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FRIDAY, MAY 2,1870.
■ ■: ■ ■.
l*A RAD KA I’ll IU.
Thl superintendent of education re
port* that not less than one thousand
children of pupil age died in Memphis
of yellow fever.
It has been decided to change the
gauge of the Hi. Louis, iron Mountain
and Houthern railway from five feet to
the standard gauge of forty-eight and a
half inches.
A CARTKIixiK is said to have been in
vented which floats on the water, tables
good to ducks, and blows their heads
ofl when they chew it. ft i suggested
that they eschew it.
■■■■■■ "■ —■
The world averages an annual product
of 081,000,000 pounds of lea, China pro
ducing 000,000,000, Japan 40,000,000,
India 35,000,000 and Java 0,000,000.
Hundukdh of emigrants to Manitoba
are leaving and going south into Minne
sota and Dakota, on account of high
prices of all kinds of manufacturi .1 ar
ticles in the British provinces,
TitK.net income of the iI oosac tun
nel and railroad to the state of Massa
chusetts last year was #1120,000. Over
SBO,OOO was paid out of this for im
provements last year. This year a hill
nas been reported appropriating about
SIBO,OOO for the improvement and
maintenance of the tunnel.
Tim canvass over the new constitution
in California is animated in the ex
treme. The Han Francisco /W (Repub
lican) believes that the stale is confront
ed by a greater danger than that which
threatened in 1801, calls for a series of
mass meetings to express in immistakii
hlc terms the sentiment of the people.
On the other hand the Chrnnifk (on the
ranee) predicts that the proposed con
stitution will he adopted, and calls upon
the fanners to rally to its support. The
election occurs May 7.
A man named Drown, nu American,
who had been admitted to (he Charity
hospital in New York city in 1878, suf
fering from leprosy, died on Halnrdiiy.
lie contracted the disease at Hanliago,
Cuba. The treatment of his ease is
considered by the hospital physicians
as nn evidence that, in this country at
least, leprosy is not contagious. Drown
was treated Just like any patient sulVer
ing from an ordinary and not contagious
disease, None of the attendants con
tracted the malady. Ho is supposed to
have Hollered from the disease from
four to six years, the leprous marks
manifesting themselves particularly on
his hands, feel, longue, larynx,, anil
head, causing him to lose his hair on
different parts of the scalp.
Homk thieves who manifested remark
able ingenuity luivo lately boon caught
in Orimoa. Tlioy operated thus; A
tbiof was looked in an oinpty trunk by
his mates; the trunk wan Mont to tbu
railroad depot as the baggage o( a pan-
Hunger and put in tbo baggage-car; one
of Ida males, who claimed (lie baggage,
took passage in tbo name train to the
next station; assrsm an everything was
quiet in lint baggage-ear the thief in
the trunk opened il and crawled out; he
ransacked the rent of the baggage and
pul in liia own trunk such valuable ar
ticles aa were available; then he crawl
ed back to the trunk and locked him
self in, and, on reaching the next sta
tion, bis mate look oil the trunk as his
baggage, and they proceeded to secure
their plunder. The gang of Russian
thievet who conceived this scheme
managed to carry it on successfully fot
some time, but at last, on the occasion
of one adventure, the thief in the
trunk look in with him such an amount
of stolen goods that the trunk hurst
open at an unfortunate moment. The
method of operation was discovered
and the thieves were brought to the
How formidable iiro tin* revolution
nry force* which have hcon not in mo
tion in Rue*!* is *hown l>y tho murder
ou attack Upon the czar, described in
the cabin dispatches. This is not
Nicholas of the iroh hum!, hot Alexan
der the liberator; and thin dastardly
crime cumc* at the end of a reign in
which the most gigantic reform* have
been undertaken. Million* of serfs
have been net free and a radical trans
formation baa been wrought in the con
dition of land tentnre; for unlike tin'
American freed man, the Russian peas
ant ha* been put in the way of becom
ing a land-owner. After the Crimean
war capital pnnishmanl was abolished,
the right of trial by jury was established,
and, with the exception of the secret
police, the whole administrative sys
tem was uprooted. Instead of resisting
the liberalism of tho time, the czar
placed himself at tho bead of a great
popular movement. He lias been al
most the only professional reformer
among tbc Romanoffs, and yet, in the
end, be is a target for the assassin’s
Heloctud From Every Source ami
Boiled Down.
