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mu W. r, Tli'- Ifnl'u R.it'r.p lift (Yolo ii! t' ! 3 1 r feVI rent ! tmli tit 'J
.l I 1 r I .: . I .:!.... u '. 1 ...
J lj ' in ills i;; r, u;i- iiii-ii.i i'ni
E M . I . . I I ' J 14.. .... 1 1 lit' , , . t i '. .
:;!;fl-:.':. I'. 1'., v.hom I proudly
e . i
u- very ftitii fii-n !..;, Vi-i.,.
!. ra in;"' l.c
pi i : in.
,!;. m !.
Id. a I:'..
Thf C'irercnl Club Is Actively
tator Faulk, of Athp.ns. Addresses Body in a Fe-v Timely
Remarks in Which Oens
1 1 ! i ' 1 1 1 !
will !
i select
' t.i
, .(!. I.
i a'.. . . l '
i i:
( .-!'.:
ill. !!.
th.' :
A '
CI ,'.
t i e
. t ;
! J f : lie
'I f-
i ef hi
f i
'Ttof. Il'.tchki-s and vufe left
Tuesdav njr.ri.in for l.uM-H-k, 1
Texas, where I'rof. llotchkiss i
vn- to take charye of the New !
Kxi-.nnient Station at that 1
"yr the past ears 1 rof.
Iletchkis.x has had chaiye of the
Stati-.n at this plu.'e. and each sons. I he banner join tfie en
ear his ability and worth have! tire town and surrounding coun-U-ei.reali.ed
more and n."fe b try v rer'ttifik' th.- 1-ssofMr.
our o;,;,'. In.lh in and out of ' llotchkiss ar:d his e,H,, lady, to
tow n. He is m.i!et and unas-.tius c.n.i:niMty, and in cotn
humitiK' i" his deportment, but is ' rnendir: them to the pm and
a man that "wears well." He progressive people of FuhUck."
jM.ssesses hik'li wieiiUtic attain-. 1 l.e farm will consist of one
merits in the agricultural and i hundred and sixty acres and noth
horticultural lines and also the I inj will U left undone that w ill
happy faculty of practicability in ! U? necessjiry to make it complete
application. I urin his suj nn-1 in very respect.
Dr. Craven Sells Residence
Dr. J. A. Craven closed a deal
the first of the week in w hich he
sells his reid? pro-rty in
the Overton Addition to Mr.
Kichtesof Tahoka. who will take
possession fcliout the first of Ik-cctnU-r.
Dr. Craven will builJ
(" ia I'nadway projHTty near
,e Sanitarium, and w ill betfin
oon on hifl liuildinjrs. which will
cost probably or more. '
is s,H.ndink- several hundred d-l- Niht watchman
lars in the way of fruit trees an-l Fm, r,.n(K.rt,, tho utTlc va,(1.
shade tm-s. shrublx ry and ten-j a j( assistftrm. jn ,H.atin
ces. hen his new place is com-, j,art jt.jj
pleted it will Ik' one of the
nicest in tow n and w ill U- a koI It is with sadness that we
model f-r others to Kr- hy i"1" chr-nicle the death of Koy I!led
iirovin their places. Dr. Cra- poe, who lived near I'etetsburjr
ven informs the Avalanche that
he and Mrs. Craven will p nd ,
M'veral months in Central, Texas
where he will do some irnmik'ra
tion work, in way of interesting
some of those ieople in this sec
tion of the plains.
Muri'hy Lumber Oi., sold a
bill of lumber this w eek to W. A.
Kutherfonl an.l Kdward Wright
a Knowles, N. M.. 13) miles
west of IuUiock. This is the
w ' trade comes to LublKck and
to thoe who reach out for it.
Era-eu With The Proposition,
Concur. Ev-rybody Busy,
Ir'-i t:
i i.
I... I
I Ii
. C
e f
.- , d
an I -
, rt! :
i i . . I c;, h
! i i'l
. ....I !l t
I . i a S e; . .
:a. i v. -.i ..
e '.atl'!i.
,t seer or a
'e, al.vavs
Km r
U Iiet her Iii'-I'e!y a ;
Seeker of M,i.'.'. !
fnind llotchkiss capaljlc and
wiluiK' to explain oven think'.
