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The daily Panhandle. [volume] (Amarillo, Tex.) 1906-19??, August 28, 1920, Image 3

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faUn'tUt, 'Atim. jft, nun,
Till' MAMA' PAMIf ANM,f'
W; Cant Avtor Muhv "OV of Marrlutlc?
i I
(It !
II j Mim;ii
MiliO Miili' tiMir.
N'l Mum fur - hill
of the rlii'i a iv,
Alt') ililhlv llllli- limp (ilk,
f ur high ttitt liodMy'
' I'll"' Ihr world nns,
' t'.rrnh Ihr flmnly bm;
ThKi- Ji ii ("f h Jutiitn-y
CuufuJ Hit fai, uliitu Haul'
.l 1 1 tlt f"l t M 1 1 ill'
Till till W'I III tillll'B llll'llll,
Su(i lllllkl'4 li pathway
To Ihr umI norM's iinl'
"Colin- nil!" th. win-Ill sr. ,
' tuisk m tap "' li'iiin!
fM'Jy, Minns :i rid sternly
Wliilo the slai cry. ' unit'!"
-All;int:i t.''llstuUliull.
f i.Ik i li lot .Id i( ii. i Inn ii4 ' iiiuli'M hi
I in I lilHn ,
I X . I'. I. I. I '. ll ill 1 "HUH 1" "I'll
i mi' hlill villi k..ihI miii-.ii lill'l KlIml'iH
If'ihlnl "Hi If KaMilnc" la'iiib'l'. Ml
jfi Mlf TaVlm X l I II mill Ult' t -
j ll.itth' I". n I - 7 1.'. ii. iii. I.hnkl
( ' iiiiinliiK" '' Id" f ) 1 1 1 1 m line. Kim. ilk
abb' in. .h nti mill iiiihIi tii mlrm h " u H
In- li.lil about lit till" n nli i'. ' Tmik h
In liuiiilM In my lift" will lr tin
"liliji'i t nf " tllnrkU'V ittlilrcs.
A ruliliiil Wi li iniif Is A"llHil In nil
I'aptmn llUrmik i m liUijfliiK rut i-v
l:i i'ii4 4.1 thiil the number that have
l.ii-n llsappnliitcii mi Suiulny nitflits will
in'l h.ivr tn go auav Suiulny nil't.
riiilliHrinmiir ( nil Meeting.
The I'liilliai iin ni' I'luh has ralU il a
lilt-cling fur Mnn.l.iy yiui ihkiII ill 15 :3 J
o'clock hi th- hi. iin- ni Airs. Harvey
Ci udfiinK'ttni. Ill" Mtichiinan street
All riieiubi'ti ui iii ifwl tn he pri-oeiit. I H,.,A
TnJtrriiurle llaitisl.
S ii ml.i s Ii.miI :it ''11 a. til .
I'ii-ih hin at II a in. ami T:it"l p. in.
Sunbeam It p. in.
.Imilur II. V. P. I'. 4A'i . in.
Si'iiiur I:. V. P. ('. :.!) p. m.
I ;vfi l.nly is invitnl tn attctul tin-'
I'rocwds fr "Thr l.erln Firflhn" lis-
, . WMl Kwtlttl"lls.
"The L Kli n KhiIu-m" xlitKi'it '" tin
Iadi'Ji' Aiuiillury nl the Imal Punt of
tho AiiifricHn l.tBlnu last Tuesilay
uichi wu a (iVV'U ', !"! tfvui cvi-ry
.Vlr.4. Kathryn llm.njn. khhtuI rhair
linn of th I'liti'i talniiicnt. stutiK thy
in.t iruijfi-ls it-alizril arc $tti3.lu uvur
ami above all expi nwii iivuitimI. tin'
f.xiK'nue hccauiH wan vrry litfht, owimt
to the goiH-rons donatiuiis ho fruvly
Kicn. ' Mm. ICutsun uIho wiya th.-i;
was nut Hiitl'ii'iriit ypuce tu invuiiimu-iafi-
the crowd ami many wviv turnuil
away. ,...
Drlle ItonnrUe Knlrrfaia an Sihcim
ful. One of the niont fiijoyalilu socials ever
lielil by thtt liillu liennelts Mismonarv
hodty of lln- PulU Street Methodist
rliureh wkm that of WedneHday after
noon t the liomu of Mrs. K. C Urii
hin. l;iuu Monro street. The eo hosHe.sa
for this oocjifrion were MeNdanies Tim
moTlf . Cole. Hiner, DeFie, Keldf, Pat
ton, tlaolvler, NiehulHun and eoi.ser.