AN Associated Press dispatch under
I dale of April 20th says the
president has nominated Charles
H. Latnon, of 111., United Suites attor
ney, for Wyoming.
A Washington special of the 38th of
April gules that the excess of exports
over imports of merchandise for the
twelve months ending March 31.187!),
was $283,831,1*-% against $199 490,803
for the year ending March 31, IS7B.
Advickm from Washington of the 241 h
state that the Wisconsin delega
tion selected representative Pound
to represent their stall! in the republi
can congressional campaign committee,
and tiic Illinois delegation selected
representative Davis, of Chicago.
At the close of business on the 38th
of April there was about $(55,000.0()o in
called 10-40 bonds on deposit in the
treasury to secure - the circulation of
national hanks, most of them being
owned by western hanks. All of these
will have to he replaced by aliothir
class of government bonds within the
next sixty days, and the syndicate con
trols the market. Hales and 1 per cent,
certificates arc very rapid, hut are
mostly in eastern stales.
A Washington press dispatch of
the 33d says the senate com
mittee on public lands after a full
examination of the charges against
Horace Austin, of Minn., late third
auditor ot the treasury, by reason of
which bis continuation as register of
llie Fargo, D. TANARUS., land oilier, was re
cently suspended, agreed to-day lore
port back his nomination with a recom
mendation that it be linully conlirmeil.
The report was so made and the senate
confirmed Austin’s nomination.
A Washington special of the 3Hih
of Apiil says that Congressman
Rush Clark, of lowa, died sud
denly at bis rooms this after
noon alter an illness of only a few
bourn. Mr. Clark was in good health
yesterday and an.l onSnlmday occupied
Ids usual seal in the bouse. He was
taken sick at 3 o’clock this morning
with a severe attack of meningitis, and
although prompt medical aid was
summoned, lie continued to sillier ex
tremely, and died after only twelve
hours’ illness. The news of bis death
was generally circulated Ibis evening
and is received with a universal expres
sion of sincere sorrow.
A kisi'ATi ’ll from Washington under
date of April ‘J'.Jlh says the treas
ury department Inis been advised
that, its instructions in the circular ot
April 1 sib, reserving refunding certifi
cates for sale in sums not to exceed
SIOO am being evaded for speculative
purposes, ami announces that where
such evasion is manifest, or where any
one person claims more Ilian SIOO
either for Id'uself or others, the eerlili
eales will Is fused, ami the authority
of any designated depository who fails
to enforce the regulations, will be
withdrawn and commissions will not bo
allowed on sales made by him,
Auur.Aiis of pensions will soon be
made happy; a Wiissiiiiigton dispatch
of the 33 and says the payment
of arrears of pensions has begun
and it is believed buck pen
sions can be paid as rapidly as ac
counts arc made up, or at the rate ot a
million and a half a month, unless un
expected appropriations should be
hereafter made by congress. After the
hrsl of July, the saving created by Ibe
process of refunding will tell favorably
upon the llnaiices. The annual saving
by refunding is $13,(100,000, and two
years saving on interest, will go towards
paying these arrears of pension without
increasing the burden of the public
An associated press telegram from
Washington of April -lib stales that
the house committee on coinage,
weights and measures to day consider
ed Hie subject embraced in tin- bill iu
liodueod by Mr. Foil, which provides
“that the secretary of the treasury shall
cause to he exchanged at the treasury
and at all the snh treasuries legal-len
der silver dollars for trade dollars of
4'JO grams standard silver at par, and
shall leeoin said trade dollars into legal
lender dollars of-1 I‘JJ grains standard
silver, as now provided by law, and shall
slop the Inrlher coinage of trade dollars, j
Secretary Sherman was present and
gave his views. There is. he said, in
circulation upwards of ;tiI,OOO,UOO of
trade dollars. The value of the metal
in trade dollars is greater than bullion,
hence it would not he purchased for
conversion into bullion.
