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LUBBOCK avalanche:
The Start. Mr. Dalton Will
Negotiations With City 0
Specifications Will
.. i
, 1
; 1
i 14.73J ard l
raf.i Cw'ii
p:m5 W,i! Pay J 70.UC0-
V".iiisori'N, NoeiuUr J'
l"p to this titiip, tli Allien nil
K.vl Crs has sent ?H,Ti'. ! to the
widows and orphans ef the Cherry
rii,ii" MSHsWr in Illinois. I .o
of w hu h 'iriiDuiit ws cofitr; n;ti'd
through the Cheso
s.,1,,,. t!.c i.,iitiT t!i'' K' I 'rss
I, us I nrrH'-l tnat the ;i i -t. - e
corn j ot . ri'-s he t pty oer tu t'.f
l t.tlis, I "'M'li' i H r I M H "l.it ?.''.- t'
into, !,: h Hisses th.' tot .1 prt d h
to t!ii- u i low s und or'',.ns nem i.v
The K I Cmss has viu.t p'.'"
cot.tribuUsi by the New l ork in An.nrilio Mr ll.iiid rei!,ed
branch for the relief of the w,d- that the city w ill welcome an rr -ows
and orphans in A rniern.i Tins t-Tprise of this nature w hu h will
action was taken on rrpresftita- handle tires exchisi ely, and at a
tioiif made by the American am- advai.Uk'uin to anUJists in the
basador at ConsUntinople, Mr. Amanllo country. Mr. P.reen pro
Straui., who itaU'd that there were jses to incoriKjrate the concern
ikiJ widow and orphans at or under the law of Teias, and
t.eir Adana made detitulc by
the massacres which took place
there some months aj:o.
T. K. Keith, prosecuting attor
ney of Stevens county. stpp'd
oerin Amarillo for a few nun-
utes yesterday on his way home
from Luhlmck where he has N-en
attending court. Mr. Keith is an
old nsidenter of the Panhandle.
and was in Amarillo fifty- re
carsatr when the clos-st j h .st -
office was Taseosa. Amarillo
Ihtily NVws.
. .
Mrs. Js. i . Pean of Weather-
ford, who has U-en isiting her
da ihtt r. Mrs. K. Carter the
jiiist month or so. left for her
home Wednesday morning. She
w as arcompaniitl an far as Atna-
ri'lo ly Mrs. Carter' daughter.
MissOuida. who mil visit Me-
ii,..-a Ijiv and Fmnks.
1 he business men on the north
ide .f the S'l iare east of the
M ltl
ive bad a temporary
It from the imt of-
, haw
kidt'Wblk bill
f.ee buildifig to the Fair. T' 'Nnakir.g arratigemefit t' tnoie.th same nljfht. Urdey Carter
b. lps considerably, but it'"
i tithing like a cement si'
Here Net We.? to EnW I
1 fi c ' i ' s . Wi""t Plans and
t S ib-;, tVd.
." j i . 1
i i
a : : 7 n tikl huL'SE
rr,.. , l1'" r S'-'S Gn:v.
'os j t fs A,to S-..pp'y
L rp.
AriiHriho, the ct.v of countless
H itoiuot. ill's, proliuMy will soon j forth many romj.'.imentry C"tn-
I- the hmi.e of n lurf nuto tiro j rnents ami was well attended,
ho, is.-. .rr:irnr'iii',nts arc r.ow urn The play that will he put on t -
d''r w Ioo'kii to th- rstiihlish- j r.iht is entitled "Lena Iiivers. "
no nt of an - hisi el.v a.ito t.rcl'lhis is one of the most noted
ho ;m for this :ty. .1. .1. I'iri'i'n of !
I ' 'liMT. a in tn of w
reputation j
i t ie oa-j
mi Ctv is
in tli.s
t! .Mof
.lis P"l'
th:i th. i
i ii'ii I pot m w ,
si 1 to ,i ii,, ilt t'u
and I, us w r.tten to
i.i" M.issii- for t
the feasibility of vich a
1, !'oss
doubtless local capital will enter;i,jven tjl. t,remium
the house. Amarillo laily News, j
ikKA,t ftrir. R,n;,t'u !
K. Ieon Palton has returned
from a visit w Lubbock, Texas.
