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Hon Two Missouri Darkeys Kan Away
and Made Their Way to Canada, He*
turning After Eighteen Veins ( See
“ Old Massn” and ii Missus.”
si l,ou ll I'oat.
No butter illustration of the peculiar
relationship of the past and present |
can be found than that afforded by the
appearance to-day of a gray-haired ne
gro in the city looking for his relatives
of eighteen years ago. The Pod re
porter was, of course, on hand at the
suggestion of a item that related to the
olden lime of slavery, blood-hounds and
tho “underground railway.” The re
porter found the embodiment of this
‘ile m” in a lawyer's ofliee, and ascer
tained from him that lie was Rev.
Strother, who, with his half-brother, Jell'
Murray, ran away in 18M0, and bad
never been heard of by their friends
sinee. Rev’s face relaxed into a broad
grin as lie told now “me and Jeff run
away and the awful times we had.” It
seems that Rev. and Jell’ were slaves in
JBOO, tin. former belonging to Travis
Murpliy and the latter to I )r. .I)ver
all,ofKL. Charles county, Mo.; that
Rev. was threatened with “sale down de
ribber,” the terror of all darkies, and so
persuaded Jelf to run away with him.
Through an old darkey at St. Charles
they found a white man who agreed to
pilot them 100 miles for $2“, and on the
night of June 110, IStJt), the trio met and
started on a “rnn-away, Burn enough."
They traveled nights and lay in the
hush hy day, the while man being
used to pilot the way and buy provi
sions. Tim negroes had very shrewdly
provided themselves with a compass, to
bo sure they were, being piloted to the
“far-olf land rather than to Dixie.”
They also look pistols to defend them
selves with, and always after they had
hid for the day and st ilt the man for
provisions, moved their hiding-place
and watched “dal. ar white man 1 from
a long way oil to tee that he did not
bring any nigger-ealehers with him. <ln
(iie evening of the second day old the
wdiile man, while out foraging, saw Dr.
Overall and pursuing party, and beard
him describe tint negroes, and oiler a
reward for their apprehension. “I tell
yon, massa,” said Ren, as be nibbed his
gray bead, “them was hot limes.” They
traveled at right angles to their general
course that night, and the pursuing
party never beard of them again.
The “while pilot ami nigger stealer "
was given away hy a pretended would- i
be runaway about three weeks later,
was raptured by Di. Overall ami sen
tenced, after a plea of guilty, by Judge
King, of the St. <Jharles circuit court, to
six years in the I’enitenliary.
Two weeks later Rev. and Jell, turned
up at Rayfayetle, Ind., with mighty lit
tle faith in there being any end to the
world or anything for runaway negroes,
but sore feel and empty stomachs. (In
the night of their arrival they wove fol
lowed by a negro man who licensed
them of being runaways, and tendered
bis services to show them (he “ under
ground railway." They denied the First
until refused the last, but when the would
be guide was reinforced by “one of dem
oltl honest nigger mothers,” the run
aways acknowledged the soft, impeach
ment and were provided for.
At Detroit they jumped oIV the train
a mile from the detail, and followed the
beckoning of a “ black hand," without
inquiry or exnlamition, and were locked
up in a little room, way up on the top
of ala ail. The next day Canada re
ceived two citi/.cnsand the Foiled Stall's
was out $“,l)()l> worth of negroes.
Roth negroes went, to work on a farm
m the county of Essex at $“10 per year,
and at the end of live years had saved
SI,OOO, with which they purchased two
Farms. Jell' acquired a limited educa
tion, and, in addition to attending to his
own matters,Rectum foreman on a large
farm. In June last Jell' was poisoned
by Ids wife, who bids fair to bang. As
leHTiad no children, Rev, came back to
bunt up his heirs. Rev. found his
mother, Emily Murray, a negress, 70
years old, still living.
As her children, twelve in number,
are all illegitimate, they cannot inherit
from each other, and lienee she gets
AclFs entire estate, worth some $15,000
subject to the dower rights id" the wife.
