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111 W, fifth M)rrM
3 H. NI'.N.N
j. i. M'sy
0nrrl Muni1
, .;Kr
Monitor Ao IMf Vreaa and Inr'iniirinni Ni-wa Hi rvl
HulrrlKlf.n r.l)
Cln Month M
Thrw AtnMh In n'lvanro j
fcfOHthd i dnrip J.g;
tma Tawf In arfvarirr 6.00
Entrre1 at the Amnrlil "M(iffi aa inn II rf th- "nrKf finnn, ufldt-r A' I
- ' Mfirch 1, n:r ...
-I'hftnN: IMitortr"! Office I.uninaa Offlr I3. SrtciHy 471.
Tha Aortatl Pre H fI)iMVf(y. n tilled to lh U for rfproiltietlriff c all
tbe na dlapMha cr'dlt-d to nr not itherwlw iim1k1 in thin ii.r and
IJif lnntigrr.-.tio'i of (.tnornl .Mvnro Ohrcgon as prr.sidcnt of
jUexico tCKlav, it i hoped, will liriti;,' an or1 of p-;ire to that nation
which has hern in the niicUt of interna! warfare for t ri vt-ars. Dur
ing that brief span of ten ytrtrs thrrc li:uc hcci nine presidents aii'l
1'resjdent Jlurrta, uty retired today, was the only one who left i'
jieace and without fear of lib life.
ui... ri ' ! i .i
,u,u ,urrj;on win no jor rc re!i-iit oi Mexico is rattier in
definite. He has a tremendous tn! Although Mexico was not in tin;
great world war. no one doi;ht that l.riu ha a real task of re
construction ajiead of him. f - has d mofntrnted that he is a war
leader oi the top rank. v.- will he he ahlc to hrinir al.utit peace in
the rridit of so t::nrh imre st ?
Visitors to Mexico declare one ,'rrt need i.f the nation is the
development of the prUic school stfr:i. liiorance and advance
ment do not go hand mi hand If ( )rej,-on ca.n l-rint; ahont increased
rriucatioiKil report ttr.it i's to the masses, he will he looked tip as
n benefactor to the nation.
Petroleum problem. urnin" land, ayri nllural affairs, rela
tions with the I'ji'ted States and vari-d oth r iiiestiitn will come
up for his conid-ratioii Let us hope tint he will meet them squarely
and frankly and soon merit the recognition of the I'nited States
Rovemment. " . . t . 4. M
TO KI I.I. Wll ht ATS
Every dollar invested in wildcat stock tin ice lost:
First, by the man who saved it ;
Second, by legitimate industry forced to compete for capital
against b!uc-vT;y stock iroohs:
Third, by society, which would have profited by use of the
money in lepitim.it c bi'sines.
And it isn't always the dollar sunk in m lineal ptd mines or oi!
vclls that thus commits suicide.
V. I. Oliver, f.'rmer tnemb' r of th- I'edcral Trade ("onmiis
pion, cities the case of a stuVtant i;d. .''in( New N'ork concern, in
weI of more capital. It t the n.oni y on these terms: Of every
flollar invested by the public the company received ,V cent. I he bal
a.ncc was sjlit three wiys . cent to t!i- underu rit r s, , cents to
tie sub-underwriters and S cents t the luokers.
Addre.sir the National '..'offee i a-lers' Association, Colver
said that a v av must b- found to protect against financial middle
Xijen who exact su"h terrible tol!, ,-ik! the out-and-out. i rook.
Efforts if v;:rioi's statis to do 'lis thr-nh "blue-skv" laws
lie' been ineffectual. I h,-re are o'iois drawbacks, alo, ii pro
jtosed schemes to licne stock issues through a federal agency or
fome recognized stock 'm I ange
f ederal license would make the government almost a guarantor
tif issue ok'd. and wui:M h.rnpi-r nanv worthy enterptises not able
tu complv with technical rides. 'I he sto.k exchange plan would pu'
legitimate buinRs in tlie hollow of the h im' of the stoik broker.
