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V I .'
Where Formerly Wagons Could Keep Pace With the Demands
For Freight it is Now Almost Impossible For Freight
Trains to Cope With Situations
When one considers the fact j dovchpmert of this place will
that a few years ago it was 1 come 'he (evelojiment of other
miles between houses and civili-j tracts of 'irgin territory until
zatiun seemed a dim remem-; practically the etitire country w ill
brance and now contemplates ; Ik- one vast fam. It has lieen
the n.anv settlers here it is in-1 said, and truthfully tK. that this
deed remarkable. The supjiosed ; section of the country willevent
ftn at American desert has been;ually lj tie cum crib of the
transformed into the garden i state and U is apt to reach even
of civilization and the end is riot l-eyond 'lifle I -orders. People
- in sight. Formerly a few I who know what b best for them
w;i'or.s coulij keep the t rcight 1
s;t.itio:i a satisfied
basis hut;
!"'er,t time it is next to imjH.S-y..h-
for the freight trains t-
h; ng in the great volume of
'f .i- that isc'.nsv'fvd thisward.
I bU.ck one of tl.o pouts that
: af.ra.-'.ng n;
t e : r.-s.-r.t tim.
1 a:t-nl;on at
and with the
ltt S
1 er
I'm .
0 G
r' WaTO'
I !..'-:. ( A -two
s. ear old
;d Mrs. W.
da vr
l.a vi (!!
at f. r home in
part " I town at
tn. Little Marie
the f. .thwest
'hi -i k, i
w as A most
iK-autiful child, the
id I of the family, and
oe-d .'td to give her up,
it is in
at this
tender age
she was oed bv
all an-J the entire community ex
ten.Ls Hympathy to the U-rcaved
The remains f the little one
wert Sai l to rest in the LublH.k
(Yn.tery at 2:"" Monday even
ing, n the presence f a large
croud of friends and relaties,
aftrr fmeral s'niees. by Lev.
i. ' ertin.
IVe following p'm was writ-tt-r.
handed tons with the
re;. .est that the authors name
be w r.h helil:
fl -..r !virtu ctni.l ..f U'li-U-r jrrv
HI. r-.r of (foidt-i, J.alr,
U it., l...r-t ;il U (!, Sr,
A ri 1 t-ft a tcAiil cl.:r.
A!H-',-n l.r letlr.rf lit tie hftrt. ;
1're (rotn ry cr.
r,n t-iit ltti o:Mi.n tt.ot,
f;i tr.at " nt dan.
Y! fii (t.nitniM ( ratine mitts a.m
..r fiflirik' in I I iM-rr.
A,l t wtd - tiirutj..nif
Tl.t 'A''1" ('ant chair.
Tt.e w tlf-rcil r.e will liluoru at.-a.ii,
lt fravaric till tl. air.
I'.iit ' Marie wia nrrr oti..
j , n . t i.t ai.t cl.Air.
IfrT 1 t trnkft 'al'l away.
IP r i ' I" ' ''' l"
, i t. ;t uui l t he i-ri'i lou one,
T: ' ft '"'' 1 1 '--iir.
Wtrv.t lo n.wt Jnr "ii.' a-il Uy
H ,.i..1 tt.f u:.1 n stair
f ,r - n a4'1' '' 'r"' the tar,
:, 1 ii.r a a ai.t rl.air.
to U
Jjwr was w!i:i iuti had
... i ..,. I Fit. Insurant e
I I'i ....
,.l thit V. nil now an nusinrM
gtne that Injraticr is ;
a -
(S iTiM"!!""! V"
. . .
i pstmn i. what ('. t- put
llemendT webaie th Ut.
. P. Hohhit.a A Co.
Birthday Dinner
(,n Sunday lat Mr. M. J. I
i ! gae a birthday dinner to
Ivjw-aand fnendi at her horn:
. tr city. It was her eightieth
Vh'Jav and th time was aj-'nt i
tntty by ad. Mrs. Acull i
l,ler.d b. arty for her age an 1 ,
lib fair to nee many more rjch
,ftfi"r.a. !
p,.urf our pr prrtT itli ..