He says that this town of more
than il.'t people is k'rowirtf
rapidly and that it is tecum imr a
place of treat importance in the
West. It is on the line of the
anta Ke cut oil and on the main
brain h of of the I Ira .us. The river
is to U used as a uurface waUr
kJppIy. for the town is already
outtrow.ru: its artesian supply
lliecounlro around, in hub
buck and adjoining cojrities, ',jorj
I alton mj . is rii h and cry pro-j
ductile. It is ettl.r.g rapidly
with ..p!e from North Trias ' in their new quarters in the new
an i ' llioiii and from the Midi Mercantile building. They rmw
J West lulla Ne. jhavernore rHm for their stufT
and the public will receive ierv
" l- 'linps lerenuyo,
iMan. ;it now of Lutd k, '
passed through Spur last win kj
-n his way to Kotan. Mr. j
I'hiHii has a drug business l-th furJ ma-le a buinea run to Lub-;
in LuhU k and Kotan. He isihutk Tuesday nitbl. rrluriurgl
jj.it family to T x ,
Tvso of T ii o AliWman Handed in
Thr Resignations Othors
Will be Elected
last !ii''
the fit v ',
w .;' the alderman
I'ct v. o i et iring I'iHr
A. I: ;sh uii'l Sam ('. ."
; ... s we i. f n !'.-r-t a i!
H ..ml to
ii i . i' away, a: n! i. i ;..- 1 1 i.
''inplating spendm t l.e w
nter awav from
the of -
in. i'
would not he h re lo hol
dee anl do it justm
An election has !--ri ord red
t l-e holi! on the (ilii of Pecem -
h.T tod -cl in.-n to fill the uncx-
niivd terms of these gentlemen.
ortant that we y d in
n;c men to ink the
tlie:-" men win have
:i .
in I!
.' I i '.'
, an'
hi ir
r t: i
I i i . '
: I:.
.!. it m
.', i a
: ! i). ? 1
;U.. I
i ' a 1 1 1 !
t :
1 1."
' t !e
fi i '. i r
"S.l':;-. 'I ofj
a ! ! !( ;.r; e
a It
to a iar,
iiiihera'e. 1 1
Im'v'ht was, "In the Shadow o
; the (willows," this !ay (ir. w
pla s that is tmlav put until-
play Imard and wi.l no ilnuht he
itru'ssed ! or.- of the larm-t
a idler. i'es that l.iis greeted t : .
, to lorH'.e a'plascrs this si :ts,,n.
l ils of t'OO'is
IU,i 1. McKm-1 W. H. M. Notes
-.r op ;.ion on, S,.xt Tucs Ihv at o.clo.-W m-
IsteHvl of J the . II. M. Sotie'V'
II . . . I I. I
win ineei ai mi ciiurcn. ;
i - -i - i - . - I I.. !
I or me oeiit'l.'l OI n in-nri uie: i
fund a liok'-kilhiiir time is planned
for thn holiday. China pik'S
lanks, have been distributed to
te filled or fattened by the holi
days. The slaughtering time will
come and the fattest pijf will le
l,moJittelj after the Home
mission meeting next Tue.vlay a
Foreign Siciety will le ortnied.
A splendid !arj;e ixn has Uvn
packed and sent to the Pallas Re
scue Home.
Mrs. D;ggs Dead
The death Angel hasaam visit
ed our fair city and claimed as its
victim this time Mrs. hitfirs vhe
died Wednesday morninc and was
, buried Thurvlay. The Avalanche
Ui Urotv .
led relatives an I bid them to ltxik
' in niir I i ir, I v t'tl,T fur mm
,. ... j
The Hunt drocerv ( o.. are r.ow
rlse att ntion in their new pjar
tem. Attorne Metcalfe and Crm
l I
UV them oie r it
by IWity Ne
! PctortVg f armer to Plant 50
ir. 1910 Vhort
Ot Se d.
S i:n I'-
i, ir :' i r ' A ii-
.1 ! Ill' .', til s-
!, , i i;;-. ii. t jit
u. iii i !i I.-. !. I,v :i' ! s
! i 'f i."l if M r.
i . 1'fin !iialniirt,
bur-. !. i,
of I'l l.,:.:,
';; '"
1'' 1 -'
V I ,o i- in- !,ri , !. (!. eilg'lge I III ! Il"
tin.otli !' j 'i I '.. nt'ss bi'fore illii
ktiOWs ililt h i,il).)'ll wlii'll he
! "i.dei t'ii,'N t" p' nit ihis j r ! i t h I I t
ciiiji on tli'1 p! tins. Kxp 'I'ii'iK.-pil
. i i . t
; runners inn hit conum- id mm
: broom !' th" l-hi'm htis l-,,
i.'W"'ei"d in ' "-sty
tint the
' phi'iis :,I1S '"Vl
1 1 1 ; 1 1 : r s - of dollars
l ! 1 1 1 i.i'iicnte M r. J'er-
!i';rt ru'i' to the
! i r Til'
'II ( i ll'II (
' I i I '
'. II I:
. , , I '
1: !(
M I , ' l
. ii r iii
II' is
'i no
i ! '.
n -
0 1'
.!' Ill'i- (.! C"
' Info'-. W l!
