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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, December 09, 1909, Image 1

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vniUMt x.
WIIIIAM:,' JUHY HANdS j 1 HACK I -A 1M1 MAC, HI Nl lllll
.1 1 1 ( li"!...i i'i
Out Won' H'.vi
I In- N ... I
W'n I V, ,
V v.
I i.
1, I' M'
i lit H on i s Hue
, Hi
I . r i -
The Machinery To Arrive Within Ten Days And The Building Will
Be Completed Within Twenty Days. Building is 76
By 120 Feet, One Story.
The Lublmck !( and Light
iinnany arc
will let
the place, whore they
th.' "light sliiru'."
Their building is nearly com
pleted ami they expect the ma-chim-ry
to arrive within tm
ilav s. This is ore of tlie most
s'iltantiai ire an. I light plants
in the West. They an
ied at lift v th'.usam
capital- j
dollars. I
.I V SUl'Srnleil
and paid in.
Tms 'm MintluT evidence of the
fiit'.ire gn atrie.ss of thi-i city.
The ' d. -s have Im'.ti n'I ami
must "f th- wiring dure. In
some places the linemen are
.still at work. but by the time
the machinery is installed all
the preliminary work will he fin
ished. It is the intention i f th" (
u have the iign-s in
th- first of th" v ear.
,l' of the ::nd 1.
I,. '
ifv is wer;t -si x !! 1
,.(.. bv one hundred a'.
. !,-..! ,,., ,. It has a - -
! i'1
IT. t.
)! .T !-.ld 1 S M:"
. high,
i hav
!," vault is twentv b
.-. in d;m'"!s!..r:S and vv
ereas. Prof. W. S. llotcli
atter a taithf.d service of
v years amongst us, lias chosen
to seer his connection wnn ine
'TV,. or. K oeri mcnt Station and
i ,j .nil. Mihi.ruHiiili'. nnl
Cits I hi.l". n lu. "t'o i
Whereas we realize his invalu
able worth to this community.
..,th as Superintendent of the
l".-Timer;t Station and ns a pro
gressive, enterprising and ac-
.mdatir.g citi..'ti. v,e. cniens
f Troni. i,r,d s ;rround:r.g :,oun-
trs. h.
i r T i '. s
'. !'. -w i'
lev' .
i :
: i
i ,
k.ss. a C"!., t ir
, i
, aimer f.T p -h. a-.. a- d ;i' "pv
sect to the l...b!---k A v a::-' 1 t-e:
l:es.,U.-,l Is'. '1 l.at in t:.e de
parture of Pr t. W. S. H
the Tm-ip Pm 1
.a l.st an aiM- and n."
t Mill-
.' Supi-nntendent.
2nd. That the Troup country
. . . . . ...!!..:
i:n ost one oj 1!H imi, noi.-i.
f.t,.l n...t nccumixl.itinv' citizens.
... . x -
Itrd. That we d.-ely regret his
departure from our midst
It h. That we heartily C'.mmen.
hitn and has estimable lady to the
1 p.H,ple of the I,u!.-K COlin-
1 ht'ir new tc 'ir.e.
Signed b M. M. Joir.er. C. A.
mr ar.d over a hun.tre.l otner
i . ....
sineSS li:i!l a'l'l (...l.er.s.
Jjn or B. Y. P. U. ?rvrw
Sunday ! ' C 1.
i ripture
( I ,t.i ! t!
of I:im i
life I'Vd
i H
n ,s M.lli r.
i : ,.1 snares
M'. cl
Ihivid and
poll cad.
( 'oiled i'-n.
I iismissal.
leader !
, ie Johns, n.
Senior Leap-? Program
Topic Prnggmg and Pravirg,
Talk on Pra-r Mr. Keif. r.
p..int m the Pfurie's.
Praver P.n. Hard).
Th. publican'a Prayer Mrt.
Voh.i tary Praver led hv Mr.
C. C pod
L ii l.-r Mim Mi e N'ot toti.
