupi,-i duriir: !he \ear, nullin';
tin* wlii'ic nil lithe r in the Mat *,!,.-,
niiu a total Hu ail.crsliip nl' a
el I.UIJ lueiuhciM.
i he i ommitlee na .1 uveiuh' Temples
. leper,. 1 in t vnr uf the r,’.dural h a e-f
the ti'pde pie ty.'. pruTitiiey the li.>e
j"i pre.auuy, lit]aor and and loi-aceo.
I and V..UI adnpled, hut afterwards re
i considered and amended, and so far
a-- iml ’rn make il ohiuatory, hut
etupA iu ,’iii|; liie (lene:al ''uperin-
I cl •! ’ n cure iu voluntary udop-
I I .j a,j far pi actio it ’.c.
Market Reports.
As reported this day week, our mar
kets are quite active, offerings liberal
and receipts quite large. From Fast
en! advices we learn that no note
worthy changes have tak-m place,
Xearly all classes of produce quite
firm at last week's quotations.
Fi.Ot Ml—Has "Xp'o ienc. and no no
ticeable change, grades and ; rices re
maining about as .pioled lad \
Patents ' no
i’rairie J.iiiy, ; oo
Vandalia 1 .•unity ;; no
did Capital g 77
XXX g.,0
AVI! H.CI Th re was a tolerably
active in.si.w sin tin. market, but at
prices a shale lower than quoted this
day last we: 1.. A fair demand for
seed has held choice Winter a trilit*
above tin? m u ket, s *111)1? for this
purpose from <)c. to-.’1.0i) per bush'd,
t or shipping purposes, 75c. is a fair
price, ."pring wheal sells from tec. to
70e., according to sample.
COiiX - Unchanged, Cic to dec.
OA fs— Xominai and dull, *.\ itii no
matei ial change, in quotations; al
l hough lln; light offerings of late may
tend to si rongtlnui pi ices a trill *, later
in l.i : •: si son. Xo. t W die, I *.c. to Fc
•An.-, White, the to Me; Mixed, Wc.
to 1 tic.
HMil KV Quiet and nominal.
I'( ad is \soidli from 20c. to loa. ac
cordin'' to odor and quality; No. 2,
from (ii)o lu vie,
F(,A.'v-,SliKl>~This branch of cm
market ruled tirmor during tin* latt r
jiarl of the weel: aUhon,pi price i have
hoi m i.eriaily. file w ■,Vi
ncas mtiie ihk; dnrin.q t in* early j>art
of tlm wed: bid fair for a day or
two 'o crash pi ices a Iritle, hut aft •/-
word t rallied and continue I linn at
last week’s <|notniions. I‘riine, £1.07.
HOilS Market dull and priei s
Lame, and unchanged, rangin' from
$ idd to Sd.hn for ordinary, white
choice grades will In iny; perhaps ijti.io.
Quality generally pool'.
CA I’l’l.M - Allhuny.h quiet, yet ;i
shade lirinei'. I lie position of M.latent
markets Riving buyers eoiilid'-iur'.
(taoiee ship, an,' fjradsell ill a slight
advance over last week’s prices.
Tito following is a correct price
list :
ttold tiM.oie ;
fJraham Flour, perewt,, .. ;t. >)
.-'uona, “ ... 1,.,)
• torn meal (bolted),“ -. lain
Ihaii. “ ... .7 >
i o atom per bus i
ilaitt'r, per th, (cash; ,oC(‘\!2
M cr S j* -r do/, .10
Ff p■ r do/., (ea 'll) .!'?
Hide lt ,.r It .0i
fallow, “ .nr.
laird, “ .le
S ill, per bid 2.00
Lime, per bid l.uo
i Vilieiit, pi r bhl 2.70
lead i >re per 1,000 j?pj c. i.v
Dry-lion ■, per lon, 10.0)
liiaekjaek, “ js.o"
II iv, “ 15. 0n
liiunbei' eommori fence, per M., l -.w
J-.nl iM. Id. Cothron.
Tim a- a ■i • ■ of in 1 • liir i em
grewd in il li v ;■ ■•(HI i n* a iclve ; dm
liuguisti > ( da in- on yesievd iv h •
ao.nina,rig Ia t M, M. hiv.'i fo:
eonca-e The nominee has great per
sonal pooilaiily in tie- district, in an
aiiai-ii: jar! 1, an oi l and n>i ti and
r -si lent if 11m ' regions, and Uu
-1 i in • m .if an elec. lon are lir-'-eiisc
lit (-vir.ladN (lit a shoulder to llm
win-id and elect him. Madison idem •-
Blowing Hid. and Cold with the
cei.no Hreatfi.