H- t,M,k 'r,llt interot in the
success of the fartnern and vrave
lth his know ledi- and titne to
ur various
iH'a! orvrani.ations
of fanners and truckers. In
many other ways he was invalu
able as a citizen. For these rea-
Arrest Bootleggers
Morula nitfht atiout 12 o'chnk,
). 1?. Kelley, nheritr of (larza
county arrived from Post City
and proceeded to hunt up some
parties jrivinjf tlieir names as T.
K. Thackcr and V. G. Alexan
dejon a charge of txntlek'in.
They were easily located in the
Tremont Hotel. They were tak
en in charge and placed in jail
till morning, when they were
irnen a free auto ride back to
,,1Mt r,.v. ih(, f lK H,
w ith his parents Mr. and Mrs.
W. K. Dledsoe. Key was a pnm-1
isinjr youn man and it is indeed
sad to know he is here no more.
His sister, Mrs. John Jones of
this city is real sick at the pres-l
ent. ve extend condolence to i
the ttereaved
relatives and
J. M. Paird of Crosby county
father of Mrs. Covington of this
city, is here thi wet-k. Mr.
Paird has Uen a citizen of Cn
by county over twenty yean.
ii! Hu ;r r :
.' i.. t tii,' -r ? 'tuiit..
') r. 'i (; great v. i i: ;l:rrU"
n,. . ,'t !i mi r-'si-'.-n Trie
'I "!.: i creature boweq in tin'
'I' v.! TV that I-O.l' hi whole
family in nine limes i,v '.f leu.
,11' fti;U!l!,ti.tl Were "ill thf
i blood"--- "Ki!;i'-t." IVvers un
less JH'CO!l'.paMe! lV ("!'' : en US
eruption scarlet fev r, measles
,itil chicken wen- not reck
oned contagious, The tvphoid
patient was never isolated, and
when, as often happened, "the
fever" ran through a fan.ily and
i even a tn'U hI- rhood,
U ; i t t ii.'i f roii! I'.d.
! Ilol r"ji''i -i a fei'h'l'
vas v.
' ,; i uii'.j:ti"n
i-i: v.
!. . ! ,:. v ,. rn-
' ' '.: " he S.V. .
' I i i !'( M e ; , I ', , t he
I : i ! V. ' iii
'et. if. t. h' ' i ' h' ir
1 :r : ...:;d ,'. the :.- . ;..d.
i. i: , i.- th' ! : :' i hi.
,) : ; I hra . e ! ' ' i ' i '
;:. v. :' a .: ' in-'
' n .' ' !. t : -it-
. ;.t. 'he . -.,y.
I", e, . ,,! ' I.' ' ' ' '
- !-' - n
' r 1 : .', r ; " ' ; , i ' i ! .
-." ' ,. ;'!'.. J. . ti.e ''I" ,'.( ,
ha.-., h., n '.ch as a d'-i-i ,. . 1
i or 1 ( 1 i v. :th ch. . rf.,;. . -,
i;i:' fhi'h that theV.ot ld J.'P'V. - ,
better and not worse, withiach
lu'issiny ear.
Since I turned my seventeenth ;
year new inventions and won-j
ilerful discoveries have succee.!-'
ed ore another with dizzvirK,
rapidity, I was but l' when;
the wife if an eminent divine, 1
resident in Baltimore received;
by the hand of her daughter, a
telegram from h(r husbatnl an
nouncitiK' I) is safe arrival in a
distant city. T he dignified gen
tlewoman opened and read the
brief message: "Arrived safe
ly and comfortably last niht; I
am well." Then the signature.
"My child child," said the
mother reproachfully, "this
trick is bad taste, and somewhat
cruel. This is not your father's
She was a woman of unusual
intelligence, but this was the
first ttdejraphic dispatch she had
ever Revn. The G-year-old child
of this generation talks familiar
of the "wireless," and is inter
ested, but in no way amazed, in
hearing the tale of the (J. D.'
flashed through the storm to
ships out of sitfht and hearing
of the foundering craft. Puck's
pledge to "put a jtfrdle mund
the world in forty minutes" is
voted by slangy kcIukiI lioys "a
liack numlN-r" ami his perform
ance of that feat "slow." At
17 1 had never traveled on a
railway train, and electricity
bad never U'en harnessed and
trained to do man's U hest. I
have lived to see. on both sides
,f the sea, that come to iass
v ,ich was soken ly the He-
brew prophet almost three thou
sand years atrone: The chari
ots run like lijrhtnintf." an,j
w na reads now like grim itar
-.m. "They jostle on.n..fh.
er in the streets.