J. K. M.;-e n tonus
a capacity sufficient for all trade
for some time to come. The
machinery for the making of ice
will he installed hy the fifteenth
of March and will therefore bo
ready for the summ'.'- demands
for this commodity. The Ice
and Light plant is sit.iated just
east ot th" railroad true-; oil east
first street north. It iseonven-
ient ly . .cated and vv ill loom
nic-'lv from that end of
street. 'lite a hunch of local
capi'al has heen invested i.n this
p.arit and it speaks well for the
enterprise of the home pepl...
Th" manufacture of ice in
I.l.hhock Vll he a great conven
ience to the people li ing in the
towns ad.,acent to this city. We
have a g I ". :t:.mg territory
al wii
IS one
a: ' 'ci hen- tor
n..i e and add to
r a'tfactions of!', r-
iii.l.l shipments to
I Cor-s,l'er t !o
It i- e.'l.-v' to see
thai t
r ...
. 'f iHiileS Weil.
I ... .in . k 's ei fer
i r t t ) Sa'ety
( 'hristitias tim
Now th;
near at hand, at
also comes the
d w ith its arrival
fire cracker, the
Pornan can.hc and the sky rocket
It lehooes us to use every pre-
ossihle to prevent fire
in the I'usiness part of town.
Po.vs will ( boys and sometimes
they get excited and do things
that th-y would not do under or
dinary crcumstances. The shoot-
M.g of
dleS. I
''I'I'' -.
ir'i' i' .
ire crackers, homan can
c. is an rxceedinglv dan-
tt.mg on the square or
business );,, ; s. and es-
u I i :e the 'a n is hunt
.st et w ;th wooden
.'s. We thm. th.-n. 1 1 .at
It M
i. a' .
a I ;
a i'
a-.h w :t hi n
e s.p.are.
'A ' ' .
M n..:
J 'l v i
.ch safer and
1 Mi I. L'sVl'S I ,f
bar th
f tf.e ( hrist!
i as
Gern-a'ie to the Suhjcct
,1.1 i. ;a ..-,,., f .1 ..
u.iiiir n i .u ntlill' i ' "i i . .
uvr. better things of the cif
les. It sf.e holies lor success.
II she hoes lor
she must pay close heed to the
things that cunt for all time to
cme. Most cities have mad"
the mistake of U-ing lax in the
matter of details. When they
haw built, it has !-en along too
narrow hnes. ('jty Iciilding is
one of the dithcutt tasks. It
sh"!.d l' done by bp.ad gauged
fellow. 'lie httle narrow
minded man has no pl.u-.' a-non
l it . builders. His see',' of vis
ion is t "' narrow for the j(.p.
P'H.k Weil to the future i f Pub
K.rh. h'. b illdmg W isel , . I'll'
phv i s..; hv of this wiil be Very
T;..t ic ai ,. in future vears.
e-i it the imp-curi;..us.
Spread out.
Mov" Yard ti Bror:, 1
We l. arn that the I m.b r yard
recent, v established at (i"!ie.
I., tl ..' 1.. V I I ,.,.,l. f.
has Us ri nmvol to Pp, w nh-l.l '
an. i win ih- c-.niiucie.
f..,l -.i i -.'
place from now mi. The move
whs made during last week. Mr.
Plane, manager of the janl at
this place r turned M..ndav tioi'i
Pr-.w r f. eld w hre ht had N-eti
I.K.kir g after the exchnnge.
Mr. Par kst .n ii' il fami'y have
moved t.i i, L a.ighn'a place
lw r.tv
mile northwest of Ltd.
P. k.
j . . imriofi i i r.ii'U"ii.
. ,.. .... ., .i i ...
i tt . .. i
The ( ase of the state of Texas
vs. .h.lm W illiams in vv hich Hie
defendant stood char"! d hy in
da tmeiit with the killing of .lohn
I;. Armstrong, foreman of the
'M I " ranch, resulted in a hung
jurv at Canyon .City Thursday
night in the Forty-seventh dis
trict court. It is understood that
the jury stood nine for conviction
and three for acquittal.