;..-t. ii !...
i', M! '! ffolll .1
i 1 ' i:m:,'.-'
1 1 '
" . ..
..' t;, :; :; fl'io'jr.
ho I t n'fii.t ;i
: : ! ' t
s . ; .
r '
I ' V
JJ o
I :r
I I I'- Oi l
Ml'1.! I" f
Cm? Pest OTce Robhed
Last Sunday rihr. while the
(leni.eis of the little village,
Cone, in the north part of the
county, were in peaceful slumler
some one entered the jiost office
and helped himself to of
I'ncle Sam's money. Early Mon
day morning II. II. Travis con
veyed Attorney W. K. Cranfonl
and sheritf ( ). Ii. ll".v to Cone in
his car, and th. , made investiga
tion as l'St ti'ey could, hut ar
'iveil at no (n.-.v as to who swiped
:lie money. It is believed, from
.vhat can he seen of the circuni--tances.
that the party who p-t
the money, knew just where it
was, and how to rct lit it. There
was some small change and some
.stamps that were left unmolested
the roblicr evidently lreinr sharp
enough to know letter than to
take away anything that would
give cause for suspicion in the
future. C. Littlefield. the rost
master, says he has no idea who
the miscreant could have been.
And he may never know. Cros
by County News.
An Injunction Fi led.
T. (J. Ilarkey who was putting
in a telephone eichange at Spur
for the Luzon Telephone Company
was stopped in his work Monday
by the tiling of an injunction
against this company putting in
an exchange, the right being re
served by the townsitc company
for the Southwestern Telephone
Company. The Luzon Telephone!
Company, represented by Attor-
neys L. W. Palton and It. (t.
arw'u k went before the district
court which is in session at Mala-
dor arid tiled a motion to desolie
, . . ... ,
me injunction, on which iiiouuu
the court will
I HH-eudier 1 1th.
give a. tearing
M. H. Wils-m and daughter.
Mis Willie, of LuhUxk City,
came in Friday at noon and will
visit relative in our city lftre
going on to Santa Anna. Lallm-
r,.r IS ,,.r
John W illard and wife returnM
tl i wr k frviiu an extended trip
into KansM and other irt north.
As Never Before, Prospects are Bright Indeed And The Tide
Of Imniigrat o'i That Is Headed This Way Bids
Fa:r To Outstrip Former Years.
The I'lair.s -iint ry cannot ho
aiimh'il to ;n ;i v "fi.'T v:iy
the:- .lays ('Mvfl th- h'oo:..:. ..
1 hi ! r.. I v.;1.- . ;n l'i- 1' '.-e-
a.:.' I .;: iro ). e;o'', ! ' : . : r
i.f ;t r.. .. h.-!i- :;::it ' :i
t-n- il.-e!'. !.;e!,t. thfl! I-' i.!-
. . ' ,. .
I'r.iil. r , i h -f If' ''I ''' olJlinii', it
sla:ri ! t ! unar. nation.
. , ...
The ,,,,,,,,, .rlH,.,!,n;r est.
This may soun-l hke m, apl.onMn
hut to those v. ho are here, it is
''t'I'U' truth
Whi'iit iat i av comes, ami
, .
cotr.i' it s:,re v v. i. . that the
...... ,,,
State V.!M iKi'i to ;i.f 1 aill.S t"l'
its f. . it is then that the hill-
I,i S . 1 ! ! i e 1 ' I'o !; ; ScS ( d t .. IS Sec-
1 .
. .
,ii tl,
o! I. If Ci'i (!:.
j r'-em:m i;t
ah.ail of th"
-ta'.es i:i
. , '.
ar.d Texa.; "v.ill lead nil other
states in point of greatness with
t .i it : t f , ' I , ' i 1 . ' t i .1 it -i t Tsi i irs
Amarillo Team Does Initiatory
i Work. Large Attendance
i Was Present.
