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The democrat.
Published every Thursday by
Entered at the Post Office, Mineral Point.
Wis., as second class matter.
Subscription, HU .25 per year In Advance.
Small Tract of Land Sold to the
Electric Light Company.
Mineral Point, Wis., Oct. 8, 1909. —
Pursuant to adjournment of October 5,
a meeting of the common council was
this day held in the council chamber.
Called to order by Mayor Brown.
Members present: Aldermen Craw
ford, Shepard, Jenck, Blewett, Johnson,
Frieden, Engels.
License bond and application of Geo.
Albright presented.
Moved by Alderman Jenck, bond and
application be accepted and license is
Carried by following Aye and Nay
vote, —Aye: Crawford, Shepard, Jenck,
Blewett, Johnson, Frieden, Engels,—
Nay, no vote.
The following resolution was pre
sented ;
Whereas, The Mineral Point Electric
Light Company proposes to purchase
from the City of Mineral Point, Wis.,
the following described real estate:
That part of lots 116 and 118 of Vleit s
survey of the village, (now city) of
Mineral Point, Wisconsin, commencing
at a point which is South 88 degrees;
East 120 feet; from a point on the Last
side of Water Alley, North 2 degrees,
12 minutes West from the 8. W. corner
of lot 1 15, in said Vleit’s survey, thence
S. 88 degrees East, along the South
Wall of the Mineral Point Electric Light
Company’s building 48 feet, thence
N 2 degrees East 20 feet, thence South
88- degrees E. 41* feet, thence N. 2 degrees
East 116 feet more or less, to the South
line of the Argali lot, thence West along
the S. line of tho Argali lot 89* feet,
thence S. 2 degrees "West 145 feet more
or less to the point of beginning. Also
a right of way on and over lots 116 and
118 of said Vleit’s Survey, with full
rights of ingress and egress, including
a drive w*ay, a switch track and right
of way over said lots 116 and 118 for
transmission lines, for the sum of S2OO
and by executing a certain option agree
ment, and anew pumping contract,
and an agreement not to sink a well on
said premises without the council’s per
Whereas, In the opinion of said Com
mon Council the said sum of money
and agreements are fully equal in value
to the premises proposed to be conveyed.
Be It Resolved, By the Common
Council of the City of Mineral Point,
that this prop* )Bc il be accepted and that
the Mayor and City Clerk of the City be
and they are hereby authorized and
directed to make, execute and deliver
to said The Mineral Point Electric Light
Company good and sufficient warranty
deeds to said premises upon the pay
ment by The Mineral Point Electric
Light Company of the sum of money
and the execution ot the option agree
ment and other agreements above re
ferred to.
On motion of Alderman Jeuck, secon
ded by Alderman Crawford was adopted
by the following Aye and Nay vote.
Aye Crawford, Shepard, Jeuck,
Blewett, Johnson, Frieden, Engels.
Nay—no vote.
Attest— Ed. Brown, Mayor.
W. P. Buss, City Clerk.
Masonic Memorial.
Whereas, our brother Frank E. Hans
com has been suddenly removed by
Resolved That, the members of Min
eral Point Lodge, No. 1, gladly hear
testimony to his worth as a man, who
in his life and character exemplified the
tenets of Free Masonary.
In his intercourse with his brethern
he was kind hearted and true, ever
mindful of the rights of others, and in
his death the members of this Lodge
have sustained a great loss.
Resolved That, we will ever cherish
his memory as a man and a Mason,
commending him to a Being, who doeth
all things well, we deeply and sincerely
sympathize with his affiicted family.
Resolved That, this memorial be
spread upon the records of our Lodge
and a copy sent to the family of the
deceased. Clarence Potter,
R. J. Hughes,
Otto Gillmann,
Unclaimed Letters.
Mineral Point, October 19.— Letters
addressed as follows remain unclaimed at the
Mineral Point postoffice:
Patrick McCormick.
Thomas Mills,
Rev. L. C. Liman.
In calling for above, please say advertised.
B. T. Pridkacx. Postmaster.
———■fc*. —ir-a-r-a——jMif* i't nff.ff
Our New
Hair Nig or
Ayer’s Hair Vigor was good,
the best that was made. But
Ayer’s Hair Vigor, new im
proved formula, is better. It
is the one great specific for fall
ing hair. Anew preparation in
every way. New bottle. New
contents. Ask your druggist to
show it to you, “the new kind.”
Does not change the color of the hair.
jM Formula with each bottle
y Show it to your
/xuers ** SL- u,
then do as he says
As we now make our new Hair Vigor it
does not have the slightest effect upon
the color of the hair. You may use it
freely and for any length of time with
out fear of changing the color. Stops
falling hair. Cures dandruff.
* —* ttia by tho J. C. Ayer Cos., Lc-oell, Mass.- ■ ■
CLASSIFIED or Want advertisements in the
Democrat br2ng profitable returns. Price
five cents per line per week.
Good Templars’ Lodge.