I'ublic'ty is O'lver's sohuiou--enforced oubluity of all fads in
volved in the stock issue.
He would require detai'ed iat nvnt s . t a concern's financial
r.nd hvsical condition. f the urt-e for hih the n w nioiiej
Mould bt used, of all promotion s and j-aments to hankers, un
derwriters or brokers.
' Kespomibil'tv for fal-c st.-.v-.n. vt v. udd !e pumed on the coin
any it sell, its officers ;:nd oi --.in. 'cr.. it. iui.ri-i.il agents . :! .-.'I
t.thers content d in mar!.'-in tie -!
With Mich knowledge of t-.- 1,,-t,. ;;n-l sr-ch p-tci ti-m .r.ii't
lies, an investor v onld r t-- -'e.d wit'i his e s open
Pv liH JAMf.H I VANVti
?,0' l fi'(fl tit t'-f leu tl'h d
r t- ' "1 I'ik -f lit W.il-I
riNit imltlr 'I fii. 'iifti onira4
hi i (J il(inrill'in r,""IWO'(H jml Ifito fli'M
t(V.i firUlfMt r f)'t mflttunum-a hi
lh hrvr WhleH fV f FiOt Hft'l
Iri'lif-J. tier If K'l'H iJ sjuiy.
-I t-rii,ln-itl(.ri, dlitrati mnrriplnir
out 't ini-lal'-n and IfirtlrifttU-filn tt
tiKit n kouI put up km In At trniiU
in h to hl' h f A)th all It MrUr-lc
tx.mii l a ntrDi.
l u n luUfij' ainn, arid when
h fnrri to fhurrh, which waa onlf
ht n intent ktvIh-, tir InvarlnMy at
In itu: lHt aaf n;t to th dfUjr. Bui
Uf llt-ii-'l, ami tri- riirnpai UmjK In
hx fii-i' ir(-n tirlil rne a l tried to
pr'r h. t ' 4 3
I ha-l Kivn thn uiual Invitation,
nklrnr th'me who Jali-d to eonfeai
th! tt.iv'lor to Mmain and rnn-t th
X-nrUm. Th- (hufh had ?mitlJ.
an-l ao -,mf(-ni'd ty half a'down t-f fl
'IT, t an di-a'Vndinjr the ehureh atepi
o tlie alreirt puvinient lin I int
iny rallriKid XrlnJ coinlns; -up the tp
l.r-nttili-Kn ' ........
J to h.'id v.t,hf ncv-n wiuareii dlaUot
t-i H, 'tilMH t'Of-'If-r l"l hli-.i'
wli-il o lo, no I Inn t- i't in id ' f
inllfhl U '('l- M l'.f-iti if I
. . . . ... .-1.. 't i.... i..
h ri'T iif iyr , in'- i' i ii- .
hii'J run all M wr f;e x thfeiKn thfl.i' it I"' th ti
riinl U Iti -f-'irih, l"at lie aliouH
ti rm lao- IVf wfrf M' k l'-' tl'A'
ho-iae and ln-nr-l a aoul run he Mi" old
J- Unit Ion lit flth In rhildl and .'
