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Wihdris Acceptance As Mediator! For Armenia Makes Impression
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By Associated Prtn.
WAMIINI.TON. Deo. 1. The way lo
resumption of lull diplomatic relations
between the I'nited Ntaten and Mexico
apparently cleared today with the pro
posal from Secretary Colby for the ap
pointment of commissioners by the two
governments to draw up a treaty nasi.
. Colby' proposal embodied a letter to
Robert Pesoulera, Mexlrun eonfidentlul
agent at Washington, declaring that a
complete understanding hud been
reached between himself and IVsnulera
In their recent conversation and that
there remained only to be given form
to the treaty. I'eaqiilera took the letter
to Mexico City when he left here last
week to attend the inauguration of
President Obregon. This was disclosed
when the secretary's letter wuh made
Colby declared his conversations with
Pesqulera left no reasonable doubt of
the highly enlightened purpose that will
actuate the present government of .Mex
ico. He also asserted expressions con
tained in I'esqulern's recent letter urg
ing that the I'nited States should allay
feurs of those who have acquired land
titles In Mexico.
Barkeeper Refuses
To Serve Whiskey;
2 Killed, 1 Injured
By A undated Preu.
PASSAIC, X. J.. Pec 1. Two in tn
were killed mid one was seriously
wounded In a saloon here today, afttr
n Itnrkocper had h rved near-beer to n
patron who asked fr.r whiskey.
After the barkeeper had refused to
serve whiskey, tho patron returned fif
teen minute later hrnndishliu: a re
volver, demanding to he serve I whis
key. Tho shooting followed efforts to
fillet him. Tn outruns were Killed.
By AMAciatcd Prex.
Al'STIN. Pec. 1. The Amrrienn
1 (nil wnv Kyiipmh Pumtmn v ti-ul'i v tin. I.
fiwi ih Twnn in. n.i r....iut, ...
it. it u.,- ...ii.t .u T-...k. .
Commerce Commission for nil order
to iut into effect n 13. It per rent In
crease of Intra state rates which the
Texas Commission refused. The In
crease would make the Intrastate
rates correspond to the advanced In
terstate rates the Interstate Commerce
Commission granted.
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i.V i:. A. Htaff Special)
MKXIil) f'lTV. D?c. 1. "I sni a
farmer: 1 wish thia war was over i
I cuuld .t tsti k to tuv ranh," lrt- !
rtrtit brrg"i uned tn tril his brother
ffk-t-rs. When the rvt.uti.in l.rok '
n..t fiunl mhrrsnn was a I nix"- I
nun farmer at Htmtclmpo.
frifa? ti'.regit I. st his tight ami
ahu tb elUwa- at CWaya tl 1IV
His forcrs had taken arrtmnd In wht- h
VHU bs.1 planted mines. PuxMenl j
there an eiplorti.n arid orie f OS- I
rtfon i arms fir w off. At the hst-il
th rt day he eane4 hta nu n w. re ,
U-crnin- uneasy. s he U f his t-d I
ar.d t rronaI charw artin. H
tmt thai mishap Ot.reci " fie
f.hyskat st-iir-n and an athlete.
4sgi'a via on wr are rrm
taiffd In te ord "War is sr
agerT trrsVeti and If ciTiliatW-
ia tn endure, it most I Himlnated
as a measure i rr.pii Interna-U-tnal
uarrrla and harrtvr tratc tnt-r-nate-mal
rutceyni maiV M f -ture hr r ran
trrnar the a-rrano ral r"" era
t.-a and .le-ret.j: cauairg tbent t
Amarillo and Vicinity Tonight
and Thursday fair; slowly rising
VOL. XII. NO. 46.
(Rir International Newa Service.)