This casejis one of the.most in
tensely interesting ever tried in
the Forty seventh judicial dis
trict. John Armstrong was one
of the lest known and most pop
ular stockmen in the Panhandle
country. He was shot to death
NovemU-r 17. 11 S. in the pres
ence of a large number of stock
men h S .lohn and Poby illiams.
brothers, were arrested soon af
ter the killing arid taken to Far
well and later transferred to the
jail at Hereford. Later the case
"was brought to Canyon City on a
change of venue. The trial that
has now resulted in a hung jury
continued for more- llum a week,
and was atteaded by prominent
cattlemen from various portions
of the Panhandle country.
Prominent attorneys were en
gaged for both the prosecution
;u.d the defense, and the tight
from a legal standpoint was little
short of picturesque. Kverv inch
f the ground was fought oyer
hv b-.th sides of the contest. The
i,ry has been out for more than
fei-t.v -eiht hours v. hen i. port of
hopeless disagreement v.a-. made
, the court. I his -"iwe'l to
. if,r.t a'.H-tit a reN-a : ' the
Ulids of the ( i i! t.
'1 1," huryv of tin- f-o j". in this
v. as one
the ;!...! -
tl. e
ir.tr i
c:; ' ' -rs
ever i'i ivefe.'. I11 .'
, ij-tiotl of the state.
ery grade of l.omi. ; :
I in the evidenct. V
i r-
The case has U-en trans
to Amanllo, and wdl like!,
to t rial earlv in the ses-
i at
place. The cas- will U- hotlycou
tested on Ix.th sides to the ti'.al
wind up and there is much spec
ulation as to the final outcome ..
the case.
Card of Tha-ks
We desire to thar.k the good
people who so kindly aided us m
this, the saddest hour of our lives
It is imposMble to t.nd wor:-
ade.ua!e to epr.- . our gra',-
tude for the kit',d"esS .shown ;r 1
assistance ivmh -.-.j durim,' '
i'i'il ess
:!".' vv i fi-
I del,
p.-pecialiv do '.vi w ish to that
Mes lames 1 av i-. 1 ,sey. .1 .-hi -and
daughters f r their untirr .'
eifofts in our behalt. also Mrs.
Overton, lr. (iarland. and m
fact, everyone wiio helped us i .
any way. Surely dod will bless
everyone of vou for having ti e
spirit of the ("i.Hid Samaritan.
.las. Ihggs,
Mrs. Ihggs.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henson.
Duncan Mc Pona'd Dead
The death angel again visit. :
..i.r U-autiful city last Wedr.es
dav evening and claimed as its
victim. Mr. Ihmcan Mcli-.nall.
Mr. Mcltonald was at the L ib
m, 'k Sanitarium under treatment
f..r ullcerated stomach and al
v as done fur him that nn-la al
skill could do. His remains were
laid to rest in the Lubliock cetne
ter Tliursday afteni'Mn at two
u'cio. k. ariud a h.-st of sorrow
ing relatives and friends. !
these InTeaved olies th.e Aval.m-
'.Ters -i.nd.
.1. M. and Fl. c Patt.-n. arrived
W Itll t heir st"Ck, household goo. ! J
and implements Wedmsdav
morning in Lubliock and.I. ft that
evening f-T Yonkum count v.
when- thev had !-'".ht land.
Messrs Patt.-n hail hen
Ltath county.