Thu house was beautifully deiurated
in fon anil tl'iwers. nweet peas, daisies
and astern pi t duminatim,'.
Jin contest a. held whifh alford
nl niiieh fun. ufti r which the followins
cnjoj-Hble proerani was rendered.
Vinlln toli .Mrs. llevefly, accoiu
paniel liy Miss lladle Uritaiii.
Piano Soto Mrs. Ktinson.
f leading Miss i'.ethenia Huigess.
V ix.mI rtolo Miss Mad'e I tackier, uc
companled on planu ly Miss Kadie tirlt
aln. Violin Snlo Simon Trulnve, aecom
pmiied ly Miss Kadiu Kritain.
'oal I'Uet lll.":-s Miller of Claren
' Vocal Duet Mcsdaincs t'olu mid
Piano Solo Miss liadie Pritain.
Piano Soto--M1ss Uladys Oollins.
Piano Solo Mrs. Stanisfer.
flfreHhninnl of cream ntnl cake w rs
S--rv?l to aliout sixty chests.
Hume Cominc ln.v,
Pl'C)irations for lloine Coining Day,
which tins r"cn planned f"i Si plembcr
i. by tho Polk Street Methodist Silmlay
S Imol. are neHrtiiR ciiuipN tlim. and on-?
of the ftrrateyt days in the history of
th. local church is anticipated. A
pedal pinpnaiu of music mid enter
tainment is bcim, arraiiKi-d. ami will b
tolowed .bv tfoiiie-ConiiiiK srvces in
the chui. h. This will be largely a xrei-!-mu
to new members who have been i -civtil
duriiii; the ihi. whu h riiimbi is
a Ml oslliiiitely ."nIh persmn
liii-pe'l:ilUe Iteading Club.
Th Interpivlaiivi. K.a.llni.' I'lnh uil
meet 1th .frs. It. I-:. Smith. lT.'n .lack
'.n stnel. Monday evcniti. August 3.
at ?:IPI o'clncU.
The iol call ill l. anwen-il witn
Mi'ot.itbius from piest-nl day n riii'i s,
bi-.trinn on lires. l hour pi obleinn.
A l ouiiil table (Hmi lissli.n on I In- Pow.
cr of tli "Spoken Wind'- ami it4 alu-.
iri ni.illiiiK limn, i Ifi i five mid i tfirli nt
;h.- tin ss.-iyi s i f ilv mm j.il mi iN ti ihe
d.i.v. will be en..ye. by 111.- 1 1 1 1 .
I'm) i holoirica I Iiin1. ami HiiKeslinns
as to how t" ib '.clop the ' Sp ei h Ait i
loi prat.-li al r b e ii, a limited lino
il be nio n by M :i Mill.-i lle.n.l. on.
Ullcll lpM-i bailer if the i 1 1 1 1 .
Ml 4. :eanl 4 a wniiian ii lil.i-i.il i il
iii ttion and br..ol ulrin- whii-h ha '
lien en ha lie. il l.y tutu h li.ivil aii'l i
C I ill I) Ot' llle'4 .p . -Hi 1-4 . Mill '.
is a 1 1 ''h mine to i i,i .j- ii-i..n ami m
JiSlH into lh- intii.a'-- pi nl.leiii4 if In
i i .it ui e and life.
lb I svinp it hi I a limb I I. Holing i.f I.:
il.ak 4 h r Win k on t .itti.otiw and
Ivlpful. She epiiv,- m i-l. if:nit K;
!isli her sjilendid in'- I pi ' i-m of th
! iut ami piiwer of irie.it btef it iie -iiu
one eaii li-ti n to io i ii.i an hoii.
e!ilO'lt b ejus illMilleil n IV ll lb I ItMllU
Auiai iilo is fi.ituna'e in havnn h-i as
:i riii-ient truet within the u-.ites
I'oiile and bimi; note bunk and pen
jl. ;:1.4ii any ui-ts who may l lute.
d in the work.
MaiiV plans lni the ji-.n'a nmk aie
lu be disi.ij.-4id.
M . K. !AT!li:iiUT. Past..;
Ilui liaiiaii Stt eel Metlilll.
Sunday school 10 a. in.