il.ire In f-.llow film, find thi n w r
'fvi'd hirn Ir-tfi the ihunh
Hl inoiilha lair t nit linn In front
tit th Ma; terminal i-vt whl h he pre
aided Mhti rare alilllty, and a-ild; ' How
re you K-OlriK nlor-K in your f.'hrl
linn llf?" A amile that told 'f HtruiC
ifle nnd of vl- fory, ton. Mole over hla
fine. nr. tie nald: "I hiiv'Ti't uraed
Thnt waa enuKh. Me had whipped
bin ol-l enemy. Me had routed hi
eMeltiiijf fin. Me hd won a mor-il
vfetnry in a war In whU-h the powera
for iforxl and evil i ontend for th maJ
teiy ef un imrru-rtal ouL
Thai Ik kI'tIoiii"! The hand due not
play, and no crowd cheer, hut ther
ia Joy amonif the nriBi'la of heaven,
and tha (lr-iti I'nptiilri 'if our Solvation
"ci.-ia of the travail of hla aml, and U
hnp UnUnm llrlnttiltig M"W I
I ''.AJ S I'll! ' ' . I'" I ' Mf "
'i mil wiii'ii'4 I'p'i-t mi ' ' I' d
! ' i'i ! 'it ii hi a. i ii r '
'.''! leo.ifi' oi iii. i in.i'i
o:i i f aftl f,- uiolMy I " f In
lie I-. if i' r ' i'i'i" 1 1 'I VI' 1' i itt i
i., 1 1 i l.' on if, L".ma fo. ii
I I i i ' f ' 1 1 1 i ill r "F ' Oi. I ' tn i' I ' . I.i V-
.1 H 'llflai'-il. I! 'I'll
"oi ffi -A 'i Ie a. M re 1 1, an 10. Wi Mtl- !
i l,- :, v ' ! lir'oliSh' i ll" Hie '..' tiiel
y it. T ti ' ri'iik in m Mi )i lie lr.
I ..1I1K the lr" t a ii win an- ii.ii'n ler j
ii' !: r fo; I he wlriO-r. A im, -ment
ii i n firf.l to ir.leret Colorado oi'irnx- t
Mii'" in rn.iklnir pioviilori for hoiiiiiX
Mi xloina diiinif the winter in orde.
to have a aupply of lii!mi for irulroad
c jihi i in tim on1 other w nk fur which
if ih hard li (f t Anieri'firi lalrfir.
What Are These Men Doing Here?
-rha e,.ra .-r h
oh, re(,.,r M.e ,,,ed i-m f -r a ' ' ' J
,;iar, Oi owr hy n-rf trO.-i !do- - la -a s.-in. H..elM
nuiln, Irrenn., a..d f.rfal leal, ate dod ..-.'I a:ijl-.w '' Mrr'
eafitef Hiiafanteed. f fi ihar'
13 fltf l ' Ii; ( hildr-iM i" " '" .
Ml ,r, frow te 0. Ie fi,ea .r,..re d.-ral'lr lUnn ihoi.tii n
olora. Il.a,rle, al like w: -l.rlnl.K- -r -l.er ..rl. -I. ahl.
I'Aitci'.t. ni"r io;
Telephone (IXfJ
Hi. Ta
Jhe Tftyyn Gossip Uncle Sam, M. D. )
TIIKUK VL UaU vi ral of itf.
lnrtVX AT the atitlon.
W.MTIN'i FOIl the Sant.l Fe tiiiln.
A.VU T II K fellow neft to ma.
S TUP! bench.
Ml'KT M VK hern out Uila.
MAVIlK he had been ill Il4tlnf.
TIIK M'iUT hcfoie.
I Iwi.vT know
a a
HMoUTI.y AhTKU I mil down.
'a a a
Mi: HK'SAN to nod.
a a
AM) TMK flint thin I knew.
I IK MAI) hla head on my ahoulder.
a a
AN! i ! ahoved him hack.
A Nil UK ojiened hla eye.
a a
AM MiOKKO t rtie- '.i
a a
WITH AN Injured eplealon.
a a
I'M i.N HIS fm.
a a a
A Nl (.!. iHKIi hla yo.
a a
AMI I IK'S A.N t'l mil aK-ti". i
a a
,Mi IN n niltiute or two.
a a a
III: HAH hia head.
a a a
l'll.l.iVKfl S my ahoiilder aguln.