MEXICO CITY. Pee. t. Like many
successful men In the I'nited States,
Ceiieral Alvaro Obrogon, the new presi
dent of Mexico, Is proud of the fnet that
he Is a "self-made num." Intimate as
sociates suy that beouuso he made his
own way In tho world and accumulated
a fortune while still a young man his
views of life ari! sound and sane. He
has deep sympathy for the toiling
clauses. having heen u wago-otirnor
himself, hut he lielieves that those who
earn and save should Is? safe In their
posM'ssions, knowing from experience
that the disir of opportunity Is open to
every mull who 1ms patience, industry
and intelligence.'
Obrogon wns horn in 1880 nt Slqul
slva. In the district of Almada. State of
Sonera. Ills hoy hot si wus Hpent on a
farm and he has. for that reason, al
ways had u fondness for agricultural
pursuits. The dream of his young
inunlHMsl was to own a hacienda. This
ambition he achieved liefure he was
thirty years old.
Worked ns u Mechanic.
Liming his home when little more
than u Iniy, he found work in the Al
inuda Sugur Retlnery ut Slnaloa. Ho
ti-miilned wtttrhM4Htr-iufi;vf.'ry fn,
several yeurs, working as a mechanic
Then ho obtained a small railroad
contract, making enough uoticy to take
a larger contract. In a short time he
was a jrosMTous contractor.
When he had made money t-noiiKh his
thtH.js..U Uvtvi to furnilnx ami iV pur
rhusl Ihv hiicirml.t known uh
Quinto Chllla." In Sonora. Ho wns
quietly managing his farm In l'.MO
when Mexieols troubles Is'Kiin. He
espuosed the cause of Francisco L. Ma
dero and was made a lieutenant-colonel
in Madero's army.
Thoso who served with him at that
time say that he showcil a surprising
knolIe of military matters and a
renins for handling men. particularly
the rostlcss men who flis'ktsl to Mc-
'dero's standard, who were the te ol
'all of the revolutionary armies that
have since passed nad repassed over the
soil of Mexico.
i Put ohrotfon had little opportunity to
prove his power of leadership. In a few
months .Madero had swept into the pres
idential chair, taking the pace made va
cant hy the dearture of I'orflrlo Plax.
'Obregon accompanied Madero to Mexi-
' o City, but did not remain there long.
j" After seeing the new government estab
lished he returned to his hacienda and
In same.l his woik jis farmer.
j Then came the news of the ussussina-
! tlon f.f President Madero mid tce-
! President Pino Suar. r.
! Was Made tirm-ral.
This fln-d the icaccful farmer to re-
newod action. He Joined U.e forei s ct
Oen-ral 'arranz;i ngainst Pit anient
'h foiiano lluerta. who took control of
the government after the detilh of Ma-
der He was maile a gi io-i.il at d ug.tiil
showed his kill In handling ulid mov
ing laiue ismiii s oi men.
When lluei;u was overthrown. W-n
rial Otiregoti was made Mitiist.-i
t.-r of War I
fsiranara I
I in ".i lania's cabinet, but Cm
(Continued On Pase Klfht.)
(demand Utter pih-ts f..r their r.rd
u. t Hi oreanin.itlt.ri was n,.,H sf
tor the American farmers
orirani at;.'" in
aiiiorni ut ii"i
. i . . ... ... T
onlv made himw If ri h. tut nrido s
his n ichtK.rs rnsw-roua.
Pr.sid.nt tthrer-! was onie rrdcre
ot hv Pani h. VilU. SVtgon -i I
sent to V hihuahu.t by fjeneral I'trun
s.t after the aije .f the Otrranrt
revolution t try to Ir.duie Villa to
take part in a n.eetmc if genera a
at Mfsieo fit v- VilU re.ltr tre-t--.n
an.! his tiffbera ami arranged
t.g affair in lh.tr honor As ther
Wre rrturring 'H"a had '.ii.n's
tra:n sii .pe4 at Ki-and'-n and returned
to I'hihathua. Arritirg at Villa Is1
d.sirrd. Villa Uhl H,r.g wi he ) r
Inc to kill h.m irlirr-fT'in psmel
wil'.lrc to lie fi the revi.luti n tht
Vi.la finally .1" uil r"t to 1. 1 trm
j e-iud he had eent f w eneu'e f l re
i gttn. Ir.atead they t,4 supper t-sr-tl
tr nl then .rgl d trowed tie et -Mrg
At Oihran in ltJ. st a dinner gives
1-T Carrarra. rieneral I in f i.t t-Titer.
