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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, August 24, 1911, Image 10

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on your land and Id us tin the test, Couitious iieatment to nil! y J,oJ -
MniHM J 1 1
'Miilll MMtf.
I Mic n M 7
Pierce Bros. Realty Oompany,
. . i
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III i V i"it
.1 I l
OonfiUM Cannot .c Curnl
fif I - tl tH' MttM -. fit Id .' ' ' ' ' ' "
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Oil lf -III..-. ftll I (I'tl t M l I'''
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Im if t m r 'iit nixl ird
In t iit hi it tjte
I. tl!ttf lll t- .... I i. P M ntt.p ..--
1 hit r ijin ! I it in rth h'n i i""niia
ll , n In '1 t nTi ini'lill"! I'" Mi'im'H aurlnti
We IHic M Ir.il . H I. f nt.V cm' m
ii-,ni ttv riii"n tti.i (Hi' tntt lie mrvti
j I- I 4 III NM t luliiio. t
phi- 1U1I I 4H.ii I'tili f.-f f 4RtUMllUL
- I',, --.mill. Hi ( Hi. t
.inn i i h in. ',.! i
The l'anhandle riuml.injr and
Heating Company anil the Lub
bock Sheet Metal Works have
been consolidated, and the firm
name will here after be the Lub
bock Sheet Metal and Plumbing
Company, with J. M. Clancy as
manager. The place of business
has been moved from the J no.
C. Cowart old stand to the first
building north of the opera
house, and the new manage
ment asks that the public give
them a share of their trade in
the future, assuring the verv
best of service in every department.
You'll knowrext week. 7 It
i r -.
Miss Annie McCarthy, of Den
ison, Texas is viiiting Miss Sue
he n .you
' uirtl your
ay liuiiifwan!
Hlmrring 6c Mullen's
Phone 5
n n n
A Bronm Coin M.irkct
Muring tin- ;it wirk tlii'iv
lias been a numl'i r if our liirtu
fru calli' I at cur ullioi' and 1 1 1 : I
inijiiirv abi'iit lh" lr mi mm
market in Lubburk. It mthih
that they hav quite a quantity
of the straw from their crop
this year, and they are now get
ting interested in a market for
the produce. We rather thir.k
that Lubbock must get in line
and that right away. The peo
ple who have labored in order to
raise a crop of this kind should
find a ready market for it. If
there is not a buyer here for
this kind of crop we suggest that
some of our grain ami commis
sion dealers get in line with the
factories, and 6ecure quotations
for shipment to them. The
farmers and those who are try
ing to raise crops of all kinds
should be protected in their in
terests and they are looking to
the town people for that protec
tion. Lets get busy.
Pews for Baptist Church
The Baptist people of this city
take great pride in their church
in as far as they are able, and as
!a result they have completely
I renovated the inside of the
building re-papered, and painted
jit and added a large number of
new factory made seats, which
'adds greatly to the pppearance
1 of the interior of the building as
! well as the comforts of the con
gregation. I i
J nu'll know n-xt week. 7 It
well am law
first class wirti
To the public innl in iinnv
lriiMnU: After Mrllm; my inter
est in the Lubbock Iron Wniks
and in retiring as it's general
manager, more than two years
ago, 1 have been constantly urged
to re-enter the blacksmith busi
ness. St, after Jte considera
tion. 1 am agjmlin business,
together with k. A. Hopper and
(). M. I'uull. botli of wjirt'in are
orally Jmnwn us
men. '
We havf boiiurnt the .1. H.
Martin and Coyipany shop on
South Singer afreet and will con
duct the business to the best of
our ability and all business en
trusted to us will have our most
prompt attention.
Thanking my old friends and
customers for past favors to me
and asKing your future business j
I promise fair treatment to all.
Yours for business, 1
John McClung, wife and ch i 1 - j
dren, brother of Mrs. T. C.
(Jreenhill, of Jones county, are
visiting here this week. Mrs.
McClung is a sister of Mr. T. C.
(Jreenhill. They have spent the
latter part of the week with .1.
L. McClung. east of Lubbock.
J. T. Hullock this week sold
his home place in tht Overton
addition to J. A. Wilson. Mr.
Hullock will build another resi
dence in the near future.