Rev. found bis old master, who is 07
years of a ire, still living on the old plan,
and was made happy by the kindly
manner in which he was received and
treated by the massa and missus ol his
b lyliood days, and thinks be will sell
out and move his family of seven back
to “ ,1c ole' Missouri shore."
Ill'lllllil'lll \\ OIIUMI,
What a, iiimii struck correspondent
saw at a party given at, tin- Whitt'
Sulphur Springs, W. Va. : t>h, for a
thousand pons, lorn uni of ipiill feathers
from angelic pinions and dipped in tho
refulgent radianoo of tho skies, to 101 l
(In' dar./.ling witohorios ami coruscating
splendors of tho beauteous throng. Hut
Wole all-out of-doors a mighty shoot of
stainless gilt-edge papor: were all tho
sulphur and chalybeate waters con
sumed in a ftur-wooks imhihatiou, hy a
tliousand perpetnal-iiTivgation needing
froliokors and llirtors, u rushing tide of
portioned carmine ink ; wore every
twig in Valamhvo-a and every rose
thorn in t’hrmlendom an everlasting
Faber No. ‘J or (Jillott’s dot!; and every
penitentiary-deserving villain in otlioial
station, ami every eonnter-hopping idiot
that passes at watering-places for a heau.
a hundred handed phonographic serihe
it all would fall a million moral fur
longs short of doing justice to such a
theme. White Sulphur-has rarely wit
nessed a more transcendently lovely as
semblage of rare ami radiant maidens
and girls of older growth. 1 urn where
yon would, look where yon might, crea
tures fairer and brighter far than ever
peopled lovesick poet's mptest dreams,
glided and skyvoluted in the labyrinth
ine mazes of waltz, gallop, niazourka
and quadrille, till enraptured masculin
ity went wild with admiring delight be
yond the reach of nil language, includ
ing Choctaw,Kiekapoo and J 1 ign 1 Hitch,
to express. Among the myriad of
Houri-liko celestials who floated on the
tide of cherubic loveliness, it is only
possible to mention a few of the nota
Miss Hallie Green, of Warrenlon, N.
C., a bewitching little brunette, with a
face and figure that would do for a
sculptor’s model of all the graces, com
plexion like the sun-kissed nectarine’s
cheek, wavy dark-brown hair, and
softly luminous brown eyes, sparkling
in conversation and captivating in man
ners, lovelier than the evening air clad
the beauty of a thousand stars, and
1 deservedly one of the reigning queens
of the season, was a vision of supreme
delight in an exquisite costume of white
embroidered French muslin, trimmed
with while satin and delicate white lace,
floating about her soft and lleeey as the
sunny clouds about a creature of tho
upper spheres. She wore diamond or
naments, that paled their inelleetual
lires beneath the eclipsing radiance of
her eyes and smiles, and was through
out the evening theeenterof a e,harmed
circle of admiring cavaliers.
Miss Dutehka Pickens, of Edgefield,
South (Carolina, a winsome little brown
eyed girl, with beautiful hair that flows
down unbound in silken wavelets nearly
to her feet, was horn in St. Petersburg
while her father, the late Gov. Pickens,
of South Carolina, was Minister to
Russia, and her singular name, which
signifies "My Darling,” was given her
by the Ozar himself. She looked all
the name implies, in a unique and ele
gant pompadour silk, brocaded with
roses, and garnished with blue satin,
point-lace and Mowers, opal and dia
mond jewelry.
A Miss Gay Thomas, of Richmond,
a magnificent gulden-haired blonde,
with cheeks like the dazzling inner
coating of a sea-shell; and eyes of a
glorious blue, attractive in manner and
conversation, shone resplendent in a
dress of pine white satin bows and ex
quisite lace; a profusion of diamonds
shed a many-tinted glow upon the
snowy whiteness of her costume.
And so on for a column more.
si ri’i;iti.M4 uici-;v\i>a.
