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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, December 07, 1911, Image 1

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1 id K ;K. . VA LA NCI U
A o
l U n BOCK ttlHHOOK COUNTY, HXAS, I Ml) HStAV , if (if M M M ?, I'
.u iium u nvruiMNM KWH
I U J II W in Ullinv'i vi
Would Have Hon. W. R. Smith Our Present Congressman, to Intro
duce a Bill Embracing This Plan-Believes His Plan is Much
Better Than That Offered in Recent Proposed Methods
We have the following article'
ilr i W Overton, of !
Sweetwater, which we take
pleasure in publishing that our :
-.... I. .ra 1,13V L'.'t his vil'WS of the.
siuation, and his remedy.
IK w rites n follows:
Sweet watt r.'I e
( ',..Verii"l" Colquitt.
Ci.mmis-u-t.i-r, K"
K l:t..rs.
I t. Worth K.i"rd.
I.u'.h"ck Aval.mei
N'ov.JI. l'.ill.
.tweet w at. r I i t r
Y.. r earnest en-h aV 'I'.
..I.'.. . it, and praise W'.rtl V
.ntiot.s to rai-- i ne pr i i
ntluii. cha! et.e. .!'.. CM
-He the i.nuuallhed
. ., -.f .1 it; ii.ri Mn,nt
'. n.,:
,,!, ai Texas and Southern, is.
' .it all fair minded people ev. ry
where. The cotton raiser i
e.r..und between the upper and
nether mill st. ties of the cotton
spinner m d m-cessi? v. until there
is no longer r om for argument,
and matd..K.d e W'TS and bK's
for mercy.
The world needs all the colp.fi
we CHfi r:o
spie.t.ers. ' '
Hut the cotton
f i , r- . . (i
fro' iimli'M li' il
huh wa
ih.v. . i i :
in i i.-rs. li-o k. il.'
..Ts o .,
t,. ;.rd taKii.'.il-
i ... i
van'a.- "f t ---rf.it
tie p. m . r cot t ,!i raise r,
. .
p. .n il
c..tt.i. l' "
. , a n tne I '
a lii!.r w
, i;t;s
o.,r e .oi,
ai i hi
V.ce'.t s el
e tl
. -1 ...... .... ( v .-v ilt .Nf-V 'I I
ii s
lill" I'.
have availed n.luht. i".;r plan
t reduce the production oniy
plac.-s a premium on distionestv .
for he who curtails his ai t.-av.
and by means of a hh.-rt iT"P in
crease the price of cotton, re
ceives less than he who promises
to plant less and plants mole. I
therefore. iliM'lanmnn all hope
of Hicial reward, and with an
I'Ve MnKie ouij i" i'w....v p.
.,'T. r von a solution.
and leg of
v ... ti it vou will lend to plan
thence of your,
the mighty in
gat names, assuring uu u.v
my plan will make twelve cent
. I .
cotton a reality, merru,
. . . L .... I. t . .
... . i th.. uth and
ing prosperity to tlu Nw n. ana
atmg m mis
country of ours
u !irrsoeniv
tuch as was never know n
. : ..... ki
mv man is puiiimv inn. ' i
stamp tax of five cent per hund quiry. but it rcjuired arsof
on middlmK cotton old at less patient toil and unremitting
than twelve cents a iound. other energy before the great discovery
Krade to pay a five cent tax at a , was complete, and in all the full
proportionate price, a man will ness of ita sublimity startled the
not buy cotton at nine cent ; philosophical world. So I have
w hen he knows a surcharge of studied this question. My plan
five cenU will be made for;i:
.stamps, making fourteen cents, j "No sapling chance shown at
he had rather pay twelve cents
' '. . X-
and avoid the mamp tax. .v
of courae. the enemy of the
farmer says. "Hut the farmer
paystheUi." Now sir. no such
thing, every country where there
i...tmn ui. the law savs.
' The seller shall affix stamps on '
invoice", but the seller alwaysjas I am. my cause is so junt, my
charges them to the purchaser, plan is so simple, that I can de-
In Mexico, for example, there is
a stamp tax of three cents for.