V', it X. C anl toi motryn n.
tC.-t.panj Ukr the r,k.
.th S. P.
4 -
are r. ".; inn way ami wrien
the IdC'sh is one
on it wi!
euia ttwlays ot 'he oi
iiMim in
I'.eauaKr-1 fireat is th
sect OlV
!;-eat is the Plains
maf 5
t fie wav
figus th'-re. f.
i , .. Gi('("ry Fin
N. "7 v, :-..! :! . w ho
has tor
a cah
m . r . ' ' i
ik r. ,U
i -
.i.'l ic
of the T
his ll'!
ot 't, ff
...... i
M -
e. t ':- t- 'il.l-ers
.1. P. ll i-a'-l
Tie1 h islM-sS
i at the same
i w !r.ar,:u'' t;:i-r.t
i-rv rtfort to ac-
.v..: J. ii. ; i !'
wi.. I ' ..id .- '.
sta'.i. a: -I ti
ui! p-.t t .ftr.
ci r-.i date the tra
in rverv way
cons slant to successful business
I'ik I. :Ul.v Franklin hat bought
tht restuArmt ml iti.ery of I'ncle
H.l'.v Low, lb will givr you
f-.il. n.enl for tweiitv-fie cent.
1" It
Herrpr T. Wilson
This n'-u-d lecturer will be in
L;blK-k on the night of N'ovem
lT lS5rl ami will deliver his lec
t .re in the First Christian
( hurch. unit r the auspices of
t-us ch irch. Mr. Wilson has a
National reputation as a lecturer
It is nut known at this date the
Hubject ( f the lect.ire. but Same
will Ik announced later, and any
other information will glad.v
furnished, watch and come.
Children Umi.ets tn.i little
bo.v cpt nt Mr. Iluliiie s. C A.
Kait.e Cmiipany More Phone L'.'.T.
1 It
Spreadirg Out
Ireenr.nl Pros., the Cash Cro-
cers, are now in their new store
They are st roadingout and have
I added one f the rnost complete
' storks f f groceries t 1' found
in this part of the country. It is
their intention to keep just
ahed of the times if possible.
Knrniture-nothin but furni
tur. . uee and well Ixtught at
I tli Furniture storr. 1" It
Into New Quarters
The City Meat Market has
mover: into the store formerly
(lecupv.l by Cn nhill Pros, and
isinecrv uav imi. roved and
I. J. u ( base, the t r
savs he intend to make
itone(,f the most attractable
mark -t jn the west l--f..re be
Antthrr half car pianot enroute
Lubli1, Orke. phone U:..
11. Heifrin who fia
m r.'rt Worth and Dallas
buir.w nt t.1,ir Irin
on a
i-inr.i jor s,0 Ja!,t k ,,r g.
returned hom. Saturday even
irg. . i .... .. .
- t - - i
Sork ii lr.greair,j nici ly n
the rw n-n,(.nw ,,f 4-4ij rMrn,
. It f I. ... ... .
v ill I- one ,f t)it, f( !.,!,.,,.;
fc 1
wit,,n a it. j t e n. I h.i
""" l..e ri.) whti roti j ; t
Sad Accident
Prof. (J. N. Atkinson, who In
touching achool at this place, re
ceived a message the latter part
of last week announcing the ac
cidental death of his youngest
brother, KoU-rt, who was a stu
dent at the Purnet High School.
He was playing baseball on the
school ground and got hit on the
head with a pitched ball. Ilobert
was an exemplary young man
and had a host of friends who
are shocked and grieved at his
sudden demise. The Avalanche
joins with the many friends of
Prof. Atkinson in extending con
dolence in this his hour of great
We are expecting northern
farmers wanting luud in quarter
sections, list your ia.id to be sold
Craven & McWhortcr.