A Washinoton dispatch under date
ot April 'JSih says that holders of Amer
ican awards are waiting with interest
lire decision of the secretary of stale on
the contested claims of llenjamiii NN eil
land vs. The l,aohra Silver Mining com- 1
pany, which the last congress directed
tire executive to investigate, to deter
mine whether there shall be a rehear
ing on tin' charges of fraud presenter!
by Mexico against tire claims. Should
lire claims he thrown out there is a sum
amounting to nearly f1,2tH1,000 will he
distributed among the holders. Secre
tary Everts lias had the evidence before
him since January, and lias notified
counsel for Mexico that be will bear
argument in the eases before deciding
wbetl era new trial shall be bad in ac
cordance with the provisions of tire ac
tion of congress.
A Jersey City press dispatch of April
2,‘td says a man enlen and the National
It.ink of Vineland yesterday and asked
to seethe presideni. I’h.it"liber being
absent, the visitor procededed to tran
sact some business with tho cashier. |
Happening to turn around for a book
he saw a stranger in the vault, sprang
upon him, and after a short struggle,
recovered from the intruder.
Phe robber had two companion* one at
the desk in front, and another with a
earnage outside. They escaped with
nearly $1 OiH). The three men were
Kngllsh, and supposed to he profes
sional hank-rohhers.
A Lasoouv, Nib., dispatch under date
of Ann! Jo h says that Richards the
bk-ody butcher to be bung at Mendeu,
.Saturday, lias lout all bin bravido.
Hiiarill Kicnne. of Kearney county, is
lu re to lake birn up to-morrow. Rich
ards has exhibited the moat remarkable
bravado since bis arrest, until last week.
Now be is utterly unmanned, and iq>-
pearances ate that bo will have to be
carried upon the scaffold. He cries
like a child, cannotsleep, and has eaten
nothing since Tuesday. He is a most
pitiable object, and, after committing
ten murders, is ready to kneel and beg
(or mercy, notwithstanding bis repeated
boasts that he,would meet ins fate with
out flinching.
A CnicAdO dispatch under date of
April 271 b says the jury in the case of
Peter E. Stevens on trial for killing ids
wife, returned a verdictof manslaughter
at noon to-day, and fixed the penalty
at 14 years in tiie penitentiary. As the
prisoner was being taken from the
court to bis cell, Mrs. Voting bis-molber
in-law, stepped up (prickly behind him
put a pistol to bis bead and pulled the
irigger; fortunately for the prisoner a
handkerchief in which the pistol had
been concealed intervened between the
hammer and cap and caused the pistol
to miss lire. A warrant has been sworn
out for Mrs. Young’s arrest.
A (li.inton, Jib, dispatch under date
of April t!oth says that one of the most
daring hank robberies ever known in
Ibis section of the country was com
mitted mi Scroggs A Hawyer’s bank, of
Ml. Pulaski, nineteen miles southwest
of this city, last night. At 2 o'clock
Mr. Walter Hawyei heard a knocking sit
llu! front door of ids residence, mid,
upon responding was met by three
masked men with pistols, who threat
cried his life if he uttered a sound, pro
ceeds! to gag him and take him to the
hind;, where lie was made to open it,
and, while one watched, the other look
$l5O In (limes and nickels which were not
deposited iii the safe. The safe con
tained from Jilt),000 to SSO,IKK) in cash
and bonds, hut, luckily for the owners,
they had recently put on a time-lock,
which could not he opened. The hunk
was ill oh saved from wholesale rob
bery. Mr. Sawyer was left in the hank
till morning, when he was discovered,
and search immediately instituted for
the burglars. One of them was left in
charge of Sawyer’s wife while the others
were robbing tin l hank.