... ..Il.ra . .r frmTii.n .
rvery nw
thereof, on all invoices over ,
twenty dollars an invoice always I
- - - -
and invariably reads:
LIN) kilos cotton at 2" cents kilo,
."! i. ,'!n
here is no mercantile or in-1 '
dutrial es'.al.lishmet t
in 1 1 1 ,
w hole of that repui
charges tlie stat! j .s
iha.s.T, eeli tli'.'.i
. it,
h:.t that
the u r
the law
sas. ,Th.
st. imps. "
.r sdaii a':: in-'
tiimp taxes ha e al-
Wa. heell U U ' 'l . 1. 1 f 111 llii
co.ji.trv. P. cause the tax was i
r t paid by the puri'La-ei , but
III tl.lS case million of people ' ,
will enthusiastically advocate tl.i
tax and poj.,,,1 is vox d.-i. ; cati-.n. ii:a. curate. I by u pji
Yoti may sav the S'.'.thern Con-. tl.-men intri-d.ice a bill the next
pressmen are in t he minority and ( '..tivre-;s, carry ink' this plan in
cannot pa-s the law. I say, nn'tn etf.ct. 1'ersonallv, I would
k'feat victory was e. r won with-,
out a struk'krle. 1 lit Kansiis ,y Hon. W. 11. Smith, trie anie
farmer knows that if we must and brilliant representative of
lse money raising cotton that ' tin's district. If the bill fails
we will raise corn, w heat, oats, j to 'pass, then we will let one,
potatoes and hay arid fatten' of the congressmen at larre
cattle, and that under such en- j fruin the State of Texas be t.om
htior:s t.e cannot sell Ins surplus , mated on this platform and.
pro.jucts. th.-rt f.-re, he w ill help j have him make his campaign on
us pass a law to this elfect. the'
U Jt'.mol.ile manulacturers of
jl(.trot Jvri((W howthev soldaut..-
I. lies to pr
I the v isi..n
s 1 1 tous Kansas,
of a prosperous
. .. 1 ...U.l I.. I 1 1 ... r try
.i.-.io n'iii.'i on.oi iu uirinaii iii-
creased out put. a Detroit of a
million p..p-i'atioo, and he would
-i.i I. i
see truii h.i .uiv-nikTan voted i..r a
stamp tax of live cents a (mimd
on a. I cotton s .,d tor less than
twelve cents, so with I'ennsylva-
her Kre.it t. el industries, ,
ti .. I., o,. ...u I... .i i-
. ii, i iv imiiii. i.-. hi nofuu
e. I in the South where labor is
reouitted at a hvinv wae would
Vote f.
r our stamp tax u nve
1 "... ..ill.....
.... ,
coiiou oii ioi leas il, ail mi'H
.. r lis. tn I ..... . I . .. ...
cents per pound."
This is not a party ipucstion,
destroy our Southland, and grass
will grow in the streets of 1'itts-
i iii.til li t
nunc anu ..eu.ienem. nn u.rus
will bui d nest in the skv scrap-1
r ." .-1, .A i - ....
niui. iurv ou
The Creat Isaac Newton nevpr
me t rtat Isaac Newton never
leaje(i to his conclusions regard-
. ... - ... .
inir in law it irravit&tinn tiv
ing me law oi gravitation oy
simply obsemng the fall of an
im.i ousiring wit lau man
apple, the apples fall suggested
the thought and amused the in-
i.it uiuunia sou an.u.vu mc in
Bentade. blooming in summer, in
. - ....... .L ..(MUWiUX) syndicate to hold otTi
wmier w uur, u n me prouuci
'of midnight oil. it ha. been
I. boriou.ly prtjared. I have
studied every objection anj
stand ready to defend it in the
newsnaiKT form or on the hust-!'1
ings. I feel that, poor advocate I
fend it against any and all assail-.
Thiltn ninnr itii' "If1
' -
Ihs South cannot produce ciUton
at prrsmt prices, why do aey
tiiiil milins. tlir cuIImii r j i is
wile wiiiis plain I'filifM at lii'
ti nts it y it nl; i i r w id' puts
"ii Mlk h'.si' at live dollars pe
Mill-, t
Ihi' cotton raisers wear
',.,.tion dockim? worth "two
'pair for a uiirtcr;" tin- cotton
spinners wife has a secretary, a
continue In .(ilil It M
WIT is IliM; Ml. Cotton
l it, your will ili"'s in
conk a hairdresser, ami a cham- jng occupied by the 1 hotnas
her maiil, tin cotton raisers wife Tank - Cornico Works, together
is wash-w oman, cook ami milk-1 with all its contents, w as de
maiil; the cotton ("pinners wife ! stroyed by fire. The flames were
rides in an automobile, the cot-; discovered and the alarm turned
ton raisers wife rides in a farm
wagon; the cotton spinnets wife
has a check lxok. the farmers
wife takes eggs and butter to!
market to help pay the grocery !
bill; the cotton spinners wifej
lives in luxury, the cotton rais-'
ers wife does the chores and ;
helps her husband make both I
ends meet.