W. ( . Harford of AruiT, was
la the city Wrdnesd.tv .traln g
with our men bants. dole h.T.'
hei tllisl o-i the Avali! i h at. I
rdrns las i aine placed u: '"',, 0 have U en i isit.ng here
- -
I W. F,.ss. of Mierma i. wa
n- tf.e l ist
.urn .
of the weik
. i. it o .i . f..'..i.ki.. i
i.. ii. ,M"i!,i, in .siij.iir, imu .
i ..,.,...rl...r.. M....I
I ruck lav in,: n : line
! . o 1 1 1 ' I hi . ' ' v. eeks
v eii from I his line to
ago w iis iii
the Plainv lew and I 'lov dada line,
is again lu re. The machine and
crew came down Wednesday
ninht in charge of l)r. Patterson,
Mr. Hurley having charge of the
men. At the time when this
machine left here the company
was out of heavy steel, but since
then they have received many
car loads and unloaded them
here in their yards, and now
that the machine has lieen
brought hack, it will take up the
work where they left it and push
it rapidly forward. At that time
they w( re about five miles out
southeast of town. The machine
which lays about three miles per
day on an av erage will soon close
the gap up. which lies between
us and the caprock.
It is very evident that flit
Santa Fe people are more anx
ious to see this line completeu
than any of theii lines whin,
they are n.r.v building, and why
not'.' They are opening up some
of the richest country to !
found in the state, and the traf
fic they .Mil handle from here to
the so'.n heast. will fully repay
them fo; every effort put forth.
II. K. Fin ley and Miss
Heed were uni'ed in mar
it the home of the bride's
s vesterdav morning at
Pi ;v. A. C. .Miller oinciat
Tt e bride w ho is well
. and greatly admired
ing. 'I
it Luhbock ami sur
co mtrv, is the daugh-
t M r
and Mr-.
1. P.
lar '
lace. ;lair.
The gr
wed. ill
a few
m i ;i po;
n an of this
, as a uuiet
relative.- being present. Many
handsome and useful presents
were received. Mr. and Mrs.
FinVy left on the morning train
for California, where they will
remain until .January 1st. after
which time, they will lie at home
to their many friends here. The
Avalanche extends hearty con
gratulations. Several couples of young peo-
t.le met at Mr.
Sanders, last e
ami Mrs. an
venmg and pr
to the home of
d. The surprised
leeded then
Miss Perie I
; 'tiple gave
, -me and i:
andson ...
ft-.-r ai .-;t
:,e par' v ri
..r's w nm e
em a cordial wel--.
thank.; for the
presents eceied.
an ho.i'-'s soa.urn.
t-:rned t" Mrs. Sau
s. ,.!" time was s; :e:.t
-1 1 1 1
a:.d card, n
I nose vv !.o co-nposei! il.-- i arty
ere : Me-. lames Loyalty. Par
! ruiy. Slaton. Will Sanders. Po
ls.. y. Porter, and peak ley. Miss
es' Wilkerson. Pose v. Overstreet.
i.Mav. Parclay and Patterson,
j Messrs Tutnlin. Swift, Pierce.
I Murphy. Poston and Pohbins.
J Home Mission Tea
j The ladies of the Woman's
I Home. Mission S iety of the
i Methodist church will serve tea
jand light refreshments at the
i h une of Mrs. T. T. Price, tomor-
low Fndav from 1 :o' to Ph A
' -i i.i.
Ireewhl Itennj win oe laM-n
! r the U'netit of the Home Mis
sion work. l..n't forvtet the time
the place ar.d the offering.
I'.irds are
istd.ng of
out H'-nouwing the
Miss Miule Lilhau
ter of Mrs Lo use
I .rv i.i, ia iv'l
lv in. to Mr. drt i.v l eosti r,
I .ceiidxT, - Jn i. at . ifht o'chck.
Hi the P.aptist t him h in the i ;ty
,.( I!.'- Avaltn.iie
t ikes t in
T.v t,'n f.ti
. ls!is' for this ( .Hiple wot Ms
prosps-tty ari l liHpp.n.-ss mjI'I.iii.-.
C. C. Pevnol lsand family wh"
liv- twelve miles northwest of
town, lift Wedmsdav morning
for dimer to spend the hoiidav s
Mr. Penfm, asibstantial far
mer of the eastern pat of the
c-ountv was in LublxKk Wedne-
F. A. Key n I '' While-
for the past w...di or o, left for
! iheir hum W e.'.ne Uv timrn ng
i V I. i'.-.l ,!
