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The avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 190?-1909, February 25, 1909, Image 4

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"' I'UMr.lNllMI KV1.K -Nll.0 lV
Kill lOlt.
Entered at tht PuU11c at Lubooek, Tjm, Tor irani.mU-.iun tlirounU tht
Mall an Mt-ond uliun matter.
One Year 11. oo
SUliSCKllTlON it AT Lb
iStrlcily in Advance)
Sis Month fx'-
ADVEBViBiN iUTs-L(xali 10 cents pi-r line eaoli In.v-rtlun. Display a--vertlsemrnis
15 centa per iln! column liu-li per week; special r.Hea o
veareontracia. Card of thank, resolutions. OUh.iurn-s. (otlier thai
writtentn oursclvea. 2 1-2 cents per line. Church udvvrtKmeiits, wi,,.,.
a revenue is derived therefrom, 6 cents per line. ITufslonal cards (1
per tnuiih or 110 per ear if paid in advance.
Off-ca fi?oi? !A-2'i9g.
ixnnocK. texas, TiiunsDAV, feu. 25, idou
Lubbock is full of prospectors
all the now, and land and town
property is chinjfin hands read,
ily. and at a stimulated price.
The public school, tlie bans
..iid postolH .- i-elerbralel Wash
uitoii'r. buthd i.v in Lubbock, b.v
luspen Jiiikf business for the day.
Colora. In City had an election h
tew days h-jt". b'D i,'ht on by u few
.f the people of that place to 'r.v
to abolish the city incorporation,
but the pruposiliau lost by aboin
two to one.
YI a about that cemetery pro
oait; )'i airain? What are we tfo
to do aljout it Something cei
ta'.uly should be started riht a a.
to remedy thing around our cii,
f the dead
Lubbock county coiniiiisMotier'
should look into ettintf straik-h
county roads while the land is hoi
too hiyli. There will come a titm
when land will cost a great dem
more than it does now, and now
is tlie time to strain!. ten out ul
the county roads as nearly so a
possible. Ila I you thoUht uboui
.N d-m-it this is
I v.- - 'if ' I-
.iiit. f jr yu.i' i
1 1
V.) kiiow n-il the hur when n
lire mtV i.iv l i out lu the closest
bilk pu t of t-iwn. Miid with in
ri' i' li 'liinu' ta ihtie-, tin- I ii -w-ml
I In- '...il l, and would liit-hl
l! . t.. .- , I of the : q.uiu ,
whn h eer it initfht be. It seem-
., .j ,t f ,r th 1 tuvn t.) ri k
the M rf 1 !' ' 'any I i.i'.-r, hi il
aoiii-'ihi in i.nnii'l in d J.H.- t'i lie
ate -Mine i.i- i ..f tiie -.r - . no 1 1"1"' 1 ' '
I Wit 111- l'(
Destroys Thousands of Acres of
Fine Grass Burns Three
Days and Nights
l'livsibly the int destructive
irairie lire for years or tt.e I'l in
vas the ( tif lut iluuliv, Situr
lav liiylit, iii. lay and Sumiax
iii.r,it, and vx ii-. sicii to In luiri.
lillf 1 I il l all I up int 1 Ii - 1 1
Tne tii'e si u'l.'d up in 1 1 -
.ouiity si-ine titty Hides -r then
iijoul lioiii C10-.l1M1.ii, a siri.iiL'
Vest wilni lttll-ei it to -will.
-weep the count i.v east over i i j
Fio.d county. Ah. . it 10 p. in
Saturday, a stroi g nortli wiiel
ame, tui nmir it soi i, where H
. .v e 1 1 1 clear aeross t'.-'ti rili au-l
asl side of Croshx C-Jtn.ty.
Sunday it whs seen to tie on the
:l t plains, h.i '. no tie' N
ilids in what. Is lit! as tie
-V- Kist pMsluie. W l.eie ,1
swept clean aiwut 1 0. 000 Hce t
line grass tor the C I Live Sj-ock
There wi're from tw.-ntv-iive to
iie bunured lll-Ml tihlin He- .Srr
dl day ."Mud ty. bJl, t e-ir elfx ls
vere of no avail.
This tiro covere a di-.Ui.c- of
earl v one huu I -ed nrl-'s ii i I rmn
wo to twelve miles w i 1 leaving
iiiridre.li f th-iiis tud-j ot ucres,
(aheieaday hclore vvas a ti.ie
n i ii ) I i.i re.
It n haul to put an e-;; nnle i,
the (Inmate itnne hut it I ie. h
ht ii tleij-a..(is ol I oil. 1 1 s , i .1 . ul
i.ise he s. ii U lie -1. t - ban- ' o d e. I
I ' ii ni-:i i ,. . i. hen. I i I ti i ii' i ii ! I e
III '-.I . i
-i ,---J
(Ji'Os n
t I .
