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Kaiser’s Spy Net Covered the
Entire Country.
—■ ■
Teutonic Secret Service, Under Com
mercial Guise, Paid for Placing
. Explosives on Ships—German
S . Money Paid for Revolt
in Ireland.
The following exposure of Ger
many’s espionage and desperate activ
ity In America Is possibly the most
startling made since the first declara
tion of war in August, 1914. It is
based on official documents held by
tfie United States government which
have not hitheHo been made available
to the press.
IBy the Committee on Public Infor
Washington, Sept. 24. —Within a
few days a Gerinan newspaper pub
lished in this country employed as the
headline to an article dealing with a
rumor of Gennan-American disaffec
tion In this country the derisive legend,
“Lieb’ Washington, raagst ruhig
This Is, of course, a parody on the
terrain of “Die Wacht am Rhein,” the
German national hymn:
t “Lieb’ Vaterland, magst ruhig seln.”
“Loved fatherland, be restful (or
In the parody it carries a sneer com
prehensible only to one who under
stands the German mode of speech and
Type of German Propaganda.
Of itself the instance is slight. But
It typifies a certain important phase
pf the German propaganda which
Subtly but persistently seeks to pre
sent Gennany’s course in America in
tlie most favorable light, even to the
extent of defending the improper ac
tivities of the Teutonic diplomatic rep
resentatives before their passports
were given them.
Because of this continuing propa
ganda certain documents in the pos
session of the department of justice
how assume peculiar importance, in
that they prove undeniably the inti
mate relations between the accredited
representatives of the kaiser in the
United States and plotters against the
laws and the security of this country,
whose enterprise did not fall short of
projected wholesale destruction of life
and property.
In the fall of 1914, when the Ger
man plots against Canada were foment
ing in this country, there was estab
lished at 60 Wall street an “advertis
ing” office presided over by a big,
suave man of Teutonic aspect named
Wolf von Igel.
There were two peculiar features
about this office. One was that it was
frequented during two years of singu
larly quiet and unbusinesslike exist
ence chiefly by Germans who had
nothing whatsoever to do with adver
tising. The other was a large safe,
bearing the insignia of the German im
perial government.
Von Igel Defies U. S. Agents.
To this office there came one morn
ing in April, 1916, while Von Igel was
preparing a mass of papers which he
had taken from the safe for transfer
to the German embassy in Washington,
four United States secret service
agents from the department of justice,
who made their way past the guard
dians always on duty, put Von Igel
under arrest and undertook to seize
the papers. t $
The German was large, powerful
and brave. With the aid of one asso
ciate he stubbornly fought the officers,
striving to rescue the papers, to
the safe, to get to the telephone and
communicate with his superiors. Re
ceivers were drawn by the secret ser
vice men. They produced o effect
apon the intrepid Von Igile.
“This is German territory,” he shout
ed. “Shoot me and you will bring on
There was no shooting. But after
a protracted struggle the defenders
were overpowered and the papers
Find Proof Plot Was Laid.
When the papers were examined by
the department of justice the reason
for Von Igel’s determined fight be
came apparent. Here in the form of
letfers, telegrams, cashbooks, checks,
ledgers, cashbooks, cipher
codes, lists of spies, and other memo
randa and.records, were found indica
llons —in some instances of vaguest na
ture, in others of the most damning
noncluslveness —that the German im
perial government, through its .repre
sentatives in a then friendly nation,
was Concerned with —
Violation of laws of the United
Destruction of lives and property in
merchant vessels on the high seas.
Irish revolutionary plots against
Great Britain.
Fomenting ill-feeling against the
United States in Mexico.
Subornation of American writers
Financing of propaganda.
Maintenance a spy system under
lb j guise of a commercial investiga
tion bureau.
Bubsldiziog of a bureau for the pu*-
pose of stirring up labor troubles in
munition, plants.
The bomb industry and other related
Some df the Plots Against U. S.