A Ciiicaoo dispatch of i lit 2l!d
stales that while Edwin Booth
was giving the soliloquy in the
last act of Richard 11, at McVicker’s
theatre, to-night, a shot was tired at
him by a man in the left hand upper
gallery. I tooth sal still till after about
three seconds, a second shut was tired,
when ho rose and started toward the
led wing of the stage, pointing out as
he went the wonid-he assassin. The
latter was at once seized, and hut for
the intervention of the officers would
have been roughly handled. He stales
his name is Marl Gray, that he is 2!i
years old, a dry goods clerk ofSt. Louis;
that he has been It years preparing to
do this deed and is surprised that he
failed; that his failure to kill Booth is the
only part of the attempt which he regrets,
dray says Booth wronged a friend of
his one lime and he has been resolved
lo punish him over since. He stated
he is from Keokuk hot is now traveling
for a linn m St. Louis. He was only
thirty feet distant from Booth
when he tired the shot. Ho mid
on his person, a letter addressed to a
lady by the name of Katie, staling his
intention of shooting Booth, to-night,
and asserting in a rambling way that
Lawrence Barrett, is a superior actor to
Booth. He is now in custody at the
Central Station, and talks coherently.
The audit nee ul McVicker’s remained
after this enismle, and the play pro
ceeded to the end without a further
Tun Logan house at (ialena burned
nn tlio night of theS27th of April: loss
$12,000, with half that stun of insur
A OoKUAM, New Hampshire, dispatch
of April 2Slh says nearly all
the business portion of this village
hurtled to-day. Nearly all of tchange
street was burned. Thirty families are
homeless and twenty buildings destroy
ed. Loss $500,000. The most thickly
settled and business portion of the vil
lage is gone.
Tun HerkinieV, N. V.. paper com
pany's mill at Herkimer, of which
Congressman Warner Miller is one of
the heaviest stockholders, burned Satur
day night. L iss, $d(l,000; insurance,
$15,000. It is supposed to lie accident
al, as the engineer, Henry Piet/., was
The Enterprise paper mills at Wil
mington, 111., were destroyed by lire on
the night of April 27th. The books
and papers weie saved, but the ma
chinery, owned by M. D. Keeney, and
valued at SIU),(HH), u a total loss.
| Dr. H, E. Frott owned the building, and
j loses about $2,000. Keeney's insurance
lis SIO,OOO. This is the third time he
has been burned out in fourteen years.
The origin of the lire is unknown.
A Cihoauo dispatch of the 25th
says a fire broke out at No.
214 Kin/.ie street, at about seven
o’eloek this evening. For over three
hours the (lames were actively destroy
ing property in that vicinity, being as
sisted by the peculiarly inllammable
character of the contents of the build
ings. Nos. 214 to 218 were completely
gutted. Total loss nearly SBO,IH.H),
A La Crosse, Wis., special of April
- till. Suva Amm Fisher atrial 17 vears,
n member of night policeman Fisher's
futility, was assisting Mi. Fisher put
dowini carpet, when a tamp which was
standing on the lloor was overturned
and exploded, throwing the hurtling oil
all over her. She ran into the yarn,
fanning the dailies in the wind so that
they blasted up fifteen feet above her
hod'v. She was finally caught hy a son
of Fisher, who threw’her down and ex
tinguished the tlanies hy throw ing sand
over her. She was terribly burned, the
entire right side of her Kidy being
crisped, w ith the skin hanging in shreds.
She is very low, hut the doctors arc
as yet undecided whether she will re
cover or not.
A Misnkavoijw special under date of
1 April 4lh, says the walls of the Galaxy
[ mil! fell at a quarter before l> this after
j noon, killing Mike Farrell and injuring
slightly Mike Hand and Daniel Connor.