Pri-HelliiiK II m- and "SI" p. b.
.Illlii.ir yollllif people meet 4 p. in.
MorniiiK sermon on "Holiness the
IniiiKr of tiisl." At the evenini; hour a
I'cimini on "Mode of Itnptism." Hem
these d llve ances. They will be of
Kieat benefit to you. P.riliK the chil
ill trn.
( :!:. .1. IKVIN. Pastor.
Houston .Street Methodist.
Sunday school 10 a. in.
Preiiehlnif nt ;i p. in. Also Rospel
service Wednesday MiJ p. ni. Subject
of erinon Sunday afternoon will be
" The Meaning of Paul's Vision."
C.IXi. .1. lltVIN. Pastor.
To IMil l'lrt Mretir of the rav.
The Woman s 'I a. ." b-.ld i:4 tn'
ii tins for the n -v :.. yeni Thui
il iy iiM riK-.f ii 3 o". b-k at tin- hour
f Mi". Th...i:--4 T!T.-i t . -'lit T.ilo;
sM-t. Mrs. c V. ;l imh ml wbl
liiv chartfe of flu- I.-.(n for tin- afte
Hoofl. lid u iin.st njoyaM" nieetms n
sn1l :p..t d. TrHt books mil Im- dlhtllb-ut-l
fit this hi s.4on. anl d ics for th-
Olllill? ) tsir ill b- ecllli-. te. , iH !V.
lei? arc in ged to I piesint.
Pr a- liinB at 11 a ith wiinnn lc
I III!. JHF'. T. M i' o I...i,44-l il.lit-.
.. MUM.; scrM'..
S'li'dav Srh.H S .10 a. nl .n1 "!l I
lie a' t' i d.im e i in. i. .Mils If all nh i
lilic Is li t! n ii; t'le h-s.l f ,i tie-i-41
iumh ;ill pi'nt Surd i v
il-.iro will Is- th rcil-st att-nl in in
tiie hit.r f lb! "-ho'l. 1'iimt . b t a.!
.- pniit it liolji ordial.y we.
.n. t.'
hrtlun i:nl"Vo SJO p in Mj-
;H tuisht fencer.
I: TH'itSIN' Mir.i-tM
tlrl i-H'Ml
Tiie .S ii J iv S I. ih n.u h
;,.iir. It l Ei-i-ir,B U.i.- - (..'
ii' l.i"1 S'.r.di'".' I;., h-.i J!'n. iv
Tli-. i.it" vrl iii-h Im.?ii h . i
At nisli' b- in- wi'l t
. - If L . . .1. f..l
s-it.tv rirs i J. ,.f, ... -.. .,fc. ,.,
-in. ei.' ,ui.. . lit,i i !.
folk Street M. K.. South.
Henry V. P.iooks. J'astor.
!:lj a. in. Sinidiiy School K
Wi.nus, Superilltendelit. .
If you want to see n real "Live Wire'
Sunday School, lure you will find it
Tluroufjhly i rsanized, well graded,
splendidly olTlcerisI and taught. bTi!
prceiit last Sunday. It is a real In
spiration to see them at work.
II a. in. S"iinon by the postor. Sub
ject: The last of the series on the Hoi"
Oho. t. "The liaptisiii of the Holy (.host
How to Kcccive it."
ii::iil p. in. Kpworth l.on;;ui t'lifford
J!. Casey, president. Special program
7 ::t(l p. m. sermon by the pastor, sub
Jei.t: A character study; "The ttev. Si
mon Pter. D. I. of Jerusalem"
A splendid proirrain of music at both
the tnornine and evenine services.
lOveryboily is cordially Invited to coin"
mid worshl pst this church, t'ome. early
belHUSe creat ll'owds attend the ser
vices. If you are interested in a studv
of the Holy Spirit you will enjoy tin
miliums; study, if you are Interest.sl in
Ihe delineation of character yoti will
enjoy the. evening study.
A most henry invitation to either oi
both services Is extended to vim.
My ;i:.!:;i: i: watki:s
naitment of .1 nni will do. in. Ilium o
!; P lh' prlei- of niiKar up Ii Mould
be a ..l:ill.-ii of tin- Hii-M mail A. t ami
Ihe I. ev.-r Law for it to do. mo. i r I li i"
inore, II . I'liiyl. who stall d in
New Voi k that Ihi- K' I ii'iii nl imi'i'i!
help th" wlnibsab-is and lefin.-rs pre-M-nl
a f n ther tumblo in pi ices will In
i alleil iip"ii lb.- carp.-t. lb- was una i
thoiixed I., make sm h an as -i I em."