A N I ) I ahoved lilm Imi'k.
a a
A. H Mi: turned around.
W ITH MultK Injury. i
a a
Vl:lTTi:N AfllfiS.S hla faca.
a a a
A NH I Ihlnk I aaw.
a a a
A TKAH or two in hla y
a a a
AMI Ft di a little whil.
a '
I IK 8TAVKI awake.
a a a
l:t'T IT waa ti' much of h atraJn
a a a
HK'iAN to nod airi'n.
K 1."
I : niuic- n lar-'
t-tn h .md Irs verv
ti :.l.ort o.'t to
"Trove ;tl t't3 : l'"'d "-hili
Which half d this -o!i , c .-. mm a. cent
measure his reliRion, his jo'iti.-- his s- .. titic a'
To "i.rove" s. n,'! nit i "t i:'-r ! to ia
experiment wiih it. t f v :t.
Conservatives are t!i e v !: a w y fr-d t "i,!i ej ri'i;-. uts.
JCrha: s !c:ii!sc tI.- rc.-o:'-- x'.vt t! ' iten pr--e o n . and
sa they hold fa-t t the Id i!olo;..'. to t-t il.iidi uu1 o ", i.. lnjs
ine.ss rn 1 j-olitic '.In- t.cati n pith hi mk inc. t-. tt.id !; o diets.
And. h..ldi a i.i-t ? fa-'-'-on. the in-n v !. ar" i, s . .nr ah!
to hold t- cther and r - ; i"a!c .i-;!y on a tr.. I tiof.J ted accus
tomed h.:i . 1 !. t n tr.i 1 c 'Vim v . I rt the kvow where
they h?ni and vl.re to f.n I ;:.h her. Si th- v. t tl uii done,
thev are e'fi t " :r. 1 role :;Ui t o.-;!' a . .r he ni.ide hv well
ttandardi'td tfi-tt- o". a i ons, r.it:v l.ri-
Ka. !:.;-! . cet t :he . !. r !.al of t'-e f !' H.'-v arr rest'rss to
"t roe a'l t'.ii"." r:.. ::r; rove nn-i: th- pr sent, and siu.-r they
are 1'-k '-" f- n.-i'.i- - I f i -- t' v :.re "visi-.ars' wilhn?
'- 'Vat to rv..ti s will )'. oV at.
::; t'..e ltn pith th y h--e w andertd
rv ,.r jc;., ih,nr for a hetttr way;
w irV t "eiiur er ll. .md when one
of them t i.-crd tn j'vr. it l i- : . t eal. ' i i . 1 y to !rr
called elf-wi'le! r rrh-rar. id:- an he -s t-.i c. rstiiud Ij
team work a-d cni- i hard r th-rs to r the i;oi1 l.r i-
aimin? at. Ar 1 'i".c !.- : W:u : Kkw v.a h-
Vs .fi t.i t,-.v -eri t!, r'l ids carer is ..!
t L S X - ' ... ..
Hut if hi- si ioti u true it ..'1 I-- f tt ;i.
tsUle ubca rK-r-j le arr u- J t. 't. - f.n-:f f '
rr trv t maie it real
a a
ANIi 1 wan wiit'hiiiK lilm.
TM VT HE Wi to repent
JUS I:i:iTM:K V lve atunt.
a a a
I fioT up in a hurry.
a a a
AMI MoYKII to anothur Uini U
AM) UK lr.ui to iu4
a a
lit: r.FMJAtf tn lean over.
a a
MY ahoiilder 3'ii,l hav
to see al! . rt ! pos.i'. ' :
In war !'-r.i- av:,v ;r
from each i.'.er. ; h v. ..r. 1
and so they i., .'ir-e r
iWe h"uri-!ers
1 In ret. I iti
I after a
y.tylx "rr.e day lc' a" r !!' U a
tt a.iti instead -f
So man'- t.;n'i s'-j:rr
lef l-sp'.lv a t-ce r.i war in
ANH IT waan't tberr -
a a a
ANI HE krpt on leanlnc. i "
ANIi THKN he toppled ov
AND HIS tirtid tilt the tMieK
a a
AND HE rcjied ovtr t the
a a
AND KNOCKED oK hia hat.
a a a
AND I'ICKKD hltnilf up
AND HE m wheie I win JWtlf.