J. A. Could of Mollis, Okla..
is here prospecting.
Mrs. I Inline is still offering a
few of tlio.e loi ely auto veils. At
C. A. luti'ie and Company stu.-e.
Phone 2."7. Hit
Henry McAnnally is quite sick
with toncilitis.
All kind-, of mirror.-, large and
small, chcii.v and cheaM-r at the
Kurn. lure More. ' 11
Pat Arnold, of Stanton, spent
.Monday in our city.
The largest line of ait squares
pvrr s!i.;n in Lulilioik, at ti.e
Kurmtiire More. Is It
If you l.:ie a sewing machine
or ..i-ce ot t.iriiil;ir.' m stove mat
lice .-, n.c!..i,.g .I.. nt .'oigi'l
Hur'.s -i: .. ( ' .in y do Hie
Dgt t nt i ig'it prices.
ti :it
1 It
Street Spri' r Working
K. Ci!;!!;.:. ! has started t!
a' 1 1 it is pro it
at h-:
e best
. in
keeping .
an- i
I or :
V es! :a l.ts
! .ck is tn t
to-.v n a
..'. r ! i
.ft o
that v. i;i
r citi.et
f :.l I ltiirt stoves
hill'. li.JM.s Hil'l
1 1 1. Ill g. ). I lis
1 It
s.- VV
Methodist Services
Lev. C. P. Overton will preach
at the Methodist church. Sunday
at 11: o'clock and at 7: and will
use the following subjects:
Sunday morning. "Man a Spirit"
Sunday night. "What I do to te
Lev. Overton is an interesting
talker and you will enjoy his
sermons. Come out and hear
Another half car piano n route
LuMK.k. 'iorke. Phon .')'.:!
1 It
Mrs. Parclay and daughter.
Lilhe. returned from Monahans
and Fl Pas Friday, at which
places they have Uen visiting.
They report an excellent time
while away. While in Fl Paso
they had the pleasure of seeing
the two presidents.
If ro.i want
trade for one
a piano you can
at the Furniture
18 It
John P. Young has opened a
new Tailor Shep on the south
side of the square. He will do a
general tailoring and clothes
cleaning business as will be seen
by his ad w hich apjears in an
other column of this issue of the
KveryUdv make good music
with the Plaver Piano ai the
Furniture store. IS H
C. II. MoD .nald and wife left
Wednesday morning for Dallas.
Ft. Worth and other places in
the central and eastern part of
the state.
If you weri cvit dressed up vou
know what a Worth ,t i. For
ale 0) C. A. Kaini Company.
Phone 'j:.7. 1 It
D. W. Thomas. -f Iincoln Ne
braska, informs us that he will
nml the winter ir Lublrk.
and order the address of his
panr char.gevl to this place. Mr.
Thomaa ow ns considerable prop
erty east of tow n.
ne of lb tiatt liiif of ahoet
you evrr urn at ('. A. Paine IVmi
pat.j. Photie .'.'7. I It
C. I. Wi Ut r arid Arney liar-
rt. are now living at itome in
iUv rHr part f the bud dirg
.k . . .1.- f -
At The Opera House
W. It. Payne, manager of the
Orpheurn House is to be congrat
ulated this week on having that
ever interesting company Angel's
Comedians with him for the week
So tar, they have played to a full
and appreciative house, and for
the remainder of the w eek will
hold the boards at this attractive
play hou.se. Mr. Payne is bend
ing every energy toward furnish
ing the theatre goers with good
companies, and in this company,
he has made an exceptionally
good hit. The play last night
"The Dukes Daughter" was put
on before one of the most appre
ciative audiences that have ever
greeted a company in Lubbock.
Two cars ot new furniture just
unloaded at Robinson's Furniture
store. 1 It
Personnel at Uepot
The following named gentle
men are here in charge of the
freight and passenger depot:
V. L. Ketcham, Agent, L. P.
Kwing, Chief Clerk, P. L. Gas
saway, Ware House Foreman.