! h'. l'a i .(.ah l'..vt aijfi.-s tt.in'y
a' -ii l In- I a i il o et prupi -1 ii -:i
;he iri- i i ,i j it n i -kt : "It i'..viii'i
.-el tie- la.lnMvi liiere wiil t.e h
iea.x tax ' liioviny tie- loi-rt
h'lse an I it i If we .'i i it, t
will rete.V'- a line t 1 1 1 1 1 1 - n t . i
ei-:h ,-ir truiii u. in, rthich iii
help pat t 7 the l4. lis a!fe,el
is-eeil . y ! i .hi 'itii iv e.
. : : ' W I . .1 I
Letter to Ha ry Graham
L.j - . 1-x.
I I. ill . Ill : e OA I el . "I
X !i I . e
!-: I'll pa w In vi-r y-. i ' m ;
it's n'j r hi u , in t nin e; mil
J -ii. I.i t in.r : i ' ;i. ,.- ! I . !'.
h w a ; 1 1 '- '. . i -.. if I ... '"Il
i . 1 1 r w h . j
"It w ill if-st .- I less. i).-ioi ; j
les gallons Pilu. at.il Pu.s!..(, ;
Soash Land Coinpany It Building
a Now Ton on ths Old
Slaughter Ranch
AIOut two week a .'o tlierft Bp
peaieJ HliHlllili- In lheAaUni.he
wiiviiii an uccouit ol ihe salo ol
he Miijhi.-r ra-a h in Howard,
Hordeti and Diwmui couniies, to
noi thin parlies. Thu land It be
HlWr Ml'" dl. i ieil Hlni placed oil the
market in nuall Hurts, and is
mil A hew town is tol-e esUlw
hhed, to t e known as S ash, and
lliu 11 il Sprines ll-rald has the
loliowmg to sn ol the new town:
" i'nu nuiltliiij; ol Hie tiew lov ii
u the hot !h w est ait of I he coun-
iv to la known ms ."wash town,
goe9 rapidly on and
is Ifpuus 4 . i.na'wrck.
O. L. I'.itteiatt'i, the jutiit-P putt-
tier of thi firm o i'mieimni dt in,
kpvot Mojiday in 1'Uiiivicw,
lif J. N. SlfMlpsMMt (ailed in
i-e Orandtua Thoinloii, who te
si-lea a few n-.iles east of E.lacado
C. P. Siny.psoii ha-, just coipplel
ed a very hari ltniiiP reHi lei.i e t i'
Sunder Htrtti, just south of J. M.
Uupree's remdence.
Miss Xellio Stone, did ti"t re
turn IKun St 1ouis this week ae
is slated in another column f the
pHMr. JjliH will visit relatives
in El Dorado Springs, Mo. Iiefoie
our new returning to Luiilmck.
I -
i i i
iilo mail t-uilt n im-ii lAcm k
Mini 'lMiiiew. Ti tii( it
In'i ii i it i ln,v tl r -. I
do , !(! il it IHH1 Mr
mi come Pitra mm to
l lie paiengera.
tot lliVl.v
One tiNhslei inati hit ind
ed another of the same liD(
i.u-iness last week, io Tulis .''Jtt
Ih'ihum, accord inf to reports, the
Uiter hi tiled a load of good, tbat
thi former liad promifrJ to
Mr Fr.ve and family ainvrd
here thia week, frmn lemphiN.
make will thit their future home
They will occupy one, of J. F.
Merrill's ne re-iilencea, w lich
has jutt been completed in the
iiotiliwei-l part of town.
neighbor w III he si-IIie pUinpkUis
-to'-f tliU close of I'JO'J. It l.
sniiihter, wh-ihas i liaise ol thi
oi k tor the ."viash Land Coinpan.
.tii Le; that him k op ihe thiee .sln-.
note! tiudnin is U in rushed ai d
.hey hope to luve it ready for c
cupaney by .Much 1st. A tine
aull ul water was secund oti the
s t hud out lor u pHik at a depth
of 133 eel and a windmill and tank
Is U Hitf lustiiiled. I he low nsile is
all laid oil in I) isi i.'ss and resident
lots an 1 the new town will soon
nike her plaee am m; tiie rapidly
iirow ihjMowi.s i I we-i lexiis. A
liailiload of home set'M-ls IS lit
reao'i h-re Mt en I, a id they will
oe JuierlitilR-d at I .e new towu "
Hob (irav.-s riilli
tlie lil'sl of Hi" w.e
send ihe Aril .ii
liraVes at W i hiia
and M. 4 Gi iv.-.
d Ht our othe
an I Ii el us
i t-. A A
Kalis, Texas,
ut J ti ksliwro.
f.ira.ar t-u'i. llm thinks this
is a jfood co.iiitiy and Wdntsothf r
tl klioW a in .'. P, and C "llsidels
tiie A ila icne a:i I h:tl way lo tell
t : it-1 II a'-Ollt It.
H II Fi-; I. i , u ho has hei-n
CO-iin'Cle I wilh l!i" AltU-, 11 is
we. I nii'1 E' l'.i" ln-iiiad, in tin
i ap n-it v o i ei14iiiieer, wril. s
a fri - i I h -r t 1 1: i wi.l hi lei
.-r '. c tin- J m' h lia'. c 'in
iia'iv, on in ; lere I his resi
out io: i to ta ." iuil M iicli 11.