; The Galaxy was one of the mills burn
'ed at the time of the great mill explo
sion in May last, and the wail had once
before stood a lire that burned the en
tire imide of the mill. After the ex
plosion the mayor condemned the walls
and ordered them to be blown down,
hut the proprietor resisted. The wall
has stood for nearly a year, hut work
was commenced a week ago recon
structing the walls. No less than thirty
' men were employed in the mill at
jilie time of the disasler, all of whom
j had a narrow escape. The falling walls
carried with them the timbers of three
j lloors which had been constructed, and
j filled the pit with a confused mass of
; debris. Considering the circumscribed
quarters and the number of men em
ployed, it is miraculous that there was
not a greater loss of life. Farrell was
1 not married, and has resided here
about a year. He was horribly man
gled, and bis death was almost instant
aneous. Hand was cut about the head
and shoulders. Connor received a bad
cut on the head from a falling rock. It
is believed Unit all the other workmen
escaped, hut search is being made for
other victims.
A Constantinople special of April l
UOlh says the Porte lias obtained iclicf
from ils most pressing pee,uniary em
barrassments, it is generally believed,
by raising a loan in London on the sur
plus revenue of Cyprus.
Bei/ikade special advices of the 25th
state that the Turkish troops assisted
the Servians who were operating against
tne Albanian invaders. The .Servians
left many officers and men, but the Al
banians were driven from Servia, leav
ing 200 dead behind them.
A London special under date of April
21th says the number of persons killed
by the fire-damp explosion in the Ag
rappe coal pit, near Mans. Belgium, on
April 17, is ascertained to hi* one hun
dred ami seventeen. Only forty-seven
j corpses have so far been recovered.
A H’KTAl.of the 25th says that Pisa
(liiano, in Peru, has been bombarded.
The guano loaded appliances at Hnnil
los and Pahellondo Pica have have been
destroyed. Igitnqiio is still blockaded,
and all sailing vessels have left; the
workmen have fled, ami business in the
interior is entirely disorganized.
Advices from St. Petersburg of April
25th slate that the Russian command
ers in Bulgaria and Luster n Room el in
have received stringent orders to en
force stricter discipline among the
troops. Asa consequence of the laxity
heretofore, the soldo rs propagate revo
lutionary ideas on returning to Russia.
Athens advices of the 2-Uh state that
in consequence of the delay of tin; poro
in carrying into effect the reforms
voted by the Cretan Assembly, the
Turkish authorities have been defied,
and the laws utterly disregarded.
Armed men have assembled in various
districts, determed to resist the collec
tion of taxes.
Tki.kuhams from India under dale of
April 28th speak of the complete
breakdown of the quarter master’s and
commissary's departments of the Kliy
ber column at Jollallabad and Grand
Amak, owing to a lack of transporta
tion the column is said to ho incapaci
tated for olfensivo operations. The
garrison if C.uulahar is in a very simi
lar position in consequence of those
A Vienna special of the 2tlh hist,
ays one difficulty between England
ind Russia has been smoothed away.
Inssia consents that the Governor of
Eastern Ronmelia may call for the as
sistance of the Ottoman troops if he
has the sanction of a bare majority ot
the International Commission. Russia,
luwever, persists that the delineation
of the fiontier boundary the Commis
si m must he unanimous on all ques
tions of principle.
A Rome dispatch of the 28th says
Garibaldi lias started for Alhano. lit*
published a manifesto to the Italian
people enthusiastically congratulating
iliem on the formation of a democratic
loigno tor the promotion of universal
suffrage. The manifesto concludes as
follows: “The league had decided to
work by pacific means, and whoever
governs Italy must take note if, by im-
Deling work of the league, he compels
it to resort to other means, he will ho
held accountable by history and the
A Berlin dispatch of April 28th says
the trial of the three medical students,
convicted and sentenced to imprison
ment for disturbing the public order
and maintaining secret connections,
took place in Berlin, not Ht. Folersberg.