tames the fv"t It prrfi-rminc sh
Vtie start. Although a t rr.tti
President (ibrcgon and his famil
daughters: Srnorlta Mean Ice llcffl ami
P- Ajx imtrd Trtr.
Kl, I'AStl. hec. 1. Well wiiheis of
Mexico who c.ime on special trait. b
from Arizoiii. New Mexico. 'alifotnii
and Arizona to see leiieial ilrcgott
inaugur.-ited president were iitiiotig the
closest nt the front scene of loIhHIcrt)
lit tho c.ipit.il nt midnight w h- n tliej
general was ilecl:iinl piesld- nt. A'- '
cording to It Icerams iei i.-. along
the luirdt r. The incssigi:! sii l th
blgge.'t p.itlletie demonstration Mc-
lit 'er saw io!oi-i the in.ingur.i
tn.n ci rcinony.
roNspiitriKs i;t
(tltlCMtUN Alti: IHMitKI n
vashin:t.. isc. v-i:unoi .rf
nnti-t M.regi.n oniini o n - m the imi th
irn part f Mi xioi ;.l..i.g tin- bi i.l- r
t ai bed
'f'" ' !
tile H.ite . I. . tl til. - tit I'-llV.
tl,- v aie it 'mil! tt.P
I situiitit'ii f l- s. H to t ti .- Am. ri .m
' u uir titty i- tu t c .a; d.
j ph so a
I nfi ..or
Iv, I,. ..
mi oi ir,l
iv 1 ll.lt
I l.ilie.
I !'...
dt fin
his nrht nru
trd ti d
I4.I1 ht.i. At thit
f the I. vliTig ." t.. ; ,
T i ret luto.ri.
, re
i . t
iv w h
if Ti .:'.
pu' i-
l.t 1
t. ,1 .
f. I
I. I
ir.g m' :
it h
1 U m r : 1 1 ti r . t t-.
aid fit.a'.lv thr.a-r-l t
eld... tn this trt 1 !.
fr.-t to r. ! t ite tl .
t.-t,,f, I i c.-'t.
l.-fc- t.ilo.
.t .e .It e'.l-
tl .t tr 'i t -
1 .-.e ffl't e.
.1 kl. t l"l
ff a r" I Ul.il V 'r.
Tbe f'l w .Mn t o
1 h
1 ttrea. r. rt an i-iv.ii'
m.-V.r. 11 i.t U.- h .t ti
U.a-T.r rt 1 r . ; a-.d-r t' I I.
laftrt- tf tii. n th-- . -1
U e 1 if.nl. tn. e -a r "
it i'r ! ra- firtrf. t..
hit ffl- ie;: V . ar.. - -.!. '.
te taa cva?fr f v: t if .
t i hin.te'.f "o r. t . r . i,
t .caret.
.-sr. t
.1. 1 1
It. d 1
e f h it
. t r
W;o. IV r 'SSlJl
n w ifN U ,-
W M- v. v. - - -rwmQh.
r r. WAX.. 'fc-'A Umw ?w
"rmil ; W SOToV, -W,SQ1 Z- -. .-a
. rrz. 2-'yn.a;t :-
' - .
upper left, (ilingon; upper right. M
nori!a Laura u lKhtl.
ll.l.s, )er. . While alt"itie
iim to hi l-her olllls. Hie h.lll.ls lib I.
tu suliMritM-rs lor Hie tiiirriit month earning In reuse of list per tent.