Thi-- vi.i'. in. m was mad' by U' b'-r'
T Siott .h;.. s.cieliiy to Altv.
(e:i Palm, i- ll :i ill ih'.ihI In .-i sl.il'
mint nf I'buil. a 4p- i I il'-ii' ..I lh
!. -pai Imeiii 4 New York ' flvina s.Urnl
or " w hli h 4 M-ippuM.-d to In- iiiiiii:;i:
In I' H -flt'-e 4 Al'tel lit' n.llii..- :,
l ' i t ! 1 1 1 of i T i n-1 4 : ml w li li i lei 4 in
Vc'.v V. ,k. I b id -t it -d that lie u.V
.'ni.ni i-iibl asist t suaai deal
M? in p iiirii ',- a 1'iitlnr ifieai .bop
I". li. e
Ib'lliuii Hi ni4 Oiil
Th'- l".'t ...i Ills till. It olll i.f silK.-it
Oil..- T.i ll flllth'i dei line S'-. 4 C T
K f- i!.-- lljin 4iiy:, u I.- M illtlL-
'nl. sib .'I i.Dt4 ,i pound, and one
"I -i'ir l.tu'ei. Who h:.4 i. -.14- 'I lo op.
lit. ..-1 lilt of hlL-ll pi I' 4
.1' Onel.e.td "Uliplv flolll 1'llb.l and
mi.a. dia"! .In oped the pine to L'O I '2
r4 Tin. v.tein refin. i-4 f..!i,w.d
sin -mil n. w i'i:: n i i.-tailinu in ii:.iii
il'i's fm " . nt4 ;i pi.utnl Sp-1 iila'. i -ni''
pn fit i not l.imip.'l
Th.. id I. i-i drop .i!"ed n - n i
jir'.i" 111 b e H',M d'-al. i 4 :.n Mie,----
t-vMi-.l a oi'.lni i'.. d s
. '. t f.. H..V..J
"It 4 Mc- p ii t"i nl 4 I. i tin- .4 t
Vw . i pi ! r ? h' lp no i. .4. ;l.. in"
.t.-d s- i,t
T'-. Ii'ii. fl-.lin- -n 4 :e it i-'i'.s
I. f-ni.-'l. i .. ir. i..- !! v. h I ii ViiP
ni'nts f ni. -,i- i.4.i.d lion Ait-. a
t .- V b'i-sl., a I. it and ..ih.-i oiin
ti i-4.
Ilifh !) 4 in Am -ii. i ...U-..1 'ir
.. tt..-- ht-it-.
Al". U;i t . July t .'. th- I I' h '
.l-..ib'l sir.i- st the i..t.. ..f If.fi.i;
n- cfi.N -i i ' ..n -. -.-..uii"! tli' ... i'. ii'iii-.-h
tol-H f. . ( '1 ! ..'..'.l-i
1 (i. 'A'. at .-. Iv. ,1 p.. '.,,. ,.t . f
t ' e -"li-i i- ..- 1 1 - i d t lav tli.l." ll d Ml"
fM l),ll' hl I ' I ' 4rt (4 - .tl' i n
t .iin.! P' " f'-t 'h-na'i'.r
. epic 0il Itii.tlng.
Tb" ' .' i'ii' l.'n mc r.n-t ii-' !b-m-'i
pl- 4 i ;. ii ..-i than fli' .
ii.'.nH II- . .1 i ' I 'i: iv ma" I n il
ae- a .- ii-4.il i f th-- ! Iri.- Man-. ',
.- h'.b----' r- I . 1 I ll- I ' :. I "!... I.
.r.r I tf f l -Vkl a r t .- ll.Ti-'T if
'! ,t ' 4 . -:,d t..- .1 I. nl j
ti. nt 4 n'i-.'i " . .1 S-. hi i
" o.- i if- i rt - h Id i . -is ' i '
...!ri' tn lii.)i ,? hith J.I !. if i' i ;
.. -.I tn.: 'li! i i ii. li',..!- ; ! j
w Xnj. , E.