I’tieir names are Greevitz, Arhom
and Liehernmim, the last-named under
the (dfiis of Arthur Freeman, connected
with the leading socialists m Europe
ami America, and was on his way to
Hwilzerland from Vienna, from whence
he had been expelled, after a
month’s imprisonment, when he was
seized and taken to Berlin on account
of his communication with Greevetz
and Arohnson. His letters showed the
plan for establishing in Berlin a section
of Nihilists to act as a sort of way sta
ttoi for communications between Lon
don and Ht. I’etersburg.
A dispatch uf April 24th save that
cash of yellow fov.r appeared in New
Kc-Ji iv.k Gev>. 8. Bkknakd of the
Ni'a York Supremo court died ou the
27th hist.
Tik legi.l.tlive appropriation bill
passtd the house on the 2dlh hv a vote
of 11) to 119.
Cat. David 0. Woods died at Mure
IMaul, April 2l;h. Paring the war he
companded the monitor Kickapoo.
UK. James I’. Brown low, late cavalry
ollicir of the federal army, and sou of
ex-Suiator llrownlow. died at his moth
er’s residence in Knoxville. Term..
Ttu steamer Kio Janeiro was run
downand sunk on the 2tUb, in a fog, by
the talk Velocity. The captain and
j ten ollhe crew succeeded in climbing
on hard the steamer by the anchor
chain, hut the steward and a hoy were
A Minneapolis, Minn., special under
date of April 2'Jfu says the millers
of Minneapolis are on a strike on ac
count of a reduction of wages 20 per
A Han Francisco dispatch of April
26th says six thousand Chinamen
are now employed in the construc
tion of the Southern Facific rail
way of California, which is being
pushed forward at the rate of three
miles a day. The track is laid to Mari
A St. Lous dispatch of the 28th says
that Judge Cady, of the crim
inal court, to-day, fined about
fifty lottery venders, from five to eight
hundred dollars each, for selling lottery
tickets of the Missouri state lottery, and
committed them to jail till the fines arej
paid. The aggregate fine amounts to I
ahull t $.‘15,000,
B Bismarck special under date of
April 28th says: General Sheridan and
General Terry left this morning on the
steamer Big Horn, on a visit to Forts
Vatcs, Bennett, tSully, Hale, and Ran
dall. They will come out at Yankton.
Sheridan will also take notes as to the
conduct of the agencies on the river,
The New York Tribune of the 26th says
the Iriends of Col. Jno. Groesbeck,
brother of the Hon.Wm.S. Groesbeck,
of Ohio, and brother-in-law of Gen.
Joe Hooker, are greatly distressed over
his unaccountable disappearance from
the Fifth avenue hotel, in this city,
where ho has lived formany years. He
left the hotel two weeks ago, saying he
was going west, and since that time all
truce of him has been lost. His per
sonal effects be left in his room.
A Han Francisco dispatch of the 24th
states that there was a disastrous hurri
cane at the Friendly islands, March 6.
The Roman Catholic Chapel, Wesleyan
Farsonage, English Consulate, Govern
ment ware-house, many business build
ings, and two-thirds of the dwellings
were razed to the ground. The cocoa
nut crop was destroyed. The hark
Queensland, forty-two days out from
Newcastle, Australia, for Auckland, is
feared to have been lost with all hands.
The Facific mail steamer Alaska com
pleted repairs at Honolulu, and sailed
for Yokohama, April 20.
A Wilkesiiarre, Fa., telegram of
Ann! 28th says that after four days’ en
tombment, the miners imprisoned at
Sugar Notch by the fall of the roof of
the mine, were released this morning.
The men sustained life by the meat of
a mule, which the hoy sent to give them
warning had fortunately taken with
him, and a stream running through the
mine gave them water. The reliefs of
the laborers have been constantly at
work, night and day, and finally these
have succeeded in making a
channel through fifty foot of black coal.
Those men snitered little from confine
ment, and they and their rescuers were
loudly cheered as they reached the sur
face of the mine.