Briefly, Germany’s spy plots against
the United States, as made public by**
committee on public information, are
as follows:
In the fall of 1914, shortly after
the outbreak of the war, the Ger
man embassy established a publicity
department at 60 Wall street, under
the direction of }Volf von Igel.
About two years ' later this office
was raided and documentary proof
obtained that Wolf von Igel was the
chief spy and plotter of a vast sys
tem maintained in the United
States under Ambassador von Bern
storffs general direction.
Paul Koenig, pretending to con
duct the secret service of the Ham
burg-American Steamship company
from a New York office*, was discov
ered to be in reality one of the di
rectors of the German spy system
in the United States. He is now in
terned at Fort Oglethorpe! In Von
Bernstorff’s code he was known as
In a report by Koenig to his boss,
Captain von Papen of the German em
bassy, Koenig describes an agent
who has made bombs to resemble
lumps of coal to be placed on board
merchantmen sailing from New
York for the purpose of blowing
them up while at sea.
James F. J. Archibald, magazine
writer and war correspondent, ac
knowledged receipt of $5,000 from the
German embassy for propaganda work.
Edwin Emerson, another correspond
ent, got SI,OOO.
John Devoy of New York city, pro
fessional Irish patriot, and now editor
of the Gaelic-American, was the active
agent of Germany in this country In
promoting the recent revolution in Ire
land. He was the go-between for
Bernstorff and Sir Roger Casement,
executed for treason by the British
government. Devoy handled a check
for SI,OOO from the German embassy
for Casement.
Daniel F. Cohalan, justice of the
New York supreme court, asked the
German embassy to telegraph to Berlin
advice on the Irish revolution, as “the
services of this revolution may decide
the war.”
The Chicago branch of the German
and Austro-Hungarian Labor Informa
tion and Relief bureau w r as active in
promoting labor disorder. Dr. Max
Niven of Chicago received S6O for the
“labor fund.”
Completeness of the German spy
system was due to loyalty fo the kaiser
of Americans of German extraction
who were willing to betray the coun
try of their adoption.
Canada was also the object of Ger
man conspirators operating in the"
United States under the direction of
the German embassy. There were un
successful plots to destroy the Welland
canal and to accomplish the separa
tion of Canada from the British em
G. S. Viereck, editor of the Father
land, now changed in title (but not in
purpose) to Viereck’s Weekly, offered
help in supplying picric acid, a con
stituent of many high explosives.
William J. Ruff of Quincy, 111., want
ed to help “save lives” by providing
the Germans with a device to blow up
trenches and destroy ships.
Ray Beveridge, California artist, re
ceived $3,000 from the German em
bassy for a pro-German lecture tour,
masquerading in part as a Red Cross
Bernstorff’s staff was busy also with
promoting the transportation of muni
tions through Holland, supposedly a
Wolf von Igel’s spy system produced
a secret code message April 11, 1916,
to this effect: “Herewith respectfully
send an extract regarding troops sta
tioned in California and the armament
of the cost fort fortifications.”
More Duplicity Is Shown.
How Germany “shamefully abused
and exploited” the protection of the
United States by secreting in the Ger
man legation at Bucharest, after the
American government had taken
charge of Germany’s affairs at the
Roumanian, capital quantities of pow
erful explosives for bomb plots and
deadly microbes, \Hth instructions for
their use in destroying horses and cat
tle, was revealed by Secretary Lansing.
The latest story is told in a report
to the state department from William
Whiting Andrews, secretary of the le
gation at Bucharest, and a letter from
Foreign Minister Porombaru of Rou
Stunned by Revelations.