.... .1 1..
M,H,eve.Kenuenn-n assure,
... i ... tlw. ,lntv of the North
the slaves it is
ur .hit v to emancipate th
: t f '
(hriL'l.t.TS of the cotton rais
e's. I personally am pv. el Ies
b'..t I liave si.esteil to y on the
plan, u ith o'ir inlhience v.e can
cl.ai.ire coi.diti-.t.s in this country
;;t . procure for e.-ry tarnu .
t ,e,ve cent.-, f.-r . i v pour.d of
tto'l l.e raise-..
Now let tii' siioLO'-t that one
of o,.r t. resent con:ressiiien.
b.icked b a campaign
f edu-
like to have the bill introduce.
this measure. We will tunl our
leader. ve want no iomii.i.
has-he.-ti. no ex-thrs or that, but
a man
Iresh In.m the people, a ,
f sterling integrity, of
u!.w i rv ii patriotism, martyr
faith, and un.piest loi.at I. vo-
ti ni t . t he cause that we advo-
. Tl . 1 .. 1 .. i l ..t-i.. It
c.tie. i ne i.-.eiei m -. .
we want a newspaper man,
Clarence ( uiey w ill till the hih.
If we want a banker. Thomas
Trammel 1 or h L. Slaton, ot
I ,,i.l.....L r.. .o::J to the ocra-
i.uui" . w . . -
w.uii u 1,.,,U,UhI.i.
,.l .. . .i I
A. 1'.. Koberts-.n of Slat.-n is our
t, l
man. n we war.in u'-o"'. '"- .
U' T.,,- ,L.,,r t that we
. u . . i ...
I....... .1 r r....ni'i v u, n rr ill
iallv. the eiual of any man in
nmv a man. o.'.."j
'the State of Texas, who would
fill the office with credit and
honor, and lead our cause to a
glorious victory, his name is Ir. ;
. . ....
honor, and lead our cause to a
- fct (,(m
('" v .-'.
(ientlemen. I have .lone my.u,r" - -
, . 'the case it U-hooves us to patro-
r1 1 "--"kk-bivu i ....-.. ,
..,. i,.. ,k .. ti..m 1
ju ' - "'" '" "iT .i rii u .
W ""'. Kve this plan to the Texas enterprises thrive we
... .. , i the communty - the state-profit
I associated press, call a great con- .
natc hit .wnn m u.-. n..... ,
vention to meet at fort Worth.
Dallas, or Sweetwater, advist Texas today produces one-hitn , jue entirely to the jK.ncy or me - .
other states to do likewise, and of the world's supply of cotton. administration of Gov. Campbell. ' K- aicve perlormed the cere
let us use all honest and hon-, yet Texas has to purchase prac ' who used the Waters-Pierce Oil mony ,R m usual impressive
orable means to emancipate the tically all their cotton gtxls Company's fine to pay the ex- mannt"r-
southern cotton raiser by mak- from Knglandand New Kngland. I pt-nses of the State government These ,Ae are not very ex
ing twelve cent ctton a reality. This is an economic error. If not amj t0 enable himself to reduce tensively known in this part of
now and for ever more. ' righted, it may. in future, de- the tax rate t-eyond what was re- the country, but the few that do
Yours for Twelve Cent C.tU.n. velop into a financial tragedy. j,luired to meet the State's ex-( known them recommend them
JniivW (hiKTdN ! .. . i, ITS". !,: ,wnditures. very highly as good citizens and
- - ... - - i
lx. ine scheme lor a
k .-a m i M m
, ' . T . . , .
! h market 2.0.H).(H) bales is not
j half a9 a W Plan- m
plan will hold otr of the market.
at U'8t "HUiUbalei. therefore
l lca"1 thrw tirm' f'i
ecl1 ve
John W. Ovmo.n.