A Cincinnati special telegram of the
2<>lli says that Hie case of C. C. Wash
hum, of Minneapolis, Minn., against
the Western Insurance company, is on
trial before a. jury. The suit is one ot
seven begun in this court to recover in
surance on the famous mills in Minne
apolis, The seven insurance companies
that have been sued hero contest then
liability on the ground that the lire oc
cured after the explosion. Testimony
has been introduced, however, to show
that smoke was seen issuing from the
windows of the mill before the explo
sion. The present trial is understood
to he a test case. The amount of the
policy is $2,050.
The Chicago Union Veteran Club at
its meeting April 20th, adopted the fol
lowing resolution;
Resolved, that the Union Veteran’s
chib, of Chicago, most heartily approve
of the manly moral courage exnihitod
by our distinguished comrade Senator
Logan, in declining to accept the code
diullo as a moans of refuting a vile
calumny which needs no refutation,
and in thus setting al defiance a barbar
ous custom by one whose personal
courage has so often been demonstrated
in defense of his country,
A New York press dispatch of the
27th, states that the preliminary
papers have been served in a soil
which S. B. Chittenden and Gen. But
ler agreed should he brought to test the
validity of the reissue of United States
legal tender notes in a time of peace.
The suit has been brought in the United
States circuit court for the southern
district of New York, and is founded on
a genuine transaction, in the regular
course ol business. The trial of the
action may not lake place for a month
at least, but whatever the decision by
Judge Blotch ford may bo, the defeated
party will appeal to tiie sir reme conn
of the United States, in time probably
for argument at the October term.
Senator K Imunils will he associated
with W in. Allen Butler, in arguing the
validity of the re-issued notes. Gen.
Butler, it is understood, will make the
principal argument for the defence.
A Newark, New Jersey, dispatch of
April 27th says that the Sunday law was
generally observed here to-day. Ac
cording to agreement, most all places
of business were closed, with the excep
tion of drug stores and telegraph of
fices. Constables in large numbers met
trains from New York on arrival and
prevented delivery of New York pa
! pers, which created considerable feeling
among citizens generally. Some pa-
I pers, however, were smuggled through
I and sold readily at high prices. The
day passed quietly, and few arrests
were made for violation of the Sunday
A Detroit dispatch i ‘ April
2d says work commenced to-day
with considerable ceremony on
the Canada Southern railway tunnel to
jbe built under the Detroit river at
’ Grass Isle. Special trains ran from
'Detroit, Toledo and from Canadian
' points on the Canada S nilhern to carry
j invited guests and railway officials,
I Ground was broken On the Canada side
for the approach to the tunnel cn-
I trance. The parliament act authoriz
i ing the construction of the tunnel was
, read by Secretary Kingsmitt, of the
Canada Southern, and dedicatory
speeches were made by W. K. Muir,
secretary, C. A. King. Toledo, Fresi
dent Green, of the Columbus fc Toledo
railway, President Hugelt of the Cana
dian Midland railway, and others, after
which the entire party partook of an
elaborate collation spread in the ollice
of the tunnel eompany.
The New York Hemli of lire 25th
inst., publishes a complete description
of the results of Edison’s latest research
es and experiments on the subject cf
illumination by electricity, and says it
begins to look as if the vast capital of
the gas companies of all the cities ot
the world is to be annihi'ated by this
new invention. The burning of coal
gas vitiates the air of an apartment,
whereas the electric light does not im
pair its purity. It has no other effect
on the atmosphere of a room than
that of healing it. The problem of ex
pense having been completely solved,
it is demonstrated that electric light
can he produced at a mere fraction
of the cost of illuminating with gas.
A Lucky Canadian Fanner.
New York Tribune.