AND I kneW that Re thuifht.
I HAD done hlrfi
a a a
A LA ST I NO injury.
AND I don't "auar
THAT Hiri.L "er fWttr m.
a a
MT t 4ont r
t VI NO hun.aa pinow. t
ny ptiihyN J4l((n lJinsiiKf
My I, H. I'lihlic Mcnlih S-rvi'-"
nahlen cuniiot la!k, hut they have n
Hlmi lariuiit,'' .
fly rryltiK and hy movi-niril tlicv
rie (xpliln 9 Ki'at many IhinKf.
A norinnl, healthy child .ilnx I'Kii
torly In welr;ht. h.-iH n win-in. moift akin,
hieatha "UK tly. eaia h'-nrtily. sle eps
quietly, enta li'artily, hlecpa peaccrull'-.
li. one ir two regular howd move
ment dally mid erica only when he
la liutiirry, uneoriifot-fuhle, ill or InduldK
IhK In a fit .f temper.
The toa'in-e. when aleeplnf,- in 'inlet,
limlia I'eLived. hfi'-ep pitni-ful. no ton
!i.K ulKiut. '
Th fa'l:il eprefislon Ih aim and
IMfierfuI. If nahy in niifferlnu pain, the
feuturea will contr.it from time t.
time nnd the fift will he clcnchid
Th." la-eathinK 1 rcfjuLir. e-isy and
(Itiict. Mowvcf, dmitiK the firHt wekH
of llf". Iiretithiiij; may he IrreKnlnr In
ierfwtlv normal iinliicH. Thla Hhoiild
eyclt nri alarm iipIcsh aHinciateI with
other ahiiiireial coiiditloiin, such as hot
dkin nnd flnalied f ee.
liuhy Hhouiil lu-'iiihe itui.iarn in
nia and kwp lh mouih i mi. Mnita
lil' lthlnK of haliioinl Imlilia th" innulli
open iixiially indi' iit" nlai t,'el tmsllH
or adenoids or aome othM- oliHtructlcn
to the hrenthirnr which n-cds the at
nnti'iii of a phynl' l.in.
The In of the healthy hahy l; warm,
f llirfif ly nn 1st nnd a h-althy pink color
The akin Khoiild Im- aoft ami Hinooth
li the touch and the tindei !y Inir muwles
firm. Klahhy niuidea iihhjiIIv Indi'-at
xomethinK wrnrtK with the fi-olmtr.
t). Mv little hoy of tho-e ycara Ii.-im
-vo or more email luinpx on aih nili
of hia hack. mi'iatl y n the !.inds.
Me lirn alv.iv IintriitiK and hfallhy
and haUhy and I woiild like to know
the catia' of thin trool lc, arid if it in
Ilk' ly to develop Into anything of
lii'iic "1 ioua nature. lie hmiii-Mmh
eoinpliiliix or O'ciiriK tlreii. anil rome
daVM ia dull and ftupld. lie ilrinka n
I'reat d'f.l of milk, hut i:inn little for
other fiwMl. What Is th- ln-st thing to
do for him.?
A. W'l'h lOKard to the enlarKcd
elands of tin nis k, you will find that
thewf will prolwihly dis.-ipM.'ir if your
cliiid Ih taught i diH-rve tcrlain rul-s
tit hj'Kiene: rani' ly, taking plenty n
cmicMk In the iip ii air and numhin
I'M pint: with the w indow a op n and
tuirtaklriK cf soffii l nt ipianiity f nut
ritious foiKl.