Said a thoughtful and devout
; reader of the signs of the times
to me a few months back: 'This
is the most relizious age the
world has ever seen." I bor
rowed, in replying, two word
I ; ;.' tic; i t;
I ii.tve !
pp j'l lice v
iii. like a ,
lli:n wii'i
! 'o See '"" i.iil
; he iii .; e to'' coming ;
""i', of tin' Spirit "f i
he! I out th" liver-
lasting Aim of Love to t he
(.Teat Muitituii" no man c
number. ;';.'.' r-"l from all Na-;
tions w;i!i r the sun, the "other
sheep. " no! of the liote.e fold,
hut His, and forever. With
every year the party walls of
(lenoniinationalism are lowered,
and brothers in heart and in
aim clasp hands across harriers
that, siynify but little now.
"I have never," writ' s Thor-
( au
II: -r II,
I tl:1.
p!a;e in
. i
1 days
1 are.
e, oi
i 'in.
i.ts i .
i ii r
'. S e 1
it he-
iMe to I
:t th-1
i n we
! I ' l . e
O'! t.
cno I
eer f ''
i'.K yr-
.1' V
ti.at it
I I e
years ripen j
e race it is i
t he experiences o 1 1
getting a tirtoer hold on the
things that (go for the better
ment of mankind. A 'world
movement is a slow movement.
We must strive eternally for the
bet and bide the time for re
s ilts.
Canyon C! ppings
Nov. Z. The weather is still
line and everybody is still break
ing their ground, and it is excel
lent shajM- for breaking.
The people from AcutT put in a
v d day's work on the lower
crossing on the Canyon near town
The farmers are going to Km
ma Thursday w ith the remainder
of their cotton as the L''th is the
limp th.-v r.. y m.r to tr n at
that place this year.
The house was crowded at the
Aiostolic meeting here all last
week, and a large crowd from
town Sunday. The meeting will
continue over next Sunday.
Kveryliody come out to services.
W. T. Haggett hauled a nice
piano out from Lubbock yester
day. Jim Drury is going to live on
the Pyron place next year.
K very body is sneering with a
cold but no sickness is reirted
this week.
Wild Waves.
W. M. Craw ford, left Thurs
day morninir for Plainview. Mr.
.. . a (, i .1..
(.raw font will go ironi uiai iii;iay -
to Kansas City, where he will
lay in a supply of holiday goods.
I Km gal McDonald who IivtS'jK.st 4.lement of the community
near AU-rnathy. is in me i,ui-
l.K-k Sanitar, y cry low with
cancer of the stomach.
C. K. 'Clark, of Shawnee. Ok
lahoma sjK'nt several days in ur
city last wck. returning home
Ollen Tubbs made a
P.ig Springs the latter part of
last week, w ith a load of passen
gers. fl ll .r ,f V'..rl Wnrth. !
a Tiitcr in our U.wn U iWiun-enwiniu, .
wwk 1 If rf centlj returned from extendi visit to their ion, Jo
a vitit to Scotland. ' Rutherford.
Everybody in This Section Should Make it a Point to Come Out And
Hear Him-He Will Have Somethirg Worth While
Don't Miss The Opportunity
(ne of the .burning ri eds o
the h'.ur in this part of the Sta'c
is tar
wno knov
'. 'K.lae ot tii '
'.die' the h,-dl.
sci : t i : i , !c.
ha'.e e.i!i. c 1 t ;
c.-'l I". th : IP
on a
C ( J t
. .Iilih e J.. I i.i
of A ni
ce. ! to
ari ail-
1 1 . has i iee'i :i
In re at,'1, hi !;v.
i dreys
l-' lat i ve to his i xperic -nee
! and s aa-ess in the I"' ins country
Ii',.,, rl ., fartriti i.oii.t of view.
v. hi he i
f th
ni l a
heSt op-
of this
,a.e ( er had ot
in i and outs of the
A It
hoped that
a s a. .
: t'l '
i .t;!y
i a ..i
r of the' op.
re is l;o question
ef this country.
ca iiir
i a s i o n 1 1 ironi iaci
i i?i
te !