' Jim Kowen. of Plains, was
(here this week purchasing sup
plies from our merchants.
I K. 1. Wall and bonds l lt
'l 'lodada la-t I r f.i ni
Plamview and Lubbock. They
'intend to iif for n week nr
i more at these point before re
turning to (heir iioine at Knox
City. - Fhydada Hesperian.
j K. Caiter, president of the
I Lubbock Mercantile Company,
returned by way of this place
today, lie stopped over a day
and was joined here by his wife,
Who has been visiting Mrs. I'red
Spikes. Kloydada I lesperian.
tl Klock Your Mat i
Clean anc
Wc MJfiU krfl of work I
AI.o the better kkfth of TnllodiiK fr l.nitic? nml
The LtiolQfKTaihir Shop
West Hrondway
Phone 5
! The Car That You Need !
fTAVI; tmi-m in stock
Our repair demirfmAntives satisfaction
to those wluKnave drippled" cars and we
have whatyou aiHi fittings, casings,
tuhes, oils and gaf. : : : : :
The Cass Auto Co.
i.umocK, TI-XAS
LJo mo nci t -it you l. no
uy find tHfit you nro
not pnyiriK more than t Hfictul NvAorl n of finy firtlelo
Our pricesnre based on nctunl unluea nnd we hnler fine llnlHif KrocorieH nnH nickel ijoociM for your choosing
Come and see what we hne, get prices nnd be ccfi)Jinced tltff we enn unit you nt nil tinies. IMione 2Li-l. : :
Long BrofhejslCompany j
J. P. Lewis, of Kintf New
Mexico, was here the first of
this week transacting business,
and was a pleasant caller at this
office, and advanced his date on
our subscription list.
FVrfi-rt Cuiin " 1im Kquil'mnt
Short M i -f Spt-ciHlty
ViCANT . fSM;) S R Kit
Evry ConvfliienPH tl th- tra1. Polite
Attention. Virrli liwi Throughout
North Sale Sijuart - I.ul.lwx'k. TfXk?
I. C. I'.urt?es8 and family, of
Arkansas, arrived here the first
i of this week, on a visit to rel
atives here and at Lrownfield.
1 Mrs. Burgess is a sister of Mes-
, dames' W. 15. Downing and W.
1 W. Royalty of this place and a
daughter f Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
'May, of Iirowntield. Thev are
at the latter place visiting this
j G. R Morris and wife of Hal
las, are here this week visiting
Mrs. C. W. Hall.
Capital Stock, $10,000
Make Complete Abstracts of the town of Lubbock
and Hockley, Cochran and
Lubbock Counties '
Encouraging Cotton Crop
! Kepnrts which comr- from
I Wichita county on the cotton
.crop are encouraging and it is
I believed that, notwithstanding
jthe drouth, which prevailed
over all sections of the stain for
so long, that this county will
(produce as many bales of cotton
as in In 1110 there were
I eleven thousand bales and the
crop this year is expected to
equai if not exceed, that of last
. The cotton crop of Texas is the
'almost sure and seldom failing
friend of the farmer and the
fleecy staple has no partiality
for any one section of the State,
but flourishes dually well in
every section of Texas.
Mrs. I B. Simmons nnd little
daughter left last evening for a
short visit with friends in Lub
bock. Plain view N'.
A. J. Davis, was here the first
of the week looking after busi
ness, and buving supplies from
our merchants.
In Lynn County
f he Lubbock heet Metal and Plumbing Work are now ready to handle
any and 1 lines of titlark and plumbing.
.Mr. J. M. Clancy, the manager of hi- firm. NrfhAd twenty years experience a a plumher anJ
steam fitter and he tomes to the tnto n w ?h the ver het recommendations. : :
i:eryjobabM.luttlvRu.irantecJ. HirirrniLr nHriully f urn Ivhed on all ork. iiie us a trial.
I t''nine'IJri
Next to l.ubhock Iron Work. Lubbock Tea
An obi fashoned camp meeting
will U- held by the HolineS ih-o-ple
in the K. S. Hamlete pasture
'2 miles east ot Meadow, com
mencing Friday night before the
fourth Sunday in August. Kev.
'Kt of Lublxx-k will do the
preaching. Kvery one is invited
to attend.