The M.uli; m 1 e no.-rat lias the fol
lowing ti say i-i regard to (he lb-pub
liean eonv entiou and its candidate
tor < ’migie s:
Tim rennhli -an emvenlion id' tin
t lird eoagres i . ail di ••• rh- , at Me -
| la. admh-.l llm (olio via;;' re min
!ioti:“Tial litis eonvention eoriia!l\
approve ind endorse the plat form of
prin dpi as jmh-i-di.-d in tier late
add 'em o' ile- repahh-an stale central
eoniiU.il>.*' of Vfi i.rsia." T-.i; is
the first 11 -sol ll i.-. in ilm same plat
form. Tim lad r. ■ utioa of the
same piaUurat eai tin; the follow-!
in': " W- cordially approve of the
support lit yAir. li.iv Item gave to ti;
hill provid-ig fur (lie r.-:n uu-l i/a. ion.
a silv-r; if ids a-.lvoe iry of llm m-rts- I
me uiaki*;' greenh.mki a full legal
tender foj ail nnoll ■ and p-awne,
di his; ol ii■; sup i iei of the Ton h i!
prohibitin' tlm timtiier retlrenu-it < f
Tm gri-euUu-k earr en-y.
Followin' his re-nomination, Mr.;
llazeilon nude.i speech of acceptance
in wlii 'h hn c.uh ). 1 i-, 1 .some of lira 1
m ist r 1 11 •and h i.-J ni >my t ilk tlj.u ii
is possible lo utter. This i; a g.vu
year f'i Ik • mind clans t' blow hut
! anti cold in the same breath, rial
j forms uiid speeches most contain
j something (hat will .suit tin? I as to ami
tickle the fanny of the v->t; r, what
| ever may he his view;--.
(.forge If. Pendleton, in a speech
I delivered a few days ago said:-
“The demo Tali'* party ha-, its foun
dation in (he con'Uct et*ro it ia civil
s' di >lr tween ti * right*: „f re a.:, !
Ih * i'i "ii' .• i- ■' j'm, '■; . ~',d (la
[: is Ires ~f dth—in the
curlin' , iuiioii iiD in our feUc r al .sys
tem lietw ecu tin* rights of the con dil
uents and the powers of **k central
government. hitweeu states’ rights
and consolidated jiower, between
hi-in:• nilo and palernal government.’
between union and unity. Tin? dem
oci-'.lie party has always stood firm
for the people against tin) classes
for tie* individual a'tin ; tin* nuts ■>.
for the inc.Vcrs reorwd again a tin;
powers granted, and therefor.. V wiil
exist in gov •eriinieuis a*. inn; as the
aq..ration for the atm-Moral ion of
man's condition r xi-ds in the huuna
lie irt; it will exi a in our g wenim ■ a
as ! in,?us ih'* aspiration for e mhitu
tio.ial liberty a;id c> isiilutloual un
ion art; Liu! tests of American patriot
The Uichlaad h'ouuty K ■■ nh’ictm
dives our young attorney, Mr. Win. T.
Comi, Ihe followin'? nol ice;
At tli*s Condivssion.il Cmv—d j. a,
We had I'm pleasure of*;n vting to . iv
old (Viands, among then Wil'.h u
Coal, a deleijat'* from lowa i m it-;
'file county of 1 e.vi may w*il In*
prom! of him. He is a young man, a
graduate from the University of
Mi dii_ra.i. lie is thoroughly pooled
in lint polilies ol the country, not
some and ly, not far dismal, he will be
heard from in too councils of Hut
Stale, lie will he an honor anil cred
it to the State. We uu'lcslaiid that
he is prominently mentioned as a ean
diiiaie f.ir Hisi rict Attorney in lowa
Comity. The ••■•.ony could do much
worse lliaa to elec' iiini.
riehliunl ('enter is tilllieled with
two Ib peb.ie.iu papers. The editors
of hsih .• re weM fed from ihe public
crib; Put in vet lit- h-s. (Icy do not
dwell (ot.fetin by tiny means. The
folio's'bey spot iei 'i! paragraphs ro (,>
show tiic suvte tit of their brotherly
I’epiibli-’an; “Tim editor of (he
“Observer is evidently chairrinel
•‘heeTi.-c the :e,',i - ictil( nrr.l society
“eil’ei'S 110 J retain.ll on jacks ■res lids
’■ ye ir."
on-.over; “i?ie;hl! U'e kr .\v that
“till' !i"pnhii Mil fell OSS WO lid (ilka
"the premium I hereby sceiuine; a
“ fairly e.uaic i dollar.”
linruH, Hi i l ' of Trottora.