K. W. Dulin. Cashier, Jas.
O'Neal, Claim Clerk. N. V.
Iiawls, Assistant Cashier, W. ;.
Sander, Car Clerk, ii. F. Payles-,
Kx press Cashier.
Messrs. Ketcham, O'Neal and
Dulan have their families with
them and are now residents of
the town. There are several
more men who are yet to come
and accept positions at the depot
and when the full crew has been
instilled it will mean quite an
addition to tli" jxip'.iiation, as
regards substantiality. Newt
Judd. son of A. Judd. has also
accepted a position at the depot
land lias his family here. We are
J glad t welcome these pe..p!e
'-'l into our midst and hope they
tin v will ail he pleased Wit !i their i
''''new home As Lubbock is a
,; '' live one they r.re more a: ban apt :
;t feel that life holds no g-reater
pleasure in store fur one than'
; is found l.n tt:e s:.prenie jov of .
dwelling v. ithm the confines
ot !
l.er eticiia:;led d .main.
We note with pleasure that
M. M. Coleman one of Lubbock
iunty's excellent young men
t.u.L- tirct i irr in ihm iri rur
contest of hogs at College Sla-
tion. He made 22." jxiints out of
a irossible'Jod.
F"K Su.K -Comparatively new
leather (! Cart for sale Price
right. See it at IxjIiIxm k Hard
ware arid Furniture Co. 18 Hp
Ceo. Quinn and family of Dal
las arrived this week and will
make Lubbock their future home
We extend a hearty welcome to
these piple, and are sure that
they will never regret moving to
F"K Kknt Two new store
buildings in Abermtthv. Apply at
First National lUnk LuoiMn k,
Texas. 15 if
Dr.. J. W. Hale of Dumas. Tex-
as, sent several days of this
week in town. lr. Hale
considerable property in Lubbock
and was here hiking after same.
W TE! Men U) grub Lx acres
of latid. Apply to I L T. Kimbro,
nt First National Patik. Lubbock,
Texas. ! 4t.
Mrs. C. 1 Hhite arrive in;
Lubbock Tuesday evening and;
joined her husband (J. L. White, i
w ho opened a restaurant in this 1 wash sUmts at trie rurr
place a short time ago. More. "e
Wvmki.-To rent one or two! G. M. " Forster Of Ai
furnished rooms. See me at once spent a day or so inLubb xs sala'
hit U 15 Fwing at DejHit. 1 week. Mr. Forster. wa'
Mrs. G. W. Polan.I and daugh-! way to
terof Weatherford. visitetl in, FuV(1 (,.y,or ,eft JC (jTOCerS wllO al
the city this wek. ! Spur.' at which place
(J. A. Push has leon quite sick j Iard Lumltr
this week. . in a yard. '., 4 -
Wavtkh Place as housekeeper
in fatnilv without children Pox
LubUK-k. lMlp
a o Ober, of Lut'lxx k, i in
F.iiitna on business. Oosby
iwtr Nws- .
FtM The liest Urgain m
city property. ee Tierce isrov
1H 11
M. G. Atiernathy made a busi -
nesstriptn Plain view Wednes -
T.. I.'t vr II. ! Hoi in to
party who will hoard f truly of
awa...... -- ---
two. rliot.e It 3.
Another half ear piat"-a rt, route
LuhUx k. irkf. Phone St'3.