.xunro. .. '"
j Pu ree of l.vnn county ha iledoiit
I umiU r from hen- last week.
... , . i v
W F. Stins ,n. if 1 i Ttale, IS .
I he lieu
VV llicll
Future Development is Bright And It is Taking More Substantial
Shape Each Day. Lubbock Will Have Three Main
Line Roads and Possible More.
Th? daw n of a new era for j is stirring thing's up. and here
this section of the state has so '"" art
far,..Kar,,,,l ,h, i, i. n ltS
beclouded with uncertainty. j uf the times forecast. Can you
Lubbock is on the map and not see a greater Lubbock? Is
her shadow will never grow the picture not pleasing to the
Mess. She heant me can mr a;eye:
greater commerce and paid heed j There was a time when people
to the call. I did not appreciate the promises
During the entire history of of the Plains country. They
the Plains country there never ( passed it up with a shrug of the
has been the amount of activity ; shoulder and a wise look. That
in railway building as is going ; day is history. The really wise
on at the present and every road ones have profited by their fore
leads to Lubbock. This may sight. The seemingly wise ones
sound a bit far-fetched, but it is lust the golden moments. Kail
nevertheless a fact. The Voa- road building is likened unto a
kum interests are looking this ; game of checkers. The player
way and they embrace the r ns-
co "and K'xk Island systems, j
iM . iii ... ...a i .M ;i. I ; e, ,r 1
i ne aai hsuui i i..i.ii.- ouu.i..,
toward the Plains, and it is
backed by some of the most
widely experienced railroad men
of the da. The Alius mad has
secured a new lease of life and
ir is headed toward Lubbock and
.'in toward Oislahomii
The Acme. (Juanah and Pacific
Penney in Kansas
P. P IViiiiP.v of Luljlxiek Tex.,
ifei.ernliv stiows up on these arils
i.out this time in the late fall.
This week lie had in 11 carloads
of cattle. Mr. Penney has been
located m Lubbock county IT
jcars, and lias taken up farming
a little along wiih lh' rest of the
settlers who came in. At the time
he went there land was very cheap.
He managed to secure some uf it
iheii, iiii'l now owns -J,."7o a. res
"L'liiu m i le Tcx-ii.s iiiori money
the past l'1 . ears in m the cattle "
!, said. ""VN ' had a Utile dry spell
tins .vi iw . w hii'li ci. I -i ops an.!
p-ed s!ioi t in spurs, nut i inns some
i - mi sl.tr led rass. an. I e
nr.. i, oa a I I i .ml :."i;a 1 I"' "
i a .o-l mat i ..(.i.ir.v is mat
I aVC so 1 i 1 1 i . ll iei' toil e
iiia.o- o..l Willi less l.'i'-l tnti.i Ihe
farmers and caule o tiers in
Norihern sialcs. lt.it a good di-ai
ot forage feel whs raised. I he
nl....o i .-lds Hie iiriulil an l irrcen
nit over tlie eouiitry. Il sounds a
litlle strange to the average lex-
. . i . II.
an lo lalK ai.Mul wneai ueius. in:
never got fully accusUunt .1 to Uiai,
although wheal raising is necjin
ing very general im. Il is m
. i .......... ... i.v i,.u I in
,.r..T i.it'Ms jrt' hi hit lu i i v ...
n... .... r.a..,,. ,.f ii. i-ri Hi
Hit; iriuiiu iu.i.i... - j
success ti nt is U-ing ai'n.ned in ad the attending teachers were
farming in the Panhandle country, present as guests; including other
We will show the fanners of this t-eop!e to the total numU-r of
country in a few more years what thirty-five. Several select piano
we can do. We are new al it Solos were given; songs were
now, out w hen we get into the rendered with violin accompani
woik proi-crlv e will m ike M.me mer.t. some varnes were played
,r,is that will he worth talking during the evening. Dainty re-
dhoiit - I hovers 1 1 legiatli.