J. M. Skinner, Grand Chief Templar
of Wisconsin, gave a temperance lecture
in the Bethel church, and it was decid
ed to revive Allen Lodge, No. 207,
which has been asleep for a number of
years. Last Saturday the lodge nn tin
the I. O. G. T. hall and ten new mem
bers were initiated. The following of
ficers were elected and installed by the
Grand Chief Templar:
Lodge Deputy—John R. Wallis.
Chief Templar—K. H. Harris.
Vice Templar—Sylvia Chandler.
Secretary—Wallis Salmon.
Assistant Secretary—Alice Uren,
Financial Secretary—John Terrill.
Treasurer —Lulu Chandler.
Chaplain—Henry Gribble.
Marshal—Wm. Salmon.
Deputy Marhal—Marie Harris.
Past Chief Templar—Samuel Salmon.
Supt. and Juvenile Work —Wm. Ti. H. Harris.
Sentinel—Wra. Uren.
It was decided to meet e/ery Satur
day at 8 o’clock prompt.
Various committees were appointed.
3QIIIZZ —7je=t3L.7:z=3l "" iiTJi “"rjocjj H yzzioczrz— I ciz iezr-__zzii~ i
Begins Saturday, | | Saturday,
[l—lol m ll II lot — 0 H 1. —Il -ir>r— o
Direct From Mills, Wash Goods, Dress Goods, Embroidery, Remnants,
Ribbons, Laces, Crash Towels, Hose, Underwear, Furnishings, Linen.
10,000 yards mill ends 3 J Ac per yard- Mill ends mean goods that fall short of forty or fifty yard lengths, requisite for export purposes. Identical In quality, style
and design with the full piece, still not to be classed with regular goods because they are wanting in lengths—a thread missing in napkins—a slight discoloration in
some fabric—crooked or careless stitching in underwear—a coarse thread in hose. These are “mill ends” characteristics. None of these slight flaws matter to the
customer, but they prevent the miil or factory from selling goods at a profitable price. You will pay twice or thrice the money for the same goods at other stores.
Forceful Bargains Figures. Price reductions al
most incredible, attractive Dress Goods that almost irre
sistible, both combined to make this the greatest Dress
Goods sale we’ve ever had.
A Whirlwind of Vigorous Values.
We have 30 or 40 pieces, strickly all-wool dress suitings,
from 44 to 54 inches wide, at 48c cents per yard.
2000 yards of 36-inch Percales at / \ cents.
Four pieces of 36-in. Black Taffeta silk, guaranteed for
two seasons, at 98 cents.
2000 yards 27-inch Percale, 10 yards for 45 cents.
1000 yards 36-inch Silkoline at 8J cents.
We have about 500 yards of Silkized Poplin, superior to
silk, at 39 cents per yard.
300 vards Fancy Waist Silk, at__39 cents per yard.
One case best quality prints, Mill Hnds 4A cents.
20 per cent discount on all onr new dress goods during
this sale.
We have one ease of Mill Ends of Tennis Flan
nel, worth np to 10 cents at 6> cents.
One case of flannelette, 10 cent grade, at 6£ cents.
Amoskeag Teazeldown at S\ cents.
500 yards Table Damask at 221 cents
500 yards Table Damask, bleached and unbleached, all
linen, at 42> cents.
500 yards all linen Crash at 61 cents.
150 pair Cotton and All Wool Blankets, sample line of
Mill Ends, slightly soiled, at about 50 cents on the
One case Comfortable Prints, fast colors, Mill Ends, at
V 2 cents per yard.
Woman’s Hose and Cent’s Sox, 9c.
One case of Ladies’ Hose at 9 cents per pair.
One case Gent’s fancy Half Hose, worth 25 cents, at 9e.
300 rolls fine quality Cotton Batting, / *C per roll.
200 rolls, full pounds, good, clean Cotton Batting, 10c.
Muslin, bleached and best quality 8 l-2c. quality 6 l-2c.
,aglL,Miller & Fardy m ~’
- \
The Ivey Pharmacy Gives Facts
Regarding Dyspepsia.
Although indigestion and dyspepsia
are so prevalent, most people do not
thoroughly understand their cause and
how to obtain relief. There is no reason
why people should not eat anything
they desire —-if they will only chew* it
carefully and thoroughly. Many act
ually starve themselves into sickness
through fear of eating every good
looking, good-smelling and good-tasting
food, because it does not agree with
Dieting cannot cure dyspepsia. If w*e
refuse every article of food that dis
agrees with us, before long w r e have
nothing left, and find ourselves chronic
We are so confident that w T e can fur
nish relief for indigestion and dyspepsia
that we promise to supply the medicine
free of all cost to every one who uses it
according to directions who is not per
fectly satisfied with the results. We
exact no promises and put no one under
any obligation whatever. Surely noth
ing could be fairer. We are located
right here where you live, and our rep
utation should he sufficient assurance of
the genuineness of our offer.