Another Account of (lie Ravages of the
Terrible IMagiie.
I 'lllnmn Tillies.
The following ox tract is made from a
private letter, written by a gentleman
formerly prominently identified with
the business interests of (Irenada, which
was received in this city by a resident
in the I’almer 1 louse: “ lint few of
your citizens cun conceive of the siill'er
ing and devastation made by the yellow
fever in (irenada. Previous t>> the visi
tation of the scourge that has worked
such sad havoc, and which struck the
residents with the force of a cyclone,
(Irenada was looked upon as a notably
healthy and prosperous commercial
point, of perhaps 11,700 inhabitants.
At tlie date of my leaving, August Utlth,
less than a dozen kept vigilance over
the charnel-house, for a week previ
ous the heartrending cries of the dying
weie heard at every turn; lew persons
were to be seen on the streets
save the nurses and physicians,
who moved noiselessly about in the
administration ol their Christian work.
At many points of the city the unfor
tunate sullurers had crawled from their
couches and huddled together to he
in some (poet spot, or under the sha
dow of their homes. Hut the saddest
part of this sad story yet remains to be
told. Onr little town in IM7H, when the
pestilence raged in Memphis ami ad
jacent points, stretched out its arms and
bade the sull’erors welcome, and was
made tin' retreat of all who chose to
come. Mew Orleans and Memphis
sent their dying to our quiet retreat,
and they were hospitably received. At
the first cry from poor (Irenada for
help the doors of these cities were
closed, and we were told to look for
succor elsewhere. We did. and it came
from strangers, and those from whom
w’o least expected it. On the morning
of my leaving with a dying wife in my
arms, 1 stood on the pint form of the little
depot at our town, and witnessed the
trams that had daily stopped at our
doors hurrying past at tin* rate of forty
miles an hour and this, too, with
barred doors and closed windows- re
minding ns that we must remain with
our dead and dying. <>ur loved ones
have been buried, alter a manner,
jin the garments in which they died;
many, in fact, have received no burial,
j but have been left in some protected
j spot tii burden the atmosphere w ith
I deadly poison, Kor days previous to
Imy leaving no food was to he found;
I and the fact must be stated creditable
;or otherw ise to the boasted Christianity
of the southern people that many of
I the residents of (Irenada died of actual
j starvation. The Contributions of your
city and the north have been noble and
generous, but are they being practically
managed and distributed?”
I'.iicimnurcmcnl for the IVoblt*.
Solon; as the falling embers of vitality are
mmbl of being re kindl.-d into u warm and
genial glove, Juki ho lons tin to Is hope for the
weak nmi emaciated Invalid, l.cl him not,
therefore, despond, lint tlorlvo encouragement
fiom this* nmi from tho furllior fact that there
I* a km 'railvo nu*i imtout in renewing tho
dilapidated powers of a broken down to stem.
Vos, thanks lo Ha unexampled tonic virtues.
Hostottor's Stomnoli lilltors Is dally reviving
strength In Hut bodies mul hope In tin-mi mis
of tho feeble ami nervous Appetite, relresli
tug sleep, Hie acquisition of Mesh ami color, are
blessings attendant upon the reparative pro*
eeesea which this priceless Invlgoram speedily
Initiates mul curries to u succvsafnl conclu
sion. Digestion Is restored, the Mood fcrtili.’.ed
amt sustenance alforded to each llfe-susta n
tng organ bv the Hitters, which is inoffensive
even to the feminine palate, vegetable in
composition, and thoroughly safe. Isv it and
regain vigor!
In France parsnips are a very coin
men house food.
Thorough culture is worth three
mortgages on a farm.
Skim cheese contains more nitrogen
genous matter than lean meat.
An offensive war on weeds is live
limes less expensive than a defensive
The nutritive value of split peas is
nearly three times that of baker’s bred.
One evening spent at home in study
is more profitable than ten spent loung
ing about country taverns.