It is reporteil Dial tin- iioiao hns oiiliied li b plmoes retooted Inrthw ilh.
while mailt it Is oinbr-I'M.;!. h.iM- planned in tender rfuMU st tin- obi rates. In
the ctt lit that tls ir senile is ilisi otilimied, the pl:o In coll i suits tor il. incites
Iacsilist Hie uliipalit .
tmiii-.il lis- the iit will ap.it .u Ix-fnrr lnbr.il .luilce .l.tnn s (. ilsmi.
Port Wei lb." In ask that a master ol ih.intir In- appointed In mi ml all nif
lines ii i it td tri.m the imressnl rale. m lullni; the lbs isi.n of the appi .il to tin
I olltil stairs (Ira nil lol.lt at New lil'Sins, or Dial the i leplome loiiipant lie
Inpiiritl to fiuitish a Jt'.ll.l.lsiO ImkhI In pnt il the sohst rile is in the t tcnl that a
hicltt r t oi l! ntal.r a fatoralde iht isimi.
I The Hill. is 1 1 It-photic I ooip iot .-isst rts that it is oi ralioe al i daily ib lnil
of t.MMI nni'ei t be o'd rale. I be (itt oiniiiissii n a treed ,t an iotlc.isc o VI
-r I rill rei cut It .
PrtriJmtn Moore srol t ln sbir
rtiden ti V nt dt in ker l sr.tr
t tie when Ho t di tHd in tot s 01
i.llt lii nitttt on a I r it mil e
s n al lite "national imlmr et"
tti.t ti o'K lakt a hand at the
Ctnte. Insletii they rtttrfiall. intit-t-d
all s pitHtsnl In adjKirs) tn
the police sliiieaa.
Jtrdre MtftttttH-n lti ire" nine
"riCed tlteir hindsl f.- ten d.Jlar
led Ih-ir Itantls" Irn 4-4lrs
a h.
I ite .titer eMiin were guests 4
Ihe tilt (.- a sh.t lin. Ther
. rr litic-d with dt-ltiffctng I Ite
l .e. line is a e. ma n and the
Hhtr .tr tee m. 1 lirt ere
har reel alter a e I tire and a
lure. 4r tant. an mi fitvtl Itt Ihe
fl tlMt HIMPI I ti
l !imi iiih: 1:
I v;
.f V
II i- 1 ...
' t: "' it
. c !-..
e 1 ,
tit. -ek- V
1 ' sft.
.. .. Ih
A government of the people, by the people,
for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
Ah am iibregen; lewer.
his two
HI ItUf 5
f I ATKI) PI!t-:SS
for the lift wcip prt paring to take the
hol t- ( omiiaiit li.ilat Im c tn oi.iliiiig InlN
Py .
H l''.-t.
I . N -s
s . 1' k
i 11. .
f I.
f .1
1 N 4
. I.- le
Spoofy Spasms
A loief hrj-n aa Rhie Grout
At.J e"rr lime n.ade a move
Cood rfcane ar Ihe other
To lat.ter Pohre ta the rm
T aaae tl eyes he ptond still
They burte f tue lotf aco
if era
r.v Tin: AssoriATKD rr.K.sa.
GENEVA, Dec. 1. The council of the league of nations is draft
ing a letter to President Wilson accepting hisj of f er -lo act as
mediator for Armenia. Wilson's note was received this morning and)
read lo members of the council at 10:30 o'clock. It was received with
the liveliest satisfaction.
It was announced this afternoon that Spain and Brazil had of
fered to join President Wilson in the role of Armenian mediators.
President Wilson's acceptance created a great impression when
it wt.8 announced. "Poor old Europe will feel less abandoned," was
the remark a member of tho French delegation made. The news
pave the assembly great relief as the Armenion question had be-s
come the "bugbear" of the assembly.