'I hi l'.uv li T■■ * is ;i !)■(’,■ ■■■ ':11 ’I",
s!1 i'iu e lni!* over e\t ■ i hands
high, with two whim itani met and a
cracked 1;i:i/.t> in forehead. lie van
iced I.y liis jr.i sent owner, Mi-. H. 15
( uni ia, i-I' id e np.i.-l, i„ 1.. llis
tH’;!i;Viv. ii doubtftr! ami lait little
kii'-'vn. < >•> the : and A-ag.r la a, at
iiatr.il". \. Viie I. -I
■ Main's l ! i'ie t!), m Ting llm unpiv
'"" le.ii • '.l liar- o, fj: I T ,). I ;'.s 1; 1
i was ;■ i..ar in i.;s ia.-ii ad of
1;t(ail ihe rules at lowed) experts
-a.V ‘li and ihe la.ii it \vu"simply an
i viii;>;li-.ii, a:. ! : i a • ;{•.;■ e ia ii. gov
ern wage.; <,. T.e lime." [tarn.; w.-e;
iu >i made ]a aminm Ii • ISV (, -alien he
Mt an eon! of U: Its F.ach succeed
ill;-; \ * o:' i’e low. red Ilia K.'eulil Ulld
won :i.-a:!-\vr ■ r.i-e he -,va . entered
for. I.atlmly he has lava h.oaei from
pur!iei| a.ioii ia urdia uy contests and
a special purse ia given for Ids huno
SJpooiiil Notice.
I A meeting of aiiiiu.se inici■ .-ded in
Ia le< i lire cour.se, I lie coming w inter, is
!hereby called nr next Wednesday
1 evening, at (lie Heading ib on-s, at ' ,
I o’clock. Ti.. character of entertain-
Meals, ancninl desitaide tol.e raised
: tor sue a om-vt, and '.he .select i • i of a
| reiuniii l<>e of arrang men's will In
e eisi-lere 1 A Hue list of foreign
till- iL can he jire.enred at low ra a
and it seems desirable lo 'eke steps 1 >
secure this most excellent feature f..r
tie* amusement mid instruction oft lie
community lor the evenings in pros
1' '(•
■ M ARUirn.—At tlee rcsiilcnee of Ihe
Imide's parents, in lids city, on tlm
I.Ha i is;., by it-v. 11a >ry Ft dmr. Mr.
Saanael .K-i.kiu and Miss Elira Ami
Walter's theatrical troupe nv i >:•
(■■•lleal entertainments in this city
during lan week. This company is
now one , f ihe very best ■■ urniiia
travel!;-.Our ride a,- 11 a •oi ;e
v...,. r. . . .a.
Com nunioatod.
Jkerons Dr/nirt;atAllow m
throti ! i you; - paper 10 offer soin;* crit
icisms i,:i s >mo features of tlic fair.
Should yo'i have been passing
t ! r.>: 1 j the Fair house just about the-
Urn- the j; ,4.: > appointed to award
premiums on fancy articles, needle
w ak jfiiley, v;.-re on duty, you
might fi i'- f■ a •<•! .neks something
1. • t.-<> . • -v : . ,ad I rosso Iby own
ers , t . >Ui s i 1 articles to the
.in 1 This i • - l i:it not splen
did? Tii.at .:<••!> b•! to me—win?
1 1 1 > u ! iiiak of it V
Now remarks of this character um
not ha'. ■ 1 -i.e-ed ib. .1 mlges in their
dt■cisionv, ami yet w It a our knowing
of hum;ia aatur. . v.e are under the
iiiiproiim tint w. wrong decis
ions are ai tdn (or the sake of pleasing
c rt.i:u a, ’lO ior on account of per
sona) friendship,
I'hen ay 'in, i he Jr ht's themselves,
in many eases ar •>■ : posted in regard
to !la* arte m; (l> v are appointed to
judge. T. V l'u instance, the gentle
men appoime I for the M elianic.il de
part meat. Vv Pile they might he good
judges ia other nr;,aches of their de
partment limy coicd judge neither
well n-or mb iligemly on the quality
ol ai yes. F v, him engaged in the
depart laer-i of Fa ir work one of them
Was !;■■ rd lo reei.-iF-;, 11 iat he did noi
se;* r.nv (hf.erj-aco ia tl.e stoves,—-they
wate ail or. the sat a: principle. Anti
wait is line ia tin:, ia.vtanco is true
iii many others, Steps should be
taken ri au m Mmse evils. No man
slionl-i ii.• s ief.a-.-d te judg.. any article
unless posted in regard to it. And
Most <•(*, :. i• 1'• |. *i e ns ought not to
inform the jiaha.s of the articles
brought, hv I!., r. , . wherever this
is (!■;:::* {la* tidn* in question ought
to fail to i<*( j>a* premiums, whethei
deserving them * ' no*. ()i:>kuvi:ii.