The publication of Lansing’s latest
bombshell, Bernstorff’s letter to his
home government, apparently revealing
the fact that he had previously “influ
enced congress through the organiza
tion of,” actually stunned the
The text of the message, made public
on Friday without comment is as fol
lows :
“To pay out up to $50,000 in order,
ns on former occasions to influence
congress through the organization you
know of, which can perhaps prevent
war. I am beginning in the meantime
to act accordingly. In the above cir
cumstances a public official German
declaration in favor of Ireland is high
ly desirable in order to gain the sup
port of Irish influence here.”
jyjayor Renominated by Republicans at
Primary by Approximately
1,500 Votes.
New York, Sept. 21. —Mayor John
Purroy Mitchel won the Republican
mayoralty nomination at yesterday’s
primary by a plurality of approximate
ly 1,500 votes over Bennett*
British Penetrate Enemy’s Lines
in Belgium.
Advancing Lines of Infantry Destroyed
by Fire From Rifles,
Machine Guns and Artillery—
Losses Are Enormous.
British Front in France and Bel
gium, Sept. 22. —During the night the
British forces, with comparatively
little opposition, consolidated and
considerably Improved the new line
which they had won in their offensive
against the Germans to the east of
The British captured 8,000 Germans
in their latest drive.
Today, from the newly acquired
enemy stronghold known as “Anzac,”
southwest of Zonnebeke, flutters the
Australian banner, a symbol of the
greatest victory which has marked
British operations in the western the
ater in the past year, not excluding
that of Messlnes.
Success Is Complete.
The British war office, after the re
ceipt of Field Marshal Haig’s report,
Issued this bulletin:
“More detailed accounts of yester
day’s battle confirm the completeness
of our success.
“During the evening
delivered by us In the neighborhood
of Tower Hamlets and northeast of
Langemarck cleared up a number of
strong points and completed the cap
ture of our objectives in these locali
“It is now established that In the
many counter-attacks delivered by con
siderable forces of the enemy his cas
ualties were unusually great.
“The clear light of the latter part
of the day enabled our troops to ob
tain warning of impending attacks,
and in every case the advancing lines
of German infantry were destroyed by
the concentrated fire from our rifles,
machine guns and artillery.*’
Attack Called Fine Success.
The British penetration has reached
the depth of a mile, “which, consid-
In the character of the ground, is a
wonderful achievement,” the dispatch
adds. It characterizes the result of
the attack as a “fine success.” *
Temporary Schedule, Releasing 30,000,
Signed at San Francisco—Wilson's
Plea Heeded.
San Francisco, Sept. 24. —A tehmpo
rary wage schedule which will permit
30,000 ironworkers, who struck here
last Monday, to return to work Imme
diately upon ratification of the agree
ment by the unions concerned, pending
final adjudication of their differences
by the federal board of conciliation,
was signed here at a conference be
tween representatives of the men, their
employers and federal mediators.
Gavin McNab, a San Francisco at
torney, appointed Friday by Presi
dent Wilson as a special representa
tive of the federal shipping board to
adjust the truoble here, said that a
telegram received from the president,
appealing to “the patriotic co-opera
tion of the workmen and their leaders,”
\V T as instrumental in effecting-the set
The walkout has tied up govern
mental shipbuilding contracts in the
San Francisco bay region estimated'at
I— ....
Kaiser Disavows Luxburg Just as Law
makers Were Ready to Act—
Satisfied With New Note?
Buenos Aires, Sept. “2,4. —Just as the
Argentina chamber of deputies was
preparing to vote on breaking diplo
matic relations w T ith Germany, an offi
cial communication was received from
the Berlin foreign office.
The German note which is said to
give satisfaction to Argentina, disap
proves of the ideas expressed by Count
von Luxburg, the German minister
iiere, regarding Germany’s “cruiser
warfare.” The word “cruiser” leaves
some doubt whether Germany intends
to modify her submarine campaign.
A declaration of war on Germany
has been postponed, although the ma
jority in the house is bent upon a rup
ture of relations and proposes to vote
for it late today.
** v .
Senate Adopts Conference Report on
Measure With Only Six
Negative Votes.