' Sr's bi.e W illanl Mack, noletl play. ;
y v- - s s-. .''..-s-- -. v. ti.x...-- i e i mill, iimoic.ii ui-ji - - '" ill
XVS. VJTSK.'4' "" wlu-s. Maiiile l.eimP (eenter) ami Mar- II
X sVWS " '','' -.' i"li' lai"li-' U'.ttMl: his third wtfr.'ll
Wr' " Pauline I reiletich lleftl nmv asks ill- II
III I V ' iiirir. Helim 1'iank Itmi.ti. ""''' 1 1 '
I 11 A ' L' '.itur. who has been bawdy imirrlid I
tF Ax , XI I .ve.irs nnil who nays of movie anil
f'W -I "111 tiiKf (lhoi.es: "IPh llieir own fault.
II I V Jf - 11 ! mil I lie fault of the profession." Willi
9y 1
laiccd -Kde Hand Tooled
Don'l nvnliml; to or line (if these
"t.r-ik !"n't liavc to buy, but vc do
want v;ii to sic them.
Special This Week
Oiiucos iii Soliil (loll Mountings
llroudio at S5.00, S7.00 ami $9.00
A King at $4.50 " 1
Positively the best Cainco offer you ever
saw- Sec them
Jeweler ' f ''
Daily Panhandle Want Ad Bring Results.
NKW VKllb. .u. Mitiiiii'ir.
in iiiovblanil ami m sl.mcl.ni'l 14 I."
. oimm; more anil inoi,.. an "oil auiu'.
,11 I'Kin.' off aaiu" " propoil mn.
Pail l.eie anil tln'ie. wamb liiu: tin
, laths "I lh" i.itiva.s world of ii.nl"-
.ei. ,-, aie :li.. upb-s . nt.-il
ml happv ill Meillo'k. He-:-.- i';
I-rank n. appcarin in ' Lu-liUn ."
no bn Will
. V I I -1 ' I 1 .Ifi 1 II I I I- pi I l'"l 111. I 11- '4
f his pait in " 1 .114 In inn'." I!:n on i
ellliv look a im I. oi f I" 1 eh bl al- III -i.'.tll
eil.hr.i- :iMili II V.
Uil.. Helped Him
W hi 11 P.a.-.'ii nun 1 1' il Mi-' ! 'ii- '
Y. iilum 11 t bey u l i em. Iv i 1
rii. ba I M. I liilib n. I .ll Ml a "I I
I :..S4.- I :. i 1 1 1 1 1 1 to I .ime i : "
IV illli- I" 1,1 H ll' ' I ' ".O .111- ll.' "'
.111-1 ll.ll
.1 l4 . V 1 . I I I . ' I .1 'I. ' ' ' ' I' i j
10. e. a i. .I I i llil "hath .lo i.-
I ii ' i. -I ( i.J hie. I la I '-a. III4-.
"ll'K 4'l '. S. 4t..e,. i II. -I.Ml,.l. t
e .14 1 1 . . i . lit--J I l.il .is an ' I 'i' i
011. " ..ll Co ..II "If- tl lie I 1..I
i.f them a,.- la I b.n that S III' II ; Hot
IIO l.l lilt ol til' 'I I "
"l.m!it inn' 1 .11 Ii i" i li-iv el' -' :
I'.'llV ;i tO. 4' In III 14' 4 l lil .'Mill I"
, he n .oM 1 1 il.,. ! 1 1 i M
I ley 1 1 1 : a 1 1 I. hi b:.-lil.
I mi i. lien u.i Ii ill ll II .
One cains .l.irdoiu tin- other 'b
In inn.
4e.ibiii. uni4 iinii'4 ill f.iuoili il
Ihauini: .mail li'i.iii-e of n.-n-saiy
i pal ati.m.
'I imi mill ll le.llliliu of llliolie nut
Not fiioiib H .libnt ef Hie in ll 1 1. le
i rreimiiii .
lilt it - t b'-.i i .- ii Iii'
I'.lll " ami I i ani4 at bis y. ,.
S - .in,. I ! mi I i- a i -I : i - i a . I -. I.i
iM.e i.i i'.:. i.-ii. i ' i Kai ;
i' IN. ii. i. ii. S. l. i III- . .i-'
4 I,-1 i -i I HiT I I "' 'la 1,1 N '
il". i i i a i . I -. ' In . ' I ' t : ' -I : ' .
Milk 'three Wilts
h v.iine M;ici' IMmrees.