The Tahoka delegates to the
South l'lains Haptmt Association
which convened in Lubtck
Thursday afternoon, left on yes
terdays morning train nd will
arrive in time to attend th?
opening session. The party was
composed of Miss Lueila Lowe.
,Mrs. li. L. Shook and Mrs. J. li.
Honea. Kev. H. S. Hatchett. of
Iynn. was also of the party.
Mrs. Ilonea is to make a sicul
! report on "Woman's Work in the
j Church."
I In response to a petition sign
'edby 1J3 qualified voters and
presented August 14th, County
I Judge, C. W. I'erryman, on the
! 17th day of August granted the
i petition and ordered the election
I to l held in the court house in
Tahoka. Thursday, the 7th day
of S'pun.U'r. to determine
whether or not the citizens want
to incorporate the town of Taho
ka. M.trrud while seated in their
bm'k'.v. by J. N. I'.Monl Ksq.,
at his residrcH August ith 111 1.
Mr. William rat'rsn nd Miss
Minno Itiewer. Miss I'.rewer i
the eldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. I". I. Klewer of Joe 1 '..111 V
comjnur.itv. hile Mr. I'a'ti.nis
a prosperous ouri fanner of
I )awson county.
Says Million Bales Lost
Atlanta. Ia.. Aug. 1'.. A loss
of over l.ooo.ixNi bales of cotton
was ra ised by a week of hot and
dry days this month, is the news
which Charles S. P.arrett. pres
ident of the Farmers' I'nion.
brings back to Atlanta with him
after a trip which has kept him
'on the road since July Dur-i
' ing that time he has gone lack
and forth across the cotton tdt
several times, and he has made
personal investigations in addi-
tion to reports which he has re-
Mr. liarrett points out that!
jthe cotton crop is made during i
August and that while the crop
lis being made the weather con- i
jditions must l ideal in order for
expectations to te fully realized.
(Instead of the ideal weather,
i there was alut a week of in
tensely hot and dry days, and
I this is w here. Itarrett says, over
! 1.000.UOU bales were kwt. Speak
! ing of his trip. Barrett said he
had received assurance from
every section of the State, from
I Hoards of Trade. Farmers. Fi
nanciers and others, that the
crop would le held. j
! i
Miss Willie Cowan, who has
U-en sending several weeks,
with her parents in Colorado.
Texas, returned the latter part
of last week, and will re-organize
her music class in a fw wee ks.
T. S. Kucker is ruling alut
oer town and making quick le
Ineries in a brand new wagon.
,Mr. Mucker puts on quite a
sporty appearance in his new rig.
J. M. Turner, of near AUt
riathy. was in the city the first
of this week. Mr. Turner is
running a broom factory on a
mall scale, on his farm, and
has tieen supplying the mer
chants in the towns of this sec
tion of the l'lains. and nas made
a great success of the matter in
a small way. I'p to last year
there had lm no interest taken
in the production of this crop in
this section of the I'iair.a. but
there iM'ems to f an increasing
interest in its growth at this
time, and there will likelv be
some great developments in this
line of farming in the future.
Mrs. Fred Anderson, of Lub
bock, is here visiting friends
while Fred winds up his business
a Hairs at Lurlxck preparatory
to moving to Trinsd. Colorado.
Abilene fleportiT.
Mrs. J. B. Mobley returned
last ffk from an extended visit
'with relatives In Washington,
Virginia and other points in the
far east.
Mrs. Walter Royalty returned
Mondav afternoon from a tw
weeks visit to her jiarents in
Horn -To Dr. and Mrs. (). F.
Peehler, on the IMinst an eight
lund lxy baby.
I meet ujTtfrjhvw and
taggag vAitr YnrMer to
a n v trt U citv. 1' jyiness
photir Ll'r; Uei.lj !!.. p. '
WF WANT Mil I FT MAI7F IAFFIP Or In Fact Anything That The Farmer Raises
It is cur aim to pay the highest possible price foralt farra4roducKrir' we propose to handle all linen. When you have anything to sell
Kee us. When you are in the market for a buy e woAUT also jfest that you get our prices and examine the quality of the goods we
handle. Come to see us. You are welcome. Our aimli.vJnelp ihose who are in line with the development of the South l'lains and the
interests of all are mutual.
Phone 319
OMPANY Phone 319

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