The largest Hour mill in the world Is
being built at Niagara Falls. Its ca
pacity will he about 1,200 barrels a
Hoot crops of all kinds are usually
crowded; one well-developed and ijuiek
ly grown root is better than two or
three starved ones.
If horses are rubbed, morning and
noon, with a handful of smart-weed,the
Hies will not trouble them in the least
through the day.
It is computed that Minnesota is
capable of producing 700,00P,000 bush
els of wheat annually, ami that the wa
ter power of Minneapolis alone can
manufacture half of it into Hour.
Rain water possesses fertillizing qual
ities, from the fact that a quantity of
ammonia and nitric, acid is annually
brought down to the soil by rain,for the
benefit of vegetation.
It has been discovered by Minnesota
farmers that two acres of sunflowers
will supply a family with fuel through
a long winter. The wood of the stalks
ami tae oil of the seed make roaring
and cheerful fires.
Statistics show that the actual con
sumption of eggs in the Foiled States
is about 10,000,Out) barrels. The poul
try marketed or consumed in 1577 is
estimated at (180,000,(100 pounds, of the
value of $(),000,000.
In a mass of earth, twenty feet thick,
winch had been undermined, anil had
fallen over loosely, parsnips were sown.
A line specimen in the lot was found to
have a vertical root that measured
thirteen feet six inches in length.
A house too closely shaded by trees
will he apt to sutler from dampness. In
building let the living and sleeping
rooms, as lar ns possible, face toward
the south, and thus gain the advantage
of the sunshine. The sun is a great
preserver of health.
In moist charcoal seeds will sprout
with remarkable quickness and cer
tainty, hut after they have sprouted
they do not continue to grow well in
charcoal alone. Drilled in with the
seed,charcoal powder is said greatly to
promote the growth of wheal.
I’rot. .1. 15. Lewis, the celebrated Mng
lish experimentalist, says there is no
reason to suppose that broad-leaved
plants receive nitrogen from the air,
Vet this belief has become quite com
monly received, and from the teachings
of supposed scientists.
Sheep-skins form a large item in the
commerce of (’ape Colony. The ship
ments there now reach about 1,500,-
0(H) skins annually. They are chiefly
from the indigenous or half breed sheep,
the mentions being too valuable lor
their wool to allow them being killed.
Op course others besides ourselves
have noticed that fruit and hail-stones
grow much larger in the west than they
do in Hie north. especially hail-stones.
Probably il is because they grow more
healthy and robust liars in the west.
When an old farmer outers a printing
olliee to give the particulars of a de
structive storm, and gets the hail-stones
any smaller than hulled walnuts, the
“press gang" kill him on the spot and
throw his body down an old well. If
he says the stones were as large as
goose eggs they put him on the free list
for life and drag him across to the sa
loon and “set. ’em up." P. S. A far
mer was never killed in the west for not
getting the hail-stones large enough to
please the fancy of the editors in that
eclioii. Xnrrishm'ii Hemhl.
"Tlml limn," salil KtiU‘, “tolovo for wo j
U kiii'i' n very kliivu,
KVii tlionu'i tis lull ii year siuuo 1
To him tim mitii'n gave,”
" (i|i, tlii'n lu' - , i.iii, u kliivi'," said True,
As o'er her lure Ilium llitluil
\ nm.tfuisli smilu: ••you Just cnfussnl
Thsl In 1 mis luiimuultluil."
A young lady bring asked by a rieb
bachelor, “ If not yourself, who would
you rather bo?” teplied sweetly and
modestly, “ Yours truly."
A farmer speaking of the thinness of
his hay crop, said; ‘‘The grasshoppers
have all got lame trying to jump from
one blade of grass to another."
’Squire- “You’d hotter not go to the
fair, Pal; Micky Klynn down thcie
swears lie’ll kill ye,” I’at “ And had
be begun lighting of me before ye left,
sor? ”
Science savs that it took millions of
years to evolve man from the oyster;
observation shows that it takes less than
a minute to transfer the oyster to the
“ No," replied Mrs. Malaprop.slowly,
“ 1 ean'l say that 1 ever was in Dublin,
but my mother has a second cousin
called Irish who dealt in fork; so there!