There wns much speculation as to
what form the mediation with Armenia
would take. A. .1. I !a I four, lender of tho
Itrltlsh delegation, remarked that In or
der to negotiate anything, it will Is- nec
essary to offer Mustapha Kemal. leader
pf the Turkish nationalists, something,
either money or territory. The remark
i ailed Wilson's known opposition to
tile disposition made of some parts of
the Turkish territory.
Lord Kobert Cecil characterized the
American President's acceptance a "big
,step towarrt the solution of one of the
inoKt serious problems before the assem
bly." lie added: "Mr. Wilson's accept
ance Is i onimeiidiible and worth N-st
traditions of the fulled States, which
nlwa.'.'h has been the filelid of Armenia
and taken the lend In alleviating her
sufferings. The decision of President
W ilson is not In any sense, from my
point of view, political and cannot give
enoiilll unci lent to all those w ho w ish to
sec the I i.;ied States In tin- League. If.
simply ! a natural development of the
old humanitarian policy.''
ICefiiscs to IliscusH Wood.
Hy Aniioi-ialitl I'rrM.
W'ASIIIMiTiiN. loc. I. Secretary
linker today refused to dWcuss tiencva
disiat'hes stating thai Major Ceiieral
l.euiiard Wood had been luelUioned UM
(I poHsilile M-Iri il.'M on the League of
Nations A.-im Ida ominlttce to h ad the
j.roposi d ciiinis iw "f the Armenians
to.-.ilnst Alcst.ipiki. iv n.i! Tin kish in
tli nallst leader.
Approies I . S. Ilelegale Plan,
fly ANiM-iMlij 1'rr.ti.
i;i:.i:'.. hec. I - The council of the
League of N.iiious has iinu nimously up
pluM'd the ll.llloll whit h the llllll-
tary coinnilssio'i drew up asking Iho
I'nited States to name a npi'i setilath e
to Ml on the ci luniission. The ni'Ho t
of tin- i . 1 1 1 1 loot of urin.iineiits would
In' "Kftsllly facilitated" if the flllleii
States would .- end a I epi . s. i.t.i t u e to
Ml in coiis.iltiitite i.ipaiilv with the
Austria's I ntr.incc I :uonil
ttv -tuM-ml.fl I'ri"-..
CL.N'I'A A. he. 1 -Tb
for adicisnlon of i . w Mat
lao'isly toted fi I ustria
hai tin. Illi
1 i oino a
In mlier of the Lea;
e M i t.sl t It. t t le
! t; ii- u lit latify tl"
of Nations.
I.lelilbly of
It is
price mmim mmm is
' I I . --
I . '
.1 i'i .
fill. :-
. a o. :
1th ft
. t- ! 1
1 1
. tk
d t.t H
. I 'l I'"
1 d
.. .t 1
. if
1 f
. 1 .--..!
. r-
X f 11
I- It.-t
' I .
I d
1 w -.rf
f st,
-I i-
is 1 .1 .. r
I .4 I.HI letrf. llrjtT. 1
t !'v , t !.! iiaoivrt
i- r. -1 'v tie- 'ttl-l- if;
.uh th.- -t .f -.' 1 '
1 1. 1 a t 1 r
n..n l rh lb 1
.-h t . i t s t '
.t ;. r t 1' I' r ur tn- - hr '1 t I
. lit 1 ill f-t) th tiv.-h "I
"Stick to Your Own Home Town." W
the title f a lengthy article In the cur.
rent number of tho American Maga
zine, written about fl. Krnost Thomn
son i f Amarillo. proprietor of the Anm
1 ill.t Until In n nutshell It Is th nd
vice he gives to all young men. where
ever they live; that they stick til their
own home towns, for their opportune
ties an griater there thun elsewhere.