T4. 4. 4.s4-
. ii, .- iii ..ill' iiiio. I I he b:'t of
An i i lea'"" b.-M f now n mo aii'l
.-Inc. stais ami V'ti i"b the iln "ii i'
, ., n i 1 1 i i . 1 1 1 s o iiianv of Iheir mo4i
nl ii-i i ion-- m.i ii . h I b i e aie a t w of
Mi. .ml mi i '-en .., v bo b.i '. ,.
I., I in ij l ice I Olll t --some olll i.-.
-...Ill III. It. I 1 1 1 111 "
I i. . ii..; i . I'ai I ks. Mai . Pi. -I loi.l
i a . ,, . on I n k 'lill'.i il, i; el n
.. I !.!.. 1 1 iitiilt'in. M ni' S' h'l
,,, ,i ., I . ml, , I l.illi i 'ui .1. Tl I"l u
I ;.
4 v "i a I '.a . 14 .1,1. i, . I Win 111
I,, . , K ..I M- I ' . I'if ' ."I
I ; ., T I 114 ii.i '. 1 '.l"-".ll: ."-' I'
. I 'ii-Iiii, ii: N'.il '" 'bi in.
I. I : noli, a ll Ni lln I Va -e Ma v
III.. I I I'M 'I.i I ll a ll. Mai k'.ll et
,i ii.i.i, p...i i , i.-. I'.ii'ii i-:. i
.... 1 1 il . i Mi tl.. Tann. lni1.
.1 , Kit la i Hail I". .i ol - "
, ;' .1. hi..,, I',.,,! tii.a lb 1 I.
I... I I. Illie 111....- l.aClle. I'-I'll
i . in. ' t4 1 1. , .tl, ll,''
I . ; 'II . I. 11.11 I I Will
' !. i
, - .i. li. .1 ill- I 'II I.
I l-t ..I la .' :""'
"".' 'I. v . ; ii '
,.. ",t nil , '!, , -
- . 1
"III t'
I-. If
I '1 1.
I !
I ,11- I
iv,;:,.,i i ,.
hid t 111." v .
. e , .o ' : , . t r.. !
l- olll. I tl .11
I i 'i lni'. lr i .
i : i it lit iil'i. - s
I, oi i)ii-i..,. .
mat 1 1 l .M i .ei.
Mai . i -.. J: ,o. i .
S it f i
I ...,! .
And t.it-l."
! i'i!t !h. st.,.
p.. i '
n 1 1
'.I. I i
.il - .i
1 1 .
T. . I !.!
l-.-'oi -'mic -h.t t. . i.. :li. i t i- i
. .. ' . f.- t t ' n i I
r .11 j.tir iv-. i, :n'-i i-r - .im n
. 4- t.
!., c.'t ' . I ' I ' '3 I
S;e- lunt:n: " Til'
c (m; in
j.- i.annl t.ii 3i .tn -f ti. Sin
tj ht1 .".-ll.'
III I V"IV .I ' l..- '' -!' " I I I-
-H.44wH Muff "
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KNW I TV M.. 1 .
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T buy one of those Crepe lc Chine Silk Shirts. The material
is tfontl an.l heavy and the patterns are wonderful. Wc have
sold S; of these shirts and the way they have "been tfoing they
won't last all dav todav. so conic early and get one for
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V! . "I S i vi' l'n.lif Suit -
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Of Interest to Women
Uw l-vt-adv-to-Wear Departnunt offers yon a wonderful op
portunity to save on your new Ka'l Suit. I)ress, Coat, or
aiiythinir that von will neetl for the i-oinin1 cold months.
Ihi li'U''-! ''''' 'I -'.UK' I'ils pier I'll lcil III llii sc .;i'!tcs" All
W .,.,1 Kin n'l I'.th S'nt-. t. :iMt,H! " i:h ttir . ullats .ui'1 i!k liiidl.
!l ,,,l',r- .i.'il W'VVi S,-;!- bn tjniitiii"; r.iisiiu'ss Sale
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r.ij;est .lines in Coal Suits ;n llie history of the Panhan
!! Wi-'l ( ;ii with fur e-'l!. is a- l"w a- $19.75
lusty Silk I Vt tit ".its
V. Ollilt Tf 'ill I'd"!" t Hll-
liin.itioii- -
I'.i : ; fas ai'd Satins. h in-
t- wide. Several tliffer-
l..nles. cry special at
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i iliunl I 'rice. I III v tur
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ill ic sM' t.ri-id at the amount muj will
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