It is worth one’s while to be second
cousin to a millionaire when all the
other heirs-at-law are dead. Forty
years ago Oxenham, an English lilc
maker, began to save his pennies in
Toronto, and when he had SIB,OOO in
bank he removed to Lambton county,
where he bought large tracts of land
and sold them at a profit. He finally
settled down on the Old London lioad,
three miles from Wyoming station, on
the Great We tern railway. Here he
has lived quietly and peaceably for un
ward of a quarter of a century. List
summer he received a letter from an
olil friend in Barnstable, England, in
forming him that his second-cousin, ex-
Mayor Bcmbridgo, had died without
leaving a will, and that a large fortune
was awaiting the nearest ot kin. As
the Canadian squire was himself well
oil', he did not mink it worth while to
worry about this new estate. The other
day, however, he received a letter from
an English law linn requesting his im
mediate presence in Barnstable, that he
might be identified within one year of
the death of ex-Mayor Bemhridge, and
thus save himself the trouble of taking
proceedings in chancery. There was
no chance of any opposition, and he
could enter possession at once. Ac
cordingly, the,venerable farmer started
from home on Monday, and sailed from
New York last Wednesday. Ho will
inherit half of the personal property,
which is worth $-.500,000, and all the
real estate, worth $5.000,000. The old
gentleman is so enamored with his Ca
nadian home that the style and com
forts of an English gentleman’s town
and country mansions and domain do
not tempt him to stay in the old land.
His son, who has a large family of boys
will eventually lake possession of the
English estate.
The Largest Island in the World.
Immediately north of Australia and
separated from it at Torres straits by
less than 100 miles ot sea, is the largest
island on the globe—New Guinea, a
country of surpassing interest, whether,
as regards its natural productions or its
human inhabitants, but which remains
to this day iess known than any acceio
sible portion of the earth’s surface.
Within the last few years considerable
attention has been attracted toward it
by surveys which have completed our
knowledge of its outline and dimen
sions, by the settlement of English
missionaries on its southern coasts, by
the explorations of Several European
naturalists, and by the visits of Aus
tralian miners attracted by the alleged
discovery of gold in the sands of its
rivers. From these various sources
there has resulted a somewhat sudden
increase in our still scanty knowledge
of this hitherto unknown land. It has
hitherto been the custom of geographers
to give the palm to Borneo as the largest
island in the world, but this is decidedly
an error. A careful estimate, founded
on the most recent maps, shows that
Now Guinea is considerably the larger,
and must for th3 future be accorded the
first place. In shape, this island differs
greatly from Borneo, being irrcgula
and much extended in a north north
west and south southeast direction, so
that its greatest length is little short of
1,500 miles, a distance as great as the
whole width of Australia from Adelaide
to Fort Darwin, or of Europe from Lon
don to I’ nstantinoplc. Its greatest
width is 412 miles; ami, omitting the
great peninsulas which form its two
extremities, the central mass is about
700 miles long, with an average wiuth
of 020 miles, a country about the size
of the Austrian empire, and with the
exception of the course of one large
river, an absolute blank upon our maps.
Nebraska Hangings.
A legal hanging has not taken place
in Nebraska tor twelve years. The last
victim was Biker, who was hung for
sitting lire to King’s wholesale grocery
store in Omaha, and murdered his bed
fellow, a clerk in the establishment,
and this is the only hgil execution that
has taken place since Nebraska was ad
mitted as a state. The only man hung
by law under the territorial government
was Tator. also hung at Omaha, for the
murder of his “partner," a traveling
companion with whom he started, across
the plains. Meanwhile, hangings by
lynch law have been numerous. Last
week Dr. St. Louis cheated the gallows
at Fremont by suicide, and the Quaker
I fiend, Richards, is sentenced to be hung
1 next month, w ith two or three others in
i different parts of the state.
| A diamond weighing 4. H) karats —the
largest m the world—was recently found
iin India. During the past few weeks
! the owner has received twenty-seven
‘ letters from young Americans who
i will act as clerks at seaside hotels the
| coining reason. It is easy to imagine
the object of the missives.—A'.rn'sfotru
Malarial Fever.
Malarial Fevers, constipation, torpidi
ty of the liver and kidneys, general de
: bility, nervousness and neuralgic ail
i menus yield readily to this great disease
| conqueror, Hop Bitters. It repairs the
ravages of disease by converting the
food into rich blood, and it gives new
| life and vigor to the aged and intirni
always. See “Trulua’’ in other
i column.

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