,,n t!,e oro-t of ibe'i
to w hat is best, to
when to plant it.
aui a:. i
When one considers the vast
stretches of v irgin soil to be
found in this part of the State
Thanksgiving I Shipping Out Against Sh'ppingln
This issue of the Avalanche! One drawback to a newly de
comes to vou on Thanksgiving. ! veh-ping country is found in the
It is a large paper and is filled j fact that a great deal more has to
with ads and other good things, j i,e shipped in than is shipped out.
The management is thankful for; This no rreat amount of
the many acts of friendship ex
tended by the people and they
have done all in their power to
live up to every obligation.
Thanksgiving is a beautiful
day and it is a sacred time with
every heart that pulsates in
sympathy with the higher order
of life.
This paper stands square with
the world on all questions.for the
common goou anu 11 IS who a
thankful heart that the achieve
ments of the past year have
been made possible through the
conjuration of its friends.
The duties of the weekly pai r
are sacred. It is the messenger
that comes to your home each
week and it should be a true in
dex of conditions and a guide
to letter things.
The publishers of a weekly
paper fall short of their duty if
thev do not fully realize their
1 . . U . 4., ,K wimmtmitr lit
i.i tt - a , to plant crops and raise some
large and the profession is not
advanced bv the labors of such
The publishing of a weekly
pair is a pleasure where it
l.n.i.l i r Vi'ir,.! Villi) lll,tW,
; w liotn it strives io serveann io
Avalanche is proud of the fact
. a I a !i . . 1 m. rtvk,.-v tin,
. mai us irienu me uh
i. u nn imiK.ssibilitv to rlease
" ' , . .
succeeii in pleasing a majoiuj
have done well.
It i3 the duty of all to work
' prcaUr LullUck and Ub
IkCK couniry uuiioK !..
trip toyear and you may dejend that
the Avalanche will do its part.
both fearlessly and well.
C. R. Rutherford and w ife of
furt.'i'.'r fact
best quality
tee.; ; :: O', i,p-
as to the ulti-
;- a:-.,--s of the Plains
ao, s.
( trie t hit'.-, and one thin;: only,
is e--ntial. namely; the fann
ers who have been raised in the
black land P.'it of this State do
ml k'.ow ju.-t how to take ad
vantage of th" situation here.
It requires a liitl'erent mode of
cultivation and the fellow who
point.-, the way will be one of
the in. mortals.
Sri' ntilic farming consists of
a variety of experiments beinj
brought down to a logical basis.
The j pie of Lubbock v ill have
an opjiortunity to hear the
.1 ide on this que.-;i'.a on Thars
d:r. . I)ec"!iiher the se(-oi;d and
!. th.
I come.
Lnbiiock country
. ie
- row bv becoming capable of
j r
developing her farming territory.
I The sooner this is accomplished
the sooner will we forge to the
front as one of the substantial
sections of the great State.
monev circulation at home and
often retard.-, the grow th of the
new .section.
It is very eseriti..! 1 1 ::ave a
basis of exchange and the soornr
the people of the newly H'ttled
secti ns et to this feature of the
proposition the sooner do we find
a healthy growth. In some sec
tions of the Plains it is said that
the people have leen developing
I the country for years and yet
they do not ship anything out.
This is rather discouraging to
ieople who realize the import
ance of the exchange. They say,
"well why' dont you hhip lots of
stuff out of this country, if it is
as good as you say it is?"
Their question is not altogeth
er without reason, either. The
farmers of the plains country
will U? the develoers of the
Plains. We must look to them
and if they can only be induced
, .,,
will sn le an easy matter to
; induce others to come here and
jfi'I up the idle places. Today
dand is needed more badly than
, j. v,.sUniav
Tomorrow it
jt js
to prove the assertion of the
'greatness of this country by
, raising and shipping to the
i markets of the world such things
jas the country is adapted to
I raising. Once this is done we
will see the Plains blossom as
the rose and everything will be
smiling in the gladsome lirht of
prosi,rity. Reverse the order
of things. Ship ojL
I Wt forget to rinjr 2J4 or 14,
nd tdl who ii Tiiitinjr you, or
bo is visiting someone eUe. !
will I appreciated. a'
and cor;.-i 1. rs the
that it is of the
! V

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