A Piivate Home for the Treatment of Chronic, N'ervoun
and Mental 1)isi hsp.
And Selected Cast's of Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Cliniala I lh mid ilr, I v kO'at iiK air, p nt) ofoi oe;i' Ictly
ethical. rtSciuiit mi i.-e tntl rn tho s
Dr. R L. MlM-i.s, Dr. J. It. W fcth. rand lr. J. Caldw.U
Hiteiidlng pl.ysk-iui.s.
The Land of Sunshine and Cloudless 5ky.
Vvi hill a- tl u adrin ta,
Glenwoocf Sanatorium
P. 0. Drawer 459, Amarlllo, Texas.
Joe C Llsel. i.f K ff, Osla..
has a- c p1 e i ii pu-i ( . m i u ihe I a r -ui-r
if V li l'u i e. anil ar.
i ed le i . l,i -l ut t ,( w cek to
imvpi work. Mis Lisen'aj will
ail l . e later.
i : i .s . .
Is. w. u -
Mm. ot h tu
u ee
1 1 a n pin V
tn -n i 'i ul ear
, ie lk in i tin-
W K Dickinson
T 1' Oiiivin
J D Quirk
At tlie- (ill! rdnp. W'r Hf In 'IIh " a-(i df
mul al I our iiit f te r- fdr a (irr-atrr
Luhhui k (.'nlli" Hint ree Jor all kill-la
(if hllildii g tnateri il.
W m r )ier (-r .u'ii-eK. I'ric- re riyht
Lubbock Lumbcr&GrainCo
SiicrftiTi lo l'i.iiii! Lutnlier A (Jr tin Co.
! Your Doctor !
1 . - I I s Ii..
' i.,ki i. p a ii e
1 u k I'll' ill
r a i l p' -pari
il,!,,,' .4. I t
' pa i . i..f , .' n
ii a fire extin --i-sh
til i' ft y w.i p is
r a pi.i'ia'iie fire, Thi-rt-
n no u-.e to -Hit t:d we hae a i-
nth'T III - , III 'Iit j,e in,!
half td the !n in, I i 'i l hus.v ul. ii
prop 'Mi nn i.f 1 s k d. p i
pile for it :(.. i.ne tin 'ii.iii
Kill- I at I lie r. i Iv f . . r an f :nei
.-eu .
n'S lii ii ' I -i pa i.t, it-s in i.-
ti - r m it j - 1 ; a v a n t . ' i n is
.P" i.i 1 -. ' t; w i I i. t ;. - I .
a t. I.' h i.i i.a f, i. i." i .- t i '; -l
i i i i mi 1. 1 . 1- . wiil: I vr . ,i r
1 m t i-r. i ,. i in
. . i., 1 1 '
III I V I I'' 11
" I ' I III' " s ill r ' ' '
I ' i p.i I i ,t ,l - . i i i p.- i i J
I i. i) I t nil - ! Il, i J I !
I I'hai's strai. I t 'j'-.. 1 man
iwh'ican laK I . i- that t h n
I slea Iv e, will j. ,v p'ei. t - f
' '1'isi i,e - -; ii i I .ii -1 ,e - , i ii ; h -1
i III- II W j -!.'l l '.;
! Vi 1. 1 s ' 1 1.'
r . i -I re
, -;i ,
67 1 v.. LLVKt CO
I'.l.ri e ',, u in i. M-, -, ..,ii a l.t
A B g Realty Deal.
Informal.. on coinea f nun Mid'atid
Of lll 1 1 i.s-; TU -111 loll of I Ik
land deal. v hit h ti.riipris- $ (mJ,
Otaj wurlh of r a i.t h land. 1 he
del k m ma Je tnruuk'h the M iran
Land Coinpa' y of Mi Hand. :id
ra aoldloJ. i'. llro an) J
J. Min. fa.th .,f Hskel, Ion,
Thia rant h is I. ah d thuty in.ie
.iu' i "f Mi I'ai -I, and u said to
le rrrjr fic pine i f land
Border La-. J, Tuesday NM.
TlUS l I.i . i 1 I J p' I V M n p- . , t
d I V . mI '.si. -l.t Hi t lixl I
hall this i i'. 1 .. i 1 k I t. a- d
was Coiisl I. I I i.i.e i. l ',e
plava Hi r i ii il, L .I, k li
lanl tilei t. A K' "'l l e .'e
'lei-'o.l tif ihu-r , k I I ' ii
ler In i,. Hi- ut w fti ,u'i tit on)
LO - 1" - A J i i- l. i-i. li.e m-.nt
lii hn'i'im k. I -1 i.f 1 1 Kaii.e Li I ' . -
i.ffi -e at ,d r ( rir r w aid T. lip
That medicines are the weapons
with which he fights disease and
We keep the kind of drugs your
doctor likes to use. They are re
liable. When we compound a
prescription IT CAN BE DE
WORK intended by the doctor.
Do you realize the meaning of
this. It might make a difference
of several hours, yes several
days in the length of a patient's
Illness ;
I 4
Drug ? Co.

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