When an artist elimbs over a fence to
‘get a nearer view of a handsome bull
j dog, he must take the chances of his
sketching the dog or tUr dog’s kotching
him. -Puck,
When a man reaches the top of a
stairway and attempts to make one
more stop i. gher, the sensation is as
j perplexing as if he had attempted to
I kick a dog that wasn’t there.
Bismarck to Austria, with a cynical
grin : “ Well, didn’t you ask me to show
■ you the way to a tree full of honey?"
I ( Austria is too busy prancing with the
i hornets to make a reply.
When wo retd that “ General sv.apar
itz is lighting at Dohoj,” we feel like call-:
ingon a merciful heaven to stop this
cruel war while there is any of the al- 1
phabet left. —Burlington Hawkey>.
A remarkable—almost incredible —
accident happened in this town yester
day morning. A woman attempted to
kindle a tire with coal oil and —suc-
ceeded. ’Flic can didn’t explode, and
no injury was done. —Exchange
First friend—“Oh, by-the-bye, I’m so
sorry I was out when you called —”
Second friend—“Oh, never mind. I-—”
First friend—“ Yes, but lam so vexed,
1 can—” Second ditto—“Oh, don’t
mention it; no consequence, my dear,;
A certain breadth of statement is per
missable in one who sees things through
magnifying drops of grief, but the man j
must have had a previous habit of con
scious exaggeration who relates that 1
when his powder-mill blew up the
mortgage on it carno down uninjured in ,
a corn-field and had to he paid, while j
the insurance, falling into the son, was I
lost. Exchange.
People have different notions of time.
A landlord, who is his own rent-collect- j
or, recently called on an Id tenant, 1
who, with pale, trembling lips, faltered,
“ I am very sorry, lint times are so bad,
and--and —1 am not quite ready. If'
you could only give me a little time.”
“ Well, well, you have always been a ;
good payer,” said the landlord. “ A lit
tle lime eli? Certainly, lam going'
up stairs, and I will look in as J come!
“ Yes, sir,” said the exasperated gen
tlemun, “ I will go and find him. 1 will I
upbraid him with his treachery, and '
then looking him sternly in the eye 1
wil. kick the seat of his pantaloons out
through the crown of his hat.” Dilli
eult, but not impossible, remem
bering how Montgomery’s bleeding war
rior lay prone on Ids breast and glared!
at th(> skies.
A Brazilian count, a billiomiaire, was j
dining at the table, il'hnte of a fashionable 1
hotel. His cutlet was to his taste, and
he ordered another. “We only give |
one cutlet,” said the manager, “and
no bread with one fish-hall.” With
out a word the Count rose, went j
out, bought the hotel, returned, led the 1
manager to the front door and kicked
him down the steps, then resea ting him
self at the table, said: “ Bring me an
other cutlet.” They brought it, swift
as (ho eagle cleaves the air.
At the annual award of the prizes at
the village school the worthy Mayor
calls up a blue-eyed and go life n-h aired
young girl, with the air of a startled
fawn, to receive the. prizes for good be
havior and French composition. “ Why,
my child,” lit' says, “ what’s (lie matter
with your nose? It’s scratched.”!
“Yes, sir,” replied tne bashful girl;!
“that red-headed, moon-eyed leper,
Lizzie V, tried to smash my nose, but I
bit her ear: you lie* your carpel sii poors
on it. That is the sort of a hair-pin 1 !
It is said that heaven seems almost in
sight to a young lady who is enjoying
her lirst sernade.e
The Advaxtaoe. —The advantages in
buying D. B. DeLiuul & Co.’s Best
Chemical Saleratns are numerous.
Among them arc uniform and perfect
goods, that make extra bread, biscuit or
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Milwackkk, WIS.