We want every one who is troubled
with indigestion or dyspepsia in any
form to come to our store and get a box
of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets. Take
them home, and give them a reasonable
trial, according to directions. They are
very pleasant to take; they soothe the
irritable stomach, strengthen and in
vigorate the digestive organs, promote a
healthy and natural bowel action, al
most immediately relieve nausea and
stomach irritation, produce healthy di
It will pay yon to buy your Car- I . '
pets and Rugs for the year in this
Values Unrivalled and Un- j-/j\ \
equalled. J V •
50 Velvet Rugs 27x53, at $1.24. y °
We give a special discount on all i 1
room rugs and linoleums. /1 j |
There is an individual style about / ' jJU
onr suits that appeals to particular I']
people. Dame Fashion has always /1| | j j jj|
smiled* with favor upon the very il l j|||i
pretty models to be found in this de- HlUii j _
partment. The most exclusive v
styles for women of taste. A wide variety of fashions.
Beautiful and inexpensive Ladies’ Suits.
Special discount on all Cloaks and Suits
during the Mill Outlet Sale.
Tailor made Skirts in a Variety of Handsome Wool
j Suitings, Solid Black Serges and Panamas in New Models.
5 dozen Taffeta Petticoats worth SI.OO to $1.25 at__ 70c.
5 dozen worth np to $1.50 at 98c.
3 dozen SI.OO Corsets, slightly soiled, at 69 cents.
6 dozen $1.25 Corsets, at 89 cents.
One line of Misses’ Corsets at 15 cents.
12 1-2 per cent discount on all $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00
100 pieces of 6-in. Moire Ribbons, No. 12, at 5c a yard.
100 pieces 6-inch Moire Ribbons at 10c per yard
1000 vards of embroidery and laces at 4c a yard.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs 2 and 3 cents each.
Children’s Handkerchiefs 1 cent each.
Gent’s Handkerchiefs, fine quality, white and colored
border, Scents.
Turkish Towels at 9 cents each.
j SAFETY PINS, 3 dozen for 5 cents
gestion and assimilation, and promote
A 25-cent package of Rexall Dyspep
sia Tablets furnishes 15 days' treatment.
In ordinary cases this is sufficent ro
produce complete relief. In more
chronic cases, a longer treatment, of
course, is necessary, and depends upon
the severity of the trouble. For such
cases we have two larger sizes. 50 cents
and SI.OO. Remember yon can obtain
Rexall Remedies in Mineral Point only
at our store. Chas. L. Ivey—The
Rexall Store.
Card of Thanks
The family of the late Mrs. Win.
Cole desire to express their thanks to
friends and neighbors in Mineral Point,
and in Granville, North Dakota, (and
especially to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Proc
tor) for kindness and sympathy exten
ded to them in their affliction.
Kidney Troubles Attack Mineral
Point Men and Women, *
Old and Young.
Kidney i 1 is sitze young and old.
Come quickly .vith little warning.
Children suffer in their early years
Can't control the kidney secretions.
Girls are languid, nervous, suffer
Women worry, can't do daily work.
Men have lame and aching backs.
The cure for man, woman or child.
Is to cure the cause —the kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills cure sick kid
Cure all forms of kidney suffering.
Samuel Bates, retired farmer, of Dar
lington. Wis., says: I used Doan’s
Kidney Pills and they gave me relief in
a short time. My wife also used them
and received the best of results being
It won't pay yon to make Muslin Underwear when yon
can buy everything in this line during this sale at less
than cost of material.
Don’t wait until cold weather to buy winter Underwear.
Anticipate your wants now and thereby save money. If
you are contemplating a purchase yon cannot afford to
miss this great sale of Underwear. Irresistible Low
Prices rule here now.
Special Values in New Skirts.
It has been our claim to carry the most varied lines and
newest things out and we have succeeded in bringing to
gether as fine a selection as yon would wish to choose
M anufacturer’s Prices
Mill Outlet vSale Special Ladies’ Skirts, $5.00 values
for. .. $1.98 each.
100 Ladies’ Heatherbloom Skirts at 98 cents.
Fifty for 89 cents.
Ladies’ Coats
50 cents buys a dollar’s worth. Yes, and we will do
better than that. We have struck the lower end of the
toboggan slide on coat prices. Never before in onr history
have Ladies’ Coats been priced so low.
Napkins $ 1.29 and $ 1.59 a Dozen
We have 50 dozen Napkins, all linen, bleached, $1.26
and $1.59 a dozen.
10 dozen Kid Gloves, Black and Colors, full assortment
of sizes, worth 1.25, at 89 cents.
The tremendous stocks we have gathered and the low prices
that prevail are the attractions here. Economy demands that you
join the throng that will respond to this announcement. Inspect
these bargains. Don’t wait, but come. The very nature of this
sale demands the confidence of the public. The manufacturers
have selected this store as their representative direct from the
mills to you.
relieved of much suffering from weak
kidneys. My son who suffered a great
deal from kidney trouble, used a few
boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills and now
says there is no remedy like* them.
From these experiences I have no hesi
tancy in recommending Doan's Kidney
Plenty more proof like this from Min
eral Point people. Call at C. L. Ivey’s
drug store and ask what customers re
Sales on the Mineral Point Dairy
The Dairy Board met on Tuesday
afternoon. The offerings were 405
boxes of twins (a 15* cents.
The next meeting of the Board will
be on Tuesday, November 2.
Thomas Harford, Secretary.

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