dVo hope that fi * Democrats will
n unin.ile? 'iiarh r- ii!:u mu, for county
treasurer, \ ’<■ Inv- iieai'd n*> other
euaMd.de meat: *1 for that >!llco on
the 1 temoer fi r* F \ :!. We can cheer
fully import Mr.i F iuumaml work
forh selection
The press 1,1 \f,,- y-rk City b.
railed in lo.iiert If nriT lor irru ir;
but lit.- n I,!. 1 ' st■ i!• a candidate.
M". Jan: i ili ■:!••:) of Ciie.i() h.m
jiiif. ivi ru • I i;> i,a.it piano *'li>r ;
six ’.Vim' 1 .;; visit her 1 .
’> i*i ; i M >: 1; > >:t -a .■•rs f>r sub? fin
esc dhuit ;;> • i . i id iiw, S'o adver
list , : V, ill e.
i i;-v ;; *-n\’ move into
r i n-iTii a
Xi-r-v s • ait:lrsand
: Jid'.v;;vtv. i> • i’. i
j T a. - Hr n!; swi revive Freak
I Oyster ;t. i.vui on Sal nr lav, and will
I<• int in i• : i iv..• “i. ■ ■ii -a ivory .Sotur
! dav until raid won!ln- •.
1 Sr:: ;at, Ndo;u -’I. ITiudies betr*
1 ‘tv !■. mi i m ' ■ ,tu > i ..it thev
will Mud him a' and. '•> v■; dry iron da
s'm ■. where he wi! !;la 1 to h.avo
all cad to a••• ’ ' a i ,‘;>t some of tlm
vers yrrat 1. ;iyv:ii before Duller
in was !o ii!, new ' >.
Mv son, id ■ I'" da s will carry on
my business in the brick a tore, n ixt
to tho r. S. ;I. !■•■!. ii- 1 will lit 'p a
restaurant and a!! kinds of jjro
ii> hardware, .. Call and roe
him. Tin l hi ) ;i. prico ;> vid for pro
duce. 11. Uni tins.
Fresh O ■ >rs on Friday until
cold weal her, at ivhmieo; Sprat lerV.
Till* pi i' 1 " i,l' min-r,a! Ins (pine up,
but 11 ■pi c! ;■' - 1 •.< and Jewelry
at Mi; ri' " ski down to almost
If > mi 'raid a. ' ■ Jeh or cloclc hurry
in I) i’:n ■!;,■>’ dd :s ilicy arc yon a
llnr.raviria a sped :hv.
<so to Pin ’. ‘ and roe the Horn*
Sewing M.mhim. 1 -- die best in the mar
Don’t buy a. ‘v- a be; Mat bine of any
kind until y m In -' e.iilod on i.irely
son. Th v ! 'die 1 iryest stork
of lb' 1 differ a -duds on hand, and
will md 1 • ii; d•■.■•id ; ).y any one. TANARUS! h
New llojiU they eej i !cr the best;
a's i tie, 1 new in.proved I.'irop.m:*
• '''<’>l a ad in. It.’.t don't Inr
o, i aveiinp a, m!; -‘i you run sav
1 m>iji live io id; in <i dais ua a ma
' hine 1y il . v. dd them. a if
Houao and low for Sale or Kent
M Id Mii-pie,r 1 ihsiies to sell or
rent ! •• (iw- ,;i.” la,use situat'd ,u
Fountain str ■ •.
" par dud ts apply to him ■ t his
.■ Ml ), •> t Maj u- •dlowuoy. 31
To Stork Haiders.
1 have several well brand, fir.st-cl.i*i
a’ed s'r .rt Horn Hull Calves for
.in. im rmm,liable terms.
• and. ,A y t5..■..--4

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