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1 danger of using common kerosene lamps, ami
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paper of Its kind.
Agents Hood Everywhere.
QJf'lHug Hoods. 'M’oveltfes, patents. T?ancy goods,
Otaplo u.imi's. Xvotiuns, X ietures.X cliroinos.
frames, engravings, machinery, medicines, sub
scription books, magazines, papers, stationery,
specialties, jewelry, toys, new inventions, and 1.000
different articles being advertised In the AO ENTS’
H KKAliIi. Answer no otherndvertlsement. Invest
no money In Agents Oouds until you have sent for
a copy and seen the
of 1(10 responsible advertisers in tho Herald want
ing Agents. scores of rare olter.s to beginners and
oitiers out of employment.
KVKIIV A AVAR E should at once place himself In
WIDE AUK NT direct communication with all
linns every where who want Agents, bv sending Ills
permanent address for Insertion In tho only
Agents' Directory published in the world. AUK NTS
AV ANTED, Circulars, terms, .Ae.uml a beautiful
luxll engraving, sample card and particulars of
Agents’ Directory, and one copy only of the
AGENTS’ HEUaI.I), price lit cents, all fo'ragrecu
stamp. Nothing free. Agents’TUß. CO., ill Sun
sum st. I'hllada., I'a,
poor health,nr languish
take cheer, for
will Cure You.
if you feel weak and
ly knowing why
will Revive You.
and have overtax’d your
duties,ol a mother worn
Restore You.
in css, weakened by the
duties; or a man of lel
miduight work,
Strengthen You
suffering from any indis
too fast, as is often the
Relievo You.
shop, on the farm, at the
that your system needs
stimulating, without in-
What You Need.
pulse Is feeble, your
your faculties waning,
glveyou NewLlfo
and Pain Relief.
If vnuare suffer! ne from
ing on a bod of sickness,
Hop Bitters
If yon are simply ailing;
Ulspiriied,without clour
Hop Bitters
If you area minister,
self with your pastoral
Olit with care and w ork,
Hop Bitters will
If you are a man of bus-
strain of your everyda.'
lots, tolling over your
Hop Bitters will
If you are young, and
cretion, or ire growing
Hop Bitters will
If you are in the work-
desk, anywhere, and feel
cleansing, toning or
toxiratii iff.
Hop Bitters Is
If you are nld.and your
nerves unsteady, nml
Hop Bitters will
Try Hop Cough Cure
KOI{ S.U.R 11Y
Established 1SI!.'!.
Gargling Oil Liniment
Y, How Wrapper fir Animal and White for
Human Flesh.
m Moon iron
Sprains and Bruise*.
Springhalt, WindgalU,
Foot Hot in Sheep,
Foundered Foot,
Koup in Poultry,
i racked Heels.
Lame Hack.
Hcmorholries or Piles.
Spavins. Sweeney,
Fistula. Mange,
Caked Breasts,
Sore Nipples.
Curb, Old Sores,
corns, VVblllowi,
Cramp*, Bolls,
Weakness of Joints,
f’ftntfiirt I fin nf Uodrloa
Bu’-n* and Scald*. 1
Chilblain*.Kro-dßites, I
So catches or Urease,
Chapped Hands.
Flesh Wound*,
Externa! !'ii -on?,
s in 1 Craek,
Gail* of ail kind*.
Sill'ast, Uingbooe,
Pool F.vil,
Swellings, Tumors,
i target in Cow s,
i'racked Teats,
Callous. Lameness,
Horn Distemper,
Crownscah, tpiltor,
Foul Fleers. Varcy.
Abeess of the Fdder,
Swelled Leg'.
Tlrn-ih. (
'.uiuiaiuyugi aiusctcs
Herchsnt’s fin relink Oil !■ the standard
Liniment ut the tailed Mites. Large size.
?1; raedljim. 00c; email, 25e. Small site for
family nee, gf.c. Manufactured at Lockport,
N. Y., by Merchant's Gargling Oil Company.

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