.1. F. Paeon who lives in the
Ai-u'l comir.unity, was in town
edr esday. W hile in town Mr.
Paeon cahed at the Avalanche
olhce and run his subscription up
another vear U'sides sending the
imlit.ai-'r to.J. W. Pacci ..f Callio.
.. K. Cauthen formerly of
Plainv lew. is now h-cated in Pub
Lh K'k . Mr. Cauthen represents
the Plain. view N .rs. ry.
.lack Alley uf Iahoka. I a-se I
through I,..hloc W ed..,s.uy
inormng enioute to l'u. i.n. arri,
N. M , en a I.i.ku.. s trip
Miss I la' tie Met lee will dine
home from Peln.ont College to
91-mI the holidays with P r par
ents. Judge Mcii.i atid W lie.
Kcihe Stallit gs was in Mon
day f ft4 r Mpphcs for the Spade
It. I Tid b4 n.a
l.-a trip to
who gets the most kings usually
wins the game. (In this same
1 .,. u.. i ,. i i . ...i .
- - - - ' I V I'HillV
basis the Lubbock country is a
winner for the reason she is iust
now attracting the attention of
the '"kings" of finance.
Keep awake to the situation.
Railroads are building and Lub
bock is tlie centre of rest" t day
attractions, for the lords of the
In Terry County
l- r..:n the II. r;il.l
The Mc-Adams Lumber Co., af
ter due consideration has decided
that they can best serve the peo
ple of Terry county, at Provvn
tield. Therefore they are moving
their stock from (Jomez to Provvn
field. K. M. Clayton, and several
Kansas cattle buyers, left Tues
day morning in a wagon for V oa
kum and ( lames counties.
F. S. Custis returnt d Thursday
from a two wet ks vacati
Luhbock. '.V here tie had bei
u to
i v is-
Itil.e- frie . 1-v
Co . , . .
I.e. i.
ihh ;
by I,
s w a- ci.o'
Is Wei (. t.
!i .Was s,
..1 li.. .: . ;
i to Luhiiock
ii'.ti l.'l Miss
1 ...s.y t m 'U;j ii
:'. sly hurt
ni a h rse.
.e ci i:
a a:.i
n p r
g i r
Vuak um
tleS thiS
fi II in
.i nm a
as any-
their c
n ; .
flake I. ll ii
lerr- c
I It lie View
Ir. and Mrs. M. T. (.'riflin were
hosts at an au revoir party last
Friday everumr. that dav"beimr
- . ---
the last of the institute. N'earlv
f reshnients
w ere s. rved at 111
o'clock, after wha h some of the
g'.ests t.rt
, 'ii. M in u -pan loineir
,.....).. . . .i
respei tive l.on
The t. aci.ers
thetnsi ies as
t:terta:r.mer t
e.:r,ez. :.: d I
ture field nr-.
them fi. n .
aga:t: expressec
' -lighted with the
rec. i i id while in
. ;-d that the fu
:ni r institute for
. M.nsol 1 in i.mcar n, N,
M., L'l.i.i'i, m 1', ka for
lli- pll-l lo i r Hire.- weeks pass
i''I ll.rn::;1! LulCiiu t.. i,cvlaj
Hurling on hit vt a V I otne.
M. II. Clar k, r pre-er.tir.g the
Texas U.l C..n pariv, was in LuL
lK k W edr es,;tv in the intcr.st
of that c rr pariv .
.1. 1 .sh kr d wdr left on
d i s l.iy ii.orinj;-. train for
Alat-aina Mheic ihry will male an
rili'i, ir l v i.t
W. M. Wood of Swee twater.
wu lien- the J,rt of the wm k.
Va! M.ll.-r. of Flamview, wn
h n
h.me thi week fp'tn M thne
uH-ki i:t t' LI I'm .
I." lil U'l 111 Ik i II i W IV III ttl I llli ' -i MaiP'l i'i i ' . ft
I ,IUk dav M . wu here MordM).
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