This article Is carried In ft promt
ntnt position in the. magazine and nc t
niinp'inled by a. full-page portrait cf
Col. Thompsin In olra Oravurc. th
1-Uest and most expensive method of
Whv Amarillo r.eatn New York" la).,
the henillino cf an enclosed box In thrt
first jwigo of the article. It Is a head
line in on of the most Influential
magazines in the country, and will b
seen nnd ccnsldered hy millions of
readers throughout tho rnitrst StatM.
iVe iuiit tho feitured Miragraphs: '
"What U 1 could muk a few more
Ihitusuiids. tir even millions. . In. thn
ci:y.,f asked Mr. Tho;paonc "' nn't
cat or drink more thin aUmt an much.
We enn't wear troldpiisi-s to any strik
ing extort. A hnir tiutt tress . is morn
comfort. ihl" to ship on than one that
was stuffiil with Uink notes would ho.
I g--t more sunshine In Amarillo than
In "W Yc.rl; and tho rain isn't a hit
wetter. I'd rather have my home, my
family, my lricntls who have known
in.- all my life, than to he Just one
-in. I. in a m.'.ss of huBian atisns. even
thouch I bis.imo ornately gilded atom
thni th rest.
1 if ci iirse, I'm fortunate enough to
I've in a growing tor. n And don't you
uupi"'-e it's ;i let of fun for mtt td
t'ie .1 oart in the growing, and tn
n I f . . I 1I11I I'm lo hiintr to ih viJoit and
improve it and to put It on the map?
lie iu-ic li ving to feel that you wero
pultun: New Yoik on tho map!
"Kv.11 'Hut tin mere money -got ting"
s-ini'M.int a yo'ir.t: man may he ma!;.
j ptg a 'iieat tc.i-t ike In rushing off to
'tie i i t v ft-r '!. what nrt the things
I -hat abl.- hm i'i make money
j At-n't ;1. v iiid"isttv. Integrltv. chnr
' ,1 ti r a-id f" :'.!'" H sjiends mom
I 111 in ivtentv of !(. bitt years of hN
i t.- 11 10:'. 1: 'hem and In proving
r.. .- p...;.. f lis hotrie town that
j . , tl Th. 'i he goes to thtt
'.r- and : - ri all itver again Ho
, l' . .1 an entirely new set
jo .. ) . h:- III.- thus." qualities.
I I . . 1. 1 -11 etirs tn do it. Hi"
! it of his mature lite
.1 , ; iit I., i .fold accttmplish I'I
1 1 -1 I .' ' vi while he was still a
' llv ciniai!on lth the
- . 1 . nth ..f lp. I iat
' txport snl stork st
.-.. .. t.t tntial In.
' the le'tl nutntter f
:vroVKt the rt during
s. s..n eti-istts liv fortV
1 t , f. iat Kt-nitiin.
'. . 'i f. '1 d.irintt the Lttter
t : tr. irt.tftrtti ttith th
1 . . jI other turfs I
i-.i- ie -.te..- ln. tsial t.t pnaturet,
t,: , .1. r. t , 11. k l ninter grain
... . 1 ' to ft.- r.-ts4t Aa a reswlt t
,.. 1 . it t - tj mnvonn-rit sf th
. i .. . ttpl U- .elatrst areatlr.
t ' .r re ( ttint.r tth.-at In
'.-c - " " 'han wt .tcn last fall.
,.. --. ii ev.r thr aiatrlct Indicate.
". . !' r.-a..n atetgntsl f s- the In
,,. ... 1. t, fa. th,t ttearher c-onH-
s 1. ,.- r rm-te I I . s-s 1 4e f.w fall
-i s'.i the f t that th
. ,.- 1 . f .. .ni n m.rV.t has trn.V-d
.. ,: r.s.- r-t. t . rs.rir-ati.sv
l!t:r f fMilN.ns Irttnd.
V. -1-.. 1:-. In stirona. Nrtr
'xi.-.. r- I'.rp n-i;.- mr,4 S-tllhs-"t
T- s - - 1 -. . . d .1 11 is.- k f4trr as Ihti
r.s-'T .r 1 r ti re. tree
(t'oDttaaed a Cigtt.)

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