H. T. Johnson, of Canyon, was
here the latter part of last week.
i Una ui.rui4jn. Up tanks trust r.e re -
moved his subscription data tp eently V ld and dtlivrrisj lot rv-,"'
'on our list year in ad V. 1 1 ton rtMi.
ol AtCN
I hdin.is t link ,iinl (Inrnu n V or1 S
l'rstii')i'1 by fire 30th
Loss 11,1)00
The Sl.it. .nite gives the follow-
ing account of lire in thai ina
last week:
"K.ulv last evening the build-
in at about C:W o'clock, but the
fire had gained such headway
that it was impossible to check j
it or to save any of the contents j
of the building. j
"The building was owned by C.
j. Thomas, pioprietor of the!
Thomas Tank & Cornice Works,
he having recently purchased;
same from W. W. ( ompton. the
I I . . 1 ..."111.... .....1 ,.,,r,tntw id
,,o,simouM. H,K - - '
estimate! at near !?l.OO0, which,
we understand, was partiaiiy
com r- d by in.virance. Mr.
Th. mas war- away lY'"n home at
the in...- of tiie tire, having h ft
only a sici t vvhi.e before for Lui
I .. ck.
"The oi iin of the tile is un
Ixi, o vi.. h..t it i .supposed t . have
caul.t from spontaneous com
bustion. "That portion of the city has
l.eeii vt-rv unfortunate of late in
irmiur iiivs this beirar the sec-
on. I .lisasier tnai u mis s,ioei-i
within a period of two months,
the former tire bavin originated
.., i i . .j: .l
... i :. 1 V .... .
in the Nat'-n journal onae mi
destroying it and two other build-
in's. It is fortunate, however.
that the wind was not blowing
hard on either occasion, for had
It l'en. other buildings in the
vicinity would likely have been
destroyed also.
... , .
ia ... Tii h.: ii ot an
. . l t -
movement in.u i..t.i i"i .
its ob.ect the con
-..it- I ... .ot fi',,.n l. le
( ap-
, , .
'l.sts w ho have been crs
inn the proposition of financing
the project were here recently.
They were m. t by the m .st in-il-inecial
husm-ss m-n of the
city in the rooms of the Com
mercial Club, w h. r-' the proposi
tion was iliscus--d. M'-rvan
Jones, a promir.ent railr- ad
l.uilder of Ab.lene. was very
interested in the ,r 'post u
ma. il
line arid ctiset
, .
1 t i en u it Ii :
I omuiu l' '" 1 .
tit i .-us ..-jt over
' "
of the State
for the Mi rih.se ot inv es...i.mg
and industrial conditions.
What's the use of bu..ing
goods made out of the state
K-e v,
iust as we pur-
jum. a.s v.iu
when we can jusi as eu,u.
chase Texas made articles
f e . :. 1.1. turn1
when we can
Texas factories can. and do, turn '
. . ,lct a3 lho
f,w ftorv. Such 1
stiii'h lieinLT
nize home industries, for when
Mill AT
i u...i mi.-... .
... a...
ax i ivi Mir. wr in i mm i
Utt i...r.. U.t Tl.urndavi
. ' . o . .v..
no s i mitoih i ii
otiCe He is financial agent for ,
the Way land College at Plain-.
vieW anJ .p,, everything
movntf lonjf in tha;ie.
.. ... :
Boosting is an advanced, mod-,
jern study in iohtical
Boost fur your ow n to
home trade.
IL W. Ileim is i-ndir.g a few
All The Material for ths Water
and With no Delay the Plant
15th City Well a Fine
With the present status of af-
! fairs before us, it l .ks very
i much like Lubbock is going to'
;. full , waU.r work,
i rt , ,
system Within Ine ncxi lew
In eonvevsation with Mr. Shaw
the citv secretary, he stated that
ti er-' was r...tl.it,vr to hinder the
raj. -id pi', vi'essof the work now,
so far as h'- is aware of. livery
!.in.r is in vood v.-ofkinv order
aiid the city has b.-ell Mot hied
the shipment of the entire
amount of pipii'V and other nee-
1 .. ..... .. ,. m
lI'V material I - H l' e i
. .