H It
I Mra P. F. Daugherty ta l aut
l'. - !l4.... I. . W ht ai
an a I I. ton lu It to the
That Comes
Everything is being rushed in
the way of deiot buildings etc
preparitory to handling local
freight at this point. The rail
road company is putting in ai
large freight building and the
passenger depot is going to be a
dandy. There is now a full crew
of agents and other men neces
sary to handle the proposition1
and" within the next few days
all will be in shape. Lubbock
will enjoy the fruits of a large
trade territory for some time to
come and the merchants are
preparing for the business that
will come this way by putting
in large stock of goods. Many
new business enterprises have
have been installed in this city
within the past month and from
the enquiries received daily it is
safe to jti-ed'ict that many more
Krnest Witt, of L'mma. was a :
business visitor in Lubbock one;
day this week. i
K. K. Peoples mad" a business
trip no
rth the first part of this
Ii. P. Hall a nephew of
J. K. Hall, is visiting from
Urn. P
Petzcl, cashier of
( l( sbvton State Lank, had bus-'
.mess in Lubtmck luesday. i
W. A. Hamilton of Dallas was
business visitor in our city
J. F. Norileet. of
Texas, sjient Tuesday
b ck.
in Lub-
Another half enr pianos enroute
Luolxuk. (l-Tke. Phone
1 It
IL H. Truman
had business in
of Pallinger.
Lubbock this
K. L. Pyard of Petersburg, 111.
: left for that place this morning
Mr. Pya.d tells us that he wil
move here soon.
j i Harrington of Hale Cen
u,r who has lieen visiting here.
;ef; fur hr.me Thursday morn
I'.nn.ro THnrnt.siin of tli?
Southwestern Pajer Com pan.
l.uv.iv , - -
Dallas, was here doing business
with the Avalanche Thursday. .
All kinds of dinning and ,- roce
ing chmrs, cheap dresrs r
Wm. Haddock i
i"wn f. i .
. w agons v nil iuit
, to make somu i
; the ranch.
! w. i. uZl
1 ranch left Th"
Atx rnathy 4
, will ship $L
, markets.
i c
.u... I aa
I il. l R '
derwi-o-1 if
iKate lor
daughter. . .
ruM irja
Way Many Towns Will Come to Lubbock
Freight as This is the Center of a
Large Territory
will go in soon. There has been
an immense amount of yardage
laid here and at this date they
are well tilled with car loads of
freight. Since the road came in
there has been a rush on to get
goods delivered that had been
held up waiting the rail service.
One lumber yard received ten
cars of lumber in a day this week
and other business concerns have
received freight in almost like
manner. The drays have Itecn
busy and everything pertaining
to business has assumed metrop
olitan proportions of late. Lub
iKick has been receiving a lot of
advertising lately and when the
year is a little futher advanced
we may expect to see a tide of
immigration headed this way that
will surprise the natives.
P.v Miss Milimikd Moore
Phone No. 7.
i Pi iu.iiiKu's Notick - Miss Mildred
Si Mre h.is accepted a position as
s'K-ial editor of the Avalanche and all
t tiNrtainments, parties, receptions,
halls or socials will lie reported hy
Per. Vou will confer a favor on thi
nianagetiient of ttiis paper if you will
r.-port such news Items to tier, that
J'XT "He
George Duck Overton enter
tained his little Kindergarten
friends Saturday afternoon, the
occasion being his fifth birthday.
Haloween decorations were used
lavishly. Over the table was a
big pumpkin and around it small
er pumpkins witches heads with
the lighte i candles in them. On
the table were more pumpkins.
red. black and yollow cats riding
them. A birthday cake with the
hve candles and a witch-cake
with black cats on it. witches
riding brooms to hold the lon
Ix.r.s. and beautiful fruits com
pleted the decorations. The re
freshments were small pumpkin
tarts and a glass of milk, fruit
gelatin and witch cake. Each
child was given a small souvenir
, . . ,
puuipmo on a si ck pin.
"PP' returns of (.eorge Puck s
BxVe regular meeting of the 42
s held a. Mrs. Kirnhna
jra''- Charndng score
SOU H dVen around and af-
alunchwn con.
ripu -I l y ti e l i'.n Mng r i n' n
Con-pur,) .
h it i
p.re t'. M' Gra e
Jo! si

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