I As was announced in hist issue
jof this paper, the Klks establish
ed a new h-dge, at I'lainview
last .Monday. The Amarillo
' team did the Initiatory work.
About forty lining in attendance
from that city alone.
The people- of I'lainview had
made much preliminary arrange
ments for the occasion and were
j in got id shape to entertain the
.guests who assembled there
from many of the different
south I'lains towns and a large
crowd was present to witness
the work put on.
It was an occasion not often'
witnessed in the western part
of the state and I'lainview is to'
be congratulated on having the
The Amarillo Daily Panhandle
has the following to say about
their team: '
'The Amarillo lodge has been
active in the installation of the
order in several cities. Dalhart,
being the last to Ie set in order, 1
followed by the work of today. I
A feast of good things is ar
ranged for the Amarillo party
and other visitors, and it is
stated that this will Ik a leading
feature of the day.
The Avalanche wishes to cor
rect a statement with regard to
the sickness of Puncan McPon
aldw hois sick at the Lublock
Infirmery. According to the ar
ticle alluded to he is suffering
from ullcerated stomach instead ;
of cancer. The Avalanche is al
waya willing and ready to correct
all errors anil is sorry for the
aforesaid mistake. We boje to
aoon hear of the full recovery of
Mr. McPmald.
We are glaJ U learn that little
FJ!ert Veoo who waa rejortrd
to le tpnte ill Tuesday, ia tery
much improve!.
the m areh of time,
T'.- r' h tod.tv one .,f the most
. , , (. ,( s (. (.cI,.(J
'.- : hofe ... t.'.is
IT. !: ; -! e J;:jV l'V;,ir to
. . . .
.if -I ; , : i . v of a Ine-
v, i. ,! ,i . I'. si iTfci.eS o;
, L.I.
vi !'.!. t - ;o" -i' a rio;n' that
. . i . 1 .
i tr.ev ii:i,--!it tran.-'', se-t into
I, ' ... , ,
heantih;! aMi pi'oo a:tie farms.
. r j!t , js ((. th i;lin;aU.
i!(.;nv )f th(.S). w,.v r,,ins. aM
!fW VV.tks VV(, h;U(. ha,, su;!i.
.,., n , .. - ., .
cient ra.infail to inure a season
.. ,
in vroiirvl lor months.
, i . i u
1 hos" who nave i.Ianted small
. ,, . .
'j'riiin, are r nn m. in clover.
' .,, ,. , ,, . ,
J ii" call oi t he , est is in the
a:r. It is ;i coi ,a,w n. itati'iri
hii.-e-l on 'M- :i ';);i-r! .ir.ihes.
The hloornir', In on. int.- v. est
w 'ants yu. !' yo 1
;ee i tne
'- t f:i-'v f':ii i-i-
r. ss and success.
City Council Decides on Width
Of Sidewalks 14 Feet
on Square
In conversation with one of the
councilmen Wednesday he in
formed us that the city had de
cided on the width of the side
walks in Lubbock as follows:
On the sijrare ami om? hloek
out f :';:! the voiare th" s.d'. alks
are lo be .''o.i-tceri Jeet V, i le. In
the rod'h-nce section of ,iu. city,
four foot and ti.o c;t!) line ten
Tm .-e :ire r ice n g..!ations and
whim the si lewalk craze rets a
good start in Lubbock the town
will show up to a good a ivantage
On with the goo. I work.
Contractor Makes Report
J. S. Wilks. a Santa Fe con
tractor of Sweetwater who spent
yesterday in Abilene on business
left on the first afternoon train
for his home. Mr. Wilks is in
charge of the grading work on
the 6ixty fourth mile out of
I'rownwood. He reports that
work on his division i practically
completed and that all along the
line of the Texico-Coleman cut
ofT work is progressing with ut
most celerity. He estimates that
within the next ninety days thp
grade will be completed from
Coleman to Sweetwater.
Work is now progressing rapid
ly on a strip west to Caprock.
skirting the plains. Within fif
teen days Mr. Wilks estimat'
that his contract with the Sar
Fe will be completed. Abi!
Paily Kejir.rler.
Howard County Shrinks
As the result of a survey re
ccntly made, 30 square miles ol
territory has U-en taken fron
How ard county and Ih'g Spring I
is now the capital of iy,30 ft-r
tile acres leas. The land. If
iontrovery was awarded t
Martin county. 1-x .spnrp
Kr.terj'ri. "

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