SV Stem, atnl It H C.X-
,...,.t.l 1 1 , , t it v. i ! arrive as last
as it can be used by the con- 1 tie rirst .National l,ank ouiM
struction kr;inj.r. The tower arid -in is beinnin to look like it
storage tank is about completed will be ready for occupancy
and work on the hi concrete within a short time now. and the
reservoir is beinn pushed with
all possible haste, dh.rie two
i .
water storae eipnpmenis nave
a cnmt,jned capacity of l'.Vi.(mii
It is Mr. Shaw's belief that by
the loth of January l'.12 the
Mem-'water can be turned into the
...,,1 I ul.hocl; wn have one
iiuioi.-. '-
..f .h.. i-st m stems ot" water sup-
ply on the l'lains. its capacity
, . r. , r
Rat-1 Fued Dy Prece Jlng
Dec. 2. -Cieneral
- Austin, lex.
reveiiue is (.ti a deficiency
and will probably continue in that
conditioti through this month and
n.irt of January.
Some local
people are onei iok i. suan "-
sdon warrants, anu as a resuu
Coluuitt todav ad.lresse.i
; the following letter to !. JA art-
,'wright. Forest. Tex.:
Your letter of Nov. !. to
, .., . ..
Which vou attach ciuularuiur,
' " .,.... of 'discount, and my advice to the
of a re,..rt of a loan con pany ot obligations against
4 ..(T.I. nir I'.MI Sill tur VOtir. ..
Austin, offering you $10 tor your
ronftderate pension warrant of
. . l- u .. ,'11 I... ic.wl in
io..to. vmiu.ii ...
iWinlr i. received.
.... .uw ua, an.
1 - --
imatt.ly a $nMmi deficit in
' . ,,,. n. th pt,.o
the State Treasury at hecloSe:
of business .Nov. wnicnwas
-Practically no money hu,
i it,...l v.t n.t tAid in.
to the State Treasury on the tax
rate for the present year. The 4
per cent tax rate on the asses-
ments.for 1!10 was not enough
to meet the xw of the fiscal
v.r ondintr Auir. 31. I'M. The
f Unnin SepL 1.
!Hi1fi as. hsi .tii risrws. I tt ith
lfl.12t.Cll in the State Treasurer
hut on account of the very low
Ux rate produceJ as ex-
Indrd. and the State Treasury
Works System Has Been Shipped
Will be in Operation by January
One Other Improvements
is equal to that of cities much
larger than Lubbock and a great
deal better than in many of the
towns that claim more popula-
uon aim leaiei weaiin man mis.
' At the completion of the water
system the contractors will en-
ter immediately i.pon the work
of puttir-y in the sev, (rave sj tern
which will likewise he uji-to-date
in every par'n-u.'ar.
LubLock is very inuch ..live.
'1 here is V.'ofr, l.el'e of some
kind for every person who wants
vvock. and is not too particular
,.-l...t i..l. 1... K-iO
aooui ;in j-'o oe na.-.
i . . . , I . ; . l. . i . . . :
me OJliooiK i"e oasiness
Part ot town ves merrily on.
f IfiiiTi inu'S in.,rvi!v
Caraway building alon with
the one adjoining it in the
c ...u : . . in.v ,. t.,.;....
muui is neaiuiK ounjiiriwn aou
all will be occupied by the first
ot the year.
The contract will le let for
the Lubliock Mercantile building
Saturday, also .the tope and
ickers and the Morrow build-
it. us
the South side of the
s p.aie.
i began the fiscal year, commenc-
ing Sept. 1. 111 1 . practically
wuth r;o mor.ev in the Treasury
after August expenses were met
land with a prospective deticit of
! .",1 hi, o' mi or .-vi'iihi ikmi, with a de-
; licit also of something like
(MI" 'n llit' expenses of the peni-
! I . . r t i . i t i; I rv
Iv lliliii . ?r,n in.
"The tax rate fixed by Gov.
Campbell during the last year of
his administration produced at
nave in-n mi,,. "o"
10 take care oi mis uencu in re-
i il. i
venue oy increasing me lax raie
(this year, hut mere win ue
al"- mune lu 'a-v uur war
rant within a short time without
a,.,.,Int un.l mv advice to the
the State is not to discount
Monday evening at 7:0 o'clock
, rp.;. ,,t rmn..,
he result nee or hmory
littler. Mr. O. J. C hamber ain
unitpil in iMmairp JikIcp Jnn
.. '.v..m....
' resiueni oi i.. lovis, P. M.
. till recently h took tin hi h.de
,n 1 1 l 1""
m re. in uie xuiure.
Mim Logan is a sister of Mrs.
I utUr. and came from Hebe vi He
tnday ot last week.
j The Avalanche extends best
wishes to the rou pie.
' M. M. llirnr r last week had
' his residence moved into t )wo
inJ Us I jcau-d it in the north
' west rt of town.

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