Washington, Sept. 25.—After brief
debate the senate adopted the con
ference report on the trading-with-the
enemy bill, with only six negative
votes., The house is expected to ac
cept the report and send the measurfc
to the president for his signature.
\ %
Begins Mobilization of Navy.
Buenos Aires, Sept. 25.—Mobilization
of the Argentine navy has been or-v
dered/and unusual activity also is un
der way in military circles.
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Two “Boy Bandits" Arrested.
Kenosha, Sept. 18.—Two typical
Chicago boy bandits,” Tony Smith,
aged seventeen, who gave his home as
4729 Forty-seventh street, and John
Crigalanus, sixteen, who claimed he
lives at 4418 South Richmond street,
inaugurated a reign of terror in Ke
nosha. They burglarized a meat mar
ket, held up a saloonman and took his
money and threatened a deputy with
a revolver. Crigalanus Vas arrested
after one o’clock and Smith was picked
up by the police just at daybreak, when
he was found sleeping on his gun un
der a buggy in a yard the North
western station. Both boys pleaded
guilty to burglary and holdup and were
sentenced to terms of three years in
the state reformatory at Green Bay.
Smith was the “gunman 4 ’ of the pair,
and he used the gun with great effect,
foie boys admitted that they had rob
bed a sporting goods store here on Fri
day. The holdup was staged at the
jsaloon of Fred Krause. He entered
his placo just after midnight and found
the boys busy tapping the till. Quick
hs a flash, Smith whipped out his gun
dnd ordered, “Hands up and back out.”
Itrause complied with the order and
got the police on the trail of the boys.
They declared that Jhev were /‘rus
tlers” tor a Chicago newspaper until
they decided to come out-and “clean
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Quotation of Prices for Thursday,
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Good to choice, corn fed 14 0001600
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Ewes 9 00 0 10 00
Flour and Grain.
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Patent..... 7 40
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Ryo, per bushel 75 0 80
Oats, per bushel 75
Barley, per bushel 1 25
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Mexican Independence day was cele-*
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Word was received at Cincinnati of
the death in California of Frank Fox,
bank president and one of the fore
most American horse breeders.
Disorders have broken out in the Ar
gentine railway strike. Movement of
troop trains has been stopped by the
blowing up of a railway bridge.
Six automobile bandits drove into
the town of Climax, Mich., held up the
villagers and blew the safe at the
State bank. They got away with $7,-
A United States submarine sank at
her dock at an Atlantic port, the navy
department announced at Washington.
There was no 16ss of life. The cause
has not yet been determined.
Mrs. Mildred McLean Dewey of
Washington, widow of Admiral Dewey,
has accepted an Invitation to serve as
honorary chairman of the comforts
committee of the Navy league.
Police and agents of the federal gov
ernment broke up a tueeting of the
People’s Peace council at Hartford,
Conn. They arrested several of the
speakers after alleged seditious utter
Soap manufacture Is feeling the ef
fect of the food administration’s econ
omy campaign. Wiiliara C. Proctor, a
Cincinnati soap maker, told Food Ad
ntinistrator Hoover at Washington
that the family garbage can is dwin
The German textbook censoring
committee of the Cincinnati public
schools announced at a meeting they
had recommended that the books “Im
Vaderland” and “Von Grossen Koenig,”
be immediately eliminated in their en
Federal officers are investigating the
activities at Fort Bliss, Tex., of Rich
ard von Dohlen, also known as T. von
Miller, who was bound over to the fed
eral grand jury In the sura of $2,500
on a charge of impersonating qp army
- Organization of a national federal
employees’ union was begun at Wash
ington by delegates representing fed
eral workers in every section of the
country. It is expected that the or
ganization* when completed will com
prise 15,000 members.
A third attempt to place in position
the central span of the Quebec canti
lever bridge is being made. An st
tempt made last September failed, ths
span falling into the river, resulting
in 14 deaths.* Two accidents caused a
monetary loss of about $8,500,000.

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