In addition to 'Irinkipc milk, a child
of this Be ahould Mit Kr-'n veijcta-
tilt a. once i vri y day. IVopcr fis-linif
ineanx m.h;i. thinif nun i-than iiiantity.
tii'.-au many ariiiha of diet eontain
. hat lire known as .icceHsory fi"id fMi
lora of unknow n hemical enmp"siiiui)
whicli have a mat kid influenic , ri he
Well Im in of the rai e.
t Would advise you to h.Ve yi.iii
hild'a teeth examined. Iie'.iiiw ff
iliiently enlaicel glands f the nit k .vr
tii-th ami inflarKd KW.v.r.
ConlinuoUH from 1:0.1 to
11:011 . in.
Admivibn 10 '.' "0c
due t mati'i inl :ititcrtcd fnun deenved
iH lotcrnatHinal Hm Hrryle 1
IttiSToN. Dec. I tuily I'Jii f.imi
tiea provlih-d for ani'mc thi thn!is; n I
who aeek lum- it the record of luald
Injt necomtiliahmetit for the tin mntha
endins with Qctolier in the f.v if lUia
ton. Thit ia the information fuiiii"hi.i
to Senator CaMer. f the S- tiate nun-niltt-e
(in hixinnic and reitinatriit tion.
i Charlea S. I i.tn.i ll. hi t lei k in
the department of I'UiMiMK S-ptein
Ikt h-d the -t hit im in t ha of the yea."
with wrvcnty-onr fjunliea r..vlii-d for.
Apple at iona of the utst wek rail
for ten three f.iniily huca to rot
tir.00 uii. The permita are tx-inf
hdd up J'e.dinu fuither Invi stit itn.r.
aa to whether Karaite mav la p runt
ted in the autioll.it a of the houaea.
1 THANK you.
Vanjr I die liakJi4
t.srtAVIt:. VTyn. Dw I. SATitttle
at i-kD m Yi re rut rf ttiia on:
Veta Tounc and tr til r
ir-r t ' y tuanied here, makirc th
thu4 mat'-h' tten I He IdV and
ton"! famitWr, thre Uar ts4!rJ
irarrrinc tXr Tounff alateri-
T--ktoam. Va. wh-ie C'aratlia
"rrer-1 n Waahmrt"!. t t
Eases Quickly When You
Apply a Little Mustcrolc
And Mastero4e wool blister like
the old-fash word trustard piaster,
lost spread it oa wi'Ji ror brtgen.
'tt peoetratei to the sore spot w3 a
geaXi Uag'iO, loosens the congestion
ad drsws out tac soreness and pais,
lusterole is a dean, white out
nent evade with c2 of rnostard, It
ia fine for ukk relief from sore
throat bronchitis, tomaitienxxp, stil
aeck. asthma, cetiralgia, headache,
ccftccsTjoB, pleuibjy. rheumatism, hm
bafo, paios and aches of the back or
traaed feet, coUs oo the cites.
Nothing lk Musterole for exoupy chJ
drro. Keep it handy for instant use.
&k and Gjc an; hospual atat J.uu
f , i W N V
A new
-t y lov s rvjM- 5
In a Brand New Comedy
and Her
It's a musical treat from
slart to finish. Don't
mis3 this one.
Picture Program for the
day is
Episode No. 9 and 10
and a two reel Western
Matinee 15-30c
Night 25-50c
With DORIS MAY, who was his co-star
in "23 1-2 Hours leave" and olher
Successes is his leading woman. The story of "The
Jail Bird" is unique, appealing, forceful and thrilling
and has an unusual climax. s
Louie Says:
m w si mm m mm
We suggest as other good merchants, to
be careful in making selections of clothing.
It is a time when there is lots of inferior
merchandise on the market and it pays one
in hand to investigate the best shop when
in pursuit of the highest class.
Suits offered here at a saving of 33 1-3
per cent apply to lines of clothing that hap
pen to be the best among the names that
are to well known,
All lines of furnishing goods and hats are included in the saving, with the
exception of Stetson Hats and Linen Collars.
Phone 881
The Louie
4 OS Polk
J, r.
"1 r.

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